Alert Reader “Texas Buckeye” sent me the following email from the Obama Camp. Wow. Talk about your hubris! This goes right along with Peniel Cronin’s results of the Primary v. Caucus piece, “The Numbers Don’t Lie (But The DNC Does).” I should amend that to say, “The DNC and OBAMA!!” Take a look:

Dear R:

Spread the truth to neighboring states.

Dirty tricks designed to mislead Texas voters have been spreading across the state, and many Obama supporters are getting incorrect information about the voting process.

Bogus claims about voting machines are spreading via email chains — and in one reported case, even broadcast on a Houston radio station — that could have a huge impact on voter turn out on Election Day.

Here is the truth that every Texan should know: If you vote a straight Democratic Ticket you will cast your ballot for Barack.

But Texans are not alone — voters in key neighboring battleground states like New Mexico, Colorado, and Missouri are receiving deceitful automated phone messages and mailers from the McCain campaign spreading vile lies about Barack Obama.

We can’t let dirty tricks and bad information sway this election. We need Texans to step up and spread the truth to other voters — not just here at home, but also in our neighboring states.

Will you stand up for the truth and make a short weekend trip to a key battleground state?

No one is certain who’s behind this latest attempt to influence the election and scare Obama supporters away from the polls on November 4th. But the intent is clear: to steal votes away from Barack and other great Democratic candidates up and down the ticket.

We can be sure that shameless tactics like these will intensify over the next 16 days.

That’s why your help is crucial to making sure that every voter knows the truth about Barack Obama and the change we need in this country.

Forward this email to your friends and family in Texas, then sign up to spread the truth to other voters:

There is so much at stake in this election. Together, we can make sure that everyone casts their vote for change on November 4th.



Juan Sepulveda
Texas State Director
Obama for America

P.S. — If you’ve received an email with misinformation about the voting process, report it so that we can make sure that voters across America get the truth about Barack:

Um, Juan? People aren’t so worried they won’t be ABLE to vote. They are worried that too MANY people will vote. Like all those folks the ACORN people registered, often more than once. Often, more than 10 times. Or that people who don’t live there will be able to vote there.

And they are worried that the results will actually matter. You know, like how the caucus results did not match after your thugs commandeered the caucus packets early, and signed people up throughout the day. How they changed the numbers they called in. How they stole the caucus from Hillary Clinton, and the voters of Texas.

So, yeah, Juan, folks aren’t worried that they won’t be able to vote, they are worried about things like the following happening again:

Or like this, and not just in Texas, but Indiana, too:

More on the caucus fraud in Texas. And a Civil Rights Activist talks about what she saw in Indiana of voter suppression:

Frankly, listening to the Civil Rights Activist detail how an elderly woman was intimidated from voting stunned me. Someone who wants Obama to win must tell me WHY this kind of fraud, intimidation, and coercion is acceptable to you. Please. Make me understand why voter fraud is alright with you, because it sure as hell isn’t okay with me. To hear about the rampant, insidious fraud of the caucus system is shocking. But the image of a Civil Rights activist seeing an elderly woman get turned away by someone in her community from exercising her right to vote for whomever she chose is infuriating, and makes me sad beyond words.

But wait – there is one more part to this documentary. In this one, you’ll get a tast of how incredibly vindictive the Obama camp is toward anyone who does not toe the line they have established for them. It is very telling of the Obama camp mindset:

How? How did the Democratic Party get here? How, HOW, do Obama supporters justify this fraud, this theft of the nomination, as we are on the verge of the election? Make me understand, because I sure don’t get how any of this makes Obama an acceptable choice, I surely don’t.

  • I don’t even know,fellow!) continued to write in the same vein, it is interesting people!

  • Mandi09

    absolutely lies;;; I didnt receive even 1 phone call from McCain camp, were say anything about Obama, just; vote ,vote vote.
    But YES, I receive messages(4-5) from Obamas side and they were saying, McCain is just as same as BUSH, that was all from both sides.

  • what are they keeping secret?how can you ask american people to vote for someone they know nothing about.we need to know in extension the one we are voting for ,just to be sure of what we are all doing.very simple as good morning

  • Indyvoter

    The NC ballot forces people to vote separately for president. In other words, voting a straight ticket does not include a vote for the presidency.

    Since the state government is controlled by Democrats, I’d say they were hedging their bets on Obama when they created the ballot.

  • Comment by Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy | 2008-10-23 18:44:37

    OISAF – Thank you for sharing that story with us. I cried again last night watching this, and especially Helen’s story. She is an amazing woman. How fitting that she shared a room with Alice Palmer!

    I am grateful that y’all will e completing this documentary. This story must be told, and your crew, Gigi, John, and you, have done a great service to our country by exposing the fraud that is Obama.

    I just do not understand how this man can leave so much wreckage in his wake and NEVER get called on it by the MSM. How can this possibly BE?? No one else, not even Bush, got this much of a pass! Shocking!

    I do have a question for you – was there any evidence that ACORN was involved in the caucus fraud? Not only has Fox been covering ACORN and the investigations into their voter registration fraud, but now the FBI is involved, too. If there is documentation that ACORN and its minions invaded the caucus process, that might be a whole new ball game (despite MSNBC working with ACORN and La Raza on election night – WTH already?!?!).



    We think it’s pretty obvious it was ACORN but I’m not sure we knew what ACORN was back then. The logical thought process is this is where ACORN began its evil. We do have someone in the film stating he was told that these people who committed the fraud were “trained at Camp Obama.” Seems like it’s all connected to me. And, yes, we would hope that in doing all of the ACORN stories that Fox at the very least would use our film to connect the dots.

  • texaslatina

    hey John House!- small world. matter of fact. i’m goin to alpine in the mornin for business. my mom was born there too. come down and visit. lol

  • sjc-tx

    I’m in a county just outside of Harris Cty (Houston), TX. There are ads running on TV that show all black folks, saying you GOT to get out and vote EARLY! The slogan is “Turn Texas Blue”… gee I wonder where THEY got that big chunk of change to put out 30 second ad on TV??!!

    I am very worried about just how much cheating will TRULY occur… I really am!

  • texaslatina

    west texas is all mccain. few obama here and there but no way no how will he ever win west texas. in fact, out here men are men. people don’t like wusses like obambi out here. we cling to GOD and guns out here too.

    • John House

      MY FAMILY IS WEST TEXAN. My grandparents are buried in Sul Ross State’s town, and my father was born there.

  • the new dope

    yep, I’m waiting for the spin to come out:

    “uh uh uh, the b was for bush”…..

  • candy

    My gosh did you guys see this?

    AP report titled “McCain volunteer claims attacker cut ‘B’ into face.”

    PITTSBURGH (AP) — A campaign volunteer for John McCain told police she was robbed at knifepoint at an ATM and knocked down by a man who then carved a “B” in her face after noticing a sticker for the presidential candidate on her car.

    This is HORRIBLE!!!

    • TeakWoodKite

      My sane half stated that it was a fake, ’cause the B was backwards on her face, like she did it in the mirror….

      It is a symptom of DPS. (Deranged Palin Syndrome)

      A house of grapes, with kool-aid banjo’s a playin.

  • the new dope

    Austin here too! howdy neighbor!

  • WTF? Obama worried about Texas? I live in Texas in the only blue part of the whole state–Austin. No way in hell does he even have a chance in this state. Every year I vote democrat and it doesn’t even matter who I vote for President, the Republican always wins. I didn’t think I would ever do it, but this year I’m voting for a republican. This year I will vote McCain.

  • the new dope

    thank God I voted a straight repub ticket, seeing all this fraud nonsense is a bit discouraging, but at least I can got to sleep at night knowing I voted for my country and not against it. God (or whatever works for you) bless you all in this fight, and God bless you all in victory as well.

  • Tam

    Hey, hi yall from texas here! just voted today…with hubby, and 2 friends. Everyone around me were Pro McCain/Palin…Texas will NEVER go for Obama…no way…NO WAY!!! We love guns and religion too much to go Obama…nobama in the Lone Star State….Dems will waste time here….

  • doc99

    Philip Berg was on the Michael Weiner aka Savage Show. Very interesting to say the least. All Obama has to do is produce the Document and he’ll fade into history. Why hasn’t Obama simply done this? Curiouser and curiouser.

  • Zimeeisme

    Is there any doubt that Obama is buying this election? Along with the help of MSNBC, CNN, Time, Newsweek and every other liberal media source. If his campaign got away with caucus fraud, what is to say that the polling process isn’t being skewed. Obama and Odinga…two peas in a pod. Make the public believe that we are winning by a landslide, and we will.

    It is as if people just don’t care that any of this happened. I am thinking that ACORN was involved in all the caucus problems. I think Ohio is going to be stolen. 200,000 votes is quite a lot.

  • I can tell you now that Gigi and I are both fine if you make a bumpersticker for the film. We did this to help people and any way that can happen, great. You have our permission.

  • kcfromtx

    We dont need the courts to get rid of the caucus system. If barky is installed, we wont be having any more elections.

    • ritamary

      Or if we do have elections there will be only one candidate and 100% of the voters will vote for him.

  • shadow

    They just said on Fox that Elizabeth Hasselbeck is going to announce Sarah at a couple rallies coming up in Florida.

  • ces

    We’ve gotten about three robocalls telling us the same thing.

    And just tonight there was an ad for Democratic judges running for office.

    I think the local, state and maybe even national Democrats are worried that the Obama supporters won’t vote “down ticket.” They didn’t in the primary. So the ‘pugs got the local seats, which impact people’s lives more directly in a lot of ways.

    So I think this is a way of using Obama’s name to get the low-info folk to give the local Donkeys some love…even though they probably don’t understand they are doing so.

    And I’ll end with the obvious…I haven’t heard or seen any ads about the party vote option not including Obama.

  • From what I heard, there are some people who are going to try to pursue getting rid of the Caucus System in the courts. The Constitution is continually violated by the Caucus process so maybe there’s a shot. If someone finds a way to do it, I will happily join in. The whole American voting system DOES need reform. Look at the mess we are in and I have a feeling this election won’t be decided on November 4 and will go to the courts too.

  • BerlinBerlin

    After this election I am planning to write to Vice President Palin.
    Just some thoughts from a European immigrant about my view on the American Election Process.
    2004 I first saw people in front of a supermarket registering people to vote.
    I questioned my American husband “What, You don’t get Your ballots automatically by mail?”
    That was all weird to me, because in Germany we have a law called “Meldepflicht”.
    Means, every citizen must sign up at the local “Meldestelle” when he moves, so there is a record of everybody, and according to that You get Your ballot mailed.
    May sound a little like a control/police state to the “Land of the Free”.
    But after this nightmare in the caucuses and the real danger of voter fraud in the GE.
    I think this is the lesser evil.
    Of course dead people are removed from the list, nobody gets two ballots.
    You only have to give up a little information to the gouvernment.
    Actually the caucus fraud can only be eliminated by the Party itself.
    Lets see what they are going to learn from this.
    In my opinion You desperately need an election reform.

    • Cubs in 08

      I think registration and voting fraud began to accelerate when the “motor voter” law was enacted. I remember the days when voters had to take the initiative and go register themselves. I don’t buy the idea that people can’t register and vote without the help of groups like ACORN. I think first time registrants must bring a state birth certificate and prove that they are citizens. What’s so hard about getting a BC, going to the local election office and registering? If you’re unable to do that then you’re too dumb to vote!

      • BerlinBerlin

        Yes, I have the feeling that if I really wanted too, even I could vote, witout being a citizen.
        You guys really need some change!
        In Your voting process.
        BO should have to pay off Hillarys debts for this cheating.

  • Soldier of Christ

    Before I go read some terrific links on this blog, I do want to give you some good news. I blog 24/7 while I run my business. Since I am the President, I don’t have anyone tell me what to do- so I enjoy causing trouble on blogs. I do want you all to know, that many blogs that I had been blogging on for this last year has become Mccain friendly. You might catch one troll on it. Either the trolls got tired of fighting or we are winning. Today on the most liberal movie star blog that I got on today concerning Joy and Elizabeth from the View- only one troll was on Joy’s side – and the rest of people were bashing whoopie, Joy, Barbara and the other colored lady. On the blogs from AOL, which was ranting with trolls a few months ago, I found one troll again. This my friends, as Mccain would say, is America~

    • oowawa

      Perhaps, as Obama Comet approaches Earth, they are slowly leaving to rendezvous with the mother ship . . .

      • oowawa

        I do believe, in a previous thread, HARP prophesied sucn an event occurring in the latter days.

  • Khan Krum

    The stuff out of Hawaii keeps getting weirder and weirder:

    • Jane the Plumber

      Wow the pictures of Obama’s naked mom look real to me. I hope something comes of this!!!

    • sjc-tx

      Hey ya’ll… This isn;t right. Let the woman rest in peace. Have some respect. Don;t go down to the obama campaign’s level.

      • ritamary

        Thank you. I agree. Also I think those pictures are Photoshopped. And Larry Johnson has already said he does not want commenters disrespecting women on this blog.

        Smearing Obama’s deceased mother is sinking to the same level as the Obots. Do you really want to go there?

        • Mandi09

          absolutely, no to disrespecting Obamas Family. NO NO NO!!! Same about disrespecting McCain and Sarah Family. NO NO NO !!!

  • Typewriterissreaming…

    I heard rumbles about a RICO case being filed over all this nonsense but that too sort of seemed to disappear. Does anyone know if that is still happening and who is doing it? Of course they can use our film if it helps. Just let me know who to contact.

  • Patrick Henry

    Its the Alamo all over again…Texas is Finally and fully Surrounded…And they will all Shout in ONE VOICE..
    .Viva La Liberation…Viva La evoluuuutzion..!

    They were just Waiting fopr a GENERAL to Command them.. Eh Pancho Powell…???

    • TeakWoodKite

      John Wayne in “The Alamo”;

      Davy Crockett: It was like I was empty. Well, I’m not empty anymore. That’s what’s important, to feel useful in this old world, to hit a lick against what’s wrong for what’s right even though you get walloped for saying that word. Now I may sound like a Bible beater yelling up a revival at a river crossing camp meeting, but that don’t change the truth none. There’s right and there’s wrong. You got to do one or the other. You do the one and you’re living. You do the other and you may be walking around, but you’re dead as a beaver hat.

      • Patrick Henry

        Thanks TEAK..

        Congrats Gramps..Hows everyone doing..??

  • Maverick

    Chase Bank collaboration with the Nazis Part One
    The bank that supports Barky.

  • Soldier of Christ

    My sister lives in Texas and she is around 59 years old but looks like she is forty- the ladies that she walks with around her block are all republicans- she normally kept her mouth shut when it came to politics- but now the republicans ladies can’t keep her mouth shut with all her bashing of Obama. She told me Never in Hell will Obama take Texas!

  • ‘Cuda Drags Obama and Biden Out For A Horsewhipping

    This woman buys the bullshit-repellent in industrial sized cans.

    • jbjd

      You have to love that woman.

  • RRR Amy,

    I can’t look at Helen anymore. I really can’t. I cry EVERY TIME and I have seen it over and over and over. When Gigi and John took the film to Denver, and I couldn’t go because of my broken foot, I spoke to Helen for an hour on Gigi’s cell phone. They were all in a bar commiserating because they had found out the inside scoop about how that phony roll call was going to go down and how they were going to stage that BS nonsense of Hillary stepping down. I was in HYSTERICS feeling like such a failure that our film didn’t get Obama booted so Gigi passed her cell phone around the bar so I could talk to everyone, like Helen. Wow. You just can’t believe that this guy is in this race when you hear what people from his district of Chicago and Trinity, like Helen, have to say. Helen shared a room in Denver with Alice Palmer – you know, the other woman Obama crapped on. I cry when I think of what Obama did to HER too. He’s a bad guy. Period.

    Again, thanks for posting this. We can’t wait to finish. Whether he gets elected or not, we will continue making this film and expose ALL of them for what they are and what they did to America, Democrats and the 2008 Election. Big hugs to you and thanks so much for watching and posting our little labor of love. We will have more time and money from this point on and hopefully you all will like the end result too.

    • OISAF – Thank you for sharing that story with us. I cried again last night watching this, and especially Helen’s story. She is an amazing woman. How fitting that she shared a room with Alice Palmer!

      I am grateful that y’all will e completing this documentary. This story must be told, and your crew, Gigi, John, and you, have done a great service to our country by exposing the fraud that is Obama.

      I just do not understand how this man can leave so much wreckage in his wake and NEVER get called on it by the MSM. How can this possibly BE?? No one else, not even Bush, got this much of a pass! Shocking!

      I do have a question for you – was there any evidence that ACORN was involved in the caucus fraud? Not only has Fox been covering ACORN and the investigations into their voter registration fraud, but now the FBI is involved, too. If there is documentation that ACORN and its minions invaded the caucus process, that might be a whole new ball game (despite MSNBC working with ACORN and La Raza on election night – WTH already?!?!).

  • typewriterstreaming

    After this election, which ever way this goes, we have to continue to fight this. This is so wrong.

  • Troy

    Obama’s worried about Texas?

    GOOD!!!…He should be.
    I am a Texan and we don’t play Obama’s game here.
    Allow me to say it in my native tongue.

    Hey Barky, it ain’t ever gonna happen, son!!!!

    • Jules

      I’m coming to Texas!

      • La Compania Volante

        All non-Obots, of whatever political persuasion, will be welcome .

    • La Compania Volante

      There’s no rational reason for Sen. Obama to worry about Texas because Texas wouldn’t vote for him even if hell did freeze over. It’s actually a positive if he wastes his time and money trying to win Texas.

  • I can’t get that radio show up on my ‘puter. Bad plug in or something. Can someone give a recap of what Berg says on the Savage show? I heard Hannity says he might have news from PA too? Something brewing???

    • TeakWoodKite

      I heard the latter part of the interview and Savage said it would be up on his website as an mp3.

      I don’t see the link on his site. I have litened to Both Savage And Air America and it was ironic to flip between channels and hear the same complaints , just from different directions.

      The site is REALLY slow for me.

  • Trist…

    We do plan on finishing the film. It’s only 30 minutes now and we made it in 5 weeks. Eventually it will be a full length expose’ on this entire mess. For now, we are just hoping that it will get to enough PEOPLE to stop them from voting for Obama when they find out HOW he got here. We get emails from people every day stating they won’t vote for Obama after seeing what he did. So, for us, the festivals are a great idea but a long way off. Cannes is in MAY. Too late. We want people to see it NOW. But, thanks for that thought. It’s a good one.

    • typewriterstreaming

      What about the RICO case? I know PUMAS were helping Republicans who filed that lawsuit about voter fraud. They have some video concerning the primaries. Do they have access to your videos as well? This is powerful stuff. Very powerful.

    • Well, I don’t know how much buying airtime is, but it’s too bad we couldn’t do what Obama is doing and buy some time and air the film on tv. But I’m sure that is outside the realm of possibilities.
      Have you contacted your local tv station? Or paper? A lot of times if a local station features a story it’s picked up Nationally?

      Other than that, I guess you’re doing the best thing by just getting it out there through word of mouth and online.

      • Hey I know a way your local paper would take notice. If you had a public viewing at a local park or something. You know rent one of those giant screens and the park for a day advertise around town and in the local paper of a free viewing to the public with perhaps a questionnaire provided to the viewers to fill out, where you could ask them to rate the film, and would it influence their vote. Things like that. alert the media to the event and they’d be sure to cover it. From there the story could be submitted to the AP for pick up by all the other media outlets.
        I would try something like that. If you could do this one weekend before the election in at least one big city that would generate a LOT of interest I’m sure!
        I bet you could easily raise the money online.

  • poison acorn

    Oh, LOLOL!

    They think they are going to get Texas now?



    They’ve really gone over the edge.

  • Lars



    listen to obama crimes guy on savage….please its amazing he is going to release evidence….

    click on listen live….its with michael savage..

    he has philip berg on from

  • I can’t remember who said it, but someone framed this entire election very accurately when they pointed out the difference between Hillary and McCain vs. Obama.

    Many people asked why Hillary didn’t fight all the way to the convention floor which was within her right and maybe her duty, or why McCain wasn’t hitting Obama harder on issues like Wright. And this person said (correctly I believe) that for them they would rather not win the election then damage the country. There were just some lines they will not cross. Noble qualities even if they might subject us to the worst Pres. in history.
    Whereas Obama would rather destroy the Nation if it’s the only way to win the election. Though I think for him, destroying it may be his actual goal in all this.
    And so far he’s getting his wish!

    • rw

      I have a hard time buying that Hillary & McCain rather lose an election than damage the country. Isn’t Obama & Company doing, perhaps irreparable, damage to our country already by having their third world tactics go unchallenged? What more damage would FOUR years of Obama do?

      There is something more to it, and it might very well be that the outsiders that “own” the US through capital investments, t-bills, etc. are calling the shots…there is a threat from some quarter(s) ….for it to be Obama or else…but where/who are those quarters and what is the “else”.

      • Jane the Plumber

        I don’t think it’s an or else. I believe it is big money like Greorge Soros and other billionaires that have that New Party ideology.

  • Thank you so much for posting our film. Gigi, John and I appreciate all of the support from you all. I just looked again at Helen, the AA woman from Indiana, and I started to cry. She had a LOT more to say about Obama but we had to cut it out of the film at her request, and because at the time we were trying to just present the facts and not make this personal about him. I can tell you this…we BARELY scratched the surface about what happened in the Caucus States. There is WAY more than this. Way more. It was 100% fraud start to finish and it was so well planned that it has been my own theory that this planning goes back for YEARS, literally. No way could the Obama Campaign have discovered the weaknesses in the Caucus System, dispatched these extremely well trained thugs/volunteers, and accomplished this level of fraud in EVERY Caucus State without some serious planning. My heart is still broken after this experience. And then we have what happened in Denver and footage we will have to add from that Roll Call and the Delegates who were verbally abused and threatened by the DNC. I’m telling you people, if you are Dems you need to reclaim your party and get rid of the people who did this. The other big hero is Esther the Hispanic woman who listened in on the phone call that was accidentally made and she overheard the planning of this fraud. She and I are good friends now and going to go do the precinct walks in Nevada. The one great thing I can say about this experience is that I have gotten to know INCREDIBLE people that I might have never been involved with had I not made this film.

    If you guys see the film and think you can help get it out there, please do. I have emailed every single MSM outlet and only gotten somewhere with the WSJ although Fox seemed interested for a second. Sigh. Had none of THIS happened, Hillary would be with us and what a different place America would be. Very sad indeed. Obama just plain sucks and he will hopefully pay for what he has done. Howie Dean and Nancy Pelosi too.

    • If I were you I’d pass over the media and take the film to the people. Do you think you could submit your film to some of those Indy festivals like Cann? If you could get out there directly and get some serious buzz going, the media will come to you.

      • jmt

        that’s sounds like a good idea to make an independent film. I watched all 4 videos, that means, I was interested the entire time.

        Unfortunately, when (not if) barack gets elected, independent films that are anti-obama will be harder to get out to the public.

    • I saw this afternoon that you commented on the piece based on Peniel’s findings – let me thank you again for this documentary. I was in tears watching it, honestly, and could not get it out of my mind for DAYS. Very powerful, and very disturbing.

      The piece with the AA Civil Rights worker was gut- and heart-wrenching. What has happened to this country??

      And I fear you are right – this has been in the works for a while, which means the DNC committed massive voter fraud on the entire country (not to mention if this was a done deal, they defrauded us of our FUNDS as well as our votes).

      I honestly hope this gets some major coverage. Someone at the “Numbers Don’t Lie” post suggested the Canadian press – they are still thinking real journalists!

      NOTE: Peniel is also in this documentary, just so everyone knows!

      Again, OIAF – thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this documentary.

    • typewriterstreaming

      Is any of your film being used for the RICO case?

    • Zee

      Thank you for making this film.

      I have sent it to every one of these blowhards screeching about vote fraud now. I say we gave up the high ground….where were you on the hijacked primary?

      Not one of the cowards watched the film, because if they had they would’ve thanked me for informing them.

    • JustMe

      How about the UK Telegraph or BBC news?

    • btintaos

      I do what I can, every day, to promote your film. I tell anyone who has ears, and is willing to listen, about it. I also watch parts of it every day to keep my fire burning hot.

      I wanted to make a bumpersticker featuring the title of the film and wrote to Gigi for permission to do so, but I haven’t gotten a response. I figured the title alone would arouse people’s curiosity and compel them to check your website. Anyway, I link it wherever I can, every day.

      Thank you for all of your hard work.

    • I have sent links to those videos so many times and so many places. I am so frustrated because 1. the people I send them to don’t watch because they’re “too busy” and they’re sure it’s all made up. 2. they think it’s “acting” and that it was just the few shown in the videos. (They haven’t botherered to even try to read any of Lynnette Long’s web site.) 3. somehow in their minds they think it’s o.k. cause it’s a primary and the party should still be followed.

      I am so frustrated that this did not make the news everywhere. I tried to send them to every newspaper in Colorado with the suggestion that they send their own reporters to try to debunk it or add to it.

      Not one response.

      I just keep hoping the 18,000,000 include enough people with friends and family who do listen to them. I have estranged myself from a brother and sister who refuse to listen. Neither of them bothered to get involved in the primary, but somehow my experiences all the way from the county to the state convention don’t count.

      You can name every single thing that makes Obama a questionable candidate, but this has always been my real reason for not considering him.

      • btintaos

        God, I hear you. People can be so willful in their ignorance and/or laziness. It’s maddening. Just today, I had a woman say, “Oh, it’s not true,” and she hadn’t even looked at the clips.

  • HARP

    Most accurate pollster in 2004:

    McCain has cut into Obama’s lead for a second day and is now just 1.1 points behind. The spread was 3.7 Wednesday and 6.0 Tuesday. The Republican is making headway with middle- and working- class voters, and has surged 10 points in two days among those earning between $30,000 and $75,000. He has also gone from an 11-point deficit to a 9-point lead among Catholics.

    • Forget the “Bradley Effect.” This is the “Joe the Plumber Effect!” And we don’t even know the full extent of bad tidings for The Precious.

      The Precious can blame his own stupid ass for showing up at the guys house. :mrgreen:

      Popcorn anyone?

      Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion
      Proprietor, the NQ Popcorn Concession
      Since circa 2008

    • KathyNeocon

      Thank you HARP!! That’s great news, and it feels more like what’s really happening out there, which is the race is now extremely close, despite the fact that Obama is already planning his Roman orgy victory party.

  • RPL

    Slightly off topic, but I thought I would post it here anyway. Over at, they do a pretty good job of deconstructing the polls and the accuracy attatched to each of them.

    There’s a pretty interesting post up right now, where the state polls done by Survey USA are examined. First, 2006 was a bad year for Republican turnout for a variety of reasons, and Democratic turnout was higher. The people of SUSA have made a number of assumptions that are skewing the polls grossly, based on that data. The post explains the data.

    I know that I’ve posted on this topic quite a bit, but it’s a pet peeve of mine. I work on Wall Street, and I know how to make the numbers say what you want. The point of this post is to reinforce that idea that you shouldn’t believe what the MSM and polling firms are telling us. Obama’s not in as strong a position as people think.

    Thanks for letting me post, and for referencing another web site on your blog.

    • typewriterstreaming

      Thanks for that info. it is damn discouraging to be constantly drowned out by the MSM. So, thanks.

  • AngryWhitePerson

    P.S. — If you’ve received an email with misinformation about the voting process, report it so that we can make sure that voters across America get the truth about Barack:

    How the f. would someone tell if an e-mail is bogus or not? Let me guess. Someone sends me an e-mail telling me where to vote, with times and place. I’ll immediately become suspicious and forward it to you. Then, I can get the truth about Barack Obama. WHAT THE F????? This vauge as fog letter makes little to no sense, and seems incredibly desperate. Juan and his crew are not worried about the “voting process.” They are worried about rumors.

    • John House

      It’s probably so they can descend on said voter place in order to bully people.

  • How and why do they support it? Because it’s getting them what they want.

    Yup! The very same people who were crying bloody murder along with the rest of us in 2000 at having the election stolen from us, are eagerly engaging in their own election theft this year without so much as a second thought.

    Wrong is wrong….except when it’s right for me!

  • John House

    I wonder if Juan Sepulveda is related to Danny Sepulveda, the dumbassed douchebag who said that they were using the false “Obama’s father was an immigrant.” in order to sway migrant voters towards their side.

    True story, I blogged about it.

  • These videos have brought me to tears. I have met some of the people in them and they are the real deal and the press is no where to be found. Truly a shame!

    NOW McCain supporters know why the PUMAs (Hillary Supporters) didn’t fall in line and cooperate. WRONG IS WRONG!