The President steps out in front of the microphones attended by human props to make a case for more unemployment insurance because his weak stimulus package has failed to create significant private sector jobs. And who does he front? A convicted criminal for the love of God. Leslie Macko. Here’s what Barack had to say about poor Leslie:

“We need to extend unemployment compensation benefits for women like Leslie Macko, who lost her job at a fitness center last year, and has been looking for work ever since. Because she’s eligible for only a few more weeks of unemployment, she’s doing what she never thought she’d have to do. Not at this point, anyway. She’s turning to her father for financial support,” Obama said in his speech at the White House on July 19th.

Boo hoo. Oh yes, he feels her pain. Gotta love that image–Barack shilling for someone initially charged with grand larceny.

Macko was once employed at ACAC Fitness and Wellness Center in the Albemarle Square Shopping Center. However, in April 2009, a month after being found guilty of prescription drug fraud, she lost her job as an aesthetician in the spa at ACAC.

ACAC CEO Greg Wells told the Newsplex that Macko was not terminated nor discharged because of any illegal activity, but Wells would not comment on the condition of her termination.

CBS19 also learned Thursday that Macko has had more than one run-in with the law. In June of 2007, Macko was charged with grand larceny. The charge was reduced in court to petit larceny, and she was sentenced to two years probation.

Press Secretary Gibbs was also asked if the White House performed a background check on Macko before her appearance with the President.

“I don’t know the specifics,” Gibbs said. ‘But it’s safe to say, had we known [about the charges against her] she wouldn’t have been here.”

Did they perform a background investigation? HELL NO!!!

Sloppy staff work, which is becoming another defining characteristic of Mr. Hope and Change. Way to go White House. That egg on your face is fried. Bottomline, Barack is in charge, or at least, he is supposed to be in charge.

Electric Boogaloo provided an excellent visual comment that summarizes the mess (Many thanks).

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  • sowsear

    Did they ask you to donate too?

  • sowsear

    Just saw something on Fox, in passing, about the Pvt.  Manning who is accused of leaking those 93,000 papers…while on duty in Iraq. Really? 

  • sowsear

    And lie down with dogs…

  • sowsear

    This was posted today at NQ… 
    “Dr Polland charges in his videos that Identity, Election, Wire, Internet, Interstate Commerce, & Birth Certificate Fraud were committed by Obama et al” 

  • getfitnow

    Normally, it wouldn’t matter. But this was a major part of the narrative that prompted many to vote for him. Citizens need to know they were hoodwinked–and to what extreme.

    If his grades weren’t that great at Columbia, how did he get into Harvard? (rhetorical).

    Americans need to be slapped in the face with the facts. This can never happen again.

  • Mr. Goldfish Natural

    I’m stunned that her state allows Unemployment Benefits when one is fired for Cause.

    I must get out more…

  • Mr. Goldfish Natural

    Not gonna happen. Right now, I’d wager that there’s someone measuring every statue of an African American in the US to make sure that Obama-Yo-Mama’s post-presidential bronze representation will be taller.

    Hope they build the MF’er’s statue in Compton…

  • elizabethrc

    I so want to find out that Obama was a poor student, produced nothing of substance and was a lollygagger, but when I think of the massive damage he has done to this country, it doesn’t matter what kind of student he was.  What matters is the plan he has undertaken with his Alinskyites to destroy democracy.  I don’t know about his intelligence, but he is utterly driven with a kind of madness that is more dangerous than high intelligence misplaced. 
    Putting madmen (and their enablers) in places of power is as dangerous as letting Ted Bundy take your daughter to the prom.  The facade is nice to behold, the straight teeth, the good posture, the well placed words, but the danger is there, unchanged and waiting.
    Obama has been waiting to destroy America his whole life.  His perceived injustices have simmered within him and we are to be the recipient of what I only now gleen to be a massive anger.  His greatest goal is to make all of us suffer as he, in his mind, has suffered.  No one gets off.  I suspect even his conspirators will end up under his bus.
    November may well define whether America will survive as a democracy.

  • Retired

    Actually, Macko is exactly the type of person that Obama has always intended to redistribute our wealth to.  Indeed, it is one of the campaign promises that he has been scrupulously keeping.  One might even say that it’s his top priority since he took office.

    Thank God that the stimulus package held unemployment under seven percent.  Otherwise, we would be in a real shit sandwich, economically speaking.

  • arabella trefoil

    Touchet – Thank you for your wise words. If only people listened to you.
    Best of luck to you. You are obviously smart, but even more important you are a survivor.
    You will go far and go on to better things!

  • arabella trefoil

    Or an automated system, like the ones drugstores:

    Thank you for calling President Obama.

    To continue in English, press one.
    Para contuar en espaniol, pressione tres.
    For natural disasters, press two.
    For civic unrest, press four.
    For impending thermonuclear war, press five.
    For Malia, press six.
    To return to the main menu, press pound.

    Please hold on while we connect you with an operator.


  • Clara

    I can imagine if they pulled something like this, there would be a revolution.  The fury would be off the charts.  I know mine would.

  • Breeze



    Obama administration considers bypassing
    Congress on immigration reform

    by Marcus Stern   

    Original Article


    The Obama administration, anticipating that Congress might not pass comprehensive immigration reform this year, is considering ways it could act without congressional approval to achieve many of the objectives of the initiative, including giving permanent resident status, or green cards, to large numbers of people in the country illegally. (Snip) The memo lists ways the government could grant permanent resident status to tens of thousands of people and delay the deportation of others, potentially indefinitely….

  • Docelder

    He thinks he can go on the view and do the same old magic act… thing is once you see how the magicians do the tricks it kind of ruins it from then on. He doesn’t have any new tricks. We have seen them all.

  • My Site (click to edit)

    Are his numbers seriously down to about 23%?

  • surfered

    The neocons, the Israeli lobby, and Newt Gingrich are beating the drums again for war with Iran.  Some member of the House have introduced House Resolution 1553 that support Israel’s right to use “all means necessary to confront and eliminate nuclear threats posed by Iran.”

    Would like to hear Larry Johnson’s thoughts.

  • AC Gluten Free Cracker

    Where in hell is animal control?
    Here I am!
    But honestly, summer is my busy time.

  • AC Gluten Free Cracker

    I tried not to laugh but some are just too goofy.   😀 😀 😀 😎

  • EllenD

    Thanks, Touchet. Good luck for a brighter future.

  • EllenD

    You have a problem if your previous employer can’t recommend you. I answer phone calls about that all the time.

    My favorite line is “I cannot recommend this person too highly.” 😉

    But I never use it.

  • Buzz water cracker Latte

    Forget it.  The children of the illegals often travel back to Mexico with American dollars and vacation for two months during the school year. They don’t go to school there and they don’t practice speaking and reading english.  

    Then about February, they come back to school farther behind than they were before, have to be included in the school’s NCLB academic progress scores, and generally suck big buck and hours services away from the citizen children of the country!

    The ONLY solution is to make it very uncomfortable to come into the country illegally.  NO amnesty!  NO Dream Act!  No more Obama Admin and Orrin Hatch BS!

  • EllenD

    Mr. Arkadin – an Orson Welles film where a multi-millionaire hires a shady detective to find his past, which he claims to have forgotten, but everyone the detective finds from the past ends up dead.

  • skeeter

    Turns out she was just another mongrel looking for a handout. Where in hell is animal control?

  • arabella trefoil

    I’m so proud of Elisabeth Hasselfrau. I knew she wouldn’t let me down. She asked the question that made the news reports. (Along with the “mongrel” mis-speaking incident.)

    Elisabeth is America’s sweetheart, and she has been since she was an embryo celebrity on Survivor Australia. (Note – Elisabeth Hasselfrau is not my sweetheart.)

    But her Q ratings are very high, and lots of people identify with her. Elisabeth, thank you for being the snitty little beeatch you are! Don’t change a thing. I am flying my Kucha Tribe banner in your honor.

    It’s true that you have been annoying the shit out of me for years, but it’s good to know you can be relied upon in a warfare situation. For now, you are my ally. Here’s the immunity idol, my smug little princess. You earned it.

  • candymarl light brown cracker

    But didn’t both the press and the WH initially say the leak was no big deal?  They said it was information that everybody knew or had been released before. What changed?

    One thing I can tell you Gates and Mullen screwed the pooch on this one. Now everyone knows, if they didn’t before, that this isn’t old info and is damaging. You never go public with a statement like that. You never  let your enemies know, publicly,  how much a breach may hurt you or your allies. You keep that behind closed doors. Idiots.

  • candymarl light brown cracker

    That’s what stuns me Breeze. Obama’s vindictiveness is so “in your face” yet the LSM makes excuses everytime he behaves this way.

    This is a nasty, mean, petty little man. All of the parties, put downs, and bullying won’t change that.

    Why, oh why, didn’t the country listen to MLK Jr.? Obama is walking, talking, breathing proof that it is the content of character not color of skin that matters. 

  • Samb

    There was always that house on the block, were you hung out  
    partied and watched TV. Obama is the kid who wanted to be cool  
    but just wasn’t, he had to work hard to make friends and now he 
    surrounds himself with staff and friends that are still making him look 
    like a fool, why don’t they just put a KICK ME sign on his back

  • ~~Justme~~

    He would be stood outside with the rest of the illegals 😉

  • ~~Justme~~

    Let’s face it he has made a mockery of the system. Anyone else they need to know you’re inside leg measurement along with drug test for many jobs! Talk about checking out his resume! He wouldn’t get in at Home Depot!!

  • jwrjr

    Also remember that Macko is unemployed … because she was fired for cause.