Lord help us all.

This is a follow up to my other post, *obama and acorn – two frauds in a pod*

Should some people not vote?

I’m thinking…yes.

  • vivi

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  • Bsingle

    the funny thing is, I think there are more uninformed voters on the right. I have heard everything from Obama is a Muslim! to I’m voting for McCain because Sarah Palin is pretty! Not to mention the people who say “Democrats want to take my hard earned mony & give it to poor people” — the funny thing about this is that if you actually compare the two tax plans, in Obama’s plan taxes are only raised on the top 0.1% of the nation…that being people making over 600,000 a year, and largely cut for EVERYONE else, with exception of those making over 250,000 who’s taxes are actually not being raised or cut. And if these people who blindly repeat whatever they hear would actually meet some lower class citizens they would know that most do not just “sit on their butts waiting to take your tax money” — most are working one or MORE jobs to make ends meet in this country, and if you want to look at the other side, some rich citizens are simply living off of mama and daddy’s money and have not worked a day in their life…so thats hard working? Note that I am not saying all rich people are lazy but I am making a point that you cannot overgeneralize a group of people to make your point…it never works. I agree there are uninformed voters on both sides, but lets not try to pin it only on Obama voters, because there are informed and uninformed individuals on both sides — and YES, the uninformed ones drive me nuts too!!!

  • Don

    I think taking No Quarter or John Stossel seriously disqualifies one from responsibly exercising the franchise.

  • MochaLatteBreve

    Obama is the poster child for Black Liberation Theology as evidenced by his constant use of the race card. He is a terrible and tragic role model for teaching his supporters to play the victim which is also useful for his campaign since he has no substance. The race card is a distraction as he likes to say.

    In the long run he has done much to damage racial relations in this country.

    Based on the young people being interviewed it looks like Ayers and Obama Education Reform has been a success for some students. They seem very ignorant about important things and have zero critical thinking skills.

  • BJ


    Stupid Americans

    many ppl have posted this video all over utube, this is just one of them.. you can go to utube and do a search for “stupid americans” and will find more-

  • lark

    This is another way of understanding things in the Bible that seemed and sometimes seems so unbelievable and difficult to swallow. You read stories of the wars and the way people acted so moronic, for example, complaining after being helped, or people being so asinine, like the Pharisees, etc. etc. and then one comes to a situation like this election and find it just as difficult to understand or more. So it makes those stories a little more believable and makes you wonder how we may not be that different from them after all.

  • wodiej

    great post! stupid people also often don’t care enough to go vote…nuff said.

  • athy

    Thanks for this link.

    thomas Jefferson warned us that in a true democracy all eligible citizens should be allowed to vote-which of course puts the country at risk of ‘idiots’ or people highly susceptable to propaganda- of running our country-however he was pretty firm about access to voting if true democracy is to survive.

    At the same time, Jefferson STRONGLY urged that people be educated-provide people free education.

    He fought tooth and nail with alexander hamilton who said that only the rich should vote because they were better informed and well educated.

    Jefferson had faith in humanity-as long as people had access to education.

    Today’s youth are being tested to death, dumbed down, and being kept preoccupied with games & ipods.
    Do you wonder why so many parents choose to home-school.

    Good teachers are not being given the tools or the salary to do their job. They are being forced to ‘teach to the test’.

    And where are kids supposed to learn how to select a candidate or stay on top of current events? Schools dont /cant do it-in many families the parents are holding two or three jobs to pay the bills- WHO IS SUPPOSED TO TEACH THE KIDS?

    Bill AYers should be allowed to create programs to teach our kids?Like he and his team did- in Chicago with the Chicago Annenburg foundation? Who chooses the textbooks? Who designs the curriculum? Who encourages kids to think and ask questions instead of merely following orders?Its a fine line between education and indoctrination.

    As IndieDogg posted in an earlier thread- BILL AYERS IS THE WORST KIND OF TERRORIST OUT THERE-HE IS INVOLVED WITH SHAPING EDUCATION PROCESSES-processes which allow questionable characters to design curriculums to pass on to educators -educators who hold the power to shape our children’s minds and thinking processes.

    There is a reason many of these young adults do not know the answers to these questions- questions which should have been covered in junior high & high school.

    Oh…and mainstream media…thanks a bunch for perpetuating this ignorance among their parents too.

    • athy

      American Girl in Italy-my sincerest apologies- YOU sent us this link- Thank you.

  • Major liberal newspapers endorsing Obama? Surprise, surprise. But they’ve been in the tank for Obama all along. Too bad the liberal newspapers have not been successful at convincing the large majority of voters that Obama should be elected. Instead Obama has spent millions upon millions with no result at all.

    Obama spoke in Germany to thousands, but did anyone mention that most of his German audience did not speak English? I guess Obama just doesn’t matter.

    There are now two lawsuits to force Obama to divulge the records of his birth; his qualifications to even run for president. And, whereas this didn’t matter during the primary elections (the Constitution is relevant only concerning the general election), it does now.

    2nd lawsuit challenges Obama’s citizenship
    Man demands state verify birth records or remove senator from ballots

    Note: It is incumbent upon ALL Secretaries of State in all of the United States to BOTH accurately verify Voters AND candidates. Barack Hussein Obama has sealed his “Hawaiian” birth records and also records in Kenya.

    Failure to verify and certify qualification for ALL candidates in a general election by any Secretary of State may be a cause of action (dereliction of duty) and criminal charges may be filed.



    The Video that could cost Obama the election


    First Lawsuit against Obama and the DNC:

  • RedDragon62

    Than/ There…sorry for the typo…..

    The stupidity has affected me already…See I told you to wear protection! 🙂

  • RedDragon62

    Than/ There…sorry for the typo…..

    The stuiduty has affected me already…See I told you to wear protection! 🙂

  • RedDragon62

    It is not only the civic duty of uninformed voters “Not” to vote, But if they do persist on foisting their stupidity on the rest of the country, than there should be some criminal sanctions against it!

    By the way….

    The “STUPID” people that were interviewed in the video above should also not procreate. We need a “National War” on “Stupidity!” The people in the video above should be plastered on a poster and the rest of us should be warned that “This is what Stupidity looks Like!” Be aware, wear protection when confronting one of thee “Bots!

  • bayareavoter

    It is completely depressing HOWEVER–we actually don’t know if all the dummies interviewed on 20/20 are Obama voters.

    Unlike the NYC radio interview posted earlier this week about the Obama voters who didn’t know anything about their candidate and his policies or running mate we just know these people are pathetic.

    I’m a Hillary voter for McCain but I’m sure there are thousands on each side who just vote their party. Period.

    I think the big surprise for Pelosi and Reid this year will be there are NO COATTAILS! Many Obama voters are voting for the cult and will not even look down ballot.

  • Snoopy

    Bergs lawsuit hits a Philly paper

    Philadehia’s Family Newspaper



    Now if we just had a news channel that would report the story,um.

    Boy I miss the free press.

    • athy

      Snoopy-thanks for this article link.

      I just sent an email to the author of this article thanking him and his publication for having the strength of character to write about this important issue.

      Here is his email address:

      John P. Connolly can be reached at


  • And here’s the other side; voter fraud.


  • Anee

    OT – I was called by the local California Dem Party last night and they asked me if I was going to support Obama, of course I said no.

    Why are they polling in CA? Could there be trouble brewing in CA for Obama?
    Dem Party worried in CA? Perhaps?

    • Ferd McBerfle

      We tried to tell the idiots running the party that they would have to win without us. I’m guessing that isn’t working out too well for them.

    • John Smith

      I have a strong feeling that conservatives will turn out in droves in California for the gay marriage ban issue. I don’t agree with it but is what is going to happen. This will turn the state RED. California is not as democratic as people think it is. In 2004 the spread between democrats and republicans was 33% and 39% that is just 6 points. With the 2.6 Million of Hillary supporters from which a fair percentage will not vote for Obama and the gay marriage thing will tip the state in McCain’s favor. Don’t forget they elected a republican governor who policies are not far from where McCain stands.

      • oowawa

        Good point about conservatives turning out in droves for the gay marriage ban issue. Of course, liberals will turn out in droves for Obama, particularly around the SF Bay Area. The big question, I think, is how the huge Hispanic population will vote, or if they will turn out much at all. I have no good sense of how the Hispanic vote will go, though I suspect it will trend against Obama.

        I have mentioned before that as a Californian I am mystified by the dearth of campaign signs and bumper stickers this year. This is VERY UNUSUAL. It could portend a major surprise on election day.

        Although folks across the country like to stereotype Californians as daffy liberals, remember this is Reagan land, and conservatives can do very well here. As far as the polls go, I for one refuse to answer them, as do many I know. I am a PUMA voting for McCain.

        • Sandi78

          I wouldn’t be at all surprised if California is in play because of prop 8(gay marriage) and also, to a lesser extent perhaps, prop 4(parental notification before termination of a minor’s pregnancy).

          The Obots are doing a good job of keeping McCain signs out of sight. On my street we have had two Obama signs since February, completely untouched. A week ago, three neighbors put out McCain signs and they were all gone by the next morning.

    • Linda

      Remember a couple weeks back when Palin was having a rally in CA? I thought that strange too. I’m thinking its not that strong either. There are a lot of pumas in CA from what I understand.

  • SLW

    Is that even legal- to automatically start a web site and get people to vote- isn’t there a license involved? or some sort of certification?

  • NewHampster

    I think we may luck out on election day. As someone on Partizane said, maybe they can’t read the ballot either.

    They’ll just check the first box since barack comes before mccain.

    • notrees

      I have noticed on the major news networks they always mention Obama’s name before McCain.

      • TMendez

        I’ve noticed this as well, although the Wall Street Journal has listed McCain first on a number of occasions (everyone else always lists Obama first).

  • rw

    Donna Brazile’s new Democratic Party…nice.

  • pm317

    with the civic duty of voting goes the responsibility of informing yourself of who you are voting for or against and why. Otherwise, it is all a fucking lottery.

    • pm317

      Like Hillary used to say it is a job interview — we are the employers and hiring them to be good stewards of this nation and its resources for the good of this and all future generations, in the context of an interconnected world. If we don’t have that seriousness, we don’t deserve that privilege — the job of hiring by voting.

    • Ivory Bill Woodpecker

      The Whole Foods Nation elitists who now run the Democratic Party, just like the neocon elitists who have been running the GOP off the cliff, don’t want voters who think for themselves; they want sheep who will bleat what they’re told to bleat and vote how they’re told to vote, so the elites can run everything for their own benefit.

      • pm317

        Yep, look what a simple question from an ordinary (thinking) citizen in Joe the plumber has engendered.. It is shameful.

  • Lisa-in-NY

    After watching this video, I might have to say dear old dad was right. He believes only taxpayers should vote.

    • wodiej

      I agree…if you’re not making a contribution to society than NO VOTE. When you work, you get to have a say.

  • xax

    Wait, I thought we were the “low information” voters. Curious.

    Anyway. Cannonfire found something interesting.

    And it may well piss you off. Just another example.


  • Terrific McCain Ad: Obama Ties To ACORN “Long and Deep”

    Thug trainer


  • IndayHill

    Good article, American Girl in Italy.IMHO, this uninformed voters must ask themselves, if they are qualified to hire a presidential candidate, if they, themselves, do not know the basic facts about this great country.
    For them, 57 states in the union is correct & will vote for Obama. Correct answer: 50
    For them, wrapping the American flag to the coffin of a non-American (Kenyan citizen), above all non-USA veteran, is “cool”.Fact: disrespectful act/stupid mentality/arrogant

    McCain/Palin ’08

    God Bless America !!!

  • sjc-tx

    Yeah this is like the 5 black high school kids that accosted me while I was stopped at a traffic light… I still have a small Hillary sticker on my window. The pathetic thing is, they weren’t even old enough TO vote. What makes me mad is that this is the vile and incendiary, racist attitude obama has Encouraged. Not once has he denounced bad behavior toward Hillary, Palin or McCain. He has told people to act like this. The reality of the office of the President is totally beyond these brats.

    obama signals is a dangerous portent for our country.

    • Bugs Bunny

      I have signs which i am afraid to put in my yard.

      • HARP

        Find a neighbor you don`t like and put them on his lawn, but only if he supports Obama.

        • NCgirl


      • WasLNbutNoBamaBotsKeepStealingMyName

        Yes, I’ve said it before and others are saying this too…there is a very, very large group of folks out there who are McCain supporters who are not accounted for in the polls…

        newly energized Repubs who love what Sarah Palin brings to the campaign
        families and friends of Downs syndrome folks
        a big chunk of those 18 mil disaffected Hill supporters
        true racists who will never vote for a Black man
        people of all stripes who are scared to death of nobama
        many Christians who are scared to death of nobama

        the list goes on…

        McCain/Palin ’08

        • Annie

          I don’t think it is a racist element against African Americans – I really think that is past and not a concern for the electorate. The fact that he does have over 90% of the black vote is understandable in a way – but more and more of those African Americans are taking a second look. No, I would say it is more the fear of the fact that he is part Arab – more in fact than he is black and less than he is white. Also his associates who seem to include terrorists from abroad and criminals from these shores. That is the real problem. Plus of course his total lack of experience other than running for jobs – not actually doing what he is elected to do.

          Come on America – wake up see the writing on the wall… the end of democracy.

        • Maverick

          Don’t forget the ENTIRE military. Everyone forgets that every branch of the military if for McCain.

    • notrees

      I get this when I go to the grocery store–except it is adults. I am 73 years old. But that is okay because I still know how to and CAN run. But as of yet I haven’t had to [run]. But really, I have been stopped and asked ” Do you know the government has tried to kill off the negroe by addicting them to drugs–or do you know the government invented AIDS to exterminate the negroe people”? I generally reply, “Yep. Africa has a history of bad government, remember Edie Amine?

      • notrees

        OOPS , sorry I got the wrong comment.

  • Bugs Bunny

    It’s the whole development of the “cult of personality”….issues be damned.

  • barry bums a ciggie

    Roe vs. Wade is… segregation? A White vs. a black guy? Holy sh*t! And I’m supposed to care about this issue for these morons?

  • Maverick

    Put 2 young male Mccain voters next to these dodo’s and it’s worlds apart. These bots need some grooming lessons and then etiquette lessons.

    Sarah the pitbull bites Barky.

    And my Cindy McCain always makes me smile…whoot

    • barry bums a ciggie

      Okay, just saw this and I’m not only livid but convinced that this country has gone crazy. A 7th grader was called a racist by classmates for wearing a Sarah Palin tshirt!


  • HARP

    To hell with them voting……Do we let them procreate?

  • workingclass artist

    CITIZENSHIP BEGINS AT THE HOME…I taught my daughter to be involved and she has been politically aware since 2000. She watched each presidential debate as a 10 year old and pissed off her english teacher by knowing more about the issues then he did…lol…
    She was so excited about this election being her first one to vote in and she supported HRC.
    She has now decided to vote for McCain since she can’t logically vote for or support Barky due to both his primary shenanigans and what she calls his empty rhetoric…I’m proud of her.

    • xax


      Everything begins at home.

    • C.S.

      So true. My daughter’s class held a mock “election” back when Bush was running and they were given a choice of voting for a Democrat or Republican and my daughter’s friend ask her who she was voting for. She told her she wanted to vote for the third party woman candidate but couldn’t find her name and her friend asked, “There’s a woman running for president?”

      My daughter informed her that, yes, there was a woman running but she didn’t have a chance of winning because she was a third party candidate but she was going to vote for her anyhow. Her friend immediately decided that she would vote for her too and they both wrote her name in. Caused a little discussion of 3rd party candidates when the teacher tallied the votes.

  • Thank you for posting this! I watched this 20/20 and was pretty shocked.

    • You know, this really disgusts me. The Obama campaign knew how DUH Americans can be as far as politics, which is why they just lied and lied and lied, and it’s why they made everything into one big American Idol contest, and used the media for rock star treatment.

      The Obama campaign was always after the DUH voters.

      • Ferd McBerfle

        And it’s the DUH ones who keep voting morons into office. Everything the DUH voters know about our government and political system sould be placed on the head of a pin, leaving plenty of room for dancing angels.

        • Ivory Bill Woodpecker

          Alas, the masters of the Democratic Party have decided to imitate the Gingrich-Dubya era GOP:

          [1] Play dirty
          [2] Go for the DUH vote.

          I fear it will work for them just as well as it worked for the Busheviks. 🙁

      • BettAZ

        DUH= Dictatorship Under Hussein

  • Tom Hall
    • notrees


      • Postmaster


    • lark

      Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Hap Hazard

    I am thinking that this is largely a self-correcting problem, because those with such limited knowledge of public affairs and public officials rarely vote, or even register to vote. If we could only police the voter registration and normal roll purging process we wouldn’t have to worry about the undermining of the process that ACORN and their ilk have brought in recent years.

    • NCgirl

      I think you might be surprised how many amazingly stupid people vote. I know several. They are now planning to vote for Obama. They don’t watch the news or read anything. The surf the net only to shop. Yet they will vote and have always voted. Never assume anything.

    • csuzeq

      Many uninformed voters don’t even remember that it’s election day until they get home in the evening and it’s all that is on tv. Then they are already home with their pizza, in their pjs and think Nah, I’ll just watch a movie.

      • Steve_in_KC

        How right you are! It’s sad that this is the case regardless of party, but I am still counting on a significant portion of the phoney teenage voters deciding to avoid the crowds or standing in line for an hour to vote, when of course they already KNOW who the winner will be!

        I’m counting on it!

        Now that I’m 57, I find that I can easily reverse the old Flower Power era saying, “Never trust anyone over 30.” Now I don’t trust anyone UNDER 30!!

        I’ve been a lifelong uncommitted Democrat, but I’m a PUMA now, baby, and diggin’ it!!

        • BettAZ

          “don’t trust anyone under thirty”


      • JML

        The Obama campaign will be calling them all day to remind them. Remember, he has all those cell phone numbers from morons who signed up for the 3 a.m. VP announcement.

        • Steve_in_KC

          True about them calling to remind. I’d bet good money, though, that those calls are blocked by now on many phones, or caller ID will let them know to ignore when those calls. And I’ve heard that campaign has been nagging them! They may be pissed by now that they ever gave up that number!

    • Linda

      I think alot of them don’t show up, even if they do register. That has always been past elections anyway.

  • usaproud
  • It is the civic duty of uninformed voters not to participate in our elections. But Obama hopes to exploit these voters, which explains why I fear for the future of this country.

    • Hap Hazard

      agreed. They usually abide by this unwritten rule, except when exploited by the likes of Obama’s ground pounder operatives and agents.

    • C.S.

      If you don’t know how to drive no one is telling you to go do it anyway and a political wreck has far greater consequences than a car wreck; look how many died during the 8 year Bush administration.

      Nothing to do with social class; those interviewed by 20/20 are articulate and do not appear to be poor or “low class” just low information – and I bet everyone of them will be voting for Soertoro/Obama.

      It is a voter’s civic duty to be informed or to not vote so let’s just leave the lazy alone until they care enough to know who and what they are voting for.

      • Maverick

        just low information – and I bet everyone of them will be voting for Soertoro/Obama.

        Of Course…you betcha…Why else would conObama begin his January campaign with, “Hillary voters are uneducated”??? HE WAS PROJECTING> (emphasis)
        His method of bamaboozling not only makes him a poor sport and candidate, that method repeated over and over is mostly projection. It is really Hillary voters who are educated and not the other way around.

      • elise

        People need to stop blaming the voting public and focus on the misinformation (or lack or any at all) in the news media. Those who depend on the network for news, don’t have the information necessary to make an intelligent decision. Approx forty percent of the households in the country have Internet access to do their own research. The other sixty percent absolutely do no know anything about Rezko, Ayers, Pfleger, Wright or Farrakhan. Questions about Obama’s changing stories and positions, the missing parts of his life are never asked on network news or, for that matter, on most of the cable news channels. Obama’s campaign is actively working to silence information by trying to stop ads, interrupt radio talk shows and undermine the influence of the only cable new channel left which doesn’t worship at his feet. My in-laws were here for a visit today and their unquestioning acceptance of the Democratic Party’s choice, frightened me and made me incredibly sad. And they are conservative Democrats not left-leaning as my husband and I are. We voted early for McCain, but even my husband blames the Republicans for the conditions which allowed our Party to pull this fraud off.

    • red_sleeves

      Oh my god! Just heard that Obama’s team is about to release information insinuating that Joe The Plumber is a distant relative of Charles Keating …and that, barring a paternity test, he can not be ruled out as possibly being the father of Palin’s baby!

      Have a good weekend!