Joshua Green of The Atlantic asks Can Bill Clinton Save the Democrats? The question is, should he? It is amazing, but not unpredictable to anyone on this website, that two years after the derangement that swept the country to put an inexperienced academic into the White House at one of the most difficult times in our nation’s history, the Democratic Party – once so contemptuous of the Clintons – now wishes them in one way or another to save the very man who offered them such grievous insult. As Green notes:

The midterm elections are just three months away. All across the country, Democratic members of Congress are bracing for tough reelection campaigns, and doing so without a valuable asset. The sky-high approval ratings that carried Barack Obama into the White House in 2008 — and brought so many Democrats to Washington with him — have diminished, in some places greatly. Obama’s overall standing hovers around 45 percent and much lower in places like Arkansas and Missouri, where key Democrats are running in especially difficult races. That’s significant, because, as Alan Abramowitz, a political scientist at Emory University, has noted, ”When it comes to choosing candidates for Congress, it is opinions of the president’s performance that matter.” Today, many Democrats find themselves pondering a question that would have seemed unthinkable only a year ago: Does President Obama help them or hurt them?

Applied to President Clinton, that’s a much easier question to answer. He has emerged as the surrogate of choice for embattled Democrats.

Green goes on to describe Clinton’s successful efforts on behalf of Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas, Mark Critz in Pennsylvania and significantly, Andrew Romanoff in Colorado – although the White House had endorsed his Democratic rival Michael Bennet. That race is now neck and neck, thanks to Bill Clinton.

In July, according to Gallup, [Clinton’s] favorable rating exceeded Obama’s for the first time. This resurgence is all the more striking because Clinton’s image took a beating in 2008, when many Democrats, including Obama staffers and members of Congress, denounced his attacks on Obama as racist — charges that split the party and that Clinton himself bitterly denied. He appears to have overcome this, but without quite forgetting it, either. What all the candidates he has endorsed have in common is that they were early supporters of Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidential nomination.

Clinton also seems to be quietly making a point about race. He stumped for Blanche Lincoln in the predominantly black regions of Arkansas, and endorsed Kendrick Meek, a rising African American star, in Florida’s Democratic Senate primary, even though (or maybe especially because) both had been snubbed by Obama. It’s worth noting, too, that Clinton has not campaigned for candidates like Robin Carnahan in Missouri, who could use his support, but didn’t lend theirs to his wife.

Payback. Green mentioned a party operative with ties to both Clinton and Obama who noted Clinton had reached “cruising altitude” with Obama is “still taxiing.” President Obama is box office poison at the moment and is staying away from campaigning in many local races since his presence may be doing more harm than good.

It’s hardly surprising that a president stands to play a commanding role in the fall campaign. But who would have guessed it might not be Barack Obama, but Bill Clinton?

Um. We did. Bill Clinton has his failings but he was never a flash in the pan. And he and his wife actually left the country better than they found it.

Speaking of his wife, Secretary Clinton’s name crosses pundits’ and politicians’ lips more and more of late. It seems they have a new job in mind for her – savior of Barack Obama’s presidency. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad that these boobs are bandying her name as a replacement for Joe Biden on the 2012 ticket. Their theory being that she has “proved” she can play nice and be a good soldier, as if she has earned her keep like a good little girl and now can be “used” be save the man who has no idea what to do in the office to which he was elected.

None of these boobs can admit that she should have, and should have had, the top job in the first place.

Good luck with that.

Hillary has worked her butt off to save him on foreign policy while remaining separate and apart from the President’s domestic economic blunders.

As to the media who so abused the Clintons in 2008, who are now aching and crying for mommy and daddy to ride to the rescue of their errant son, there is a wonderful line from The Color Purple…

“Until you do right by me everything you think about is gonna crumble! …Until you do right by me, everything you even think about is gonna fail!”

So, to the pundit class, when you are ready to deliver your apologies, the line forms to the left.

  • cameoanne

    But I don’t actually believe “the people” elected him into office.   If they had actually counted the delegate votes at the Democratic Convention in Denver, Hillary would have been the Democratic nominee.

  • Dem or Rep NO DIFFERENCE!

    BOTH parties are responsible for the current condition of this country.  BOTH parties will bitch about one an another (just lipservice). BOTH parties when given the opportunity to reverse UNJUST LAWS, no matter how remedial the law may be or even as severe to violation constitutional rights……STILL do nothing, BUT push more laws, statues, and codes instilling more privileges and not RIGHTS!  Everyone THINK   please……  

  • Clintons are Paid Schills

    The Clinton Foundation is suppressing the cure for AIDS and various other diseases that infect those in less fortunate countries.  The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex creates and profits from the epidemics that they infect produce themselves…while paying others to look the other directions.  Unfortunately Hillary has been seen meeting in private with the Bilderberg Organization, which SHOULD HAVE signed and sealed her departure from political office (Violation of the Logan Act).  It further proves that Federal employees are above the law and her collaboration with such organizations show proof of the true intentions of the Clinton Foundation…depopulation.  We are a republic not a aristocracy…there are 307 to 309 million people to choose from, officials are not elected but CHOSEN….I give the Electoral College as proof in that manner and the Bohemian Club (reg Nixon & Reagan Pres. Election) all documented by the way….It’s all a huge chess game and they’re 20 moves ahead of 95% of us! 

  • Ani

    Yes Benjamin and Bonnie, I was on that blog too during the primary — it was the first time I ever posted anything.  I was very upset when she turned on Hillary supporters the way she did.  She was accredited at the Convention and did not want to lose that accreditation by pissing off Obama supporters.  She called him out on the carept day and night and then overnight, embraced him.  Now she’s back to telling it like it is about him — too late.  We are gone for good.

  • Ani


    Thanks so much for your thoughtful post.  I don’t think either Clinton will “save” him.  I don;t think that is their agenda.  Their agenda has to do with helping the country and perhaps even resurrecting or reclaiming their party or moving it to a more sensible left of center.

      And I do not prescribe either one of them bailing him out (nor do I think they can) but yes, I do think that putting country first is always the way to go which is why I look at their actions through that particular lens.

    I too would support her for another run — but if she ever got on his ticket (I don’t think she will), I could not vote for it.  He doesn’t know what he is doing — that fact has not changed in two years.  Or if he does know what he’s doing — what he’s doing is not an agenda that is working for us.

  • beachnan

    Yea, you could tell they were really trying to lose that election/selection of 2008.  Not!!!  Hillary worked her ass off.  I can’t believe you would even suggest that.

  • seattlegonz


  • rosa

    I think of the vacation thing from primary EVERY time Bo takes another one and when mo takes one its even worse!  makes me laugh at the lack of stamina on the young folks.

  • Bonnie Jean Burris

    Any bad news about her is good news.

  • bamaLV

    as an independent, recently switched from a dem i  hope the gop does NOT give us choices like gingrich, huckabee, romney or palin. we dont need any already ran and lost about some new faces. someone with no baggage, no favors owed, and the right type of experience. a governor maybe.anyone but the same old faces that we didnt want to begin with.

  • bamaLV

    i wonder what obaME thinks of all those rumors about hillary  challenging him in 2012.  it must be killing him that both clintons are more popular than he is.  another scenario would be if the reps. take both houses, the country will start calling for impeachment.  not able to stand the humiliation, obame will step down and biden will choose hillary as vp then retire. putting her in the top spot for 2012.we must make sure to never again give so much power to one party. so if the reps. control both houses, then and only then will a dem have a chance to be president. anyone but obaME that is.

  • seattlegonz

    I think Hillary’s mode of governance is to funnel money to the states and let them create jobs and attrack business and provide services to the people. She doesn’t believe that government is equipped to manage localities. The role of government is to make sure that states uphold the consitution and provide equal opportunity and protection to all.

    Of course the one exception is health care which is upside down in that the poorest people can’t afford regular health care and so are using the hospital system for basic care. Something needs to be done so that hospitals aren’t treating routine health problems and the less wealthy in America are getting adequate health coverage for themselves and their families.

  • seattlegonz

    What I mean about centrist democrat is that Hillary is fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

  • seattlegonz

    The difference in this case is that Hillary ran as a Dem against BO’s brand of Dem politics. And, she ran hard and long. Assuming BO doesn’t run again, and Hillary does in 2012, she’ll be ideally positioned to run as the non-gop, non-bo democrat. She wouldn’t have as easy a time as she would’ve in 2008…but, in some ways, the campaign against BO will work well to establish her position as a centrist democrat.

  • seattlegonz

    How do you know Hillary didn’t fight for a delegate count? The people who ran the convention weren’t going to have it…what was she supposed to do?

    People keep talking about how Hillary should’ve done more to stand up to BO, and I think, “are you serious?” No one in America did more to stand up to BO than Hillary. She continued to campaign, a grueling process, despite the fact that the media was calling her a sore loser, a landslide loser, a troublemaker, etc. (plus many more horrible names) and she continued to express her belief that BO wasn’t ready to be president, that his healthcare plan was wrong and that the times were too perilous to put him in charge. That was her message, she delivered it over and over again, and the press ignored her only to focus on whether sniper fire was the correct way to describe the shots fired in Bosnia 20 years ago.

    Hillary had lost two good friends prior to the convention, had campaigned for a year and a half, uphill the whole way, and had been told by her super delegate supporters that they were all going to support BO (plus, whatever else went on, like they were going to be destroyed if she fought any more.) Even though it was completely bogus, on the surface it looked like BO had stolen enough delegate votes to make his nomination possible. Hillary would’ve been destroyed personally, and professionally, as would her friends, if she fought for something that wouldn’t accomplish anything. (And, I believe would’ve put people in danger.) So, she didn’t call for a delegate count, but she never gave up her voice to speak for those who supported her.

  • EWard


    “A perpetual crisis machine”  the brand name of Obama’s agenda.

    Great post!

  • steve1


  • trixta

    The thought of HRC saving BO’s presidency is so insulting!! (Some of us had predicted this scenario a year ago.)    But let’s just say that HRC takes the VP spot in 2012.  Three interesting scenarios come to mind:

    1)  She takes the VP spot only on condition that BO will resign for health reasons, etc. before his term is over.  (This wouldn’t even have to be kept from the public; it could even be part of the campaign.) 😉  

    2) The voters cast their votes ONLY for HRC on the ballot and leave the Presidential spot blank.  What happens, in this case, if she gets substantially more votes than BOTH OBAMA and the Repub presidential challenger (but the Repub challenger gets more votes than BO?)  I imagine, the Dem ticket & the Dems would still lose the election, but it would be a humiliating defeat for BO.   LOL!!

    3)  OR, better still, what if voters just WRITE HER IN for the top spot and write in BO for VP?   (Another LOL!! This scenario would  be the only way I’d vote for that Dem 2012 ticket!)  Would these election results be official?  Or would the Dems say the voters were “confused,” and would the DNC then give him her votes anyway?

  • Docelder

    I worry about my kids futures as well. I am more of a libertarian leaning republican. We haven’t had anybody I liked since Reagan. Bill started off like a tax and spend big goverment President also. But the shift in 1994 saved his presidency. I don’t believe now after seeing how the Clintons enable Obama that any of the successes Bill gets credit for was really Bill. I think it was more Newt than Bill. I am hoping for Newt or Palin to be another Reagan. That is what we need. America needs a President that believes in our people and not in government. The Clintons (it takes a village) and (the village includes teachers and government entities like americorps) well they aren’t any hope at all. We have that right now and it has turned into a perpetual crisis machine. This administration is a lot like an abusive spouse or parent really. Beat the spouse and then give them something to make up for it. Everybody has seen that scenario. We are all being abused right now whether we realize it yet or not.