Way to go, John. Now remind PA of how they are “Bitter hicks”. And don’t forget to mention Tony Rezko singing. And how about that Rashid Khalidi and Rezko’s sidekick, the Iraqi prison escapee Alsammarae, who just happens to be hanging out in Chicago. Where else? Fannie Mae anyone? Oh and don’t forget to mention the three brothers in the Hamas compound who contributed to Obama’s campaign. You know, the ones Obama ‘forgot’ to report to the FEC? How racist of you!

PRINCETON, NJ — The latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking report finds registered voters preferring Barack Obama (50%) to John McCain (43%) when asked who they would vote for if the presidential election were held today.

These results, based on Oct. 9-11, represent a narrowing of Obama’s lead over McCain. Obama led by double-digits for three consecutive days last week, but now his advantage is down to seven percentage points. Obama has led in each of the last three individual days’ polling, but by less than double-digits each day, suggesting that the race is, in fact, tightening.

Likely Voter Estimates

Obama’s current advantage is slightly less when estimating the preferences of likely voters, which Gallup will begin reporting on a regular basis between now and the election. Gallup is providing two likely voter estimates to take into account different turnout scenarios.

The first likely voter model is based on Gallup’s traditional likely voter assumptions, which determine respondents’ likelihood to vote based on how they answer questions about their current voting intention and past voting behavior. According to this model, Obama’s advantage over McCain is 50% to 46% in Oct. 9-11 tracking data.

The second likely voter estimate is a variation on the traditional model, but is only based on respondents’ current voting intention. This model would take into account increased voter registration this year and possibly higher turnout among groups that are traditionally less likely to vote, such as young adults and racial minorities (Gallup will continue to monitor and report on turnout indicators by subgroup between now and the election). According to this second likely voter model, Obama has a 51% to 45% lead over McCain. — Jeff Jones

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  • Nicole

    No matter what happens on 11/4, I’m going to sleep immediately after it’s all over. I’m going to hibernate. The winner will determine how long I will sleep, though. If Mac wins, I’ll just need, like, a 3 month nap (maybe 6), and if that loser steals it, then I’m gonna be out for 3 and a half…years that is. I’ll wake up just in time to see who’s challenging his ass.

    Please win, McCain. Please.

    • sayitisntso


      Get out there and DO something. Everybody has a responsibility to help out.

      Karl Rove wanted Nobama to win the primary because he couldn’t defeat McCain. He knew he was UNELECTABLE.

      The media including polls are the same media who let the public down on the lead up to Iraq. They are bought. They could be for McCain as easily as they were for Bush. They choose not to because people thought they were buying something shiny and new with Obama. Turns out, buyer’s remorse!

      I did my best to get HRC elected. Now, I’m phoning for McCain/Palin. Talking to anybody who will listen in my neighborhood and sending emails practically non-stop.

  • Juli

    Obama’s margin is back to 10 points in Monday’s Gallup poll …

  • AnninCA

    McCain/Palin are climbing outta the abyss of the economic news hole. Way to go, John and Sarah!


    And now John has sharpened a solid economic message. Meanwhile, Obama will be caught having spent the week protecting a soft lead and doing nothing but blasting John’s plan to help real people in the mortgage crisis. *haha

    Down is up.

  • Sassy

    I vote in each election…local, state, and nationals!
    Everyone should!
    Start at the bottom and move on up.
    We are being blasted here in East TN. by BO ads…must be “bleed over” from the VA. markets, for he won’t be getting many votes here.
    If people were getting the clear picture of Obama, they would realize that health care and jobs may be the least of our worries!
    Our very security, both at home and abroad, should be front and center!
    Speak up McCain!

    • Ferd McBerfle

      I’m in Harriman, TN and we get only one or two a week.

  • This new Gallup poll must explain why Schmuck Clodd is falling all over himself to manipulate his lite brite electoral map. He’s got Missouri as undecided; another state McCain is going to win.

    I notice that RCP stopped posting the margin of error on the polls, and also don’t show the numbers of undecided voters. Like the primaries, the undecided voters are going to go with the candidate they know instead of the asshat attempting to commit voter registration fraud.

  • scorbs

    These are all fine but McCain most of all has to start getting angry for ordinary folks and promise to fight for us. That is what will bring his numbers up. (And I’m assuming that once he makes that vow he’ll keep it; he’s a man of commitment and honor whereas Obama is a man of convenience and self.) Along with some good economic ideas that involve more than prosecuting Wall Street which is a deadend and just symbolic revenge. They need to put in place some regulations that help regulate.

    I agree with Monet, McCain needs to start feeling our pain and acting on it with concrete proposals.

  • BPD

    LOL @ Washington Post polls…. didn’t their last poll sample 18% AA and 51% dem or something like that?

    come on… lol

  • Nicholas

    Oh, so now you’re paying attention to the polls? Cool.

    Today’s ABC News/Wash. Post national poll:

    OBAMA 53%
    McCAIN 43%

    For those of you who are math-impaired, that’s a 10-point lead. Gallup isn’t the only polling organization, you know.

    In no poll — not one — does McCain have the support of more than 45 percent of respondents. Three weeks from election day, I’d say that indicates a profound discomfort with Sen. McCain, Gov. Palin, and/or the GOP as a whole.

    Yes, Uppity, more poll updates please!

    • John House

      Yessssss, lie there in your false sense of security, Obamatron. Hey, Obama’s so far ahead in the polls that you won’t even have to vote, isn’t that nice?

    • fif

      lol! Yea, and ABC has been soooo reliable all season right? Zogby/Reuters have one of the best records. 4 point spread. Dream on.

      10 points! Yea, let’s ask Charlie Gibson, who butchered Palin’s interview in the editing room, who he wants to win. The networks are not polling agencies last time I checked.

      Another point: Gallup does NOT include Nader in their polling, and he’s pulling up to 5% nationally–from the left, certainly not the right. They also reported an 80% hang up rate, in contrast to their usual 40-50% hang up rate. They are creating an “accurate” number with those samples. Please.

    • Ferd McBerfle

      Hey obamalobotobot: If you’re so sure about your false messiah and comfortable with his prospects, why are you here? Oh, you’re not sure. Too bad, troll. See you back here on the 5th for crow, humble pie, and a crowbar to remove that appendage from your throat.

    • Nicole

      If you look around here, you’ll see we give polls only a passing glance. We know they are MSM-dictated and fabricated. We’re not as dumb as you guys. We know this election is not over. By all means, though, keep bragging about your false Messiah. We get a chuckle out of it 😉

    • sayitisntso

      The ONLY poll that matters is in the voting booth.

  • Shiloh

    Here’s another thing that is wrong with the polls in this election in particular. Do you know how many first time skydivers say they are going to do it right up till the day comes and then don’t? Lots. Obama might be tempting as exciting and new but as the day gets closer the risks loom larger. By the time the day comes the safe choice looks a lot more attractive.

    America is flirting with Obama but will marry McCain.

    • Nicholas

      And Obama is risky why? McCain’s all erraticky and Palin’s not ready for prime time. That’s the high-risk option, my friend.

      • John House

        1) We are not your friend, Obamatron.

        2) Stop calling the kettle black. Obama is the one who is “erratic” (erraticy is not a word, loser), first denying he knew of Ayers’ past, then saying he was aware but thought he was “rehabilitated”, then coming back and saying that he didn’t mean rehabbed in the sense of blowing up people, but rehabbed in some other stupid sense.

        Obama did that with his relationship with Reverend Wright. If he thinks that he can do it again with Ayers, he’s got another thing comin’. The American people are NOT that stupid to fall for it twice.

      • sayitisntso

        Mr. Nicholas,

        At LEAST 8 rogues nations and Fraudbama’s saying he sit down with them unconditionally, doesn’t make him RISKY????

        Sorry, logic missing here!

  • Thuan

    Some nice lady just brough up a great point. It’s the responsiblity of parents to talk to children when it comes to voting. Education never ends. The youth should learn from their parents’ experience, wisdom, and knowledge not from the MSM potheads.

  • warehouse553

    What is wrong with some people? Why don’t they care about BO’s association with terrorists like Ayres? He killed people!

  • johnqpublic

    Obama didn’t write ‘Dreams from My Father’
    he is a complete fraud


  • Sarracuda In So Cal

    I also read that the Gallop poll, the one that Obama was up TWELVE POINTS a few days ago, he is only up 4, that’s an 8 point swing, so something is working and I believe that it’s his relationship with ACORN, I don’t think it’s the Ayers connection that’s working, its ACORN, people are PISSED off that their votes may not count due to fraud and they are seeing that Obama is connected with them, that’s what is gonna bring him down at the end

    • bethtopaz

      Sarracuda in CA – I’m in CA, too.

      And I agree with you.

      A lot of people don’t really know who Bill Ayers is and Obama’s other thug friends, but voter fraud really frightens and pisses people off.

      I think ACORN will be the thing that finally brings Obama down.

      There’s so many YouTubes of him talking about his alliance with ACORN and so much other evidence of his involvement — plus the fact he’s paying ACORN $800,000 to Get Out The Vote for him.

      Wow! This would do it for me if I were on the fence — which I’m not (at all).

      • thefirstwonderwoman

        Acorn even has dems questioning. My cousin was saying that she hoped the didn’t hurt Obama, she ignored the part where Obama paid them.

  • Because I ignore the polls I expect the best but if the worst I am prepared. The trolls have put all their eggs in The Precious’s basket and will be devastated if a Mac win transpires. The Trolls are lapping up the crappy polls and in the tank for The Precious MSM like pablum. They are being lulled into a false sense of security. The Precious has to count on suppressing voter turnout in order to try and win so the polls and MSM are pushing this inevitability crap. The trolls are too drunk on Koolaid to notice they are being duped. Ironically this inevitability crap is also not a great motivator for activism. They don’t think they have to work as hard. I am enjoying the irony and poetic justice of it all.

  • Andrew

    I was looking through the list of Wikipedia’s Controversial issues, and I noticed that McCain isn’t on the list. Obama and Palin are, but McCain isn’t. I thought that was odd. If you want to see what else is on the list:


  • no acorns


    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    Obama’s Kenya ghosts
    Mark Hyman
    About 50 parishioners were locked into the Assemblies of God church before it was set ablaze. They were mostly women and children. Those who tried to flee were hacked to death by machete-wielding members of a mob numbering 2,000.
    The 2008 New Year Day atrocity in the Kenyan village Eldoret, about 185 miles northwest of Nairobi, had all the markings of the Rwanda genocide of a decade earlier.
    By mid-February 2008, more than 1,500 Kenyans were killed. Many were slain by machete-armed attackers. More than 500,000 were displaced by the religious strife. Villages lay in ruin. Many of the atrocities were perpetrated by Muslims against Christians.
    The violence was led by supporters of Raila Odinga, the opposition leader who lost the Dec. 27, 2007, presidential election by more than 230,000 votes. Odinga supporters began the genocide hours after the final election results were announced Dec. 30. Mr. Odinga was a member of Parliament representing an area in western Kenya, heavily populated by the Luo tribe, and the birthplace of Barack Obama’s father.

    [[and has numerous ties to Barack Obama, as detailed in the remainder of the story]]

  • Fark the crooked polls, batten down the hatches and full steam ahead to victory for Mac!

    Captain Galt :mrgreen:

  • Donna

    Do any of you ever give any weight to the AOL straw poll?

    I realize it is not random, but you have to set up a lot of AIM accounts to spam it, and it registers over 100K votes per week. Actually, this weeks poll already has 100K votes. It has consistently shown McCain with a decisive lead. I think it only excludes, most likely, the inner city poverty ridden that either may not have access to internet services, or have too much to worry about to spam a poll. Personally, I don’t think too many of those who are newly registered will actually turn out to vote.

    Check it out if you haven’t. In this weeks poll McCain is at 53% with over 59,000 votes and has 367 electoral votes.


  • kudos383

    Really they have him winning here in WV,somebody forgot to tell alot of us,I have seen 2 osama sign’s and to many to count McCain sign’s

    • What is strange to me is this very blue area I was in last week had way too McCain signs if we are to believe these polls and this inevitability felgercarb spewing endlessly from the MSM.

    • Touchet

      You do realize that ALL the polls are very skewed because they Assume that they are reaching fewer cell phones than land lines because of “unavialable” numbers. So they skew Obamas results like 2 to 3% assuming that younger people whom own cell phones as their primary line aren’t getting reached.

      The catcher is there is no reason to do this if the numbers are actually “random” like they say. Think about that.

      If the numbers are truely random, then it would really matter wether to numbers are listed or not, so here is the flaw in the polling data that makes it totally non reliable. Are you listening here is the most important part.

      Due to that blacklist law that was passed. The pollsters can’t legally solicist people on the list. So they HAVE TO be selective in whom they call right off the bat. This makes the poll scientifically so flawed it would be thrown out in a serious study.

      That means that certain people whom, lets say have verizon wireless service, shouldn’t ever be called for this survey. Thats alot of error.

      • Elizabeth

        Aren’t Gallup and NYT using landline/cell blending polling ?

    • John Smith

      I live in one of the bluest neighborhoods in north Florida and there are only a few dozen Oama signs out. That compared to 4 years ago is a drop in the bucket. There are hardly any Obama stickers on cars. This is the same in central Florida as well. So I don’t see how Florida could be going for Obama. If there is so little support in my town and Bush won Florida by 5% 4 years ago then there must be something strange going on with people voting for Obama even though they don’t support him.

      • PhxNickD

        AZ has McCain at +21%.

        I live in downtown Phoenix and there are way many Obama bumper stickers and yard signs here. One might be worried, although I very clearly recall seeing so many bumper stickers for Kerry here in 2004, then going to Starbucks after I voted and everyone talking about how they voted for Kerry and my thoughts were, man this guy won.

        Well we all know how that turned out.

        • Phoenix is blue and countryside is red. It’s that way eveywhere. If you live in a big city, you’re in dem territory.

  • Touchet

    I hope the McCain camp doesn’t listen to the media and continue to put out “negative” ads. I find it amusing that you hear the media talking about how all this “negative” will cause MCcain to loose and then he shifts in the polls showing gains.

    Yeah great political analysis.

  • Mr. X

    Two ways to view the polls? Man, they really have no clue what’s going on. Plus, they’re showing everyone how to skew the polls. Just plug in whatever model and you’ll get whatever numbers you want.

  • Where’s the thread on the Clintons from the rally, today? Is this site even pretending to be a Hillary site, anymore?

    • imustprotest

      Are you Rip Van Winkle? Hillary is not in this race anymore. The nomination was stolen from her by a bunch of thugs from Chicago. Caucus fraud, disenfranchising 2 states, rigging the convention…..where’ve you been?

      • I see, even Hillary has betrayed Hillary by endorsing Obama. That makes you guys what, more Hillary than Hillary?

        • Touchet

          Rico, we can tell you were an Obama man from the start. I bet you would like to be locked in a prison cell with him.. Maybe he will give you “special” attention.

          • Actually, no, I’m a McCain man. I’ve been against Hillary from the start.

            • Touchet

              oh i’m sorry please forgive my insolence. I am a former Hillary supporter. I though you were a former collegue. We tend to hate each other Hillary and Obama supporters.

              • I’ve noticed that. Don’t worry, I’m in disagreement with most of my fellow republicans, too. They only tolerate McCain because they have to. They’ll go back to hating him after the election, and I’ll be on the outs again.

                • sayitisntso

                  Full time trolling prevents full time critical thinking.

      • Brendy

        Dorothy’s NOT in Kansas anymore, Rip Van Winkle! LOL!

    • don tufts

      dude go play in the steet please.hillary is doing what she has to do for her own political reasons and we here are doing what we have to do for our country.we will have her back again after barky loses.

      • PhxNickD

        we will have her back again after barky loses.

        Not for me. I am sorry but all of this, Hillary has to do what she has to do for the party, is just our way to make her actions less painful on us. I am done with Hillary.

        What is happening today is because she did not show leadership and strength and fight for what she promised us. “…to take it to the convention.”

        With McCain and Palin as President and VP for the next 4 years, if they do a half way decent job, Palin has my whole hearted support for President in 2012

        • hilldemgoneindie

          amen, phxnickd. sadly, i feel exactly the same way. if she couldn’t stand up to obama and the dnc FOR her country, how can she stand up to our foreign enemies. it’s a shame, but i will be voting for palin in ’12 most likely.

          • John House

            If you aren’t for Hillary in 2012, then you were never for Hillary to begin with. Sorry, but that’s the truth. Like Soldier4Hillary, in 2012 if it’s Hillary vs. Palin, I will throw that woman under the bus faster than Obama threw his pastor mentor under his bus.

    • Touchet

      You weren’t worried about Hillary during the primary, why worry about her now.

      • I *was* worried about Hillary in the primary. I was concerned she’d win. I’ve been waiting for McCain to run for over a decade, and I agreed with most of you about her electability.

        I disliked Hillary for the same reason you guys (evidently) dislike Obama. She’s too far left and we can’t afford those kind of social programs.

        • NoBamaNoWay

          the economy did pretty well under bill clinton, but now that we’re broke i guess we can’t afford health care. how convenient. maybe frankie raines could give us taxpayers back some of the money he stole from us.

          • Dude, I hear you. I’m not a fan the current administration, and voted against it twice. I only can vote republican this year because of McCain (although Palin has me thinking twice).

            Note: Bill Clinton abandoned Hillary’s health care plan. That was one of the reasons he was able to get a balanced budget.

            • John House

              No, Bill ignored Hillarycare because he was too busy propping up NAFTA. That’s why you hear all of those stories that say that “Hillary didn’t support NAFTA!”. It’s in all of the books, both pro and anti-Clinton that Hillary was pissed that Bill wouldn’t focus on healthcare because he was too invested in NAFTA at the time.

              • Mary

                Actually, the Blue Dog Democrats in Congress abandoned HIllary’s healthcare program. They joined with the Republicans in saying it would cost too much.

                So….Hillary lost because of the Blue Dogs.

                The same Blue Dogs will keep Obama from accomplishing anything on healthcare.

                John Kerry has already said publicly that universal healthcare is “dead on arrival.” Not gonna happen—EVER.

                Obama knows that. He’s just playing political games when he makes promises he knows he won’t keep.

                • Mary

                  So basically, Obama won’t give you anything on healthcare.

                  McCain will give you $5000 tax credit for your family, and higher deductions for your dependents.

                  Think about that.

    • sayitisntso

      She betrayed ME by not speaking our against Liar Nobama when he humiliated her and stole the caucuses!

      So why should it be?

  • Likable Enough

    ed, I heart your video.

  • John Smith

    Apparently McCain will wipe the floor with Obama’s A$% on Wednesday. I really hope that is not just talk.

    I am still waiting on the numbers from the Gallup poll for the week. They might release them tomorrow. The previous week McCain still had a 9 point lead with independents.

    • MMI

      I think McCain needs to explain that Obama’s tax credits are really tax increases and why that is bad. He should bring up ACORN as an example of one way government spends money against the wishes and interest of the American people.

      I think McCain can use the opportunity to differentiate himself from the big spender, big government, socialist Obama. McCain has political values and beliefs. He needs to speak about them, defend them, and tell the American people why he believes it makes him a better leader for this nation. Some people will disagree. So be it. Honesty will beat Obama’s lies. I might not agree with McCain on everything, but I prefer hearing the truth than suspecting I am being lied to or pandered to. Others might not have liked it, but I thought the best part of the last debate was when McCain told voters we were in for tough times and sacrifices would have to be made in the interest of this nation.

      I hope McCain will remind people that he supported the surge, and tell them he wants to see our troops leave in victory, leaving behind an Iraq that is safe and secure and with a government committed to democratic values and human rights.

      McCain needs to remind the voters of all the times Obama has flip-flopped and have answers for charges he, McCain, flip-flopped. He needs to raise the question, which Obama, the one for, against, or present will lead this nation?

      As a voter and McCain supporter, this is what I hope to hear from Senator McCain. I also want to see him energized, speaking in his own style, and with conviction.

    • NoBAma

      Obama peaked too early-there are 3 weeks left. People will make up their minds a few days before election–RNC will spend $160 Million in last 3 weeks to bury Obama. If Mccain is campaigning so hard in PA and the Clintons have to go there to save Obama’s ass, McCain is looking at other poll numbers.

  • don tufts

    ok eastan i will bite ,my guess fdr.

    • Eastan McNeal

      That really was a question.

      Each of the quotes have been attributed to Abraham Lincoln because Ronald Reagan said them and said they came from Abe. But there is no written record of Lincoln saying them.

      So I was just asking. Does anyone know?

      We know that there has not been a solitary single phrase ushered into our modern lexicon that will, in the future, be attributed to Obama. That is after the historians clean up his campaign’s false claims that he ever ushered forth an original line.

      I was just wondering who said those profoundly obvious statements.

  • NoBO

    Monday Zogby has O ahead by 4, down from 6. Why? Are McCain’s ads working? Are people finally beginning to wise up? ACORN? Vote fraud? Ayers? What?

    Whatever it is, I’m happy to see it. 🙂

    • bethtopaz

      The big Acorn is falling on Obama’s head. (IMHO)

  • Eastan McNeal

    There is logic in making the assumption that the DNC and the Obama people are telling the truth. They tell the pollsters that they are sitting on millions of new registered democrats that have not shown up on the clerk’s rolls yet. The Pollsters then adjust their sample by interviewing more democrats, to balance the numbers to reflect what the universe of voters may look like on election day.

    But the dismal turnout on the register and vote the same day event in Ohio does not reflect the basis of that argument. Obama and the pollsters expected hundreds of thousands of voters that day. They had less people show up to vote state wide than Obama did on his only visit to WV. Well, no. That is a lie. He got around 40 people to see him back in April.

    Here are some statements. Guess who said them.

    You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

    You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.

    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.

    You cannot build character and courage by taking away men’s initiative and independence.

    You cannot help men permanently by doing for them, that they could and should do for themselves.

    • anon

      one of the framers of the Constitution, I’m guessing. Maybe Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson?

    • George Smathers

      That is a quote by William Boetcker (1873-1962) a German-born Presbyterian clergyman. This quote is often falsely attributed to Abraham Lincoln: Nonetheless, no wiser words were ever spoken for they are axiomatic on human behavior.

    • Stop the hate

      Ohio is not the only place – I am working on a campaign here in a red state but liberal district. The district has 14,126 democrats and 5,803 independents that have requested early ballots. They went out on October 2, the start of early voting. As of friday 168 democrats and 80 Independents have returned their ballots. For reference, I don’t remember the exact numbers, but in our primaries (not the presidential one) we had ~9,000 dem & ind request early ballots and ~3,000 were returned that first week.

      • NoBAma

        This tells me that people are distracted with other issues right now and not voting early plus they have not made up their mind, which is good news for mccain. The undecideds will break for him big time. McCain though needs to close this deal by telling them he is the man for the job.

    • Diana

      William J. H. Boetcker (1873 – 1962) was an American religious leader and influential public speaker.

      Born in Hamburg, Germany, he was ordained a Presbyterian minister soon after his arrival in the United States as a young adult. He quickly gained attention as an eloquent motivational speaker, and is often regarded today as the forerunner of such contemporary “success coaches” as Anthony Robbins.

      An outspoken political conservative, Rev. Boetcker is perhaps best remembered for his authorship of a pamphlet entitled The Ten Cannots. Originally published in 1916, it is often misattributed to Abraham Lincoln. The error apparently stems from a leaflet printed in 1942 by a conservative political organization called the Committee for Constitutional Government. The leaflet bore the title “Lincoln on Limitations” and contained some genuine Lincoln quotations on one side and the “Ten Cannots” on the other, with the attributions juxtaposed. The mistake of crediting Lincoln for having been the source of “The Ten Cannots” has been repeated many times since, most notably by Ronald Reagan in a speech he gave at the 1992 Republican convention in Houston.


  • ed

    hopefully we can shave off a few more. Here’s a little fun –


  • Likable Enough

    don tufts, based on those numbers, McCain will assuredly win CO. Repubs ALWAYS vote. Dems don’t. Factor in the 30% of Hillary supporters voting for McCain, and we can already make a projection.

    • sayitisntso

      Hillary, with her “jobs baby jobs” take off should be working for McCain because that’s what lowering taxes does. Increase jobs. Zerobama will raise them, and spend baby spend!

  • don tufts

    its not only gallup recently i looked at the differance in colorado between ppp polling and the secratary of states breakdown of registered voters,here is what i found ppp weights its colorado poll 40% dem 31rep and 29% indy.sec state has it 30% dem 34rep 36%indy might explain why they show barky ahead by 9 or 10 pts ya think.

    • Andrew

      The polls are garbage. Colorado is red. Florida is red. Ohio is probably red. Virginia is RED!! North Carolina is RED!! Polls that say otherwise are manipulating the numbers for dramatic effect. They want us all to be on the edge of our seats, glued to the cable news programs over the next few weeks.

      • Touchet

        and especially for the election.

      • bethtopaz

        Yeah, it seems like it’s all for the ratings.

        Personally, I have quit watching any news cable shows (I used to have Fox on all the time).

        Now I just get my information from the Internet.

        Can’t stand to see or hear Obama.

        • Kristen

          I hear you bethtopaz, I don’t watch TV either anymore. This way I can filter out the crap!!! And that way my blood pressure doesn’t skyrocket when I see Obama spewing his garbage.

    • thefirstwonderwoman

      And just think Obama isn’t even getting all of the democrat votes.

  • Likable Enough

    pbsc, the market will stabilize due to bargain-priced stocks; gas prices are falling faster than at any point in our nation’s history; world markets are edging upward. McCain will win.

    People don’t trust BO with anything, let alone fixing the economy.

    • pbsc

      Thanks for that. I had a brief moment of despair….

  • Andrew

    Polls shmolls. They are all full of crap. It is a ingenious ploy to manipulate the public into trusting them. The polling people saw that the public wasn’t believing this 11 percent lead and so now they are quickly trimming it down.

    • lisa in va


  • Troy

    When Obama loses he is going to incite ethnic riots just like he advised his cousin Odinga to do in Kenya when Odinga lost his election…It’s all part of an Obama strategy

    • John Smith

      I guess they will give the National Gard something to do.

    • etc.

      yep. Crush the resistance. It’s a disgusting strategy so it’s perfect for the Bots.

  • pbsc

    BHO won’t so much “win” the election as he will whimper over the finish line – just like he did in the primary – because of the recent economic news. If it weren’t for that McCain would be our next prez.

    • sayitisntso

      Please see my comments at
      14:51 :20 for any worries about the economy, please. No whimping across any finishing line at all from somebody who will sit down unconditionally with terrorist leaders.

      Have you checked how many countries are on the airline’s list of no fly recently?????

  • Likable Enough

    Austin, you are so right.

    Watch what they do, not what they say.

    McCain is up, has been up, will be up, and will win.

  • “The first likely voter model is based on Gallup’s traditional likely voter assumptions, which determine respondents’ likelihood to vote based on how they answer questions about their current voting intention and past voting behavior. According to this model, Obama’s advantage over McCain is 50% to 46% in Oct. 9-11 tracking data.”

    Well this explains Obama’s so-called “lead.” Based on my past voting “behavior” and “intention” (if you just ask me based on issues) they would have put me into the Obama camp. I recall someone commenting here that a pollster put her into Obama’s camp simply because she said she wanted lower taxes.

    What a ridiculous way to poll. My hope with this is that Obama’s supporters will get cocky and forget to come out to the polls on Nov. 4.

    • jwrjr

      Question for Gallup: since Obama and McCain have never run against each other before (and Obama never for POTUS at all), what does “past voting behavior” have to do with anything?

      • NoBamaNoWay

        i think they actually just identify how many times in the recent past you have voted (doesn’t matter for who); if you’ve voted in every election for the last 10 years, you’re a likely voter; if you’ve never voted before, you’re not.

      • sayitisntso


        Past comparisons to other liberal candidates such as Kerry, McGovern and Dukakis…Their polling data and the results on election day. That’s past voting behavior…Also swing states record of voting for either party.

  • HRocks

    Today I spoke with my brother. He says he’s undecided by will probably hold his nose and vote for Obama!!!!! I asked him why? He said the tax on the health insurance that McCain is proposing will tax him heavyly.

    Here’s the scenario using simple numbers for calculation sake. My brother (a union guy) gets $10,000 in health benefits from his job. Using McCain’s scenario, he will be paying tax on $5,000 as additional income. He doesn’t think he should be taxed on his medical since it’s a union negotiated benefit.

    Does anyone have more insight/clarification if this is how he should be calculating this?

    If McCain can clarify to ALL the union members a plan that will not penalize them for having their health care paid for, he will definetly vote for McCain because he does like him better but he wants to watch out for himself tax wise also.

    • Health care reform ain’t gonna happen no matter who is elected. Pure election year bs, imho.

      • Brendy

        Cinie – I agree. And most ALL of the ideas Obama or McCain have will NOT come to fruitation; some will but some won’t. So, in light of that, I’m voting for the PRO-American – the one who doesn’t want HIGHER taxes or who DOESN’T want to turn this country into a socialist, nanny welfare state and that man is McCain. Afterall, McCain FOUGHT for this country and OUR FREEDOMS and Obama hangs around people who HATE America and want to take our INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AWAY. Easy choice for this family!

    • Tell him that Obama will end up raising all taxes because he’ll have to pay for his promised social programs and things like free college for the crazy young Obamabot army.

    • Troy

      When Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate is presented just ask him if he is going to vote for a Kenyan.

    • don tufts

      does your brother have any kids if so mac doubles the earned income child credit.secondly how much does he make a year and what sort of write offs does he hav?

      • lisa in va

        I tell you, I have 3 small children and I’m chomping at the bit over McCains earned income credit! Very excited at the prospect. Too bad he can’t make it retroactive to include 2007!

      • lisa in va

        I tell you, I have 3 small children and I’m chomping at the bit over McCains increase in child tax credit! Very excited at the prospect. Too bad he can’t make it retroactive to include 2007!

    • K Lynne

      You can go to McCain’s website for some example calculations… Based on 10K in health care benefits, your brother would actually end up with MORE $$ in his pocket than he has now (assuming all else stays the same).

      McCain is proposing that health benefits be taxed, but will offset that with a $5000 *tax credit*.

      Let’s assume your brother is in a 30% tax bracket (fairly high, actually). If those 10K in health benefits are taxed at 30%, he will pay an additional $3000 in taxes. But McCain is planning to offset that with a $5000 credit – so your brother would end up with an ADDITIONAL $2000 in his pocket.


      • HRocks

        Everyone thank you so much for your response. I have copied and pasted and sent them to my brother. I’ll call him tomorrow and see what other concerns he has. Every vote counts!!

        I feel good that I can answer someone’s concerns about their hesitation to vote for McCain.

        For every One vote for McCain, Obama needs to get 2 votes!

        • You can also remind him how the Democrats promised to end the war in ’06 and ask him how that’s working out for him.

    • John Smith

      McCain plan will create competition among insurance companies and will lower the cost for insurance. This way his employer can give him a raise and with the money he get from McCain he can buy his own insurance and keep some of that 10000 that is being paid for him at the moment. Does he really think that when insurance becomes 15,000, and that will happen over then next 2 to 3 years, that he will not have to to pay the extra 5,000 out of his own pocket. Companies can only pay so much before they have pass it on. The current system does nothing to get the prices of insurance down. It is vicious cycle where insurance is increased on doctors (I know a couple of doctors who have to pay over 10K a month for malpractice insurance) and hospitals who have to charge more for their services to cover the insurance. Then the insurance companies ask for more money from the companies they are providing health insurance for because the doctors and hospitals had to increase their prices. At the moment people and doctors are restricted from buying insurance from a few companies in their own state. McCain plan will increase that choice to 100s of companies. Once that happens insurance prices will drop on both doctors and patients.

      However, Obama’s plan will never get implemented there is no money for it. But if it gets implemented. Your brother’s company will have to pay a fine if they don’t provide the insurance that Obama wants them to provide. So at the end he will have no choice but to go with what Obama provides. Does he really want to end up like the veterans? Has he ever talked to one of them as to the type of services they are getting or not getting? That is a nightmare in the making.

    • AF catfish

      The worst of McCain’s policies is his health care proposal – but even it has a few good parts. But still, the Dems will block the most hideous of McCain’s proposals. The Dems will not have the guts to block any of Obama’s hideous proposals. And on top of this, Obama will mess up foreign policy.

      Tell your brother divided govt is what we need right now.

    • Donna
      • HRocks

        Donna – Thanks, reading how Obama calculates the tax,the government is going to return more money to some people, more than what they paid in taxes.!

      • John Smith

        Socialist countries don’t work and tend to have 10% + unemployment. That is why the USA has such a large economy and even during bad times has less then 7% unemployment. Giving handouts is not going to work for anybody all it will create is less incentive for people to strive to get the better job. The great depression was prolonged because of high interest rates and tax increases. Handouts kill the human spirit and makes us dependent on the government instead of depending on our self.

      • MMI

        This was a very well written piece. Studies have shown that the way you term something has an effect on behavior. A tax credit appeals to voters much more than a tax increase even though they are the same thing. I think McCain needs to find a simple way to explain why Obama’s tax credits are actually tax increases, and what harm they will do to this economy (increase our deficit, remove incentives to work, destroy small businesses, etc) in the next debate. As a voter, I want him to be very specific, giving real life examples. Obama will try to spin this and steal McCain’s words and ideas so I hope McCain will be ready to cut through Obama’s BS.

    • Susan1968

      YEah – but then McCain gives him $5000 toward healthcare insurance.

    • PhxNickD

      First, your brother will not be getting taxed, it is the tax benefit to the company that will be reduced. Your brother will be getting a tax credit under McCain. That tax credit is variable depending if he has a family or is single. Under Obama your hard working union brother will be subsidizing health care for the unemployed and everyone else who does not want to pay for insurance. McCain also realizes his plan is not perfect and the solution is not simple. He understands that our health care system’s problems are complex and that his plan is a beginning point. He has shown he is willing to adjust his plans as necessary, like when Elizabeth Edwards criticized his plan, he went back and made adjustments.

    • lililam

      Your brother needn’t worry- McCain’s plan will more than make up for the 10-30% or so of the $5000 that will be taxed, as he is proposing a $2500 tax credit for singles, $5000 for families. This will more than negate the tax and your brother will be ahead. It is likely a more generous plan than Barky’s, as, for one, Barky will not implement a plan.

    • Disgusted with Obama

      It’s not about healthcare or the economy anymore. Our country is so fragile now, that’s it’s about having the same American we all grew up with; with’s it’s original constitution and values. McCain represents that.

      People need to stop thinking about themselves and only today; and start looling at the bigger picture.

    • sayitisntso


      That is so wrongheaded of him. He’s damn fortunate to have the benefits, and he complains. The 5K is a tax deduction anyway, as far as I understand it. That means he’s pay less taxes, not more.

      McCain will lower taxes, reform spending. I heard rumors that he will tax the insurance companies and allow crossing state lines for health care. All improvements.

      HOWEVER, tell him that unless we get somebody as CIC who can negotiate with rogue nations who, at this point in time, hate our guts, well, just say, we won’t have a CHANCE to worry about healthcare, the economy or anything else. He’d really elect somebody who has unrepentant terrorist friends??

      No B. HUSSEIN Obama!


  • Austin

    Just look at Obama’s actions to tell how true the polls are. He’s still running ads in states that should be safely his, he’s planning a huge buy during prime-time on multiple networks, and he’s campaigning heavily in states that the polls say aren’t close. McCain is up, he’s been up, he will win this thing, and it won’t even be that close.

    • Does anybody really believe the Republicans are
      sitting still and want 0Zero for CIC?

      The Repubs will go to the polls in DROVES!!!

      • Andrew

        The Republicans will swarm the polls. McCain probably has buses set up to take the little old ladies directly to the polls. Meanwhile, the kiddies for O will see the long lines and decide to go and play video games.

        • Brendy

          Andrew you have a point! Youth DO NOT like to wait in line (mine included). Well, I’m going to MAKE my son and daughter stand in line (if it’s long) and VOTE FOR MCCAIN! I suggest all you parents who’re voting for McCain do the same with your voting age kids; hopefully the pro-Obama youth WILL go home and NOT vote and HOPEFULLY nobody encourages them to stand in line and ‘wait’.

          • Goblintrain

            Lol, no, not if they don’t want to be disowned by their parents! 🙂

        • bethtopaz

          Andrew, I see that you’re feeling better.
          That’s good. Me, too.

          Hey, Andrew, I really think that as people find out about Obama’s deep, deep involvement, cooperation and alliance with ACORN and his involvement, cooperation, alliance and advising of Odinga, his cousin the Kenyan murderer (Obama was an accomplice, in my opinion), the mounting doubts of Obama will result in him losing — in the end.

          Too risky to lead.

          Way too risky for our great country, the U.S.A.

          • Khan Krum

            Excellent point! I know I’m not alone here when I say that I’m going to stand in that line like a Brezhnev era babushka waiting for a new pair of clunky shoes from the factory store.

        • lisa in va

          lmao! I’m sure you are right;-) Thats probably why they were hoping for a big turnout of college students in the early voting. I’m guessing most of us went to college & I’m sure we can agree that many many students have an “attention span” problem. Sure, alot will vote. But alot will get up late with a hangover, wait around for friends, head off to McD’s first, get some gas & drinks & junk food, drive over to the polling area, see the long lines, say “hey lets come back later”, and spend the rest of the day texting or gaming, realize that they forgot to study for a test or write a paper that is due the next day & then blow off going to the polls (at least this pretty much sums up the kids I went to college with-lol)

      • FranSC

        Absolutely – the republicans will knock everyone’s socks off voting against BO. Then when you factor in the infuriated Hillary supporters, all the voters 50 to 65 and over, I’m hoping it will be shocking. I’m sure to save face about his 50-state strategy, Dean and the BO campaign are still trying to turn some state, any state, from red to blue. If they only succeed in one, they will claim victory for that stupid strategy.

  • Troy

    Don’t let anyone tell you Obama will take Texas because I can assure you that just ain’t gonna happen…We don’t don’t roll like that here in the Lonestar State.

  • Senator Blutarsky

    There is a lot of anger at the moment regarding the economy and many want to punush Bush and republicans by voting Obama in. Yes, they made some big mistakes, but the democrats did too and are ducking the blame.

    When you look at what an Actual Obama presidency would look like, that is pretty scary. Obama is a great talker and knows what words to use and thinks he can sweet talk himself right into the white house without us actually looking at his record ( or lack thereof).

    If McCain can outline his solutions to the economic crisis effectively as well as show Obama for what he really is, he’s got a chance to win. If not, tighten your belts folks, its gonna be a really rough 4 years with a slick Chicago politician who just goes along with the consensus of his party and not the people.

    • John Smith

      McCain plan will create competition among insurance companies and will lower the cost for insurance. This way his employer can give him a raise and with the money he get from McCain he can buy his own insurance and keep some of that 10000 that is being paid for him at the moment. Does he really think that when insurance becomes 15,000, and that will happen over then next 2 to 3 years, that he will not have to to pay the extra 5,000 out of his own pocket. Companies can only pay so much before they have pass it on. The current system does nothing to get the prices of insurance down. It is vicious cycle where insurance is increased on doctors (I know a couple of doctors who have to pay over 10K a month for malpractice insurance) and hospitals who have to charge more for their services to cover the insurance. Then the insurance companies ask for more money from the companies they are providing health insurance for because the doctors and hospitals had to increase their prices. At the moment people and doctors are restricted from buying insurance from a few companies in their own state. McCain plan will increase that choice to 100s of companies. Once that happens insurance prices will drop on both doctors and patients.

      However, Obama’s plan will never get implemented there is no money for it. But if it gets implemented. Your brother’s company will have to pay a fine if they don’t provide the insurance that Obama wants them to provide. So at the end he will have no choice but to go with what Obama provides. Does he really want to end up like the veterans? Has he ever talked to one of them as to the type of services they are getting or not getting? That is a nightmare in the making.

    • Trevor

      Obama will just be another left-wing puppet, just like Pelosi is today. If you think Pelosi is bad as speaker of the house, imagine her as President! That’s Obama.

  • Troy

    I think the polls are just as biased as the MSM.

    • Nicole

      agree. some hypothesize that the MSM is just building McCain up to tear him down again after they declare Obama the “winner” of the debate regardless of what happens on Wednesday.

  • James

    Which means McCain is really leading.

    Does anyone really think Obama is up 4 in WV? McCain wins that state in double digits.

    McCain will win.

    • Andrew

      They say O is up four in WV? LOL. That poll is the most crap I have ever heard. They must think the public is retarded or suffers from memory problems. We saw Clinton crush Nobama in West Virginia so badly that he had to run out and get Mr. Cheat-on-cancer-riddled-wife to endorse him.

      • Ani

        Truly. Hillary trounced him to the tune of 41 points. He ignored the state before the primary because he assumed he couldn’t win there and dissed them afterwards. He didn’t even congratulate Hillary and instead pretended WVa didn’t exist. He made no attempt to reach out to them and allowed none other than Mr. Tingle up the Leg Chris Matthews declare them irrelevant and racist.

        The idea that the people of WVa would vote to put him in the White House over McCain would be outlandish at best.

        • Morgan

          I am going to continue hoping, and telling friends to vote, and appreciating all of your efforts…


          McCain said, “FIGHT with me” at the convention. He needs to borrow some balls from Palin and really fight. He asked for the opportunity to lead, and to reform, and call out corruption. The time to do that was yesterday, but I’ll take tomorrow too. He needs to get to it.

          • bethtopaz

            Morgan – e-mail McCain and tell him how you feel!!!

            I did this evening.

            Go to:


            and go to the bottom and click on “contact.”

      • Brendy

        Yeah, I’d like to know WHERE in WVA they’re polling. You can’t tell me people deep in the mountains would vote for such an elitist jerk like Obama. I’m sure people in the mountains of WVA had NO help from ACORN or Freddie/Fannie in getting loans, so they definitely don’t need any ‘HELP’ from Obama!

      • MMI

        I think they have a street named West Virginia in Milwaukee so maybe the residents on that street support Obama. It makes as much sense as any of the other samplings.

      • It’s because the polls till now are REGISTERED voters, not LIKELY voters. Likely voters are sure things at the polls. They have also weighted the parties, since there are more democrats registered.

        This is why this particularly Gallup story is important. It explains the difference between Likely and Registered. Likely voters are reliable. People like me, who never missed a chance to vote in her life.

        The important thing to remember is that this race is close. Very close when you include the margin of error.

        • thefirstwonderwoman

          The last time I looked at Gallup John McCain was down by 11 in that poll,this tells me he’s cut that in half in a week.

    • Newly Independent

      Does anyone really think Obama is up 4 in WV? McCain wins that state in double digits.

      This should confirm once and for all that the MSM-generated polls are bulls—.

      Hillary stomped Obama a new hole in West Virginia during the primary. WV’s not going to vote for Obama’s ass.

      If the polls were to be believed and Obama’s “lead” is disappearing, the reason would be that the RNC’s attack ads are definitely working.