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Editor’s Update: Intelligence chief Omar Suleiman [PHOTO] has been sworn in as vice president of Egypt, and may be Mubarak’s heir apparent. That may not make him viewed favorably by Egyptians. See Reuter’s Factbox for details and bio. Interesting fact: “Vice-president is the post that Mubarak occupied before he was promoted to the presidency following the assassination of his predecessor Anwar Sadat.”


Cairo curfew fails as the demos run thither and yon without a plan or a center. Reports that Army chief Tantawy has moved around his armored visions send alarms to the other world capitals.

All is less than meets the eye. The demos will exhaust their enthusiasm to defy the State, and the State will respond with mass arrests and economic manipulations over the next days.

From the US POV, the Cairo videos will dominate the weekend news and refocus the Sunday gabfests to foreign policy and who is to blame for the turmoil in the Maghreb and across the ummah.  TV geniuses soon calling Mrs. Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice and of course the omnipresent Valerie Jarrett to present the case that POTUS Obama supports reform and proportionate response to the yearning of… and-so-forth palaver.

The details do not support the POTUS case that reforms are useful or adequate to the circumstances.

Any reforms must come at the barrel of a weapon.

The detention of ElBaredei is a warning.  Mubarak will fight.

My information from Europe is that significant Arab voices from many nations, including the House of Saud and the dissenters of Syria, are raised in disdain for the conduct of POTUS Obama so far.  Mrs. Clinton’s statement in these last hours that the US insists upon peaceful demonstrations, and peaceful policing of the peaceful demonstrations, and peaceful reforms for the peaceful demonstrations who are peacefully policed, is a naked illustration that POTUS Obama has no Plan B.

The reaction will be swift and massive in Cairo and other Egyptian cities.  The hangman will be busy.  The army has now moved to establish authority.  Martial law is de facto and may well be made actual within the next hours or days.  Watching capital flight from the Egyptian markets.

POTUS Obama will be moved to make another statement on the rioting and crackdown as the videos pour out of the ummah.  Will POTUS address the nation as Egypt burns?  Unlikely.  But then again, the Obama Cairo speech was the launch of his Obama policy of diplomacy to the ummah, and now Cairo is gone, Istanbul is gone, and Riyadh is in doubt as long as King Abdallah of the Sauds is dying slowly in Morocco.  

John Bolton.  

Speaking to the precise and brainy John Bolton, AEI, Friday 28 re the sitrep in Cairo and the ummah, re the slow and inarticulate and uninformed response so far from the NSC, the Obama administration, and especially from POTUS and his call for “reforms.”

Egypt APC.jpg

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  • JimTicehurst

    In Fact..I mwonder How Much Money Soros and hedge Fund Traders are making out of the Current crisis..in Egypt..with Oil and Currency trading..

  • creeper

    Are you kidding me?  It’s his wife that’s pushing this.  She’ll be proud of America again if we sit on our hands while sharia becomes the law of the land in Egypt.

  • JB in VA

    It’s more likely the other way around. The Muslim Brotherhood has been around since the 1920s, and they’ve taught many terrorist groups everything they know about fomenting, creating and exporting violence.

  • lowdowndog

    Egypt’s spy chief, Omar Suleiman, is now vice president.

  • MrX

    Obama’s too busy for this.  He has a dinner party to get to.  Wouldn’t want to anger his wife, now would we?

  • JB in VA

    Hillary will be interviewed on MTP tomorrow morning. Should be interesting (especially after her “robotic” hostage statement).

  • olivia1998

    or now that I have power I’ll make the wind shift in our favor (Muslims)

  • HARP

    What was that statement from Barry`s book….Oh yeah………

    “I will stand with them [the muslims] should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

  • Agent X

    Sources in Europe? Tell your sources in Europe to stay clear of this too. That gang can screw up a wet dream.

  • SeriouslySickOfObama

    Bronwyn, You are a wise and intelligent woman!! I pray that Hillary made Obama look like the child he is is, LOL!!  He is a ignoramus and most likely she had to draw him a map with crayons and give him a Civic course for Dummies!!

  • SeriouslySickOfObama

    Now close to 1000 prisoner’s have broke free from the prison an hour outside of Cairo! OMG, the worst of society is now free!  Only God can save Egypt now, I suspect more prisons will be set free in the days to come.  What does our Leader do, NOTHING, Cheers it on, I am just disgusted by Obama and his puppets!!  It’s all about getting the Muslim Brotherhood in power, I am sick to my stomach seeing the pain and brutal attacks I am seeing on the News.  Egypt is begging Obama to do something, if we can’t get Obama to do anything for the United States, he damn sure isn’t going to do anything for Egypt!

  • helenk

    this website with newspapers from all over the world might help keep up with the news coming out of Egypt.


  • helenk

    Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, UAE, and Jordan organize 10 flights to get their citizens out of Egypt

  • armymom

    Nor pussies like Carter.

  • HARP

    Notice the picture they keep showing. It`s supposed to be today but there is no daylight coming in the windows.

  • churl

    Flogging Teh Precious is ok with me but what would you do if you were him? One thing I would not be doingis taking advice from Skippy Bush neocons like Bolton.

  • jj

    Is it time to fight the Power?

    Kirwan – Ending The New World Order

  • olivia1998

    I think something stinks about the timing in this Egyptian crises and the smell comes from Washington

  • William L. Donlon


    I do like Hillary and I know she is not with out her flaws, But:

    Hillary is more than a person or even a name,

    “Hillary” is an emotion! 

    I provokes a reaction

    It stirs the very heart and soul of the Women’s Movement The World Over.

    She has fought lost cause after lost cause and she is still standing.

    For that alone they will rally to her now if she should raise the banner.

    It is her fate to be Sec. Of State  at this moment when the smallest act can influence and determine the out come for so many.

    The “gods” have conspired to bring Hillary to her moment in History.

    If she fails to recognize it, or shrinks from it in anyway, it will be lost and spin off into the Cosmos with all the lost moments of History.

    Look, Life is what happens to you when you are planning for something else.

    It was not her destiny to be “President” 

    Against all advise, she accepted Sec. of State.

    She followed her “gut” and here she is:

    Not just One Islamic Country aflame but the entire Milld East region.

    Change the plight of Islamic Women and you will change the Islamic World.

    Through out all of History these opportunities of Historic proportions are presented only a few dozen times.

    It’s like the tides, you catch it or you don’t.

    As Obama Plays Hamlet on the Potomac, Hillary, like Lady McBeth, must act  or nothing but Tradegy will follow.

    I believe Hillary is the only member of this Administration who is up to this Historical Challenge and Oportunity.

    Any thing, no matter how small, that any of us can think of to help should be done and done soon.

  • helenk

    A sad thing about this article is that it is plausible. I remember when bomber ayres and bunch went to the middle east.


  • HARP


    (ANSAmed) – CAIRO, JANUARY 28 – At least twenty members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the main opposition force in Egypt, have been arrested during the night. The news was announced by the Islamic political organisation’s lawyer. The people arrested in their homes include five former MPs and five members of the political office, including the spokesmen of the brotherhood, Essam El-Erian and Mohammed Mursi.


  • helenk

    interesting article on why Egypt matters


  • helenk
  • getfitnow
  • olivia1998

    How did they meet for 2 hours?  He was at a basketball game

  • seattlegonz

    On FOX they showed a picture of Obama meeting with his team and on the phone, supposedly, with Mubarak…Hillary wasn’t anywhere in either picture.

  • olivia1998

    According to the Lefts radical hero Wikileaks Obama has been plotting this for several years.  Regime change – isn’t that what he hated Bush for?????

  • olivia1998

    Hillary will do what works for Hillary.  Before you jump at me I supported her until May 31, 2008.  I still believe she would have been 150% better then “The One” I never will follow her again.  She’ll do whatever Obama wants.

  • getfitnow

    AMEN, helenk. h/t NRO.
    Anarchy in Cairo
    January 29, 2011 1:53 P.M. By Nina Shea
    Mobile service is back for now, and Sam Tadros has heard from friends in a number of areas in Cairo. The word from various neighborhoods is that there are no police to be found in Cairo, and the army is protecting government buildings only.Looters are robbing stores, and holding up at gunpoint ordinary citizens traveling by car and in their homes. Smoke from burning buildings and gunfire from gangs are ubiquitous. Common criminals and prisoners have escaped from prison and are taking part in the mayhem. Residents in Katamiya Heights are fleeing, while in other neighborhoods residents are forming defense militias. The Heliopolis neighborhood is being beset by mobs and the Fairmont Hotel is burning. Mobs wielding knives and swords are in St. Fatima Catholic Cathedral and are trying to break into the Coptic museum and into the mosques and churches in Old Cairo. Neighborhood residents are trying to protect it. Citizen pleas for military protection go unheeded

  • helenk
  • getfitnow

    And don’t forget what he said.

  • getfitnow
  • getfitnow

    This is a time for true leadership and guidance. I’tm afraid hat’s above That One’s paygrade.

  • Diana L. C.

    I would love to see the rights of women in Islam moved out of the Dark Ages.  I will hope for that to happen.

    However, as I turned on my computer this morning, the MSN photo of the turmoil in the streety was this one.  Do the faces in the crowd seem to be ones that will worry about women’s rights?  It’s not always valid to use one photo, taken randomly, like this; but I would like to see women in the picutre.

  • Guest

    It’s the NYT and personally I’d rather not have Obama involved at all, but anyway there is also this…

    At the White House yesterday afternoon, Obama dropped in on a meeting of his top national security advisers. The group included Vice President Joe Biden, Clinton, and Thomas E. Donilon, the national security adviser. During that session, Obama decided to call Mubarak.


  • helenk

    about 200 hundred protesters in front of Egyptian embassy in DC

    This is going world wide

  • helenk

    It was BIDEN and Hillary and some top advisors.
    Backtrack went to a ballgame and will be updated later.



  • Bronwyn

    Where’s my tin foil hat?

  • Bronwyn

    I gather you like Hillary?

  • Bronwyn

    Barack and Hillary met for TWO HOURS this morning.  I hope to god that she was able to teach him about Egypt and the Middle East.  So wish I could have been a fly on that wall.  I wonder how careful she has to be to not make him look like an ignoramus.

  • creeper

    Barry-O to staff:  “The BC issue is heating up.  I need something to distract people’s attention from the truths that are starting to surface.  Let’s foment some rebellion on the other side of the world.  That oughta do it.”

  • William L. Donlon

    You Can’t Put Toothpast Back In The Tube!

    The images sent across the Islamic World has put EVERYTHING into play, including Women’s Rights..

    Obama has come off to the World as a mouse paralyzed with fear before a Cobra.

    Hillary is in the exact right place at the exact right moment in time but that to will slip away, unless She acts.

    If Hillary steps up NOW and raises the Banner Of Rights for Islamic Women, Women the world over will rally to her.

    Inject “Rights For Islamic Women” into the this discussion at every level.

    Push it hard.

    Make any American Aid to an Islamic country Dependent on it.

    It will define the moment, the cause, the destiny of Islamic Women and the outcome of the on going Islamic Reformation.

    It will reinforce the voices and influence of Islamic “Moderates”.

    It won’t get any better than this and it will not wait.

    The window of destiny is closing.

    The time to act is now! 

    As in Right Now.

    The Loyal Support For Hillary on “No Quarter” needs to support her Now as never before.


    Rally To Her!
    Push Her! BUT Make It Happen!

    Tweet, Twitter, Email, Knock on Doors Shake Things Up.

    No Supporters Of Any Cause Have Been better Equiped, better informed or better motivated  Than You On “No Quarter” .

    Your Leader, your Champion is Sec. Of State of the most powerful Nation the World Has Ever Seen!

    Come off The Bench, Out of the Bleechers and get in the game.

    I believe in you.

    Women and Young Girls In Every Islamic Country, In every Century Since The Death Of Muhamed, Have Been Waiting And Praying for Hillary, Her Supporters And This Moment.

    Go tto your window, open it, lean your head out and you will hear the call of destiny in the winds of change.

    It’s not a 3:00 a.m. call that awaits Hillary.

    It’s that call —-Help her to  PICK IT UP!

  • Bronwyn

    Yes.  I’m listening to Fox News which seems to be doing a good job.  They said that Mubarak probably plans to stay until the elections in September.  (Funniest thing: Until they mentioned elections, it had slipped my mind that Egypt even has elections because their system is so antithetical to ours.)

    I think that Egypt needed Jefferson, Adams, et al. when they wrote their constitution.  Suleiman is the FIRST-EVER VICE PRESIDENT that Mubarak has had in 30 years in office.  That’s another thing:  Maybe a term limit on presidents is a good thing, eh?  (Although I’d give anything if we could have had Bill Clinton for at least 3 terms.)

  • JimTicehurst

    Regarding the “Conduct of the POTUS”…I can Picture Him standing next to GYORGY SCHWARTZ..( aka..GEORGE SOROS)  at the “OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE..watching CAIRO Events on a Big Screen…and Soros patting POTUS on the Back and saying..”THATS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOPUT..”

  • helenk

    per Reuters
    Egypt has no plans for early election.

    Maybe when the dust settles they will have to have and election.The problem is who will get into office. Friend of Foe of America?



  • JimTicehurst

    I think President Obama was too busy Basking in the After Glow of The GREAT HALL of CHINA DINNER and Has  Piano Music still drifting through the WALLS of His Mind..To Get Up to Speed on the CAIRO CONVENTION..

    No Plan B…Ever…Damn the Torpedos..full speed Ahead…
    “Togrether We Thrive”…(Slounds Like a Bee Colony)