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Tired, Stressed or Distracted?

I am sure that John McCain, Joe Biden, and Sarah Palin will have their share of misstatements and verbal faux pas. And there is no denying Barack Obama has had more than his share–i.e., his comment about having visited 57 states with one to go comes to mind. But what the hell was he thinking today during his interview with George Stephanopolus?

His muslim faith? So far he has refused to acknowledge that he was raised as a muslim while a child in Indonesia. His mom was agnostic/atheist. She did not take him to church. We do not know whether his stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, was a devout muslim. Barack did learn the call to prayer in grade school but there is no evidence he maintained any allegiance or commitment to Islam when he returned to Hawaii as an eleven year old boy. Furthermore, he appears not to have had any particular religious faith until deciding to become a congregant of Jeremiah Wright.

So, why does he refer to his muslim faith and why does Stephanopolus have to remind him, “you mean your Christian faith.” The rightwing is going to have a field day with this. I think he was stressed and his mind wandered. He is not a muslim by virtue of confession or practice, but the matter sure seems to weigh on him. What do you think?

  • Monet

    “So, why does he refer to his muslim faith and why does Stephanopolus have to remind him, “you mean your Christian faith.” The rightwing is going to have a field day with this. I think he was stressed and his mind wandered. He is not a muslim by virtue of confession or practice, but the matter sure seems to weigh on him. What do you think?”

    I don’t know what to think anymore. The Democrats have a presidential candidate who attended for most of his adult life an extreme African American church that doesn’t like other races. As a child he attended a Catholic school, his step father was Islamic and his mother an agnostic. For at least five years of his childhood he lived in a country where the dominant religion is Islam. It would be normal for the religion to have made some kind of impression on him, even if his father was a non-practicing Muslim since his friends and neighbors were Muslims. Why he tries so hard to pretend the religion made no impressions on him in his childhood is beyond me and denies he was introduced to Islam as a child. Instead of embracing his multi-religious influences as a child to show he wouldn’t favor one religion over another as a leader, he is so bothered by his Islamic influences he misspeaks.

    The Republicans have chosen a vice president candidate who three months ago told a youth missionary group at the Wasilla Assembly of God, an extreme Pentecostal church that Alaskans’ “hearts have to be right with God” to get a natural gas pipeline built and the Iraqi war is a task from God. She was baptized in this church at age twelve and switched to the non-denominational Wasilla Bible Church in 2002. The Wasilla Assembly of God Church conducts seminars to turn gay people straight and thinks the end of the world is coming soon and it will happen in stages. When it starts, refugees will flee to Alaska and the Wasilla Assembly of God will help save them before the final end that will happen in Alaska. Her more recent church, the Wasilla Bible Church had a guest speaker three weeks ago, she was in attendance. The speaker was David Brickner who leads Jews for Jesus. He told the congregation that terrorist bombs in Israel are God’s judgment on the Jews. The vice president candidate isn’t responsible for guest speakers in her church and her press secretary confirms she’s pro-Israel, keeping an Israeli flag in her governor’s office.

    On the left, we have a candidate who attended an extreme African American church and doesn’t remember hearing the racist sermons and denies his childhood in a country where most people are Islamic had an impression or influence on him. On the right, we have a candidate who tells youth missionaries the citizens of the state need to get their hearts right with God to pray for a pipeline and attends a church where the pastor told CNN that he would invite David Brickner back to speak again.

    I give up. I don’t know what to think anymore. You can’t make up stuff like this, no one would believe it or find it realistic.

    At this point, if McCain and Biden turn out to be closet moonies, I probably won’t react with any disbelief.

  • Jeremiah God Damn Barrack Amerikkka Wrightopolis


    This thread needs to be retitled from:

    Tired, Stressed or Distracted?


    Tired, Stressed, Distracted or BUSTED?

  • http://www. unity

    Obama meant exactly what he said- just like the 57 states – which the Muslims have. His slips are not meaningless – they are subconscious responses to actual facts – which tend to happen when he is fatigued and stressed.

    This is a MASTERPIECE of truth- trust the 527′s will pick it up and make it mainstream in their ads. The American people are being duped dangerously.

  • http://www. anonymous

    Larry, since you asked us what we think: the evidence of obama’s muslim/islamic terrorist connections are staggering. Among a long string of them is his trip at age 20 into Pakistan- where Americans weren’t welcome but an Indonesian citizen would be – which connects to him stealing his own passport records during the primaries- to cover his trail. Here is a deeper view of this picture:

    The preoccupation with Palin is a DIVERSION. Here is what is going on behind the scenes of the MSM endless regurgitation of ‘up-to-the-minute storm reports, interspersed with Palin gossip: As if there is nothing else going on in the world!


    As referred to in Part 3 “Connect the Dots” in the “Obama ODM Candidate for President” article (which can be found – with document/video links – at logisticsmonster blog) here’s today’s news (courtesy of Fox low key banner notes only);

    Recap from article in brief: obama has been acting like he already has Presidential authority which is outrageous. Sent Gov Richardson discreetly few months back to Venezuela to meet with Chavez – only report of this in Caribbean (not US) press. Then shortly thereafter Chavez went to Cuba to meet with Castro. What a coincidence!

    Not long after Cuba announced it is planning oil deal in the sea just off the FLA. Coast.

    Month later goodie-goodie (lol) Chavez pressed New Hampshire to accept his generous offer of free fuel for heat this winter. NH was the last Eastern state left that hadn’t already capitulated to Chavez suspicious hand out.

    As of today, September 7, Chavez has announced he is making some similar deal himself with Russia off the coast of Venezuela. Just to be sure we got the point he threw in one of his demeaning anti-American insults. Notice these wheels have been in motion – spurred on by obama – since May of this year.

    Also today Cuba demanded that US lift the embargo on Cuba. Another well timed coincidence

    Hmmmm…. so we’ve got China coming in off the coast of FLA……Russia coming in off the coast of Venezuela..and Chavez blackmailing the US East Coast with free fuel….. while Cuba demands end to US embargo.

    Let’s be clear – we have absolute IDIOTS running our government. . . and obama going behind our officials backs, playing connect the dots – on his own and through his ‘emmissaries’ across the international terrorism network right under everyone’s noses and no one even seeming to notice!

    Americans had better WAKE UP before we are taken over from our borders offshore- and inland on Mexican border where the drug thug circuit has pretty much free reign and last we heard GW was removing the Nat’l Guard there.
    Not sure what role obama plays there- except for his original foot-in-mouth that we don’t really need Mex border security that much (like Iran and North Korea are tiny countries and all).

    We MUSTelect McCaine and defeat obama and pay attention to this underbelly of obama’s connect the dots anti-American activities while we still have a democracy!

    NQ readers – Share this info to help others be aware. These are not trivial matters.

  • Brendy

    You would think Obama would’ve said “McCain hasn’t attacked me about THINKING I’m a Muslim” INSTEAD OF SAYING “MCain hasn’t attacked me because of MY Muslin faith” – how VERY TELLING!

  • Spring

    Also, what about O saying he would have gone to Vietnam but the was was winding down???? He was what 10 when the war was ending?

    Another boldfaced lie!

  • El

    If the puppy is so “stressed” by a standard teevee interview that he can’t keep his own religion straight, he isn’t cut out to be president of the United States.

  • MaggiefromMichigan

    Gaffe or Fredian Slip? Who knows? What’s one to do when there’s no teleprompter to read from?

  • Mr.Murder

    You’ll have to forgive Barack’s political career, it was born with a silver spoon in its nose…

  • tamerlane

    Real men don’t cross their legs that way.

    You can cover up your guts/
    But when you cover up your nuts/
    You’re admitting that there must be something wrong

    – The Who, “Naked Eye”

  • No Mo, Bo or Stumblin Jo

    “If God is not for us and against white people,” writes Cone, “then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill gods who do not belong to the black community.”

    • No Mo, Bo or Stumblin Jo

      Rev. Wright brought up the theology of James Cone. Is this directly conflicting with the muslim prayer?

  • eleana

    #1.Columnist Nicholas Kristof of the New Your Times asked Obama about his Islamic education.
    After acknowledging taking Koran study classes at his school in Indonesia, Obama The opening lines of the Adhan [Muslim call to prayer], translated, read as follows:
    Allah is supreme ! Allah is supreme !
    Allah is supreme ! Allah is supreme !
    I witness that there is no God but Allah.
    I witness that there is no God but Allah.
    I witness that Muhammad is his prophet.
    Kristof said Obama recited the prayer”with a first rate accent,” and that, “Mr. Obama described the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.”

    #2.Obmas’s father and step-father were Muslims.

    #3.He attended a Muslim school where he took Koran study classes while in living in Indonesia.

    #4.Kieth Ellison (D-MN)took his oath on Thomas Jefferson’s Koran…


  • Seattle Moss

    No doubt in my mind…
    Manchurian candidate.
    You can’t get the states wrong!!
    You can’t get your faith wrong!!

    • No Mo, Bo or Stumblin Jo

      Maybe he’s an android? We never really did get a look at his birth certificate. LOL

  • Diana L. C.

    A person’s religion shouldn’t be part of American politics. I am old enough to remember the fear that JFK would take orders from the Pope. I don’t care if Obama is Muslim because I know there are very good Muslims. I don’t care if he is Christian. We have a Catholic governor, who is opposed to abortion but who says he will uphold the laws of the land.

    What I care about it that HE (Obama) brought this discussion into the race, thinking it was a good ploy to counter the neo-con fundamentalists. Now he is whining about how people make assumptions about his relition.

    Now he is paying for what he did to himself. I didn’t see Hillary making a deal about her religion, simply mentioned attending a Methodist church growing up. Her faith did not become a big talking point in her campaign–as it was for “praising Jesus” Obama.

    What I care about is anyone using religiion in politics. We have freedom of religiion in this country for a reason. Leave it out of the debate unless you belong to some religion that is totally opposed to the political system in our country.

    HE brought this discussion on himself, and now it is backfiring on him and he is crying about it.

    He’s just a baby in the political arena, and I am angry as a hornet that the Dem elites pushed this onto us.

    • No Mo, Bo or Stumblin Jo

      I agree. I’m not voting for a pastor but I sure don’t want to vote for a liar. Obama is all things to all people, likening himself to a Rorschach test. There’s very good reason for Obama talking about bitter folks clinging to religion in one place and then going on Saddleback the next. He’s a fake.

      Why is the MSM afraid to report even half of what we know? They know he’s a fake too. Rev. Wright exposed Obama when he said that he knew he would have to distance himself because he’s a politician. If the guy knew Obama 20 years I would tend to believe him.

      • Zeke

        I caught Chris Wallace taking hacks at Sarah’s “failure to do interviews” with the MSM. The guy said something like…
        After the personal attacks and lies about her from the MSM, that she would do interviews when the strategist talk with her and she is ready. Probably assembling some good stuff to grind on Barry with. I also heard Barry claiming the same old shit lies about Gov. Palin seeking out pork from Washington as did Wallace with the Republican guy. (sorry, Republican guy, didn’t see your name.)
        These lies have already been put to rest but the Dem’s are so desperate to come up with something against Sarah that they’ll cling to this one until someone forces them to shut up.
        Just heard she will talk to ABC on Thursday.

  • http://TIPPY TIPPY

    I definitely believe obama to be a muslim masquarading as a Christian. Do any of you recall in the CNN’s expose about obama. He said his mother would wake him every morning at 4:30 for homework. I do not believe this, he was awaken early so he could pray the first of five prayers, of Islamic religion. Being, the first prayer had to be prayed before sunrise!!

    • Brendy

      …yeah, like PARENTS would wake their kids at 4:30 a.m. to do ‘homework’, when they could’ve done it the night before? Is there ANYBODY on Earth who would wake their kids (and THEMSELVES) at 4:30 IN THE MORNING to do homework? If anything, it would be 6:00-6:30 a.m., – NOT 4:30 a.m.!!!!

  • Retired

    I think, based on what I have seen so far, that there is more solidarity between the Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) and the Nation of Islam (NOI) then there is between TUCC and other Christian peoples who are not black nationalists. Let’s face it, TUCC and NOI are close philosophically, TUCC believing in Black Liberation Theology and NOI believing in the primacy of a black Islamic community. The common factor is loyalty to the interests of one race above all else. This is why Obama’s personal staff has a considerable number of NOI members, and why TUCC consistently honors NOI dignitaries.

    Obama was born as a Muslim (just ask his family, which has be strangely ignored in all of this) and then raised as a Muslim by his Muslim stepfather. This is a matter of record. Why doesn’t he just admit this and move on?

    When Barack and Michelle Obama chose the church in whose values they would raise their family, they chose TUCC. TUCC’s (and Barack Obama’s self-admitted) spiritual leader, recently retired, has demonstrated to all Americans through his words what he and the church are all about. Barack and Michelle attended this church, sat through these sermons and participated in activities that reinforced the African-centric (i.e., racist) values of TUCC for twenty years until political expediency forced them to temporarily forsake their chosen values in the hopes of Barack being elected.

    Given this, is it any wonder that Barack can so easily say, “my Muslim faith,” only to be corrected by Stephanopoulis well after the fact? A previous poster quipped, “What is nearest to the heart flows easiest off the lips.” I could never, ever in a million years utter the words “my Muslim faith” no matter how tired I was simply becuase my faith has never, ever been Muslim. Can Barack Obama truly make the same claim?

    The facade is starting to unravel.

  • Kim

    One way to find out if Obama is a Muslim is to find out what he eats. Muslims, like Jews have dietary laws that they have to follow. They don’t eat pork or drink alcohol. Animals have to be slaughtered in a certain way. I think that Muslims are safe eating Kosher food or food that have “Parve” on the package. He seems to be “funny” about what he eats.

    • Retired

      Not really true. Muslims of Arab descent and NOI members adhere to these rules. Other Muslims, principally in east Asia, may take a different view. Obama declares that he is currently a Christian. OK, he may well be, no one truly knows what is in another’s heart. But why can’t just say that he was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia when he was a kid?

  • Hillary’sSimplytheBest

    Sounds like O made a freudian slip…

  • TeakwoodKite

    Mr. Johnson if a in the court of public opinion, testimony is introduced that opens up a line of inquiry, you can be dam sure the other party will pursue it.

    It Obama wants to attempt to get out in front of the interview with O’Reilly, he is not doing himself any favors.

    My dad chewed me out many a time, telling me to “think before you speak”.
    I am greatful for it now.

    BO was never taught this.

  • glennmcgahee

    I just received a call here in Florida from a campaign worker asking me for Obama’support.I explained that I was a Hillary supporter and after what I saw happen in the primaries and how Obama gamed the caucus to win the nomination and the fact that there was no true, credible roll call vote, that I had registered as Independent and would be voting for McCain. After she explained that she too, had been a Hillary supporter, we talked a bit more. I told her things that she was unaware of about the roll call vote and the delegates that weren’t able to vote on the floor and previous actions by his campaign and I think she may not be supporting Obama herself after the call was finished. She was totally unaware of what has transpired.

    • No Mo, Bo or Stumblin Jo

      Good for you! LOL
      I think they keep the Obama people too busy to watch Fox. Maybe we should all sign up with the Obama campaign just so we can expose their people with the truth.

  • fluffy bunny

    Clinton Says Obama Muslim Rumor Not True “As Far As I Know”
    March 02, 2008 11:03 PM

    Interesting item starting to circulate on the web tonight like on…

    On 60 Minutes, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, was asked about rumors that Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, is a Muslim.

    She took a hardline stance against the rumor…then seemed to walk it back, injecting a note of ambivalence.

    Watch it HERE.

    Here’s how the exchange went.

    STEVE KROFT: You don’t believe that Senator Obama’s a Muslim?

    HILLARY CLINTON: Of course not. I mean that’s, you know, that, there is no basis for that. You know, I take him on the basis of what he says, and, you know, there isn’t any reason to doubt that.

    KROFT: You said you take Sen. Obama at his word that he’s not a Muslim…

    CLINTON: Right, right..

    KROFT: …you don’t believe that he’s a Muslim.

    CLINTON: No! No! Why would I? There’s nothing to base that on. As far as I know.

    “As far as I know”?

    To be fair, Clinton went on to say that having “been the target of so many ridiculous rumors… I have a great deal of sympathy for anybody who gets, you know, smeared with the kind of rumors that go on all the time.”

    That said, it’s the “as far as I know” that has some Obama supporters up in arms.

    same crap, different day

    • Pink Panther

      Tell this to his brother Malik.

  • sjc-tx

    Wow… I note alot of defensive posture and body lanquage!

    • No Mo, Bo or Stumblin Jo

      I hope that body language expert on O’Reilly looks at that.

  • Pink Panther

    So, Obama’s half-brother Malik was being truthful when he told the newspaper about Obama’s Muslim background. Too bad Obama wasn’t as truthful upfront.

    It’s not about ones religious faith; it’s about lying about ones religious faith. Why hide it? Obama could have provided the much needed bridge between the Muslim world and America but instead he chose to play games.

  • fluffy bunny

    George Stephanopolis does a good interview. Very professional.

    No wonder the Obama camapaign made sure ABC doesn’t get to host a debate.

  • street_parade

    I think Obama is paranoid and truly believes he is constantly under attack because a. he is black (sort of) and b. people think he is a Muslim. He needs to get a grip, if he is rattled by the stress of the campaign how does he expect to be President?

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but when Jesse Jackson Sr. made a very credible run for the Democratic nomination did he go on and on about people trying to scare you into not voting for him? I didn’t think so, maybe because he was secure in his race and in his religion.

    This man’s insecurity is EPIC.

  • NoTrollZone

    “yeah, muslim, christian, whatever”

  • No Mo, Bo or Stumblin Jo

    GS: You mention your Christian faith, yesterday you took off after the repbs for suggesting your Muslim connections. Just a few mins ago, Rick Davis, umm.. John McCain’s campaign manager said they’ve never done that, this is a false and cynical attempt to play victim.
    BO: You.. you.. you know what? I.. I… I mean, these guys love to throw a rock and.. and… and hide.. hide their hand the …
    GS: The McCain campaign has never suggested you have Muslim connections.
    BO: No.. no.. no… but.. but.. but the, I don’t think that when you look at what is being promulgated, on Fox news let’s say, and Republican commentators who are closely aligned to these folks
    GS: but John mccain said thats wrong
    BO: Well look…..listen, you and I both know, the minute that Gov. Palin was…uh… was …uh… forced to talk about her daughter, I immediately said, thats off limits
    GS: John Mccain said the same thing about a question about your faith
    BO: ….and… and …and what was the first thing the McCain campaign came out and did. They said…(voice change) …’look..these liberal blogs…….that support Obama (laugh) are out there attacking Gov. Palin.
    BO: I… I…e…Lets not play games, what I was suggesting…you’re absolutely right that John McCain has not… uh… talked about my Muslim faith and you’re absolutely right that has not come…
    GS: Your Christian faith
    BO: My Christian faith and………….well, what I’m saying is he hasn’t suggested that I’m that I’m a Muslim…..and I think that his uh.. his campaign.. uh… upper echelons have not either either. What I think is fair to say is that coming out of the Republican camp there have been efforts to suggest that perhaps I ‘m not… uhhh…who I say I am when it comes to my faith. Something which I find deeply offensive and that has been going on for a pretty long time.

    Partial transcript from 9/7/08 interview with George Stephanopolis

    • donna brazile hatin on two timer and Fran-arse

      I find it highly offensive that you’re still campaigning:-)

      Stop the hate, Obama!

    • beverly leslie

      Still not sure what he’s saying. The only sense he made is when he referred to his muslim faith. This guy is rattled so easily it’s scary.

      If you connect the dots and logic nothing could be more clear than knowing Obambi lies about who he is. Rev. Wright used to be a member of the nation of Islam and went off to start his own “christian” church, which out of all church’s to attend Obambi choose.

    • hank

      Thank you for transcribing it exactly. I’ve noticed since way back in the early primaries, that the MSM took out all the uhs and ums for Obama, but they were leaving in Hillary’s. Bastards.

      • No Mo, Bo or Stumblin Jo

        I know! I rewound for a few of them because I thought they may be important but there were probably a lot more. I found two parts of this piece interesting: His accusation about throwing rocks and hiding their hands (something we’ve seen him do against Hill for months) and the part about being a Muslim. When I saw it this morning, my immediate sense was that it rolled off his tongue so naturally there and I kept replaying it. I wish someone would post a longer section of this interview so everyone can get their own sense about it. Yeah, I’m sure it was a gaffe, but I think it said volumes. I also don’t think it was a deliberate playing of the Muslim card but that’s JMO. What’s irritating is that there are so many Obama’s! Whatever he is, he should have just owned it.

  • Larse12

    Isn’t it kinda sad that the media has to babysit Obama and cover up his mistakes as he is talking to them in an interview. How could this man be Commander and Chief?

  • hank

    You know, there’s something else that sounds strange in this interview. Obama says “these guys love to throw a rock and hide their hand.”

    I’ve never heard that saying before: “Throw a rock and hide your hand.” Anyone else? I mean, lots of American kids threw rocks when I was growing up in the 1950s, but no one ever said anything about hiding their hand, in my crowd. Sounds kind of … you know … shall I say … Palestinian comes to mind.

    Here is the transcript:

    STEPHANOPOULOS: You mention your Christian faith. Yesterday you took off after the Republicans for suggesting you have Muslim connections. Just a few minutes ago, Rick Davis, John McCain’s campaign manager, said they’ve never done that. This is a false and cynical attempt to play victim. OBAMA: You know what? I mean, these guys love to throw a rock and hide their hand. The…

    STEPHANOPOULOS: The McCain campaign has never suggested you have Muslim connections.

    OBAMA: No, no, no. But the — I don’t think that when you look at what is being promulgated on Fox News, let’s say, and Republican commentators who are closely allied to these folks–

    STEPHANOPOULOS: But John McCain said that’s wrong.

    OBAMA: Now, well, look. Listen. You and I both know that the minute that Governor Palin was forced to talk about her daughter, I immediately said that’s off limits. And–

    STEPHANOPOULOS: But John McCain said the same thing about questioning your faith.

    OBAMA: And what was the first thing the McCain?s campaign went out and did? They said, look, these liberal blogs that support Obama are out there attacking Governor Palin.

    Let’s not play games. What I was suggesting — you’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith. And you’re absolutely right that that has not come–

    STEPHANOPOULOS: Christian faith.

    OBAMA: — my Christian faith. Well, what I’m saying is that he hasn’t suggested–

    STEPHANOPOULOS: Has connections, right.

    OBAMA: — that I’m a Muslim. And I think that his campaign’s upper echelons have not, either.

    What I think is fair to say is that, coming out of the Republican camp, there have been efforts to suggest that perhaps I’m not who I say I am when it comes to my faith — something which I find deeply offensive, and that has been going on for a pretty long time.

    • donna brazile hatin on two timer and Fran-arse

      Okay, I’ll admit it! I don’t know what the frak Obama is trying to say in this interview:-)

      Stop the hate Obama!

      • Ferd McBerfle

        He can’t even answer a simple question. God help us all if he gets into office and gets asked some real questions concerning issues of vital importance. How can anyone vote for this poser?

    • tillthen

      OBAMA: — that I’m a Muslim. And I think that his campaign’s upper echelons have not, either.

      What I think is fair to say is that, coming out of the Republican camp, there have been efforts to suggest that perhaps I’m not who I say I am when it comes to my faith — something which I find deeply offensive, and that has been going on for a pretty long time.

      I have always found you, your wife and your firends offensive and that’s got to stop Nov 4…and, asshole, we know you’re not who you say you are.

    • No Mo, Bo or Stumblin Jo

      Oops…sorry, Hank, didn’t realize you had this. I just typed part of it from my DVR.

      • hank

        Found it at Israel insider, which BTW called it “…one of the most astonishing gaffes in American political history…”

        But thanks!

    • Zee

      Hank, you didn’t make your case….very annoying. I even googled it to no avail.

      We can read the damned transcript anywhere…if you have a connection between the rock-throwing and hiding hands and Palestinians, spell it out.

  • Cate

    Well … it is Ramadan. Perhaps the mid day fast got to him?

    • Zee


      We know that he’s already constantly starving himself from that time he broke down and stole someone else’s chicken wings (they took down that picture, btw!)

  • tillthen


  • tillthen

    The Iranian leadership likes Obama “mainly because he is a Muslim,” according to Amir. His first name, Barack, comes from “al-baraq,” which is the name of the horse that Muslims believe Muhammad rode on his way to paradise.

    Awwwh, isn’t that precious. If I ever get or a horse I’m gonna call it Barky. Hmmm, maybe I’ll get a donkey instead. It would suit Barky better.

    You see! I’m not racist and I don’t hold a grudge.

    • El

      I actually had a donkey. His name was Berry. (but he wasn’t a real good speller) He was terrified of his water-trough. Took him all day to sneak up on it.