That’s the topic for today. Nuts. This election season seems rife with them, but I will focus on only four for today.

First up, we have ACORN. Yes, ACORN has been in the news a good bit recently. Seems the organization Obama has paid $800,000 to register voters has been, um, shall we say, enthusiastic in fulfilling its task? Apparently, this alleged non-partisan organization has been overly zealous in registering voters, so that areas like Indianapolis now have 105% voter registration! Whoopie! One guy registered 72 times! This is not new for ACORN – they have been under investigation before for voter registration fraud, but the SCOPE of it this year is mighty telling, as the 2-part video below highlights. And bear this in mind: ACORN receives YOUR tax paying dollars. AND they are one of three organizations to which the Democrats, led by Chris Dodd, tried to get 20% of the $700 billion dollar bailout repayment funneled. Again, YOUR tax paying dollars going to fund this organization. And if you believe for one second they are non-partisan, just watch these videos from their meeting this summer (h/t to Katy, alert NQ reader). Again, YOUR taxpaying dollars:

Thomas Jefferson said:

To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.

Amen to that.

While we are on the subject of voter fraud, there is the wife of Chuck Hagel, Lilibet Hagel. Guess who she is endorsing? Uh, yeah – Barack Obama. Yes, the wife of the man who is an owner of the Company-Formerly-Known-As-Diebold is endorsing Barack Obama. See, in Nebraska, the electoral votes are actually split up between 5 areas. Obama’s plan is to win Omaha, so he is actually campaigning there. But hey – when the wife of the man who owns the voting machines telegraphs for all to see who she wants to win, don’t be too surprised when it comes to pass. I am sure ACORN can help with that if there are any doubts by registering some dead people or re-registering people who can send in absentee ballots AND vote in person.

Last night, the “bipartisan” panel (which included a prominent Obama supporter. Larry Johnson had a great post on the makeup of the Committee HERE.) investigating Governor Palin on “Troopergate” declared she had abused her power in wanting her former brother-in-law removed from the State Troopers. The media is playing this off as if it is just bad blood because he and her sister were getting divorced. Apparently, so is this commission, which is framing this whole thing as her pushing a personal agenda. Here’s why this is NUTS: Trooper Wooten (who still has his job, by the way) ADMITTED to tasering his 10 yr old stepson. He was found GUILTY of “judgment failures,” like drinking and driving in a STATE TROOPER patrol car. This doesn’t sound like a PERSONAL issue. It sounds like a PERSONNEL issue. That the board completely overlooked these documented issues is very telling. Oh, they didn’t find anything unlawful in her behavior, in case you are keeping score (and you should be). This is just pathetic. And pathetic the way the media is now trying to play up Trooper Wooten’s behavior. Is this the kind of person YOU would want as a state trooper? Yeah, me neither.

And to finish up, I give a big H/T to Matthew Weaver at No Quarter for finding this extremely disturbing video of Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam (and if you don’t know about the Nation of Islam, I’ll give you some tips after you watch this), who is closely associated with Obama’s church, TUCC:

Yes, he did just call Barack Obama The MESSIAH. Now for some information regarding the Nation of Islam, and Minister Louis Farrakhan from Islam Today:

Racist ideology also at odds with universal Islam

A third area of non-compliance with Islam, and the one which receives by far the greatest attention in the secular media, is the issue of race. The present “Nation of Islam” leader, Louis Farrakhan, is on record as having made objectionable anti-Jewish (as distinct from anti-Zionist) remarks. Among other unfortunate utterances, he is alleged to have referred to Judaism as a “gutter religion”.

Moreover, the NOI is a segregationalist organization exclusively for black people descended from slaves. Proper Islam is a universal religion open to people of every race. Muslims are supposed to differentiate between people on the basis not of ethnic origin but of piety and upright behavior. As the Quran makes clear:

“And mankind is naught but a single nation.” Holy Quran 2:213

“O Mankind! Most certainly, it is We (God almighty) who have Created you all from a single (pair) of a male and a female, And it is We who have made you into nations and tribes, that ye may recognize each other. Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you.” Holy Quran 49:13

And in his final sermon, Prophet Mohammed made clear that racism has no place in Islam:

“O people! Verily your Lord is one and your father is one. All of you belong to one ancestry of Adam and Adam was created out of clay. There is no superiority for an Arab over a non-Arab and for a non-Arab over an Arab; nor for white over the black nor for the black over the white except in piety. Verily the noblest among you is he who is the most pious.”

In contrast, the NOI has a pronounced anti-white bias. They refer to blacks as God’s chosen people and Caucasians as white devils. They call for a separate homeland for American blacks, for racially segregated education and for a ban on interracial marriage. To quote again from their website:

* We believe we are the people of God’s choice.

* WE BELIEVE this is the time in history for the separation of the so-called Negroes and the so-called white Americans.

* We want our people in America whose parents or grandparents were descendants from slaves, to be allowed to establish a separate state or territory of their own–either on this continent or elsewhere.

* We want all black children educated, taught and trained by their own teachers.

* We believe that intermarriage or race mixing should be prohibited.

Uh, yeah. I guess they don’t know about Obama’s mixed heritage. No matter – he is The One – Minister Louis Farrakhan has spoken. So glad my friends and family have found their Messiah. If only he wasn’t so flawed, so propped up by the media, so enmeshed with nefarious characters like, oh, I dunno, FARRAKHAN! But hey – as long as they can go to their happy Kool Aide drinking place following The One, as far away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as we can get them, that’s their choice. I don’t have to understand it, but I’ll have to learn to accept it. I sure don’t want this “Messiah” in the White House myself. I am an adamant supporter of the Separation of Church and State, so someone a little less celestial is my choice for president, but that’s just me.

  • TeakWoodKite



  • Ken in IL

    Liberia is already a country founded by freed American slaves. Someone should clue in Minister Farrakan so he and his congregation can all move there.

    • WildChild

      First they have to free themselves from being a slave to their own Bullshit.

  • Felizarte

    America is under attack from within and without; we have Americans who want to subvert/corrupt the systems and it is the same with all those countries that subscribe and are part of the western civilization; And the people are not aware of it. This is literally Armageddon. The weapon being used is money but in reality it is a movement for a One World Islamic Order. Barack Hussein Obama is the camel that is almost totally inside the American tent.

    Am I glad that I will only live a few more years, maybe.

  • cruz

    i saw an ad about election polling. normally, theres a 40% no comment or no answer. this election is 75 to 80%. the silent majority will speak on nov4!!! mcpalin 2008

  • http://IthinkIfeel... Tricia

    Whew–lots of nuts to chew on. I keep thinking I will just wake up and tell everyone about my bizarre nightmare.

  • NCgirl

    ACORN is in my state. I am disgusted by this. I just found this YouTube video. In 2007 Obama promised to give ACORN a role in shaping his presidential agenda:

  • cathnealon

    My sister called yesterday from Raleigh freaked out by the mainstream mdia and their same old tactic that they used in the primaries. It’s all over and Barry will win. I told her that if BO’s whole campaign has been a series of lies and the msm is behind him then the msm is lying too. I told her that Bill Clinton is coming tonite in Virginia and speaking in a venue that consists of college students who are already brainwashed, he’s not speaking to any undecideds but Palin’s coming tomorrow and they had to move the venue from a center that held about 4-5000 people to one much bigger because they were getting 3 times the requests for tickets. She WILL be speaking to voters who are undecided but of course the msm will never report the crowds she’s getting. The msm is not worth the time, in fact its treasonous at this point to watch or read their ‘news.’ It’s propaganda for BO and it is directly destroying democracy and capitalism. He is a shady, criminally conected hollow man who will lead the United States right into the wasteland that Eliot predicted 100 years ago.

  • workingclass artist

    ” I have sworn upon the altar of GOD eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man. ”
    Thomas Jefferson

    This is one of my favorite TJ quotes…So many to choose from…

  • NCgirl

    Good article RRR Amy. I love the Jefferson quote. He is my favorite founding father. The Nation of Islam really has little in common with true Islam. That is what Malcolm X found out when he went on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Since he no longer preached that “hate whitey” crap, after he returned, I am convinced that Farrakhan had him murdered. He even said as much in a BBC interview, though, he called it “contributed to his assasination.” Anyway, the 527’s or McCain needs to make ads about Farrakhan; heck just play that section of him preaching that Obama is the Messiah.

    My favorite Jefferson quote: “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” That is what I am doing…hanging on to the hope that McCain will be elected president.

  • FLVoter

    OT/ Perhaps you have seen this already but it is worth sharing regarding Philip Berg’s federal lawsuit vs. BO on issue of his birth

  • Shiloh

    Hermagoras will be gone soon.

    [ADMIN: You wish is my command.]

    • Arabella Trefoil

      I hope so.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy

        ROTFLMAO – don’t you just LOVE our Admin???? 😀

        • Arabella Trefoil

          I certainly do!

    • jwrjr

      Trying to give ADMINs a good reputation?

  • hadenough

    More nuts. Former civil rights hero john lewis compares mccain to george wallace:
    “George Wallace never threw a bomb. He never fired a gun, but he created the climate and the conditions that encouraged vicious attacks against innocent Americans who were simply trying to exercise their constitutional rights.”

    I wonder what lewis thinks of obama’s old buddy real life bomb thower bill ayers? Too bad the “liberal media” won’t ask lewis about ayers.

    • Khan Krum


  • Lisa

    ACORN is Obama’s army, which is in everywhere in the U.S.

    He was their COMMUNITY ORGANIZER since he graduate from college.

    He trained his soldiers using vote as the weapon.

    He was ACORN’s lawyer since he has his law degree, claiming in his campaign that he gave up high pay job from Wall Street firms (it is a BS also).

    He represented ACORN to sue banks to get free house for the black and gain black’s votes.

    He represent ACORN to sue state to get irregular voters be registered and vote for him.

    He fund ACORN with earmarks, which is our tax’ money.

    Wake Up America. What he has been doing with his ACORN Army is strikingly similar to what Chairman Mao did in rural China before he took over China in 1949 and changed it to a communist country.

    • trails

      Yes. They use pressure and intimidation to reach their goals. Essentially, Acorn operatives are provocateurs. Their sorts of agencies, (remember the Anarchists?), lead to divisions and increasing polarization. They are dangerous and destructive to American society..

  • shirley

    Never mind the whitey tapes.. If people dont care what kind of people ( terrorists) that Obama hangs around with, they sure dont care what Michelle said.. HOWEVER, the FBI does care about illegal activities, so more to come.

  • InsightAnalytical-GRL

    NUTS to them all! More here…

    The Past Week: Recaps & Random Thoughts, October 5-12 (Cloward-Piven; Oh-Ohio; Musings on Middle Names; Slaughtering Sarah; Feeling Prickly)

    Don’t you just LOVE how Cloward-Piven is playing out???

  • typewriterstreaming

    Uppity Woman has an outstanding video of Obama reassuring ACORN and other community organizers they will help shape his agenda in the WH – Uppity does an excellent job of backing this video up – Please send this around – voters seen to slowly be connecting Obama and ACORN – we need to help that along since the MSM refuses to.

    • FloridaEx-Dem

      Scary scary shit McCain needs to add this to his ACORN video! He’s going to have them SHAPE the agenda? BULLSHIT!

    • ginaswo still says no Uhhbama

      thank you

  • Phil Drinka

    Shows the Obama ties to ACORN, and how not only will he meet with them during his first 100 days of office, but even before then to shape his policies.

  • Sassy

    Amy, you are more courteous than I feel at the moment!
    I have sincerely made an effort my entire life to treat people with respect and to offer friendship to others!
    Now I am struggling with emotions that are foreign to me!
    Since 90% of blacks in this election have voted for Obama based on race, rather than issues, they have demeaned themselves, in my opinion.
    Now that many of them have revealed how they really feel about whites, my views toward them have changed as well!
    Flattering? No! Honest? Yes!

    • Khan Krum

      This is absolutely true. People who live in “less-diversified areas of our country” (read not South, not Urban) are now learing what these others have known for a very, very long time (and have suffered reverse discrimination and ridicule for it — especially Southerners).

      • FloridaEx-Dem

        Obama and his Obots have set race relations back in this country, by 50 years, all because of his ‘race card’ and his minions eagerness to label anyone and everyone who disagrees, racist.

        I’m NOT a racist but after having been called one for something as simple as questioning Obama’s birth certificate’s authenticity – well, I tend to get very angry with what this man and his racist friends and what they’re doing to turn their racist hate on those who in the past were not the least bit concerned about race.

        • workingclass artist

          Barky has a serious conflict with his inner cracker…and he has written about it and spoken about it…and he capitalizes on it…sheeeesh!

          • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy

            On the topic of race baiting, can you BELIEVE John Lewis compared John McCain to GEORGE WALLACE????? Here John McCain has bent over backwards – to his detriment – calling for decency in discussions, and this backstabbing SOB has the audacity (!) to call him a RACIST??? McCain needs to take the gloves off, and he needs to do it NOW.

            All of that is to say – I could not agree more. Obama and his minions have set back race relations dramatically. And it is painful to learn the regard with which many AA hold white people in this country, no matter how much we have worked for equality. Just ask Bill and Hillary.

            • workingclass artist


              Sorry Soeterobama…Race as a tactic cuts both ways…or haven’t you figured that out yet….sheeesh!

              You keep up the good Work Rev. Amy…Your rabble choir is increasing in numbers…

              • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy

                WCA – I think you are right abt that. Many good people are sick and tired of being called racists for wanting a presidential candidate who stands on merits, experience, and character. Just sayin’.

                And thanks, WCA! Let’s sing it out!

      • FloridaEx-Dem

        Perhaps a bit off topic but maybe not, since ACORN is one of the ‘lies’ Obama likes to tout: I just received this email from the DNC. Do you think they’re getting nervous?

        Dear (Name),

        The smears and lies about Barack are becoming more frequent, more outrageous, and more offensive.

        While you and I know the truth, many undecided voters do not.

        Right now, supporters like you who live in crucial battleground states are in a special position to influence this election by talking to undecided voters in your community. You can help by making phone calls or knocking on doors to set the record straight and win your state.

        Get your list of potential supporters to contact. We’ll give you talking points you can use.

        This election is coming down to the wire. Voters are making up their minds, and in a number of states they are casting their votes early. You can help make sure the attacks we’re seeing from the McCain campaign don’t influence their decision at the polls.

        No experience is required — you can do it all from home. You’ll join more than 200,000 supporters around the country who are using our voter contact tool to great success.

        Ask friends and family to join you. If more supporters like you get involved, we can quickly reach the number of voters we need to win this election.

        Get started right now:

        Thanks for all you do,


        Jon Carson
        National Field Director
        Obama for America

        Paid for and authorized by the Democratic National Committee,
        This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

        Democratic National Committee, 430 S. Capitol St. SE, Washington, DC 20003

        Contributions or gifts to the Democratic National Committee are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

        Click here to unsubscribe from this mailing list.

        • Arabella Trefoil

          Yes, they are getting nervous.

        • Arabella Trefoil

          Yes, they are getting nervous.

  • bmc

    Another Nut: Alaska’s Hollis French–who is lying about his “investigation” and about his Marine Corps service. Wow. You’ve got to be a real scumbag to say you’re a Marine when you never served a day, and couldn’t even make it out of basic training. Isn’t it illegal to misrepresent your military service?

    • workingclass artist

      good catch bmc…saw that this morning…

    • Jeremiah God Damn Barack Amerikkka Wright

      Oh my god! Collor me shocked. A partisan hack and his buddy he colluded with on subpeonas is also lying about his military nonrecord and is an obama supporter…who would have thought!

  • ford

    The entire Troopergate episode underscores the extreme tolerance for domestic violence in this country.

    Palin was acting to protect her intimidate family, not steal funds, coerced witnesses…she wanted her family to stay alive while the crazy brother in law had consequences for his behavior.

    Firing this trooper would have been appropriate.

    There are millions of battered women in this country that WISH THEIR SISTER WAS A GOVERNOR.

    The NEW DEMOKRATIC PARTY IS not good for battered women.

    • lark

      The issue in troopergate was not what the Gov. was doing but what Todd Palin was doing. Todd Palin had all the right to petition his government.

    • Ferd McBerfle

      You are spot on. Maybe someday the MSM will actually look into this but I won’t hold my breath.

    • Newly Independent

      The entire Troopergate episode underscores the extreme tolerance for domestic violence in this country.


      It’s woman-hating season in America. And in the Democrat party.

      Just look at those sorry bitches in the MSM & Obama’s compound coming to the defense of a woman-beating, child-abusing trooper in Alaska. All because they thought that it would keep Sarah Palin from becoming Vice-President in a few weeks.

      • POdVet

        Can this really be a surprise after the scum bag came out on stage to “99 problems but a bitch aint one”?

      • Tuppence411

        Yes, yes, yes! And the MSM and especially the female anchors need to be pubically ostracized for use of their shameful vocabulary- “messy divorce”. What’s next? Does wife beating become “correcting” again?

    • trails

      Can you imagine? This man, a law enforcement officer, used a police weapon, off duty and against a 10-year-old boy for a personal reason. Liberals would have hung his hide had this happened to a minority child, and rightly so. The only abuse of power I see here, is the trooper’s obvious lack of the psychological control of himself so necessary in policing powers.

      Think of the liability to the state of Alaska had this child died?

      Democrats: hypocrites, prevaricators, and rogues.

  • Tuppence411

    Calling the panel in Alaska “bi-partisan” may be technically accurate; but they were anything but objective and unbiased. Palin ruffled many Republican feathers in her state when she fought against corruption and graft. The people love her, but politicans don’t. I am sure some were salivating at the chance to join with Obamabots to brand her with an ethics violation. I feel for her. A character assination is such a hard blow to take. At least John and Cindy McCain can offer words of wisdom and advice to the Palins after suffering the same through the Keating scandal.

    I only have one question for Alaska lawmakers- “Why the hell is the trooper, with his personnel record, still getting a gun, badge, and paycheck from the State of Alaska?”

    • Ferd McBerfle

      That is the $64,000 question. Nevermind her response to his questionable record–why would someone with such a record be allowed to serve?

      • NoObamislamists

        I’m guessing here, but I’m thinking a strong trooper union in AK.

    • lark

      As I understood she failed to retrain her husband from going to stakeholders in government to demand that the trooper be dismissed. That was her ethical violation – to fail to retrain her husband.

      The fact is that her husband had as a citizen the right to address government just like any lobbyist has it. He was only exercising his constitutional right to address his representatives in government to petition them to take a certain action that was to his benefit. Gov. Palin was not going to deny her husband his constitutional rights.

      • Jeremiah God Damn Barack Amerikkka Wright


      • lark

        substitute retrain for restrain

  • http://chriss chris

    The American culture is upside down and things are spinning out of control. It is a sad thing to watch. My vote is sealed for McCain, but I am wondering if he understands what a mess will be made if Obama wins. If he truly loves his country as much as he says, then he will have to fight like he never has before for the last 3 weeks of this campaign. He will have to fight with every weapon he has at his disposal, including the less than savory ones. I know he’s honorable and doesn’t want to, but if he doesn’t he will turn this country over to corrupt and dishonorable people. I’m sure the Dems are laughing at Mac’s reluctance to fire the big guns and that’s why they are saying they will win in a landslide. It’s been too easy for them to use every slimy tactic in the book right out in the open, and get what they want. Americans had better pay attention the next 3 weeks or they will be caught by their own negligence. They will realize too late what freedoms they gave up when the Barack troops start running the show. No lower taxes, no universal healthcare, no pull out from Iraq, no fixing the finance mess, and no tax cuts for the middle class. It’s all illusion and empty promises that don’t stand a chance of coming true. Instead they will get socialism, reparations and less freedom. Good luck everyone. Let’s hope our fellow citizens get educated real fast and that McCain gets his guts back and punishes the Obamanation with some tough attacks that the msm can’t just ignore or spin.

    • Khan Krum

      Hold fast! His heavily loaded frigate is turning now to come along side the Good Ship Hopey Dopey for a broadside and boarding.

      • workingclass artist

        LOL….Somebody call the EPA…and HAZMAT

      • BernieO

        Could be too late. Once people make up their minds it is much harder to sway most of them. Especially when the media is defending the guy.

        On the other hand the media starting to feel the pressure to report on Ayers so maybe Rezko will be next. I still say going to Rezko for help buying an expensive home is the best example of Obama’s bad judgment because by then it was all over the Chicago news that the Feds were looking at Tony. So this was a case of bad judgment on several levels. How many Americans go to a crook for help when they can’t afford a house? Why didn’t Obama just find a house he COULD afford? He went into debt on that deal, just not a monetary one.

        • BettsAZ

          “How many Americans go to a crook for help when they can’t afford a house?

          Ask Barney Franks.

    • lark

      and less freedom.

      Less freedom will begin to operate when Obamination will begin to exercise control of the educational processes in this country and to tell people to move into controlled paths for their lives and family. After that, he will mandate salary and wages for each job assignment. After that he will mandate industry allocations for jobs and mandate allocations for industrial production.

      And mandate and mandate and mandate and mandate and mandate and mandate. MANDATE and MAN DATE

    • FloridaEx-Dem

      Chris, I’m so with you on this.

      Obama IS the new Bush, encouraged by the fact that Bush got away with shredding the constitution. Obama plans to do the same, if given the chance.

  • lark

    The simple fact is that in order to keep the so called people’s attention and to encourage them not to change the channel, the networks constantly lie to their viewers. This constant lying day in and day out, hour after hour, five ten fifteen times per hour has made us immune to the perception and consequences of lying. Infomercials and advertising also constantly mock and deride common sense and require people to suspend belief in order just to let the advertising finish its course.

    Now, Barack Obama lies to black people, to elitist and to people who live by hope and they don’t have any way to tell what’s coming to them.

    • FloridaEx-Dem

      Interesting phrase – people who live by hope. What IS that? Are they just purposefully dense and not willing to parse the statements and look for the truth? Are they just so filled with liberal guilt that they’ll believe all they’re told to believe?

      It’s a sad state of affairs and sad to see that Americans continue to be that dense. I was discouraged when Bush ran the second time, when the American people showed absolutely no propensity for the truth and just voted out of fear. So now we have Americans voting out of what? Hope? Not much better.

      What happened to voting by using one’s INTELLECT?

  • Melisa

    I’m an acorn smooth and round,
    Laying on the cold, cold ground…
    Every body steps on me,
    That is why I’m cracked, you see…
    I’m a nut, I’m a nut, I’m a nut nut nut nut nut….

    • Kristen

      My kids have a CD with this song. HA HA HA I had to laugh when I read this. Any time I can laugh these days I’ll take it. I find these blogs are the only place I find sane people who actually THINK!!!!

  • workingclass artist

    List of organizations funded by Barky’s Meglomanical pal SOROS…In case anyone wants more info

    • tzada
      • workingclass artist

        THANKS TZADA…chuckle…You have superior skills…I salute You

    • Tuppence411

      Here in MA, Soros provided 100% of the funding for Question 2 on the November ballot- the decriminalization of one ounce or less of pot. An obvious attempt to change the voter make-up and bring out young, liberal voters; much like Rove did with gay marriage in 2004. LOL Soros wasted his money on me. I am voting against Barky and for question 2. ( Our justice system is overwhelmed, we did to focus resources on real criminals)

  • Ferd McBerfle

    In contrast, the NOI has a pronounced anti-white bias. They refer to blacks as God’s chosen people and Caucasians as white devils. They call for a separate homeland for American blacks, for racially segregated education and for a ban on interracial marriage.

    But this sort of racism is OK, I presume.

    • lark

      So how exactly will the ObamaMessiah will do to fix the white devils? Obviously we have nothing to fear from the ObamaMessiah since he is a decent family man.

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy

        Uh, yeah. Nothing to see here, move along, move along…

        Seedy, nutty, both fit, Fred!! :-)

        What, WCA – you don’t want to have to dress in appropriate attire for women (not making that up – NOI mentions it on their web page)?? Huh – imagine that! 😉

        • workingclass artist

          Yeah…I think it’s just dandy!…English Parliament voted to recognize Sharia Courts in ENGLAND!….If that doesn’t bother folks I don’t know what will…SHEEEESH!
          the only way anybody is gonna get me to wear bedsheets as clothing in public…lol….will be my stylish shroud….


          • Ferd McBerfle


            Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

            • VinceP1974

              The Inquisition, what a show!

            • jwrjr

              Unrighteous creature, how do you plead heh, heh, heh?

              Where has everybody gone?

    • workingclass artist

      Aaaaand Jeeezus was a black ghetto freedom fighter…sheeesh!
      Of course the Jews also have no historical claim to Israel…the temple mount was a roman barracks don’t you know…
      In fact the entire Bible was really written as a response to the Koran…lol…Aaaaand Cleopatra wasn’t a Greek Ptolemy…I mean lets just re-write history completely…Kinda like indoor plumbing Get rid of it…It’s all way too euro-centric imperialist blather hooey anyway…LET THE DEAD VOTE FOR OBAMA…WE HAVE RIGHTS TOO!


  • workingclass artist

    Just Say No to Theocracy in America….Good Article Rev. Amy…..Keep up the pressure…NQ ROCKS!

  • Ferd McBerfle

    Nuts? I think the adjective, seedy, is a better description. Bah.

    • FloridaEx-Dem

      Looks like we have a few trolls contributing their great koolaid wisdom below. BUT instead of going there (for now), you might all want to check this out on Congressman Tom Feeney’s site:

      At the top of his page is a link to this .pdf document:

      This is a quick, graphic presentation about ACORN and some of it clearly shows their intent to register only those who help their cause (in spite of their rather thin claims that they are out to register all.)

      Please encourage your congressional leaders to support this work AGAINST Acorn. No more taxpayer money to these crooks. SHUT THEM DOWN!

      • Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy

        Thanks Florida Ex Dem!

        I encourage everyone to ignore these trolls. As we have been saying for a while, their sole purpose is to hijack these threads and divert our conversations. Please, please do not engage with them.

        Genuine discussion is welcome, even if viewpoints are divergent. What these folks are doing is not genuine discussion (e.g, the constant “Whitey tape” refrain).

      • Susan1968

        Florida ex-Dem – we’re in FL too and also Dem until now.

        I’ve decided to vote republican down the ticket to send a message to Howard Dean.

  • Melisa

    David, have you located all the copies?

  • Ferd McBerfle

    Patience, dung beetle.

  • BernieO

    I have no idea if the tape is real but I do know that McCain won’t even let Palin discuss Rev. Wright. (See the video of her talking to Greta van Susteren.) If he has declared that off limits (and it seems to be working because Wright is rarely brought up) why would it be strange that he also refuses to allow his people to release the tape.

    The Republicans have really held back this time around. They made up lies about both Gore and Kerry and had their minions spouting them all over the media. This time there are legitimate issues about Rezko, Wright, Ayers, etc., particularly since Obama’s biggest claim to being the best qualified is his judgment, yet the Republicans have failed to use this REAL EVIDENCE to make the case. WHo knows what else they aren’t using?

  • Ferd McBerfle

    There is no supporting evidence that it is real, which makes it a stalemate. If anyone else had refused to turn over such documents, the collective whine would be deafening. There are too many unanswered questions about Oblockhead.

  • lark

    That simply shows how you are so ignorant about the facts. The fact is that a prediction of something always has a high probability of not occurring. But the prediction of the ‘whitey tape’ in itself has two sides and an angle. Both sides are proportional. The other side of that prediction was that there is a large component of the Obama’s rhetoric that is racist at large. And that component has been materializing and growing to the point that now racism is the basis for his election. And that component is neutralizing and defaming all the progress that was made by millions of people all over this nation. It is so pervasive that I would go as far as saying that the Martin Luther King holiday in January will soon be canceled. Why? Why celebrate a holiday for racial integration when people surely have zero racial integration purposes anymore.

    The new meme from blacks is a definite statement: ‘This country is racist.’ And the Martin Luther King holiday now will stand for the reverse of what it stood until the year of Obama’s bid for the presidency. Now it stands for a racist country.

  • FloridaEx-Dem and there’s a new video there that includes an interview with Berg. He’s very credible and he details the problems with Obama’s birth certificate and the constitutional crisis Obama is driving us towards.

    The NUTS are the people who believe all that Obama spoon feeds them, including falsified documents and his constant lies.

  • workingclass artist

    Ehemmm…Hermaphrodite…Have Barky drop off the REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE AT THE COURTHOUSE…If he’s busy…Have his DNC TERRORIST LAWYER DO IT…MKAY?

  • workingclass artist
    Who needs the Whitey tape?
    We have Soeterobama’s own words…check this video out…it’s put together nicely…


  • McKatmoon

    Pathetic, nothing better to do? Scat!

  • Indyvoter

    Vote for the Kenyan!
    See reply above.

  • Ferd McBerfle

    Being “all-knowing” as you apparently think you are must take all the fun out of life. It sure does drag down a thread, that’s for sure.

  • workingclass artist
  • Jeremiah God Damn Barack Amerikkka Wright

    ^Kelvin the banned obama troll is back. Ignore it.

  • Ferd McBerfle

    Dink: You addressed the COLB–I was responding to that. Try to pay attention here.

  • Jeremiah God Damn Barack Amerikkka Wright






    PART 1 of 6


    Every Red Blooded American Needs to watch this video – THIS IS SHOCKING!

  • kgirl1028

    amazing your candidate is a liar, he’s lied to you several times in the last week and all you worry about is larry lying to you. Larry isn’t running for president. Obama is yet you don’t think its important that he runs around with terrorists, has a recist pastor for god knows how many years, and has zero experienced, plays patty cake with corrupt organizations and takes their money to help him run. But you are worried about the whitey tape? WOW! don’t you just love bot prorieties.

  • Ferd McBerfle

    Christ, your brain must consist of matter so dense not even thought can escape.

  • Indyvoter

    Your messiah was born in Kenya according to his grandma, who witnessed the birth at Coast Provincial General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya.

    Phil Berg has the document, spirited out of Kenya along with 2 copies last month. Why else would he put the allegation in a lawsuit? Why else won’t Obama comply or address the lawsuit?

    Legal ramifications are addressed at TD Blog.

  • FloridaEx-Dem

    BTW, it is revealed that is owned by Annenburg of Chicago – the same Annenberg where Obama was board chairman.

  • Jeremiah God Damn Barack Amerikkka Wright

    Fact Check dot Org is Runn by the Annenburg Group, who is tied to the ANnenburg challaenge BIll Ayers and Barack Obama.

    Certificate of Live birth is not a birth Certificate, its just a paper you get confirming your birth was registered at some point as is indicated by the 2007 date on it.

    The Messiah my have been BORN in 2007 when he started campaigning but the Man was born many years earlier.

    SInce you don’t appear to know that, it confirms your just another gaza basement troll.

  • Ferd McBerfle

    Factcheck is not a legal authority and is not a good place for unfiltered information. Try again, obamalobotobot.

  • FloridaEx-Dem

    It’s very discouraging because the people need to now the truth about this scumbag Obama.

  • Jeremiah God Damn Barack Amerikkka Wright

    Unlike Democrats(The Democrat Party is now Defunct) Obamacrats, the Republicans are not interested in ripping the fabric of this nation apart by inciting a Race War.

    The Obamacrats are willing to threaten a race war to gain the whitehouse.

    How many times have we heard certain Obamacrats on television thrreaten Riots if Obama was not selected and then elected?

  • Jeremiah God Damn Barack Amerikkka Wright

    tell us again about the pregnancy suit and bristol palins baby’s black father? You did feature both heavily on Daily Kos.

  • workingclass artist

    Hermaconfused is a PAID troll from GAZA…texting while in line for go at The village Goat…
    Goat count = 8 dead goats

  • Jeremiah God Damn Barack Amerikkka Wright

    lets not forget daily Kos is still demanding dna evidence from trig but thinks its ok that Barack Obama:

    Won’t release his Vault copy birth certificate

    Won’t release his Occidental COllege Records

    Won’t release his Columbia University Records

    Won’t release his Columbia Theses

    Won’t release his Harvard Records

    Resisted releasing Annenburg CHallenge Records till they were threatened with a Freedom of information act Lawsuit

    Won’t release his State Senate Records

    Won’t release his US Senate Records


  • Hermagoras

    If only I were paid. I’m just here to witness the collective mental breakdown that is NQ.

    I don’t know who GAZA is. Right now I’m at my kitchen table while my kids watch a Three Stooges episode on the tube. I go back and forth from the Stooges to No Quarter and after a while can’t tell one from another.

    [ADMIN: This level of spamming is beyond all bounds. Find another blog to spam until there too you are banned.]

  • Ferd McBerfle

    Answer the charges from JGDAW, hermaphrodite, or get lost. But you won’t because you are an unrepentant, repugnant obamabot.

  • Mary

    Uh, no, Herm.

    Daily Kos has become a cesspool.

    You’ll see the backlash in November.

  • Jeremiah God Damn Barack Amerikkka Wright


    Occasionally a Kos Poster….OMG hahahahah


    I have been a life long democrat until this election.

    The behavior of morons and blind followers like you disgusts me.

    If you can’t vet the candidates you have no moral ground to stand on.

    This is not fucking american Idol.

    Its the god damn presidency of the United states of america the most powerful nation in the world.

    You DO NOT just turn the keys over to that office without getting full disclosure on who this person is!

    Take your cult of personality approach to politics and visit Cuba or North Korea!

  • POdVet

    There is no “conspiracy” behind the FACT that Barack Obama introduced the changes in Illinois State law that allowed Antoin Rezko to commit his crimes. Or the FACT that Obama actively campaigned for Raila Odingo and kept in contact with him and never uttered a word against the rape and murder, Odingo’s thugs committed in Kenya. They even went so far as to burn churches full of people alive! The fact that you can KNOW that and still support Obama gives a clear picture that you have no morals or integrity of any kind. You should be ASHAMED of Obama’s actions rather than desperately trying to help him cover up his inadequacies!

  • Newly Independent

    McCain’s not in trouble.

    Obama is, though.

  • Jeremiah God Damn Barack Amerikkka Wright

    Source please…and it better not be a link to Daily Kos.

  • Shiloh

    That was not what the ruling in Ohio said and big surprise the media are in on the “convince the idiots it is already over” ploy.

  • jwrjr

    The Oborg want us to think that the election is over so that we don’t go out and vote. We have a moral imperative to see that this assault on Democracy fails.