As you may know by now, ten relief workers were murdered in Afghanistan over the weekend, six of whom were Americans. The Taliban is taking “credit” for their murders.

These people were there for no other reason but to help people. They were medical personnel – doctors, dentists, nurses, and others, there to provide free eye care. According to the NY Times, this brings to 17 the number of aid workers who have been murdered in Afghanistan.

Secretary Clinton made the following remarks in regard to these tragic deaths:

Sec. Clinton’s remarks said it all. It is heartbreaking that these unarmed relief workers were gunned down when their purpose for being there was to bring medical relief to the people of Afghanistan.

As for the Taliban taking credit for this massacre, the Taliban claimed that these relief workers were killed for one reason, and one reason only, according to this AP article:

[snip] The Taliban has claimed credit for the attack, saying the workers were trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. The gunmen spared an Afghan driver who told police he recited verses from the Islamic holy book the Quran as he begged for his life.

But Grams’ twin brother, Tim, said his brother wasn’t trying to spread religious views. “He was there to help the people of Afghanistan,” said Tim Grams, holding back tears in a telephone call from Anchorage, Alaska on Sunday, after the U.S. State Department confirmed his brother’s death.

“He knew the laws, he knew the religion. He respected them. He was not trying to convert anybody,” Tim Grams said. “His goal was to provide dental care and help people. He knows it’s a capital offense to try to convert folks.” [snip]

From the accounts I have seen, while their faith inspired them to do this kind of humanitarian work, they were not attempting to spread their faith.

And we’re going to be negotiating with these people? Really? Well, as long as they aren’t tied to Al Qaeda, that is, and promise to stop being violent. Right. I’m sure they’ll get right on that. Not.

I wonder what kind of comfort this will bring to the families of the slain relief workers? Perhaps it will, I don’t know. But this whole negotiating with terrorists thing grates at me.

My thoughts and prayers go out to these ten families as they deal with the brutal deaths of their beloved family members, as well as to their friends, and colleagues. We stand with you in this difficult time…

  • I am here1…

    stp adopting kids from different country we have so many here, adopt them, american kids. Why American kids are not more important then kids from Russia,Iraq,Africa,S.America, why not to start helping each other. Look at Brad and Jolie, dont they see that OUR kids need new families, LOVE as much as from other countries!!!

  • I am here1…

    absolutely, NO REACTION from Muslim World, NOTHING!!! They all are the same. Stop Media telling US, that they are good people, I just do not believe, and OUR boys and girls are dying for THEIR freedom??? What a joke. I do not trust Muslims, I do not like them I do not want them in USA, because they are liars!!!!!

  • I am here1…

    Hillary can hardly wait when She be able to live Obama side. She said what was to ay, what is Your problem. Hillary is great SOS maybe the best we ever have. She do not want be part of Obama Cabinet one day longer. She is a woman of action not to make speeches, She is great in what She is doing.Yes, I will vote for Hillary to be OUR next President.

  • Noogan

    Yeah, I am sorry to say that I will only vote again for Hillary Clinton if she is at the TOP of the ticket. 

  • Boxer Mum 06

    Does anyone else think this talk of Hillary as the VP in 2012 was leaked to curb the talk about Michelle’s Spanish vacation? Nothing’s a coincidence with them.

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    Teak, you are right that it was their faith that was at issue.  The actions of the Taliban were despicable no matter how one wants to frame it, but that these people were moved to be there BECAUSE of their faith, to help out “the least of these,” and were gunned down for it makes it even worse. 

    If anything, groups who claim to be motivated by religion should be more understanding of others who are doing likewise, not less, and certainly not make martyrs of them…(I know, I know – religions have been doing this to each other for centuries, but it is horribly wrong, and SINFUL…)

    Yeah, there’s no negotiating with people like this.  Even if one thinks an agreement has been reached, these are not ethical players here, so no doubt, they would not feel obliged to keep their word to theWestern Devils.

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    Well said, Peggy Sue.  You are spot on.  Couldn’t agree more.

  • EWard

    It seems like it’s pre-9/11 again with the latest massacre.  Where’s the outrage from the Muslim world?

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    You said it, Cindy.  This is not the first majorly assholic thing P.J. Crowley has said as Hillary’s spokesman, that’s for sure.  I keep waiting fo rher to come out and correct him, but so far, * crickets*.  Very disappointing.

    And this was my biggest fear abt Hillary becoming a part of this Administration.  That implementing Obama’s policies, and having to carry water for him, would taint her.  Is it safe to say that is the case?

    One last thing – I was thinking abt this yesterday in light of her sober, heartfelt response compared to Obama’s joking around, glib, cocky fundraiser: the difference between the two is staggering.  One is most definitely presidential, and one most definitely is NOT.  And we’re stuck with the latter when we should have had the former.

    Damn DNC – for all of it – from ACORN to race baiting, the whole thing.  Don’t even get me started.

    Thanks for the comment, Cindy.

  • Peggy Sue

    I’ve made myself very clear at NQ: I have been and remain a Hillary Clinton supporter.  But if the Obamacrats believe that putting Hillary on the ticket as veep in 2012 will lure me or most Clinton supporters back, they are wrong, dead wrong.  For me, it’s not a matter of Obama hatred.  It’s believing as I did in 2008: Obama is simply not up to the job, has no vision and/or leadership skills.  It was a mirage from the start, marketed to the public ala Axelrod and his crew and financially supported by all the corporate honchos this Administration has serviced so well.

    Frankly, I’d be amazed if Hillary Clinton would ever accept a veep spot.  She didn’t want it the first time around, and it would cancel out all the good work she’s done as SoS.  I don’t trust what the media says anymore anyway.  As for the Obamacrats who may or may not want Hillary to boost their lagging poll numbers?  Forget about it.  She doesn’t own them a damn thing.  She’s serving the country as Secretary of State, not the Obamacrats.  And she’s doing a hell of a job.  Her poll numbers are not a mirage and they come from both sides of the aisle.

    But even if worst case scenario developed and she were on that 2012 ticket as veep, I would not vote for it.  The only ticket that would get my blood racing is if Hillary were run as POTUS. And then?  She’d get my vote in a heartbeat.

  • EWard


    Well said!  Is the Iman pushing the Ground Zero Mosque condemning this killings?  With Obama giving our foes our exit date, the Taliban will be unleashed on the entire country.

  • CindyWhiteBaguetteW/OliveOilForDipping

    Yttik—I really am  not comparing Hillary to Albert Speer,
    but your comment brought him to mind. He was supposedly a very nice man who was an articulate and extremely talented architect who he became involved with Hitler and some say really didn’t know what was going on…he was ” innocent “, it was believed by some.
    Well, I’m just a country housewife, but I would have the good sense NOT to get involved with someone like Obama who is known to be an insidious, manipulating misogynist.

  • Babs

    Hillary as VP means nothing to me, as BO would still be on top of the ticket. My respect for her knowledge and work ethic pales in comparison to my abject hatred for anything Obama, and that’s the bottom line. 

  • CindyWhiteBaguetteW/OliveOilForDipping

    Rev. Amy—I know how disappointed you must feel about Hillary’s being complicit in Rauf-gate.
    You, especially, have been one of  her most devoted supporters!
    This entire story about Rauf and the state dept. makes me want to take a bath.
    Anyway, I’m just saying I know you must be dumbstruck by Hillary’s  involvement, even if we’re told her involvement is by “default”. I know I am.

  • CindyWhiteBaguetteW/OliveOilForDipping

    Annie—I really agree with everything you’ve said tonight. But you can say it so much better than I!

  • CindyWhiteBaguetteW/OliveOilForDipping

    Rev. Amy—-Very good post and one that fuels great discussions!
    First of all, I have a family member who works at State. Hillary’s people love Hillary, of course….but I am so unhappy, (as many of us have stated previously) that she became part of this administration.
    My belief is that the test balloon about Hillary being a possible running mate in ’12 is meant to make all of us former Hillarians get excited and involved with Democrats once again. Obama’s polling #’s with women is slipping, as you know, and he wants us back. I cannot go back.

    As for the people who were murdered in Afghanistan… I feel so sad for their family members; however, I really cannot endorse what those Americans were doing over there. They knew that if you challenge the Taliban, even in the most  subtle and innocent manner, then you’ll probably lose your life.
    It’s so sad for their loved ones and I personally would not put my family through that. Sorry if that sounds cold, but that’s the reality.
    Thanks for the post!

  • Yttik

    I’m glad we have Hillary as SOS. At least somebody in this administration takes the time to speak the words that need to be spoken.

  • sowsear

    orphans…stop the overseas adoptions as long as there’s child here who needs parents…,

    That would be good if parents in the US were willing to have their babies adopted. Unfortunately, in most caes, they are not. My son and d-i-l finally adopted a Chinese baby when a foreign baby was their only choice.

  • TeakWoodKite

    One of these individuals was living in Afghanistan for 30 years I saw on the local news, when this was first reported. If Islam doesn’t consider those who render medical assistance as exempt from acts of violence, or using ambulences as military transport…..

    there should be no quarter given. Is it fair to paint a whole group of people as animals which goes against my principles? I look to how Islam is dealing with the crazy’s among them and I do not see the type of condemnation one would expect from a “peaceful religion”. Instead we have the opposite.

  • Sgt. Barfalot

    Mesoamerica is closer than you think. Right under your feet. The Taliban are Viet Cong in head rags. Blood is the price of ignorance. We cannot win a war against our own darker side. It is not about virtue or morals. It is about selling. We are at the mercry of the merchants of death. Call it what you will. As long as there is a buck to be made we will be somewhere selling ideas that are made out of powder. We have no leaders. We only have owners of ongoing businesses whose ideas put us at the mercy of people insane with their own. Life goes on. For a while. Those who dream do so at their own peril. We are our own worst enemy. We cannot save the world because we cannot ever save ourselves.

  • TeakWoodKite

    I think that they were living thier faith and that is what was the biggest threat.

    As Bronwyn notes tha tliving in  “4th century standards and are 90+% illiterate.”, will not help anyone.   
    I pray for any human who are doing what these people did regarless of which country or nationality…

    Negotiate with this ?

    Bibi Sanubar was held captive, beaten in front of a crowd before she was shot three times in the head on Sunday by an insurgent commander in the Qadis district of Badghis province, the Afghan police said.
    Ghulam Mohammad Sayeedi, deputy provincial police chief, said: “She was shot in the head in public while she was still pregnant.”

    I am sorry, but at what point is enough enough? And what is to be done?

  • Sandi78

    They were not all Americans.

  • Annie Soda Cracker

    I think that would signal the end of her political career.

  • Annie Soda Cracker

    It’s always sad when someone loses their life while trying to do good.  However, I am running out of patience and compassion for people (such as the dumb ass hikers in the Iran jail) who go into dangerous situations and compromise our national position.  After all, who doesn’t know that the Taliban will kill anything in sight; and who the hell goes “hiking” in Iraq or sightseeing on the border of North Korea?  I feel sorry for them but some people are too dumb to walk around unattended.  What’s next, someone ransomed while on a Honeymoon in Tijuana?  Wouldn’t you say it was predictable?

  • Annie Soda Cracker

    I am in complete agreement.  I want our government to give their full attention to our national problems; our schools (and not the schools Obama wants for our kids), orphans…stop the overseas adoptions as long as there’s child here who needs parents…, the hungry, dental care, real health care, etc.  I want all Americans to have the very best and to hell with illegals.  We come first.  After every American has a good paying job, we’ll see what we can do for Mexico…in Mexico.  We are not 911 for the world or the Mexican Welfare Department even though Baby Doc would like us to be.

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    Thanks, Bronwyn.  Yeah, I thought we, as a nation, had a hard and fast rule that we do NOT negotiate with terrorists.  There is no doubt in anyone’s mind, except maybe Obama’s, that the Taliban has a fair number of terrorists in it.  When you read the article, and see all of the machinations they are going through to find some Taliban members NOT affiliated with Al Qaeda, it just becomes laughable.  WTH, already?!

    And my pleasure, Tricia.  Hillary is impressive, no doubt (but she does need to stop the State Dep’t. sending Rauf around the world on our dime).

  • sowsear
  • Tricia

    This is an awful tragedy.  Hillary is so impressive.
    Thanks for posting her repsonse to this horrible crime against such good people.

  • Bronwyn

    Nice post, Amy, and I agree with you about negotiating with the Taliban.  What troubles me about trying to work miracles in Afghanistan is that they live by 4th century standards and are 90+% illiterate.  

    I honestly don’t know why the ten people devoted so much time to the Afghans.  There are millions of Americans who can’t afford dental or medical care, and none of them is likely to kill them. 

  • Donna Mongrel Brazile

    Obama doesn’t care about anyone or anything but himself. Clinton is always out front issuing heartfelt statements when tragedy occurs while Obama plays a few rounds of golf.

  • Angrynana

    What comment has our stupid zero made ?


    Annie, I can’t help it, but I feel the same way.  The media is starting to speculate that Hillary will be Obutt’s running mate in 2012.

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    Annie, I hear you abt Rauf – what in the HELL are they thinking?  When Crowley was trying to justify Rauf being sent around the world on OUR dime, he was doing a whole lot of “Um, uh, well”-ing.  I could not believe my ears, especially when he referred to him as a “moderate.”  Say, WHAAAAA???  Please.

    I know Obama nominated Crowley for this position, but I am not sure if Clinton wanted him there or not (I seem to recall not, but that could be wishful thinking after this latest of many debacles out of his mouth).

    I hear you, Annie…

  • Janis

    Meanwhile, Barky is going, “Whuh?  Who got shot?”

  • Annie Soda Cracker

    Gosh, Hill.  With the State Department arranging the trip, using our tax dollars to send Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam of the so-called Ground Zero Mosque on a tour to make nice for Muslims and fund raise for the Mosque of Traitors all around the world, it rings a bit hollow. 

    Sadly, I will never vote for Hillary again…for anything.  She’s been too compromised.