BREAKING: Former DOJ Officials Stepping Forward to Support J. Christian Adams (Updated),” Pajamas Media. You all know that Adams resigned as a DOJ attorney and became a whistleblower after watching the politicalization of the case of voter intimidation by New Black Panthers. As an example of the statements that Pajamas Media is collecting, here is Mark Corallo, former Department of Justice director of public affairs:

… I am not surprised that the Department is attacking J. Christian Adams. The Civil Rights Division attorneys have no interest in the rule of law as written and passed by Congress — the New Black Panther case is glaring proof that the Division has an agenda. If Congress was truly interested in oversight, there would be hearings on this case and others. …

Here’s actual video of voter (and reporter) intimidation by New Black Panthers in front of a polling place on November 4, 2008:

Of note: The left has such sentimental memories of the Black Panther Party during the Vietnam War era. “Why, they founded breakfast programs for the poorest children,” many liberals recall about the party that advocated the violent overthrow of the U.S. I don’t know why the party calls itself “New” since its tactics remain disturbingly similar.

Check out Adams’ op-ed:J. Christian Adams: DOJ Opponents of Race-Neutral Law Should Explain Themselves,” Pajamas Media.

Today, I testified to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights about the Department of Justice’s hostility to race-neutral law enforcement. I hope these hearings spur those responsible to explain their actions to Americans.

Suicide Hot Line Calls Surge As Joblessness Tightens Grip,” Huffington Post and AOL:

In one of the darkest tallies of the nation’s still-sputtering recession, experts say financial desperation has played a significant role in increased calls to suicide-prevention hot lines — and likely has led to increased suicide rates. …

Couple that sad news with this story from USA Today: “Expect lots of government layoffs at state, local level“:

Here’s another headwind for a sputtering job market: State and local governments plan many more layoffs to close wide budget gaps.

Up to 400,000 workers could lose jobs in the next year as states, counties and cities grapple with lower revenue and less federal funding, says Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s …

Remember Iraq? And what’s going on in Afghanistan? I recall that, from 2002 through November 2008, it was ALL the vogue for the Democratic base to point critically at the Bush administration’s lack of focus on Afghanistan, arguing that too many resources were going to an elective war in Iraq. Afghanistan, the liberals argued, was where the terrorists were. Of course, that argument worked wonders during an election campaign. Now, the left has turned away from Afghanistan as well. And, although Iraq is far from settled, the American people largely ignore its national birth pangs.

Here’s Tuesday’s “All Star Panel” discussing Iraq and Afghanistan (plus Michael Steel) on Special Report with Bret Baier, Fox News:

Although we’ve had other discussions here at No Quarter on this bizarre NASA story, I thought you’d like to hear the always frank Lou Dobbs on the topic. Dobbs also gets into the immigration debate and the Feds’ lawsuit against Arizona:

Are you roasting in the heat wave? Think cool with this puzzle:

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Lastly, enjoy these observations from Victor Davis Hanson:

1. Some vice presidential wisdom: most might now think it to be safer to go hunting with Dick Cheney than to be in a hotel room with Al Gore.

2. Not since the era of Earl Butz and James Watt have cabinet members been as intemperately spoken as the present bunch: Eric Holder (“nation of cowards”), Hilda Solis (“documented or not”), Janet Napolitano (“man-caused disasters”), Ken Salazar (“boot on their neck”), or a Steven Chu (“no more agriculture in California”).

3. For much of his long life, a man like the now canonized late Sen. Robert Byrd made the early lives of men like Justice Clarence Thomas miserable. Contrast the present eulogies for Byrd with the past Senate hearings over Thomas.

4. President Obama gave a long, rambling speech on illegal immigration and did not mention the Mexican government once. In fact, the word “Mexico” appeared one time — in connection with a human interest story about an immigrant success story. A man from Mars might have thought the problem was as much Canadian as Mexican. …

Read all.

  • FLDemFem

    Ted Nugent?? The Motor City Madman?? Survivalist and all around whack job?? Check out the second comment on that article for more detail. All of what it said is accurate and there’s more to boot. Ted Nugent is the last source anyone who is sane would cite, even if he agrees with you for the moment. Oh, he also plays the guitar, and he plays much better than he talks, or writes. Even when he is playing, he sounds crazy. Not a good source for respected opinion, in my opinion.

  • ctfsh

    If you cut off unemployment benefits right now, a lot of people who want to work will be forced to go onto welfare, permanent govt aid such as SSI or SSD. And once you go on those, you are very unlikely to go back to work. If they don’t renew unemployment extensions to people who have been looking for just 6 months, the economy will take another hit and companies will lay mroe people off.

  • Onofre’s arm

    Until 9/11, most Americans had no idea that radical Islam had declared war with us some time ago.

    How many of these creeps need to openly declare war on whites before the whites realize that their invitation to this war must have been lost in the mail? 

    When will the Justice department start to prosecute these jerks instead of promoting them? Or is the Obama administration depending on these guys to start the race and class war that will be exploited as the best opportunity for the progressives to finally seize complete control of this country.

  • tango

    Miss me Yet??

  • tango

    Oh, even better.  Maybe we can save some shares for Iraq, China, Mexico. You know those countries with police forces that don’t practice racial profiling when they investigate a crime.

    Snark. 😀

  • ~~JustMe~~

    Just water for you today KMarg!

  • FLDemFem

    Not just the Middle East, tango. Libya is buying up BP stock too.

  • kenoshamarge

    WTF is FLOTUS gonna do other have a photo-op? For a couple that’s so “green” they sure do waste a lot of jet fuel flying around to get their damn picture taken.

    Go play at being Lady-Bountiful in your damn garden you silly twit. The Gulf Coast has enough problems without your stupid ass pretending concern just so you can get your picture taken. Wanna bet she’ll wear something sleeveless so we can all “admire” them guns again?

    And not to be petty, okay I’ll be petty, for someone that works out and eats right she sure has got one big caboose. (I know, I know, I’m not supposed to talk about women’s looks. But since I talk about his skinny-ass and big ears I thought I’d diss her too. I’ll go to my room now.)

  • Breeze

    Rod Blagojevich trial
    could singe White House

    by Jonathan Allen   

    Original Article


    It’s the trial the White House hopes you won’t watch. The federal corruption saga of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has been rattling along during the sweltering Chicago summer, offering a daily dose of low-grade theatrics, low-impact bombshells and low-brow humor. The top White House officials — President Barack Obama, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett — haven’t been too badly bruised so far, by Chicago standards at least, even as federal prosecutors air wiretaps of Blagojevich’s ugliest private conversations about them. But despite the trial’s Jerry Springer start,

  • kenoshamarge

    I’ve been trying to make exactly that point for some time lorac. Racism is racism. Period. It doesn’t just mean white on black.

    Bigots come in all skin tones, races and ethnicities. To pretend anything else is just hypocrisy. Of which there is plenty going around.

  • Breeze

    The Dumbest President…EVER!
    American Thinker,
    by Stuart Schwartz   

    Original Article


    Barack Obama is the dumbest president…EVER.

    That is a reasonable conclusion once you’ve assessed the first nineteen months of his presidency and compared it to the definition of intelligence put together by researchers in the field. Although the mainstream media have spent the last two years proclaiming Obama “super-smart” or, as Newsweek put it, “sort of God” in stature and brilliance, the 44th president of the United States is poised to surpass our 15th president, James Buchanan. Jr., as the White House occupant who has made the dumbest moves while in office.

  • Breeze

    Obama Making Carter
    Years look Like Paradise

    Creators Syndicate Inc.,
    by Matt Towery   

    Original Article


    Let me first always remind readers that polls are a snapshot in time. Two years from now, President Obama could be sitting on top of the world politically. But for now, he has lost all but 38 percent approval from the critical “independent” American voters. They’re the ones that gave him the presidency. He appears headstrong in his determination to show the nation what a disastrous presidency looks like. (Snip) President Obama had better rethink his governing philosophy of implementing liberal policies at every opportunity. He desperately needs to convince Americans that he will tackle a crisis and run the

  • Cindy

    oowawa—-we started having trouble with getting online last night and this morning. Glad yours got fixed.

  • Breeze

    Obama vs. Arizona: The President
    is fighting a reckless war that
    will backfire politically

    New York Daily News,
    by Andrea Tantaros   

    Original Article


    The Obama administration is getting quite the reputation for bucking the wishes of the people. From pushing through an unpopular health care bill to imposing a moratorium on offshore drilling that’s costing the already-suffering gulf region precious jobs, it has refused to back down when it comes to the will of the masses. Now, President Obama’s Justice Department has decided to sue the State of Arizona over its new law targeting illegal aliens, when a majority of the public favors the legislation, leaving many to wonder if the increasingly detached White House has gone too far.

  • tango

    And Illinois politics continues to play dirty.  The Chicago Democratic machine has gotten a Republican Black Female candidate thrown off the ballot by trolling for an election board that would do so (after 3 others said the argument doesn’t hold water) and by delaying in hopes of damaging her campaign and fundraising abilities.  I’m sorry to see Chicago thugs doing the same old same old.  Whether you agree with Cedra Crenshaws positions or not, this is an outrage.   Mrs. Crenshaw is fighting back though:

    “My opponent is nothing but a tool of the Chicago Democratic Machine and the only way he can “win” is if there is no one challenging him on the November ballot.

    While the people of Illinois are losing their jobs and homes and are unsure of their children and grandchildrens’ futures, Chicago Machine politicians are busy running election scams and wasting taxpayer time and money to maintain their power.”

    And totally not related in any way to her ability to be a leader, but she sure has a lovely family. Her kids are adorable.

  • ~~JustMe~~
  • tango

    May I present The Talking Feds and their outstanding number one musical smash hit “Same as it Ever Was”? 

    Here are some lyrics to tempt you to listen to the whole song:

    Letting the days go by, play another round of golf.
    Letting the days go by.
    Crude oil is flowing in the Gulf.
    You may ask yourself, “Where is that beautiful beach?”
    You may ask yourself, “Where has Obama been?”
    You May ask yourself, “Did I really vote for him?”
     You may say to yourself, “My God, what have I done?”
    Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

  • oowawa

    Hmmm Annie–your story of encountering PETA wearing a fur coat reminds me of a dialog I saw in a Jobeth Williams movie (I forget which)

    Screaming PETA activist: “Do you know how many animals had to die so you could wear that coat”!?!?

    Jobeth: “Do you know how many animals I had to f— just to get this coat”?!?!

  • tango

    Muy Brilliante!!!  May I present The Talking Feds and their current number one musical smash “Same as it Ever Was”.

  • tango

    Oh, anyone catch Aaron Schocks anger at the Obama Administration insisting building projects make and install signs stating it’s due to funding from the Recovery Act?  That way when an American sees a sign, they think, wow, that Stimulus plan really did bring jobs.

  • ~~JustMe~~

    You need to stop tipping the balance here though oowawa! Going missing on a whim!

  • tango

    I’m sure she’ll go down there and make some silly platitude speech of what a good job the little folk are doing to clean up that big nasty oil spill. It will be the second time she’ll be glad to be an American.

    I heard that BP is 40% owned by Americans. And BP is selling assets, etc, to fund the clean up. They’re selling them to middle easter nations.  How ironic. The reason we drill offshore or on American land is to become more energy independent but with the sell off, we will become even more dependent to the middle east and they will have more control over us. 

  • oowawa

    Another Big Idea man!  Delegate your pipe dreams to toadies . . .

  • Docelder

    The scary one… I like it. I was thinking butt ugly, but then again I have never seen a butt with a scowl like the scary one has. Maybe scary can plant a garden in the tar sands. Hope she doesn’t wear $600 tennis shoes to the oil slick.

  • oowawa

    LOL Cindy–I’ve been working on a rootkit virus for the last 2 days.  Had to reinstall my Windows XP operating system.  (Alureon H. virus)  You know, these virii are getting increasingly hard to deal with.  First they shut down your anti-virus software and firewall.  Then they go about rewriting operating system code.  We’re losing the battle.

  • ~~JustMe~~

    I expect one stiletto heel will suffice Annie!

  • Cindy

    I hope they don’t go profiling Ferd & Katmoon

    oowawa——they wouldn’t dare! LOL..

    p.s.   it’s good to see the pink bunny wabbit back in action!

  • Cindy

    Annie—you’re a scream!

  • ~~JustMe~~
  • ~~JustMe~~

    LOL Annie!

  • sowsear

    Oh, that’s good, another disorganized guy !

  • sowsear
  • lorac

    Apparently (no joke) it’s only “hate speech” if it’s directed against a “protected group”, which whites aren’t.  Seems to me, if it’s racist, it’s hate, no matter the color.  It shouldn’t be called “racist” then, it should be called “blackist” or something….

  • stodghie

    i have noticed how boring many media and hollywood stories are. the black is alwys noble and above all the hatred while the mean ole whites can’t get enough in dissing all the noble blacks. yeah right. no matter what your color, there are good and bad of the same tone.

    and if you have the nerve to say something like this, then you are a racists now isn’t that special! an african american supporting obama strictly because of color is a racist in my view. especially when it clear that obama is a disaster.

  • stodghie

    from now on i am english american!  :*

  • stodghie

    it is going to be damn hard to cover all the beaches where the oil is coming in, dead animals, and oil out in the gulf floating around. come on! if i were a persistent reporter, that wouldn’t be hard. these dips depend too much on the government as it is to hand feed them.

  • candymarl

    Welcome to 1984. 🙁

  • stodghie

    way too late for racial purity! talk about hypocrisy! take a black panther and do his family tree. surprise surprise!