As you may know, Obama is on his 10-day jaunt to Asia, culminating in the G20 Summit in South Korea. His trip included a stop in Indonesia, the country in which he spent some of his childhood. There is much I could write about this trip, though I will leave that to others. But one interesting comment came from one of his teachers in Indonesia who said even then, Obama was a “leader.” His “friends” did what he told them to do because they were afraid of him. Um – I think we call that bullying today, not “leadership.” Yikes.

While Obama is be-bopping about (getting out of Dodge after the Mid-term Election), Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been on her own trip. First, she went to New Zealand, where the Prime Minister referred to her as “President Clinton.” Secretary of State Clinton also made a visit to Papua, New Guinea, a ‘filip” for that country. In Cambodia, she was in the midst of a group hug of young women who were human trafficking victims.

And Secretary Clinton visited Australia, where she discussed a number of important issues, highlighting the US-Australia alliance over China. But the highlight has to be this interview with comedians Hamish and Andy:

That is the Hillary we know and love, the Hillary we so needed to take the reins of this country, especially in these difficult times.

Unbelievably, Chris Matthews who shoved Obama down our throats on MSNBC(O), and constantly belittled and demeaned Hillary Clinton throughout the primaries said this about her appearance with Hamish and Andy: “Had you seen this Hillary Clinton in 2008, she might be president.” Spare me, Mr. Matthews. You, personally, did so much to tarnish Hillary Clinton during the primaries that even Media Matters came after you for it. WE knew this is who we would get, but you and your network were hellbent on pushing Obama on us despite his thin resume. Just freakin’ spare me already.

Instead, we got Obama (thanks, Chris), much to the dismay of many of us, including SC State Senator, Robert Ford. Turns out, back in 2007, State Senator Ford, an African American, took some heat for his prophetic (as it turns out) statement that if Obama was elected, he would pull down the entire Democratic Party. Huh. Well, whaddya know. He was right, as the Mid-Terms have made abundantly clear.

And no, Obama, it isn’t your “failure to communicate“:

Um, no, it was your policies.

But Mr. Ford is not done with his projections, no sirree, as this Post and Courier article indicates:

[snip] Ford, a Charleston Democrat, said U.S. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, a South Carolina Democrat, should step out of a leadership role next year, or the whole party will go down in defeat. Ford said the same goes for U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat.

Clyburn and Pelosi have offered themselves for leadership positions in next year’s Congress, when the Democrats fall back to the minority party. Clyburn will run for House minority whip and Pelosi will run for the role as minority leader.

“If they elect Nancy Pelosi or Jim Clyburn to leadership, the Democratic Party will be taken off life support,” Ford said. “That will be the end of the Democratic Party. They’re bad news right now.” [snip] (Click here to read the rest.)

Holy moley. Tell us how you really feel, Senator Ford! Well, you know, he was right once about Obama, and my bet is he’ll be right again should Pelosi and Clyburn prevail (Clyburn is now in a race with Steny Hoyer as the two battle for the Minority whip position).

Should it come to be that for Pelosi and Clyburn to keep leadership positions does take down the Democratic Party as Senator Ford fears, then Secretary Clinton may feel free to embrace other opportunities. Like a move to Australia, for instance. Hey, if she gets wind that the people of Australia would appreciate and welcome her leadership, she just might take them up on it.

And if that happens, I’m outta here. Australia, here I come, to the land of koala bears, kangaroos, and didgeridoos. Hey, I’m all set. Check it out: “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!” Here, we can all practice together:

  • NAN

    She’s a class-act, my heart breaks and I tear up, when I think about how she’s been treated.  She looks tired though, Mr. Obuma keeps her running that’s for sure.  I wonder if she’s as confused as the rest of us are as to WHAT EXACTLY Mr. O wants, half of it  makes no sense, it’s complicated.  SO complicated in fact, you have question what IS IT HE’S UP TO.  I don’t think HE even knows. 

  • margaret

    Thanks for posting this.  God, I miss her.  I try not to think about it too often, what might have been… 

  • margaret

    Let’s see – the difference is Hillary is competent, a leader, and brilliant.  Vs an incompetent dumb as a rock follower.  Be careful who you’re calling crazy, if you think they’re anything alike.

  • margaret

    Um, she decided to serve her country and is doing a superb job, what’s wrong with that?

  • margaret

    So they’re not satisfied with the damage their biracial President is doing?  They want another dingbat in a leadership role just because of his race?  Stupid is as stupid does.

  • erin1929

    It may be quite attractive to you, but that’s no guarantee that you will be attractive to them, in terms of a new Resident.

    Oh, come on! Australia was built on the basis of immigration. Of course Aussies welcome new residents, because without them Australia wouldn’t be the country that it is today. And on the subject of it once being a penal colony, isn’t it the case that this occurred after the American War of Independence, because at that time it was no longer possible for the British to send its convicts there. By a strange turn of events, any Aussie with convict or First Fleet connections now lauds this information from the roof tops!

  • seattlegonz

    *silence others for their’s*

  • seattlegonz

    Shall we have a last word debate? I know who george soros is, I know what ad hominem and straw man mean, I know that you’re a conservative and that you’ve been arguing your opinion.

    My point, that started this ridiculous debate, was to counter your statement to AnObserver that ad hominem has no place here…when, clearly, that is not true. I roil when people aim to silence others through bullying.

    Freedom of speech. You have your opinion and I have mine. We are each expressing our opinion. I respect yours as long as it doesn’t attempt to silence others for theres. That’s where I stand up.

    You claim because I don’t argue the point about Hillary’s being in a liberal organization funded by soros that I’m not putting up. I reject the premise of the argument is all. One doesn’t have to take a stand on Hillary’s relationship with Soros in order to respect her or not. That is not the defining measure of a man or woman. I look at all of what Hillary has done…it’s her stand on civil rights, and women’s equality and freedom, and healthcare that I most admire. Now, you don’t agree with her on those things, so I don’t expect us to have the same opinion of her. That’s fine. But, I’m not wrong, you’re not wrong, we don’t have to have a debate about Soros, we can just agree that we view Hillary differently.

  • AbigailAdams

    You must not know who Geo. Soros is, because you would not be saying this.  Please do some research.

  • AbigailAdams

    You’ve never heard the expression to “Put up or shut up?”  It means to put your facts on the table or stop arguing your opinion.  You want to call me ridiculous, laughable, outrageous, etc.   You better be prepared yourself to get as good as you give.

    And please know your terms:  “ad hominem”, “straw man”, etc.

  • Mr. Natural

    >>> Many of our guys took their R & R in Sydney

    Or, if they had the Word, Surfer’s Paradise, where smashing Aussie honeys by the dozen tried to snag impressionable young Yanks so they could come to the USA as War Brides.

    Seems that Aussie men were more interested in beer and fighting than in women, as a group.

    Over several R & R’s there, I allowed several of them to tempt me with their charms…

  • Mr. Natural

    They got bettah…still a fair number of yahoos.

  • seattlegonz

    I know you’re a conservative. I’m not. I believe in legislating equal rights, you don’t. That’s what we’re talking about. My values are in alignment with Hillary Clinton’s yours aren’t. What is with the insults you throw around? Cripes.

  • seattlegonz

    Lastly don’t ever tell me to shut up. You can disagree with me all you want, as I disagree with you…but, my voice is my own and I’m not your servant or orderlee and I don’t put up or shut up because you command it of me. Talk about ad hominem.

  • seattlegonz

    And, can you name 5 pols that don’t have any ties to organizations with aspects of funding or positions or personnel that you don’t disagree with? That’s amazing if you can. I’m appalled by conservative pacs, liberal pacs, and it takes so much money to fund a campaign that every pol is too tied to the money-people. it’s a terrible situation…on top of that corrupt and biased press is giving out free hour after hour of advertising.

  • seattlegonz

    Whether Hillary likes or doesn’t like soros is a straw-man argument it isn’t the end all to anything. What I was responding to is your statement that ad hominem doesn’t cut it here…that’s ridiculous. All of us are making statements of personal opinion…period. I get it you find HIllary’s comments about Soros as the defining reason why you will never support her. For me I look at her career and all the other things she has said and her efforts for women, and to bring equality under the law to gays and lesbians are far more important than her recognition of soros. I continue to support her.

  • Guest

    Fair point. And the best  demonstration of Hillary power would be a story on how the U.S. is doing the heavy lifting to protect countries in the Asia Pacific region threatened by recent shows of Chinese military assertiveness. Wading into the shark infested waters of the South China Sea is practically unprecedented for this country.

    Without a doubt she is way in front of anybody else on the world stage at present.

  • MrX

    Thank you for posting that interview of Hillary.  If it wasn’t for NoQuarter, I would have missed it.  I’ve been away for far too long.  This place is great.

  • AbigailAdams


    Please don’t make quacking noises at me, seattlegonz.  I gradgiated frum hi skool.  Ok, it was a GED.

    I’m a conservative.  Used to consider myself left of center.  I believe in our constitution.  I don’t like the idea of legislating “equality” — social engineering.  The perfectibility of humanity and creating a utopian society is impossible given human nature.  The founders and framers understood this and that’s why we have a republic. 

  • AbigailAdams

    seattlegonz:  Okay.  Put up or shut up.  All you’ve got so far is that Hillary is a great humanitarian — something with which I agree.  However, you’ve written nothing to substantially refute her current ties to Soros-supported orgs.  What I am writing is less “outrageous” than for you to say you don’t think so — just because you don’t think so.  If that inflames you, too bad.  Show me the money.

  • seattlegonz

    Understood…and of course the congress is largely about creating laws, which is how our political perspectives bring up talk about equal rights. One of the ways we’re supposed to be able to influence the laws that are created is through the people who represent us…although, when corruption takes root at the top and in the media covering government, then we find ourselves in perilous times when no matter how hard we try to vocalize our displeasure with the current congress we are not heard. Thankfully, November 3 at least caused some to take notice of what the people had to say. Now, the problem is the fact that the new congress isn’t moving in a unified direction and doesn’t know, really, what it is that the people want, except for the previous pols to be gone from their seats. That isn’t much of a place to legislate from…once all the repealing is done.

  • Ani

    Amen, felizarte.

    By the way, Amy — Matthews knows very well this is the kind of good humored person Hillary is — he pretended otherwise for his own sexist, selfish and envious purposes.  He has known her for maaaaaaaannnny years.

    Thanks for the great story!

  • Ferd Premium Saltine Berfle

    Only that there is no guarantee of equality, except under under the law. I do believe in justice and also do think that you should be free to go to your partner’s bedside–under the law. I also believe that we should have more rights and not less, again under the law. I am for gay rights and marriage and for a great many other things that those on the left and/or right would be against and I want them recognized under the law. There are but three rules:

    1. Know the rules
    2. Comply with the rules, or
    3. Cause the rules to be changed.

    I’m all for changing the rules where the law is wrong and I work on it constantly. Am I succeeding? Not yet. Will I continue to try? Hell, yes.

  • seattlegonz

    I’m not sure of your point, Ferd…I don’t disagree with you, and don’t want to legislate the human condition, but I do want to guarantee that I will be free to go to my partner’s bedside (the woman I’ve been in relationship with for 26 years) if she’s rushed to the hospital and don’t want to be denied because arcane rules exist about only family members being allowed and my ability to be a legally recognized family member has been denied to me because of arcane rules about marriage. I am clearly not the same as many, and to confuse equality with sameness is a problem, but I should have the same opportunities as others despite being a woman and a lesbian. Plus I’m hispanic…oh lord, maybe I should pack it in right now.

    I am talking about justice…so maybe we don’t disagree. I never said that there was equality in existence…I don’t know what you’re refering to.

  • Ferd Premium Saltine Berfle

    As I have stated upthread, I do respect HRC’s intelligence and drive but her support of Soros and other decisions she has made means I cannot vote for her in the future. Her opinions and mine diverge with Arizona and Soros. I wish it weren’t so but I have had my choices removed.

  • Ferd Premium Saltine Berfle

    This being said, I still respect her intellect and drive. I just cannot ever vote for her anymore than I could vote for anyone backed by Soros.

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    I’m pretty sure “diplomacy” is a big part of SoS Clinton’s job, for starters.  And pieces on her aren’t always “soft” pieces.  Many of us here respect Hillary Clinton for her searing intellect, ability to grasp a number of difficult concepts simultaneously, and to represent the US on the highest level.  I thought that was coming through loud and clear in the comments…

    I get your point, but once in a while, it is nice to see the Hillary we supported for president be able to just have a laugh and let her true self shine through…

  • Ferd Premium Saltine Berfle

    Equality isn’t required by the Constitution except when it comes to the bar of justice. People are only equal in that way. Some are smarter or less smart than others; some are shorter or taller than others; some are not prone or are prone to criminal activity; and some are tghere or not all there. Sorry, but there is no “equality” in terms of existence. I’m neither an Einstein nor am I a Bill Gates. I live with it. You can’t legislate the human condition, Seattlegonz, and the sooner this is understood, the better.

  • seattlegonz

    What??? Of course we always come back to the constitution. It’s our bedrock. It’s what we’re built on. Democrats and Republicans alike look to the constitution.

    The problem is and has been that historically one group of people want the freedom to, for example, hire who they want, and if they happen to be male chauvinist racists that means they want the right to hire and promote white men only. The other group of people think this is morally wrong and see in the constitution protections for the individual against the loss of opportunity that this represents. So they fight to force the first group to hire and promote women and minorities. The first group thinks that this violates their freedom that is guaranteed in the constitution so they hire women and minorities for lower paying jobs and deny them the same pay and benefits. And the fight continues. Both feel supported by the constitution and the bill of rights, and both feel that the current state of governance is not at the right level because they both feel infringed upon.

    My point was that your comment that equality is found in the constitution is true, but because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s in our work places, our schools, our neighborhoods. If equality existed there would be no need for legislation forcing it upon businesses or legislatures. There would’ve been no need for a civil war. It doesn’t yet exist…I can guarantee you as a woman who has worked in technology for over 20 years, and as a lesbian…no, equality is not here. Anti sodomy laws, gays can’t serve in the military, Anything but Marriage, the court martial of Greta Cammermeyer, the incarceration of suffragettes, slavery,…as I said, I could go on and on talking about how inequalities were allowed, condoned and only began to be eroded when people have fought, campaigned and protested for their rights under the constitution.

    It’s absurd to say that Hillary’s work on behalf of women is meaningless because women’s rights are guaranteed under the constitution, or because equality is guaranteed there. Let’s just look at the 2008 campaign and see if all candidates were treated equally…

  • Ferd Premium Saltine Berfle


  • Ferd Premium Saltine Berfle

    No problem Abigail. I was only trying to reinforce the idea that we are a nation of laws and not of men, as it were.

  • seattlegonz

    I agree an observer.

    It’s laughable Abigail that you don’t think ad hominem has a place here when you just made the most outrageous, inflammatory, and insbustantial comment.

    Puleeze…your comments often don’t cut it.

  • Kathleen Wynne


    I bet you’ll have a lot of company if Hillary decides to move to Australia.

    As much as I hate to admit it, it looks like if American women want to see a female president any time in the near future, we’ll have to move to another country.  Even third world countries have elected female presidents, the most recent being Brazil.

    If Australia wants Hillary to be their president, I’ll be there right with you. 

    What’s wrong with our country that an extraordinary woman like Hillary is pushed aside for a loser like obama?

  • AbigailAdams

    Thanks, Ferd.  That’s really what I meant.

  • AbigailAdams

    “equality may be found in the constitution but it took a civil war and civil rights legislation and voting rights acts and on and on to bring what is guaranteed in the constitution to practice in these united states.” 

    And that was my point, that we always come back to the constitution, not extra-constitutional executive orders and czars.

  • Guest

    Why are these pieces on SoS always so infused with a focus on soft power human rights, diplomacy and in this case comedy ? To the perilous neglect of our increasingly assertive moves over territorial issues in the Asia-Pacific region which signal a resolve to return as a dominating presence in that part of the world. Unfortunately, China and Russia are the main obstacles to us doing so. The Chinese were shocked recently when Hillary asserted that the US has a national interest in the territorial disputes in the South China Sea. The tone of American-Chinese relations is changing. Rivalries between the major powers are rising again.

    China and America are preparing for economic war. And the rise in economic tensions is matched by an increasingly tense military and strategic situation. Hillary has evidently been mandated with the unenviable task of putting them on notice much as we did during the most dangerous days of the Cold War half a century ago, but though now in an Asia with several nuclear powers. Both sides IMHO need to do a better job at communicating their long term intentions.

  • AbigailAdams

    How so?  Where’s your argument to the contrary?  Ad hominem doesn’t cut it around here.

  • an observer

    Damn I am glad you or someone like you is not negotiating our ccompany’s ontracts, you have the insight of a rock.

  • Ferd Premium Saltine Berfle

    I’m curious at the adoration for Hillary when she likes George Soros.
    When Katmoon and I heard about that recently, we were done. Hillary is not presidential material. Soros is a wretched individual not worthy of any sort of adoration. In a word–he’s scum.

  • Ferd Premium Saltine Berfle

    Actually, equality is not in the Constitution. Equal protection under the law is via the 14th Amendment. There is a difference.

  • Breeze



    I saw the other Sassy too, but she kept posting without avatar, so I
    really ‘felt’ it was not you.


  • seattlegonz

    equality may be found in the constitution but it took a civil war and civil rights legislation and voting rights acts and on and on to bring what is guaranteed in the constitution to practice in these united states.

    The tension between liberals and conservatives is the tension between freedom and equality. When people are free, they are free to oppress, when equality is mandated then government may be socialistic…navigating the tension between these two is the miracle of the united states of america. It’s a tension that I trust Hillary with above any other.

    I’m clearly not a republican because I don’t believe in complete deregulation, eliminating taxes on the rich, or in trickle down economics. And, I don’t believe in government regulation of sexual morality. Plus I believe in equal pay for equal work, title nine and the civil rights act…I could go on.

    Hillary wouldn’t have to bend to anyone she didn’t choose to. She’s proven that.

  • Sassy

    Go by my avatar, I suppose…although I lean way right now! LOL!
    Yesterday was signing day for my basketball player…she committed to an excellent university…I embarrassed her by crying…gee, it seems such a short time since I held her for the first time!

  • FLDemFem

    Have you tried telling your Trekkie sis that Mr. Spock said Obobo is a no-no?? He didn’t but she won’t know that.. 😛