This means that the bill — which Bush has to have to finance the war — will go to him with a deadline in place. Will he veto the bill as he’s vowed he’ll do? Dare he, if he has to have the money? By a vote of 48 to 50 (roll call vote), Senate Republicans failed to pass the Cochran Amendment; a provision remains which sets “a goal of bringing home most American troops by March 31, 2008.” The Senate GOP even had Cheney on hand in case the vote was close. Senators Chuck Hagel (R-NE) and Gordon Smith (R-OR) crossed over and voted with Democrats. I’m surprised because I was sure the Republican minority would prevail. (This is breaking news, so there’s no story yet, but there’s an earlier story on the vote at the NYT. UPDATE:Senate Keeps Pullout Date in Iraq War Bill“)

Sen. Smith of Oregon is up for reelection in 2008, and a recent poll showed him losing to a good Democratic candidate, Rep. Peter DeFazio.

From a diary at Daily Kos, “BREAKING: Cochran Amendment fails, withdrawal language stays in”:

From what Majority Leader Reid said on the floor after the vote, there will be cloture vote in the not-too-distant future (either later tonight or tomorrow, I forget which). The Republicans have indicated they won’t oppose cloture, so the vote on final passage of the Senate supplemental should come within the next few days. Then it’s on to the conference committee, but with withdrawal timelines in both the House and Senate versions, it’s essentially a certainty that there will be a withdrawal timeline in the conference report.

  • graywolf- never. most americans are pretty hostile towards the federal government. it’s probably the one thing red and blue share.

    as far as “disagreement with the administration” take a look at the stuff repblicans have been saying about bush in regards to illegal immigration. it puts the antiwar crowd to shame for sheer hyperbole

  • graywolf

    Prchrlady, Lester, al.:

    Where does your hatred of Bush stop and your hatred of America begin?

    When does disagreement with an administration mean rooting against your own country?

  • I questioned the wisdom of this method but now I see their method. probably a 50/ 50 chance bush will sign it. and if they come to a bench mark and he doesn’t want to pull out people will scream bloody murder, no pun intended (even though that’s what it is). nice one nancy

  • Hoorah for the good guys… a campaign has been won, but the big battle is still ahead…

    I loath liberman… I think he had a great deal to do with the dems loss in 00.. as for any of those who voted for it, they should hide their tails and run… the voters will get them soon… many are up for re election…

    OT, but great summary of Conzales’ underling refusing to testify… taking the fifth and all… Christy sure is on top of all of this… great work. anyway:::)))

  • anwaya

    And…. the stone is rolling now. The momentum should build from here, there are pushes from many fronts and the resistance is lessening.

    And – Hey Joe! Two Pugs. Two Pugs took your ball away. You’re gonna find yourself burrowing deeper into the dark side with time, as more Pugs move to your left in the interests of their seats.

  • And Sen. Pryor voted with the Republicans. But one Republican senator had a family emergency. So it all worked out. Truly amazing.

    MSNBC said Sen. McConnell didn’t want to filibuster the bill because he doesn’t want to be seen as opposing funding for the troops. So he’s passing the buck on to Bush. Heh.

  • Tap Duncan

    If I read the breaking news right, Joe “I would suck shrubs dick in a heartbeat” Lyingman voted with the lunatics. What on earth does this man think he’s gonna get for his treason? Close your eyes, what do you see, nothing? That’s what he’s gonna get. Going down with the opposing team, what a moron!!!