Nobody can deny that Barack Obama certainly surrounds himself with slimeballs interesting friends.

Let’s see now. Last week we discussed the 2001 failed Superior Bank of Chicago and Penny Pritzker,  Barack Obama’s Campaign Finance Chair.  Ms. Pritzker, it seems, is the Mother of the subprime lenders and the Mortgage Meltdown. She did it before it was even in style!

This week,  Obama’s Godfather, Political Fixer, Tony Rezko, who was convicted on 16 counts of corruption on June 4 of this year, is back in the news answering charges of surprise! Mortgage Fraud.

You do remember him, right? Tony crank up my political career and get me my mansion cheap and I won’t notice the rats and lack of heat in those houses you didn’t renovate for the poor on taxpayer money I got you “That is Not the Guy I Knew” Rezko?

Cross Posted from The Real Barack Obama–RBO, formerly Rezko Watch:

In a brief item, ABC News 7 Chicago reports that convicted political fixer, Antoin “Tony” Rezko (see below) is due back in court today, September 23, 2008, “to face charges of mortgage fraud.”

Rezko, along with two other men, are accused of rigging the price of pizza franchises to fraudulently obtain more than $10 million in loans.

The indictment for this case “alleges that Rezko fraudulently obtained more than $10 million in loans for a pizza restaurant business from General Electric Capital Corp. (GECC) and also defrauded investors in that business.”

Rezko is accused of defrauding General Electric Capital Corporation in connection with a $4.5 million loan he obtained from that lender supposedly to buy a chain of Papa John’s pizza franchises in Milwaukee with a straw buyer and inflated prices, misrepresenting his role in the transaction and then defaulting on the loan.Source

Rezko was convicted in April 2008, on 16 charges of “fraud, bribery and money laundering in a political corruption case. His sentencing for that conviction is scheduled for next month,” ABC News reported.

  • athy

    It is so said that the lawyer whose testimony helped to convict Rezko has been barred from practicing law in Illinois…

  • September 23, 2008 FYI:

    JERUSALEM : In spite of Sen. Barack Obama’s claims to the contrary, the Democratic presidential nominee had a close working relationship with former Weathermen terrorist leader William Ayers when the two served alongside each other on a hundred-million-dollar education foundation, according to the group’s own archived records.

    The records also show Obama’s and Ayers’ foundation granted money to radical leftist activist causes.

    Obama worked closely with terrorist Bill Ayers
    Records show collaboration on funding leftists despite claim he’s just ‘a guy’ in neighborhood

  • Peggy

    HMcCain/Palin 08

    He is hopeing Obama will save his As*

    As we were on another chat line last night we were talkingb about the states McCain is so far ahead.Battle ground states.Well what do you know Yahoo and the others are trying to make Obama ahead…Well what do you know.As the same as we were talking of some thing else and BAM it’s on the news.They dems are so full of themselve.They need to stop begging for money-but now it’s high dollar they are begging for.It’s that they are trying to add anything to make Obama look good.But they can’t fool us …

  • Oh, I’m starting to get very nauseous. This GE,Rezko, Obama, NBC, Nortern Trust, Crystal family connection is becoming all too close and coincidental, no?

    • CROWN, not crystal family….must have been thinking about Obama’s early days.

  • Truthteller

    I cannot believe Obama would force his children to live in a mansion purchased by convicted slumlord Rezko.

  • Independently Minded

    A family member came over to my house last night. She is in her early seventies, and was formerly a Hillary supporter. We have had discussions in the past about what a loser Obama is. Well, the koolaid drinkers got to her. She is now volunteering at the local Obama campaign office. She politely told me last night that Obama is going to change all our lives, that he was sent here for a purpose. I had to walk out of the room on that one. It was just too much for me to take without saying something I would regret. I swear she was like one of the “pod” people.

    • tillthen

      How sad, how utterly F’ing sad.

    • McHope

      Well she’s on to something there. He was sent for a purpose that will change our lives..the destruction of America qualifies for that.

    • Merry

      I know how you feel, I have a family member that has been ‘assimalated’ into the kool-aid too.

    • dixie

      Sure Obama was sent for a purpose. Just like the USSR had a purpose in mind when they wanted to install missiles in Cuba in the early 1960.

      • just me

        you know older people living alone? I guess can get sucked in… I expect they turn up at the door. Maybe the older person feels lonley and it is someone that is there and listens to them they see it as someone to talk to…. and to get them out to the office sounds good I expect to many older people.
        that is one way it happens I guess. Not saying this is the course Independently Minded but I have seen it in my FIL…. he would talk to the devil if he turned up as his door….

        • dixie

          I know a lot of older people but so far as I know not a single one would ever even think about working for and much less voting for, Obama. Most of the older people I know are Veterans.

          • just me

            Good !! that’s good to hear

          • People who have lived a long time usually recognize bullshit when they hear it.

  • tillthen

    Y’know Benny, that’s not far from what could actually happen, only, those two positions would be filled with more competent evil-doers. Yeah, scary, alright.

  • benny

    Rezko….sec. of treasury? Ayers, head of homeland security? scary!!! 🙂

    • Docelder

      Somewhere deep in a cave… a bearded man dressed in a gunny sack… is laughing his ass off at us right now.

  • lark

    Today at the hearing.

    Judge: Mr. Rezco, why did you do it?

    Rezco: I did it to get a hold of some money to help my friend Barack Obama. How else could I afford to help him.

    • tillthen

      That was soooooo mean.

  • lark

    The first question in this debate goes to the honorable Senator Barack Obama. From which pizza franchise do you like to order your pizza on Fridays?

    Barack: This is not a foreign policy question.

    Did you ever heard of the Dominos’ Theory Mr. Barack?

  • just me

    nothing like squashing everyone’s Friday night meal!

  • just me

    nothing like squshing everyones Friday night meal!

  • benny

    Thats what is sad. Obama has zero experience. nada, as Guiliani says. Can we ever trust him with the office of the leader of the most powerful country in the world? no way. Hes actually a kid. lots of charisma. a super-star that way. Man, he would have pulled in big bucks as a TV-evengelist. But if he wins, it’ll be a disaster. We can see all the people who influenced him in the white house. a nightmare. And imagine him standing upto Putin. ha, Putin will roll right over him.

  • fluffy bunny

    Jeez, does Papa John’s have anything to do with this deal, or were they basically Rezko victims like other folks?

    The Domino’s Pizza owner is an anti-abortion zealot, so I won’t buy their pizza, and now do I have to quit buying Papa John’s?

    • tillthen

      All of a sudden, I like Domino’s Pizza. Thanks, fluffy.

  • lark

    Oh I’m loving it. I never thought a whole better ingredients Papa John’s pizza pie would land on Oblahblah’s face right before his first debate.

    He’s planning to take three days in Florida to prepare for the debate. I guess most of that time will be spent in the shower, cleaning himself off the crusty pizza sauce.

  • lark

    Another accomplishment of Oblahblah for his Friday debate.

    Papa John’s reputation, ruined.

  • benny

    I can honestly tell you that I’m a person of color, and it scares me if Obama becomes president, his reign will be so terrible, that no other person of color will ever be elected again. He is the anti-thesis of what we want. Like BTD from talkleft, I’m talking for me only. 🙂

    • Arabella Trefoil


    • 30yrdem-not any more


      I do wish the first black person to get a party nomination would have been someone who we could all look up to. See that he got there by hard work. It just isn’t so with Obama…it is sad

      • tillthen

        Not to worry. Some day. It will probably be the Republicans who will place the first woman, as well as a person of color in the office of POTUS…and Perry will say its another dirty trick by those bastards.

        • Duras

          That was my thought exactly. Someone like Colin Powell from the Republican side would sail into office. He’d have my vote. But I don’t think he’s the slightest bit interested, unfortunately.

        • McHope

          Republican Michael Steele seems like a straightfoward, stand up guy. Anyone know much about him?
          I heard he was the Obama stand in for McCain’s debate prep.

          • Michael Steele was Lt.Governor of Maryland and he would have been our Governor after the next election, but he was wooed away by the top honchos of the Republican Party to run for the senate against a strong established Democrat and he lost, Consequently, the Republican Governor, Bob Erlich also lost because his choice of a running mate didn’t match Michael Steele. He wanted Steele, but the Republican big dogs wanted Steele also.

            He lives about 5 miles from me, and is a great Marylander and a great American. I see a bright future for him. He is honest and upstanding – the type who is exactly the opposite of Barack Obama.

          • Michael Steele ISa straight upstanding guy. He was Lt.Governor of Maryland and would have been our Governor, except he was wooed away by the Republican National Party to run for the senate against an entrenched Democrat and he lost. Being a Republican in the state of Maryland is a difficult task, but Michael Steele and Bob Erlich did a great job. He has a great future in politics. He’s articulate without a teleprompter and a very personable gentleman.

            • Sorry – I didn’t think my comment posted so I posted it again.

  • lark

    What the indictment doesn’t say is that the millions of dollars were traceable back to Rezco because they were all soiled with pizza sauce. That he gave the sauce stained money to his wife and she used it to buy the remaining portion of the state being purchased by Oblahblah on that ‘knuckled head’ day. When she brought the money to the closing table, everybody took a bite of that money and had a beer to help swallow it.

    And now you know the rest of the story.

  • lark

    Uppity woman, you are confusing me.

    Let’s see now. Last week we discussed the 2001 failed Superior Bank of Chicago and Penny Pritzker, Barack Obama’s Campaign Finance Chair. Ms. Pritzker

    I thought last week we discussed Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Or was it the week before last?

    • DoubleRider

      The week before last I believe. Hard to keep track of all the 0bama cronies I will admit. Notice no friends or old family relations, just slimeballs who 0bama could trade something to move him up the ladder.

      • just me

        what a wasted life… no friends coming out and praising him rallying up for him..

        He has either lived as recluse or been around all these strange people all his life no one wants to talk for him…….

        Mixing with people like that is enough to make you jump off a cliff.

        I am going to have a nervous breakdown
        I have earned it
        and no one
        is going to deprive me of it… (lol)


    • Kilpatrick. Wasn’t he the one who couldn’t attend the convention because the judge wouldn’t let him remove his ankle bracelet?

  • Paul3triple

    wow, what timing. Obama and biden are off to a horrible week. I love it.
    Rezko and ayers stories breaking right before the debates.
    Revenge how sweet it is. IF THE NEWS WILL COVER IT!!
    The “right wing noise machine” are cranking up the decibels and ready split eardrums.
    Get’em, unleash the hounds.

    • The news will not cover it. Rezco could stand up in court and denounce Obama to the world and the news would not cover it.

      The MSM has staked its reputation on Obama and they will NOT air anything against him no matter how true it is. They’re covering their own behinds now.

  • Shiloh

    A blast from the past: I’ve noticed that democrats are now searching wildly for any republican to blame the mortgage issue on, and all they can come up with is Phil Gramm. Gramm authored a abnking services reform bill in 1999 that dems now say is at the root of the current problem. BUT – at the time President Clinton signed it and said:

    “When this potentially historic agreement is finalized,” Clinton said in a statement, “it will strengthen the economy and help consumers, communities and businesses across America.”

    Here’s a full article from nine years ago in the New York Times. This is historical revisionism at its most audacious.

    • beebop

      When Phil has been convicted of fraud, God Damns America, stomps on a flag or something similar, let the Dummycrats raise him as a spector again. Oh. Right. By then he’ll be an 0bama ally.

    • Perry Logan

      On the contrary, this is just another example of Republicans doing what they do best—blaming their screw-ups on the Democrats. I can’t believe they’re still trying to work this scam.

      • tillthen

        OK, Perry, so Clinton didn’t endorse it, right? The Republicans just made that up, right? Those dirty bastards.


        I am tired of people who think it’s JUST the Republicans or JUST the Democrats.


        Anyone who thinks the Democrats are clean on this are just naive at best, or in denial at worst.


        Sorry for the caps but I’m sick and tired of the Democrats getting a pass on things. I don’t like Republicans…and I don’t like Democrats now either.

        • vinnie

          yep, there’s plenty of blame to go around. While the repubs have had a hand in deregulation, the Dems are the ones who shielded Fannie/Freddie from regulators. It’s time to clean up and I heard that Change is coming…the Mac and Saracuda express.

      • Above My Pay Grade

        There is plenty of blame to go around, but this mess started with Democrats and groups like ACORN coercing banks into making loans they knew were bad to unqualified borrowers.

        Even before the meltdown, this caused many, many qualified African-Americans and Latinos (and whites for that matter) to grossly overpay for their homes.

        Before the CRA forced sub-prime lending, a black family that worked hard to earn a decent income and had saved up a solid down payment, only had to bid against other such qualified buyers.

        As a result of the Democrat/ACORN shakedown, banks started giving out loans to people who could never pay them. Because of this, these individuals, who would obviously NEVER be able or willing to make the mortgage paymments, either priced hard working, credit worthy minorities out of the market, or forced them to pay much higher prices for their homes.

        Of course, most of the homes ended up going to the idiots or fraudsters with no credit or income, since the smart, responsible, hard working families would stop bidding once the price of the house reached a level that would prevent them from making the monthly payment. Meanwhile, the unqualified buyers, would bid whatever it took (poor people know how to gamble “other peoples’ money” as well, you know).

        As long as this self-perpetuating bubble continued to grow, everything was fine. The unqualified buyers who could not make their payments on their gimmick loans sold their homes for a profit, or the banks foreclosed and got their money back.

        Now that that the bubble has burst and home prices are plumetting the taxpayers are left holding the $700 billion bag.

        There was TONS of greed on every level, from the unqualified borrowers, to the mortgage brokers and lenders, to the real estate agents and of course Wall Street.

        But it was Obama’s ACORN and other such groups and the Democrats pandering to them that opened this Pandora’s box.

  • lark

    Uppity woman,

    Nobody can deny that Barack Obama certainly surrounds himself with slimeballs interesting friends.

    Did you steal that line from Hillary?

    • I don’t steal lines. It’s just the truth.

  • james andrews

    Obama’s two advisers that worked for Fannie Mae stole more than 10 million each in bonus money.. No one seems to care.

    • lark

      But this is pizza that everyone eats on Fridays.

    • McHope

      Now, now. Nancy Peloser just said ,”The party is over!”
      I mistakenly thought she had a moment of honesty and clarity and was acknowledging the end of the Dem part. But alas, she was referring to the CEO’s of these failing investment banks and mortgage lender walking away with millions while everyone else pays.
      Well, it seems McCain knew about this years ago. And why didn’t banking committee Dem Dodd see this coming.
      The Dems are pathetic.
      “The Party Is Over!” Indeed.

      • She just hasn’t realized that her party is about to be over too.

      • tillthen

        Pelosi should keep out of this. She has absolutely nothing to offer. She, along with Reid, are the supreme POS’s and the reason Dems and Repubs are here, united for the most part, at NQ trying to correct the abomination they have created. Again, I could have been ok with HRC as POTUS. At least I know she’s not a F’ing terrorist.

        • Ginger

          Maybe she just realized she won’t be back next year……

      • just me

        I think she knows it over barr the shouting~

        Pink slips awaiting~~

    • csuzeq

      maybe all of us here are looking at this wrong. Maybe we should join the soetoro camp and then we can cheat other Americans and get rich, too! I feel like many Americans cheated me out of a real President because they’re stupid. I want retribution. For $20,000,000 and a plane ticket, I’ll vote for Soetoro.

      Any bot takers?


      Bring a check please, well, actually cash. I can’t trust a barfy check.

  • csuzeq

    Hmmmmmmm. This sounds eerily similar to stuff I read in the Evelyn Pringle articles. Interesting. But she’s just an op ed reporter, right? Nothing to it, right? Internet rumor mill, right? Hmmmmmmmmm.

  • 30yrdem-not any more

    Rezko has not brought him down yet…the problem is…people don’t care if Obama is shady…they are just voting party and not what is best for our country.

    Hillary did it when she backed Obama so the people who don’t listen to news or read will just vote dem and never even care to hear facts.

    • Shiloh

      Voters early on think more about image and later think more about character. At least historically they have, let’s hope it holds true.

      • 30yrdem-not any more

        One of my daughters, at work, has been talking to people who support Obama and all she hears over and over is how well he can speak…they don’t care about anything else…this would be the people who are in the mid 20 to upper 30’s group some older…They believe all the Obama ads coming out, don’t fact check, just like blind mice…They trust Obama to tell the truth, no questions ask.

        • Jackarooty

          Hitler spoke very well too.

        • tillthen

          I know exactly what you mean. I have a swimming buddy, 80 years old, an Annapolis grad and he says the same thing. He has beautiful speech. If I refer to something like the Rezko, he says its just another smear. Isn’t that what Hitler’s big asset was, his rousing speeches. It drives me nuts. I have to turn away and shut him out.

          • You have to hammer these people on whether they actually believe that Democratic politicians are somehow above it all, that they are always good, righteous, sincere people and not politicians just like the rest of them.

            • McHope

              We feel your frustration. How the hell do you argue with someone so stupid? Do they not even hear themselves? Unprecedented challenges facing this country, and they are impressed, literally impressed, because Obama can give a speech.( A speech that is likely plagarized and surely lacking substance, no doubt.)
              The absurdity of that is astounding.
              Maybe the best you can do is warn them to be careful what they wish for.

        • csuzeq

          I just don’t get how his stuttering and stammering and dancing around questions is great speaking. I just don’t and never did. And is it a great speaker when you want to vomit when you listen to them? Just asking.

        • Ginger

          The idea that he is so cool because he talks well seems racist to me….why is it such a big deal that he speaks well, unless those saying it just don’t think most black people can speak well. They sound like subliminal racists to me. lol

          • tzada

            Yes and his VP choice said he is “clean” OMG lmao

    • lark

      See now Hillary is getting pizza sauce stains in her blue pant suit.

      • tillthen

        Lark, LOL,

        Maybe she’ll come to her senses and recognize that God is sending her a message.


      I BELIEVE THERE ARE MORE “SILENT AMERICANS” who will not tell anyone who they are voting for in Nov..I will say this ..where i live there isn’t a Obama sign up to be seen anywhere..

      This time in 2004..there were so many Kerry sings it got to be silly..this year..not a dang Obama sign to be seen!!

      and Only a hand full of McCain signs..that tells me people are staying silent about who they are voting for ..not a good sign for Obama..

  • tillthen

    I’m glad it was General Electric he screwed.

    • lark

      Maybe Mathews and Olterman will get now. By force.

      GE CEO: Call Mathews and Otherman here on the double. NNNOWWWWW.

  • The Audacity of Hype

    With the current disarray on Wall Street, the timing of this couldn’t be better.
    Obama will go down with his “guys from the neighborhood.”

    • sowsear

      Don’t we all wish that SOMEONE, ANYONE, would notice the connection.

    • Fenelon spoke

      I hope that you’re right, Mr. Audacity. I feel that once again the MSM will say nothing. Anytime I talk about Obama’s sleazy corrupt connections Obamabots say “It’s guilt by association” Why did Obama hand around with so many corrupt people? Like gravitates to like, I think.

      • csuzeq

        the law of attraction.

    • lark

      We just need a picture of Ayers and Dohrn visiting Rezco in jail while bringing him a big Papa John’s pizza to make his day.

    • JKFriz

      This certainly seems to be the case, as surveys show that – wait…they show that people think the anti-regulatory Republicans are to blame for this, by a 2-to-1 margin. Whoops.

      On the plus side for the Republicans, Sarah Palin’s extraordinary candor will surely win over the voting public, after she allowed the press a whole 29 seconds of access to her meeting with Hamid Karzai, just so they’d show it on the news.

      Good times.

      • Patrick

        Since the media has already made up their minds about her, she obviously feels no need to feed their hunger.

        It’s simple math.

        Take care,

        • JKFriz

          I’m sure that’s it, and not the fact that she doesn’t know her ear from her elbow on foreign policy. Well reasoned.

          • McHope

            You keep telling yourself that.
            The more the media blasts her, the more real people who vote will rally to her.
            That’s how the public sees it. And then their next thought is, why don’t they ask Obama the hard questions?
            You see, which ever road you go down to demonize Palin, it only leads right back to Obama. You’ve heard he’s running for PRESIDENT, right?

            • JKFriz

              Hey, I’m not “demonizing” anybody – she’s just under-experienced at any sort of large-scale politics, and doesn’t seem to have a strong grasp on the issues confronting the nation. Like everyone, Obama makes slips, but his prescience on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan – as well as his leadership on securing nuclear weapons – gives him far more in the way of bona fides than Palin has.

              And she IS basically running for president – most statistical models would tell you that McCain really only has a 2 in 3 chance of surviving his first term.

              • Steven Mather

                JKFriz’s comments about Senator Obama’s “prescience” on Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are only understandable, if one recognizes that JKF does not know the meaning of the term.

                Prescience is a quality of intuition that is akin to seeing the future. At the least, it is a very well-developed foresight, which comes from accurately understanding what will unfold based on an accurate assessment of the meaning of a relevant set of indicators. More than this, it is a “divine attribution.”

                Obama has not been prescient on Iraq, Afghanistan,or Pakistan. He might have gave a speech against attacking Iraq in 2002, but in 2004 he said that his position on Iraq was much the same of that as GW. His own youtube available words on video show he was not prescient. Further, for those of us who bothered to read about UNSCOM’s reports on the status of Iraq’s weapons programs, or heard or read Scott Ritter’s research (2001/2) on the subject, knew that it was extremely improbable that the Iraqis had WMDs. The information was publically available before rthe invasion. Prescience was not required.

                Obama didn’t need prescience to argue for bolstering the forces in Afghanistan. Congress only supplied the Afghanis with 1/10th of the reconstruction money that was Bush requested. Karzai’s brother complained that this was severely undermining stabilization efforts years ago. One only need study the media outlets of America’s allies in Afghanistan to know that efforts in Afghanistan needed to be bolstered. So much for presicence.

                Pakistan is potentially a disaster waiting to happen. This is not surprising. Jessica Stern, one of America’s leading experts on terrorism, stated these circumstances very clearly in “Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill” in 2003. What was Obama’s position on Pakistan before Stern did her research, and her interviews, with both Pakistani ISI officers and officials, or with the Saudi-funded functionaries of the jihadi training madrassahs?

                Obama is not prescient, which might be very disappointing to a kool-aid addled acolyte like JKFriz.

                Further, wisdom and superior judgment only derive through the practise of judgment. Experience matters. Obama is bright, and could probably best most of the people who post here, but potential not exercised is potential unrealized. His record of exercising judgment on difficult issues is sparse, but when push comes to shove, Obama’s record indicates that he lacks the presence to be more than “present” or do more than acquiesce to FISA-wielding vested interests.


          • vinnie

            LOL, this is coming from a supporter of Mr. Worldly, who thinks his years as a child in Indonesia qualifies as foreign policy experience and who thinks that Canada has a president. Try again Frisbee.

            • Ginger

              At the very least she isn’t using campaign dollars donated by hard working Americans to take a Super Star tour of Europe…..she just met them here in America. So tell me what the difference is? Go ahead, explain how one that wastes millions of dollars is so cool and the other is so terrible.

              • JKFriz

                Indeed. Obama’s spent next-to-no time campaigning in America, of course.

                And yeah, it sure is depressing to have a candidate who other nations actually admire; I’d like to return to our status as an international pariah as soon as possible, thank you.

                • Truthteller

                  In other words, you will vote for Jeremiah God Damn AmeriKKKa Wright’s candidate. You will vote for the candidate Rezko bankrolled. But you also intend to vote for a man whose first fundraiser was held at the home of a terrorist.

                  Your family must have really warped values or no values at all.

                  • JKFriz

                    Your guilt-by-association game never worked with Bill Clinton; I wouldn’t expect it to work with Obama. Sorry about that.

                    Oh, and by the way:

                    “Barack Obama has greatly increased his lead with independents since we last polled Colorado,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “It seems like the more voters have learned about Sarah Palin the less they’ve liked her, and that’s allowed Obama to open up the largest lead he’s shown in a PPP poll of Colorado.”

                    The backlash starts…now.

                    • PPP polls don’t mean dip s—. Nobody uses that poll except a few losers who know that for a fee PPP will tell you what you want to hear. You tried this same crap about this poll on another thread and got shot down for it. Try a new tactic, troll.

          • just me

            What like you do not know your head from your ass?!

          • Bigtime

            Not even good troll. My bs monitor went off fast.


          • QUEENIE

            well well JKFriz..what the F does Obama know about foreign Policy..please name it all..put it here..for all to see ..what the f does Obama know about foreign policy?

            How many NATO hearings did he hold???..oh none you say,..well then at least that you will have right!

            STFU Friz.,.

            the dumber than dumb Obamablahblah’s are gravitating here again..i see..

        • Maddie

          Yes. Being so worldly (well she heard you can see Russia from an island in her state so that is good enough for me for Foreign Policy experience) and everyone knows where she stands on every issue Palin has the luxury of blowing off reporters right before an historic election. You go gurrrl.

          You are right. So very simple.

      • tek

        What a totally standard yuppie tag: Good Times.

        Same to ya, babe!

        • destardi

          ‘good times’ ‘no worries’

          I know I’m generalizing here, but these phrases bring to mind another term:

          d-bag, aka douchebag

          jus sayin!

          • Jim S

            Typical, when you realize that the discussion is lost you resort to vulgarity.

      • HC

        Hi JKFriz, thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts, repeatedly.

        $50 to McCain for trolling.

        Trollfund = $1350. Please help me reach $2300.

      • Steven Mather

        JKFriz does not want people to talk about Obama and Rezko.

    • Leisa

      I wonder if Rezko will sing about his friends…

      • don tufts

        i certainly hope so,but you got to love it another fitzcristmas today and we can only hope that tony playing whos got the soap with buba will along with hopfully his seeing barky slip in the polls will cause him to sing like paverotti.

  • Disgusted

    Oh Rezko? He is just a guy in the hood. Our kids play together. It’s no big thang. Time to bring out the old stand by excuse no?

    • McHope

      Now Disgusted, to be fair that was Ayers. Ayers is just the Anti American terrorist bomber who lives in the hood.
      Rezko, uhh uhh he was uhh billed for something like uhh uhh 5 hours of legal work.

      • Disgusted

        no I know but it’s always some unbelievable excuse that always gets believed for some reason.

        • Steven Mather

          Unfortunately, just below here, JKFriz is trying to change the topic because he does not want people to talk about Obama and Rezko.

          I bit. Sorry.