The Hopium Haze of Obama’s followers? Well, if Jon Stewart is an example, I’d have to say yes. Larry Johnson finally got me to start watching Stewart again after a long hiatus. The hiatus began when Stewart jumped on the Obama Sycophant Bandwagon. I was very disappointed that Stewart went that route, but he did.

I might add, after the big 18 minute speech, we can also add Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and Howard Fineman to the list of people whose Obama-fog is being lifted. That’s quite a trifecta, and in large part due to the Obama speech about how we would deal with this devastating oil spill, all 18 minutes, which apparently lacked specificity. Just ask Olbermann. Wow, who even knew this was possible?

But to be fair, Stewart’s rehab back into the Reality-based community started earlier than the MSNBC Trifecta, not waiting for the speechifying of the Flawed Analogy Maker in Chief. At least from what I have seen in clips. But when I saw this on Tuesday night, I admit, I was stunned:

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Holy moley – it’s as if this BP spill has finally broken through all of the Kool Aide induced amnesia, and some folks are finally starting to put together the pieces like we did during the primaries. Though Stewart missed one – that Obama as president also supports spying on American citizens. But other than that, it was as if Stewart finally decided to look at all of the things we had been screaming about in 2008 and 2009. Of course, he had to have the obligatory dig at Sarah Palin. We can’t have it all be about how hoodwinked the Obots were by Obama or else their heads might explode, so Stewart used the favorite punching bag of the Democrats, Sarah Palin, as a way to reduce tension in their brains. Whatever. Maybe he’ll get over that someday.

It should be interesting to see how Stewart responds to Obama’s Big Gulf Oil speech on Wednesday night’s show. If Tuesday night is any indication, Stewart may have finally gotten it. Perhaps he’ll report on the Safety Award the Obama Administration gave to the Deepwater Horizon, even though the Bush Administration gave it citations, or the lack of federal inspections, or that Obama only has 20 minutes scheduled for his big meeting with the BP Oil Execs (and, WTH with that??), or even why in the world Obama is still kowtowing to the unions and not waiving the Jones Act so other countries can come HELP US with this spill? Will more members of the MSM start to put these all together, or just leave it to a few sites while they continue to protect the Obama Presidency (how’s that working out for you now, Chris Matthews?)? Time will tell, and soon enough…

So, thanks, Larry, for helping me to go back to “The Daily Show.” Maybe there is some hope after all, you think?

  • bamaLV

    but..but..but ozero said he would slow the rise of the oceans and heal the earth.  now he cant  even suck up the oil with a straw?  why not?

  • winli
  • candymarl

    Agreed. Remember who took impeachment off of the table? That would be Speaker Pelosi.

  • candymarl

    The Repubs also said Clinton was trying to wag the dog and Osama was no big deal.

  • candymarl

    Remember though that when Clinton did send in those missiles he was accused of trying to “wag the dog”. The Republicans also said Obam was no big deal.

  • PssttCmere

    Many of us will be watching to see if Stewart stays on the straight and narrow.  I have given up hope for Bill Maher who I used to enjoy also.
    Both of them are better than that.

    “Say What You Will…It Feels So Good”

  • kenoshamarge

    Exactly FLDemFem! When did this country go from being “Can Do” to “You do it for me”?

    If people would stop letting the media and the politicians divide us into nice little groups that fight and hate each other instead of them we might get something done. We can do what needs to be done. My fear is that we don’t have the “will to do”.

  • kenoshamarge

    If they can keep our focus on something this insignificant perhaps we won’t notice more significant things. Things that can’t be blamed on the newest and biggest and baddest monster we are hating. The hideous BP Monster.

    I wonder just how long it will take before BP decides it’s had enough of being the media/politicians whipping boy. After today and the chance for all the pols to show how tough they are by grilling a BP Executive who will simply have to sit and take it I wonder how much more they will tolerate.

    I have no sympathy for BP but there comes a time when all the bashing is so over the top that it becomes just background noise and more of the same old blah/blah/blah.

  • Sassy

    I saw a poll a few days ago indicating that democrats were slightly ahead of republicans on a generic ballot. That left me flabbergasted!
    I can’t really jump into the fray, for our gubernatorial race is our only major one.
    I have a favorite of the three republican candidates, but will be happy with any one of them.
    South Carolina has all the fun nowadays…shame on you Amy!

  • FLDemFem

    The hole in Guatamala is there for the same reason that I have a sink hole in my pasture. The water running under the ground ate out a big space that no longer supported the weight of the ground above it. The top layer then sank into the hole. I filled mine up with a dump truck full of sand, problem solved for now. The hole in Guatamala is too big to fill with dump trucks full of anything, but other than that, it’s just like mine, cause and all.

  • kenoshamarge

    I don’t think the unfortunate BP Executive was from your neck of the woods Sassy. The southern part of Sweden maybe.

  • FLDemFem

    I used to live in WV. I had my own gas well there. And I was able to use the gas as it came out of the ground, all that was needed to burn it was a change of valve to one that handled the impurities as well as the gas. There was a tank of stinky stuff that was added to the gas as it came into the house so I could tell if there was a leak. I used the gas to heat and AC the house, to cook and heat the hot water. WV has enough natural gas under it to power the country for a couple of centuries. And it burns a lot cleaner than coal. Thousands of West Virginians have gas wells, mostly capped, on their property. And for those of you in the NE, the Schwann’s frozen food trucks that you see around run on LP gas, engines and all. So the technology is out there to convert vehicles from gasoline to natural gas. We just aren’t using it. And cars and trucks can run on hydrogen too..very efficient and clean. The big car companies make a practice of buying up the patents and plans on hydrogen engines so they can’t be built by someone else and undercut the gas engines produced by the big car companies. There are available solutions, but no one is implementing them.

  • FLDemFem

    Because Sarah is a big-mouthed woman with moxie, and she scares the hell out of them. Hehehe.

  • Justine

    So, Sowsear, if ever Obummer is proved to have been ineligible to be POTUS, can the taxpayers also sue to get back all the money spent on his and his family’s vacations, trips in AF1, golf games, concerts, etc., etc., etc.?  It would only be right!

  • Sassy

    Ditto Marge and Creeper. The poor guy should have had Betty White with him at the White House! LOL!
    The British, for instance, use “commoners” in referring to citizenry or their general populace. I don’t think it is an insult…hope I’m not wrong on that.
    As a southerner though, that word was used by older, genteel people as a reference to people on the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak.

  • kenoshamarge

    Love, love, love the one with him in bed with the media. Filed it under “Funny but true”.

  • kenoshamarge

    He wasn’t elected to play patty-cake with Oblahblah. But now that he’s been elected he wants to stay and so he, especially as a Republican in a still very blue state, has to walk a very thin line. If he tries to walk too thin of a line I suspect he will anger both R and D in MA.