BELOW: Update: Florida Congressman Hits Acorn
Tom Feeney (R-Fla.) * Check out Feeney’s site for detailed findings on his investigation of Acorn in Florida (video now below)

Here are some factual quotes that you can share with others you’re trying to persuade — factual quotes that demonstrate how involved Obama has been, for decades, in Acorn:

Newsday reported in its March 2, 2008 article, “Chicago’s Streets Obama’s Teacher (link unavailable) that Acorn’s president, Madeleine Talbot, invited Barack Obama to train her staff at Acorn:

Several community organizers and Altgeld Gardens tenants confirmed Johnson was working on asbestos but said Obama organized residents to act. ‘He got people to vote with their feet’ on the issue, organizer Madeleine Talbot said. At the time, Talbot worked at the social action group ACORN and initially considered Obama a competitor. But she became so impressed with his work that she invited him to help train her staff.

The Wall Street Journal reported on July 12, 2008 in its article, “Obama’s Liberal Shock Troops,” that Barack Obama was hired by Acorn in 1992 to run a voter registration effort.

We also know this from the socialist party newsletters that Matthew Weaver uncovered in his must-read NoQ article, in which the New Party endorses Obama and, among his resume items, lists: ” In 1992, he was Director of Illinois Project Vote, a voter registration campaign that made Carol Moseley Braun’s election to the U.S. Senate much easier than it would have been.”

From the WSJ article in July 2008:

Indeed, Mr. Obama has extensive connections with the granddaddy of activist groups, Acorn (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), which has gotten millions in government grants for its low-income housing programs. In 1992, Acorn hired Mr. Obama to run a voter registration effort. He later became a trainer for the group, as well as its lawyer in election law cases. Acorn’s political arm has endorsed Mr. Obama while its ‘voter education’ arm has pledged to spend $35 million to register people this fall — despite a history of vote fraud scandals that have led to guilty pleas by many Acorn employees.

The Chicago Reader‘s editorial, in December 1995, described Obama’s ongoing involvement with Acorn:

He [Obama] says he is drawn to politics, despite its superficialities, as a means to advance his real passion and calling: community organization. … In 1992 Obama took time off to direct Project Vote, the most successful grass-roots voter-registration campaign in recent city history. Credited with helping elect Carol Moseley-Braun to the U.S. Senate, the registration drive, aimed primarily at African-Americans, added an estimated 125,000 voters to the voter rolls–even more than were registered during Harold Washington’s mayoral campaigns. ‘It’s a power thing,’ said the brochures and radio commercials. … Obama continues his organizing work largely through classes for future leaders identified by ACORN and the Centers for New Horizons on the south side.


Below is the script of the Acorn ad for those who can’t hear YouTube ads:

Script For “ACORN” (WEB :90)

JOHN MCCAIN: I’m John McCain and I approve this message.

ANNCR: Who is Barack Obama?

A man with “a political baptism performed at warp speed.”

Vast ambition.

After college, he moved to Chicago.

Became a community organizer.

There, Obama met Madeleine Talbot, part of the Chicago branch of ACORN.

He was so impressive that he was asked to train the ACORN staff.

What did ACORN in Chicago engage in?

Bullying banks.

Intimidation tactics.

Disruption of business.

ACORN forced banks to issue risky home loans.

The same types of loans that caused the financial crisis we’re in today.

No wonder Obama’s campaign is trying to distance him from the group, saying, “Barack Obama Never Organized with ACORN.”

But Obama’s ties to ACORN run long and deep.

He taught classes for ACORN.

They even endorsed him for President.

But now ACORN is in trouble.

REPORTER: There are at least 11 investigations across the country involving thousands of potentially fraudulent ACORN forms.

ANNCR: Massive voter fraud.

And the Obama campaign paid more than $800,000 to an ACORN front for get out the vote efforts.

Pressuring banks to issue risky loans.

Nationwide voter fraud.

Barack Obama.

Bad judgment. Blind ambition.

Too risky for America.

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  • Zorro Astor

    Rathke on Tactics

    If some day we want to make more just laws, then today we may have to just learn to break more laws. As Thoreau said, “It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for the law, so much as for the right.”

    Let me restate my wish list briefly:

    • Tactics that vary with the target and the situation.
    Tactics with tension that press the target not only in novel ways, but create real pressure on the edge of organizational control.
    Tactics that return to a direct action and mass action regime that puts large numbers of people in motion.
    • Tactics that challenge and builds public support.
    Tactics that include civil disobedience and political defiance.
    • Tactics that embrace mutual and independent alliances.
    • Tactics that accommodate the principal of independent action at the limits of collective action.
    • Tactics that include extra-legal activity and welcome individual activist contributions in the collective enterprise.
    • Tactics that stand for the principle that when community and/or labor forces are stopped legally, other actors and formations will move independently and aggressively.
    • Tactics that adopt the principle that when our flag falls, others will pick it up and move forward.
    • Tactics that are lively and fun, but are not about play and symbol, and instead take their exhilaration in victory.

    You get the message….

    We know how to do this work, so let’s up the stakes, take our responsibilities and institutions seriously, and start fighting to win.

    Ready or not. Here we come!

  • Zorro Astor

    Check this.

    Departure from ACORN
    July 9th,2008 The New York Times reported[3] that Dale Rathke, the brother of ACORN’s founder Wade Rathke, was found to have embezzled $948,607.50 from the group and affiliated charitable organizations in 1999 and 2000. ACORN executives, including Rathke, did not inform the whole board, nor law enforcement, but signed an enforceable restitution agreement with the Rathke family to repay the amount of the embezzlement. Wade Rathke stated to the Times that “the decision to keep the matter secret was not made to protect his brother but because word of the embezzlement would have put a ‘weapon’ into the hands of […] conservatives who object to [ACORN]’s often strident advocacy on behalf of low- and moderate-income families and workers.” A whistleblower revealed the embezzlement in 2001; the Rathke brothers both departed ACORN in 2008.[3] [4]

    • Zorro Astor

      More on Rathke.

      Founding Service Employees International Union Local 100
      Rathke is also founder and Chief Organizer of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 100, which is headquartered in New Orleans with operations in Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. Founded in 1980 in New Orleans as an independent union of Hyatt employees, the union became part of SEIU in 1984.

      But Hyatt is the Pritzkers. And both Pritzkers work for Obama and have donated heavily to

      Small world. With more cozy connections than we may realize!

  • abc1 23

    Well, McCain’s new ACORN piece must have really hit a nerve. Obama’s censors at YouTube have already pulled it from their site. So much for freedom of speech if you are not in the Obama camp.

    Fortunately, you can still access the video on the McCain site (web ad: Acorn). It is worth a view.

    • Zorro Astor

      This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Fox News Network, LLC


  • show me

    Acorn and Obama crooks from Chicago.
    The debate the other nite Obama said his mother died and could not get treatment.Is that true?
    Where was he on November 7 when she died?
    He was not by her side he said so.

  • NY mom

    They just took the ad down off YouTube!

  • NCgirl

    I am keeping the faith. I already voted, by absentee ballot, for McCain/Palin, of course. I can’t fathom an Obama presidency. The very thought of him and Michelle in the White House angers me too much.

  • oppo

    What about all the vile filth thrown at Palin? Gang rape, anyone? trailer trash anyone? Retarded baby jokes, anyone? Incest?

    What about close ups of McCain’s scars? “lurching” jokes?

    Hop on over to Huffington if you want a nauseating, angry, violent earful.

    This double standard is what’s MAKING US MAD – can’t the MSM see that?!

  • IndieDogg

    Great stuff at:

    After noting that deleting articles from web pages does not erase them from backup and other locations on the Web, the Cleveland Leader reports the following.

    [I thought these people were tech literate. Maybe they should consult Sen. McCain, member of the Science, Technology, and Innovation subcommittee (chaired by Sen. Kerry) of the Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee. But, alas, I digress.]

    To the article (an excerpt):

    Let’s take a look at a quote from a 2004 article – Case Study: Chicago – The Barack Obama Campaign, written by Toni Foulkes, a Chicago ACORN Leader, which was published in the journal Social Policy. [Did we mention that Social Policy recently pulled this particular article from their website, while leaving links to all other articles up?]

    “Obama took the case, known as ACORN vs. Edgar (the name of the Republican governor at the time) and we won. Obama then went on to run a voter registration project with Project VOTE in 1992 that made it possible for Carol Moseley Braun to win the Senate that year. Project VOTE delivered 50,000 newly registered voters in that campaign (ACORN delivered about 5,000 of them).

    [My Note: Project VOTE has been mentioned as an “arm” of ACORN but I have not seen that allegation repeated. However, it is notable and significant that, here, the ACORN representative cites “Project VOTE” as having “delivered” 50,000 new registrations and goes on to say, “ACORN delivered about 5,000 of them.” Not 5,000 more. Not 5,000 in addition. But, 5,000 of the Just VOTE total. That sure sounds a lot like “organizing together” to me. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…]

    Since then, we have invited Obama to our leadership training sessions to run the session on power every year, and, as a result, many of our newly developing leaders got to know him before he ever ran for office. Thus it was natural for many of us to be active volunteers in his first campaign for STate Senate and then his failed bid for U.S. Congress in 1996. By the time he ran for U.S. Senate, we were old friends.”

  • galsforhill

    on fox–fake donor names from obama campaign.
    GOD does it ever end?

  • PhxNickD

    about McCain’s ad, bho’s comments:

    “It’s easy to rile up a crowd by stoking anger and division,” Obama said. But, he said: “The American people aren’t looking for someone who can divide this country….

    he got that right.



  • galsforhill

    i’m asking why in the usa voter fraud can exist?
    how can we be helping other nations with the right
    to vote when we don’t have this for ourselves?
    why do these people say there is nothing that can be done about it?
    this is totally amazing to me. i just don’t get it.
    i have become so sad over what is going on in this country. changes are o.k. but not when they alter our standards.
    i am a proud american, but not so proud of the people in government. what a joke they have become.

  • Sorry Folks.

    Fox Just broke disasterous news for Palin!

    Its over.

  • athy

    ACORN Takes On Wachovia Bank
    by Paul Hogarth‚ Sep. 04‚ 2008

    Look at what Acorn was doing to Wachovia Bank right up until this financial crisis started and look at how certain people in the media were reporting the story.

  • FINALLY! an ad that ties is all together…
    Next…the lineup again featuring Frank, Dodd and Obama, with an emphasis on the money to Dodd and Obama…

  • caringnurse1

    ty Will

  • Will Smith

    Attention ADMINS tonight’s Hugh Hewitt Show will have newer aired 20 min interview with Ayers

    Guess it will be at 6 PM

  • caringnurse1

    Patsy, you rock, girl!!!!