In the face of some powerful Democratic fundraisers/supporters of Senator Clinton and even Democratic legislators now boldly endorsing Senator McCain, it is clear that the wheels may be coming off the Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Dean/Brazile bandwagon. That people would abjectly refuse to support the Presidential nominee and, you should pardon the expression, start batting for the other team, seems shocking. Although given the disingenuous, inexperienced candidate we are supposed to be supporting, not at all surprising.

The media’s pillow-fluffing rhapsodic musings about the Obama ‘movement’ made them abandon their objectivity faster than a child abandoning a broken toy. The DNC gambled on an unvetted, unqualified, well-sculpted concoction of New Age-y hyped up post-partisan platitudes that really don’t make much sense to Americans struggling to keep afloat. Their gamble has resulted in a split of the Democratic Party. No matter what Obama does, his numbers won’t go above 50%. No amount of money, media favoritism, or caucus fraud can change that fact.

What to do now? When in doubt, play: j’accuse!! The media and Dem party leadership have started pointing fingers. Racism!! They cry. Nonsense, I say.

The racism charges have been put out by Senator Obama personally and many in the DNC/Obama wing of the Party. This is a scenario that both they and the media can hide behind to avoid questions and blowback if Obama loses. It’s a way to be insulated from failure so they can still claim to be relevant if the election results in a loss for Obama in this “no lose year for Democrats.” How we got to this place of throwing the far more qualified candidate under the bus will be discussed for some time to come.

What we are seeing is a battle for the Democratic Party itself. Clearly the ‘Howards’, ‘Nancys’ and ‘Donnas’ in the DNC chose to kick the Clinton wing to the curb by forcing delegates to make a selection before it was time to vote and staging an end run around the legitimate nominating process. They did their best to pretend that Hillary’s 18,000,000 voters and her 1912 delegates did not exist.

To that end, Marc Rubin and Prof. Heidi Li Feldman, co-founders of The Denver Group, through the use of grass roots fundraising, both on and off the internet, did a tremendous job of creating and placing effective targeted advertising that added pressure to the decision to put Hillary’s name into nomination and get a roll call vote at the Democratic Convention.

Unfortunately, we all know what happened as a result of the thuggish tactics of the DNC leadership. The only good news is that the reputations and favorability ratings of Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, Harry Reid seem at an all time low. Apparently, someone out there is paying attention.

Marc Rubin shared his thoughts with me about the Convention, its aftermath and how The Denver Group is evolving in an effort to apply pressure for change in the fractured Democratic Party and hold the current party leadership’s feet to the fire.

Marc, looking back, what is your feeling about how the Convention played out?

The convention was a total fraud. The roll call vote was rigged, and every Democratic rule and procedure was violated in order to do it and they did it in broad daylight right in front of the watchful eyes of the news media who have the powers of observation of a drunken sailor on a Saturday night. They just let the corruption happen without comment. Some of the more egregiously blind were Mike Barnicle, Chris Matthews and of course that Olbermann guy who still thinks this is sports.

What would you want to explain about the roll call vote or outcome for those not as intimately involved in the situation? There are still those who think Senator Obama won the nomination “fair and square.” What is your response to that?

Well there is no accounting for people’s ignorance and refusal to think for themselves, but according to Democratic Party rules it was totally rigged. Rule 6, I believe, states clearly that pledged delegates have an obligation to vote according to the voters who elected them based on the primaries.

Just as one example, Clinton ‘landslided’ Obama in the New Jersey primary winning many more elected pledged delegates than Obama. As you saw during the roll call vote all 130 pledged delegates “voted” for Obama. And no one blinked an eye. And as everyone knows super delegates were going to decide this because Obama didn’t have the 2/3 needed in pledged delegates. They never were given a chance to vote. The last unofficial count according to prior to the roll call vote showed among super delegates, 271 for Obama, 268 for Clinton and 160 undecided. If the roll call vote was honest, Obama would have most likely lost.

Had you ever been so involved in a campaign? What motivated you to go the extra mile?

What motivated me was unfairness. The incredible deceit of Pelosi outright lying during the primary season, saying that super delegates had an obligation to vote according to the pledged delegate count, the slanted playing field, the deceit and dishonesty of the news media and people like Jonathan Alter, MSNBC and others calling for Clinton to get out, and of course the Florida and Michigan fiasco when Obama and the DNC and the media colluded to deny both states their rightful voices. The last straw was after the last primary when Pelosi forced super delegates to declare 6 weeks before their votes would count so they could short circuit the process and declare Obama the winner when he wasn’t.

As Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania pointed out, the DNC insisted on nominating the weaker candidate. Aside from the obvious consequence of making the election harder to win, what do you think are some of the short and long term consequences of such an action to the Democratic Party going forward?

Harder to win? Try impossible to win. One candidate ‘landslided’ the other in 13 of the biggest states in the country, not just won, but won by landslide margins and they sent out the loser. They deserve to lose and lose big. The short term consequences are short term pain for long term gain because a massive Obama defeat will get rid of Dean, Pelosi, Brazile and the Obama wing of the party and get it on the right track again.

The DNC is using various scare tactics to get everyone to fall in line. What is your response to their favorite ploys?

a) McCain as neocon?

As rated by conservative groups, McCain has the worst conservative voting record of any Republican member of Congress which is one reason Rush Limbaugh hates him. I’m going to write a post specifically addressing all of this because it’s so ludicrous.

b) Threats to reverse Roe v. Wade?

As for Roe v. Wade, it’s designed to scare people who are ignorant of the law, the limits on the power of the executive [branch] and how the legal system works. It’s virtually a done deal that Roe v. Wade will never get reversed in a McCain presidency and if you want proof, no Presidents were more opposed to Roe v. Wade than Bush and Reagan and nothing happened in 16 years of both administrations and for logical reasons. It won’t happen under a McCain administration either.

c) Conservative SCOTUS appointments?

Appointing judges is a crap shoot. Look at David Souter. Besides, even conservative judges respect court precedent and only in extreme and compelling circumstances are willing to overturn long-standing decisions and it hardly ever happens and it wouldn’t with Roe v. Wade. There is a big difference between conservatives WANTING it to be overturned and a court doing just that, assuming you could even find a case where someone with the standing to bring a law suit would do it.

d) What about the DNC and media pushing that if one does not vote for Senator Obama, one must be racist? How effective is this tactic?

Martin Luther King said he dreamed of a day when a person would be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. That day has obviously not arrived for Obama, his campaign and those in the DNC, who think making an issue of race and using it to try and intimidate weak minded people is the way to win the election.

Any objective person would come to the conclusion, based on everything known, that Obama doesn’t have the character, courage or the conviction even to be an effective Senator much less President. Using accusations of racism to try and intimidate people into voting for an unqualified candidate will backfire among everyone who sees through it and resents it.

That doesn’t include patronizing knee-jerk liberals such as Keith Olbermann and others like him; the kind of patronizing pseudo-liberals that Lenny Bruce made fun of in the early 60’s, who want to show how un-racist they are by drumming up support for someone with the ethics of a dishonest used car salesman.

But it’s a good reason the polls can’t be trusted. When Obama and his minions try and use the race card to intimidate people, those who do feel intimidated will say one thing but will do another. The more they do it, the more they alienate the people they are trying to win over, so the tactic of trying to get people to prove they are not racists by voting for him, like taking some kind of loyalty oath, smacks of racial McCarthyism, and while it might be successful with some, most people will reject it.

Aside from the obvious wish to scare up voters, why do you feel they are using such a risky tactic?

It is a sign of desperation and reinforces the truth that Senator Obama has nothing to say and nothing to offer.

We have many, many African Americans who have been elected to public office — mayors, governors, members of Congress, members of state legislatures, and none of them had to use race as a tactic to get elected. All were elected on their merits and won re-election or were defeated based on their performances. In the end the more Obama uses race the more he is telling people he has no game.

I understand The Denver Group has a new offshoot — Democrats for Principle Before Party — what are your new goals going forward?

A massive defeat for Obama and the resignations of everyone in the DNC who produced him and the elimination of the Obama wing of the party which is obviously corrupt and putting the DNC back into the hands of people who understand the word “democracy”.

It wasn’t Clinton’s supporters who stooped to the level of the Obama wing and corrupted and mishandled everything, so to start with, Clinton and her supporters would obviously do a better job getting a Democrat back in the White House and getting the entire party back on track after all the “I told you so’s” are over. This also means replacing Pelosi, Reid, Dean and everyone else. If the Democrats retain control of Congress, I can’t see any member of the House with 2 cents for a brain re-electing Pelosi Speaker of the House. Once this is over, we should see a big power shift back to sanity.

When you see how the DNC has so skewed the process this time, what can be done to effect change on a grass roots level? What would be your advice to those feeling completely disenfranchised by the primary season – how can they bring pressure to bear to make sure this sort of thing never happens again?

Vote for an Obama defeat, whether than means voting for another candidate or leaving the Presidential line blank. No money to the DNC, and donating money to The Denver Group to help finance Democrats For Principle Before Party.

Finally, what can you say to those who don’t understand why you are not just “lining up” the way most Dems usually do in support of any candidate? If you could correct any misconception about how they view your actions, what would you say to them?

I’d say they should look at themselves and whether they have decided to believe what Obama and the news media tells them or their own “lying eyes”. Understand that Democrats don’t “fall in line” like Republicans do, that Dean and Pelosi’s “fall in line” strategy has backfired and showed a distinct lack of understanding of who Democrats are, and the last thing I would tell people is do themselves a favor and try thinking for themselves and not believe something is true just because someone tells them so.

But if people can’t see the rank dishonesty and hypocrisy in everything Obama has said and done by now: his lying about [Rev.] Wright and the fact he was never offended enough by what Wright was saying to leave and never go back, his lying about FISA, NAFTA, his reneging on his promises and pledges, and if they don’t mind being led around by the nose I don’t know there is anything more anyone can say.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, Marc. I honestly feel watchdog organization like yours are critical, particularly now, when the media is working so diligently to manhandle the truth. As you and Heidi Li point out on your website, it is crucial to stop all the errant finger pointing and lay the blame squarely at the feet of those to whom it belongs.

I’m not advocating anyone vote one way or the other, but John McCain said something apropos during his convention speech, in re vetoing ‘pork projects’ that come across his desk: “They will be famous. You will know their names.”

A good prescription for the current Democratic Party leadership. Don’t you think?

* * *
*Marc Rubin is an award winning art director and writer in the advertising business, was a contributing editor for National Lampoon in its heyday, the head writer on a number of prime time network TV series and is currently developing several movie and TV projects.

To learn more about: The Denver Group / Democrats For Principle Before Party.

  • Val

    Thank you all for your kind and welcoming words. I am tired of the politics that have divided us for so long and am just glad we are all in this together now.

    I believe McCain is going to win by a landslide. I believe the polls are reflecting the Wilder/Bradley effect. I have found the Rasmussen Polls to be the most accurate so far.

    I want to applaud all the Democratic bloggers here and on other sites, who picked our country, over your own party. I truely believe that you are the true heroes now.

    You stood up to the biased media such as MSNBC, CNN and NBC, you stood up to the Daily Kos, the New York Times and the Huffinton Post. Bravo. You truely do own your vote.

    I really believe in 4 years, if Hillary runs again and you all decide to vote for her, no one else will have a chance. If by some chance I do not vote for her, just know I will still be wishing all of you well. I will never again misjudge you.

    This is a first for me too, I usually do not write two positives posts in a row, because Obama has given me too much to be negative about lately. I think it is because before posting myself, I read all of your posts and they inspired me once again.

    Great site by the way too, it has kept me well informed. Take care all…

  • memi


  • SportPolitics

    This pretty much says it all for me, and I have to admit I was rather amazed by it.
    ” They did their best to pretend that Hillary’s 18,000,000 voters and her 1912 delegates did not exist. ”
    What really blew me away were the calls for Hillary to step down, as she was winning, as she was tied, as she was definitely not ruled out by a long shot.
    I saw the massive hatred and was absolutely amazed.
    The FILTH that those people are is beyond me. I don’t even understand it. They might as well run a 3rd world dictatorship – as far as I’m concerned.
    A liars paradise, who can pull off the most outrageous lies and thievery and pretend it’s the truth and honest – that was the game.
    That’s what they did.
    They’re stil doing it.
    I never understood when I saw one John Kerry rally, how the crowd cheered with wild delight as he promised one lie after another to them. I recall he said EVERYONE would have his bluecross bluesheild insurance policy equivalent. EVERYONE would go to college.
    The crowd cheered with wild abandon, after each gigantic lie, they cheered wildly, like ten times in a row.
    I knew then something was wrong.
    Must be something they spray the crowd with.( yes that’s a joke, but it isn’t funny that whole throngs of supposed adult voters are that insane )

  • bob

    Not All White Voters Who Fail to Support Obama Are Racist

    There have been recent charges by certain political pundits to the effect that, if you are a white American and particularly a white Democrat and do not support Barack Obama, you are probably a racist. This premise goes against Obama’s campaign assertion that America is not about red states and blue states, but is about the United States of America. Obama advocates that Americans need not be so polarized by political party loyalty. Therefore, it would appear Obama believes it is acceptable to not always vote solely along party lines and all candidates, regardless of their party affiliation, have to earn each individual’s vote.

    To recklessly label someone a racist due to his political opinion is ignorant and lazy. After someone is called a racist, that usually ends all political debate.

    It may not even be a true statement that Obama does not have the support of White Americans in the Democratic Party. A recent poll showed that almost 80% of Democrats are supporting Obama.

    It should be noted that in North Carolina in the 2004 presidential election, white candidate John Kerry only garnered 27% of the white vote in North Carolina. Obviously, the 73% of the white voters who did not vote for Kerry in North Carolina did not vote against him due to the fact he was a white man. In all likelihood, they voted against Kerry because they did not support his policies. Therefore, it is extremely reckless to label someone a racist who does not support Obama. Obama is currently leading in many of the states Democrats have recently been winning in presidential elections and is behind in historically Republican presidential states.

    At the risk of being labeled a racist, for historical purposes and for legitimate discussion, I will attempt to articulate what are some of the problems if there are problems with Obama and his candidacy.

    The first problem Obama has is that he lacks a substantive message. His political message is of change and hope with his message having no real specifics. The greatest part of Obama’s political message is about fancy words and well delivered political speeches. Watching his campaign it appears we have ventured back to the flair of the disco days of the seventies where the production is more important than the actual message. I would suggest that it would help Obama’s campaign if he would attempt to have a more intimate one on one conversation with voters. There are issues in which the two presidential candidates differ such as the Iraq War, off shore drilling, capital gains tax, employee taxes, and tax cuts. Each voter will have to decide which candidate’s political position he supports.

    Many Americans could have a real problem with Obama’s lack of experience. One thing that is quite troublesome is that he began running for president immediately after winning his current Senate seat. Failure to begin or to fulfill his Senate obligation could be interpreted as a lack of loyalty to the voters of Illinois that elected the candidate and suggest out of control ambition on the part of Obama. It should be noted that many North Carolina citizens resented John Edwards not fulfilling his first United States Senate term prior to beginning his run for the Presidency of the United States.

    Obama does not have a sterling work history. He was a state legislator for the state of Illinois which is certainly not that impressive. He has been criticized for refusing to vote yes or no on many issues while in the state legislature of Illinois and casting only a present vote refusing to put his political positions on recorded record in order that he could latter be held accountable for his vote. Obama is 47 years old and his lack of a significant work history is troublesome. Unlike the other presidential candidate, he has no military background.

    Obama’s former pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright has been widely criticized for the publications and philosophies advocated by the church Obama attended for twenty years in Chicago, Illinois. Many of the church messages from the pulpit have been considered by many to be racist, anti -America and sexist. Obama’s explanation that he was unaware of the controversial preaching’s of his church after attending the church for 20 years has caused him to lose creditability with many voters.

    There are other things that have brought scrutiny to Obama such as a questionable land deal with a since convicted felon Tony Rezko from whom Obama purchased the lot adjoining Obama’s current residence and his association with controversial former radical Weatherman activist Bill Ayers.

    In discussing what harmed the personal opinion of Obama with certain Democrats, you only need to look to the organization Moveon is an organization that was design to promote Democratic causes and is an organization that solicits Democrats all over the country for political donations. During the presidential primaries, Moveon announced that it was solely supporting Obama for president over Hillary Clinton and Moveon began promoting Obama’s candidacy over fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton. Moveon used financial resources that it had obtained from Democrats all over the country to defeat and destroy a fellow Democrat without any objection from Obama. Moveon released a valuable 1.7 million Democratic e-mail list to the Obama campaign. These actions violated a sense of fairness and did serious harm to unity of the Democratic Party.

    Many voters opinion of Barack Obama has been harmed with the ruthless one sided pro Obama blogs like Daily Kos and the Huffington Post whose primary duties have been to attempt to seek and to destroy Obama’s political opponents. These blogs rendered ruthless daily attacks on fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton, causing great resentment within the Democratic Party.

    The national media has been pro Obama to a fault. Rightfully or wrongfully, Obama’s popularity may have been hurt by a general feeling of unfairness of the national media in favor of Obama. A recent Rasmussen poll demonstrated that 51% of those polled believe the national media is attempting to have Obama elected president of the United Sates with its biased political coverage. Many of the national media attacks against Hillary Clinton have been considered vicious and sexist by many Democrats.

    Many believe Obama’s followers went too far when they accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of being racist and running a racist campaign against Obama. Many Hillary Clinton supporters believe that the Democratic national committee members went out out of their way to assure that Obama was the Democratic nominee.

    Again, labeling someone a racist has no benefit. Voters have many issues to sift through prior to deciding who will be their presidential choice in the upcoming election. There are many issues that will decide this presidential contest other than a candidate’s race.

    Bobby Dees

  • caringnurse1

    Great statements, people..Another way that my eyes have been opened, I will NEVER believe the MSM again..They only tell you their biased news..MSNBC is the worse, followed by CNN and network tv, plus N.Y.Times and other papers..I research everything myself now…

  • The Audacity of Hype

    If Obama wins I’m going to Alaska with Governor Palin and I’m starting a fringe Party to succeed from the U.S.,lol. BTW, Palin NEVER did that, it’s another smear that’s false, but I wouldn’t mind it in the event I just outlined. : )

  • The Audacity of Hype

    Great post, as an Independent who supported Hillary and now McCain I couldn’t have said it better! I used to buy into the stereotype that more Republicans were sexists than Democrats. I actually thought Democrats weren’t sexists at all. This election has been very revealing on many levels. I apologize for believing those things about Republicans!
    McCain/Palin 08!
    “Country First”

  • The Audacity of Hype

    I trust McCain. This party doesn’t hold the values or principles of Clinton supporters, so in my opinion you are only “selling out” by supporting Obama and the new corrupt way of the DNC. The new DNC are fascists. They tell people how to vote by voter grouping! The “tolerant” left have become very intolerant. I urge anyone who supported Clinton and will not support Obama to merge into one strategy: the two vote cancellation to reform this Party. Not voting for Obama is good, but voting for McCain is better! You not only take a vote form Obama, ou give one to McCain. For may of you in the primaries your vote didn’t count once! You now have the chance to have your vote count twice! If you think you are voting against principles, look again. McCain is a centrist that will work with Democrats. He’s probably closer to your views than you think! Obama is not. If you’re worried about doing what’s best for our futures the answer is simple: John McCain! If you are worried McCain isn’t liberal enough, just ask Republicans! Obama will destroy our country and the Democratic Party forever! Vote smart,vote twice!
    McCain/Palin 08!

  • Eden

    Just because people are doing early voting also doesn’t mean it’s automatically for Obama.

    I tend to think it’s people who wouldn’t change their mind anyway.

    The military has to do absentee for the most part don’t they? How many of those will vote for Obama (I’m thinking ZERO, but there are the delusional everywhere).

    I really try not to worry so much about this, but I’ve never been afraid of a politician and his friends like Obama. They aren’t even democratic or American. Bunch of hateful greedy pigs.

  • Val

    JM08 is not a Republican, he is an Obamabot. I am a Republican. Although today, I’d rather say I am an American, that believes in country first. That is what Hillary Democrats have taught me.

    I just wanted to say that although I can not stand what is happening to our country today, because of Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harold Reid, Howard Dean, George Soros, Warren Buffet, and the Chicago Combine; there are a few positives that came out of this for me.

    One is, that I never respected a Democrat before this all happened. I used to just automatically dismiss all Democrats as being non-thinking, lefty loonies, who just voted their party line. I had no idea that you were individual, intelligent, patriotic people, who love this country as much as I do. I stand corrected for misjudging you all so much and I apologize for my biases.

    Two, I can now identify with the majority of Hillary Demorcrats and Hillary too. Although, I still think she should have stood up to Obama at the Democratic Convention, because clearly, she had the popular vote.

    Three, I now realize that the majority of us are all Americans first, that love this country above party politics and that it is indeed; country first. I would have never realized that, unless this debacle happened.

    In conclusion, all I want to say now is that I am Hillary, I am Sarah, I am John McCain, I am an American.

    • Deep Truths

      Great post Val.

      As a democrat who will register as an independent if Pelosi, Reid, Dean, and Brazille are not replace – I viewed Republicans as non-thinking, tunnel vision robots.

      For the first time I watched the Republican convention with interest. After watching the so-called Democratic CONvention, I was pleased with John, his wife, and of course Sarah Palin hit it out of the park.

      The Republican Party through John will change, has changed. Moderate Republicans have regained their party through John McCain. I respect the winner-take-all primaries of the Republicans. Not the over-weighted, undemocratic primaries and truly Stalinistic causes the Democrats employed.

      When McCain picked Sarah, he honored Hillary, her supporters and women in general. This is why he will win. This is why he must win.

    • Ani

      Thank you, Val, for posting this.

      For what it is worth, this election season I have had my eyes opened as well. I used to look at Republicans, probably much the same way you viewed Democrats. That is over.

      I can promise you that my politics are now country before party.

      I sincerely think we would all be a lot better off if everyone thought this way. Each candidate, for whatever office, would then be judged on the merits, instead of being rubber stamped either yay or nay based on a label.

  • Diana L. C.

    First of all, I come to NQ every day. I’m obsessed. But the thing that annoys me the most is that so many just jump to answer and obvious troll, or maybe an obvious kool-aid addicted Obama follower. Then the discussion just goes amuck. Please, please quit answering those posts. JUST IGNORE THEM–THAT WILL SHUT THEM UP FASTER!

    FINALLY, after getting to the bottome, I want to thank Ani, who is becoming my favorite writer hera. This was an inspiring article. My “radar” had somehow not heard of The Denver Group. After reading your article, I now have some hope that there may be a day when the Democratic Party can return to its populist roots.

    I was so inspired, I sent them some money.

    • Ani


      Thank you so much for contributing to The Denver Group. Heidi Li Feldman and Marc Rubin are two whip-smart, determined, honorable and caring human beings dedicated to restoring the Democratic Party. I am proud to know both of them.

      I also appreciate your kind words of support.

  • 12Speakout

    Playing the race-card is all Obama’s got since he’s caved on just about every progressive issue, and he’s no longer the ‘new,shiny thing.’

    The press refuses to report the fact that many Democrats will NEVER forgive Barack (and Michelle) Obama, his caucus-thugs,and the DNC for the hijinx during the caucuses, the RBC hearings, the Denver roll-call bullying & intimidation,the VP selection of no-bankruptcy Biden, and the unfair smearing of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

    That type “Leadership” doesn’t deserve my vote, and more than a few other blacks agree with me.

  • sayitisntso

    caring, I don’t spend energy twisting that kind of question around.

    ivory, yeah Denial….Such a blue state it’s iced over!

  • caringnurse1

    Could it be that a troll in here, pretending to be republican, but is actually an obamabot setting things up to make it look like obama may lose because of racism? Could that be? Playing the victim (just in case he loses)?

    • benny

      there are 2 reasons to use the race card, caringnurse1. No. 1 is to provoke white guilt to vote for Obama, thereby proving that they aren’t racists. No. 2 Incase and just incase Obama loses, to blame the racist behaviour of voters. Obama wins either way. sad, but true.

    • Ferd McBerfle

      In the case of JM08, you could be correct. However, I have seen a decided trend towards attention-seeking posts from him/her/android and none of them seem causally or temporally connected.