This is an open thread. Check the Asian markets– which are now open — via CNBC. I hear it’s down 450. [Update: C-Span 1 is carrying the House session, which is still going on as of 9:30 p.m. PT. House members are debating the bill, and new rules that would aid quick passage.]

Then, let’s contemplate a comparison, a possibility — especially you who have tonight gazed at Larry Johnson’s profoundly soul-wrenching photographs of the graves of those who gave their lives so long ago and who we know were heroes. We never knew them. We can never thank them. But bless them for what they did for us.

Let us compare those heroes, long silent, to another man’s history, to Bill Ayers for whose cause many died (but not as heroes). A man who has been closely associated with Barack Obama for over two decades, not just in Chicago but also who lived within a shout of Obama in New York City during Obama’s secretive years at Columbia University (those years which Obama rarely writes about or recalls). A man who but for a freak accident would have killed, with utter cruelty and for no good reason, more of our nation’s heroes:

The Ayers-Weatherman Terrorist Attack as It Might Have Happened

“Just some guy in the neighborhood” who almost blew up the Fort Dix NCO Club.

In less than the blink of an eye, the blast of eight tightly-bound sticks of dynamite shattered the brittle wooden shell of the building hastily constructed during the Second World War, adding jagged splinters and rusting nails to the shrapnel that ripped through cheap tables and chairs, taffeta and chiffon, uniforms, and flesh.

Before the concussive shock waves reverberated off nearby buildings, half a dozen human beings closest to the outside wall of the NCO Club became mist.

The roof, lifted skyward by the explosion and suddenly absent a supporting wall as it returned to earth, crashed down on the dead and dying. Leaking bottles from the shattered bar fed the rapidly spreading flames, and deafened, dazed and bleeding survivors crawled or stumbled towards escape in ones and twos.

As soldiers from nearby buildings ran to help the bleeding and burned, a carefully-crafted 12″ pipe-bomb studded with roofing nails hidden in a nearby trash can went off, turning rescuers into additional victims.

Just outside Fort Dix confused onlookers sat in stunned amazement, as a pair of nondescript young women nervously laughed and counted ambulances for a half hour before losing count and heading back to the townhouse in Greenwich Village. The message had been sent.

Though he would have no way of knowing it at the time, the Weatherman’s attack on the non-commissioned officer’s dance would stand as the deadliest act of terrorism on U.S. soil for 25 years, 1 month, and 13 days, until Timothy McVeigh drove into Oklahoma City and infamy.

Of course, that isn’t how history unfolded.

Instead of counting ambulances as a measure of their handiwork on the night of March 6, 1970, a dazed and panicking Kathy Boudin was running from police, and the remains of Diana Oughton were scattered in the rubble of the townhouse basement, as the bomb she was helping build went off, killing her, Terry Robbins, and Theodore Gold.

A careless movement, inadvertent twitch, poor design, or perhaps an act of God stopped the Weathermen from carrying out their attempt to dramatically and lethally escalate their war against the United States. … (Read all.)

And now, an open thread:

  • American Woman

    I tried to post this the other night but for some reason it didn’t post…

    Student is arrested for asking questions about Brezenski role in Obama campaign.

    • educatedwhitewoman

      Wow, between this outrage, the disgraceful attempts to squelch free speech in Missouri, attempts to silence the NRA, outlawing any signs at an Obama rally on a North Carolina university campus, the constant refrain by Obama surrogates over the airwaves that everyone is “lying” about Obama with no one challenging them, it’s clear that Obama and his campaign have studied the tactics of Alinsky and Hitler and are putting them into action.

  • lisa in va

    Does McCain really have a chance of winning this election with the biased MSM? I thought so, but Obama seems to be gaining ground. This is so frustrating. I’ve never really cared who one before. I’ve always felt that so long as it was a fair election, then whatever the majority wants, so be it. But the press coverage has been so lopsided on this election (and now that my eyes are open, I guess lopsided on many issues over many years). There is no way this can be a fair election. I comfort myself by saying that the moderates and independents don’t tend to follow blindly & will seek out the truth; but the polls after the debate aren’t showing that, are they?

    For me this election is no longer about McCain vs Obama. Its about honesty and integrity and equal fairness in the MSM. Presidents come and go, but if we don’t deal with the MSM, then we are screwed.

    Its rather funny, in a sad sick twisted way. Our founding fathers were so worried about the outside influence of foreign powers on our politics. Turns out that the greatest threat to our democracy is an unbridled, biased, self-interested, elitist main stream media. Ben Franklin must be turning over in his grave.

    If McCain & the RNC have any hidden ammo, they had better get it out fast. Because if I’m getting sick to my stomach, I’m sure others are as well.

    • Does McCain have a chance? Yes.

      But its not the biased MSM thats the main concern at the moment, no matter how they want to skew polls and claim obama leads by 6 points when the sample consists of 39% dems 32% independants and 28% republicans and an over sampling of african americans.

      You would think with a disparity of 11% in dems versus republicans they would have more than a 6 point advantage in such skewed polls.

      The main concern is election fraud compliments of acorn and the many pod people that work for them.

      Make sure all your dead relatives are not registered to vote this year or they will be voting for Obama multiple times, by early voting, by absentee and by walk in.

    • HC

      McCain has a chance if people go to the polls and vote for him.

      I will be doing so in VA, and I hope you will too. We cannot be the only two Virginians who feel this has gone too far.

      • lisa in va

        Yeah I’m voting. I just called the Repub office to get a McPalin sign for the yard.

        The polls are just disheartening. Maybe that is their purpose? To make us feel that casting our vote is a waste of time?

        • requiredreading

          Lisa in VA: Commenter last night explained some of the biased polling techniques. Some include a “bias” assuming a greater Democratic turnout at the polls. Given that a) this may be a false assumption and that b) many Democrats will vote Republican this time around, a lot of the polling results don’t reflect actual attitudes. So – chin up, the polls you hear about could well be completely off base….

  • educatedwhitewoman

    Check out this article on Obama and his campaign finance manager. I can only hope that the McCain campaign or perhaps some 527’s get the truth out about Obama and Penny Pritzker:

    Some excerpts:

    Which makes it all the more significant that Barack Obama has posted on his campaign website a naive and ignorant defense* of his campaign finance chair, Penny Pritzker, concerning her key leadership involvement in the largest bank failure in the 18 years between the last great banking crisis (the 1980s S&L debacle) and today’s even-more-massive banking crisis. The excuses, misdirections, and spin Senator Obama offers in defense of this billionaire failed bank executive are Pritzker spin from start to finish, and expose Obama’s profound inability to understand why banks fail and how to keep banks safe.
    * * *

    Seldom has the special access of the wealthy into the inner deliberations of a Presidential candidate been more clearly exposed by the candidate himself. Just as the press is “in the tank” for Obama, Obama is in the tank for Pritzker. And a man in the tank for Pritzker cannot keep our banks safe.

    A Presidential candidate serious about understanding why banks fail ought to read the conclusions of the United States Department of Justice concerning the failure of the bank run by his own campaign fundraiser, before promoting that failed bank executive’s spin on his official campaign website for millions of Americans to be tricked by.

  • Concerned Citizen
  • beebop

    I just picked this up at Realclearpolitics … it says that ACORN is still in … does anyone know for sure?

    IN review of the bill I faound this (amoung a lot of other stuff:

    TRANSFER OF A PERCENTAGE OF PROFITS.— (1) DEPOSITS.—Not less than 20 percent of any profit realized on the sale of each troubled asset purchased under this Act shall be deposited as provided in paragraph (2).
    (2) USE OF DEPOSITS.—Of the amount referred to in paragraph (1)— (A) 65 percent shall be deposited into the Housing Trust Fund established under section 1338 of the Federal Housing Enterprises Regulatory Reform Act of 1992 (12 U.S.C. 4568); and
    (B) 35 percent shall be deposited into the Capital Magnet Fund established under section 1339 of that Act (12 U.S.C. 4569).

    The ACORN slush fund is Still In the bill. I repeat, the ACORN/La Raza slush fund has NOT been removed as was detailed yesterday.

    This is all we need. I vote NO, we haven’t fixed the problem and we are funding criminal enterprises.

    END of Review – let the house burn

    • Where do you see this info Beebop? Link>

      • beebop

        It was a comment at Realclearpolitics … so that is why I came here. You guys are always up on this.

    • ybnormal

      I can’t speak for Realclearpolitics, but this language is NOT in the current version of the bill.

      Some folks are looking for links. Try this…the actual bill; go to
      a little slow today, no surprise

      It’s an Acrobat .pdf file, in which anyone can search for key words, phrases. Easier if you just download the file and search on your own computer.

      Section 110 is Assistance to Homeowners

  • Can Obama be any more full of SHIT? He’s taking full credit for the finance rescue, and saying McCain deserves none.

    Obama: “None of those were in the president’s provisions. They are identical to the things I called for the day that (Treasury) Secretary (Henry) Paulson released his package,”

    He did not call for any provisions until AFTER McCAIN. And then, just like he did with Hillary, he parroted McCain’s proposal.

    Obama: “We have to remember how we got here, not so much to allocate blame as to understand the choices that are going to face the next president,” he said. And I think the next president has to come in with a very strong package of reforms.”

    Obama & Company have been AGAINST REFORMS because they have been in the pocket and taking payola from the failed institutions.

    Remember McCain’s SB190? Why did Obama and his fellow lawmakers oppose those reforms? Obama and his looter friends claimed there was nothing wrong with Fannie and Freddie.

    Obama will have another chance to vote for McCain’s reforms when McCain is President.

    • The Main Stream Media should be ashamed of its self. SO in the tank that this fucktard can sit in front of them and bold face lie and know he can get away with it.

      This is the kind of Media a dictator has, not the kind the united states of america deserves.

      Main Stream media, none of you deserve to be spit on if you came running down the street with your hair on fire.

      • Perry Logan

        I stopped listening to the MSM in the 90s, when any piece of crap any right-wing degenerate said about Bill Clinton was headline news the next day.

        • Good thing the degenerates all turned into democrats this election season.

          Were they not calling Bill a racist just recently?

          My memory is kind of foggy……

      • pd

        Hey, that #&%tard was POW…have some respect.

    • Kal

      Here is the same package, released on Sept. 19 by McCain — three days ahead of BO’s claimed ‘first’ release of these points on Sept. 22:

  • Lisa

    Hillary is an ASSET to my State. I live close to Fort Drum , NY and she has visited the Army Base many times and always gave full support of our troops. She puts the interests of all New Yorkers first, not just those that reside in NYC.
    I agree with you. I would have loved to see her as President.

  • wodiej

    I woke up this morning and re-read the previous post about our honorable and courageous war veterans from years past. My Daddy was in Korea. I read through some of the posts by an Obama supporter and all I can say is I prayed last night for God to have mercy on your soul.

    Anyone who thinks it is ok and/or excuses Obama’s close association w Bill Ayers who is an unrepentent domestic terrorist who got away w murdering many innocent soldiers and people, truly should fear for the infinite existence of their soul. While I disagree w George Bush on many things, his incompetence, his illegal Presidency, etc., I am not going to punish our country by voting for and supporting someone else not only as inept but even more dangerous in Barack Obama.

    I feel there are many unanswered questions about Iraq and probably will never know. Bush sent many innocent men and women to fight a war without assuring the American people of it’s validity. But I am certainly not going to trust Barack Obama to get us out. No military experience, no executive experience and a minister who preaches from the pulpit “God Damn America”.

    Parents from the 60’s have brought in a new generation of people who think it is ok to be violent even though that is what they are screaming about is wrong. They scream and protest about a wrongful war while they try to repress free speech, cheat at the voting booth, manipulate and intimidate even the elderly and use vulgar, foul and nasty language. All you really stand for is how this country is free for all even the ones who don’t appreicate or have any idea what it means to live in this country. Your hatred and criticisms show how truly ignorant you are.

    • pd

      Not supporting Ayers, but who did he murder? No one. People involved in the group after he left blew themselves up, karma on them. But you shouldn’t be complaining about liars while practicing the same.

      • beebop

        Sorry. Your thinking is flawed. No one died through pure luck and poor execution. The planning fully intended that there be deaths. Wake up. You’re a half a load short.

        • pd

          Again, not defending Ayers, but simple question, who did he murder?

          • One of the wetherman under his leadership and instruction died when a bomb they were making exploded.

            Or don’t they teach you modern history of your leaders and the men they associate with at camp koolaid numbnuts?

            Seriously, gtfo and get an education.

            Stupid Trolls. You would think with all the undocumented sub 200 dollar contributions flowing in from gaze Bacrackhead Obullshit could afford to actually train his internet trolls.

            • pd

              so, you just repeated what I had already posted about the weathermen being their own victims. Like I said, serves ’em right. read the posts before you get in a slather, I’ll bet your screen has spittle all over it.

              • yes my screen has spittle on it from laughing hysterically at what a total idiot you are.

                You keep getting your ass handed to you on this thread but you keep coming back for more.

                Is working as one of barry’s ignorant blog trolls really a better job than flipping burgers? Its about the same rate of pay, but it seems you take a lot more mental beating here than you would at McDonalds.

                • Sally

                  Howdy Jeremiah God Damn Barack Amerikkka Wright.

                  WRT PD, one needs some residual intelligence and conscience to acknowledge a brighter idea when it is spoken/written….PD is a brainless, animal who thinks Obama will pay for his trailor rent and food….what do you expect from and animal conditioned to jump when carrot is dangled in front of his face?

                  That’s what I meant earlier in our discussion: let the Collectivist/atheist zealots chip away at the moral fabric until none is left….and presto brown-shirt idiots are what you get.

                  why do you think they’ve been attacking even the most mild aspects of morality and religion for 40+ years? This country is becoming an idiot factory just like any other collectivist state.

                  • Sally, I dont know what to say.

                    For the first time in my adult life, i am scared for my country.

                    • No let me rephrase that.

                      For the first time in my adult life I am really truly and deeply afraid for my country. I truly believe the rise of these fascists threatens the very foundations of our great union.

                      Those who do not value freedom, are not willing to fight for freedom, are not willing to die for their freedoms do not deserve it.

                      May god have mercy on our souls if Barack Obama is elected.

                    • Sally

                      You are not alone…I come from a former Soviet dominated country….and escaped. I love my freedom and I love my country the USA deep down in the gut kind of love.

                      Know that you are not alone….I am very very frightened…and I am surprise how many American just take these freedoms for granted…they think horrors cannot happen here! Even when its occuring right under their noses. Such people don’t deserve this country…and certainly won’t deserve the loyalty of those who invariably end up fighting and putting their lives on the line to protect THEM…..those stupid low life, uneducated, unsophisticated, nazi Marines/military eh?

                      TRy to keep you spirits up….America needs you to keep educating and shaking these brain-dead idiots out of their dangerous trance….great Job!

                      What is great is that finally non-corrupt thoughtful Democrats are having civil conversations with conservative….you see we have much more in common than the MSM would have anyone believe….those rats are responsible for positioning us at each others throats over the stupidest things. The most important similarity we have in common is our desire to see America prosper, be strong, and our desire to see threats to our democracy destroyed.

                      Peace to you all

      • lark

        Yes you are supporting Ayers. You are a Ayerite.

  • More expectations game from the Obama campaign, so I think the “Biden wins” article are written as well

  • Lisa

    This election is not over, and I take heart that the Silent Majority is out there.
    The Silent Majority in this election will be the 1/3 Democrats, Half Independents and all the Republicans that SeatlleMoss described.
    We’re the ones not being spoon-fed by the MSM, Hollywood and the extreme Leftist Thugs who are already claiming victory.
    Off the topic a bit…
    There was a petition to ask our state representatives to look into allegations that Obama violated the Logan Act when he visited Iraq in July.
    I live in New York State, and I signed the petition. Out of my three representatives, Sen. Charles Schumer (D), Sen. Hillary Clinton (D), and Congressman John McHue (R), the only one to reply back to me (twice) was Sen. Clinton. Sadly she is not the Candidate that could have easily won this election and put the interests of the people first. On the other hand, I am happy because she is still my Senator.

    • VMorris

      Lisa-You are lucky to have Hillary as your Senator. I would have loved to have her as my President. I am seriously contemplating moving to New York.

    • Senator clinton is being targetted at her next election cycle by the obama people.

      They want her out of office.

      Make sure you volunteer and work for her.

      • lark

        Senator Clinton is toast now. In the Senate she’ll be a nobody. Barack will see to it. In NY after this bailout she’ll be public enemy number one, since this bailout bill will depress markets, slower credit to a trickle, accelerate foreclosure rates, institute HOPE as the number one method to obtain a mortgage, and raise real estate property prices higher than they have been. All in one little 2008 Act.

  • John Smith

    I read that Michel Obama showed up at FAMU in Florida, FAMU is a Black Collage in Tallahassee, she only got 8000 people to show up to the rally. In 2004 There were over 10,000 who showed up for Edwards. So things are not as they seem. About the white women. McCain still has a 2 point lead over Obama as of last week. So I would not be overly concerned over that.


    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Democrat Barack Obama’s presidential campaign blitzed bars and advocates for the homeless have lined up vans to ferry potential voters from shelters.

    The prize could be thousands of traditionally elusive voters in hard-fought Ohio who would have the chance to register and vote on the same day — if the courts don’t intervene.

    One-stop voting, scheduled for Tuesday through Oct. 6, would be especially convenient for those Democratic-leaning voters who have traditionally had trouble getting to the polls. It’s a reality not lost on two parties locked in a tight race four years after President Bush’s 118,000-vote victory in Ohio gave him a second term.

    “The populations that we focus on, the lower income and minority populations, move more often,” said Teresa James, an attorney working in northeast Ohio for Project Vote, which pushes for greater voting participation. “They’re also more likely to have jobs that aren’t flexible in terms of voting.”

    • pd

      What is the minimum income threshold to vote? And if any of those homeless happen to be veterans? Better to make it more difficult to vote right? How many of them are senior citizens that just can’t make it on Social Security?

      • lark

        The problem is not that they vote. They should vote. But not vote twice or three times. Which would be the other extreme.

      • PKJAYNE

        One-stop voting, scheduled for Tuesday through Oct. 6, would be especially convenient for those Democratic-leaning voters who have traditionally had trouble getting to the polls. It’s a reality not lost on two parties locked in a tight race four years after President Bush’s 118,000-vote victory in Ohio gave him a second term.

        The one stop voting concerns me. Democrats have always offered rides to the polls for the infirm or elderly on voting day. ONE STOP VOTING is not the answer here.

        • pd

          Well, Republicans have had 8 years to fix the voting system, they certainly know how things can get suspicious. Could it be that both parties’ tricks cancel out?

          • I know dead people can vote democratic, but this is proof that brain dead morons can post on the internetz.

            • pd

              it’s easy….all the tubes of the internets are part of my life support

              • You make a strong case for assisted euthenasia.

                Let me be the first to offer to disconnect your feeding tube.

                We can use the creamed corn wasted on you for ethanol.

                • pd

                  but euthenasia is what socialists do….I knew you had it in you….