NEWSFLASH: Did you know that Obama and Democrats are lying about one of the benefits of Obamacare that they’re touting? Did you know that low-income seniors and disabled people will not receive the $250 prescription drug rebate?

The only people who will get that $250 are seniors and disabled with higher incomes who aren’t already eligible for a reduction in their co-pays.

Yes, low-income seniors and disabled people do get an income-based reduction in their monthly Plan D premiums and co-pays. But, the reduction is so small that most of them still have to pay additional amounts, anywhere from $40 to $350 per month (or more).

That is because some drugs are not covered in ANY of the insurance companies’ drug plans. And it is because some drugs, especially newer medications, are expensive and therefore their co-pays are higher.

Example: I have a neighbor who must pay the full price for both of her anxiety medications because no insurance company covers either drug. She suffers from clinical depression and takes one drug for depression that helps but isn’t enough. She was given samples of Abilify, a drug you’ve probably seen advertised on TV for depression. Abilify proved to be a miracle drug for her — she felt so much more positive and energetic. But, when the samples ran out and she got a prescription for Abilify from her doctor, she was stunned to find out that the co-pay is $85, even with the low-income reduction.

No, there is no substitute drug for Abilify. It is a new drug that, actually, was originally designed for people with schizophrenia but was discovered, accidentally, to be very helpful for people suffering from depression, not schizophrenia.

No, she cannot get assistance from the drug company that produces Abilify since she has insurance. Only people without any insurance can get help from drug companies.

That $250 would have gotten her three months worth of Abilify. Not enough for the year. But at least she would have had three good months.

She also can’t get any help from her state’s MedicAid program because she receives just $40 too much from Social Security to be eligible for state help.

So, she must go without Abilify, a drug that helped her moods and ability to get along better in life. It is truly sad, and I feel so badly for her.

Back to my main point: Obama and the Democrats are NOT truthful in their descriptions of the $250 rebate for drugs. And, once again, it is the people least able to buy prescriptions who are left out in the cold.

Just thought you should know, and spread the word to your friends.

Did the Democrats intentionally leave out low-income seniors and the disabled? I can’t believe that they would. But in their haste to get that damn 2,000-plus-page bill passed, a lot of important considerations were not addressed. In short, the bill was written very sloppily.

Adding to the pain for my neighbor and others like her, she won’t get a cost-of-living raise from Social Security next year, just as she didn’t get a COLA this year. Obama has proposed a $250 one-time check for all who receive Social Security, and purportedly he wants the checks issued before Election Day. Yes, it’s a tool to get Social Security recipients to vote for Democrats. But, it is also money that is desperately needed by people such as my neighbor. Whether or not it helps Obama and Democrats, my neighbor deserves that money since she certainly got screwed by Obamacare.

She is now very worried what else is going to happen to her Medicare coverage and Social Security payments, thanks to that badly-written health care bill. I don’t blame her for worrying.

  • ctfsh

    “People can’t afford hospitals and prescriptions anymore. It isn’t so much the doctors. It is the corporations that have hijacked “health”.”

    A thousand Amens to this comments. This bill managed to make life more miserable for both doctors and patients. That took some skill.

  • ctfsh

    “People who say we cannot/should not provide for those who can’t do this for themselves are assholes not conservatives.”

    I’d also add this is not conservative – if people walk around with Tuberculosis because they can’t afford a doctor visit, they infect people around them and erode their own productivity. It’s pennywise pound foolish not to expand access to coverage.

    Somehow, though, this bill cemented in the least cost-effective method of expanding access to coverage. Great job, Mr President.

  • ctfsh

    As someone who’s known a Narcissist very well for a long time, this is their M.O. a) they get a little “high” out of making people they love angry. It reminds the N.P.D. they affect people. While NPDs want to be loved, not hated, the intensity of the anger toward them is better than none. It’s the intensity that gives them the high. b) they create clouds of confusion everywhere which causes the people in their orbit to constantly play catchup ironing out the subtle lies half-truths and self-contradicting statements made by the NPD.

    And of course, NPDs are constantly off-loading shame and off-loading blame to someone nearby who can absorb it (a “blame sponge” if you will.)

  • ctfsh

    “No, she cannot get assistance from the drug company that produces Abilify since she has insurance. Only people without any insurance can get help from drug companies.”

    I saw this coming in 2008, this guy has a philosophy of “just become a little more helpless, and you’ll be rewarded with government aide.” The opposite of rewarding those who “work hard and play by the rules.”

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  • Ferd Premium Saltine Berfle

    I wondered what happened to your post, as well.

  • Katmoon

    cash break that is

  • Katmoon

    I think it may have been a bot delete, I lost the meat of a post below which was all drug trials and assistant programs for scripts, (helpful for people who need a cash beak on their scripts) where it went I do not know, again maybe a bot delete.

  • Docelder

    I am hoping one of the bots posted above and deleted. Then again, Bronwyn said she asked social security… not sure what they would have to do with medicare drug rebate checks. I am fairly certain nothing. People like to complain about medicare, but all in all it is a pretty good program considering all who have their fingers in the medicare pie. The coming crisis will be all the younger people in the rust belt states getting on disability and medicare because there aren’t any jobs.

  • Katmoon

    Not sure either, regarding false information.

  • Katmoon

    There was a post here, that has been removed, I am curious as to what happened to it.