What did we miss in the news? Well, a bunch of things, actually. And perhaps this is why this whole ginned up “civility” discussion has been the primary focus of the talking heads.

I hasten to add, the stories of the six victims in Tucson, Judge John Roll, Christina Taylor Green, Giffords Aide Gabe Zimmerman, Phyllis Schneck, Dorwin Stoddard, and Dorothy Morris, need to be held in the fore, our prayers going out to their families. The continued updates regarding Rep. Giffords miraculous improvements, as well as the condition of the other 13 injured, is also important to keep in the fore.

But here are some of the things you may have missed. Amy Siskind of The New Agenda had a very interesting post about Obama, and the number of women in his cabinet/inner circle. Bottom line, it is low, as her post, “After Arizona, Will Obama Learn to Include Women?” indicates:

[snip] Yes, just as I was snapping to, Air Force One would be landing back in D.C. Senator Gillibrand and Congresswomen Wasserman Schultz and Pelosi would deplane and return to their 17% minority. President Obama would be head back to the White House — or should I say, the “fraternity house”: his inner-circle is composed almost exclusively of men.

Yes, to the president’s credit, he did appoint two women to the Supreme Court. That’s the end of the good news for women. Here’s the bad news:

* Obama’s cabinet picks are just 25% women.

* Obama’s czars are only 12% women.

* No women have leadership roles in running our country’s economy.

* Obama has only one woman in his inner-circle: Valerie Jarrett.


Paradoxically, Speaker Boehner in his opening days seems quite comfortable with women. One of his first symbolic gestures: to build a women’s restroom near the House floor. Next, Boehner shocked even me: he officially endorsed a woman for RNC chair (Maria Cino). And here’s a prediction: Boehner’s ability to cry in public will make it easier for women candidates to do the same in the future. Hey — I gotta admit — although I agree with Speaker Boehner on very few issues, I like the guy! He walks the walk for women on the right.


So I say this to our president: yes, let’s live up to the dreams of Christina Green, the nine-year-old who was tragically and senselessly killed in the Arizona shooting. The girl who was interested in politics and therefore came to see Congresswoman Giffords, Arizona’s only female representative in the U.S. House or Senate. Why don’t we have more women in leadership for girls like Christina to see and model after? And President Obama, what will YOU do to live up to her expectations? (Click HERE to read the rest.)

Yes, I can see why so many “feminists” wanted to support Obama over Hillary Clinton. He is SO good on the women’s equality issue – not.

But wait, there is more. Once again, LGBT groups are unhappy with Obama. Yes, yes, I know he signed the bill to repeal DADT, but he did blessed little to get that to come about, and did exactly what I thought he would do – have it in the Lame Duck session so he could blame the Republicans in case it didn’t pass.

Well, that is exactly what he did in terms of DOMA, but not before his Justice Department did this:

Supporting DOMA: Gay rights advocates are criticizing the Obama Justice Department after its attorneys filed a court motion Thursday in support of the Defense of Marriage Act despite the president’s view that the law should be repealed.


The Justice Department says it’s obligated to defend U.S. policy regardless of the president’s personal beliefs. The department made the same case after it had to, awkwardly, fight a judge’s ruling against “don’t ask, don’t tell” in the months before it was repealed by Congress.

But that’s no salve to the gay rights community, which has called on the administration to show more resolve against laws like DOMA. [snip]

And it is not true, either. Other Administrations have stood up to laws they thought were un-Constitutional, not continuing to defend them, as the Obama Administration has done repeatedly with DOMA. Indeed, it continues in that same vein in this filing:

[snip] “All families deserve the recognition and respect of their government. We know the president supports us. It’s time for him to help lead the American public toward full equality for all Americans,” Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese said in a statement. The gay rights group said the Justice Department should at least “acknowledge that the law is unconstitutional.”

It does not. In its filing, Justice Department attorneys said the law was “not unconstitutional under this court’s binding precedent.” The Justice Department argued that the law “reflects Congress’s reasonable response to this still-evolving debate among the states regarding same-sex marriage.”

Why Solmonese, that Hillary Clinton backstabber, continues to act all insulted is beyond me, but I will spare you my diatribe on him this time around.

But here’s what I knew would happen with Obama:

[snip] “The Department of Justice has long followed the practice of defending federal statutes as long as reasonable arguments can be made in support of their constitutionality, even if the administration disagrees with a particular statute as a policy matter, as it does here,” the brief said.

“Indeed, the president supports repeal of DOMA and has taken the position that Congress should extend federal benefits to individuals in same-sex marriages. But a consensus behind that approach has not yet developed, and Congress could properly take notice of the divergent views regarding same-sex marriage across the states,” it said.


He told a gay-and-lesbian magazine last month that while a repeal of DOMA may not be possible, particularly with Republicans in control of the House, “that’s something that I think we have to strategize on over the next several months.” (Click HERE to read the rest.)

Yep, like I expected, Obama will blame the Republicans if it doesn’t get changed now. The Democrats were in control of the entire Congress for FOUR years, and now it is all the Republicans fault…(Civility? Oh, that is only for Conservatives, not Democrats.)

Here is a whopper of what came out this week. It was foretold by none other than Sarah Palin back in November when the government was looking to buy more bonds:

“All this pump priming will come at a serious price. And I mean that literally: everyone who ever goes out shopping for groceries knows that prices have risen significantly over the past year or so. Pump priming would push them even higher. And it’s not just groceries. Oil recently hit a six month high, at more than $87 a barrel. The weak dollar — a direct result of the Fed’s decision to dump more dollars onto the market — is pushing oil prices upward.”

I intentionally withheld the title of that article: “What Sarah Palin Gets Wrong About Inflation.” And that would be what, exactly? Haven’t all of those things, along with foreclosures setting another record high in 2010, and an increase in unemployment claims, come to pass? Yes.

In that same article, though, there was this (condescending) response:

[snip] Sudeep Reddy of The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Palin didn’t seem to be quite up on what’s been going on with inflation. In fact, he noted, grocery prices haven’t risen that much. “The consumer price index’s measure of food and beverages for the first nine months of this year showed average annual inflation of less than 0.6%, the slowest pace on record (since the Labor Department started keeping this measure in 1968).” [snip]

Hey, Reedy – guess which one of you is wrong here? I’ll give you a hint – it is not Palin. No need to take my word for it. Here is Stuart Varney discussing this issue:

These are just a few of the issues that have been going on this week (I know, Daley came onboard on Friday, but the massacre on Saturday pretty much knocked that way down, as it should have). Women still are underrepresented, Obama’s Justice Department is still targeting gay people, and we are increasingly in an economic world of hurt.

We cannot forget the victims of last week’s shooting, but nor can we allow ourselves to allow the political smoke and mirrors to distract us from what else is going on in our country.

What else happened this week that was low on the media totem pole? Consider this an Open Thread.

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    Amy Siskind (?),

    Very exciting stuff!?

  • Onofre’s arm

    An article from today that dramatically backs up my claims from last night, and demonstrates again that Palin was right about another issue for which she was unfairly ridiculed.


  • Onofre’s arm

    A “Post-It” I’d like to see on a Senator’s desk: 

    “Pondering this Post-It?
    Well, get back to work!

  • AbigailAdams

    I purposely misspelled his name.  Another ‘guru’ whose followers were “highly educated.”  I usually call him The Bag One, as in bagging game, which is what the fraud metaphorically did to sustain the materialistic lifestyle he called his accolytes to eschew.  That, and getting laid by as many women as he could.

    Name changes: (from Wiki) “Osho, born Chandra Mohan Jain (Hindi: चन्द्र मोहन जैन) (11 December 1931 – 19 January 1990), also known as Acharya Rajneesh from the 1960s onwards, as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh during the 1970s and 1980s and as Osho from 1989,”

    In order to try to turn county ballot issues in his favor he bussed homeless people from Seattle, Portland and other large, mostly west coast, cities to Antelope, Oregon.  His scheme failed and they were bussed back.

    We’ve often remarked on the cult of Obama.  I used The Bag One as the subject of study into utopian communities.  They’re all the same; a single guy (usually all are men), with a god complex, all marked by a monster-huge, hypnotic charisma and an early life clouded in mystery with rumors of heroic destiny.  Guy comes into American life at a point of crisis, exploits crisis and creates new ones for which to respond.  Gets on front page of Time Magazine — usually “Man of the Year,” racks up enormous following and money.  Cult leader believes his own press, does something weird, grossly illegal or can no longer explain his hypocrisy.  Followers go broke and are starving, etc.  When it collapses, everyone says they “just knew” he was a phony “all along.”  Early, longest and most vocal supporters believe the guru’s downfall is due to a government conspiracy.  That is the template for utopian communities. 

  • seattlegonz

    Great work, Amy!

  • Amy Siskind

    FOX News picked this up – Obama is on the defensive now on lack of women!

  • Cindy

    oowawa—–And i remember Tipper saying, waaaaaay back when, that she’d like to put a man on the moon!
    Oh, wait, I think she meant just  Al.

  • oowawa

    Yeah, it was that Al Gore, before he invented global warming . . .

  • Cindy

    Yeah–that happened to me with the internet . . .

    And a heartfelt “Byte me!” to the guys who stole your idea, you poor dear!

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    An online ID?  I hope nobody has signed up for “oowawa” yet . . .

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    Thee One can remain above the fray–like the crime boss in an old crime movie who fraternizes in blue-blood society while his employees are out hanging up rivals on meathooks . . .

  • oowawa

    Can we still try to rock and roll?

  • oowawa

    Right, Teak.  If you own the house free and clear, or have a large percentage of the equity in the house you’re okay.  But if you bought the house say 10 or so years ago and are still making whopper payments, are now retired and no longer able to work, you are in trouble. 

  • Cindy

    oowawa——LOL…”Bohicans”… so funny.

    Yeah, looks like he’s about to say “I’d like to give a ‘shout out’ to Chingachgook”…………..

  • Ferd Not-My-Site-(click to edit) Berfle

    Yeah–a pound of coffee went to 13 ounces a while back while the price increased. Truth in advertizing never did catch on, huh?

  • seattlegonz

    I went to a bar in Laguana Beach, a thousand years ago, and had my first Long Island Iced Tea…well my first couple of LIITs. I thought they were iced tea drinks…which, in a way, I suppose they were.

    When I was finally able to lift my head, the room swirling, I noticed everyone was the foggy color of maroon and gold and heathery purple. WTF?

    My friend told me we were in a Bhagwan bar, and they only wear colors of the sunset.

    And that was my only encounter with the bhagwans.

  • oowawa

    “There have been countless occasions where I’m certain that I’ve thought up something new and unique, only to find out later that someone else had thought of it too.”

    Yeah–that happened to me with the internet . . .

  • oowawa

    Yep, Cindy–looks like the last of the Bohicans . . .

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    Thanks, Kin.  I might add, to continue the baseball metpahor (pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training on Valentine’s Day – yay!), that you all continue to step up to the plate to engage in interesting, thoughtful, and often very funny, responses.  Thank you – I learn so much from you all!

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    Indeed, Madame, and it is also false.  The DOJ is not REQUIRED to do this.  Both Clinton and George W. Bush (if I recall correctly) did NOT feel compelled to have the DOJ support laws they thought were wrong.  Just more Obama BS…

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    Wow, oowawa, I hadn’t thought of that.  Thank you for raising that critical piece of the housing market.  Yikes. 

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    That is a great point, Mr. Natural.  The extensive, and sadly, continuing flooding in Australia will most definitely affect food costs…

  • Rabble Rouser Rev. Amy

    Ain’t that the truth, KenoshaMarge.  Put Clyburn and Palin side by side and listen to them talk.  Try the same with McTingles.  There is simply no contest.

  • kenoshamarge

    Anyone that takes the likes of Chrissy Mctingles and Jim Clyburn seriously when they say that Sarah Palin isn’t all the bright, er, isn’t all that bright.

    Actually anyone that takes either Tweety or Clyburn seriously about much of anything isn’t very bright. Clyburn has been misrepresenting his district since 1993 and McTingles just misrepresents being a human being from time to time.

  • felizarte

    The irony of Obama’s speech at the memorial service is that he has to be the first one to abide by them.  So let’s wait and see if and how long he can do so; and will he make sure his supporters do the same?  Or will they all play good cop/bad cop routines?

  • Mr. Natural

    >>>  but it was not immediately clear why he had returned.

    Looking to hustle a buck in the depressed Haitian real estate market?

  • Mr. Natural

    Probably going to see some impact from a loss of Australian wheat from the world marketplace.

    Wouldn’t it be a pisser if WE had to buy wheat from CHINA?

  • Mr. Natural

    Oh, AA, anyone who can still remember The Bhagwan can drink out of my canteen anytime!

  • Concerned

    Of course she’s right. It’s elementary my dear Noogan. Anyone with a firm understanding in economics 101 would tell you that an artificially increased money supply would result in inflation.

    Quantitative Easing, Money falling from the sky. Printing money. Call it what you will, but it’s the same damn thing. Interestingly enough, “quantitative easing” was first employed by the japanese. Digitized Banana money, anyone?

  • Concerned


    Madam. I have a very vivid imagination…and that’s just…to top it off, I’m picturing Chris “Tingles” Matthews’ head on it.

    Double ewwww…

    I’ll never see him with the same eyes!

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    kin, I am off to bed, we live another day to laugh at ourself, the trolls and anything Onofre’s Arm says, haha, remember to write it down if I miss something, LOL!!!

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    Hey dont I get partial credit I put Ono’s words with some of mine…Actually I jsut want to be on the mailing list if anyone does doe it. 😉

    Obama’s MEmorial 2012 Kickoff Campaign Rally

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    Seriously you tattle tale —- LOL

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    Seriously—I am in total agreement!

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    Could it possibly be that not that many people know about Bonobos? Come on people, this is basic primatology, sheesh!

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    SSOO, while I appreciate your concern, and although midway through the memorial it occurred to me that it was the Obama MEmorial, I can almost guarantee you that I was not the only person who thought of it. There have been countless occasions where I’m certain that I’ve thought up something new and unique, only to find out later that someone else had thought of it too. The ‘MEmorial” concept is a no brainer really, it has picked up speed because there are likely many people of the millions out there who also thought of it.

    I’m absolutely certain that no one else thought of calling Barky “Obonobo”, which in light of everyone calling Bush a chimp, I thought was ingenious, but THAT never caught on. And it’s even a palindrome, what more could people want? Oh well.

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    PLEASE GET THIS MESSAGE TO Onofre’s ARm, I HAVE BEEN CHASING HIM FROM BLOG TO BLOG, LOL!! Please copy and paste to him, haha

    Onofre’s Arm, Is it very important that you get this message, LOL, didn’t you start the MEmorial saying, it is picking up speed on the web, go patton it asap, LOL!!  ITS BRILLIANT!!!