Oil companies really do care. Why, they even laid out plans to make sure to protect walruses in case of a spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and, according to one report, two companies even offer contact information for a Florida marine researcher.

Two problems: There are no walruses in the Gulf of Mexico. And even if there were, the marine researcher has been dead for 5 years.

What’s going on here?

Simple, really. It looks like oil companies are so uninvolved in safety measures that they make generic plans. This means that critical geographical differences—such as the rocky shorelines of the frozen northwest vs. marshland on more tropical shores—are left unconsidered. And then they let these boilerplate documents get out of date.

I’m always accused of looking for the pony in the shit pile. But maybe one positive outcome of this horrible still-unfolding disaster will be some serious changes in what oil companies do to protect the planet and its living beings as well as themselves.

  • The Banana Plant

    Although it was a mindless cut-and-paste action, the “walruses in the gulf” issue left some South Louisianians saddened that some people might really not know what animals they’re really damaging down here. We put together this video to show them. http://www.thebananaplant.com/no-walruses-in-the-gulf.html  

  • The Banana Plant

    Although it was a mindless cut-and-paste action, the “walruses in the gulf” issue left some South Louisianians saddened that some people might really not know what animals they’re really damaging down her. We put together this video to show them. http://www.thebananaplant.com/no-walruses-in-the-gulf.html

  • getfitnow

    Yes, and we have to stay vigilent and informed. Nov is only a first step. Those in the new majority need to know and be reminded constantly they are one election cycle from being unemployed. >:o

  • getfitnow

    It’s time for Watergate-type investigations/hearings. >:o

  • getfitnow

    Will Waxman scour emails and other communications of the “players” in the government? I sense a coverup.

  • getfitnow

    Speaking of racist, the SC dems are trying to scratch Mr. Greene as their nominee.

    I guess Alvin isn’t clean and articulate enough. 😛

  • TeakWoodKite

    BOoil or Boil for short.

  • donjo

    FYI for those who live down there.  (Good luck.)

    An organization called Louisiana Bucket Brigade has undertaken an active citizen-driven campaign to chart where oil is affecting the Gulf coastline. The Bucket Brigade sends volunteers out to all points along the coast to locate where oil damage is occurring, and through the use of email and social networking sites like Twitter, pinpoints exactly where the damage is taking place. This information is used to create an Oil Spill Crisis Map, which is then utilized as an advocacy tool to show people the truth of what is actually happening, as well as a way to create linkage between need and resources.
    If this is something you can participate in, all the information you need is right here. Also, on the main Bucket Brigade page, you will find a “Get Involved” button in the upper right corner of their website. One caveat: according to a member of this organization I spoke to, they are looking for people who can give more than a day or two of their time. If you are a resident of the Gulf coast area, a college student on summer break, or someone who has more than a few days time on their hands and a desire to help, you are who they’re looking for.
    National Wildlife Federation
    The National Wildlife Federation has undertaken a similar effort called Gulf Coast Surveillance Teams. They are looking for people to “track and report on the impacts of the oil spill, support wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts, and restore damaged delicate coastal ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico.” To volunteer with this organization, click here.
    Oil Spill Response
    Another organization dedicating itself to dealing with the Gulf oil crisis is Volunteer Louisiana. They provide an emergency response sign-up form for people who want to actively engage in assisting with a variety of needed assistance areas. These include:
    Shoreline MonitorDonations ManagementFood Bank Sorting and PackingCase ManagementWildlife Marker/sitterFacility and Site MaintenanceTransportation AssistantAdministrative and SupportPre-impact Beach CleanupPositions at the Command Post or Volunteer Reception CenterLight construction

  • TeakWoodKite

    Donjo, is that Onofre’s Arm has a backround in geology ot the fact that i thanked him for his opinion on the matter I raised, that vexes you so?

    Besides… 30 years in geological time is nothing. Our undertanding of geology has progressed quite nicely in thirty years. It is not the our understanding that is “on trial” in the gulf. It is human nature that is.

  • oowawa

    Whoa–The Global Language Monitor–Interesting site!  Thanks!

  • oowawa

    Uh-Oh–the church is starting to excommunicate backsliders.  Can an inquisition be far behind?

  • sowsear
  • trixta

    Just learned that Keith Olberman has left DailyKos as a primary blogger due to his criticism of BO.


  • Onofre’s arm

    Ha Ha Ha, I must have subconsciously made that connection, it wasn’t intentional, I swear. I never read “Hunchback of Notre Dame” though, so I’m not sure HOW I could have made that connection. If I’m starting to channel 19th century French Romanticists, I probably need to get out more.

    And I don’t think Waxoff is a Quasimodo, I think he’s a REAL modo.

  • oowawa

    “Yes, it’s a chance for jackasses like Henry Waxoff to throw rocks at a guy who’s locked in the stocks, and make themselves all puffed up as champions of the small people.”

    Reminds me of something else: “The crowd around the stocks laughed and threw rocks at Quasimodo.  He was an easy target, and crowds often threw all kinds of things at prisoners in the stocks.”

    Only problem is, somehow things got mixed up here.  Henry Waxman is Quasimodo in a suit: he’s supposed to be the one taking the ridicule . . .


  • Onofre’s arm

    Yes, it’s a chance for jackasses like Henry Waxoff to throw rocks at a guy who’s locked in the stocks, and make themselves all puffed up as champions of the small people.

    Waxoff is an expert when it comes to asking the “Have you stopped beating your wife” type of question and demand a yes or no answer. I would love to ask Waxoff a few of these type of questions.

    Q: Yes or no Mr. Waxoff, do you remember tongue kissing Barney Frank in a stall in the House restroom?

    A: Ye……..er………….NO!

    Q: So you’ve forgotten?

    A: No……I mean….but I….

    Q: Yes or no Waxoff, do you think Barney will be heartbroken to find out that you’ve forgotten such an intimate and precious moment?

    A: I……I……look, it’s just that it ne…


    A: Yes……..I mean NO……..I mean……….what was the question again?

    Q: I’M ASKING THE QUESTIONS HERE! Have you and Barney set a date for your wedding? YES OR NO!

    A: NO! Can’t you see that………..

    Q: HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU, I’M ASKING THE QUESTIONS?! Since you seem unable to make plans for a simple wedding, do you feel qualified to be a U.S. Congressman?

    A: no….

  • ~~JustMe~~

    Not at all donjo. I was simply building a conversation with you but as I can see your only open to sarcasm!

  • donjo

    Is there even the tiniest bit of reason that says I have to report back to you?

  • ~~JustMe~~

    Huh? This is an open blog donjo and that is what usually happens in the comments section. Strangely I thought I was asking YOU about in what field you are an expert?  

  • AbigailAdams

    Pat — All:  Well, so long as we have our vote (no matter how corrupted the election process is), we have the means (if we have the will) to interrupt all their well-laid plans.  It’s going to take a lot of will and disregard for how we’re seen by our so-called friends and neighbors as we spread the word about what we need to do.