Could be, according to the AFL-CIO president, Richard Trumka, if she doesn’t watch her words.

Okay – I have to stop right there. Can I just tell you how much I resent it when men tell women how they should talk? That would be a big pet peeve of mine. So, from the get-go, I am already irritated with this man. You might be, too, after you hear what he has to say:

Am I right? What a piece of work Trumka is. Never mind that Palin resigned her position because of the incessant, ceaseless hounding by Democratic operatives filing frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit, taking her time and money, as well as taking her attention away from the state for which she was supposed to be working. I imagine if someone hounded Trumka mercilessly for every word he had spoken, every deed he had ever committed, he, too, would have resigned his position, be it a mine worker or AFL-CIO president. But he has never experienced anything along those lines, not even close. Easy for him to pass judgment.

And passing judgment is exactly what he is doing. This seems to be the theme for the week with Vanity Fair publishing the worst kind of baseless smear masquerading as an article by Michael Gross on Sarah Palin, using anonymous sources, and operating from the most misogynistic point of view. Even her most outspoken detractors find this article sexist.

Just who is Richard Trumka that he feels he can arrogantly condescend to Sarah Palin and tell her to watch her mouth? Well, he’s an ally of Obama’s, for starters. I am sure that is not a surprise, is it? There is more to him, to be sure, as the following video highlights:

Yep – this frequent visitor to the White House also calls for a world-wide tax, and is a great “progressive” of the country. Great.

Well, as you can imagine, Gov. Palin didn’t exactly take his words lying down. As the Christian Science Monitor reported in its article by Dave Cook, “AFL-CIO President to Sarah Palin: “Change Or Be Linked With McCarthyism,” she had plenty to say back to Mr. Trumka:

[snip] Palin, Alaska’s former governor, responded to Trumka’s comments last week on her Facebook page. She noted that her husband is a proud former union member. Addressing his criticism of her language, Palin said, “It’s kind of ironic that a union boss has the gall to accuse anyone of threatening violence. After all, we remember the violent attempts by [the Service Employees International Union] to intimidate those who wanted to make their voices heard in last year’s town halls. And unlike Trumka, I never threatened that any effort to break a picket line would lead to violence.”

Palin added, “I never called union members ‘thugs.’ You lie. I called some union leaders ‘thugs.’ And I refuse to apologize for that because they have acted like thugs – at least in this day and age.” [snip] (Click HERE to read the rest.)

Oh, SNAP – I think Palin took this round, don’t you?

McCarthyism – good grief, how did Trumka possibly make THAT leap? No doubt, he expected a ratchet response from her, that she would tone down her rhetoric lest she be compared to someone of McCarthy’s reputation. She didn’t bite, and gave it right back to him.

Love her or hate her, that woman has more intestinal fortitude than most of her detractors could even imagine. What it really says to me is that they are afraid of her, hence the constant desire to tear her down, whether by the president of the AFL-CIO or some Vanity Fair writer.

We’ve seen this before. It is the MO of those who are threatened by powerful women. Hillary Clinton gets this a lot, too. Who can ever forget the treatment she received from her husband’s presidency through the 2008 election? Only now is she starting to get her due, after so many years of doing an incredible amount of work.

It begs the question: why? Why are these people so threatened by powerful women? Powerful men are treated like gods (just look at Obamessiah), even if they have done little or nothing to have that power. It often seems that powerful women must be torn down at all and any cost. If you can use their kids to do it, so much the better. It is a disturbing trend, one I cannot wait to see end. One day, some day…

  • whoframedrudy

    Yes, as I point out below, Truman was more repressive in the Red Scare than McCarthy.  Modern Leftists try very hard to tag McCarthy and Republicans with the Red Scare.  Historical fact: Truman’s Red Scare suppression was upheld in the federal courts by prominent liberal judges:  Felix Frankfurter (ACLU founder), Robert Jackson (chief U.S. Nuremberg Prosecutor) and Learned Hand.  (Dennis v. U.S.) 

  • whoframedrudy

    “Trumka’s diatribe is more akin to McCarthy’s than anything Palin has ever said.”

    Yes, especially Trumka’s total b.s. about ‘fomenting violence.’  Bogus charges of ‘inciting violence’ is a vicious suppression tactic used to cancel out the 1st Amendment.  See Dennis v. United States and Brandenburg v. Ohio.

  • whoframedrudy

    Oh, I can’t take it.  Did he actually use the word ‘history?’  First, I won’t defend McCarthy, but when it comes to the Red Scare, McCarthy was a sex kitten compared to Democrat Harry Truman.  McCarthy went after Soviet spies in govt.  Truman threw Communists in jail just for being party members.  Truman’s Iron Fist anti-Red prosecutions were upheld by the Supreme Ct (Dennis v. U.S.)

    What’s even worse:  the flimsy basis for jailing Communists–not blacklisting, but jailing–was totally made-up charges of ‘advocating violence.’  This is exactly what this Trumka douchebag is up to — he accuses Palin of McCarthyism while he uses imaginary charges of ‘fomenting violence’, the same tactic Truman used to suppress free speech and lock up Communist bookworms.

    I despise Communism, but I accept their free speech rights.  When I see leftists using the exact same tactics used to throw their own kind in jail in the Red Scare — well, there you have it.

  • margaret

    Hillary DID fight back, and at her every move the entire media smash-mouthed her.  She was in the typical no win situation and she did grandly.  What more could we possibly have asked of her?  No one had her back.  At least Palin has Fox News behind her.  The entire media was eating Hillary alive.

  • margaret

    This smacks of a desperate fear of Palin and the Tea Partiers, and, well, of all the unindoctrinated American people.  Racism got worn out, so now McCarthyism gets pulled out of the hat.  When, in fact, it is Obama and his thugs who are giving us a revival of McCarthyism.

  • Katmoon

    Thanks KenoshaMarge, there are so many of us here seeing the same view.
    Time for the men and women of talent, creativity and character to have a turn

    Exactly, we will see what people are really looking for ability or the ability to manipulate.

  • kenoshamarge

    What a great idea you FLOTUS POS. Drug the kiddies!

    Be sure you do the testing on yourself first because with a caboose that size you definately have some fat cells that have not responded to the arugala! Drugs may be the answer. Not.

  • kenoshamarge

    I agree, as I so often do, with every word you wrote Katmoon.

    The human race as a whole loses so much when we put people into neat little boxes instead of allowing them to roam free and let their brains and extraordinary talents breathe without parameters.

    I suspect that for many men, the inferior ones, the idea of actually having to compete with everyone is frightening. Having so little to offer themselves they know that on a level playing field they will get their mediocre butts kicked.

    The good men, the superior kind, like those here at NQ, say bring it on. Competition makes me better and stronger.

    That’s why “real” men support women’s rights and indeed the rights of all human beings.

    The pathetic little drones, the fearful little drones, have been in charge long enough. Time for the men and women of talent, creativity and character to have a turn. Perhaps we will do no better. But Goddess knows, we sure couldn’t do worse.

  • mary in Tx.

    “Can I just tell you how much I resent it when men tell women how they should talk? That would be a big pet peeve of mine. So, from the get-go, I am already irritated with this man.”    …reminds me of Obama saying, “You’re likable enough, Hillary”.  Who the H*** was he to say someone was ‘likable’ or not.  Men talking down to, lecturing, etc. women is a hot button for me and I had a viseral reaction to Obama’s comment.  Never like him since…and could stand to listen to him even less.

  • ~~JustMe~~

    White House Encouraging Pediatricians to Prescribe Drugs for Overweight Children

    First Lady Michelle Obama reveals some requirement of the new Health Care law that seemed to have been hidden in its 2,000+ pages. Nancy Pelosi famously said “We have to pass the bill to see what is in the bill.” Well, now we are finding out little gems like this. Video Here

  • Mr. Natural

    “McCarthy-ite” was the traditional Liberal slur for several decades.

    It has been replaced by, “Racist.” 

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  • JRD

    Wow, that was awesome.

  • Breeze

    AP Interview: Author leaving  
    home next to Palins
    Associated Press,  
    by Dan Joling     
    Original Article  
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska- Sarah Palin can take down the fence. Palin’s neighbor of three months on Wasilla’s Lake Lucille, author Joe McGinniss, is packing his bags and notebooks and leaving Sunday for his home in Massachusetts to write the book he has been researching on the former governor and GOP vice presidential candidate. His arrival in May made headlines and drew an indignant reaction from Palin and a visit from her husband, Todd. The Palins even tacked an extension onto an 8-foot board fence between the homes, leaving only a part of their second-story home visible from McGinniss’ driveway….

  • Justine

    Since when is POTUS shielded by the judicial branch from embarassment??  [Separation of powers, except if POTUS is embarassed?  Insane!]  
    What is it that may be an embarassment?  Obummer knew what it was when he ran, so whatever it is, he has no right to keep it hidden.  The voters deserve to know and decide for themselves!!  

  • Justine

    Since when is POTUS shielded by the judicial branch from embarassment??  [Separation of powers, except if POTUS is embarassed?  Insane!]
    What is it that may be an embarassment?  The voters deserve to know and deside for themselves!!

  • FLDemFem

    Here is the original anthem.. I am Woman by Helen Reddy. From 1975, the olden days, the bra-burning days, the first Year of the Woman days. Things haven’t changed much…or so it seems sometimes.

  • wodiej cracker dawg

    I have a strong suspicion that Palin will have the last laugh.

  • wodiej cracker dawg

    I spend the least amount of time with men as possible for this very reason. Their priorities: