I just turned on CNN and they’ve got the story. Was he fired or did he leave? They’re speculating. It sounds like contract negotiations (he had two years left) stipulated that he go off the air, and he can’t do TV elsewhere for some time. Please share anything you are hearing and reading.

The big question: WHY? Keith was one of the leaders of the big swing of MSNBC’s news focus to the hard left, and he mentored Rachel Maddow. So, did he just prove too damn difficult to work with? He has a history of that.

Now one guest (name unknown) is telling Anderson Cooper that it was Keith’s choice to leave and that he said goodbye to viewers.

Anderson Cooper just intimated that he has heard “plenty” about Olbermann’s behavior at MSNBC. Perhaps Cooper will say more.

Again, please share what you’re hearing.

  • Murray

    “Who will take his place?”

    My money’s on someone “of color,” to counter the growing complaints that MSNBC’s newsgroup is so white.

  • Mr. Natural

    >>> if he thinks americans  are stupid enough to fall for his sudden about face, he is sadly mistaken.

    But, are you prepared to bet the deed to the ranch on that?

    Short of a 3-D, multiple-camera shot of him actually eating a live puppy in a public place his re-election is virtually assured.

    The banks love him; big corporations will soon, “come out of the closet,” with their mania for him.

    And, of course, Muddle ‘Murrica will HAVE to vote for him, unless they want to be called Un-Hip, “Fly-Over,” RAYCISS ‘N SHIT CRACKERS.

    Soon, EVERYONE’s favorite Marx Brother will be Karl…

  • Mr. Natural

    >>>  …making “tea-bagger” jokes…

    There can be no doubt that Cooper knows exactly what “tea bagging” is, and uses the term like some giggling adolescent with an unexpurgated Tropic of Cancer.

    I like to head this behavior off at the pass among my (very limited) circle of friends; when they say, “tea bagger(s),” I reply with the crudest synonym for, “practitioner of fellatio,” that I can muster.

    If this fails, I start addressing the miscreants as, “Cleveland Steamer, ”  “Rusty Trombone,” and “Dirty Sanchez.”

    After a short trip to Urban Dictionary, they seem to see the error of their ways…

  • Mr. Natural

    AAAAnnnnnd Sorkin is ALSO Maureen Dowd’s former Squeeze.

  • Agent X

    You may also add these to your, “Good riddance to bad rubbish I say“,  column. All three loses are wins for the American Public.


    My favortive comments about Keith Olbermann:


    Keith Olbermann is on television to prove even people who are both stupid and nasty can find work on TV. This is the man who is so mean spirited that he is mocked on air by the people of his own network.

  • Agent X


    This is not about one person. This is about Corporate America taking over the Fourth Estate and propelling it own agenda. Brian Roberts and Steve Burke are very heavy conservative RNC Contributors, while they both contribute to some Democrats, the bulk of the contributions go to republicans . That Armymon are facts. Lets add that Joe Barton (R-Tex.) Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) and some twenty other Republican House Members pushed the FCC not to delay the Comcast takeover of MSNBC. I will also add that most of Comcast’s political contributions, both Democratic and Republican, came paying back with the FCC on the takeover.

    To be direct, the entire takeover is riddled in politics… By the way, Armymom I do not post to Daily kos. I am also no one bot, and its short sighted attack posts such as yours, for my reasoning not to post on political subjects most of the times.

    And Yes taking in all the attacks on the US Constitution by both liberals and conservatives ( such as you), we are losing the Republic … slowly but surely.

  • SeriouslySickOfObama

    Dorinda, Since he was adopted, the BC should be under the name of Barry Soetoro and there is not record to prove he EVER changed it back to BHO, so to be on the ballot with BHO was fraud anyway and the reason he had to give up his law license for lying on the application when asked if he ever went by any other name.  So, when someone ask for a BC for BHO, it is sealed under adoption law, so the question they need to ask is where is the birth certificate for Barry Soetoro.  Then only thing different on the adoption BC will be the name change of the Father, the name change of BHO to Barry, everything else remains the same.  And, if Obama paid millions to seal his records, why did this Gov. ever think he could just walk in and get any information that is LEGALLY SEALED BY BARRY??

  • SeriouslySickOfObama

    Dorinda, Bill Clinton is what we call the GURU of all things politics and he has a hit list of everyone that turned on him and Hillary during her run for POTUS and Keith was on that list, too.  Bill Clinton was/is FRIENDS with this Gov. from Hawaii, Bill Clinton made a statement during the election that was out of no where when asked if Obama was qualified and his answer was, if he meets the requirement, age, citizenship, etc. Nothing about the man himself as a Leader or qualified as to be President, just the US requirements was all he said. Bill Clinton does not say things without an agenda. So, that raises the question, Why would Bill Clinton say that, Why would this Gov. come out to disprove the birthers, only to say, he can’t and it can have an effect on the 2012 election if he can’t prove it or produce the BC, No one will ever be able to prove Bill Clinton is behind this, but we know he is pushing Hillary to run against Obama in 2012, if you put the doubt out there and it can’t be proven, the states are making it mandatory to have a birth certificate on file in their states for every candidate to be on the ballot, then he can’t run if he can’t produce a birth certificate regardless of where he was born.  Bill Clinton will take them down one by one until he gets his revenge for what was done to them during 2008 by their own party, IMHO, that is why I believe Bill Clinton is behind the scenes of all of this, I bet you, MORE TO COME, start watching who is exposed for past dirty deeds, who starts resigning without a reason except due to personal reasons, retiring, more time with family, etc. he has had two years to start his plan and get his wife elected to be President.  This is my theory and many agree.  Its a wait and see kinda thing to know if I am right or wrong, but interesting that a commerical came out today for Hillary to be the President that said we should have this POTUS in 2008 right after the Gov. of Hawaii said he can’t find the BC or prove it exist, things that make you go Hmm, LOL!  If you follow politics, then you know how the game is played, this is just my perception of what I see and what I am hearing from Clinton friends and delegates I know. The other issue is that if NancyP signed off an offical BC for Obama to be the nom for POTUS on the Dem ticket, but if the Gov. of Hawaii can’t get the same BC, then what did she sign, is there some fraud going on here, Obama half sister could not even produce a BC for Obama to prove his father was BHO, Sr. at the reading of the his Father’s will for Obama to get his share and that is in his own words in his book, Dreams of My Father, so it is no wonder the whole word is asking, Where’s the BC?  Obama started the birther issue in his own words in his own book about the BC!

  • SeriouslySickOfObama

    Now that ~~JUSTME~~ has taught me what these button means, LOL, I can add visuals to my written thoughts, LOL!! THANK YOU, ~~JUSTME~~, haha

  • SeriouslySickOfObama

    jj, So you are saying that Obama threw Keith O. under the bus, LOL!

  • stodghie

    noogan, i guess the three wise men took the fifth on obummer or they didn’t show up for his birth because they knew better. lol 😛

  • beyond(required) words

    Thanks Gl. Sniper-kitty is one of my fave avatars and her coloring is similar to my own little rascal on my lap 😉

  • Makeji

    Me, too. They dumped him for Cooper. I stopped watching CNN entirely when they were kissing Obambi’s butt, but Brown leaving was the beginning of the end for me. I also used to like Olbermann and MSNBC for the same reason. Lifelong Democrat gone rogue after 40 years!

  • Makeji

    Just heard on the news that China is buying a lot of RV’s from us – does that count as a bus?

  • TeakWoodKite

    “…The last thing we need is a perment tax cut for Americans who don’t need them and weren’t even asking for them”

    Oh yeah ? Fast forward to the lame duck of 2010….we be askin and we need ’em.

  • TeakWoodKite

    “But what it did ‘do’…..That video is a riot!

    Man o man…what were they thinking!>?

    Hey! Isn’t that an autographed copy of “Prairie Fire” on his bookshelf?

  • TeakWoodKite

    So the guy that wrote West Wing is the guy who Obama and Axelrod went to for the Obama character in 2007 and now he is the guy reporting on his own character in IRL ?  

  • TeakWoodKite

    So the guy that wrote West Wing is the guy who Obama and Axelrod went to for the Obama charecter in 2007 and now he is the guy reporting on his own charecter in IRL ?


  • greenlantern

    BW-I like your picture a lot more than Keef’s!

  • beyond(required) words

    ooh that makes for some good news! One less slug for at least for 6 months. (Hope for min. 2 years)

  • SeriouslySickOfObama

    ~~JUSTME~~, HAHA, I guess I did, but THANK YOU for teaching me how to do it, now I might be banned for SPAMMING, LOL!!  I love youtube!!

  • Breeze

    Keith Olbermann leaving MSNBC’s  
    ‘Countdown’: Bill Maher  
    tells Rachel Maddow  
    that it’s ‘bulls–*”
    New York Daily News,  
    by Aliyah Shahid     
    Original Article  
    Keith Olbermann’s abrupt exit on Friday night has at least one of his fellow liberal allies fuming. HBO host Bill Maher immediately asked guest and Olbermann’s fomer MSNBC colleague Rachel Maddow why Olbermann was leaving. Maddow, one of Olbermann’s closet allies, said she knew “very little about” the decision on “Real Time With Bill Maher” but said it was mutual. “Well that’s always bulls–t,” Maher responded.

  • carol haka, not your average Matzo Cracker

    Another one that f*cked the Clintons – GONE!


  • HARP

    Here we go again….

  • West Virginia
  • Breeze

    NEW DETAILS: “MSNBC And Keith Olberman
    Have Ended Their Contract”; Lefty
    MSNBC About To Make Right Turn?

    by Nikki Finke and
    Nellie Andreeva   

    Original Article


    An MSNBC insider told this to Deadline today about Keith Olbermann’s departure Friday: “This was all Keith’s choice. He has several times over the years said that he wants out of his contract. He never meant it until this year. He started lawyers negotiating twice this year. He stopped them in the spring. Then, about a month ago with the guidance of his new ICM team and a new LA manager….

  • Breeze

    Bravo, Gianni!!!

  • FlDemFem

    The contract still has two years to run, and until then, he can’t work for anyone else in broadcasting. So Keith is off the air through the next election.