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Don’t you just love presents?  Especially ones that keep on giving?

Well, here’s a big one from BP.  Given with LOVE, I’m sure.  And it’s a gift that will keep on giving for many years to come.

If you think you might just miss out on feeling all that BP love because you’re not a seafood eater or a fish oil taker, not to worry.  BP still has you covered.  And frankly you will be amazed at all the special ways BP can bring it’s Fish Oil Plus (Gulf Oil, Gas and Dispersant Enhanced) gifts to you — and much of the domestic animal kingdom.

With the help of NOAA, the datasheet for The production of fishmeal and fish oil from gulf menhaden and Texas Parks and Wildlife webpage on Texas Gulf of Mexico Menhaden Fishery I’ve compiled a handsome BP Fish Oil Plus (Gulf Oil, Gas and Dispersant Enhanced) gift list.

First you might like to know that the U.S. is the fifth largest producers of fish oil and fish meal with four fish meal/fish oil processing plants for Gulf Menhaden (pictured below) located along the mid-northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico (one in Mississippi and four in Louisiana.)  The primary fishing ground for gulf menhaden is the north central Gulf of Mexico; which includes the coastal regions of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

Now for that gift list.  Menhaden is processed into fish meal and fish oil as a low-priced, high-protein supplement for use in:

  • aquaculture for the production of aquatic plants (even you vegans won’t be left out), “farmed” fin and shell fish, certified organic seafood production and fish/plant integrated systems.
  • File:B.patronus.JPGfeed for swine (usually about 10% of the diet of pigs is fish meal).  So you’ll be able to thank BP for all that special oil and dispersant enhanced bacon, ham, breakfast sausage, pork, ribs…
  • feed for poultry (usually about 10% of the diet of poultry is fish meal).  So again, thanks to BP you’ll be able to enjoy a very special gulf enhanced turkey dinner this Thanksgiving and Gulf enhanced fried chicken next Fourth of July.
  • feed for cattle and lactating dairy cows (kind of gives a new perspective on that nice juicy steak or tall glass of milk)
  • prepared foods for human consumption (direct for your digestive tract)
  • prepared foods for dog, cat, and other small animal consumption (what is good for us, must be good for them.)
  • the preparation of certain antibiotics for the pharmaceutical industry
  • the production of water-resistant paints and cosmetics

And no need to worry that somehow our government might step in and stop BP from sharing it’s splendid Fish Oil Plus (Gulf Oil Gas and Dispersant Enhanced) gifts.  Remember the FDA is strongly relying on the “sniff” test for oil, they still don’t have a test for the dispersant and they are completely ignoring the gas.  And best of all, the law of the land protects BP’s from government interference because sharing its chemical gifts is a company’s right (via Kate Sheppard’s BP’s Bad Breakup: How Toxic is Corexit at MotherJones):

…the Toxic Substances Control Act, the 34-year-old law that governs the use of tens of thousands of hazardous chemicals. Under the act, companies don’t have to prove that substances they release into the air or water are safe—or in most cases even reveal what’s in their products.

In the case of dispersants, companies must ask the EPA for permission to use specific products—but the only basis for approval is whether those products are effective at breaking up oil. Companies are required to test the short-term toxicity of the dispersant and the oil-dispersant mixture on shrimp and fish, but those results have no bearing on approval, and there’s no requirement to assess the long-term impact. In fact, it’s the EPA that must prove an “unreasonable risk” if it wants companies to disclose what is in the dispersant—hard to do when the agency, you know, doesn’t know what’s in it. [snip]

… Legislation to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act—requiring mandatory ingredient disclosure and safety testing for some 84,000 chemicals whose risks have not been assessed anywhere—has been stalled in Congress for years.

So are you feeling all that BP love?

  • Common Sense

    No one seems to be able to tell just as to why there was no shutoff valve installed above the seabed riser pipe.Its a world standard to install acoustical shutoff valves should such an even occur to where the rising pipe structure is damaged.BP should be liable an accountable in the US courts as a criminal act for not installing a shutoff valve.All this could have and should have been avoided.Even above ground we install shutoffs for water gas and electric.Now a toxic substance in a moving sea does not have a shutoff? Criminal!

  • Diana L. C. the Hazelnut Nut Thin Cracker

    Sorry, Linda—I’ve been avoiding your post, and now I know why.  My avoidance had nothing to do with you or your research and writing skills–just the opposite.  I knew I didn’t WANT to know what you had found.  Now it’s going to be an argument with my sig other–almond or soy milk or no milk, checking to make sure my pets’ food from now on is not contaminated—just how to do that?  Etc., etc., etc.  I remember that there used to be some guy living in nearby Boulder–where else?–who claimed to be an airian, a person who didn’t have to eat anything.  But I suppose that soon it will be toxic simply to breathe without a filter.  HELP!!

  • Hank

    OT:  Megyn Kelley and Bill Burton argue about Obama’s redistribution of wealth comment with Joe the Plumber.  Bill even talks about how Obama is focused on the Economy and Housing Market.  This was from 10/08, it seems that he hasn’t been focusing on anything but Golf and Vacations and bowing to the king of saudi and bashing the U.S.A. and doing things against the will of the people.  This is a good footage for the Tea Parties to use against all the Democrats.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1qE6onrdCo&feature=related

  • Linda Anselmi

    My thought exactly oowawa!!!!

  • oowawa

    And in whose lab was this miraculous new microbe first created?

  • oowawa

    Here is what is going to happen.  We will reach a point in the near future when the Admiral and BP will agree that everything is copasetic: the leak has been STOPPED and SEALED and the American Public has been SAVED thanks to the technical acumen of BP and the swift action and stern oversight of the Obama administration.  Problem is, I don’t trust what BP and the government have been showing us and telling us.  My question will be: is there an independent party with the means to go down there to the bottom of the Gulf and inspect the site carefully to see if everything is okay?  James Cameron?  This is all going to make a great movie, with larger-than-life characters like Kindra Arnesen, Billy Nungesser, and Bobby Jindal to dramatize.  Cameron is going to need lots of undersea footage . . .

  • Breeze

    New Microbe Discovered
    Eating Gulf Oil Spill

    Fox News,
    by Randolph E. Schmid   

    Original Article


    WASHINGTON — A newly discovered type of oil-eating microbe is suddenly flourishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists discovered the new microbe while studying the underwater dispersion of millions of gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf following the explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling rig. And the microbe works without significantly depleting oxygen in the water, researchers led by Terry Hazen at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, Calif., reported Tuesday in the online journal Sciencexpress….

  • Olivia1998

    Our Government approved the use of Corexit.  Maybe someone should look into the investors in this company.  I know I read somewhere about this a couple of weeks ago.  I wish everyone would start telling the truth and stop protecting Obama.  BP was the first sponsor of Cap and Trade and Soros is one of the biggest investor in companies that will benefit from this bill.   Gore is another and on and on it goes were it stops no body knows.

  • oowawa

    Call me Fishmeal.  What a splendid epic novel and/or movie this is all going to make!  Thank you, Linda, for keeping this topic alive.  It’s really very sad–even disgusting.  But there are some people who are just bursting at the seams with joy at the way things have worked out!  One of these might be Erik Fyrwald, CEO of the company that manufactures Corexit:

  • Tricia

    Yikes, Linda–what  story!  Thanks.  I don’t quite know what to eat now.  Antibiotics yet???

  • Linda Anselmi

    Thanks for the great comment and link Peggy Sue.  I’ll have to add Samantha Joye to my too short list of truthtellers.  

  • Janis

    prepared foods for dog, cat, and other small animal consumption”

    I’ve wondered about this … 🙁

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    Oh, boy…Thanks for this, Linda.  Yes, BP – the gift that keeps on giving!  Yikes.

  • Peggy Sue

    Love the puppet parody, Linda.  The Gulf is and will continue to be an on-going nightmare.  And yet, the subject has been swept away.  Here I thought I was reasonably safe not being a seafood eater.  Never thought about contaminated fishoil in other products. 

    Fortunately, we still have some independent scientists/researchers who are not willing to spin the Government/BP line.  CNN had a feature story today about one such researcher, Samantha Joye, here.

    With love like this [the BP kind] who needs an abuser???

    Thanks for the continuing updates!