Below are some gems I found on the ‘net today. Share what you discovered too.

Feingold leads by 2,” Public Policy Polling:

It’s looking more and more likely that Wisconsin will be in the top tier of competitive Senate races this fall. Russ Feingold leads challenger Ron Johnson by only two points, 45-43. …

Yowza. Especially since Ron Johnson “is largely unknown to voters in the state.” Btw, the comments are a fun read; PPP’s readers point out that Rasmussen, invariably pilloried by Democrats as a rightwing pollster, also had Feingold by 2 in its May poll.

Of Burgers, Ballots and Bogus Polls,” “Without full transparency and citizen oversight, there is almost no way to root out (election) fraud, as hopefully Daily Kos’ Markos Moulitsas now understands…”

Ah yes. I vividly recall the days at Daily Kos when diarists wrote compelling diaries about the potential for minor or massive fraud with any electronic voting system. The purists argued (often convincingly imho) that the only fraud-proof system is a paper ballot. As I recall, Canada uses paper ballots and manages to get election results on election night. Kos and his army of elite diarists attacked the “fraud-ists” and drove many away from Daily Kos. NOW Kos has discovered that polls he ordered were fraudulent, and wrote a diary today exposing the fraud he discovered. Oops. This write-up is excellent.

Union official: Obama used me as a middleman to talk to Blagojevich about the Senate seat,” Hot Air:

Preface: This is about testimony in Blago’s trial. The Blago Blog at the Chicago Sun-Times has the transcript in “Tom Balanoff: Obama called day before election about Jarrett appointment.” From Hot Air:


Nothing criminal about The One’s behavior here — to this day, there hasn’t been a single accusation that he considered a quid pro quo with Blago to appoint his candidate of choice — but this does suggest that Team Barry’s report on all this in December 2008 was a sham. The claim that Obama had spoken to a middleman about the seat had been made previously, but not until now did the middleman himself step forward to confirm it. Meet Tom Balanoff of — ta da — SEIU:


The obvious question: If no one’s alleging a quid pro quo, why didn’t Obama want his contact with Balanoff disclosed in the report? The obvious answer: Because, in December 2008, they were still in the full flush of Hopenchange and eager to sell the public on how this would be the most transparent, ethical, fantastic administration evah. A description of back-channel contacts between The One and America’s dirtiest governor (involving union cronies, no less) wouldn’t have fit that narrative. So — assuming Balanoff’s telling the truth — they simply covered it up. They were lying before the guy was even sworn in.

Winter’s Bone Is the Best Movie I’ve Seen This Year (Or Hope to),” Huffington Post:

In American movies, we don’t often see how we really live, but you will in Winter’s Bone, and you don’t need to have had a rough childhood in the back woods for this movie to make you feel the grittiness and glory of life — or for you to know, like you would know how to find your bed in the dark, that this is probably the best movie you will see this year. And maybe longer.

Winter’s Bone, directed by Debra Granik, was adapted from a novel by Daniel Woodrell. [To buy the paperback from Amazon, click here. For the Kindle edition, click here.] It was made in the Ozarks, often in the homes of the people who live there. Shot digitally on a mingy budget, it could pass for state-of-the-art Hollywood — just raw and unvarnished, like Hollywood never is.

The story is simple; this is a straightforward thriller. Ree’s father, Jessup Dolly, was busted a while back for cooking methamphetamine. To make bond, he put up his family’s house and 300 acres of virgin timber. Now his court date is a week away — and he’s nowhere to be found. The local lawman drives out to warn Ree that the Dollys are in danger of losing their home. …

00000Oh, this sounds good. There are so few movies I find truly worth devoting time to, so I love to check out movie reviews before I see a film. I especially yearn for movies with real human beings in real settings. Computer-created scenery and characters, no matter how well they’re done, always look fake to me.

Btw, my fav hang-out to read multiple reviews is

  • Bonnie Jean Burris

    denver and the west<!–title–>Bill Clinton endorses Romanoff

    From the Denver Post. I am really excited about this news. I left the Democratic Party just a few days after May 31, 2008 and didn’t think I would be going back anytime soon, but now I have a reason. Gonna vote in the primary for Romanoff.

  • EllenD

    Syria banning veils – firing teachers who wear them. Says school should remain secular.
    Good for them.

  • getfitnow

    Typical. I hate these people. >:o

  • getfitnow

    Yikes! Check the photos. =-O

  • helenk

    Veterans treated in a Missort VA may have been infected with different viruses due to failure to clean equipment.

    There are no words for this outrage.



  • EllenD

    Re Canada’s paper ballots.
    I worked on the CBC coverage for an election a long time ago (IBM had big mainframes running tapes). We got the info from the government on the hand count and IBM crunched the numbers for the CBC coverage. We had no problems with up-to-date-coverage.
    As I remember, we couldn’t go live on results and coverage from previous time zones until the polls closed in the zone we were in.
    Probably doesn’t work now with the Internet, but a very principled rule at the time.

  • sowsear

    Teacher money and other goodies in the war-funding bill….

  • donjo

    The above is from a Fox News interview of a retired Colonel – and it’s not too kind on our Afghan “policy.”

  • getfitnow

    Yep, Glen Ford hits it out of the park again:

  • Sassy

    Breaking news:
    Megyn Kelly has the whistle-blower from the Black Panther case in the next hour!

  • Sassy

    Stuart Varney said this morning that the 19 billion tax on banks that was stripped from the Financial Regulations bill will be taken from the TARP funds.
    That’s a no-no, for the remainder of that money was to go to deficit reduction.
    Out of our pocket, into their right hand, then their left hand, and where she stops no one knows!

  • Sassy

    JustMe, Good afternoon to you as well!

  • getfitnow

    How’s that “summer of recovery” working out for you? 🙁

    Payrolls processor ADP said Wednesday that hiring by private companies climbed slightly in June, with a paltry 13,000 jobs added during the month, compared with a revised gain of 57,000 jobs in May.

  • ~~JustMe~~

    Test. ~~Hello world~~

  • jbjd

    Judiary = Judiciary

  • Breeze
  • Breeze


    Venice seaport eyes algae to fuel energy needs Chris Helgren

    ROME (Reuters)
    March 24, 2009

    – Venice’s seaport plans to become self-sufficient in its energy needs by building a power plant fueled by algae, in what would be the first facility of its kind in Italy, the port authority said.

  • jbjd

    The Senate Judiary Committee should ask Elena Kagan whether Larry Tribe’s her ‘daddy.’

  • getfitnow

    In case you thought this was just a “bad day.” –WRONG!

  • Breeze

    Another theory as to why Oilbama is allowing the Gulf to be destroyed.

    Try not to come to any conclusion until you read the whole thing and the linked pages from it.

  • getfitnow

    what’s up with this? 😉
    Colorado Senate: Bill Clinton backs Romanoff, Obama backs incumbent Bennett.

  • donjo
  • Sassy

    I saw a report this morning showing the apprehension of 51 Guatamalans who were living in a 1500 square feet drop house.
    Secretary Napolitano said the border is more secure than ever. Which border?
    Yesterday, a Zogby poll had BO’s job rated at 46% approve vs. 53% disapprove.

  • creeper
  • creeper

    Looks like there’s going to be a delay in replacing the Hubble.  This from mr. creeper’s machinists’ forum.

    “$20 million CNC crash”

  • getfitnow
  • creeper

    Lotta stammering going on there. 

    Guess I’d better get my order in to the market for fruits and veggies.

  • getfitnow

    Take a look at TIME’s “100 best blogs.” guess I need to get out (online) more.

    I’ve only visited one–KOS–briefly pre-primaries. I’ve heard of the Perez guy, but that’s it.

  • No Longer Banned in Beantown

    People like Pete Stark are the reason I don’t own a gun.

  • No Longer Banned in Beantown

    71 days after Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank the Federal government has accepted aid from 12 of the 27 countries offering equipmnet to contain and clean the mess.

    Guess who accepted the offers on behalf of the US. Not POTUS, and not the Incident Commander. The State Department responded to the offers.

    Someone may have gotten religion after Bill Clinton told Wolf Blitzer this weekend that the US should be accepting offers for equipment from everywhere in the world. James Carvelle, you are irrelevent to POTUS. Clinton is POTUS’s daddy.

    Aid from the remaining 15 countries is still being considered.

    It will take at least a week to get the equipment on site. Nice to know theyu have the situation under control.

  • Bronwyn

    i absolutely have to rent that one.  Three of my fav actors. Thanks, PSk, for the tip! 

  • Onofre’s arm

    Cornered, and dispatched! Kagan is forced into the ambivalency corner where potential SCOTUS judges become irrelevant and fundamentally unqualified for the court. She might just as well have asked what guns have to do with the second amendment. 

  • Onofre’s arm

    Cornered, and dispatched! Kagan is forced into the ambivalency corner where potential SCOTUS judges become irrelevant and fundamentally unqualified for the court. She might just as well have asked what guns have to do with the second amendment.

  • Peggy Sue

    Oh, btw, Bronwyn, I just watched “The Last Station” on DVD.  Helen Mirren, Christopher Plummer and Paul Giamatti.  It’s about Tolstoy’s last year of life and the turbulent relationship he had with his wife Sophia, as well as the cult of personality that had grown around him in his later years.  Really good story, interesting and great acting.

  • ~~JustMe~~

    Thanks  for this new open thread Bronwyn!!

    Alex Becomes Hurricane, Targets U.S. Border 
    Alex has become the first hurricane of the Atlantic season and is churning through the western Gulf, taking aim at the Mexico-Texas border while staying far away from the massive oil spill. 

  • Bronwyn


  • Peggy Sue

    Russ Feingold took a principled stand on the Financial Regulation bill.  He’s refusing to vote for it because he’s stated clearly it will not avoid another crisis, it does not address systemic problems and it clearly shows that the lobbyists are running the show.

    Hooray!!!!!  O.M.G.  An honest man. 

    Interestingly enough, Feingold was one of 8 who in 1999 voted “no” on repealing Glass-Steagall.  And I remember Feingold being quite blunt about the healthcare reform bill, saying the flaws of the law could not be blamed merely on Republican obstructionism but was clearly what the President wanted.

    Even Karl Denninger, far, far from a liberal Dem, gave Feingold kudos for taking a stand. 

    About time someone did!  Hope his constituents in Wisconsin notice that they’ve got a good man representing them.