(bumped up by SusanUnPC from its morning spot because this is yet another of Bud White’s great investigative articles that you’ll want to read and share with everyone)

The lines of evidence now converge: the founder of ACORN is Wade Rathke, who, like William Ayers, was a member of the Students for a Democratic Society. The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the student organization founded in 1960 as part of the New Left, was the gateway drug to the Weather Underground. In the early sixties, the SDS was idealistic and many reluctantly supported Lyndon Johnson for president in 1964, and grainy black-and-white pictures show clean-cut men and women registering southern blacks to vote. Tom Hayden was amongst this group. But that was then.

By 1969, their Great Society liberalism had been co-opted by Marxists, Maoists, Spartacists, and other assorted revolutionary groups. They were no longer interested in change, but overthrowing the government. It was during this time that Wade Rathke first came into contact with Bill Ayers.

Much has been made of Obama’s questionable judgment in befriending and working closely with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers. Regardless of what Obama says, his political career was launched in Ayers’ home, Ayers served with him on Woods Fund, and promoted him to head the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

The founder of ACORN, Wade Rathke, like Ayers, is a disciple of Saul Alinsky. Working for ACORN was an important step in Obama’s political career.

An article by Professor David Walls directly connects Rathke’s ACORN to Alinsky, ACORN’s mission of pressuring banks to issue risky mortgages, and the alliance between ACORN and unions:

ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, began in 1970 as a spin-off from the National Welfare Rights Organization, founded by George Wiley, who enlisted civil rights workers and trained them in an Alinsky-influenced program at Syracuse University. From a base in Arkansas, Wade Rathke and Gary Delgado developed a replicable model of forming membership organizations and developing leaders in low-income neighborhoods — relying substantially on young middle-class staff working for subsistence wages. ACORN has established local housing corporations to rehabilitate homes, and has successfully pressured banks to provide mortgages and home improvement loans in low-income communities. ACORN has led “living wage” campaigns in many cities, and has forged alliances with labor unions.

But ACORN isn’t just Alinsky-inspired. It’s a direct off-shoot of his revolutionary agenda:

Around 1970 several national networks began to coalesce and develop systematic and distinctive approaches to community organizing. These include the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), ACORN, Citizen Action, National People’s Action, PICO, DART, and the Gamaliel Foundation. Each was indebted, in greater or lesser degree, to Alinsky and his early organizing programs in Chicago through IAF.

Citizen Action, mentioned above, is not “officially” connected to ACORN. But Citizen Action, like Rathke’s ACORN and Ayers’ radical education projects, was founded by another member of the Alinsky-SDS milieu, Heather Booth. But it’s not just SDS and the City of Chicago that binds this group. As the screen capture below shows, Heather Booth’s husband was both a member of the SDS and Alinski’s [sic] Industrial Areas Foundation.

Of equal significance, Citizen Action reported paying Citizen Services, Inc., the shadowy ACORN group first exposed at No Quarter, over half a million dollars for campaign work. This is the Citizen Services, Inc. who has received nearly a million dollars from the Obama campaign:

(Expenditure reports also show an October 18 payment to Citizen Services (ACORN) of $590,526.10 for “Campaign consulting.” This is not enough information to determine whether this payment was also for signature gathering, which would make the per-signature cost ludicrously high, or for get-out-the-vote activities, or something else.)

According to the Associated Press, the FBI is now investigating allegations of voter fraud committed by ACORN. It should come as no surprise that ACORN is steeped in a culture of corruption, and the manipulative actions of ACORN dovetail perfectly with Alinsky’s Rules. Wade Rathke, founder of ACORN, was forced out the organization after his brother, Dale Rathke, embezzled more than $948,000 from ACORN and Wade Rathke covered it up. His brother was running one of the 294 ACORN groups which Larry Johnson discovered are all linked through the same address:

Indiana Secretary of State

The New York Times reports:

The amount Dale Rathke embezzled, $948,607.50, was carried as a loan on the books of Citizens Consulting Inc., which provides bookkeeping, accounting and other financial management services to Acorn and many of its affiliated entities.

Wade Rathke, prior to Obama’s rapid ascent, was formulating ways to converge the Alinsky Left and take control of the power of the state. This was written in January 2003. He begins his essay with the classic exhortations of a Bolshevik pamphleteer, and his words could not be any clearer:

The oldest cliché of our vast peoples’ movement over the last generation or more has got to be that there are so, so many tasks to be done, that there is a job for everyone – and that means, you, too, brothers and sisters!


So, you sit here reading this on the fly between one job and another, home and school, heaven and hell, and you say, “hey, bullshit, no way:” every ad for an “activist” is just looking for a canvasser; all of these groups are just gangs with their own cliques – another secret handshake high school behind a storefront window; and, so, you say, what does it matter what I have to say, what I think, or whatever – I’ll just do my thing, my way, and live my life out of the mainstream

Here’s my plea – let’s build a bridge in the sky that links our worlds together, while allowing us to stay autonomous and anonymous.

First, why, and then, how.

The power of the state is in fact fairly awesome.

  • cluebattingcage

    Hey, Larry … I’m looking for a good article on what ties all these people together, and this looks like a really good starting point… do you know why the illustrations are gone?  I try clicking on the “broken” graphics” and I get some sort of access denied/permissions message.

    I am trying to help wake someone up.

  • http://glow4hillary.blogspot.com/ Still4Hill

    I know this is off topic, but every time I see that Elysian Fields Address of more than one organization, I am reminded of the scene in Oliver Stone’s JFK where Jim Garrison shows a corner building in New Orleans that has a door on two streets and two addresses. BTW – That film, whatever the critics say, is pretty much the way I remember Garrison’s investigation and prosecution unrolling.

    So now another national crisis and scandal emanates from a New Orleans address – also involving Marxists (like the Fair Play for Cuba Committee).

    Marge Gunderson: It’s hard to see how they wouldn’t be – connected!

    Maybe not, but still….

  • EMJ

    This is important, interesting, and frightening:


    I’m strongly pro-choice and fine with Obama’s votes on abortion issues. What worries me is his involvement over decades with lots of wealthy “fringe” characters — who probably paid for his Harvard degree, etc. — and where his loyalty could be expected to lie.

  • http://investigatebarackobama.blogspot.com/ kat in your hat

    (from Greta’s blog–is this true?)

    October 17th, 2008 at 1:17 pm
    Ya’ll think it interesting that ACORN, Project VOTE and The NEW Party share the same address?
    88 Third Avenue, Third Floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11217


    ACORN Falls Close To Tree—–Eyebrows were raised last week by a fundraising invitation sent by the Friends Of Bill de Blasio. de Blasio, who managed Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign, held the December 7 event to fund his run for the 39th Councilmanic District seat.

    The invitation listed the committee’s address as 88 Third Avenue, which may be familiar to some as the address for the community group ACORN. The contact on the invitation was Kara Hood, an ACORN political organizer. One insider thought that the connection between the candidate and the community group was too tight, and could imply that ACORN’s stance on community issues was politicized. “That’s a little too close for comfort for me,” he said.



    Project Vote
    88 Third Avenue, Third Floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11217
    Domain Name: PROJECTVOTE.ORG



    The New Party is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Women and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

    To apply: Send resume, five references, and a letter of interest to: New Party, 88 Third Avenue, Ste 313, Brooklyn, NY 11217. If possible, please also e-mail letter and resume to newparty@newparty.org.

    88 Third Avenue, Suite 313
    Brooklyn, NY 11217
    email: newparty@igc.org
    phone: 1-800-200-1294

    © 1997, The New Party


  • http://investigatebarackobama.blogspot.com/ kat in your hat

    October 16th, 2008 6:30 PM Eastern
    by Greta Van Susteren
    Read this…


  • http://investigatebarackobama.blogspot.com/ kat in your hat


    Wade Rathke, Organizer

    Wade Rathke, the founder and Chief Organizer of ACORN International and SEIU Local 100, AFL-CIO, has been a professional organizer for thirty-five years. He has worked for and founded a series of organizations dedicated to winning social justice, workers rights, and a democracy where “the people shall rule”.

  • http://investigatebarackobama.blogspot.com/ kat in your hat

    Just watched Greta Van Susterern and she played a clip from Rush Limbaugh’s show. Rush was talking about Wade Rathke. He talked about how Wade Rathke started ACORN, but also SEIU (service employees international union).

    The U.S. Supreme Court just reversed Ohio’s lower court ruling that sided with the GOP–to adopt stricter measures to avoid voter fraud in OH, and ACORN was cited as a concern.

    The U.S. Supreme Court sided with Ohio’s Sec. of State Jennifer Brunner (D). It’s interesting to note that Rathke’s SEIU filed an amicus brief for Brunner, thus ACORN.

    Wade Rathke started a lot didn’t he?

  • Lizzie Struthers

    Rathke admits (boasts) in his latest screed on his blog that he’s buds with Ayers and Dohrn going way back. Conveniently he never mentions why he had to step down from ACORN. And that bastard brother Dale of his – who stole a million and never gave Wade a dollar? Yeah right! LOL

  • NoBO

    Greta van Susteren is looking into this Rathke, Ayers, Obama thing. Sure hope something comes of it. People need to know. My wife just got back from a Democratic area of Indiana and people out there have no clue about Obama. Their opinions are shaped by what they see on TV and what they don’t know is horrifying.

    Obama once said, “This is the greatest country in the world and together, we can change it.”

    Folks, that was a wake up call. Bud, Larry, anyone, is there any chance the word will get out about Obama and is agenda before the election?

    • SLW

      God Bless Nebraska..

      Gov. Dave Heineman of Nebraska this evening and he announced that the controversial invitation to domestic terrorist Bill Ayers to speak at the University of Nebraska has been withdrawn.
      More at link provided to anyone who is interested; if it has been repeated,please accept my apologies, I am late in getting caught up- NQ is the best place I go to for reliable information and no-holds-barred journalism.

  • EMJ

    This is important and scary:


    It’s worth sharing especially with supporters of Israel who may be planning to vote for Obama.

    Obama is so much in the debt (and under control of) some really dangerous people.

  • ms mississippi

    In order to tilt the election in these battleground states, two things have to happen: Acorn floods the county election boards with fake registrations so that on election day, corrupt poll workers in heavily Democratic counties can stuff the ballot box by casting votes under these fake registrations. Most of these heavily Democratic polling stations will have no poll watchers there to police these fraudulent activities. The Obama camp has been very busy lately “training” poll workers. Like he trained Acorn??? Hmmm.

    If you can volunteer to be a poll watcher on election day, DO IT. Call your local Republican party or your local county elections board to find out how you can help prevent this travesty from happening.

  • Steve

    1934 Frankfurt School of Marxist – Herbert Marcuse – moved from Germany to Columbia University. Obama’s mother had Frankfurt School Style teachers in high school. Peter Marcuse is prof of urban planning at Columbia. Black Liberation Theology is Marxism dressed up to look like Christianity. Primary goal of Frankfurt School was to translate Marxism from economic terms into cultural terms.

    Cultural Marxism: “Christianity, capitalism, and the traditional family create a character prone to racism and fascism”

  • TeakWoodKite

    … tried to now blame ACORN and its great work to win and enforce the Community Reinvestment Act

    …Wade Rathke.

    This quote stopped me in my tracks for two reasons.

    By itself, it implies that there is an “enforement” element in ACORN’s methods.
    It makes me wonder if by enforcement, Wade Rathke mean the economic suppression of poor people; condemed by ACORN’s ways to a cycle of “upheaval” and the abyss.
    The cycle of poverty, a mere vehical for those that seek to profit at the expense of others. To witt, if ACORN is recieving public funds the law requires a guidelines. SO how many Rebuplican registrations never made to the election board in any givven county?

    Second, combined with BO’s stated desire to have a “civil defense force” larger than the military, I am again left to wonder what is meant by “enforcement”.

    Is ACORN to be embedded like a TICK in the civil rights devision of the Justice dept?

    So now I have these two items and along comes the decision by the Supremes…
    same day registration is one more “okie dokie” shuffle to be done in the voting booth. In Ohio 200,000 forms are under suspect to one degree or another and the Supreme Court said nevermind.

  • Bell’Artista

    Hannity talking about Obamas swilling champagne, eating lobster and Iranian caviar while pretending to understand the average person.

    We get half our food at the local food bank…….I guess they’re signing up 20 new families a day in our small community

    Way to go BO and MO
    Champagene, lobster and caviar and attacking Joe the plumber

    FU Obama,FU!

  • KXT

    Sarah Palin needs to have a rally with Florida 22nd District candidate Allen West. He has hit Obama hard on his Bill Ayers alliances.
    From: allenwestforcongress.com

    Lt. Col. Allen West Stands With Gov. Palin: Sen. Obama Is “Not One of Us”
    Oct 8th, 2008

    (Boca Raton, FL.) In response to the inflammatory racial statements made by Congressmen Meeks D-NY, Towns D-NY, and Jackson D-Ill. in the Jason Horowitz New York Observer article, “Black Congressmen Declare Racism in Palin’s Rhetoric,” (Ret.) Lt. Col. Allen West, congressional candidate for Florida’s district 22, wrote the following:

    “I have just finished reading an article written by Jason Horowitz in the New York Observer, “Black Congressmen Declare Racism in Palin’s Rhetoric,” and I am absolutely appalled. I refute the inflammatory comments of Rep. Meeks, Towns, and Jackson and I challenge them to debate me on the issue of race. Yes, I am a black conservative congressional candidate from district 22 in South Florida. This is a congressional district that is approximately 92% white. The tremendous support I’ve received in district 22, and throughout the country, doesn’t jibe with Rep. Towns’ claim that, “racism is alive and well in this country.”

    With that said, I reiterate the comment made by Governor Palin: Senator Obama is “not one of us”. We are freedom loving Americans that believe in the Constitution, and shun marxist/socialist dogma. Sen. Obama’s political and social allegiance with William Ayers proves he is, “not one of us.” Let me bring to mind a simple maxim that my mom and dad taught me growing up in Georgia, “folks will know you by the company you keep.” And as a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel I shall share a simple point: because of Senator Obama’s associations, he would not be able to pass a background investigation in order to receive a security clearance. Yet, he seeks to be the Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces?

    It has become apparent that any person taking a stand against Sen. Obama’s campaign will face the “Brown Shirt” intimidation tactics of individuals seeking to stoke racial fires.

    I am sick and tired of the 21st century version of plantation overseers that pass themselves off as black leaders but only keep the black community hostage. When I win this congressional race it will be interesting to see if the Congressional Black Caucus will open their doors to me. I suggest that the door be opened, but then again, would they be racist for not allowing me membership?”

    Best Regards,

    Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Retired) Candidate, Florida’s US Congressional District 22

  • http://www.lostinspacetv.com/ The Robot

    Obama poised to Change the World!! Truly He is the One!!…End sarcasm.

    “I promise you. We won’t just win New Hampshire. We will win this election and, you and I together, we’re going to change the country and change the world.

  • http://johnmccain.com Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion

    OT but important I think. Please excuse.

    Hey everyone. In my opinion we are in good shape right now in spite of what the MSM, trolls, polls and naysayers in our own ranks are thinking.

    Mac did well at the debate and delivered us Joe the plumber. Obama branded himself a socialist with his wealth redistribution nonsense and now has the nerve to go after Joe. The nasty trolls are now being noticed by the whole nation not just us online activists, for going after Joe so viciously. People are bullshit about ACORN and its only a matter of time before all the indy’s connect the dots between Obama, ACORN, Ayers and the rest of the radical bozos trying to take over our nation.

    Joe the plumber has been a godsend or real-time Karma if you prefer. Most Americans would rather let the wealthy keep their wealth in the hope someday they will be in the same position.

    As I stated earlier, Joe is now the GOP’s Cindy Sheehan. One of us people standing up against an evil and corrupt machine with Bush/Obama at the helm. Mac is now being viewed like us PUMAs viewed Hillary: one of the people. Obama is now the “establishment” corrupt politician.

    Keep your nose to the grindstone people and work your hearts out for Mac and America! We can, will and must restore freedom and liberty to our republic. Mac is the first step. We must vow not to allow a bloodless coup d’état.

    Take the night off if you are feeling down. I took the afternoon off and feel great! Catch you all later. :mrgreen:

  • Papoose

    Wow, I think we’re closing in…

    Philadelphia Bulletin — Herb Dennenberg — page 2 almost the whole complete page — major outing about every single thing…a must read…

    Same paper – Front Page Blurb: Attorney Philip Berg sues Obama over eligibility – page 6 …

    It was great to read in print ~ an actual newspaper reporting bluntly everything we read here.

    This paper only costs 25 cents…lol
    Friday 10/17/08 It’s great!

    And so are you, Bud!

    The Video up on 1 is a keeper.

  • http://investigatebarackobama.blogspot.com/ kat in your hat

    Thank you Bud White!

    Very interesting indeed.

  • http://dianej.wordpress.com DianeJ

    This is some good blog. Things don’t just happen – this all was well thought-out and planned by the left wing. The seeds were planted in the 60s and we are now seeing the left-wings garden. Bud White you did such a great job.

  • Susan

    Acorn doesn’t register voters; only state officials can do that.

    The false names collected are easy to spot. It’s an urban myth that Donald Duck and Harry Potter end up voting. The ones that slip through are infinitesimal.
    False registration does not turn into voter fraud unless someone votes. You still need an ID to vote. For example, Ohio requires at least a utility bill or a social security number.

    • kinthenorthwest

      Not really Susan–Believe it or not there are many people out there with names that sound strange or not real. Sometimes parents think its funny to use their last name to make a statement or to copy another name.

      • Susan

        You still need ID to vote. just because some lazy Acorn employee, who just wants to get paid, puts in a bunch of false registrations does not mean voter fraud. it only happens if someone votes under that fake registration. hard to vote under that fake registration unless you have an ID that matches. it would be hard to get 1,000s of people to agree to take fake ID to the voting both so they could vote more than once. even with mail-in votes you still need id.

    • AnninCA

      Oh susan,honey……you’re clueless.

      No id is required in CA to vote.

      • Susan

        Most states require voter ID… including almost all the swing states…

        check out this link…


        California requires first time voters who register by mail and do not provide ID to show ID before voting.

        This entire Acorn thing is garbage. The chances of false registrations done for money by lazy Acorn hired help turning to actual significant fraudulent voting is very minimum.

        Focusing on this stuff is a waste of time and hurting the party and McCain. Independent voters do not care about this.

        And to be honest it really has nothing to do with Obama.

        • snosandy

          My county is all mail in only ballots. All I have to do is check a box that I am the person who’s name the ballot was sent to.

          Convicted felons have been able to vote, even though they are not eligible, as have dead people.

        • jbjd

          So what? My state requires identity verification the first time voters who registered via mail show up at the polls. Well, I registered via mail; showed up at the polls in the primary; and was not only not asked for identification, but also given an extra ballot! Now, I happen to be who I told them I was. And, serendipitously, being an honest person I turned in the extra ballot.

          Now how much faith do you have in vote tallies from states like Ohio?

          • Bob

            The Acorn Story

            Published: October 16, 2008
            In Wednesday night’s debate, John McCain warned that a group called Acorn is “on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history” and “may be destroying the fabric of democracy.” Viewers may have been wondering what Mr. McCain was talking about. So were we.

            Acorn is a nonprofit group that advocates for low- and moderate-income people and has mounted a major voter-registration drive this year. Acorn says that it has paid more than 8,000 canvassers who have registered about 1.3 million new voters, many of them poor people and members of racial minorities.

            In recent weeks, the McCain campaign has accused the group of perpetrating voter fraud by intentionally submitting invalid registration forms, including some with fictional names like Mickey Mouse and others for voters who are already registered.

            Based on the information that has come to light so far, the charges appear to be wildly overblown — and intended to hobble Acorn’s efforts.

            The group concedes that some of its hired canvassers have turned in tainted forms, although they say the ones with phony names constitute no more than 1 percent of the total turned in. The group also says it reviews all of the registration forms that come in. Before delivering the forms to elections offices, its supervisors flag any that appear to have problems.

            According to Acorn, most of the forms that are now causing controversy are ones that it flagged and that unsympathetic election officials then publicized.

            Acorn’s critics charge that it is creating phony registrations that ineligible voters could use to cast ballots or that a single voter could use to vote multiple times.

            Acorn needs to provide more precise figures about problem forms and needs to do a better job of choosing its canvassers.

            But for all of the McCain campaign’s manufactured fury about vote theft (and similar claims from the Republican Party over the years) there is virtually no evidence — anywhere in the country, going back many elections — of people showing up at the polls and voting when they are not entitled to.

            Meanwhile, Republicans aren’t saying anything about another more serious voter-registration scandal: the fact that about one-third of eligible voters are not registered. The racial gaps are significant and particularly disturbing. According to a study by Project Vote, a voting-rights group, in 2006, 71 percent of eligible whites were registered, compared with 61 percent of blacks, 54 percent of Latinos and 49 percent of Asian-Americans.

            Much of the blame for this lies with overly restrictive registration rules. Earlier this year, the League of Women Voters halted its registration drive in Florida after the state imposed onerous new requirements.

            The answer is for government to do a better job of registering people to vote. That way there would be less need to rely on private registration drives, largely being conducted by well-meaning private organizations that use low-paid workers. Federal and state governments should do their own large-scale registration drives staffed by experienced election officials. Even better, Congress and the states should adopt election-day registration, which would make such drives unnecessary.

            The real threats to the fabric of democracy are the unreasonable barriers that stand in the way of eligible voters casting ballots.

      • Gal from Tex

        Actually everytime I voted in Orange County, I did have to show my driver’s license.

    • Galandrien

      And just because they don’t actually make it to vote its ok? What part of spending taxpayers money to debunk all this crap is ok to you? What part of wasting volunteers sacrificed time is ok to you? What part of attemping to defraud this nation is ok to you?

      The ones who slip thruogh official processes are infinitesimal as you say. So were the number of people who registered in Va to get a driver’s lisence and then commit acts of terrorism on 9/11. Oh yeah and at that DMV you neeed 2 forms of picture id, proof of citizenship, a bank statement sent to your residence, and a miracle to get your dirver’s lisence and yet somehow a few still get through. It ONLY takes ONE to have gone too far. It only takes ONE to cheat an American of their right to a free election and to have their vote count.

      • Galandrien

        And to say Acorn is not commiting votere fraud or at least interfereing with the rights of citizen is absolute BULL. Here in N Va they have stood outside of metros acosting people even after you tell them you are already registered. They activly enourage you to vote for Obama–thi organization gets taxpayers money from the federal government they are supposedly bipartisan–they never encouraged me or anyone i overheard to vote anything but Obama. They asked you to sign multiple sheets because they are paid per signature.
        Acorn may not be activly trying to defraud the nationa’s voters but they certainly are not activly doing anythign to prevent it. Are their employees ever vetted or trained? Or is voter intimidation and manipulation PART of their training?
        Obama’s campaign gave 800,000+$ to a an affiliate of ACORN for “lighting and setup” which was then passed on directly to ACORNS activits. ACORN once hired OBAMA as a lawyer. The devastatingly skewed number of their registration in favor of OBAMA make it clear whose pocket they are in.
        They are doing a great service, driving invalids to the polls, people from homeless shelters and other disenfranchized citizens to be able to vote–and along the way they espouse the good of Obama and how good he will be for them.
        YEAH…thats not partisan…thats not voter tampering considering they cannot even get access to the polls without these people…
        go ahead tell yourselves this isn’t important and it doesn’t piss people off that these attempts to steal the election and being funded by their money.
        Since the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailout bill every morgage has a 420$ per 100,000$ fee that goes to community organizing efforts like and including ACORN. So every homeowner from now on will be funding the theft of our elections and other outreach programs that could violate their beleifs and interests.
        Yeah tell yourselves people dont care. This person certainly does!

  • luvtruth

    Bud, Larry and Susan: In the early 90’s Heather Booth was involved in money laundering through Citizen Action that destroyed TDU (Teamsters for a Democratic Union), a successful union reform group inside the Teamsters union, which led to the return of Jimmy Hoffa Jr as head of the Teamsters. It set back internal democratic union reform efforts within the labor movement for decades and almost completely destroyed Citizen Action. Check it out!

  • Susan

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s governor says his fellow Republicans may be exaggerating claims of voter fraud in the state.

    Gov. Charlie Crist said Wednesday that he has confidence in Secretary of State Kurt Browning, who says there’s only been a scattering of isolated incidents.

    Crist said in the closing days of any campaign “there are some who sort of enjoy chaos.” There may be more of that going on than fraud, he said.

  • Peggy Sue

    A postscript to my above post [which was off topic–but it makes me so angry].

    The PS? Another great essay, Bud.

    I always look forward to your articles and this one is chock full of info and how all these pieces start fitting together. BTW, I remember the SDS groups when I went to university. In fact, my roomate and I went to one meeting out of curiosity. But when the speaker started suggesting that members should burn the Records Department to make a political statement, we realized we were definitely at the wrong meeting. Not only was arson not on my “viable action” list, but this was before everything was data entered into a computer system. It was still a paper world.

    So, we torch the Records Department and burn our own university records, meaning that two years of our own work goes down the drain? Maybe that’s the sort of sacrifice Marxists call reasonable, anything for the cause.

    Don’t think so. It didn’t make sense then and it doesn’t make sense now. I agree with Palin on this one:

    I will not apologize for being an American. You can take this “Citizen of the World” nonsense and stuff it.

  • cathnealon

    He doesn’t want to sing it-he hates America-he’s already composing a new anthem while he’s measuring the drapes.

  • Soldier of Christ

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the National anthem today? How can Obama’s camp tell the teenager that they didn’t have time for him to sing it due to the busy scheduling speeches of Obama? Isn’t this unpatriotic? Doesn’t this goes with the hand on his chest refusal too? I would be showing this on this blog in a heart speed.

  • IndieDogg

    There’s another message within this story, a message which demonstrates just how naive and dangerous Barack Obama is in the realm of foreign policy.

    He did not become an authority on foreign affairs by living in Indonesia as a child. Despite what he would have you think. And this is a terrific illustration of the shallowness of his understanding and the wrongheadedness of his policy.

    The question here is not whether Barack Obama “campaigned” for his cousin in Kenya, thereby swinging the election in his Odinga’s favor from where he had stood before Obama’s “state” visit. That question will only bog us down in another endless round of “Did Too” and “Did Not” with the man’s disciples.

    The question is, what effect did he have on the election merely by showing up and standing next to this brutal man?

    The point. Whether or not Obama calls it “campaigning” for his ruthless cousin, Odinga gained immeasurably by being seen standing next to Barack Obama, candidate for President of the United States.

    And, this while only a candidate for POTUS. Obama has not even been elected yet (which we all hope he never will be) and the effect is enormous.

    Okay. Jump to….

    The Obama position on sitting down with rogue nations and radical leaders who would just as soon wipe us off the face of the earth.

    Does he still not get what it means to show the world the obligatory “press op” photos of the meeting? Does he not get how much political cred is transmitted to these thugs from the mere FACT of their having met with the POTUS!! Especially when there is no previously agreed upon and hammered out “result” so that they get the meeting without having to ante up or give up anything.

    Obama stands next to Odinga and Odinga goes from an also-ran to a force in Kenyan politics.

    Obama stands next to Ahmadinejad, shakes hands, poses over a silver tea service in the White House, takes a snapshot at a Denny’s after a Grand Slam breakfast. Doesn’t matter. The medium is the message.

    Image is important for frat boys on campus in America. It is far more important in other parts of the world. One photo can change the course of a nation’s history. If it’s the right photo with the right players.

    If Obama does not get that, he may learn it in an ironic way. See what photos of him standing with Odinga do to his campaign for President of the World.

    • athy

      Indie Dogg-
      as always I find your comments very enlightening.

      Thanks and…Keep ’em coming!

  • Annie Oakley

    Why are so many of these entities foreign non-profits? Aside from the number of acorns, why are so many of them foreign if they’re involved in our elections and receiving taxes? It doesn’t seem kosher.

  • DemNoMore


    On The Content of His Character by John McWhorter

    If Obama loses, let’s please not assume that racism was the cause.
    Post Date Thursday, October 16, 2008


  • Susan1968

    Risking dating myself — I entered college in New York City at the tail end of the “revolution” and Viet Nam War in the 70s.

    But there were still many self-proclaimed yippies singing the socialist party line.

    One thing all these kids had in common — they’re parents were well off.

    Not me — I was daughter of single widowed Mom in a blue collar family. I was the first in my family to attend college and had to work to pay for my books. Most of my closest friends were a lot like me. Second-generation Italians, Irish, Jews, Germans, Hispanic, plus African Americans — all of us from working class families and the first in our families to enter college.

    We didn’t have the luxury of laying around the student union chatting about “the revolution” because our parents couldn’t supply us with walking-around money. After class — we all rushed off campus to our part time jobs.

    However, 5-6 years later in the early 8os, these same yippies, children of very-comfortable to rich parents, were attending Studio 54 ‘business card required’ networking parties, in their Barney’s suits, and getting jobs on wall street.

    Their political awareness now replaced with “Greed is good.” And because their families had connections (like Ayers’ Dad) they breezed into plum upper level jobs while the rest of had to start from the bottom.

    This entire cadre of 60s-70s revolutionaries — I know them well: hypocrites.

    Just like Obama who pulled politcal strings to get a VIP mortgage rate and Rezko funded downpaymen to buy the Hyde Park mansion he couldn’t really afford.

    This is the soul of the dilletante socialist: “You must toe the party line, not me.”

  • Bell’Artista

    I bet Joe the Plumber could produce his birth certificate in about 10 minutes……


    How about never, is never soon enough for you?

  • http://vbonnaire.wordpress.com vbonnaire

    Wow Bud….
    I wonder how many more there are?
    great article, as ever —
    how the plot thickens
    with all those roosting chickens…

    • Bud White

      thank you, Valintine.

  • Cat in NJ

    OT, and this is only someone’s opinion, but it got my attention. As silly as it sounds, the Obama/White House-dog BS from an interview a few months ago made me think of the same thing this article points out:


    Of course, not owning a pet doesn’t make you a bad person … Obama’s just an unpalatable, egomaniacal personality, and God knows where his loyalties really lie.

    • athy

      Cat in NJ

      Thanks for the link!

      Look at what else was written about Sen Obama and his statement that during the last few months of her life his mother spent fighting with her insurance company to receive medical benefits in her fight against ovarian cancer.

      Where was Sen Obama-her Harvard Law School-educated lawyer? Why didnt he help her with her fight?

      Was he too busy fighting for Acorn? (my comment here)


    • Northwest rain

      I do agree about the lack of pets in Obama’s life — even nasty bush has dogs.

      Caring for pets — and just interacting with pets teaches us about empathy.

      I feel that pets keep us in touch with reality — the here and now. Perhaps on a psychic level some pets can communicate with their owners. Humans have had a very long history of keeping pets — dogs, cats, parrots — etc.

      I am very biased on this subject.

  • cathnealon

    Wow, go Palin. Remember 20,000 plus at the Richmond rally at the beginning of this week, just because the msm isn’t reporting it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. The tree is falling in the forest(BO) and we are hearing it. Go the common working people, go to the polls and vote the millionaire lying Marxist out so our children do not have to pledge allegiance to Obama and see his face in their textbooks. What they are doing to Joe they will do to every single citizen who does not agree with them. If he gets the presidency he will then have complete control.
    BO’s education policy=Indoctrination
    BO’s foreign policy=Shooting the breeze with Castro brothers, Mahmud, Kim Jong,Hamas,Hezbollah AlQueda
    BO’s economic policy=misery and welfare and the end of the middle class
    BO’s social policy=thugs carting dissidents off to secret prisons;

    • DemNoMore

      The irony is that despite their dismissal of Palin’s crowds everywhere she goes, we still hear about it and Fox News (our only ally on the fight against “Obama/DNC” terror) is determined to let us know!!!



  • Peggy Sue

    I heard Wolfsen on Fox this morning trying to defend the liberal press going after “Joe the Plumber.” He had the balls to say that John McCain should have vetted Joe the Plumber adequately.


    I didn’t know Joe was on the ticket. What is going on with these people. Vet a private citizen??? This poor guy didn’t seek Obama out. Obama was doing a “walk through” in guy’s neighborhood and Joe the Plumber asked a question. The fact that Obama made a huge gaffe with his “spread the wealth” comment means the Dogs from Hell are called out?

    And what are Joe’s sins? Joe is his middle name, not his first [I’m sure that must be a felony]. He owes some back taxes [$1200, I think] Off with his head! He’s divorced, so yes put those divorce documents up on the web. He doesn’t make $250,000 yet; he only dreams of buying into a business that makes between $250-270,000 per annum [straight to the hangman]. And how dare he say he’s a plumber when he has no license, even though it appears he doesn’t need certification out the ying-yang to do the job.

    Yeah, that Joe the Plumber is a downright dirty dog. Worse yet, he looks like a middle class working stiff. And OMG, he’s registered as a Republican!!!!!

    Shameful. How did John McCain allow this ordinary guy to slip through the vetting process and make Barack Obama look like a fool?

    Get out old Sparky. Yes sir, he deserves the hot seat for these crimes against humanity.

    The Democratic Party has lost its frigging mind. And I understand that Joe may have lost his job. Nice going, Dems. Glad you’re looking out for the working class.

    • typewriterstreaming

      I used to like Howard Wolfson, now he’s like all the rest. They make me sick. They look absurd carrying Oblowme’s water – biggest bunch of hypocrites I have ever seen. slobs. I want my Hillary donations back.