January 19, 2008:

The Obama campaign has had a deliberate strategy of calling the Clinton campaign racist and the media has allowed itself to be led along. Obama himself confessed to this strategy in the Nevada debate when shown a copy of a campaign memo directing campaign workers to use race-bating to defame Hillary Clinton.

January 27, 2008:

Please, just fuck off. Bill Clinton made exactly the right point and Obama’s defenders are playing into the worst of the Right-wing racist tropes, that there is something tainted about successful black candidates who get majority black support.

January 28, 2008:

I’ve spent a good amount of time here on this blog defending HRC against bogus claims of racism, and I’ve smacked The Golden One around for engaging in his own race-baiting, trying to milk liberal white guilt for all it is worth.

There is no person, no campaign, no victory that can justify deliberate use of racial divisions. Leave it to the Republicans to immolate themselves on the pyre of racism come November.

February 2, 2008:

Then begins the long slog towards South Carolina, with the media, the blogosphere and Obama’s campaign screaming at every turn that the Clintons are racists.

March 31, 2008:

My point here is not to promote the Clintons (though I think they deserve it), but to emphasize the way in which they are demonized by their own party. They become the embodiment of the old South, the unrepentant, segregationist South, just as northern blue collar voters who challenge the party orthodoxy are labeled Archie Bunkers.

April 5, 2008:

Here is the challenge to the Democrats – how to cease treating working class whites the eternal “Other” of the party, the roadblock to fulfilling the promise of the nation, and seriously address the ways in which the party will help all Americans live their lives with dignity.

April 28, 2008:

I have seen it put cynically (hell, I have put it cynically myself) that Obama was just promising the (mostly white) comfortable class of the party that he wouldn’t insist on looking at those nasty claims of justice if they would just elect a black dude and redeem their souls.

May 2, 2008

The assault on the Clintons has no basis in policy or political philosophy. It is an attack on uppity white trash who dares to succeed in the world without assimilating into the ruling elite, and for the added insult of being adored by the nation precisely for their common connections.

May 4, 2008:

Hannah Arendt, my favorite political theorist, has been excoriated as a racist for pointing out that integration and post-racial sociality is not such a big deal when the person being integrated is already part of your socio-economic class, remains a numerical minority within your enclave, and is no threat to your social standing or economic power.

May 6, 2008:

Obama’s campaign is certainly doing pernicious race-baiting, but mostly to initimidate critics and shame wavering white voters.

May 8, 2008:

What I’m seeing is an amplified, exaggerated perversion of the lessons, biases and attitudes I encountered in my very liberal college education, things that resonate with me in strange ways, playing on the way I learned to see the world as divided into evil whites, good whites and the oppressed Others we good whites had to free from the evil whites.

May 18, 2008:

I don’t see the Hillary campaign saying a bad word about the voters, even those who vote for her opponents. I don’t see the campaign explaining away their losses because of some flaw or failing in the voters.

May 21, 2008:

Failure to create the conditions under which vast majority of the party will have no doubts that he will serve the interests of the party and be protective of those who dissent from him will leave not just Obama but the party itself in dire straits in the months to come. Riverdaughter has a brilliant post up on The Confluence. You need to go read it all beause it is good in every regard

May 23, 2008:

I’m reading the reports on the mendacious attacks the Bogger Boyz are making on Hillary by completely perverting her comments about RFK.

Rather than weigh in on the current idiocy (which is being handled very nicely by Riverdaughter & Co. over on the Confluence. If you have not read that blog, stop, go there, read and bookmark. I’ll be here when you’re done.)

May 31, 2008:

1. I am not saying in any way shape or form that Larry Johnson is lying about the existence of some video of Michelle Obama. Please. Larry would not do that. A video of some kind exists.

2. If you read his posts closely, Larry does not claim to have seen the video in question himself. I may have missed a post where he did state this, but in the posts I have read, he does not. He was very clear that he has spoken to at least two people who do not know each other, who he trusts completely, and who have attested to the existence of a video.

September 24, 2008:

When Democratic women say “The Obama camp has run a sexist, mysogynistic campaign,” we are told we’re wrong, no such thing, there was not any sexism there, except maybe some from Tweety. When Democratic women say, “No, it’s not his race, it’s his lack of commitment to the programs that matter to us,” we are told that, no, we’re all just racist bitches, and that it’s our fault if he doesn’t win.

September 16, 2008:

The ultimate shadow of Reagan is that you don’t win by defending losers, only by securing the interests of the winners. That is the dark heart beating in the chest of the Unity Democrats. They are done with the losers.

May 2, 2008:

It is the deep guilt of the liberal upper class that we know, every last miserable one of us, that our privilege is due to centuries of white supremacy and to the informal, unspoken, but pervasive advantage our skin color and behavioral patterns gives us in this society. It is our Moby Dick, the whale we pursue obsessively through political seas, frantic to have material proof that we are innocent of the crimes of our nation.

  • Justin

    Anglachel has a post up pointing out how she has de-linked No Quarter and the Confluence because of the racist bullshit being spewed. Amen, Anglachel! Hey Larry, whatever happened to the whitey tape? Wake up people! I know not everyone here is consciously prejudiced but the authors here are Republicans leading you up the garden path.

    • http://budwhite.wordpress.com/ Bud White

      You’re wrong.

      No Quarter is incredibly diverse, consisting of gays and straights, African Americans and whites, Democrats,Republicans, and independents, and feminists all. Many of us, like myself, came to the Democratic Party because of its commitment to Civil Rights. Most of us are staunch supporters of Hillary Clinton, and most of us are incredibly angry at how the nomination of given to Obama. We’re upset at the way Hillary and Bill Clinton were treated by Obama and the media. Speaking for myself only, I am a liberal Democrat of the FDR/JFK/WJC persuasion. I see Obama as an opportunistic politician who is less qualified than Sarah Palin and who uses sexism and race-baiting to divide the New Deal coalition.

  • http://IthinkIfeel... Tricia Spiegel

    Good collection!!!

  • luvtruth

    dear bud: I forgot to thank you in my previous post for doing the hard work of gathering these quotes which speak for themselves. This is truly important work and you are appreciated.

  • Eurogirl70

    What I find most interesting is that Anglachel would accuse those on this site of spewing and parroting so-called “right-wing” talking points, when all primary we had to hear so-called “progressives” spewing right wing talking points from the 90’s against the Clinton’s

    How is that for spin!

  • Ani


    This is fabulous. Thank you for the round up of Anglachel’s many quotes on this subject.

    It is sad that she has started spouting unfair and baseless commentary.

  • vee

    I am starting to see people I know fall who do not like Obama. They are now ready to vote for him. The propaganda war run by the MSM is working, surprise.

    This election is a fulfillment of George Orwell’s warnings about big brother. Unfortunately, I don’t think most people really know what Orwell was writing about.

  • sayitisntso

    Hi Newhamster, I just registered at your site.


    I was happy as pigs in mud, reading Anglachel, UNTIL on Aug. 9, she posted her take on the Edward’s scandal.

    Not that I excused Edwards on any possible stretch of the imagination, but I was jarred by her over the top anger which you will observe if you reread the post.

    Bemused is right, she’s PTSD, in my view also. I stopped reading her after that extreme piece of writing which implied personal experiences only partially explained. There’s no purpose to that in serious writing.

    Noquarterusa and The Confluence remain my respected sources of opinion. The lows referred to in the your above piece are from somebody without much of a foundation in literary integrity, which is worse than just implying she gradually slipped down to a racial zeitgeist with the past few weeks or days.

    Thanks, Bud

  • karen for Clinton – 2012

    I’ve been coming to this site every day for a year.

    That’s how I know it isn’t racist. If it was I would be the first person to leave after telling everybody off loud and clear.

    Do we occasionally get an unknown poster at random who comes by to place a racist comment? Sure we do, but donuts to dollars it is the obots trying to make the regular poster look bad.

    The person to blame for the damage to race relations (and women’s rights) is obama himself, not NQ.

    NQ rocks. Thanks for telling the truth and helping us all through the incredible loss of democracy we watched happen with our own eyes during the primaries and especially at the RBC meeting.

    We are the witnesses to his crimes.

  • DanL

    O.T. Bill O’Reilly goes OFF in an interview tonight on his show with BARNEY FRANKS..tune in for the fireworks 8pm E.T. LMAO

  • http://www.partizane.com NewHampster

    Ya know. This place is great because we do have all types. NoQuarter is not an echo chamber, it is a microcosm of America. We have wingers, lefties, left over Clintonistas and bamadriod trolls.

    Anglachel is going through what so many have. They are like ex smokers (me too). Ex smokers are always the most obnoxious because we have so much to make up for.

    When a former free person finally succumbs and is assimilated by the bamasphere they feel a need to lash out against what they were because they cannot stand to reminded how free they once were.

    • http://www.partizane.com NewHampster

      And did I forget to remind people that we have real live chat tonight during the debate. Just get yer butt over to Partizane.com

    • Perry Logan

      This place is great because we do have all types. NoQuarter is not an echo chamber, it is a microcosm of America. We have wingers, lefties, left over Clintonistas and bamadriod trolls.

      But I’m pretty sure there has been a large influx of wingers in the comments section. Not complaining, just noting.

      Apparently, right-wingers live in a state of suspended animation. I’ve heard things at NQ lately that I haven’t heard for at least 20 years. I’ve heard folks talking about how the Democratic candidate is part of a secret communist takeover that the rest of the world can’t see. Swear to God.

      I’ve heard guys talking about dirty hippies and people talking about how we need tax breaks to stimulate the economy. I’ve seen condemnations of the evil liberals, who want to bring socialism upon our land. It’s hilarious—like Wingnutstan here.

      The Horror Story of Obama’s Fans, starring moi:

  • benny

    B.S. Sarah Palin didnt have an ivy-league education like most presidents. she is a normal woman and a mom. she understands our probs. let the elitist idiots spin it however they can. but I believe in that woman. period.

  • Windy


    This may be out of context, and it is the Spectator, but I just know that he is not getting all his money legally.

    • LookingForwardTo2012

      Now I suppose the powers that be are in the tank for O. We wouldn’t want to ruin a cheater’s chance to be Prez, now would we.

  • LookingForwardTo2012

    Bud, I visit your site every day. Thanks for putting this list together. I just really have to wonder about her thought process!!!

  • jdona

    I think we are going to see a swell of the “silent majority” from the old Nixon days in November. I don’t know of anyone in my immediate circle that is voting for Obama, and these aren’t people who get on the computer and blog or read the news online. They go about their business, work, raise the kids, go to soccer games, and mow the lawns. There are millions more like them, that have already made up their minds and don’t pay attention to the commercials, the polls or anything else. I really do think McCain is going to win this. But I also don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. We don’t have much to choose from. That is the really pathetic reality we have to live with.

    • JP49

      “I really do think McCain is going to win this. But I also don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.”

      What? McCain is a patriot. A man with a clear view and love for America and its people. If thats not good for America I don’t know what it.

    • Blue Dolphin

      Believe me, Anything is better than an Obama opresidency.

      Just look at what he will bring to the White House…all those Chicago combine rattlesnakes…to keep him company.

      McCain is the best thing for this country…remember, he survived torture in an Hanoi prison because he said he “fell in love with his country” when he was in prison for 5.5 years…and it was that “love for country” which probably kept him alive to be able to eventually return to his country.

      I sincerely believe that although McCain is also a member of the same political party as Bush, he is absolutely not of the same mettle or fabric as the Bush company.

      Frankly, McCain to me is a breath of fresh air, a window finally opening out to the world that we can enjoy.

      This is a big nation which Bush has trashed pretty much, and it will take “years” to rectify that trashing.

      The only one I can think of with sufficient courage and strength to get through the first four years of this election is John McCain…not so speak of the next four years.

      Duty, Honor, Country First.

    • workingclass artist

      I think the devisiveness and rancor bothers a lot of people…whether they are republican…democrat…or independent. There is a shameful and frightening madness to the whole thing. Barky and his campaign have set back race relations 40 years and the democratic leadership have abandoned their principles…imho
      The MSM have lost even the illusion of scruples…THIS IS THE FACE OF CYNICISM

  • NoTrollZone

    Time to turn in you sword anglachel. You no longer deserve to wield it.
    The pen too Anglachel.

  • Anonymus

    RNC raised a record $66 million in September

  • http://www.rgemonitor.com/roubini-monitor/253818/roubini_sees_silent_run_on_banks_urges_triage_bloomberg_radio_interview ablebodied

    I swear, the worst aren’t the Klansmen, or the skinheads, or the good ole boys, it’s the motherf123ers who have yet to see the true and heinous f12ckedupedness of racism in full effect. They talk about it as if it’s just an idea that if it’s judged badly enough or yelled about loudly enough, even when it’s not here/there and now but might have/has been, that they are doing something about it. They are just making it harder for the actual times when I am profiled racially, overhear some sh1t at work ridiculing my attempts to move up professionally, can’t get a f123ing cab after sundown, etc., f123ing, etc.

    When I need help to fight that s123, and I gotta pick my battles carefully, who’s gonna step up to bat with me when the only response is going to be, ‘Oh, boy, another n12324 accompanied by racism fighting white knight(lawyer) claiming racsim again’, and have my very real complaints dismissed as easy as claims of another UFO sighting.

    Fighting for something means risking and possibly sacrificing something. These racism fighters need to…f124ing learn that by experience, not by reading a book about people who actually did and imagining they’re fighting the good fight just cause they ‘feel’ how they feel.

    You all are not helping me. F123ing cowards. You are actually helping the racists. How f123ing ironic. Wait, no it’s not. They use race to justify their irresponsible behavior just like any other racist.

    Sorry for the cussin’.

    • pm317

      They are crying wolf time and again and it is going to hurt like you so eloquently say. :)

    • http://www.madinthemiddle.blogspot.com churl

      Amen. I just blogged about that problem-again-today. Obama is going wear the race card completely out and when it actually happens most people will just yell “bullshit” because of all the crap tossed around by the Obots. Since I’m white, I’ve only occasionally been the victim of racism but I’ve seen at work on blacks and Latinos over the years and it is wrong and evil. I fear the good guys are losing one of their best weapons– the real race card.

  • pm317

    Bud, thank you, thank you! I left her a post saying that I wished she had not written that. Came out of nowhere, didn’t it? I will not second guess why she wrote it. But the last straw was to call the Obama critics racist because they were highlighting Reines’s association with Obama. Of course, he was the CEO of Fanniemae and cooked its books and made money and paved the way for what happened next. Highlighting his advisor role with Obama campaign is racist?

    {on another note, it has become difficult to participate in a meaningful give and take on these boards because of trolls and also off topic comments. Susan was right to put her foot down last week. Please follow some of the minimal rules they have here.}

  • benny

    Is there anyone who recognizes us for who we are? anglachel, who is an excellent thinker has given in to her prejudices. and many of us has given in to vote for obama just because of his skin-colour (the truth). It seems that truly independent non-caucasian individuals who dont support obama dont have a chance. wow, how sad.

    • DWF

      I don’t think the term “truly independent” fits if you are swayed to vote under pressure against you personal instincts. And since noone knows how you vote once in the booth, why not vote your convictions. PERIOD! black, white, male nor female should enter in the booth with you.

    • workingclass artist

      LOOK…If your white and nobama = racist
      If your Not White and nobama = race traitor…You cannot argue with lunatics…and these folks are zealots…FASCISTS usually are…

      • snosandy

        Kinda reminds me of when I lived in Malaysia for a few years. We were one of only two American families in my neighborhood of dark golden skinned Malays. One day we were sitting out on our patio and a group of about eight 6 or 7 year olds came out there house with Mom’s whitening cream all over their face yelling “Putih, Putih” (white, white).

        The Obots are yelling “racist” at people for no other reason than that they don’t support Obama.

  • I have a bracelet 2

    Bud White

    this morning i was the first one, maybe, to bring her post up. it opened up a good discussion on the “Two New McCain Ads” thread. (actually the first post)

    i’m really happy that u did a god job and research with all her comments.


    a good response developed also at RD blog

    this was my post:

    Larry Johnson & Susan

    Anglachel just accused both NoQ. and Riverdaughter of RACISM


    riverdaughter just answered with a post


  • fred

    Obama winning lolol…..No ones wins until the last vote is counted and that depends on who’s doing the counting. McCain regrets Palin another joke, Plain s draws crowds of hundreds of thousands, bringing in donors. Palin brought McCain back to life.

  • fred

    I completely disregard polls after my run in with Rasmussen. I experienced first hand how polls are manipulated. Think about it. NO ONE is policing them. Heck, nobody is held accountable for ANYTHING any more so what incentive do they have to be honest or ethical. They poll who they want, to get the results they want, and if the results turn out “wrong” they just outright lie and call it “with leaners”. The sad (and maddening) thing is, those who can’t (or won’t) think for themselves will follow the imaginary crowd.

  • luvtruth

    well, well, well. anglachel has finally revealed her “party over principle/ party over country” self. She has self righteously removed her name from anything related to PUMA and trashes No Quarter and the Confluence. She apparently is blind to questions about privilege and corruption. Questions about financial privilege, gender privilege, racial privilege, national privilege only factor into her upper class academic essays when they do not threaten aspects of a corrupt system that SHE personally benefits from and wants to stay in place. Why am I NOT surprised that she misses the forest and sees only the trees?
    In short, HOW DARE she claim to have the last word on race or call anyone else a racist!

    • Mary

      ANglachel is not an economist. Neither is Digby. Neither is Jeralynn. NONE of them understand the concepts or history of GAO audits proving Fannie & Freddie cooked the books to receive huge bonuses just as blatantly as Enron did.

      Those FACTS are a matter of Congressional record.

      But our 3 Musketeers: Anglachel, Jeralynn, and Digby—-to hide their own economic ineptness, claim the issue is racism and Republican ratfucking instead, and Anglachel, in particular , calls Confluence and NQ posters “racists.”

      Enough, already. Anglachel hasn’t a CLUE what the issues are at Fannie & Freddie.

      SHE is the ratfucker now.

    • workingclass artist

      Hmmmm….Well in America everybody has the right to an opinion ( except in Missouri )…at least for now…


      • Perry Logan

        I thought he was a commie. Make up your mind.

        • workingclass artist

          Perry I have always said Bark is a fascist…ad I’m not getting in a pissin match with you either.

  • benny

    I’ll tell you honestly, and it may bug you, but racism is alive and well in america. I have faced racist attitudes many times…. both overt and covert. But crying racism when the candidate (Obama) isnt qualified is just plain silly. for me, obama just aint qualifeid….thats it. I’d vote for Colin Powell in a heartbeat. and I am basically ashamed that Gwen Ifill is moderating the VP debate, when I know that she should recuse herself. what a journalistic blunder!

    You may not believe it, but I want the best candidates to advance into leadership positions. Hillary Clinton (woman), Colin Powell (african american), Condoleeza Rice (african american, woman).

    In comparison to these stalwarts, obama is nothing, a big zero. sorry, but I consider him an O.J.

    McCain is real. He is very much pro-america, he has honour, and he’ll look after our interests. Palin will help him clean washinton. If McCain/Palin come into power, I wont be surprised if they bar and launch criminal and civil cases against current members of the congress and the senate. the barracuda is very capable of that.

  • Sally

    Hey brain-fried Obama idiots…be sure to look up the word “fascist” in the Websters dictionary…not the communist/chavez version.

    If you can read, tell me what it says. OH!….anything about traditional conservatives or christianity in it? No?…oh! What about: “group of people in power who enforce their views on other through force and persecution” Ahhhhhh. Thats it!

    Interesting how all the crazy fascists in the 20th C. tend to come out of leftist movements eh? …and they always have the media industry in their pockets. mmm?

    I think you need to be briefed on some basics

    ***fascists, commis and hitler were all anti-christian, pro-arab and pro-muslim, anti-semite, anti-free market, anti-tradition, anti-legislature, anti-democracy, anti-individual, anti-constitution, anti-vote, anti-old people, pro-government as god, pro-identity politics, pro-every progressive cause you are for–eg vegitarians, environmental, youth, fitness etc). They were radically pro-science and experimentation with people, evolution, pro-health care for all , pro-gov as a religion, anti-private property, pro-identity politics (those who fit the correct identity become pets…(except homosexuality but officially only), pro-eugenics (sorta like your progressive obsession with stem cell research or baby killing if the sex isn’t right, or euthanasia…wouldn’t you say?), …and of course they’re very much pro-manipulating the news, film, law, the legislature etc to achieve maximal confusion. And of course, I forget the youth…Fascist need and love manipulating the YOUTH…the YOUTH are always the smartest and the wisest.

    ..that sounds so very conservative to me…NOT!!

    Just accept it–you idiots..Radical “progressives” especially the radical atheist type have killed more people in 100 years than all the religious wars ever fought combined……DIP SHITS!

    You have the gaul to lecture christians on tolerace! What and who do you think set the stage for your “right” to shoot of that trap of yours with impunity”…yah, that’s right: Christianity and christians. Yah, just look at all previously non-christian countries…they’re all shit holes with no freedoms, toleranc…nothing.

    You and the “enlightened one”, want to change all that eh? What exactly is your model?…Go ahead show me a better previously non-christian system…one in which you can shout “i hate president bush” with no punishment….Let me help; there isn’t one! I hate people that hate Freedom, the constitution, western civilizaton and the USA…HATE EM. I hate you and and your GOD “O”.

    If I’m lucky I’ll get to see his head cracked open and hang by the angry mass…just like Mussolini.

    I would prefered voting for Hillary but nothing in the world will stop me from voting McCain/Palin. I luckily don’t have some of the problems above…my whole family sees evil when its coming down the road….we haven’t lost our sense of survival like some of you intellectual masturbators enthralled with the crack smoking, down-low, traitor called O.

  • tzada

    Cross Post
    My face is burning I am so enraged over this….

    ‘Brilliant’ Ifill Cousin Scours Palin As ‘Offensive to Black Women’
    Here are more signs Sarah Palin could face an uphill battle with PBS host Gwen Ifill. Professor Sherrilyn Ifill of the University of Maryland Law School, whom Gwen Ifill has lauded as “my brilliant baby cousin,” has written that black women are not buying Sarah Palin’s “false claims to feminism” and is portrayed as too perfect: “when women who are privileged present as though they have it all together, it’s offensive to black women.” (Photo from Soros.com)

  • csuzeq

    Has anyone been solicited by this group, National Republican Trust Pac? I got an email from someone who did. I looked on barackobama.com and they are upset about this. Both Democrats and Republicans are being solicited. They seem to have all the dirt on Obama:


  • tbww

    Personally I could care less what Anglachel says, always thought she was over-rated, and I seriously doubt that the swing-state voters we should be fighting to win over care what she says either. No offense, Bud White, because I really admire your work, but I don’t see the point of taking up prime-time space with a blogger-on-blogger post. All of our resources need to be focused on getting votes for McCain.

    • Mary

      Bud is responding to an Anglachel post accusing Riverdaughter and Dakinikat at the Confluence of racism or using Republican talking points to talk about the Fannie & Freddie failure.

      Bud is showing Anglachel’s own comments to reveal her hypocrisy.

      He’s right.

    • Mary

      Bud is responding to an Anglachel post accusing Riverdaughter and Dakinikat at the Confluence of racism or using Republican talking points to talk about the Fannie & Freddie failure.

      Bud is showing Anglachel’s own comments to reveal her hypocrisy.

      He’s right.

  • VMorris

    I must repeat something posted elsewhere:

    The only poll that matters is the one on Nov. 4.

    • http://medusa2.wordpress.com Medusa

      Excellent work, Bud. Thanks for gathering these comments.

      I read and contribute to No Quarter. I’ve only voted Dem for 40 years. But as someone said so beautifully, call me whatever you want, I’m still not voting for Obama.

      • tzada

        😉 great come back… I love this site, it is full of clever people. Snark reigns here and and knowledge rules…..

    • Shiloh

      It’s true all these biased media polls mean nothing now, but as we get closer the polls will mean more, especially the big ones. And, during that same period you will see a McCain lead widen as the result of two dynamics. One, the polls start being real because they want to be accurate. they are businesses and care about their reputations. Two, the attacks on Obama will be ramping up and with the documentation that they have, they will be devastating. I think McCain wins by 10 easily.

  • John Smith

    Turn out is very important. Actually that is the most important thing there is. Everything else does not really matter.

    • Shiloh

      And we’ve been hearing for 40 years how there is this new pool of young and minority voters, but they never turn out.

      • beebop

        That is why I LOVE it when the polls show a lead for the One. Kegger, Malt Liquor, Merlot will keep his minions from going t any great lengths. Meanwhile, the Republican Base will be out there standing in the rain if necessary. Please keep showing him down. It showed Kerry winning. And President Kerry was elected when?????

    • Pennsylvania goes RED!

      That’s why trolls like “Doris” are here, to depress the turnout.

      Watch – next post she’ll tell us all about her favorite mooseburger recipe.

      • workingclass artist

        LOL…I think it’s time to repost Pats xcellent troll ID summary…chuckle…

  • nancyjoe


    Wow…those photos…My friend had the same thing happen to his car. Broken windows, keyed, trashed. All because he had a McCain sticker. I have a NOBAMA sign in my yard, and have proudly put both NOBAMA and MCCAIN/PALIN bumper stickers on my car. Every single day of my life I realize that my car might get trashed or my house vandalized, burglarized, etc. just because of the low life liberals who don’t think we should have free speech. This is NOT America anymore. Obama’s filthy, negative, creepy persona has crept into every aspect of our lifestyles. I will be SO glad on November 5 when the jerk has to slink back to obscurity in his Chicago slum.

  • Doris

    I give up.

    Bambi is gonna win and there’s just not much we can do about it – the lead is too great, and between the MSM getting tingly, idiot voters thinking Bambi is better for the economy, and Bush being a disaster, it’s just not in the cards.

    It’s time to refocus efforts on saving good Republicans like Chris Shays, Tim Walberg, Michelle Bachman, and Debbie Pryce.

    You can’t win them all and I think there are times when discretion is the better price of valor. We need to make sure that Bambi doesn’t have big majorities of kiss-ups that will help ram through his socialist policies.

    • HARP

      That bumpy thing going down the middle of your back is a spine……use it.

      • http://www.rgemonitor.com/roubini-monitor/253818/roubini_sees_silent_run_on_banks_urges_triage_bloomberg_radio_interview ablebodied

        Hahahahaahaha….haaaa. Thank you. That was awesome.

      • workingclass artist

        What Bud White and the rest NQ Regulars said…Aaaand if you can’t tell…You ain’t readin clearly.
        Most of us were HRC supporters…and we prefer LOGIC…with a dash of humor…

        • I have a bracelet 2



    • JohninCA

      I’m all for defeating the thugs running downticket with Obama, but don’t be too quick to believe the polls any more than you believe our biased, imbecilic media.

    • MTdob4Hillary

      Doris, that is exactly what the 0bots hope you will do…give up and let them win. Sorry, this girl isn’t going to give in to anything. Ignore the diversions…focus on the facts, and own your vote. I’m saying NObama loud and clear…which will hopefully counter act any ‘living challenged’ votes.

    • catherine

      We have 32 more days. 32 days in American politics is an eternity. A LOT can happen.

      You do know that the Rev. Wright’s book is due in bookstores all across America October 28? Oddly enough that’s the same day Rezko gets sentenced.

    • John Smith

      If you give up on this election you might as well never vote again. If you think that the American public is to dumb not to see a Manchurian Candidate then there the democracy in the USA is over. If we can’t win this one against such a impostor then who ever is orchestrating this has already won and from here on forward they can put anybody in any office. The politicians will be beholden to them since according to you they can manipulate the public at will.

      The obamabots have already fallen for this and they have not even realized it. They think they are doing something great but all they are doing is tryingto install a puppet that the puppet masters will use to get very rich and acquire even more power.

      So suck it up and start doing something positive. Life is not always rosy.

      • LookingForwardTo2012

        Do I ever agree with you!!! More people voluntarily participated in the WSJ poll on who won the debate (McCain) than equals the sampling of any given polling done by the experts. I do not trust polls. They have never called me and asked me who I support. The few people I do know, who say they will vote for the Democrat, just because he’s a Democrat, live in forever red states…so it doesn’t matter who they vote for.

        It’s not over til it’s over…and I, one of many, think that JohnnyMac will win.

    • DWF

      You give up much to soon! This election is far from over. I have no doubt Obama will not pull the wool over America’s eyes. Stand Up and Vote for McCain/Palin

    • 400EV OBAMA!!!

      I hate to spoil your day, Doris – but you’re gonna lose a lot of House and Senate seats as well, sweetie!

      The reign of the wingnut is drawing to an end – it’s the dawn of a new, progressive era in America. We might even get enough Senate seats to tell Holy Joe to take a hike!!!! New polls have Martin within single digits in GA and three polls have now shown Mitch McConnell leading by only 3 – THREE!!!!

      You’ve got 30 retiring incumbents – 30 open seats. Chris Shays? HA! Say goodbye to the last remaining Republican in all of New England.

      Dems +35 in the House
      Dems +11 senate seats
      Dems +1 PRESIDENT!!!!

      • Perry Logan

        I would like to volunteer to lead the Gun Confiscation Squads. :)

  • benny

    racism??? does Anglachel know what racism is? I’m not a caucasian, and I have faced racism. I read her article. she demonises NoQ and the confluence writers as dabbling in racism. I am very angry. Anglachel is hedging her bets on Obama. If Obama wins, she’ll be back peddle the kool-aid again. But she has no right to dabble in the politics of racism. I dont know her skin-colour, but to me, it reminds me of ultra-liberal whites who have made racism their pet cause. Maybe I’m wrong.

    • JohninCA

      That post is the result of decades of inculcation of white guilt and obedience training to see racism behind every shadow, exactly as during a red scare one might see a commie under every bed.

      The beautiful and brilliant Riverdaughter was actually asked (by an unnamed blogger) to provide racist comments she deleted from her blog.

      So here’s a gal who works all day; she’s supposed to come home and sift through thousands of non-racist comments, find a racist comment, delete it, and waste disk space saving it so she can provide it to her racism auditor like you give your receipts to an IRS auditor.

      I wish I were kidding. But I’m not.

      • Pennsylvania goes RED!

        It is the deep guilt of the liberal upper class that we know, every last miserable one of us, that our privilege is due to centuries of white supremacy and to the informal, unspoken, but pervasive advantage our skin color and behavioral patterns gives us in this society.

        Well if this is true it confirms my suspicion about latte liberals having a good reason to feel guilty because they never had a person of color over to dinner at their house. Unless s/he was the hired help.

        (I know there are self-identified latte liberals who post here and do not fit that profile, but Anglachel’s writing kind of validates what I’ve been thinking about liberal elite white guilt.)

        But I don’t get the “behavior patterns” part – what behavior is she talking about?

        • Pennsylvania goes RED!

          And if liberal elites want to compensate for their inner guilt, why don’t they just go out and make friends with some people of color – add some diversity to their lives.

          Don’t make the rest of us suffer by electing a freaking empty suit because you have to do penance for harboring guilt and secret prejudice.

  • http://doublejointedfingers.blogspot.com/ Cyn NY

    Bud, great job. Enough said.

    • http://investigatebarackobama.wordpress.com/about/ kat in your hat


  • HARP

    Take a look at this. I swear I am NEVER VOTING Democratic again.


    • sam bonner

      Looks pretty random to me. For that reason you are NEVER voting Democrat again? Have you ever in the past?

      • HARP

        Since the early 60`s which is longer than you.

        • beebop

          Same here. Isn’t this what we accused the NEOCONS of doing? Is it okay when WE do it? I am sick …. sicker than sick. I am voting STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN here in Ohio to send a strong message. I am OVER THIS BULL SH&T

      • John Smith

        It is far from random. It is happening every where. I have plenty of friends that had their car keyed because they had McCain stickers on it.

    • LookingForwardTo2012

      I think this explains the lack of lawn signs. Hubby and I took a country drive last weekend. We saw 5 McCain signs to 1 for Obama…but this was on a country road. I think people were so appalled at news of vandalism and harassment, during the Primaries, that they dare not advertise who they support.

  • sam bonner

    Is No Quarter a stealth Republican site, as Anglachel suggests?

    Straight answers please, no vitriolic spin.

    • HARP


      • http://investigatebarackobama.wordpress.com/about/ kat in your hat


        • DanO

          No.. I’m a life-long democrat. I believe in Democracy. Get a new attack Troll.

          • Kal

            No, I’m a former lifelong democrat, and now a PUMA, here because of and for Hillary.


            • helen

              me too
              I was a lifelong democrat and left the party after 48 years due to the unethical behavior of the dnc.



          • Liberty Belle not for Obama

            Ditto and Amen. Make that dyed-in the wool, True-Blue, raised since knee-high to a tadpole Democrat who always voted Democrat for President. Likewise, I supported Hillary, and expected to have my vote count.

            Now, I’m totally disgusted with the DNC, and their selected, not elected, nominee.

            PUMAs are hardly Republican, by dint of definition.

      • Bud White

        Thanks, Harp. No Quarter is incredibly diverse, consisting of gays and straights, African Americans and whites, Democrats,
        Republicans, and independents, and feminists all. Many of us, like myself, came to the Democratic Party because of its commitment to Civil Rights. Most of us are staunch supporters of Hillary Clinton, and most of us are incredibly angry at how the nomination of given to Obama. We’re upset at the way Hillary and Bill Clinton were treated by Obama and the media. Speaking for myself only, I am a liberal Democrat of the FDR/JFK/WJC persuasion. I see Obama as an opportunistic politician who is less qualified than Sarah Palin and who uses sexism and race-baiting to divide the New Deal coalition.

    • raquelf

      Big NO! NQ only just does not believe in Obama.

    • tzada

      Not at all. I am a Democrat

    • LookingForwardTo2012

      No, I am a Registered Democrat.

    • bemused

      No. I think she has PDS, and also, having put herself in a place where she cannot deviate from her party loyalty, she now has only the resources of the Dem party, namely the race card. That’s all O. has and all anyone else has now.

      • dragoneyes


    • beebop

      You have made up your mind already. No one who posts here knows you from Adam and doesn’t owe you any defense of our positions. Are you an 0bama bot?

    • http://noquarterusa.net/ SusanUnPC

      NO. From one of the horse’s mouths. HELL NO!

      Furthermore, she didn’t have the guts or decency to inquire with any of us who write here. Which any serious blogger would have done, as well as any decent reporter — with an emphasis on the word “decent.”

      • stodghie

        i have read some of her comments in the past and found them interesting. look at jeralyn, oops probably not! they have gone over to the koolaid drinking side. the only thing they have lost i suppose is my respect.

  • JohninCA

    Just say no to liberal arrogance, liberal all-knowingness, liberal know-nothingism, liberal elitism, liberal thought control, liberal fascism,
    liberal pseudo-intellectuality, liberal race-baiting, liberal race-carding, liberal racial extortion, liberal swiftboating, liberal Willie Hortonism, liberal Karl Rovism, liberal Lee Atwaterism and liberal illiberality.

    • Perry Logan

      Stalin hated liberals.

      Hitler hated liberals.

      Rush Limbaugh hates liberals.

      Show me someone who hates liberals, and I’ll show you a degenerate.

      • JohninCA

        Context is important, Perry. I don’t hate liberals; I hate liberal fascism. In context my remarks had to do with a situation where false accusations of racism are being used to bludgeon Democratic dissenters. That is fascism. I gave the example downthread where the lovely Riverdaughter was asked to prove her nonracism by submitting racist comments she deleted from her blog.

        • workingclass artist

          Well said JohnCA…I salute You

          • JohninCA

            Thank you. Another example of what I’m talking about would be Markos of DK. Kos in a recent interview talked about how he envied Karl Rove. DK had a poll of whether it was okay to pursue rumors that Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy and over 50% said yes.

            Fascism (or more precisely fascistic behavior) can come from the “right” or the “left.” I don’t claim to understand Perry Logan but I do think he understands that.

      • workingclass artist

        Oh and Perry…Stalin and Hitler hated everybody…they were classic misanthropes…sheeesh!

      • Mary

        I LIKE ethical, non-racecard-playing liberals, Perry.

        I DON’T like Chicago machine politician liberals who lie & manipulate.

        Deal with it.

      • stodghie

        well perry liberals have a real problem in that they hate themselves. yup, that’s right, they do. take a look at their current abusive behavior. happy people don’t make asses out of themselves. and this false racial guilt? PLEASE! now i consider myself a person with liberal leanings but i am me period. i don’t need or want a label and furthermore i don’t need some poster attemtping to define me or anyone else.

  • fred

    Just In: OBAMA is USING TERRORIST’S LAWYER to Defend Against Berg’s LAWSUIT

    Here come another of those “Guilt by Associations” that Senator Barack Obama will try to weasel himself out of. As you may know, Philip Berg is suing Senator Obama in Civil Court. Berg wants Obama to Produce his real birth certificate to prove that he meets the citizenship requirements to be President. Rather than just product the birth certificate (is he trying to hide something?) Obama’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss. One of the Lawyers filing the motion was

    • Will Smith

      On Mr. Berg’s behalf, I am posting this to state clearly the Court has not yet ruled on the Motion to Dismiss in Berg v. Obama.

      Here’s the status:

      1. Last week Senator Obama and the Democratic National Committee filed a Motion to Dismiss the Berg v. Obama lawsuit.
      2. On Monday, Mr. Berg filed an answer requesting that the suit not be dismissed and that the Court order production of documents proving Senator Obama’s consitutional qualifications to serve as President of The United States.
      3. As of 1 AM EST today, October 2nd, 2008, the Court has not ruled on the Motion for Dismissal in Berg v. Obama.

      Obama Crimes Webmaster


    • IronMan

      From that link:

      Obama’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss. One of the Lawyers filing the motion was Joe Sandler (sandler@sandlerreiff.com) of the Washington law firm Sandler, Reiff, and Young (see the document below).

      If Mr. Sandler’s name sounds familiar it Should. He is the Legal Hit Man for the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR is an organization with terrorist ties, and has been as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holyland Foundation Hamas Funding trial.

      Sandler’s role for CAIR has been to stifle people from telling the truth about Islam. For example, last year he tried to get Jihad Expert Robert Spencer banned from speaking to the Young American Foundation, by using a threatening letter. Sandler followed up by threatening columnist Mike Adams for writing about the Spencer incident.

      Look, everyone deserves legal representation that is not the Issue. The real issue is why is a candidate for President of the United States, a guy who wants to take over the role of Commander-in-Chief in the war on terror, using the Lawyer for CAIR a group with terrorist connections, to represent him in a law suit? Once again the Junior Senator from Illinois leave us with questions and no answers.

      • workingclass artist

        Thanks Ironman & Fred for the info…Something’s up

      • ck

        Is Joe Sandler in any way related to Herbert & Marion Sandler of GDW Thrift (bought by Wachovia and part of its downfall) fame?

    • http://noquarterusa.net/ SusanUnPC

      Please post these in our open threads. It is off-topic here. This has been reported in about 20 comments here since yesterday. Please keep these in OPEN THREADS only.

  • bemused

    How thou art fallen.

  • Shiloh

    Of course not you fool. Timing is everything. Why do you think they call it October surprise? Moron. Just wait. This is really gonna hurt!

  • hadenough

    Well lets see… the Clintons were around for 15 years and we didn’t know they were racists until obama told us during the primaries. So I’d say yes there is tons a dirt on obama. I’d say he is a real life pigpen. Clouds of dirt swirling around him. People like you will never know it the rest of us can’t miss it.

  • Pennsylvania goes RED!

    Read Jessie Britton’s post from the previous thread.

    She (he?) gets 13 polls on a daily basis.
    Weighted average is still 46.5-46 in 0bama’s favor. Dead heat.

    Zogby and Gallup have it a lot tighter than CNN etc. But you sound like you’re determined to bring all of us down with you.

    Sorry, some of us are strong women, not defeatist crybabies.

  • JP49

    Well Doris it sounds like you have been through a lot in your life. However, I don’t believe the polls, they are manufactured as always have been. If you rely on the polls then you drink the Kool-Aid. I am not giving up. My country is worth fighting for. I will fight until the election is over. And if asshole Obama is elected I will fight him in any way I can and his brown suits. No terrorist is going to take my freedom from me willingly.

  • http://www.hillaryorbust.com Hillary or Bust

    The polls have been so up and down each week I don’t know how you can take them so seriously at this point.

  • Pennsylvania goes RED!

    I’m not trying to be the downer here,

    no not much.

    your attempt to demoralize us can be summed up in two words:


  • d2d

    Doris – my friend Bill offered this prayer to help those who were struggling and overwhelmed with life’s challenges to overcome them NOT to be defeated by them. Sorry. No can do. I’m not buying.

    Like Catherine said up thread, 32 days is an eternity in politics. I’ve seen races turn in a day over tax returns or hiring illegals to serve as Nannies.

    My hunch, and only mine, we’ve not even begun to see McCain’s media roll out. After tonight, I believe we will start to see things that we’ve been saying and responding to for some time now.

    Surrendering is not an option. Have faith and recite the Serenity Prayer some more. Faith will come.

    PS I sincerely appreciate your story. Your internal strength is most admirable. Your kids are lucky to have such a strong female role model.

  • stodghie

    doris, you really have me thinking now you might be a troll of the worst kind. fine state your views once, fine. twice, maybe! but over and over and over? hmmmmm, don’t think so!

  • Pennsylvania goes RED!

    I’ll survive Bambi.

    That’s what you think.

    Our enemies would LOVE a President 0bama.j

    They fear a President McCain.

  • workingclass artist

    Ehemmmm…Doris do you really think this is jut about this election?
    No…This election is the immediate issue…But I for one will be voting and supporting in what ever way I can till these FASCISTS ARE VOTED OUT OF THE PARTY BUILT BY FDR.

  • sam bonner

    It’s a pity we didn’t pick Fred Thompson like we should have.

    so you ARE a Republican. Any others?

  • mimi


    I’m definitely feeling what you said. I’m all for positive thinking, but there comes a point when you must assess the situation realistically.

    Although I still think McCain could win, it’s been clear that he is up against it.

    His biggest obstacle is the msm. They simply refuse to report anything negative on 0bama. They are not interested in his past or his dubious ties. The just recent info about the lawyer working on the Berg case sent chills down my spine. Yet, the msm hasn’t even covered the Berg suit, so they damn sure ain’t gonna cover the lawyer working on it.

    There is no way to spin that into a positive.

    The other problem is the overall ignorance of the American voter. There are just too many people unwilling to do their own research or engage in critical thinking. Just the mere fact that so many people accept 0bama as having enough experience to head a ticket, yet are obsessively and irrationally critical of Gov Palin who actually has more executive experience than 0bama, is frightening.

    Just yesterday, trolls were arguing the case of 0bama’s great intelligence. Yet, he REFUSES to release his college transcripts.

    The msm has lied and obfuscated the facts, in the hope of beating down the electorate. Many will stay home as Donna Brazile commanded, others will say “to hell with it, I may as well vote Democratic.”

    I won’t do it. I’m voting McCain, but others won’t. This is why 0bama has played the race card. Having grown up practising on his white grandparents, he has mastered the ability to guilt white people.

    Yes, I will fight the good fight until Nov 4th, but I’m looking beyond to the creation of a viable 3rd Party, how to get back at all those Dems who were complicit in the Primary hijacking, Dems who participated in the Financial Crisis as well as how to protect myself personally in the event this fraud becomes president.

    Right now, the ball is in McCain’s court and all the Repubs as well. They have the goods on this man. If they don’t use it, then they want him to have the WH so they can come back in 4 years with a vengeance. If that’s the case, there’s very little any of us can do about it.

    So hurling insults at people who are being realistic is silly and a waste of time. We’re not the enemy. It would serve people well to remember that.

  • helen

    This country can not afford to have backtrack as president.
    The damage that would be done to this country under him is as bad as what was done to Germany under hitler.
    I do not want to lose the freedoms my family and millions of other families have fought for over the years.
    I will never give up and never give in.
    Every mentor he ever had is anti-american. He was raised and taught to despise the USA.



  • JP49

    Doris: You fatalist attitude is just too much. If you don’t want to fight the fight then shut up and stop bringing the rest of down. We are still fighting on the front line. If you want to turn tail for whatever reason then just do it. I don’t think you are a real McCain/Palin voter. Your just an Obot here to stir things up and make us feel that its over already. I don’t care what you have been through in your life. Do you think your the only one who has had a hard life? You say you fought like hell to bring up your kids well if your really a McCain/Palin voter then shut up and fight. Fight for your country.

  • mimi

    All of you are coming on with the grace of Botheads. No wonder there aren’t many trolls posting. You’re doing their job for them.

    If what Doris said can bring you all down then maybe she’s on to something. I can’t believe how many of you have actually taken the time to put her comments down when she never tried to tell any of us what to think.

    Give it a rest for God’s sake!

  • Doris

    I never said I was voting for Bambi, I am just saying that I’m going to put my efforts into other opportunities.

    There’s more than just one race on election day. I’m retired now and with the government now giving me money on top of what I put away myself – I have both time and money. I see better places to use it.

    Anyway, everyone can make up their own minds about what they want to do. I just wanted to point out that there are other places and people that can use the help – places where 10 minutes or $10 has much greater chance to really have an effect.

    It’s not my place to tell anyone WHAT to do – I’m just pointing out the options – and giving my opinion on them.

    That’s all.

  • stodghie

    doris, i’ll be happy to tell you an option open to you. please don’t post such negative comments on here. it is a downer for us to read such things. thanks

  • stodghie

    put a sock in it doris and a smelly one at that you tough ole troll! i bet you are really about 21 and a snot at that. bite that, doris.

  • Pordoner

    I’d rather see Tbogg’s hounds running than Sleepy Time Fred’s jowls flopping around.

  • Aleph

    People are entitled to verbalize their feelings and thoughts on NQ as long as they are respectful. Maybe you need to take a blog vacation if it’s all getting to you. I know I did for a few days. We don’t want to act like the O-fascists do we and force everyone to support our own perspective via our own “truth squads.”