I had a whole other post ready this morning, and then I saw my “illustrious” representative, Jim Clyburn on the tee-vee, talking about Alvin Greene, the certified Democratic Senate candidate from the state of South Carolina. I mentioned the other day that Rep. Clyburn was asserting that Alvin Greene is a plant. He expounds upon that assertion here, or should I say, “belief”:

Let me understand this. Clyburn didn’t SAY Greene was a Republican plant, just that these tactics are the EXACT same ones those mean Republicans use. And, the machines on which we vote here in SC are flawed, deeply flawed machines (with which I actually agree – many of the machines we use in this country are far too susceptible to hacking, a point made by Hand Count Paper Ballots Now). Of course, I am sure Clyburn is not complaining about his own win with those same machines. Just saying. Logic does not seem to be Clyburn’s strong suit as he jumps through one hoop after another trying to blame the Republicans yet trying to claim he isn’t blaming the Republicans. Yeah, okay, Jim.

Greene’s opponent, Vic Rawl, is also claiming there was a software issue, with a “systemic” problem. He has filed a protest against the results.

And then there was Clyburn’s take on the $50 billion additional funding Obama wants for “firefighters and teachers.” They might as well throw in there “and puppies and kittens and baby ducks!” in their attempts to manipulate the masses. Clyburn must have missed his House leader on Sunday saying there was a beaucoup amount of stimulus money left, and they should use THAT instead of adding to the deficit even more. Here is Majority Leader Hoyer, and Minority Leader Boehner, discussing this very issue:

Clyburn seems to be a bit out of the loop on that one. Oops. Must be his focus on those voting machines with which he seems to have had no problems before, and those evil Republicans who are engaging in nefarious deeds though he has no evidence to support that, except his own belief. Then again, this is the same man who believed the Clintons were racist with zero evidence to support that claim, either, so…

And now to another member of the House of Representatives. That would be NC Rep. Etheridge, he of the assault on the young colleges students on the streets of Washington. Etheridge has now issued an apology for his actions:

Huh. Well, I am glad he apologized. He sure needed to do so. Interesting that he keeps injecting “partisan politics” into the apology, though. I appreciate that he has encountered difficult situations before, but that did not seem to be the issue here. Despite the attempts by the one reporter to keep trying to give him excuses (camera in his face, tired, frustrated, etc., etc.), he would not excuse his behavior. My favorite was the reporter asking if the kids were basically Republican plants…Wow. How about those “partisan politics”?

And how about those faux reporters trying to give this guy an out anyway possible (someone stole your lunch money! You didn’t get enough sleep! Someone called you a stupid head!)? Holy cow. Why didn’t they just give him a script of their own making, for pete’s sake? Though to his credit, Etheridge did not take any of their ready-made excuses for his actions. He is right – it is inexcusable, and he is LUCKY that those kids didn’t file charges against him, though I suppose they still could.

I don’t know what is in the water in the House of Representatives, but it is some good stuff. Wow.

This is an update, but feel free to consider it an Open Thread, friends!

  • kenoshamarge

    Wrong end for character, right end for rhetoric. It’s the whole damn animal hoof, hide and bray.

  • kenoshamarge

    Don’t be too hard on them RRRA. Maybe they just need a refresher course in Journalism 101. Like A. you ask questions and B. they answer. Seems simple enough if you aren’t trying to skew the interview.