Obama never had the support of the LGBT community. Indeed, 63% of LGBT Democrats supported Hillary Clinton during the California primary, while a paltry 29% cast their votes for Barack Obama. I imagine LGBT support for Clinton was equally strong in other states, for according to a poll conducted last November, this constituency favored Clinton by a staggering 41 point margin.

There are reasons the LGBT community supported Clinton over Obama: Obama refused to be photographed with Gavin Newsom in 2004, when the San Francisco Mayor was the center of a national uproar for his support of gay marriage; Obama participated in a gay bashing “Gospel Tour” in South Carolina with Donnie McClurkin, an African-American minister who views homosexuality as a disease Jesus Christ can cure; Obama cites his Christianity when he mentions his opposition to gay marriage in his text entitled The Audacity of Hope; Obama stigmatizes and minoritizes gay marriage when he refers to it as such in his political speeches and texts; Obama admits to seeking spiritual counsel from a certain Rev. James T. Meeks, a homophobic minister in inner city Chicago who was named by the Southern Poverty Law Center as one of the “10 leading black religious voices in the anti-gay movement;” Obama refuses to march in gay pride parades; and Obama will not allow himself to be interviewed by the LGBT press. Because Obama has a record of homophobic speech, actions and affiliations, the LGBT community rallied behind Hillary Clinton. And they may rally behind McCain-Palin, for Obama’s continued disrespect for this constituency will compel many LGBT voters to reconsider their support for the homophobic Democrat.

Obama, according to The Advocate, will launch a gay bashing “Faith, Values and Family” tour with homophobic Catholic legal scholar Douglas Kmiec. I quote with added emphasis:

The Christian Broadcasting Network is reporting that the Obama campaign next week will kick off “Barack Obama: Faith, Family, and Values Tour,” designed to woo the votes of left-leaning Catholics, progressive Evangelicals, and some conservative mainline Protestants. If LGBT people find the tour eerily reminiscent of the South Carolina gospel tour the campaign arranged last year with antigay “ex-gay” gospel singer Donnie McClurkin, their instincts may not be far off.

CBN names Catholic legal scholar Douglas Kmiec as one of the religious surrogates who will hit the road stumping for Obama. Kmiec wrote a June 13 op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle supporting California’s Proposition 8, the ballot measure to ban same-sex marriage, titled “On Same-Sex Marriage: Should California Amend Its Constitution? Say ‘No’ to the Brave New World.” Kmiec’s first two sentences in the piece read, “The California ballot initiative intended to set aside the state supreme court’s judicial invention of same-sex marriage deserves public support. Maybe it is enough to say, as many do in conversation, that it merely re-secures a millennia of tradition and common sense.”

Obama, in other words, will campaign with a legal scholar who believes “a millennia” of “tradition,” “common sense” and homophobia should be preserved. Kmiec, by the way, is the former constitutional legal counsel to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. Republican jurisprudence is the change in which the LGBT community can believe, I guess.

But it gets worse, for Kmiec writes the following in his 13 JUN op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle. I quote with emphasis added again:

Separating marriage from procreation may also have other remote, but frightening, ill consequences. Society should be skeptical of wider use of asexual procreation. An earlier dark moment in U.S. history employed eugenics to forcibly sterilize the mentally disabled. The push for artificial wombs and the genetic manipulation of intelligence already peppers scientific literature – a push that would no doubt grow, accommodating even the minimal same-sex desire for simulating natural child birth – claimed to be of interest for 20-30 percent of same-sex couples. When carefully assessed, the acquisition of unnatural reproductive means often advances the interests of the very affluent through a libertarian exercise that would threaten all hope of democratic equality.

According to Kmiec, gay marriage is a harbinger for a social eugenics that manipulates the human genome in the name of maintaining social hierarchies. A threat to democracy, the LGBT community in Kmiec’s warped mind is attempting to eliminate the heterosexual population. Raising specters gleaned from science fiction novels, Kmiec stokes the fires of a fear of a queer planet.

For some reason Barack Obama finds this entirely acceptable. Indeed, Barack Obama desires to use the campaign funds he has collected from Democrats and from members of the LGBT community to give this Catholic legal scholar of the lunatic, Republican fringe a platform in Colorado, Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Florida, New Mexico, Virginia and Wisconsin. If we witness a spike in hate crimes against the LGBT community in any of these states before votes are cast in November, we will only have Barack Obama and Douglas Kmiec to blame.

We also know who to blame if Barack Obama loses the general election. For the LGBT community does not take too kindly to gay bashing in the name of garnering votes from Evangelicals and other conservative Christians. Barack Obama never had our votes, and he certainly will not gain them if he continues to terrorize devout Christians with the specter of a queer planet.

Obama, by the way, refuses to attend LGBT Democratic events: Michelle Obama was the one who addressed the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council of the Democratic National Committee in New York City in June, and she was the one who headlined the lunch for LGBT delegates in Denver during the August convention. Barack Obama was nowhere to be found. But then again, the man who has received spiritual guidance from homophobic ministers probably fears that the audience would try to genetically clone him into a gay man.

How odd it is that the Democratic Presidential candidate is a gay basher and the Republican Vice Presidential candidate is a woman who vetoed anti-gay legislation. While Obama is routinely criticized in the LGBT press for his homophobia, Sarah Palin receives accolades from Gay.com for joining the cause of the ACLU and nine homosexual couples employed by the state of Alaska and by the city of Anchorage. Perhaps the LGBT community is one of those constituencies Barack Obama and Donna Brazile believe they can shed as so much toxic waste from the Democratic Party’s past. If this is the case, then I guess the LGBT community should consider supporting the McCain-Palin ticket. After all, Palin supported the community while Obama was bashing it with Donnie McClurkin and Reverend James T. Meeks.

And now Obama will bash the community with the former legal counsel to the Bush and Reagan administrations in 12 states. While this may yield one or two Evangelical votes for Barack Obama, Obama’s continued and unrestrained gay bashing will also result in tens if not hundreds of thousands of LGBT votes for John McCain and Sarah Palin. For similar to the Evangelicals and conservative Christians Obama and Kmiec will court, the LGBT community votes ALL our values.”

Also see Reverend Amy’s essay on Barack Obama’s second gay bashing tour.

  • Kendra

    Barack Obama is the best!!!!! Jhon McCain is going down!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • DeaninMi

      Purple or red koolaid today?

      We’re all about choices here.

  • Sandi

    What I want to know is did the DNC vet Obama. He has some really filthy characters in his recent past. This Ayers guy is a domestic terrorist for God’s sake. He funded the PLO when they were on our US terror list. I mean, how low is this bar for hiring?

  • JohnboyNJ

    “If this is the case, then I guess the LGBT community should consider supporting the McCain-Palin ticket”

    You are nutz if you believe any of this will trickle down to gay support and like Sarah Palin you must not have many gay friends or acquaintances.

    Palin and company are not only embarassing but beyond scary for the gay community.

  • olgita

    Let’s run these “new” democrats, who have hijacked the party, out of the party by banding together and voting McCain this election. Obama and his cronies will have no choice but be run out and Hillary can take the place where she rightfully belongs.

    Hillary ’12

  • Kelvin Hearts PUMAs

    First, you take the word of a convicted felon who specializes in crimes by deception that Obama’s gay. Now you bash Obama because he’s allegedly anti-gay? I was having a rought day, but you PUMA’s inane and unfounded ramblings about Obama really have made my day! Thank you!

    • John House

      Troll, this information is ages old. Truthteller just put it together for NoQ, as far as I can see. Many of us in the GLBT community or on the fringes of it have been following Obama’s curious habits of saying “FUCK YOU!” to the community since at least last year.

      • This parallels his fuck you’s to women and feminists.

    • Sandi

      Really, you have some distinct mental perception problems! How low is the bar that you will go. As for PUMA, good for them. They have enough brains to question and do not follow like a sheep with a gunny sack over their head. What in the crap is wrong with you?

  • hootnannie

    Bobo tries to be all things to all people: the slate on which to project your wishes. I heard a self-described “queer” radio program this past Saturday in Cincinnati that gushed over him. Who else will the gays vote for? The right and middle fully expect them to go for far-left Bobo, and most of the anti-same-sex-marriage vote in CA will also go for McCain.

    • I personally believe the LGBT community should support McCain-Palin, for Obama has demonstrated again and again that he is a homophobe who enjoys bashing the the LGBT community.

  • Fenelon spoke


    Obama is nobody’s ally but his own.

  • Jon

    As a gay man, Kmiec’s presence in Obama’s Faith tour I do find disturbing. And, I’m sure that after the McClurkin debacle earlier this year, Obama will do what he can to mend fences.

    But, the brouhaha over Kmiec seems to be a distraction from the main ideological issues here regarding the presidential candidates in regards to the LGBT community. Both Obama and McCain have gone on the record opposing gay marriage. Obama, however, is for civil unions, and has gone on record as being against Prop 8. McCain is for Prop 8. As much as Kmiec is against Prop 8, he’s not running for president here. Obama & McCain are.

    Obama is for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”; McCain is for it. Obama has voted for ENDA, the bill federalizing protection against employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender expression; McCain has voted against it. (Obama co-authored a state version in Illinois when he was a state senator) Obama has voted for adding sexual orientation to Federal Hate Crimes laws; McCain has repeatedly voted against it. Obama is for gay couples adopting children; McCain is not. Obama is for the full repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act; McCain is for keeping it as it is.

    McCain is a better choice then either Romney or Huckabee when it comes to LGBT issues, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best choice. Just because McCain hasn’t put out a lot of anti-gay rhetoric like other Republicans in the past doesn’t mean that he’s a great choice either. McCain has no formal LGBT outreach as part of his campaign. (At one town hall meeting, he had to be told what LGBT stood for) Obama has had an LGBT outreach since his campaign’s inception.

    There’s a lot of talk of Obama not being at one pride parade or not having his picture taken with Gavin Newsom. McCain has never been to a pride parade, has never advocated gay rights issues, has never been an ally. Just because he doesn’t spew the George Bush hatred towards gays doesn’t mean he’s our ally either.

    • Truthteller

      I see you are a low information voter.

    • Fenelon spoke

      Well, Obama must have a “gay outreach” but the gays I know are very suspicious of Obama. The hope/change train will not get their vote.

  • WestPalm2008

    Sigh. To quote “Alex” from Logo channel’s “Noah’s Arc”:

    “Child, gay folks aint got nobody but Jesus.”

  • Kathy

    On several other blogs they encouraged people to call the National Enquirer to ask them to run the Philip Berg lawsuit story in their publication. We all kept meeting with resistance by the same woman who refused to put us through to a manager/supervisor and claimed she was a reporter for the Enquirer. She made alot of inappropriate comments/questions like “why do you hate Obama so much?” When I, and others tried to explain this wasn’t about Obama so much as preserving the Constitution of the United States, she summarily dismissed us all and basically hung up on us. I contacted, via a back door, a “higher up” with the National Enquirer and told him what had happened and asked him to cover the Berg case. He was unaware of the case. I gave him the http://www.obamacrimes.com website and he said he will look into it. However, we need thousands of people to call this Editor to state they want the lawsuit to be covered, so he doesn’t think it is only a small group of people who want this. The Editor’s name is Barry Levine and his phone number is 646-935-6042. That is his direct phone number. So, everyone, please call Mr. Levine and ask him to run this story!

    • Thinker

      Thanks for the number.

      I called the man answering the phone said that he is Barry and he said that he has received calls about this & will look into the Berg case against Obama.


      well done Gumshoe Kathy.

  • tillthen

    Why should anyone be surprised by the actions of the “ONE”. It’s in his genes. Islamic bents are hard to expunge after years of genetic development. Its buried deep in him. Never mind that he has engaged in gay Limo sex and has a male sexpot with him still, its the public image that rules him and in Islam, anyone gay is publicly ridiculed and subject to severe physical harm and often death by hanging and sometimes stoning. Fuck the “ONE” and his phony facade and the radical Islamic assholes that support him. He is a hate monger. I have always said never vote your crotch. Country first. This has nothing to do with my crotch. It has everything to do with this utterly fraudulent monster.



  • Lookee hear:


    Union Workers



    Down Syndrome Families





    Tavis Smiley


    The Veterans

    Yep, soon Obama will have offended the glass-blowers and that ought to about do it. He’s already offended 90% of my neighborhood.


  • Thank you for the article, Truthteller.

    A few points and observations to your article:

    1. Obama isn’t going to win the evangelical vote–no matter how much money he spends or people he brings with him like Doug Kmiec. Just mention “I support Obama…” and the discussion will end.

    2. Society should be skeptical of wider use of asexual procreation. An earlier dark moment in U.S. history employed eugenics to forcibly sterilize the mentally disabled. The push for artificial wombs and the genetic manipulation of intelligence already peppers scientific literature – a push that would no doubt grow, accommodating even the minimal same-sex desire for simulating natural child birth – claimed to be of interest for 20-30 percent of same-sex couples.

    This quote right here astounds me for the level of fearmongering created by Doug Kmiec’s words. It isn’t just insulting to the LGBT community, but to all Americans. Obviously, Mr. Kmiec doesn’t register the fact that many conservatives, myself included, have gay family members.

    There are just no words that come to mind to rebut such stupidity.

    3. If you’re a member of the LGBT community, he’s willing to sell you down the river to garner less than 5 percent of the evangelical vote. And that’s assuming he’ll get that much.

    4. If you believe in the Constitution, then you’ll understand that the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy is unconstitutional. Nowhere in the Constitution does it permit the government to create laws or agreements dealing with one’s personal life in the bedroom or elsewhere. I’m sure the forefathers would roll in their graves—whether they believed in homosexuality or not.

    After all, how many members of Congress would currently be in jail if this were actually found in the Constitution?

    5. We spend a lot of time in this country yelling about “freedom”, but we fail to enact those when it’s against our personal views. The government has no right to dictate to law abiding citizens what we can and cannot do in our own personal lives. As long as we’re paying taxes or staying out of trouble, why do they care? The LGBT community has greatly enriched this society on individual levels and helped further our economic power (although, that’s in limbo at the moment thanks to Congress).

    I’ll leave you with this:

    If my child is in need of medical help, I’m not going to inquire whether the doctors or nurses are gay or lesbian. You see, I love my child more than I care about someone’s sexual orientation.

    If we could just remember that America is built upon a wonderful foundation because Americans of all races, religions, sexual orientation, and cultural backgrounds made this county the best place on the planet.

    • Thank you, Republicanchick. Your thoughts are always incisive and apposite.

  • RottenFishArePeopleToo

    According to Kmiec, gay marriage is a harbinger for a social eugenics that manipulates the human genome in the name of maintaining social hierarchies.


    Is that what passes for Catholic thought these days? Multisyllabic word salad?

    What’s not funny about this is there are millions of voters who will not recognize the unadulterated bullshit his remark represents, but will believe him because he uses big words.

  • Hey, if Obama gets in, maybe we’ll be like IRAN…”there are no gays in Iran”. (Maybe that’s because when they are recognized, they are killed.)

  • Soldier of Christ

    Maybe he just doesn’t wanted to be reminded of his limo days in 1999 with Larry Sinclair. I wonder why he never challenged Larry Sinclair. If someone was saying that I had oral sex in a limo and it wasn’t true, I would have had this smear up on my website and also suing for slander and defamation of character. This is a serious accusation. Yes, we say he is half muslim-a racist-a radical-socialist- etc,etc, which bascially can be proven- but sex in the back of a limo with a man? I would have challenged this smear if I was Obama. No-wonder he really tries to stay away from gays- they remind him of Larry Sinclair. If the gays would get together and not vote for him- he would lose mucho votes, I say.

    • benny

      you’re absolutely right, soldier.

    • Thinker


      Larry Sinclair is a man saying that he had sex with Obama on November 6 and Novebmer 7, 1999.

      If Sinclair is lying, how could he give EXACT DATAES, knowing full well that he could be proven wrong???

      I believe Sinclair is telling the truth. Obama is surrounded by gay men and cocaine:

      1. Larry Sinclair, says he had sex with Obama

      2. Cory Booker, according to wiki, a close friend of Obama who is said to be on the downlow

      3. Stuart Levine, star witness at the Rezko trial who said that he attended Rezko’s ALL MALE, all cocaine parties the Purple City Hotel

      4. Tony Rezko, former Obama fixer, host of these ALL MALE, all cocaine parties

      5. Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s early mentor, who was a known homosexual

      6. Obama himself, he avoids gay issues because he is on the downlow; this is common behavior of men still in the closet.

      • Thinker

        for #1. I forgot to add that once again, Sinclair said that Obama purchased cocaine for him, and then Obama did the crack

  • Obama doesn’t need the gays. Or the women. Or the baby boomers. Or the working class. or actual voters Seems the fix is in

    • Perry Logan

      Republicans should be very afraid. If Obama gets in, there won’t be another Republican President for at least 50 years

      • benny

        I disagree, perry. IF obama wins, the repubs are gonna win in a landslide in 2012. wait and see…

        • Irish1139

          If Obama and his crew get in, there may never be another election.

          • olgita

            I am going to agree with above. Obama is looking to turn us into a socialist country. I mean, who changes the presidential seal to his own logo/image, then commissions gold coins to be made with his name and face?? He’s not even president yet! And this is true folks. Scary stuff. Add to that the Gestapo like actions by his campaign against the first amendment and we are looking at the rise of what can be very dangerous fascist leader. Doubt we would have much of a constitution left by the time the four years are up…

      • yttik

        Are you kidding me?? If Obama is elected the backlash against Democrats will be breathtaking. Dems will lose seats in congress and in four yrs they’ll lose the presidency.

        No matter who is elected, they will pay the price of Bush’s last eight yrs. The next president will be dealing with a huge deficit, an unpopular war, and an angry country. They aren’t going to be praised, they’ll be despised and blamed for not fixing things fast enough.

        • RottenFishArePeopleToo

          Yep. The next Prez will be a one term wonder, tasked with cleaning up the Biggest Messs In History and he will be none too popular doing it.

          If a Dem is elected this cycle, look for 12 – 20 years of Republican supermajorities afterwards. If a Repub, the look for Dem control of the WH for 12 – 20 years.

          Those who failed to learn the lessons of the Jimmy Carter/ Ronald reagan presidencies are doomed to repeat it.

  • Patjon

    Not exactly On Topic but funny anyway. Hope the Truth Squad don’t come after me….

    John McCain and Barack Obama somehow ended up at the same barbershop. As they sat there, each being worked on by a different barber, not a word was spoken. The barbers were even afraid to start a conversation for fear it would turn to politics. As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had Obama in his chair reached for the aftershave. Obama was quick to stop him saying, ‘No thanks, my wife Michelle will smell that and think I’ve been in a whorehouse,’

    The second barber turned to McCain and said, ‘How about you?’
    McCain replied, ‘Go ahead, my wife doesn’t know what the inside of a whorehouse smells like.’

    • McKatmoon

      ROFl, mind if I copy and paste to a friend?

      • Patjon

        Go ahead, my pleasure.

  • Steve-O

    I do remember that LGBT groups and individuals endorsed Obama over Clinton, despite his more or less open homophobia. In that respect they were similar to NARAL.

    Now, it turns out that he will NOT get rid of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
    Now as it turns out that he is bound to increase faithbased initiatives.
    Now it turns out that campaign appearances with guys like Sen. Casey are not innocent coincidences. And all of a sudden, LGBT are crying out?

    You saw it coming and now you cry over spilled milk? A bit late, but better late than never…

    • Ferd McBerfle

      The Kool-Aide induced fog must be wearing off. The lustre certainly appears to be wearing off the One for the obamalobotobots.

    • Soldier of Christ

      Yeah…..I guess you can put them under the bus with Fisa, withdrawing troops, Nafta- and now the gay community. Welcome to “under the bus” group. It is good that they woke up before November 2008- they can cast their votes for Mccain/Palin- at least we know Mccain/Palin are reformers and don’t change their minds on change.

  • I think the main point is that Obama is SUPPOSED to be a democrat and stand up for gay rights more.

  • I am

    Middle Eastern
    College Educated
    Self Employed
    Happily Partnered
    with two children (yes Italian greyhounds really are exactly like children)
    and a very strong supporter of Hillary but not one of the 18 million…you see many of us didn’t vote in the primaries.

    I will be voting McCain/Palin.

    I would rather cut off my nuts and wear them as earings then vote to elect Barack Obama; he is bad news for America.

    If you want to see how he is going to govern look how he is running his campaign…Welcome to Missouri, have a nice day and shut your mouth or go to jail!!

    If you want to put your hopes in a man who thinks Hope is a marketing Gimmick and Change is just shorthand for I’ll get back to you on policy details, then god help you.

    Just remember, you have the right to vote, you have the Duty to lern about who you are voting for. And that means do your own research, do not let the campaign feed you what they want you to know.

    Warts and all
    A) Hillary
    B) Mcain/Palin

    Barack Obama is NOT an option.

    Just Say No To Bacrack people!

    • Ferd McBerfle

      Thanks for the post, JGDBAW. You are, as always, spot on.

    • Jeremiah,

      What are your stats? And why did you not cast a vote during the primary?

  • Athena The Warrior

    Sadly a majority of liberal gay people do play identity politics and think that everyone should support the Democratic party. The Log Cabin Republicans are vilified by the Left Democratics as being self-hating.

    The LCR has always believed in inclusivity and worked for that within the Republican party. A lot of people on different gay blogs justify Obama’s gay bashing as doing what he needs to do in order to get elected. They think that once he’s elected, he’ll reveal his true support.

    I liked when McCain went on Ellen’s show. He may not be supportive of gay marriage and there are plenty of Democrats who aren’t either (one of the great Democratic Party’s lies) but he congratulated Ellen on her then upcoming nuptials with Portia and believe he sincerely meant it.

    • Jackie

      One of the prime DEMS that oppose gay rights at large is Harry Reid.

      • Athena The Warrior

        Sam Nunn viciously opposed President Clinton’s proposal to allow gay people to serve OPENLY in the military.

  • I read an article awhile ago about John McCain defending a political friend of his who was outed by the press as gay. McCain said that it didn’t matter and that he was a good friend and it shouldn’t matter if he is gay or not, because he is a good worker, etc.

    McCain stood up to conservatives and the media to defend his gay friend and colleague. I think that is important. Dunno if I will ever see that article again.

    • wodiej

      I’ll remember that when some of my friends want to bring it up that McCain is homophobic….

    • Jackie

      The friend was a mayor in Tempe, Arizona who was forced to come out because the nutball right wanted to hurt John McCain’s Campaign in 2000. An exerpt from the article:

      McCain character loyal to a fault
      By Mary Leonard, Globe Staff, 3/4/2000

      EMPE, Ariz. – Facing a threat that his homosexuality would be exposed by Christian conservatives at a city council meeting, Mayor Neil Giuliano did what he thought was nobody’s business: He held a press conference and declared, ”I happen to be gay.”

      The reaction of Arizona’s senior senator, John McCain, was swift and angry.

      ”John was the first to tell the religious right, ‘This doesn’t make a damned bit of difference,”’ Giuliano said, remembering how McCain went out of his way to call him a good mayor and a great friend. ”Politically in Arizona, McCain should have done just the opposite. Instead, he came right to my defense. He’s a loyal friend.”


      BTW McCain’s chief-of-staff, Mark Buse, is openly gay. http://www.blogcabin.net/?p=194 and has the complete support of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

      • WOW…McCain is a maverick and will defend and won’t back down. Impressed!

      • This is a sign of McCain’s character. while mccain and palin defend the LGBT community, Barack Obama bashes it with the likes of Donnie McClurkin, Reverend Meeks and Douglas Kmiec. Democrats and members of the LGBT community are idiots if they vote for Barack Obama, for true progressives who believe in the causes of the LGBT community will not aid and abet homophobia.

    • Jackie

      The friend was a mayor in Tempe, Arizona who was forced to come out because the nutball right wanted to hurt John McCain’s Campaign in 2000. An exerpt from the article:

      McCain character loyal to a fault
      By Mary Leonard, Globe Staff, 3/4/2000

      EMPE, Ariz. – Facing a threat that his homosexuality would be exposed by Christian conservatives at a city council meeting, Mayor Neil Giuliano did what he thought was nobody’s business: He held a press conference and declared, ”I happen to be gay.”

      The reaction of Arizona’s senior senator, John McCain, was swift and angry.

      ”John was the first to tell the religious right, ‘This doesn’t make a damned bit of difference,”’ Giuliano said, remembering how McCain went out of his way to call him a good mayor and a great friend. ”Politically in Arizona, McCain should have done just the opposite. Instead, he came right to my defense. He’s a loyal friend.”


      BTW McCain’s chief-of-staff, Mark Buse, is openly gay. http://www.blogcabin.net/?p=194 and has the complete support of John McCain and Sarah Palin. By the way he has the job because he is damned good.

  • I posted this post and your comment about Obama’s raging homophobia on my blog.

    • Thank you, Donna. I am glad you enjoyed the essay.

  • Jane

    I’ve got serious issues according to you people.

    I’m a gay Jewish woman supporting Barack Obama.


    Bash me all you want. I’m proud of my support for Barack Obama.

    • Ferd McBerfle

      Yeah and I’m a three-toed sloth.

      • benny


    • Firefly

      Why are you proud of supporting 0bama?

      • Nicole

        That’s an excellent question! Not one of the Obamaphiles I’ve encountered can definitively explain why he is the better candidate…they only bash the opposing guy.

        • It’s a cult. Plain and simple. This much cognitive dissonance suggests a cult.

    • HC

      Thanks so much for stopping by “Jane”.

      Trollfund is all maxed out, $2300 to McCain, so I now have NQFund.

      $5 to NQ, NQFund = $5.

      Leshanah tovah tikateiv veteichateim. You are now on ignore.

      • kevin

        Mine goes to the NRA political victory fund.

        The fact that booboo and friends have tried to silence anyone’s right to criticise him is quite telling.
        Great going booboo, piss off the NRA a little more, further energize the right. Guess we won’t get a hunting photo-op this fall, like Kerry in his Orvis outfit in 2004, store folds still on his hunting kit.
        Of course booboo with a shotgun should scare anyone.

        • Perry Logan

          If Obama doesn’t go after the gun-nut vote, it’s OK with me. Let’s not forget that Nazis, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Klansmen, Racists, & Anti-Semites are all wildly pro-gun. 😉

    • Independently Minded

      You should really rethink that decision Jane.

    • Uña de Gato

      Good for you, Jane! Oprah hugs all around!

    • wodiej

      I’ll pray for you…

    • Jackie

      I am sorry you feel you can support a man who states that He supports a unified city of Jerusalem as Israels capital one day, and the next he states he supports a divided Jerusalem with the “arab half” as the capital of a Palistinian state.

      He has supported Louis Farakhan and does not take Iran’s threat to Isreal seriously.

      He was and is hateful toward women.

      If this is your vision of our country I pity you.

    • PhxNickD

      While I can understand gay people supporting Obama, I mean he just does not like them, many of Obama’s friends want to wipe Jews off the face of the planet. That alone would frighten the hell out of me.

    • You are a low information voter who clearly enjoys voting for candidates who practice homophobia. I recommend you read a bit more before casting a vote.

  • Please, we have so many saying they want Obama to lose, but they can not vote for McCain. This is self defeating. If you vote third party or no vote, it just helps Obama to win a majority in that state. Sure, I hear and read that McCain is weak on the Economy. I don’t think that is true, but lets just assume it is so! Obama is weak and a wimp on security and would you want a weakling and wimp as your commandeer if chief. Imagine him sitting down with the President of Iran in negoiations? It enough to scare the Sh.. out of me. last we need to be attacking these misleading polls. Many poll only registered voters instead of likely voters and they are weighted to the higher Democratic registration and higher “AA” voters.The Zogby poll following the debate included 2102 (high number) of likely voters nationwide and carries a margin of error of +/-2 percentage points. The poll had Obama 47.1% and McCain 45.9 % , which is 1.2% and well within the margin of error. We have to get this out on as many sites as possible as some people are becoming discouraged. This is what the media wants.

    • benny

      scary to imagine obama facing any of these leaders – putin, ahmadinejad, kim jong il

    • Ferd McBerfle

      What everyone needs to remember is that polls,i.e., statistics, are not facts; they are only data or mathematical information which can be interpreted (manipulated). It’s the interpretation where the shenanigans begin. Statistics can make a lie the truth and vice-versa. As a chemist, I use statistics daily but under tightly controlled circumstances where outliers are subjected to further evaluation and apples are not compared to arugula.

      • bemused

        Exactly, Ferd, but I would go farther, because experiments have to be designed and part of the design process is — picking the way the data will be analyzed, in other words the statistical analysis is predetermined and the experiment constructed to get the data in a form which can be analyzed by the chosen statistical method. Yes, it is circular reasoning.

        • Ferd McBerfle

          You are spot on and I concur entirely, especially the circular logic part.

    • ugo

      You are right on.

      Those are Obama’s. You do not worry about them, they will come around.

      Americans as always will correct the wrong, like they have always. Americans are smart. I strongly believe in the real Americans.

      I will do my part.

      I will be supporting and voting for MacCain/Palin.

    • arabella trefoil

      That’s a meme that the obamabots are pushing. I’m voting for McCain because that is the only way to stop Obama.

      • Read my lipstick

        I will be voting for McCain too, however, I’m worried about that not being enough to stop BO.

        We all saw how he stole the Democratic Party nomination from HRC, by rigging caucuses and bribing the super delegates, not to mention the complicit cooperation of the MSM. The fix was in, and we weren’t able to overcome that.

        IMO, the only way to stop BO from winning the election is to get him thrown off the ballot. If we don’t, I fear that he & his minions will rig the vote, with having dead people and pets voting early and often. Even if this doesn’t work, there’s the Electoral College that imo will be bribed to overturn the will of the people and to select BO as the President, in the same manner that the SD’s were bought.

  • CamdenRave

    The latest poll I found was done the first week in August. It shows Obama leading McCain by 58 points among GLBT adults. (68% to 10%)

    • btintaos

      So many of my brothers and sisters are uninformed.

    • PhxNickD

      We will see. In 2004 election 23% of the community went to Bush. I think there are more then that on the blogs this time around.

    • John House

      Apparently whoever did the poll doesn’t quite get the concept of duplicity in the GLBT community.

  • L.A. Times: How Democrats Set Sarah Palin Up to ‘Win’ Thursday’s VP Debate


  • Jackie

    The Republican group Log Cabin Republicans have this article posted on their site. I think it shows where John McCain stands on issues of Gay rights: http://www.blogcabin.net/?p=194

    The Politics of Personal Destruction at its Worst
    The Gay Left bloggers are falling all over themselves trying to get people to pay attention to the fact that there is an openly gay person working for Sen. John McCain. This is a newsflash?

    Here’s the deal. Wacky Left bloggers are on a witch hunt and this time their target is John McCain’s chief-of-staff, Mark Buse. Blogger Mike Rogers, whose specialty is “outing” politicians and staffers he deems anti-gay (Republicans, of course), claims that he’s “outing” Buse as a gay man. Joining in the charade is the Republican-hating and always dramatic Michelangelo Signorile, who posted the hysterical headline: “Hypocrisy Bombshell: Antigay John McCain has a Gay Chief of Staff.”

    This headline is laughable. One, because there is no “bombshell.” Mark Buse has been openly gay for years and has acknowledged as much. So the notion that he has been “outed” is simply false. But secondly–and this is the bigger point–this political stunt by Mike Rogers just proves what Log Cabin has been saying for years. John McCain is an inclusive Republican who hires the best people, regardless of sexual orientation.

    Also, can we please stop childishly lobbing the “homophobic” insult at Republicans who don’t agree with us on every issue? Rogers and his crowd keep saying McCain is “homophobic” or “anti-gay.” Words mean things. Calling John McCain homophobic doesn’t make it so. The truth is, Sen. John McCain is anything but homophobic. This is a man who has a record of hiring gay staff members–as evidenced by this recent “bombshell.”

    Perhaps with a pivotal election just more than a month away, these “activists” and so-called advocates of gay equality should spend more time…well, actually fighting for gay equality.

    I thought these were the same people on the Left who have been preaching for years that sexual orientation should be irrelevant. But, no, that only applies if you’re a Democrat and agree with them on every gay rights issue. Otherwise, watch out. Your personal life is fair game and they’ll abandon their so-called “principles” of diversity and non-discrimination and use your personal life as a weapon against you.

    How ugly.

    -posted by Scott Tucker

    • I am sure the Democrats who outed McCAin’s staffer are heterosexual pigs who were once members of fraternities. This is what the Democratic Party has become under Howard Dean, which explains why I want an ouster of the doctor from Vermont.

  • yttik

    Lindsay Lohan was just rejected by the Obama campaign. He doesn’t think she’d be the right kind of person to help with his campaign. What I didn’t realize is that Lohan has recently disclosed that she is gay.

    Obama’s rejection of her gets me on so many levels. First of all it’s elitist, he’ll hang out with Rezko and Ayers, but Lindsay is the “wrong kind of person”? WTH does that mean? Compared to most of Obama’s friends, Lohan’s scrapes with the law are pretty minor. So is he being sexist or is he avoiding her because she’s gay or what?

    • McKatmoon

      Lindsay Lohan was just rejected by the Obama campaign. He doesn’t think she’d be the right kind of person to help with his campaign. What I didn’t realize is that Lohan has recently disclosed that she is gay.

      Isn’t that a civil rights issue? You cannot discriminate in such a way, not legally. Although why would MS. Lohan want to donate time to a bunch of homophobes?

    • Mr. Natural

      First of all it’s elitist, he’ll hang out with Rezko and Ayers, but Lindsay is the “wrong kind of person”?

      Every criminal überclass needs a superiority myth.

  • educatedwhitewoman

    Obama has never attended the Gay Pride Parade in Chicago. He was in Chicago for the one this summer, but he got his hair cut instead.

    • Firefly

      He’d probably run into too many people who could blow the whistle on him. I’m serious. I would imagine that to be in the closet (about anything) is to live in fear of being exposed.

      • Mr. Natural

        Which is great news for Putin.

  • Jackarooty

    Will this news douse the flames of Andrew Sullivan’s man crush on Obama?

    • Urban Hillbilly

      There is nothing that can extinguish that kind of flame.

    • I doubt it, for Andrew Sullivan is a conservative who will write and say anything for money. Besides, Andrew Sullivan hates the LGBT community. In fact, he referred to us as heathens during the 1990s.

  • McKatmoon

    RE: The coverage on FOX about the MO truth squad tactics-

    Bill H. on Fox said they got a great deal of email over the weekend about the MO problem. Also the O campaign was questioned about the cease and desist order regarding the NRA ads, and the O spokesman said it was a “suggestion: then the Fox commentator said why the word “probative” it sounds like a threat. The O campaign s going with, these are just concerned O supporters trying to get the truth out, and claiming the McCain campaign is doing the same thing.

    • 30yrdem-not any more

      But it is and was intimidating with the police involved…listen again it is police all over the state.


    • jwrjr

      First it was “Clinton did it, too”. Now it is “McCain is doing it, too”. Does the Obama campaign EVER take responsibility for its own actions? (As if we didn’t already know the answer to that.)

      • Ferd McBerfle

        Does the Obama campaign EVER take responsibility for its own actions?

        No they don’t. They use the worn-out fallacy of common practice to justify their undemocratic maneuvers meant to suppress the free exchange of ideas. They are the very thing they claim to be against. Oblockhead was for freedom of speech before he was against it, apparently. Do I smell another flip-flop?

        • agent77

          In one of the many Bill Clinton interviews last week, he said that while he could not say he admired Obama, but he could say that Obama’s health and energy plans got better as the primary went along.

          Which as all PUMAs know, and what Bill was reminding us of, is that Obama stole ‘his’ better plans from Hillary.

          • educatedwhitewoman

            He recently said (not sure if it’s the same interview) that McCain is a great man, but when asked about Obama, all Clinton said was that he had just met the man for the first time in Harlem recently. Methinks Bill Clinton despises Obama.

            • Ferd McBerfle

              He doesn’t go out of his way to praise him, that’s for sure. Bill is a canny one.

            • olgita

              I love the part where he said he would not be campaigning for Obama until after the hi holy days! he shouldn’t campaign at all, nor should Hillary. They should go on vacation and then come back to vote…for McCain!

  • WynterSkye

    Gay and lesbian activists should refocus attention to individual rights favored by Republicans and not to the group identity rights favored by the Democrats. Group identity serves only to maintain perpetual victimization of the group in a so as to maintain the perpetual power of the group leaders. This phenomena is best seen in the way Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright and other black leaders keep blacks in a perpetual victimization class from which they can never escape only to serve the continuing power of these “leaders.”

    In reality, the focus on individual rights, and on strict construction of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, which requires that due process of law and equal protection of the law be applied to the individual, has resulted in stronger protection of the rights for members of the GLBT community. WItness the actions of Sarah Palin, enforcing equal protection of the law because each individual is to be treated identically by the state even if personal beliefs differ.

    The Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court who ruled laws banning gay marriage as unconstitutional as being violative of due process and equal protection is a conservative justice appointed by a Republican governor. Other major cases dealing with gay rights in the US Supreme court have also had the majority opinions written by a conservative justice appointed by Ronald Reagan, These cases ruled as unconstitutional all laws criminalizing private sexual encounters between same sex partners and all laws denying gays and lesbians from filing discrimination claims against private employers. In all cases the basis for the ruling was a strict construction of individual rights to equal protection and due process under the 14th Amendment.

  • I was wondering why no one stepped forward and laid it out like this. Thank you.

    • You are very welcome, Donna. A progressive Democrat, I am appalled by Obama’s unrestrained homophobia and sexism.

    • John House

      Au contraire, there have been many people who’ve laid it out.

      This guy did an early version of it in February. LavendarLiberal.com has many articles about it, and many people including myself have been screaming about the Gavin Newsom thing and the “Embrace the Change” tour for eons now (and others in the blogging community have laid it out as well). This stuff has been right there for well over a year now.

      But it IS nice to see it on NoQ.

      • Oh right, I hear Lavender Liberal does a great job.

  • lark


    “I know some of you got a little damp,” Obama told the audience gathered in the school quad. “I’d like to cover everybody’s dry cleaning bill here tonight, but I can’t because I got to use it on the campaign, so consider it one more modest contribution to our efforts to change the country.


    One thing are made clear here. That Oblahblah is talking not about changing Washington as he previously said, or changing government, which is what as President he would have under his charge. He is speaking about ‘changing the country.’

    Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen; what right does Oblahblah has or gives himself to change or even intent to CHANGE OUR COUNTRY? What hubris (Gibson)?

    And how is he planning to ‘change our country’ specially if you do not want to change?

    • Leisa

      Did you read the ill informed comments there?

    • John House

      He already changed the country. He enflamed racial tensions and made latent racial prejudices come towards the surface in peoples’ minds. Now those who accepted people for who they were and not the color of their skin are thinking twice about that practice since those of color aren’t accepting people for who they are and not the color of their skin. Obama threw his own bomb into race relations out of his sheer narcissism and it will effect this country for years to come.

      • olgita

        Lets not forget how he has divided the Democratic party and the country along with it. Plus, add the national class war he’s singlehandedly begun as well. He and his campaign interject racism in everything. I have not heard or read a peep from anyone else playing the race card except for him and his Obamabots. They are all over the net.

        The reason why everything up seems down and vice versa is because of Obama! And it’s not for the better of this country, it’s for the worse. More Change to believe in…

  • Jackie

    We can’t blame Barney…..he “didn’t know” his lover was running a gay male prostitution ring out of his home.

    If you don’t know something like that how on earth could he have known the nice people at Fannie & Freddie were lying to him about their financial health & practices. After all thse nice people liked him so much they gave him lots and lots of money.

    Gadzooks! Come On People!!!!

    • kevin

      500K this year alone, to essentially run unopposed, face it, a sitting Dem congressman in MA would have to do something entirely outrageous to lose, something beyond being censured (Gerry Studds) for getting pages drunk, and having sex with them, or reprimanded (Frank) for having a prostitution ring being run from their apartment. Each subsequently was re-elected multiple times.
      Now my question to Congressman Frank is. Why do you need all that money? It’s not like you need to campaign, advertise or make any effort to win re-election.
      What he does with the money is spread it around.

  • HC

    People who only listen to what Obama SAYS think he is LGBT friendly. You have to actually look at his record to become concerned. Unfortunately most people do not do this.

    A friend just tried to “school” me on Prop 8 and Obama being against it. I countered with “Oh yeah? Why is he running around with Kmiec?” and got a blank look.

    This is exactly what is wrong with America today. A complete lack of critical thought and mental sloth.

    • I agree. Even worse, however, are the Obama supporters who are excusing the two gay bashing tours. Some even applaud it. One example is Obamabot blogger John Aravosis, a homosexual who seems to think it is perfectly acceptable for Obama to gay bash his way into office. But then again, party operatives will jettison their commitments in order to earn a buck on the side.

      Any gay men or lesbians who vote for Obama must loathe themselves.

  • Freedom Fighter

    Newsbusters has something up saying the Obama camp’s Fight the Smears website admits Senator Obama was a Kenyan citizen? Is this true? I thought this was always just the rantings of the NQ fringe? What’s going on here?

    • Hope Floats! Flush Twice!

      He went to “Pockyston” on either an Indonesian or a Kenyan passport as a teenager.

      • Freedom Fighter

        Fight the Smears says:

        Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4, 1982.

        So is Senator Obama still eligible to run for POTUS? I mean he is no longer a Kenyan citizen. This is so confusing.

        • Ferd McBerfle

          This is so confusing.

          That’s what happens when you support someone who is not honest about his past, to put it mildly.

        • Shiloh

          There is a school of thought that having ever held a citizenship other than US disqualifies you as much as being born in another country. I doubt the courts would support that but others disagree.

          • wonderwoman

            It should disqualify, that was the original meaning of the ammendment. The president should have to be born on US soil.
            Even if he was born in Kenya there would be a legal battle, because his mom was a citizen. That’s just like saying all the people who give birth overseas are not eligible. There are enough people in congress who were born immigrants to block changing it back.

            • Shiloh

              It isn’t an amendment it is a part of the original constitution and it has never been tested. It is uncharted political water an no-one knows what it means. Natural born is pretty clear but this theory that the prohibition extends to anyone who ever had another citizenship is pure speculation and very doubtful. Also, this is a matter for the courts and congress will not block anything.

              • Ferd McBerfle

                It is indeed a matter for the courts. We can’t afford gray areas in qualifications for POTUS.

        • ObamaGoBacktoChicago

          Please give link. I have gone to the fightthesmears site and I cannot find it. Thanks.

          • McKatmoon

            It’s right there at the bottom of the page on the Obama site for fight the smears.

          • PewL

            I bought a National Examiner in Canada yesterday dated Setember 29,and front page headlines reads Obama a Muslim,and shows proof,with the school records..Examiner asks when Obama going to come out of the Closet?I can’t give you a Link,but is the examiner the same as the Enquirer in the states?The school records that were posted here a few months ago is what they have posted in the Examiner,and the records state his name was Barry Soetoro and he was listed as Muslim.
            So who is Obama?I can’t believe this is not important information,going into a huge election..

            • John House

              No, they also sell the Examiner here in the U.S. (as well as the Enquirer). I’ve seen that issue you speak of. Sadly, no one but us NoQers and other PUMAs are paying attention. Interestingly enough, there’s a lot of stuff in the Enquirer that’s actually true.

        • JozefAL

          I’d like to know how Obama (who was born more than a year BEFORE Kenya became independent and could offer “Kenyan citizenship” to anyone who didn’t live IN Kenya at the time) could have had his “Kenyan citizenship” expire. If memory serves, if you DO hold dual citizenship, it does NOT “automatically” expire. One citizenship has to be formally renounced–at least for Americans with dual citizenship who wish to be full American citizens. IOW, if Obama DID hold a dual citizenship, he had to FORMALLY SWEAR his FULL allegiance to only the United States by FORMALLY RENOUNCING the Kenyan citizenship. (Of course, this could all be a moot point since, as I noted, Kenya did not achieve full independence until 1963–as I recall–and could only have afforded “automatic” Kenyan citizenship to those who were LEGAL FULL-TIME RESIDENTS of the Republic of Kenya. Obama’s father would have received such citizenship–assuming he was in Kenya at the time of independence or with the grace period–but if Barry was born in 1961, as his official bio states*, then he would have held NO “Kenyan” citizenship, even if he were born in Kenya. Those born in Kenya, prior to independence, were BRITISH crown subjects**. If Barry was born within the territorial limits of the United States in 1961–in which Hawai’i wa–then it doesn’t matter what nationality his father had, his mother was a US citizen and Barry’s citizenship would be determined under Federal law as that of his mother’s. The same applies to ANY child born in the US of an American mother and foreign national father***.)

          *I’m using Barry’s official biographical info as offered from government sources and NOT his little speech in Selma–in which he announced that his parents had met during the Selma march of 1965.
          **In the United Kingdom (and its overseas colonies and dependencies), one does not have “citizenship” but is a “subject of the Crown”. A few of the dependencies (such as the Channel Islands) have special relationships with the UK which alter the actual terminology but the basic intent remains. It’s notable that some Commonwealth nations (like Australia and Canada) also have no formal “citizenship” for their residents who are deemed officially as “subjects of the Crown”. (Reports do often use “citizen” in these countries instead of “subject” as though the terms are fully interchangeable. Legally, and in practical application, there’s little difference between the two, but when push come to shove, a British Crown subject is generally offered less legal protection than an American citizen.
          ***Under standard circumstances, there’s little difficulty. However, American women have learned, especially in the past couple of decades, that marrying a foreign national who chooses to return to his home country can be deprived of her American citizenship simply by agreeing to the move, and that the couple’s children will not have American citizenship in that country. Then, too, a few years ago, there was an American teenage boy who fled to Israel after being implicated in a murder and claimed dueal citizenship based on his being a Jew. Under Israel’s “right of return” law, there isn’t any point of objection that can hold up this claim, unless the applicant is not a Jew (and it’s a bizarre twist of Israeli law that allows a religious official to make that determination; many applicants have been refused because the religious officials have simply determined the applicants practice the “wrong type” of Judaism–typically, those claiming to be Orthodox Jews are readily admitted, while Conservative and, especially Reformed, Jews are held up or completely denied entry).

    • Ferd McBerfle

      Sounds like you’ve been greened by your master all along, free-dumb.

      • Freedom Fighter

        From the looks of things, Obama should still be eligible, since he is no longer a Kenyan citizen or sworn allegiance. I just don’t understand why he didn’t come out with the facts. I mean John McCain wasn’t born in the US, and that issue has been put to rest.

        • HC

          They covered this during Camp Obama training but maybe you were sleeping during that part of the seminar.

          Obama never comes out with facts. Obama is entitled to be President because he is The One. He isn’t required to produce any additional information or answer any questions. Any attempts to push the issue will be considered racism.

          That clear it up for ya?

        • bemused

          There’s still the matter of his Indonesian citizenship, which is much harder to wiggle out of. He was adopted as a child–the fact that the parents made the decision for him does not change the fact that he would have lost his US citizenship, if he had it, by doing things like using his Indonesian passport as an adult. The Kenyan BC is probably a diversion because Ononotme knows the Repubs have it, so it can’t be denied, and O’s camp would like to direct people to a Kenyan dead-end instead of a possible current immigration violation. Because if he lost his citizenship and didn’t renaturalize (? is this possible) he is an illegal alien.

    • HARP

      Try and keep up.

    • Obama’s Indonesian citizenship is the real problem.

      Kenyan citizenship automatically expired.

      Indonesian did not. He may still have it.

      This issue has nothing to do with where Obama was born. It’s about having dual citizenships (in the past or present), which under Art. II, could make him ineligible based on having “divided loyalties”.

      You can learn more on my blog.

      • Shiloh

        Of course Article II says nothing at all about this and it is hard to believe the courts would rule a candidate ineligible based on a former citizenship when he was US born. If he still holds an Indonesian citizenship than that might be a different story but who thinks that will be proven in a matter of weeks after months of talk and still nothing?

        C’mon people, we need to beat the crap out of Obama based on who he is and what he’s done and hasn’t done. There’s a mountain of material to do that with and we don’t need some citizenship technicality. Show me that Obama used a foreign passport to travel to mecca when he was in college and then I’ll be interested. meanwhile beat him on no experience, corruption, Wright, Farrakahn, his hateful racist wife and all the rest.

        • McKatmoon

          If he makes it to the Office of President, and he is not a citizen, legally, this could end up being an issue that changes how we elect a president. It could change the framework and set a new precedent, given the political climate of letting him get away with every and anything, I don’t think that’s too outrageous to consider.

      • Judy L. NC

        And then there was that passport file incident. . .

      • McKatmoon

        Yes, and the posting of the Kenyan issue on the Fight the Smears site, is a smoke and mirrors tactic away from the real issue as Texas Darlin references above. If that law applied being a citizen by means of parentage in Kenyan, why is it so hard for people not to see the same issue in Indonesia; which isn’t the only issue related to that citizenship.

  • wodiej

    I have not seen nor heard any gay people I know supporting McCain. I have received vulgar, nasty things about Palin. That stopped abruptly when I returned their mail w valid negativities on Obama. I could dismiss someone making a choice to support Obama if for no other reason then their ignorance of what he is really about. But to send me vulgar, talking points wo even doing any research on Palin, no thanks. I don’t need friends like that. I cannot and will not associate w anyone who does not have any higher expectations that that. They likely have none higher than that for themselves.

    • McKatmoon

      My father is an older gay man, in the SF bay area, and there seems to be a split there as well, the older gay people more in support of McCain/Palin. Palin is quite loved.McCain is quite respected.

      • Leisa

        I have a gay uncle in FL. He and his partner are supporting McCain/Palin enthusiastically.

        Here is a link for the Log Cabin Republicans.


        • Many LGBT Democrats are also supporting McCain/Palin.

  • cacky

    http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2008/09/memory_lane_lynching_franklin.html This is the reason we have the financial mess we’re in now. It’s the Democrats folks. Barney Frank is a jerk too!

  • churl

    I concur bart, 30yr, Capt. If you are either gay or female, you would be crazy to support Obama, who apparently hates both groups.

    • Ferd McBerfle

      Obama hates anyone who isn’t for HIM and HIS agenda.

      • Ferd McBerfle

        I should have added to my response, “In addition, Obama…”. Sorry

    • jwrjr

      It is amazing. Obama apparently feels that since voting Republican is unthinkable, women, gays, and caucasians in general will vote for him no matter how much he insults them. It will be my pleasure to make my little contribution towards proving him wrong on Nov. 4.

      • WynterSkye

        Obama thinks “how could you possibly not vote for me?” Of course the only reason he sees is that he has a funny name and doesn’t look like the pictures on our currency.

        • jwrjr

          The appearance that he is not Constitutionally eligible, and the certainty that he is not competent for the job do not enter into it. He makes GWB look like the patron saint of Truth.

  • Lil’ Mike

    Why does this remind me of all the closeted Republicans who outwardly villify Gay-Americans while leading a secretly gay life?

    • Hope Floats! Flush Twice!

      Thank you! HE’S GAY!

      • Ferd McBerfle

        I wonder if his stance is wide, too?

        • btintaos

          As wide as a limo.

          • Ferd McBerfle


      • Hope Floats! Flush Twice!

        And I would respect him more, if he were out of the closet about his sexuality and his Muslim background. He was Muslim in his early youth and hid it from voters. I don’t care, except he lies about everything. His whole life is a lie.

        • I Have a Bracelet Too!

          And let’s face it, life under Shari’a law is no picnic for gay muslims.

          • kevin


            • I Have a Bracelet Too!

              No distinction between sin and law

              The Sharia extends beyond what Westerners consider law. It covers the totality of religious, political, social, including private life and makes no distinction between sin and law.

              Death for practicing homosexuals

              • As of a month ago the Brits have Sharia Law, if we put up with these ‘Obama Truth Squads’ look for it to come here.

                Hate is Hate any way you look at it. As for Douglas Kmiec he should know that it was Mother Teresa a ‘Catholic’ who went to San Francisco to set up the first AIDS hospice and she said nothing about HATE nor about HATING anyone!

                True spiritual leaders lead by example not by FEAR and HATE. True spiritual leaders lead by service to humanity, not by crushing humanity and flaming hate. Obama is about Obama, that is why he forgot to mention Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by name during his acceptance speech and simply said ‘The Preacher’ and he didn’t mention Rosa Parks a woman leader at all… Before you follow, see what the leader has done and see if he dares to mention or give credit to others. If its all about him, he won’t take care of YOU or your loved ones!

        • wonderwoman

          I agree, I have no problem with muslims but don’t try to pretend. The guy will barely acknowledge he has Muslims in his family.

          • I have no issues with muslims, but I don’t want anyone’s religious beliefs to rule my life, especially if they are restrictive of women and their freedoms.

            • wonderwoman

              Do you think Obama would bring about Shria law. That’s a little extreme don’t ya think. Although I do think he would be just like GWB in office. He would be to the hard left what Bush is to the hard right. I think the guy has had such a messed up upbrining he doesn’t identify with any race or culture. He has no core. At least muslims know who they are.

              • My question back at ya is: DO YOU THINK HE WOULD SET UP ‘OBAMA TRUTH SQUADS’? HE DID…HE REALLY DID!

                Since the Brits let Sharia Law in, I am asking every person running for office if they support this, it is not just about BO. As a woman I see it as a threat to all women.

      • ObamaGoBacktoChicago

        Who cares if he is gay. I just hate the fact that he tries to hide everything. I think he was in a gay relationship with his Pakistani roommate in New York. Don’t you think it is rather strange that not one woman has ever come forward to say that she even had a one night stand with Obama. Come on, it was during the time coke was the drug and one night stands were common. You mean not one woman would come forward to say she was with him. He says he stopped using coke before he went to New York but his Pakistani roommate was a heavy coke user.

        Obama you are a liar. Why don’t you own your life. Why no details about his life with his Pakistani roommate in New York other than what he writes in his books. His Pakistani roommate will not talk and has been instructed to keep quiet by the Obama campaign.

        Obama has been on the down low for a long time. I believe that is why he keeps his distance from the Gay community. He does not want it to come out that he is bisexual. If he is around gays very much they get his vibe and he does not want that to happen.

        My sister is gay and I swear she can tell if someone is gay almost always when she meets them. How do you think Obama would do in a room full of gay men. There is a reason he stays away.

        • Irish1139

          I wish in addition to Sinclair some other male would come out and say they had been with Obama. Of course, maybe his other partners have all been killed off. I just wish there was one more male that could back up Sinclair. And it is not that I care, it would just prove that Obama is a huge liar.

        • mimi

          Yeah, as someone who grew up with a gay man and is friends with a lesbian who came out when we were in our 20s, I sensed almost immediately that 0bama was gay. Personally, I don’t believe in bisexuality, but that’s another discussion entirely. I realize that a lot of people feel that to discuss this is off base. I might agree if it were not for 0bama’s numerous other lies. So this is not off limits to me.

          I, too, find it extraordinary, that not one female has stepped forward. I believe the white woman he mentions in his book is a fiction. There is no such woman. He’s using racism as an excuse for downplaying it, i.e., the reaction many whites would have as well as AAs who might hold it against him. I’d make book on it that there is no ex-Caucasian woman in his life.

          But even if there were, he married at 32, what in the hell was he doing the rest of the time??? He wants us to believe he was celibate?

          Oh please!

          And no girlfriends in high school either? Who did he take to the prom? If McCain and Palin have prom pictures they should put them up on their website and make no comment about it, other than they want to share a bit of their own personal history.

          For heaven’s sake, even some 70-something woman from McCain’s past, a former ballerina came forward as the woman in McCain’s bio.

          Where are the women in 0bama’s life???? And I’m not talking about Michelle and his daughters.

          I’m shocked that the Hollywood community can stand behind a candidate like this. And that so many young people are being so willfully ignorant of how 0bama feels about the gay community. And as usual, no one in the msm is covering this.

          I also think the gay community is being more silent about this than they should be.

    • Leisa

      Obama does seem to want to avoid any affiliation with LGBT Americans in the most unusual way.

      I think that, just as the Democratic Party claimed to be the party for women and has proven that it is not, now it also seems to have abandoned LGBT Americans.

      • Judy L. NC

        What was black is now white, what was up is now down.

        • Mr. Natural

          What was FISA is now the best we can get.

    • Notice I type the phrase “compulsively repeated” in the title.

  • 30yrdem-not any more

    Covering truth squad on Fox.

    • Jackie

      I was about to post the same thing. Go FOX.

      • 30yrdem-not any more

        She is going after the Obama camp.

        • vinnie

          sorry, who’s she??

      • Ferd McBerfle

        Just saw it. The Governor was not amused and mentioned violations of federal law and that he thought that this situation could be investigated.

        • 30yrdem-not any more

          She had the letter that they sent out going after TV stations…she knows what they were up to. and yes it should be investigated.

          • Ferd McBerfle

            Prior restraint comes to mind and perhaps RICO. These anti-democratic neo-maoists need to be taken to court.

            • Mr. Natural

              Looks like Obama is auditioning for the next Gonzales.

  • bart

    This campaign has truly been amazing. The Democratic party has done things I never would have believed. I cannot support this party. I hope the LGBT community makes a lot of noise on their own behalf.

  • 30yrdem-not any more

    That is what I like about Palin…she does not push her beliefs off on others…she goes against her own Party if she has to….She is for ALL people…not just a party…I see McCain in the same way…look what he has done…

  • Capt Howdy

    this is the main reason I want Obama to lose even though I dont necessarily want McCain to win.

    • mary

      Capt Howdy

      Well put! No dilemmatic decision here at all. It’s between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumbo.
      The best candidate is not even in the running.
      And it was HIllary who told an audience of LGBT last year that her proposal is for a Home Onwership Loan Corp.—and guess what? Kennethy Galbraith himself wrote something similar in last Thursday’s WashingPost!!!

      Hillary was the best–especially in these trying times. The warmonger and the hopey-dopey Obamyopic just can’t cut it…..