The Media is pushing the narrative that Sarah Palin was not vetted. Any close observer of Republican campaigns knows this is false. Republicans are a minority party who continue to win elections because they are professionals; vetting a candidate is a no-brainer for the political veterans running McCain’s operation. Indeed, it was reported in May that McCain’s people were interviewing Palin for the number two job. Tom Blumer, in today’s Pajamasmedia, writes:

Two major elements of the developing meme that John McCain did not sufficiently vet presumptive vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin are highly suspect. Each contention is not provable, and there is strong reason to believe that each is almost completely, if not totally, untrue.

The first assertion is that McCain’s people did little if any vetting of Palin until a few days ago. The second is that McCain’s team has never looked at years of archived articles at Palin’s hometown paper.

Wizbang Blog reported on May 29 that a McCain advance man named Arthur Culvahouse was in Juneau, Alaska. Even three months ago, Wizbang Blog’s Kevin
already sensed the power of Palin being on McCain’s ticket:

Governor Palin would (in my estimation) make an excellent VP candidate for McCain. Thomas Cheplick at The American Spectator makes the case that she’s probably the only VP candidate who can balance the ticket against Obama. She’s also a potential magnet for disaffected Hillary Clinton voters, many of whom are just looking for a reason not to vote for Obama.

If conservative blogs were weighing the benefits of Palin months ago, one can be fairly certain that McCain’s lieutenants were vetting Alaska’s governor and conducting focus groups and polls on every conceivable angle of her selection.

On the Democratic side, however, any criticism of Obama was quickly shut down by the media. For example, David Sirota defended Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racial sermons and implied that Hillary was engaged in racial politics by bringing up Wright. Sirota wrote during the primaries: “Does the very reaction to Wright show he’s right about racism? Clinton seems to think so,” sniffed an indignant Sirota on the notion that Hillary would use Wright against Obama.

The hysterical reaction during the primaries to any criticism of Obama with accusations of racism has created a situation where an unvetted Obama faces the Republican Blitzkreig.

Below is a limited list of areas where the media has failed to investigate Obama. This list does not include Obama’s many policy reversals or outright fabrications, like the statement that the Kennedy family facilitated his father coming to the United States. It does not include Obama’s habit of voting ‘present’ as a member of the Illinois State Senate nor his strange maneuverings regarding a born alive bill. Instead, the list below concerns Obama’s associates and business dealings. It is a sordid group, comprised of the America-hating, anti-Israel, and explicitly racial Left. There is big money involved, as with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and bizarre organizations to which money was funneled. Obama’s milieu is the intersection of Chicago politics and the fringe Left; there is much to be explored and explained about Obama. Below is a partial list where Obama remains unvetted:

1. Trinity United Church of Christ. Obama’s 20-year membership in an explicitly racist church, a church with rhetoric too hot for Oprah.
2. Rezko. Obama’s ties to Tony Rezko and the 2005 purchase of the Obamas’ home. Obama funnelling money to Rezko’s sleazy businesses.
3. Ayers. Obama’s extensive ties to unrepentant terroist Bill Ayers.
4. Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC). Obama and Ayers together dispensing tens of millions of dollars supposedly for educational organizations. Although now just being investigated, it’s known that money was funnelled to Ayers’ friend, radical Mike Klonsky, a founding member of the Maoist Party of the United States.
5. Minister Louis Farrakhan. Obama is surrounded by people like Rev. Willie Barrow, a friend and admirer of the anti-white, anti-Semitic Farrakhan.

If the media doesn’t do their job, we can rest assured that the Republicans will happily do it for them.

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  • nan

    Do we just sit back and watch Obama who is probably not vetted possibly win? I am afraid with his shady past that he could be blackmailed. He could send nuclear weapons to a small contry. This man needs the FBI looking into him, it would be nice if it were now instead of later. Is there something sexual too? Who knows! He’s never been vetted.

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  • Sassy

    I believe that Palin has been scrutinized by McCain’s people…and an AP article that I read yesterday confirmed it!
    One would have to think the party operatives were total blunder-heads…and we know better!
    They can choose some real “losers” but they get them ELECTED!
    Never under-estimate their abilities!
    Now I’m one of them!!!

  • A Girl from SC

    I am totally embarrassed of the Democratic Party. I can no longer support the party. Clinton supporters have felt cheated and I address this letter to all of them.

    This primary has revealed DNC “leadership” to be corrupt, mean-spirited, and lacking respect for basic democratic principles. They have completely and effectively ceded the moral high ground to Republicans at this point.

    1. We have seen the race card played, with assistance from both Dean and Brazile.

    2. We have seen rampant sexism with no objection by the DNC.

    3. We have seen the superdelegates endorse as quid-pro-quo for campaign contributions.

    4. We have seen arm-twisting of the congressional delegates by “neutral” Nancy Pelosi to declare for Obama.

    5. We have seen an unabashed ageism campaign against John McCain, calling him “confused”, and that he has “lost his bearings”.

    6. We’ve seen a softening of support for the gay and lesbian community.

    7. We’ve seen caucus cheating.

    8. We’ve seen intimidation of Hillary supporters, hack attacks and coordinated threats against voters and media that dare to dissent.

    9. We’ve seen manipulation of the party nominating system and media to favor one candidate over another and the outright redistribution of votes cast for one Hillary and given to Obama.

    This is now a democratic party in name only.

  • Ben David

    Apparently there’s a lot of information that Obama isn’t releasing to the public:

    1. Occidental College records—Not released

    2. Columbia College records—Not released

    3. Columbia Thesis paper—“not available”

    4. Harvard College records—Not released

    5. Selective Service Registration—Not released

    6. Medical records—Not released

    7. Illinois State Senate schedule—“not available”

    8. Law practice client list—Not released

    9. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate—Not released

    10. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth—Not released

    11. Harvard Law Review articles published—None

    12. University of Chicago scholarly articles—None

    How did the chicken cross the road? With a passport that is how. Now how he got a passport is another question.

    But if any of you have a few hours and want to read about it, stay on this website and find out the questions and some answers about The Obama (if that is even his real name).

  • dwilaon

    How can the MSM even dare to go on the air with their vicious, mean treatment of Sarah Palin, when they haven’t even bothered to investigate Barack Obama, and indeed have protected him from any reports of his anti-American and terrorist associates.

    I have always been a Democrat, but I will vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin with pride.

    The Democratic Party is dead to me. I have never been so ashamed of any organization, with which I have been a part, in my life. I would have never believed that they would select a nominee for President whose closest associates have been anti-American racists and terrorists or that they would so savagely vilify, demean and trash another Democratic candidate as they did Hillary Clinton, and then expect her to unify the party.

    Judging from the DNC’s treatment of Sarah Palin, the Democratic Party is a party of women haters, despite their claims of offering a big tent. There are no issues that the DNC supports that are as important as decent treatment of all its members, and it has failed miserably in that respect.

    There is going to be a tremendous backlash against the Democratic Party, and I look forward to seeing it happen.

  • agent77

    Does Andrea Mitchell have any pride?

    You’d think she’d care about her reputation but she keeps dishing out Obama campaign spin.

    This weekend on Meet the Press Andrea said Palin is like “Annie Oakley get your gun”

    Just like Obama said about Hill.

  • typical.white.person

    Barack Obama. A wholly owned subsidiary of George Soros.

    Everything you ever wanted needed to know about Barack Obama.

  • Amazonia

    To Jimbo on 2008-09-02 18:42:54,
    I am a Hillary supporter, have helped
    in her campaign in any way I could, am
    pro-choice, believe in respecting individual rights, in separation of church and state with individuals right to worship or not according to their conscience, believe in freedom of speech and in democracy, believe in the accomplishments and developments of science and benefit from them.
    And I’m a creationist! I don’t think I fit the description of a rightwing nut.
    But I must agree, if I want my children to learn about or family religion, I teach them in the privacy of our home and of our church. We are all Americans. My vote will go to McCain/Palin as a vote of protest against the corruption of the Democratic Party seen during this primary run. As for Palin, one of us women will have to break the highest
    glass barrier at this time, and she is the closest to achieving it. She is smart, poised and has had executive experience. Why not? Let’s help her
    and help ourselves since we’re at it.
    I have enjoyed reading, pondering over, and learning from issues exposed from different points of view in these blogs.
    Let’s continue our vigilance regarding separation of Church and State

    McCain/Palin ’08
    Clinton/Palin ’12!

  • KB

    “She’s also a potential magnet for disaffected Hillary Clinton voters, many of whom are just looking for a reason not to vote for Obama.”

    I like Palin a lot but I didn’t need her to find a reason not to vote for BO. He’s given me dozens of reasons not to vote for him already!

    McCain/Palin ’08
    Hillary 2012
    GO PUMA!

  • James (San Jose)

    Same old N.Q. shit; different day. Exactly how is a huge article in a major newspaper magazine qualifies as not being vetted is a mystery. William Ayers was front and center right after 9/11 and then again in every Hillary blog of any consequence. Rev Wright of “god damn America” was all over the airwaves for weeks. Obama’ Supposed ties with NOI have been navel gazed to the nth degree. We even got introduced to the charming Roman Catholic Priest that runs St. Sabina in Chicago. Obama has had multiple dump trucks of mud dumped on him by Hillary, McCain and sites like HillBuzz and N.Q. all to little effect. He has now cracked the important 50% “leaning toward” yardstick in the Gallop Daily Tracking.

    If anyone is panicking about Palin it seems to be the Republicans. She has been brutalized for the last four days. There is a very good reason for this. The real question voters have about her is ” if she can’t control her own teenaged daughter how the hell is she going to control the V.P’s office? The question may not exactly be fair but that is how politics works with the “low information” voters.

    • Kelvin Hearts PUMAs

      Exactly. Way to point out NQ’s hypocrisy and BS. Obama’s business has been laid out for the world to see, and he was not found wanting. Palin’s business is slowly coming out and she is about to be. Face facts, PUMAs: McCain made a mistake with Palin. A campaign killing mistake.

      • StrawberrybitesBarky

        Who are you trying to convince here? Each other? You guys crack me up.

  • savage

    “The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government.”

    -Todd Palin

    (very nice you jackasses)

    • Hope Floats

      Link? Michelle said she hates our government on the stump.

  • Blue Intrigue

    If conservative blogs were weighing the benefits of Palin months ago, one can be fairly certain that McCain’s lieutenants were vetting Alaska’s governor and conducting focus groups and polls on every conceivable angle of her selection.

    By your own logic then, Obama’s been vetted.

    Now, to your other points –
    1. Trinity United Church of Christ. Obama’s 20-year membership in an explicitly racist church, a church with rhetoric too hot for Oprah.

    Two clips, pulled from hundreds and hundreds of hours of sermon do not show the TUCC is “explicitly racist”. To call Black Liberation Theology and the Black Value System “racist” displays a profound lack of understanding. As Dr. Wright says:

    We [African Americans] were always seen as objects. When we started defining ourselves, it scared those who try to control others by naming them and defining them for them; Oppressors do not like “others” defining themselves.

    • To have a church whose theological perspective starts from the vantage point of Black liberation theology being its center, is not to say that African or African American people are superior to any one else.

    • African-centered thought, unlike Eurocentrism, does not assume superiority and look at everyone else as being inferior.

    2. Rezko. Obama’s ties to Tony Rezko and the 2005 purchase of the Obamas’ home. Obama funnelling money to Rezko’s sleazy businesses.

    The house deal was revealed in the Trib on 11/1/2006. Neither the Trib, the Sun-Times nor Patrick Fitzgerald found anything illegal about the transaction. Obama has donated $157,835 in Rezko-linked contributions to charity and has called the real estate deal “boneheaded.” Their relationship is well-documented. If you’ve got something new to add, let’s hear it. HRC tried to make Rezko an issue and it turned out that nobody really cared.

    3.Ayers. Obama’s extensive ties to unrepentant terroist Bill Ayers.
    4. Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC)

    The only hard facts that have come out so far are the $200 contribution by Ayers to the Obama re-election fund, and their joint membership of the eight-person Woods Fund Board. Ayers did not respond to e-mails and telephone calls requesting clarification of the relationship. Obama spokesman Bill Burton noted in a statement that Ayers was a professor of education at the University of Illinois and a former aide to Mayor Richard M. Daley, and continued:

    Senator Obama strongly condemns the violent actions of the Weathermen group, as he does all acts of violence. But he was an eight-year-old child when Ayers and the Weathermen were active, and any attempt to connect Obama with events of almost forty years ago is ridiculous.

    The UIC opened its papers on the Annenberg Challenge and there was nothing in them that showed much interaction between the two.

    Ayers’ response to the NYT article he’s so fond of citing:

    I never said I had any love for explosives, and anyone who knows me found that headline sensationalistic nonsense. I said I had a thousand regrets, but no regrets for opposing the war with every ounce of my strength. I told her that in light of the indiscriminate murder of millions of Vietnamese, we showed remarkable restraint, and that while we tried to sound a piercing alarm in those years, in fact we didn’t do enough to stop the war.

    Smith writes of me: “Even today, he ‘finds a certain eloquence to bombs, a poetry and a pattern from a safe distance,’ he writes.” This fragment seems to support her “love affair with bombs” thesis, but it is the opposite of what I wrote

    5. Minister Louis Farrakhan.

    Your attempt to smear an 83-year-old civil rights activist by the most tenuous of threads to Farrakhan is among the most disgusting things I have ever read.

    Rev. Barrow was a field organizer for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from 1953-1960s. She was a key organizer of the march on Selma. Along with Jesse Jackson Sr., Rev. Barrow was a founding member of SCLC’s Operation Breadbasket, which served as a model for Rainbow-PUSH.

    In a 2005 interview with Chicago’s Windy City Times, Rev. Barrow gives her long activist history. “I was discriminated against at an early age so I got started in [the student movement]. Then, there was the women’s movement with the Equal Rights Amendment. After that, I was involved in the labor movement; it was then that I learned how to organize. Then the labor movement took me to the civil-rights movement. After my son [ came out to me ] , I then became a part of the gay-rights movement. So, I’ve been through a lot.” [1]

    Barrow (83) is known known as the “Little Warrior” and is co-chairperson emeritus of the Rainbow-PUSH Coalition.

    Barack on Farrakhan:

    “But cursing out white folks is not going to get the job done. Anti-Semitic and anti-Asian statements are not going to lift us up. We’ve got some hard nuts-and-bolts organizing and planning to do. We’ve got communities to build.”

    Much, much more on his views after going to the Million Man March here:

    Obama has been vetted. There’s nothing there that would disqualify him, try as you might. If you have anything, you know, valid, let’s hear it.

    • Hope Floats


      They’re all ——– I wouldn’t spit on Rezko, Ayers or Wright if they were on fire.

      When Wright said, “Hillary ain’t never been called a nigger,” he was speaking about me. I could have been Nicole Simpson. I could have been raped or mugged one night walking back to my apt. one night, because I’m a white b—-h. Luckily for me, I’m self-aware when I’m alone at night and was never accosted. I’ve also been decent to the people in my neighborhood.

      Ayers never turned himself in. He fled from justice, talks down about “white trash” like me and thinks I deserve to have my tax money pilfered. A man who has never honestly faced what he’s done, who gloats that he is above the law, is nobody I would trust my fate to and is nobody I would associate with or respect.

      Farakhan is a just a crazy m——–r or a con man. There were no women at that march. Whatever he is preaching, it doesn’t like my kind. I’m white and a woman. Surprise, surprise, two strikes against me from another of Obama’s friends.

      I don’t discriminate against people I don’t know, but I know these guys. They have big enough mouths to make sure of it. That Obama hangs out with them AND behaved the way he has in this election speaks volumes to me. I know who I am and have nothing to feel guilty about. [DELETED BY ADMINISTRATOR]

  • staunchDEM

    ABC has the convention on. It’s really good.

  • Dave_Not_For_Obambi

    Word has it that some of the right wing blogosphere types traced the
    IP for arcxix and it led to none other than…
    Wait for it….
    Wait for it….
    AKP Media via a couple of different web sites.
    Oh, that didn’t do it for you huh?
    How about David Plouffe – BarryO’s campaign manager.
    Expect this one to explode soon.
    Naughty, naughty, naughty…
    A xelrod
    K upper
    P louffe

    Things that make you go hmmm…HOLY BATNUTS!

    ARC19 = _\|pro”\grammar”;{AKP , just saying. 😉

    • staunchDEM

      WOW! Thanks for posting that! Next they’ll be watching the vote fraud as McCain Camp is PREPARED to stop it! I know for sure. And there will be arrrests made to anyone caught doing fraud. Brace yourself. Obots are going to jail and Acorn workers are too..the roof is ready to blow off..the polls are lying through their teeth..obama is not really up 50%..fat about desperation.
      Lieberman is on now at the convention.

  • yoman

    Latest polls …not so good for GOP

    Obama 50
    McCain 42

    Obama 51


    Sounds like most Puma are headed to Obama ticket

    • Mr. Natural

      The only poll that counts, yoblow, is two months away.


    It is scary to give any one party the majority. Dems were about to be taking over..this is not good for the checks and balances…this makes way for fascism.

    • Lark

      Barry is the antithesis of a statesman. The whole Dem Party will abandon him as soon as he wins. It will be a free for all everywhere, in the Administration, Congress and the Supreme Court. He will preside over a total calamity.

  • jeanniejo

    “PUMAs for Palin: Clinton’s 18 Million PUMA Democrats support McCain-Palin” Latest Video From Paul F Villarreal

    Stunning Video!!!!

  • carl


  • carl scoop!

    the national enquirer had discovered the bristol pregnancy and went to sarah and told her if she didn’t reveal it they would!

    • Lark

      Yeah, right. Fat chance. Enquirer wouldn’t throw away that. It would have doubled this year’s profits.

  • hmmmmmm

    It very clear that the Republicans are indeed playing a rope and dope strategy on the Obama camp. They have something damaging that we have no clue on.

    Otherwise, why would they keep hidign Sarah and aloowing these attacks to go on. SHe should be on every media outlet by now. I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve.

    Her speech tomorrow will be th most watched ever.



  • APark

    I think the GOP is setting a trap for the Dems and Newt gave the first clue. The pro Obama blogs and media are making “vetting” a major issue with Palin. After the convention, I think the GOP will start leaking the dirt they’ve gathered all these months on Obama and his associations and the hypocracy and complicity of the media will be on full display as the media tries to explain why these things didn’t rate the kind of investigative reporting that Gov. Palin is enduring.

    • Thinker

      I agree.

      It’s coming.

      *grabs popcorn*

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm has used internet forensics to identify Charles Hartley, 24, of Columbus, Ohio as the diarist on Daily Kos who started the rumor that Sarah Palin faked her pregnancy with her youngest son, Trig, to “cover” for daughter Bristol.

    This lie, based oddly on last season’s Desperate Housewives Marcia Cross storyline, was apparently what SoetorObama’s camp used to get the media talking about Bristol Palin, her engagement to Levi Johnston, and the child the engaged young couple is expecting.

    Now, attention turns to Charles Hartley to determine if, indeed, this man is on the SoetorObama payroll. If he is, the SoetorObama has promised to fire him, immediately.

    It also will make any thinking person wonder exactly how involved SoetorObama is in all of this.

    • MACisBACK


    • mimi

      Whoever it is, they’ll take one for the team. We need to find out who gave the order.

    • Hope Floats

      Jeremiah wrote on this. After reading it, Charlie’s was a shill account. It goes straight to Plouffe. But the details are still fuzzy. Just a bunch of IP addy’s.

  • AdrianS

    All kidding aside,


    Democrats dismiss Obama’s past, his lousy character, his lies, his shady associations, his grotesque and cruel abortion ideas, his very serious lack of experience, his lack of civility with women, and other failings and deficiencies,


    Down with Barack Obama. Long live America!

  • http://safari McAnnie, Carmel Barracuda

    Barry to on O’Reilly Thursday. I’d like to double dare him to go on Hannity instead where he’s also been invited.

  • http://safari AnnieCarmel

    OK here we go. Newt on O’Reilly challenging NBC to report on Annenberg and the $48million dollars and what happened between Ayers and Barry! I’m betting that it’s a heads up. You do it now or we will. Of course, we will anyway but just giving you a chance to do your job.

    • gerard “Barracuda” Nedich

      48 million dollars buys a lot of friends and influence… and votes too…

      oh dear…

      a. hillary
      b. mccain

      america first!

    • J. Smith

      Very good to hear – let the vetting begin.

    • Dave_Not_For_Obambi

      Correct me if I’m wrong, was it not $100 million plus, as in $48 million + matched to over $100 million. Thanks :)

      • bemused

        That was my impression, over $100 million, but I’m sure there are creative ways accountants can describe it. However, the $100 million: There used to be talk about the (unknown precisely, but large) amount, perhaps even $100 million, that he seened to have ready to go at the start of his campaign, and where did it come from. There was a theory that Republicans had somehow funneled to his campaign, to set him up for a fall, but I couldn’t buy that. I could buy money laundering from CAC, Middle Eastern bundlers, but not the Repubs.

        • bemused

          seemed, not seened
          And not counting Combine Repubs.

    • Postmaster

      wooooooohooooooooo let the butt kicking begin!

    • mimi

      Newt forgot to mention that 0bama lied about Ayers just being someone in his neighborhood. And that’s important. He said it during a debate so I know there’s a video of it somewhere.

  • Dave_Not_For_Obambi

    I’m not a Christian music lover by any means but wow RACHAEL LAMPA, can she ever belt one out there.

    • Mr. Natural

      I used to know a roadie for one of the Christian Rock acts. He said he ate great and got lots of sleep every night. I thought he’d be dismissive or give me the skinny on their hypocrisy, but he didn’t have a bad word to say.

      It’s not hard to see why they cleave to each other. They’re resolutely nice people in a sea of hypocrisy.

      Mind you, I’m saying nothing about their more ambitious preachers.

  • Go Sarah

    Lets make sure more Americans see Sarah Palin speech tomorrow more than that BArackopolis spectcale last week. We will shatter her into the political campaign with 50 million hits.!!!. Instead of 18 million cracks, Sarah will plunge through the ceiling with 50 million pieces of glass and turn them into votes in November. I sense a huge Go Sarah Movement about to take America by storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dave_Not_For_Obambi

      It’s almost a given that more might be watching. First you have all the Obambi thugs that tried to trash her, then all the media pundits that tried to trash her, then all the Hillary supporters that have genuine interest in hearing her, then the Conservatives that have high hopes for her.

      So many that have tried to trash her are hoping she will fall on her face, low expectations and so on. I’m thinking Palin will make many eat their words, I certainly hope so, as I’m a strong believer in Karma.

      • mimi

        This what’s funny to me. In going into overdrive trashing her, they only called more attention to her. Now more people who might not have watched will be watching.

        Suppose she hits it not just out of the park, but a grand slam.

        I think 0bama and his people are ridiculous. Can you seriously imagine these people running a country?

  • gerard “Barracuda” Nedich

    in Chicago politics neither party calls the other party out on corruption…

    why? because they are all dirty and they know that if one of them gets nailed then that person is going to squeal and they all get popped…

    that is why the swamp that is Chicago politics has been so corrupt for generations…

    so, you better believe that there are plenty of Republican and Democrat politicians in alaska who want revenge on Palin…

    and imagine how afraid Obama and other politicians are of Mccain/Palin getting elected… it means the end of the gravy train, free cash money express…

    a. hillary
    b. mccain

    america first!

    • gerard “Barracuda” Nedich

      i forgot to add, that is why they didn’t want Hillary even though the people chose her…

      and this is they don’t want Mccain/Palin too…

      anyone who puts country first is a threat to their way of life of plundering our tax dollars and extorting money from special interests…

      a. hillary
      b. mccain

      america first!

  • 935 Lies

    The fact that no one in the democratic party has run Donley Brassiere’s ugly, bigoted fat ass down the road like the kleptomaniac scullery maid she resembles makes me proud to have NO connection to her, it, ObamaYoMomma or Jimmy Carter any longer.

    By descending into backdoor attacks upon a teenager, here is a summary of my entire stock of goodwill towards them:

    Fuck them. Fuck them one, fuck them all.

    Strong position statement to follow.

  • Dave_Not_For_Obambi

    Comment by Francis | 2008-09-02 18:15:12
    1. Wright
    2. Rezko.
    3. Ayers.
    4. Chicago Annenberg Challenge a.k.a Woods Foundation
    5. Minister Louis Farrakhan
    All of these issues came up during the primaries, were discussed during the primaries, and Obama STILL won.

    Oh really, lol.

    Wright – Obambi tossed him under the bus ONLY AFTER the questions would not go away. Obambi didn’t come clean on Wright, far from it, lol. Obambi has a 20 year history with Wright that does NOT go poof overnight.

    Rezko – You mean the guy who had his supposed BANKRUPT wife buy the $600,000 lot for Obambi, so that Obambi could buy his home, that’s hilarious. Now Rezko is in jail awaiting his sentence from da judge. What’s even more hilarious was watching Obambi telling the Tribune that Rezko only donated $40k corrupt dollars to Obambi, but that number kept going up every week as Obambi gave another $40k back and then another $50k and so on and on, lol.

    Ayers + Obambi(Chicago Annenberg Challenge a.k.a Woods Foundation )

    Obambis says Ayers is just some guy in the hood, ya ok, I’ll but that, NOT. Fact is Obambi has the Justice Dept. involved to try and STOP some real facts about Obambi + Ayers making it main stream. Ayers and Obambi were in charge of over $100 million dollars that they ended up funneling out to their corrupt friends to lay the base for their political aspirations. It’s no wonder Obambi and Ayers WILL NOT talk publicly about thie time together handing out those millions.

    Minister Louis Farrakhan + Wright + Obambi , yes they all love Israel. *snark*

    • Francis

      OK smart guy but these things are already out in the public. People have formed their opinions about Obama. And McCain.

      But Palin………

      • Mr. Natural

        The only poll that counts, francis, is two months away.

      • Hope Floats

        No, Democrats who have never voted, got their palms greased, are black or are well-off and white think this is all fine.

        The kids think he’s Kanye West.

        The party bosses found a puppet with this new “change” act, and he can be bought.

        The whites feel guilty and enjoy telling their friends how young and withit and enlightened they are.

        Altogether, you’re looking at a McGovern election.

  • standard

    Jon Stewart got it right.
    Part of the funniest daily show ever:

    • Hope Floats

      Obama ain’t no Sydney Poitier.

  • candymarl

    If Palin hadn’t gone up against her own party I might believe her family is are the terrible people they’re painted to be. Do you really think the Repubs and Dems whose toes she’s stepped on during her time in office wouldn’t have trumpeted this to the media?

    They’ve had Repub operatives checking her out since May. I think everyone knows Repubs are masters at digging up dirt on anyone. Even their own if they don’t toe the party line.

    Obama says leave the family members alone. Biden says no one in the family (not just Palin) can tell the truth. I guess Biden didn’t get the memo.