Update: “Obama Tells a Tax-Burdened Plumber That the Plan Is to ‘Spread the Wealth Around’”

Obama tells a future Comrade that his pie is about to be raided.


All for the Glorious Cause, Comrades! All for the Glorious Cause!

obama-falling-money.jpglf you plan to benefit heavily from Barack Obama’s so-called “tax cuts,” you will have to be part of the population that doesn’t pay any taxes at all.

The rest of you will be paying more.

The Fair Housing Act and Community Reinvestment Act have already found a way to redistribute your income and tax money by ensuring by force that home loans went to people with virtually no ability to pay at all, bringing Fannie Mae down and subsequently Wall Street. This move also sucked down any investments you made through sacrifice and personal responsibility. But when it comes to Barack Obama, personal responsibility, paying your own mortgage and bills and making sacrifices to save and shore up against your own future is not a respectable way to live.

Under Barack Obama’s “Plan” you are truly screwed if you are working at taking responsibility for your own behaviors. His “tax cut” plan is the next leg to killing the middle class, while he pretends he cares so much for them. His tax cut has nothing whatsoever to do with middle class “working families” and everything to do with expanding the welfare state and redistributing the income of those same “working families”. “Working families” are already paying to bail out Fannie Mae’s redistribution of assets to Non Working Families. Now comes the next forced step for you involuntary Comrades.

No wonder every previously dead Anti-American party in our country is feeling refreshed. Obama’s plan for “tax credits” is more Socialist talk for transferring of money from taxpayers to non-taxpayers.

Like good little socialists, you will work and then you will share your money with people who don’t earn as much as you do – faster than you can say Karl Marx.

It doesn’t matter that you worked your way through college for years to get a better job. It doesn’t matter if you work two jobs. It doesn’t matter if you bust your ass in overtime. It doesn’t matter if you don’t buy things you can’t afford and you live within your means. It doesn’t matter if you sacrifice one thing for another. Your reward will not match the rewards of others who may do none of these things. It’s as simple as that. When Barack obama says he is going to “cut taxes” for 95% of America, he really means he is also going to give money away to more than a third of America–people who pay no taxes at all.

There are millions of immigrants in America who left their countries to get away from governments like the one Barack Obama has planned.

The Wall Street Journal has it nailed today.

One of Barack Obama’s most potent campaign claims is that he’ll cut taxes for no less than 95% of “working families.” He’s even promising to cut taxes enough that the government’s tax share of GDP will be no more than 18.2% — which is lower than it is today.

It’s a clever pitch, because it lets him pose as a middle-class tax cutter while disguising that he’s also proposing one of the largest tax increases ever on the other 5%. But how does he conjure this miracle, especially since more than a third of all Americans already pay no income taxes at all? There are several sleights of hand, but the most creative is to redefine the meaning of “tax cut.”

For the Obama Democrats, a tax cut is no longer letting you keep more of what you earn. In their lexicon, a tax cut includes tens of billions of dollars in government handouts that are disguised by the phrase “tax credit.”Mr. Obama is proposing to create or expand no fewer than seven such credits for individuals:

– A $500 tax credit ($1,000 a couple) to “make work pay” that phases out at income of $75,000 for individuals and $150,000 per couple.

– A $4,000 tax credit for college tuition.

– A 10% mortgage interest tax credit (on top of the existing mortgage interest deduction and other housing subsidies).

– A “savings” tax credit of 50% up to $1,000.

– An expansion of the earned-income tax credit that would allow single workers to receive as much as $555 a year, up from $175 now, and give these workers up to $1,110 if they are paying child support.

– A child care credit of 50% up to $6,000 of expenses a year.

– A “clean car” tax credit of up to $7,000 on the purchase of certain vehicles.

Here’s the political catch. All but the clean car credit would be “refundable,” which is Washington-speak for the fact that you can receive these checks even if you have no income-tax liability. In other words, they are an income transfer — a federal check — from taxpayers to nontaxpayers. Once upon a time we called this “welfare,” or in George McGovern’s 1972 campaign a “Demogrant.” Mr. Obama’s genius is to call it a tax cut.

The Tax Foundation estimates that under the Obama plan 63 million Americans, or 44% of all tax filers, would have no income tax liability and most of those would get a check from the IRS each year. The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis estimates that by 2011, under the Obama plan, an additional 10 million filers would pay zero taxes while cashing checks from the IRS.

The total annual expenditures on refundable “tax credits” would rise over the next 10 years by $647 billion to $1.054 trillion, according to the Tax Policy Center. This means that the tax-credit welfare state would soon cost four times actual cash welfare.By redefining such income payments as “tax credits,” the Obama campaign also redefines them away as a tax share of GDP. Presto, the federal tax burden looks much smaller than it really is.

Yes, you have read correctly, folks. The welfare state will quadruple, Comrade. A person who pays NO tax whatsoever will be getting all these “Tax refunds” in the name of “Fairness”. They will get a refund check from the IRS consisting of money they never even paid. In other words, it’s the next step in Obama’s plans for The Glorious Cause – Socialism.

Please be sure to go here and read about the rest of the impact of this pathetic Socialist’s Plans for you, suckers. Want to beat the system. Work part time and stay home and watch TV the rest of the time. If you calculate it right, you will get all those tax “refunds” and earn as much as you do now–for doing nothing. Your government will take care of you, Comrade!

From my blog, “Uppity Woman

  • OldGrumpyGuy

    Is Barry Patrick O’bama Irish? See my new video for the shocking truth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gheL3TetQEk

  • Just grand.

  • Cubs in 08
  • Diana

    Another huge rally for Palin 20,000 in VA and to think no band or free food. Amazing 😉

    Palin Stays on the Offensive at Huge Va. Rally
    By Juliet Eilperin
    RICHMOND — GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin continued attacking Democratic nominee Barack Obama before a crowd of roughly 20,000 outside the Richmond International Raceway, while also promising that she and John McCain would help revive the U.S. economy.

    Suggesting that Obama would undermine a possible American victory in Iraq — “Just once I would like to hear Barack Obama say he’d like America to win” — Palin said the Democrat would jeopardize the economy further by raising taxes and expanding the federal government.

    “America, we cannot just afford another big spender in the White House,” Palin said before the enthusiastic audience. “Our country is facing tough times, and needs a tough man as president.

    From the Washington Post

  • KarenAnn

    I worked my way through school as a waitress. At one of those jobs all the waitstaff on a shift had to ‘pool’ their tips. Better known as Socialism as applied to the restaurant business. After six months of busting my ass to provide good service and a friendly attitude I decided that sharing my hard earned money with layabouts was not for me. The last straw was a day I worked two shifts (16 hours), made $205 in tips and went home with $115. That was 30 years ago and it is still fresh in my memory. No rational personal wants that on a national level.

    • Ferd McBerfle

      That’s a great example of what oblockhead would do. Excellent post, KarenAnn.

    • Peggy Sue

      You’re right KarenAnn. No reasonable person would settle for that scenario. But when you’re talking about people who think “sharing the wealth” is the only way to go, you’re not talking to reasonable people. You’re talking about the State making decisions for each and everyone of us, whether we like it or not, whether we say yea or nay.

      And from where I sit that is completely unacceptable.

  • I think we’re about to go from “welfare” to “farewell” to the American way of life.

  • Sassy

    Great work Uppity!
    A couple of years ago I read that a person with subsidized housing, food stamps, welfare, and free childrens’ meals in school was actually netting about $26,000 per year!
    No, that’s not much today, but think how many people are standing on their feet for 12 hour shifts in a convenience store or service station for that amount!
    Sucks don’t it?
    Apparently, there are a lot of people who are going to follow the BO train for the gleanings!

  • Fueled By Randomness

    Hey, I’m changing my mind and voting for the big “O”. I’m a self-employed computer consultant and bust my ass to make 75K a year. It’s a waste of time since as a self-employed person, I pay BOTH halfs of Social Security as well as income tax. After the state sticks it’s hand in, for every extra dollar I make, I keep only 60 cents. Screw this! So, when the messiah is crowned, I’m gonna cut my hours in half (maybe even in thirds) and sit back and wait for all these tax credits to drift my way! See you all in socialist paradise! Way to go Obama!

    • Jason

      How about your revenues fall under Obama.

      He plants to stick big business for billions more in taxes. How will they get that money back? By jacking up the price of consumer goods…the kind of daily consumer goods that are so affordable to us because big business takes advantage of economies of scale.

      When consumers are having to spend more on the kind of goods made or distributed by big business, that means they’ll have less in their budgets for the kinds of goods and services that small businesses like yours provide. Which means that small businesses may well see a drop in revenues which more than cancels out any tax cut they get under Obama (those who WOULD get a tax cut).

      Obama’s plan removes the incentive for small businesses to grow and punishes a major part of our economic growth for the crime of being too successful. This is economic suicide. People need to stop thinking about the short term range of the moment gains they think that Obama is handing them (candy is bad for your teeth) and start thinking about the long term benefits of an economy in which growth and success are rewarded (there’s a nice side of beef roasting in the oven).

      • Ferd McBerfle

        People need to stop thinking about the short term range of the moment gains they think that Obama is handing them (candy is bad for your teeth) and start thinking about the long term benefits of an economy in which growth and success are rewarded (there’s a nice side of beef roasting in the oven).

        You’re asking the over-indulged obamalobotobots to actually wait? Good luck with that one.

    • fif

      Well, don’t complain when he starts to impose “controls” on our civil liberties to maintain power, like his “Truth Squads” in Missouri. How successful have other socialist countries been?

    • Diana

      Why bother to work at all? Everyone should plan for a massive walk out so they can get their share of the pie without having to work. No need for anyone to go in debt anymore for college, why bother to even graduate high school? Everyone can spend more time with their families. Take a few extra vacations knowing their piece of the pie will be safe with Obama. Wonder where they’ll get the money to spread that pie with all the factory’s, etc that will be closing to move on.

    • PhxNickD

      As a free lance designer, I will be planning my future business so that I make just enough to stay under the radar and not show any profit and get a check every year from the government. Why should I bust my ass and pay taxes so the bums who don’t want to work benefit?

  • Michelle was talking about sharing of the pie (you can see it on tube if you look for it) she said, we need to learn to make do with less, so others can have more.
    Riiiiiiight, so ummm….Michelle when are you and your dear hubby planning on being 2 of those who learn to make due with less?????
    As I recall they were only giving away something like 3% of their income to charities, most of which went to donations to the good Rev. Wright’s church.
    Why not lead by example? Hmmmmm? You don’t really need to live in a 2mill home correct? Your kids can made due with public schools instead of that expensive private academy they’re attended no? Why not use those millions made on book sales and set up college funds for poor people? Why not show just how willing YOU are to share?
    Or is it, you only believe in “spreading the wealth around” when it’s coming from some one else’s pockets?

    It seems to me, it’s starts with the top 5% but end up with 1% becoming the new super wealthy class and everyone else far below on the bottom fighting for the scraps of what’s left. Just to make sure we’re all “equal”
    Well except for that 1%. Which group do think the Obama’s plan to be a part of?

  • Paul3triple

    not to mention Jay, that top 5% will get smaller and smaller as taxes get bigger and bigger.
    Also, Obama is not going to just tax the rich.
    He is raising taxes that effect EVERYONE.
    Anyone with ajob that pays taxes will get slammed.

    The market rebounded today though. If this continues it will erase the media meme it helps obama.

    McCain is right. We have them right where we want them.

    • Can’t believe I am saying this but thank god for capitalist Republicans. 😉

      • Ferd McBerfle

        I’m in agreement and wondering when the world turned upside-down and inside-out. This is one crazy election cycle. I am truly shocked.

    • Astra14

      Okay, if we get unlucky and Obama’s elected, if he gets his tax plan – then we ALL quit our jobs so we have NO taxable income while he figures out how to support his completely unemployed nation from his & Congress’ taxes…until Hillary is elected in 2012, at which point we all go back to work.

      I’ve struggled and worked too hard to get where I am now to just watch it get handed over to some bum who refuses to work whom Obama thinks should be getting money I’ve worked for! That’s not fair. It’s not right! And if I were that plumber I would have told Obama straight to his face, “so you’re telling me if you get elected I should quit working.”

      • Ferd McBerfle

        LMAO. A “general strike”, as it were. That would fix Oblockhead’s little red wagon (and book, too).

  • Andrew

    I’m watching old America’s Top Model episodes on MTV 3. Every six seconds they have this Hispanic guy who cannot speak English well telling people to go and register to vote now, regardless if they know the issues. He is telling people to vote “on behalf” of millions who cannot vote. It is all very suspicious. Other commercials keep talking about “change” and feature young people saying they are going out voting because they want “change”. Creepy indoctrination.

    • Ferd McBerfle

      All for the benefit of generation “duh”, I suppose.

      • tek

        All for the benefit of Generation Mexico.

  • Jay Fink

    One of the ramifications of all these tax credits is that it drives up the illegitimacy rate. This is a very serious problem that will only get worse if Obama wins.

    • tzada

      Drives the divorce rate up too. Couples who go above it with two incomes may get divorced to stay below it.
      Like one person said more will go to part time jobs….. Nothing but more lies and deceit. Anyone knows that a pyramid cannot stand on the weakest part which would be the top. Obama will turn our world upside down. Which is what the Democrats are planning with this vote buying plan. Of course it won’t work long, if Obama can even deliver on his promises. The whole economy will collapse, then where will the lazy blood suckers find food and shelter. That is right in OUR homes and OUR gardens.

  • Paul3triple

    to the above poster, McCain did not propose a bailout plan. The 300billion is from the ALREADY PASSED BILL FOR 700.
    Instead of buying assets with that money. McCain proposes to help homeowners retain and increase the value of their homes while helping struggling families stay in their homes.
    I repeat, McCain’s mortage plan is NOT new spending. It is using ALREADY EXISTING FUNDS.
    Maybe you should check out the plan or listen to what McCain actually says before misrepresenting his plan.

  • HARP

    Can`t wait to receive some of that Hollywood and music industry pie………..Yummy.

    • Andrew

      Hollywood is a juicy apple pie. The music industry is a delicious cherry pie. They will be so scrumptious.

  • Sarracuda In So Cal

    McCain can take all those states if there is no damn voter fraud, but since there is, this won’t be a fair election and Obama won’t have to answer for it since the damn media is all in his pocket. Obama and ACORN should BOTH go down

    • AnninCA

      Relax…this is not a caucus.

  • OFF TOPIC: (kinda)
    Awesome people taking up for MCCAIN!

    • That’s a pro-Obama video. But ya, they sort of stick up for McCain–they are more anti-Obama.

    • barry bums a ciggie

      I posted a link earlier regarding the camera person interviewing in these videos:

      A Barack Obama supporter in Ohio with deep roots in Democratic politics — and a 2001 sex-related felony conviction to his name — is behind two new confrontational videos that bait ignorant people into calling Barack Obama a terrorist.


      • jangles

        He is a terrorist. His tactics in this election and in the primary are the tactics of terrorists conducting a low level contact campaign.

  • Dark Knight

    new rasmussen polls have OH, VA, MO, FL, NC all within the margin of error. Let’s not forget Rasmussen uses 39% Dems and 33 % Repubs

    • Andrew

      Is that an improvement? I haven’t been looking at the polls.

    • AnninCA

      *woohoo! McCain comes back, in the midst of a Wall St. meltdown.

      Today, the market rallied. That COULD help McCain a smidge.

      We’re into miracle smidges these days. 🙂

    • Newly Independent

      The attack ads are working.

      And Sarah Palin on the attack is working too.

      If McCain & Palin continue to intensify the attacks in these final weeks, McCain will have a solid victory on November 5th.

      • kavala007

        Election day is November 4th.

        • Steve_in_KC

          True, but it’s not official until it’s printed in the morning papers the next day! 🙂

  • Visiting Supporter

    To the McCain campaign, if you are listening —

    Now hear this!

    That sound bite from Obama is simply screaming for inclusion in an ad highlighting McCain’s responsible approach to our economy.

    PLEASE DO IT. Let this *video* of Obama’s own words sink him. It’ll be more effective than newspaper quotes or even audio alone.

  • Patrick Henry

    And…some gas for my Tractor

    • Dawnelle

      FYI – some GOOD news from on the ground in PA
      copied below from my email pal – I apologize for the length but if anyone wants more info on this email, please let me know.
      Dear Friends: The attached document from Rosa in New York State tells exactly what activities must be done to win this election. The battle in PA, where I live, is close .. . and winnable if we all do what Rosa recommends.

      If you’re in NY (or northern NJ), please volunteer to come to PA……. Contact me if you want to focus on western PA.

      Our internal surveys are generating a lot of good news. Sarah Palin may be the single most popular figure in western and central PA. Her average crowd is six timea that of Joe Biden.

      If we all do exactly what Rosa recomends, we will win this election. People in solid red states (WV, KY, OK, UT, ID, ND, WY, and many others) need to reach out to Battleground states (OH, PA, WI, IN, VA, FL, IO, CO, NV, NM) and contact friends. family, and acquaintances in those locations. At this point, all of them are winnable, especially when we focus on those most likely to vote.

      Thanks so much to all who have given so much of themselves. Now, it’s time to do even more. We have two excellent candidates, and let’s give them “not less than everything.”

      steve m*****

      Campaign Victory
      Hillary Supporters 4 McCain

      The NYC Area Democrats For McCain had a very successful canvassing effort in Scranton, Pennsylvania over this past weekend. And people of color were well-represented in the crew.

      Our conclusion is that there are many Democrats in Scranton who could be persuaded to vote for John McCain.

      Barack Obama must be defeated now, rather than later. And, we will not be able to defeat Obama by just hoping that others will do the job, by hanging out mainly in the blogosphere talking to other NObama folks, by just giving up… Here are three recommended actions that you should do over the next three weeks to ensure that Obama is defeated now, rather than later.

      1. Canvass in Scranton, PA (door-to-door, or where people congregate) … we need 50 people on each weekend day to get FREE transportation from the McCain campaign
      2. Phone-banking to swing states (from your own home…call fellow Democrats)…see instructions below
      3. Financial support (please, please help us to cover costs of flyers) … click here for PayPal

      NYC AREA DEMOCRATS CANVASSING IN SCRANTON, PA…we need 50 people each day to get FREE transportation from the McCain campaign
      Please email your commitment to pocpuma@aol.com


        tried to copy but wont fit!!

  • Patrick Henry

    I will send you some PIE if you send me some Potatoes..!!

    • Andrew

      Remember, it is patriotic to pay more taxes and you will have to give up some of your pie. (Biden and Michelle)

  • The problem is that this is the part people like about socialism.

    They forget that their individual rights, the laws, and the entire culture changes. That kind of change will NOT be peaceful.

    Anyway, this is why people get duped into socialist nations. It sounds good. Everything is “free.”

    Why Obama’s socialism matters

    “Regardless of Obama’s presumed good intentions, socialism always brings a society to a bad ending. I don’t want to believe that Americans who live in a free society that allows people to think what they will, do what they want, and succeed if they can, will willingly hand themselves over to the socialist ideology. They must therefore be reminded, again and again and again, that socialism isn’t just another political party; it’s the death knell to freedom. So remember, while McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America.”

    • I think a review of history is in order. I think an overview of socialist nations is in order.

      This “free” stuff is what is turning them on to him. They know he is a socialist and they like it.

      Specific points about what Americans would lose if this became a socialist nation is important.

      Cold war-era cartoon (America’s anti-communist propaganda film)

      I think people take America for granted. So many don’t understand the negatives of communism or socialism.

      • Like I said, millions of immigrants came here to get AWAY from socialism.

        I myself have planned for a long time to retire in Europe. I will just do it sooner to get away from this creep if it comes to that. My money is mine. I earned it and I’m keeping it.

        I donated more to charity last year than Charge Card Joe did.

        • tek

          People, Europe is socialist. Most European countries are democratic socialist governments. It is not a bad thing, but it is not what some people here are talking about.

          What Americans don’t understand is that it is impossible to have democracy without some measure of socialism (for all the people). What a lot of you people are talking about is either communism or pure socialism (Sweden). That will never happen in the U. S. anymore than Bush was able to implement a theocracy.

          The farther Obama travels down the road toward a pure socialist state, the quicker he will be out of office.

    • Jason

      Anyone read Friedrich Hayek’s “The Road To Serfdom”?

      This timeless classic is possibly the most devastating argument against socialism, fascism or any other form of collectivism ever written. You simply cannot argue with Hayek’s logic and claim to be “objective.”

      Hayek argues that any form of central economic planning is doomed to fail, mainly because we’re all different. We all have different priorities, hopes, dreams, aspirations, plans for ourselves and our families. There is no “common plan.” Hence, what is good for person A is bad for person B and vice versa.

      Since there can never be any consensus or agreement in a centrally planned economy, people get sick of all of the disagreement and conflict of interest, which creates an atmosphere in which people feel the only solution is to bring in a dictator who will do all of the deciding with no arguments. To promote the “plan,” a huge propaganda machine is constructed. The idea is to let the dictator in for a while to get things on track, and then dispense with him. But that’s not what happens, and the dictator soon puts the propaganda machine to good use so that everyone is brainwashed.

      Hayek wrote his book using Nazi Germany and fascism as an example but later admitted that it would have been better to use socialism instead – they are extremely similar after all (and the Nazis were socialists in a sense too). He explained that at the time of writing, we were allies with Russia in the war and so he felt like he didn’t want to write such a devastating critique of the communists, so he chose the Nazis instead.

      It’s an excellent book. There is an online cartoon version outlining the main theme here:


      For those who want to get more into the specifics of why socialism is guaranteed to fail, they might like to tackle the Mises classic “Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis”


      This is another timeless classic annihilation of the socialist theory.

      To be honest one of the best and quickest arguments I heard against socialism was from Ayn Rand. It goes like this (I changed the details somewhat, same argument though):

      Some people have no working kidneys. They have to spend half their day on dialysis machines. Others have two healthy kidneys – even though the body only really needs one to function.

      Is this fair? Why should some people be blessed with an extra kidney they don’t need while others have to wait in line for years to get a donor? Socialists, if they were philosophically consistent, would agree that this was unacceptable.

      A solution would be to make it law that everyone with two healthy kidneys have one surgically removed and placed into a central kidney bank. This way, all those who have no kidneys can instantly have a transplant. How many socialists would agree to giving up a kidney if the state made it law? Not many I’d wager. But this is just a logical arm of their ideology. Spread the wealth, spread the health – yes?

      If I work at $20 an hour and someone takes $100 from me to “redistribute,” they have literally taken 5 hours of my life. MY life, which I can never get back. Not unlike the concept of “MY kidney.”

      Rand used corneas instead of kidneys, but the argument is the same.

    • Kelley

      Well right now it’s only FREE STUFF for the rich, paid for by our bailout dollars.

      • athena

        No- Obamas tax plan is outside of the bailout plan……

        • Brendy

          Yes, and remember Pelosi wants the congress to return in November (thinking that Obama WILL win the presidency) and they – the dems – will propose an ADDITIONAL 150 BILLION Dollar ‘stimulus’ bill. That ‘stimulus’ bill will contain extended unemployment benefits, FOOD STAMPS and MEDICAID (NOT ‘medicare’, but “MEDICAID” – aka ‘welfare’). Couple THAT with the $845 Billion POVERTY Plan (WORLD WIDE – THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES poverty relief) that OBAMA has circulating in Congress and we’ll be lucky if WE have enough money left to eat!

          • WildChild

            I just dug up my back yard in anticipation of needing a garden this year.

  • Andrew

    What is middle class? It is a very nebulous term that is spoken about all the time but is never really defined. I have my idea of what it is but what is yours? What is poor? What is rich?

    • Astra14

      Andrew, I grew up poor, which in my family situation was there wasn’t enough money to pay for extras (ex. cake, cookies, a colored tv – yes, I’m dating myself with that one), mom bought our clothes at a thrift store or we had hand me downs from relatives. Both parents worked, so we didn’t have food stamps or welfare. We only had the very basics and an occasional treat, like an ice cream soda; no car, it was either walk, bus or taxi. Today it would be considered living paycheck to paycheck.

      Right now I think of myself as middle class, which I’ve worked very hard to get to. I’m able to buy most things that I want, I own my home, no health insurance (so I’m still paying off surgery from a few years back) because my employer doesn’t offer it. My situation is comfortable, there’s emergency money in the bank. I’m not sure it’ll stay that way if Obama becomes President.

      When I think of rich – I think of Donald Trump. I don’t think of someone with $250,000 as rich, but as upper middle class. That’s my opinion.

    • Peggy Sue

      It’s not all that nebulous, Andrew.

      The middle class is the backbone of a free society. We’re the people who work for a living, whether with our hands or our heads. We often own homes, raise families, and strive to make life better for our kids. Some of us own small businesses. Some of us work for others. If we’re lucky we get to take modest vacations and have a car, maybe two in the garage. We strive to own our own home and when we do, we pay our mortgages and bills, usually on time and when we don’t we feel guilty. We try to save for extended education for our kids though we may not have attended university ourselves or if we did, we spent our early years paying off our own education debt. But by hook or by crook we work to provide a step up for our kids. We don’t expect to be fabulously weathly. Reasonably comfortable will do, meaning a roof over our heads, adequate food and some decent clothing. We may struggle with health care costs, but the kids always come first. Some of us go to church, some of us don’t. Most of us have a social conscious and are willing to help those less fortunate than we believe we are. We’d also like to afford our own retirement without burdening others, family or society. It’s a pride thing.

      Our annual salaries may vary but we’ve all known tough times, sometimes good times. And we still believe in the promise of this country–the way our parents did and their parents before them.

      We will not be silenced. We will not be dictated to, and if you try to break our backs, you’ll ultimately break your own.

      We are the American middle class and we won’t go gently into that good night!

      Without us, you’ll have the rich and powerful at the top and the poor and dependent at the bottom. I know which life I desire. Do you?

      • MBC

        Well said Peggy Sue. Thanks!

      • athena

        I am with her!

  • Peggy Sue

    So, please someone explain. I understand that the four bullet points of Obama’s “revised and improved economic plan” will cost $60 billion dollars. This is on top of the recent economic “rescue” plan [$850 billion] and in addition to the legislation that Nancy Pelosi will push “after” the election to the tune of $150 billion. Then there’s Obama’s proposed new spending programs [approx $950 billion].

    And yes, McCain proposed a bailout for problematic mortgages [$300 billion]. But at least he had the decency to say it would come out of the original $850 billion.

    Where is all this money coming from? Or are the printing presses at the Treasury Dept. being greased for high volume dollar runs?

    Of course, the alternative to monopoly money is the American taxpayer [those of us who work and actually pay taxes, regularly, every stinking year].

    But then, this is the Patriotic thing to do–Joey B. told me so. Therefore, I’m assuming we’ll all be whistling Yankee Doodle Dandy as the Dems rifle through our pockets and confiscate our savings, our pensions and 401k’s. Not to mention our futures. Not to mention the years it takes to accumulate a modest nest egg.

    Spread the wealth? More like spread poverty and bring the middle class to its knees. Maybe that’s the ulterior motive: no middle class, no democracy.

    These people are a bunch of moonbats! Why was I “ever” a Democrat? I must have been drugged.

    • d2d

      what she said!

      me too, I must have been drugged.

      • Ferd McBerfle

        Real Democrats were kicked out of or were forced to leave the party. Some sort of vermin took their places.

        • tek


      • Ferd McBerfle

        Real Democrats were kicked out of or were forced to leave the party. Some sort of vermin took their places.

    • tzada

      My husband and I have worked like dogs to get what we have. We have worked up to 4 jobs each at seperate times. We have scrimped and saved and our children didn’t have name brand clothes. We have cut and sold firewood, we have worked in tobacco hoed it, planted, cropped it, strung it it on sticks, cooking it, grading it and putting it on the market. We planted pines trees once too. All damn hard work, especially for a woman. At the same time we each owned our own business. We paid our bills and TAXES, being responsible citizens.

      I see people sitting on porches, walking down the streets, driving fancy cars, the women getting their nails done, all things that I only wished I could of had. They didn’t work and don’t work. They sure won’t work when the extra handout come.
      But Hollywood will get richer, which may explain their devotion to Obama. He is buying votes.

      Yes I am pissed, the thought of losing everything because of Obama and the DNC enrages me.

      • AnninCA

        Interesting. I’ve hoed corn. Lived in a migrant camp cabin with no running water. Put myself through college.

        Worked 70 hours at my job, trying to break the glass ceiling. Failed, btw.

        And I’m not angry.

        I think it was a terific ride. I just had so much darn fun in life.

        I did feel guilty as a mother. Omigod….I missed one open house. My son actually heard my ex-husband and I arguing, “It’s YOUR turn, dang it.”

        I thought I should commit hari-kari over these unmotherly acts.


        My kid survived me. He’s really doing great today, and I fancy that he likes me.

        When I worry over that old stuff, he just says, “oh good grief……”

        So I’m at ease.

        I think you need to get a healthier perspective on life and relax.

        This is JUST politics.

        • AngryWhitePerson

          Please don’t dismiss someone’s feelings as being out of perspective. It’s patronizing and something women have put up with FOR FAR TOO LONG. If someone wants to be angry, they will be angry and deal with that anger the way they see fit.

    • oowawa

      No Peggy Sue, you were not “drugged” to be a Democrat, you were probably a Dem because of people like FDR & JFK, who believed in giving people a hand-up and not a hand-out. The Democratic party was the party of compassion for the less fortunate, but it did not advocate socialism. Don’t feel naive for once being a Democrat. With the advent of O, who was made possible by the debacle of 8 years of W, the party changed: we did not. Now it’s time to move on and make new political friends.

  • lind

    I think Obama stayed a little to long in his church and hanged out a little too much with Ayers. Socailism at it’s worst. Change = Hate of country.Bill Ayers once said destroy the rich peoples cars and apartments, Rich people have mansions and chauffeurs to drive their limos and drive sports cars,I guess Ayers sees the middle class as rich. They’ve almost ruined the economy with acorn, Freddy and Fannie, what a mess.

  • johninca

    Whenever Barry proposes some new economic policy, the first question should be: “from whom will you be stealing this time, besides our children and grandchildren?”

  • rickrickrick

    Jack Cashill is on the Michael Medved show right now. The claim is that Bill Ayers wrote Dreams of My Father for Barack Obama.


  • lark


    Not only that but consider the influx of illegal aliens into the country after those tax credits.

    And will African Americans like that? NO No no.

    Yes, there are thousands of tax assistance offices that not only do they file for tax Ids for illegal aliens but also prepare their tax filling papers.

    And yes they will make more money when they can get more money for their ‘services.’

    And yes, illegal aliens do file federal income taxes and are entitled to a ‘REFUND’ when they file a ‘return.’

    So by doing that you insure that millions will cross the borders in droves, under the bullets of the INF if necessary and will come by the droves also from… tan tan tan tan…. China, India, Europe, etc. WHY?

    Because now that foreigners will own most of our corporations… remember today they

    ARE BUYING AMERICA… OR do you think the stock market is going bananas at 967 plus for no reason…

    no sirie. Foreigners today bought a big chunk of America and they will have the right to send in their people to manage their capital markets and their people will bring along with them their other people.

    So give away America to illegal aliens, people… give it away under ‘SOCIALISM.’

    You know what’s funny. Funny funny funny.

    That African Americans are voting 95 percent for someone that is going to ultimately screw them big time.

    Yes my friends, those in that tape that are voting for Obama out of ignorance will get not even chewed up sugarcane roots for reward.

  • Hope is the last to die

    Well, I’m sure Hollywood would love to send their money to Obama like they’ve done so far.

    Interestingly Obama talks about spreading the wealth around when he’s the one who doesn’t have a dime to give to charity. Typical hypocrisy coming from Obama.

    • Ferd McBerfle

      Oblockhead’s money is his and our money is his.

    • barry bums a ciggie

      Uhh, Barry should start the “spread the wealth” spiel with his sidekick first before telling the rest of us to do so:

      Despite income ranging from $210,432 – $321,379 over the ten-year period, the Bidens have given only $120 – $995 per year to charity, which amounts to 0.06% – 0.31% of their income. […]

      It is jarring that a couple earning over $200,000 per year would give as little as $2 per week to charity. This giving compares very unfavorably to John McCain, whose tax returns show that he gave 27.3% – 28.6% of his income to charity in 2006-2007. During the same period, the Obamas’ tax returns show that they gave 5.8% – 6.1% of their income to charity.

      Perhaps the Obama-Biden campaign needs a new slogan: “Change You Can Believe In (As Long As Someone Else Pays For It)”

    • tzada

      Yeah Hollywood is into LA for about 24,000,000 on a Brad Pitt movie. The state to encourage movie production in LA came up with a plan. It was aimed for small movies and Hollywood found the loophole and took it. There are better explanations but cannot find my notes and Google works, but the gist of it is the same.

  • joseyJ

    Obama + Dem Congress = higher taxes!
    However most voters who pay NO TAXES are supporting Obama.

    • lark

      And they should. And most of the same type of voters support Chavez in Venezuela.

      But it is to their own peril. Because even though they are made unwitting consumers, they have to pay a heavy price, ignorance. Ignorance is painful too.

    • Cubs in 08

      Those who do not pay income taxes and/or collect welfare should not be able to vote as long as they are “on the dole.”

  • Sarasota

    Will he also spread around the hard work and risk that created the wealth?

    Or just spread the wealth to those who did not work hard or take the risk of opening their own business?

    • NCgirl

      People who just want a free handout don’t think about things like that.

  • WasLNbutNoBamaBotsKeepStealingMyName

    Here’s part of an email I just got from the MoveOn Minions-thought the part about “you can’t steal a landslide was telling…”

    “Remember Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy? Remember Obama’s speech in 2004, declaring that there are no red states and blue states? This could be the year that we redraw the political map. That we turn Colorado, North Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, and Florida blue. This economic crisis is reminding us that we’re all in this together—and if we rise to the moment, we could create the kind of political tidal wave that makes real, deep change possible.

    And here’s something else worth keeping in mind: you can’t steal a landslide.”

    And please, folks, don’t label me a troll. The last time I posted something someone else sent me, I got hammered! I am a regular poster here and have also written for NQ.

    • tek

      So what’s the point of this?

    • Rah-Rah

      Interesting. They know they are under the microscope on the outcome of this election, especially given the recent charges against various ACORN groups.

      And they’re right. The majority of Americans, should this election be close and Obama prevail, will be very skeptical given his ties (financial and otherwise) with ACORN. Facts are facts: ACORN is being questioned hugely on voter-registration fraud. MoveOn is in the same business as the voter-leg of ACORN.

      It feels like we’re in a third-world country that is having their first Democratic election and one candidate is determined to win…no matter the means.

      Maybe we need monitors from other countries to oversee our election??

      • tzada

        They are here and they are called the UN. The Democrats called for them to come watch even before Obama stole the nomination from Hillary. They are here to watch against RACISM. The Global Poverty Bill introduced by Obama will give them rights over the USA and 845 Billion taxpayers dollars. Now who do you think they will be in favor of?

        • athena

          I have been preaching this everywhere and NOBODY is listening!

  • Sarracuda In So Cal

    Anyone who earns a decent living and votes for Obama will get exactly what they deserve. Don’t come crying because Obama took away your money, this is socialism, at least he should call it what it is

    • tek

      Most of his voters are college kids who live off their parents and AAs who minorities who are on welfare or are in the country illegally taking jobs away from Americans.

      • Yeah well those Gen y’ers are going to be very disappointed when they can’t get all those bright shiney toys any longer because their parents have to give their money to some bum. Wait a minute….they already are supporting bums….

        • tek

          We have 3 Gen Yers and they are all devoted to entitlement. They have no clue about getting out in the world and working, they just love Obama because he’s “unique.” They think they are sticking it to the older generation–who, they forget, is supporting them.

  • James

    Isn’t Obama giving a new economic plan speech today? The campaign knows he messed up with those comment and so now he’s introducing a new tax policy so they can try to fool small business owners.

    • Ferd McBerfle

      His pander to the masses speech was earlier today.

      • Ferd McBerfle

        Oops-This should have been a reply to James.

      • Was his speech duplicitous and whorish? I mean it wouldn’t be Obama if it weren’t.

    • WasLNbutNoBamaBotsKeepStealingMyName


    • Vicki

      The second video is excellent. The first one wouldn’t load for me, will try later.

      Odinga = 0bama.

  • WasLNbutNoBamaBotsKeepStealingMyName

    Off-topic but I read that Corsi is ill…has anyone heard whether he will be able to make Hannity’s show tonight or not?

    I hope he was not poisoned in Kenya (or here!)

    • The reason all the celebrities love barky they want in his movie.


      • Morgan

        Too bad ants, we grasshoppers have finally have our candidate, it’s autumn, and we’re coming for the fruits of your labor. It’s only fair.

        • Dawnelle

          in who’s world is it fair?

          I’m as poor as anyone I know and I SURE AS HELL don’t want socialism!!

          The greedy will always be greedy!

          Look at people like Paul Newman. He had LOTSSSS of money but spent, saved and donated it well and died a proud man. He was one of the good democrats. I never saw him rally for Bambi either (thankfully).

          • Dawnelle


            • beebop

              Hey. If you have no interest in even rolling the crust, what the hell …. stealing someone else’s from their open window is just leveling the playing field? Right? SNARK

              • Ferd McBerfle

                Oblockhead needs to re-read the Little Red Hen. Oops, another chicken coming home to roost.

        • Over our dead bodies. Knowing how the obama campaign rolls, that will probably be arranged.

          • Besides, I’m going to stop working. just like you.

            • Cubs in 08

              Guess I can stay home and collect a check. While I’m at it, I can dig out those Russian language tapes… 😆

          • vdavisson

            If he wins I’m going on disability so I can take care of my cancer. I’m on Medicare now as a secondary insurer. Why work? It’s time to SHRUG (for the THUG)!

          • Kal

            Hey, Uppity — That’s a fantastic rundown on the fraud’s tax claims. Great writeup!!

        • tek

          THis comment makes no sense.

          Rest assured, all, if Obama starts ripping off Americans to give money to people who don’t work, he’ll be a lame duck in his first year.

          • Astra14

            Then we can vote for Hillary in 2012!

            • Docelder

              No, in that case Palin… not Hillary will be the “told you so” candidate of 2012.

      • lark


        My friends, ultimately the government largess ends up in the pocket of actors, movie producers, studios, and musicians, etc.

    • NCgirl

      I was thinking the very same thing, about the poison that is.

    • basil

      with tahallium like Russian double agent Alexander Litveninko.

      • basil



    • Archimedes, give me a place to stand…

      hat tip Mark Levin, NRO.

      Some truth and wisdom is eternal. Times may change, science and technology evolve into ever more complexity, but we humans remain comparitively the same throughout the ages.

      Greed, love, fear, hate, lust, avarice, curiousity…all continue to fuel our behavior today just it always has.

      Here then a man..strike that, a giant of yore… to address why Obama’s clique is germaine to him being considered for POTUS.

      “Those, then, are friends to whom the same things are good and evil; and those who are, moreover, friendly or unfriendly to the same people; for in that case they must have the same wishes, and thus by wishing for each other what they wish for themselves, they show themselves each other’s friends.” (Aristotle, Rhetoric, Book II, Chapter)

      For the entire NRO piece see;


      But above citation of Aristotle captures with sublime beauty precisely why Obama is unfit for the office which he seeks.