“Somebody’s watching me…” I think that MUST be Joe the Plumber’s new theme song. This did not get anywhere NEAR the attention it should have gotten, but what you may not realize is just how much Joe has been investigated since having the gall to be asked a question by The One in his OWN driveway that sparked some controversy. Joe was just minding his own damn business when Obama sauntered up, and told him he wanted to “spread the wealth around” in response to Joe’s question on possible tax structures for small businesses.

Yes, you, too, should you dare breathe a word that you might be thinking of buying a business, or heck – who knows what else as long as you aren’t supporting The One – can have ALL of your records researched – by someone in the state government. No, I am NOT making this up – it happened. Oh, coincidentally (cough, choke), the person, Helen Jones-Kelley, from whose office a good bit of this all happened, made the maximum allowed donation to – yes, of course, Obama. But she SWEARS that is not what motivated her looking into all of Joe’s records. Get this – her “reasoning” is that when someone mentions they want to buy a business, of course it is the responsibility of the state to investigate if that person is actually CAPABLE of buying that business, or if they have back taxes, or liens, or are on welfare, or…Sounds to me like maybe they were not checking out his business but GIVING him the business because he – GASP – does not support Obama. That alone seems to be reason enough to investigate this private citizen by THE STATE. For Ms. Jones-Kelley, that is. Not for the Ohio Senate president, Bill M. Harris:

Harris called the multiple records checks “questionable” and said he awaits more answers. “It’s kind of like Big Brother is looking in your pocket,” he said.

If state employees run checks on every person listed in newspaper stories as buying a business, “it must take a lot of people a lot of time to run these checks,” he said. “Where do you draw the line?”

Where indeed??

Read the rest ->

Here’s a discussion of the situation courtesy of Bill O’Reilly (don’t start – I can’t believe it, either) and Megyn Kelly, with a little bonus ACORN coverage at the end:

Are you getting this?? The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services INVESTIGATED A PRIVATE CITIZEN BECAUSE HE MENTIONED HE MIGHT WANT TO BUY A BUSINESS in framing a question to a presidential candidate, the answer to which exposed more of the candidate than he wanted. That is their BS explanation for why they have delved into this man’s life. What a crock. We know damn well why they are delving into his background, because I can GUARANTEE you that not every person who mentions they would like to own their own business has a State office go into their economic and personal records, whether that information is released or not (and Ms. Jones-Kelley claims the confidential information was not. Uh huh.) No way in hell.

Oh, and you are going to love this additional reason into why she investigated Joe the Plumber. Because she was getting so many media requests about information that, she claims, was in Public Records, and some that was, um, confidential. Well, I may not have gone to Journalism school, but I do have a ton of education, including 5 years of graduate work. I don’t recall anyone EVER doing my research for me. If it is in PUBLIC RECORDS, that means you can look it up your own damn self!! And if it is CONFIDENTIAL, why are you LOOKING at it?? So, not only did Ms. Jones-Kelley do their jobs FOR them, but she did it on STATE TIME and on a STATE COMPUTER. She claims there was no ill intent to these checks, some into confidential records. Funny – because I’m sure illin’ that anyone in state government would stoop to these levels simply because a resident of the state ASKED A QUESTION!! I mean, really – it wasn’t even an inappropriate question, for pete’s sake!

I should add that a clerk who used the LEADS (Law Enforcement Automated Data System) to determine if Joe’s address was the correct one for – naturally – the media, actually got in a little bit of hot water, though the “punishment” for using a state computer to access a private citizen’s information which then – miraculously – made its way to the media is unclear. Yeah, okey dokie.

Here’s the bottom line: if this sort of activity is occurring NOW, when Obama is just the (illegitimate) Democratic nominee, what in the sam hill will he do if he is PRESIDENT? We all thought – okay, almost all of us (shoot, someone supported the guy) – that President Bush was the most vindictive, petty, thin-skinned politician to come down the pike. But Obama and his minions, with their attacks, from verbal, physical, destructive, and dangerous – even to the point of trying to run the McCain campaign bus OFF THE ROAD, has taken this to a whole other level, and it is disturbing on a massive scale.

Let’s recap, just in case anyone is missing the point: a private citizen, just an ordinary American citizen, had his life investigated by his STATE government, and turned upside down BECAUSE HE ASKED A QUESTION. If that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, well, I just don’t know what will.

  • TeakWoodKite

    I feel the indignation Rev. Amy.

    By way of a prayer ;

    As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
    I take a look at my life and realize there’s nuttin left
    Cause I’ve been blastin and laughin so long that
    Even my mama thinks that my mind is gone
    But I ain’t never crossed a man that didn’t deserve it
    Me be treated like a punk, you know that’s unheard of
    You better watch how you talkin, and where you walkin
    Or you and your homies might be lined in chalk
    I really hate to trip, but I gotta loc
    As they croak I see myself in the pistol smoke, fool
    I’m the kinda G the little homies wanna be like
    On my knees in the night
    Sayin prayers in the street light

    .Coolio-Gansters Paradise.


    Skynet is becoming operational piece by piece.

  • Topsy-turvy world.

    – Fox News becomes the new 4th (5th?) column.

    – We’re actually looking forward to O’Reilly getting at Jones-Kelley.

    – We applaud (and adore) Megyn Kelly.

    – We feel a bit afraid and actually look to Bill and Megyn and Fox to protect us.

    Where’s the frying pan? Where’s the fire? Which is which?

    And I really think Fox and Bill and Megyn are doing a great job. A year ago I wouldn’t have given them the time of day. But today they’re one of our few hopes.

    Thanks to Amy for another great job on this article.

  • tampagurl

    I’m guilty of number 3 and 7

    • I’m guilty of none! Do I get a prize? Maybe an Obama for Kenya button? An effigy of a political opponent I can hang outside my village hut?

  • Soundtrack for the last days of the election

    If you don’t support Obama you are….

    1) racist
    2) red-neck
    3) shop at Wal-mart
    4) uneducated
    5) uncool
    6) selfish
    7) own a gun and/or bible
    8) bitter

    If you say anything that places Obama in a bad light

    1) His attorney will send a letter to the radio or television station that airs it
    2) Obama operatives in government will use their position to dig dirt on you (Ohio) or go after you legally (Missouri)
    3) If you are a reporter or news outlet, you will be denied access

    These type of tactics and mind games will not work.


    • Why are they disabling embedding? That’s a scary clip and it would do good to get it out.

  • Sarracuda

    If John McCain and Sarah Palin win this election on Tuesday, I want ALL OF THESE MEDIA BITCHES AND CELEBRITIES WHO BASHED SARAH TO COME OUT PUBLICLY AND APOLOGIZE TO VICE PRESIDENT SARAH PALIN. Karma is a bitch, I want John to win so badly, not just because I am scared to death of an Obama Presidency, but for Sarah, I want her to win because she has been through so much these past 2 months, being dissed and slammed and disrespected just for wanting to make this country a better place for her children. WE NEED SARAH IN THE WHITE HOUSE, we need someone who is real, who wants to help, and who is genuine. God Bless Sarah Palin and God Bless John McCain, and Joe the Plumber and Tito Munoz too, HE ROCKS!!

    • Andrew

      Yeah!!! They have been terrible to her. Evil rats. I hope McCain calls them on it in his SNL skit.

    • Those maggots will never apologise. You know it. I want it too but they’re maggots. They are not nice ethical people.

  • Monet

    Here’s the bottom line: if this sort of activity is occurring NOW, when Obama is just the (illegitimate) Democratic nominee, what in the sam hill will he do if he is PRESIDENT?

    I’m expecting if Senator Obama wins, that he will resurrect J. Edgar Hoover from the grave and call President Putin for tips on forming a KGB agency for Mr. Hoover to head. Senator Obama’s files will make the Nixon files look like commendation files.

    As a scholar of Constitutional Law, Senator Obama seems to have missed the bit about privacy, free speech and free press. I don’t know what they teach at Harvard Law, but if Senator Obama is an example to go by, it’s certainly not the same Constitution I studied in two law schools located in California and the Great Lakes. I’m beginning to think I received the far better legal education than Senator Obama did at the acclaimed Harvard Law.

  • athy

    RRRAmy-excellent post-as usual!
    PLease keep these articles coming and we will do the rest….

    Fellow NQ bloggers-This is OT BUT IMPORTANT.


    1-call family, friends this weekend and -make sure they know where they have to go to vote & ask if they need a ride.If they do, arrange for one.

    2- Call your local Republican office and volunteer to work as OBSERVER at your local poll.

    BY LAW, polling clerks MUST provide duplicate list of local registered voters at each polling location.
    Polling clerks are supposed to update this list EVERY HOUR and keep it available for public review.

    Check with your local Republican headquarters if anyone has been assigned to particular polling locations in your neighborhood to review this list.

    If no one has been assigned, offer to go look through the book at around 5 or 6pm and see which registered voters names HAVE NOT BEEN CROSSED OFF YET.

    IF their names have not been crossed off, it means they have not voted yet. If they have not voted yet, copy their phone numbers & CALL THEM IMMEDIATELY.

    The book contains names, phone numbers, and addresses of the registered voters.

    Call these registered voters who have not voted yet and remind them what time polls close, ask if they know which poll site they have to go to vote, ask t hem if they need help getting to the polls.Do this right up until the polls close.

    We need to make sure the registered voters vote.

    Please copy this message and pass it on to friends and family and neighbors and colleagues.

    Can anyone think of anything else that we can do during these next few days to help McCain/Palin?

  • shiloh1kb

    I used to work in a hospital also and the only way a persons confidential records can be released is with signed consent by the owner of those records or a person with power of attorney. If these records are released by any person without said signed release that person is fired on the spot and the person that was violated has the right to sue for breach of privacy. Now this is in Florida, so I don’t know how Ohio law reads.
    Helen Jones-Kelly stated when someone mentions they wante to open a buisness it is the responsiblity of the State to investigate if the person is capable of buying the buisness…yes this is true, BUT NOT UNTIL THAT BUISNESS HAS BEEN APPLIED FOR WITH A SIGNED RELEASE OF INFORMATION.

  • It’s far from over. What we need to REMEMBER is that Gore, Kerry, Dukakis, Mondale, YOU NAME IT…they ALL were up double digits and we all know what happened. OHitler is done. I thought so a long time ago, but then I have to admit I got caught up in the BS polls from time to time. Now I know it. McCain wins. Period. I have been on my knees praying to God for this every day for 18 months. God loves America. No way he hands our AMAZING country to some filthy, dirty, lying, commie, criminal DIRTBAG like OHitler. God loves us too much. I KNOW IT.

    • Whoa.

      I bet the people living in other countries feel pretty left out not being loved (or loved as much) by your ‘god’.

      Do you think perhaps they have gods of their own who love them?

      Just asking. This national centric ‘us and them’ and ‘we’re better than everyone even if I don’t know why’ mindset is something I’ve only recently encountered.

      Thanks for your assistance.

  • BerlinBerlin

    Bo has really brought a lot of Change to this country.
    He changed the race relations into where they were 50 years ago.
    He changed the media into a biased attack machine against every opponent of BO (Hillary or McCain or Palin)
    And they are in return the keepers of the secret (like ALL records of BO he is hiding)
    He has changed the right of privacy into “You have no right and no privacy” if You dare to question BO.
    He has certainly brought about Change.
    And there is more to come.
    Only thing I don’t buy is, that this is actually accomplished by BO.
    He is a plant. But the plant of whom?
    Who pulls the strings?
    The same people that had this stooge “W” up or 8 years?
    I don’t even want to know.
    Barack, You can keep the change.

    • Soros and Ayers. Ayers you ask? Yes. Who got the Tom Ayers fortune?

      Bill Ayers can’t run for public office. Look what’s happened when his good friend and protege Barack Obama ran for office. But like a terrorist Rockefeller he can control things from the wings.

      Soros? Destructor of Economies. He stands to make a lot of money off this.

      Daley. Why Daley? Because he wants the 2016 Olympics. In Chicago vernacular that means ‘hey we get about $100 billion to distribute to our friends’.

      OK, those are three. Three pretty obvious. Now go down the list of Obama’s biggest contributors and lobbyists. Sprinkle in the Pritzker sisters for good measure. Add Markos Moulitsas and other minority interests in MoveOn.

      Short version: Obama has a lot of people expecting a payback if he can hijack the election. A VERY long list.

  • MMI

    “State employee says she was ordered to check out Joe the Plumber”


    • AF catfish

      If I were Obama (which thank god I am not) I would make a big stink and say citizens have a right to question the candidates without their privacy being violated.

      That would reassure voters leaning his way but nervous about who Obama really is.

  • Please Watch

    anonymos thanks for the information. You are correct, but it should help people see that this isn’t over, and hopefully they can get out and vote for McCain/Palin.

  • anonymos

    let’s be clear guys, McCain is up one in the ONE-DAY polling, meaning that he will still be trailing in the three-day overall poll. But it will probably be only by 2 or 3. Check zogby.com at 1am

    • torland077

      True but at this point three day rolling dont mean jack. The election is one day and if it was today, johnny wins!

      • Please Watch

        It also helps with enthusiasm.

  • eleana

    JUST IN ..Friday,October 31,2008 10:21 PM -Columbus Ohio..State Employee Says She Was Ordered To Check Out Joe the Plumber…By Randy Ludlow-The Columbus Dispatch. full story..http://www.columbusdispatch.com/live/content/local_news/stories/2008/10/31/joe.html?sid=101

    • Patience

      Methinks Helen Jones-Kelley is in big trouble — the truth is leaking out. I wonder if she’ll try to pin it on the subordinates who interceded.

      I’d be worried for my livelihood and safety if I were the whistleblower.

    • Nothing we didn’t already know but it’s good it gets out into the MSM.

      Columbus Dispatch: Ordered to check out Joe the Plumber

      Try to link your links in? Thanks.

  • EightBelles

    What I want to know is what the hell is going on in the state of Ohio? First we had Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner all but guaranteeing that thousands of fraudulent votes for Barack Obama would be counted. Now we have Helen Jones-Kelley nosing into a private citizen’s personal affairs in the state of Ohio. And don’t forget if you’re homeless in Ohio all you need is the number of your park bench to vote in this election! Am I outraged? You betcha! The entire nation should question the integrity and intent of these Ohio state employees whose overriding agenda seems to be that of making sure their candidate, Barack Obama, is elected POTUS at any cost to the rest of us.

    • William l Donlon

      The Dems threw Florida and Mich. out, any chanch we can throw Ohio out of the election.

      Better yet, Do what the Dems did in May and take votes from one and give them to the other.

      I vote to give all of Obama’s votes in Ohio, next Tuesday, to Hillary.

      • Firefly

        take votes from one and give them to the other.

        Yeah – isn’t that like barky’s plan to “spread the wealth?”

        Think he’s up for spreading the votes the same way?

    • Oh, I love that idea! Frankly, I cannot believe it is so close in FL after the way Obama treated them, and especially MI!! What is the deal there??

      • tampagurl

        Obama’s been running ads telling the elderly that McCain is going to cut medicaid and Social Security. Honestly, we hear them almost every commercial break. If I didn’t know the truth I’d be worried, imagine how the seniors feel that count on every penny of that money. I think it’s cruel for Obama to do that to them.

        • He’s been doing what? But that’s a lie! That’s an outright lie!

          Where are the Gestapo and brown shirts Obama truth squads when we need them?

  • pewlf

    greta wire was great as usual…She brought up a clip of the New Mexico governor,saying Obama would only raise taxes above 120,000..lol Pretty soon the 42,000 Obama voted on will be a reality…

    So we’ve heard 250,000 200,000 150,000 now 120,000

    I think Obama is making this stuff up on a daily basis.imo

    • Susan1968

      It sounds like reverse bidding on Ebay.


    • MMI

      A lot of the so-called cuts are credits. For families without dependent children, they will see their tax increase at much lower income levels. When you talk about unmarried, single filers, the cut-off level is lower than the number quoted. If you are talking about small businesses, I would guess a cut-off of 120,000 would impact a high percentage of small businesses.

    • Hourly basis. He’s a very swift boat. He can turn on a Kenyan coin.

  • NoBama
    • Oh that is a beautiful article! Fabulous! Gorgeous! Beautiful!

  • NoBama
    • Peggy Sue

      If the Old guy wins?

      The MSM will have to eat crow and admit what a bunch of sychophants they’ve been from the start. They have failed the American public, miserably, too worried about their paychecks and “access” to the powers that be than anything else.

      Apologies from John King? Stick it. I will never, never trust this crew of pseudo-reporters, who have the nerve to call themselves “the press,” unless they want to submit themselves to a stone press, the way they did in Salem.

      Disgusting, the whole bunch!

      I see very few real reporters left in journalism, with the exception of several Chicago journalists who have been trying to sound the alarm bell. But the national media has failed to listen. Ask Evelyn Pringle. I’m sure she could count the ways!

      • NoTrollZone

        Peggy Sue, I like your idea. I’d like to see the MSM in the stocks. You betcha! They don’t get hurt or anything but they get to be shamed. And this group of mutton-heads will never realize the dirt that they are– so a little time in the stocks might well be appropiate.

        And Pringle is one of the last journalists in America. Go Pringle!

    • barry bums a ciggie

      *gasp*…not only that, what if that woman becomes VP?

      I’m praying hard folks. Go Mac go!

    • Seattle McMoss

      Great article

      Now we know why the media is in bed with Obama. Control the election and win through mind control.
      Then ask for $300 billion bailout.

      I want the dinosaur media to die a horrible death..
      What else can you ask for traitors!!

    • Mr. Natural

      What if the old guy wins?

      Congress will give him whatever he asks for.

      Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are very well trained.

  • Papoose

    I am sure glad that that Ms Jones Kelley has the esponsibility to investigate a constituent for having a dream.

    Excitedly glad that she know or has any bias (money walks, bullshit talks, blah, blah, blah).

    I feel so much better now that Judge Surrick doen’t give a shit either. Good Eye. Go Phillies.

    We’re doomed when the judge in the hood knows where he stands, at the very least.

    I’ll fax ya my response if I someday get an anknowledgement.

    Screw the Constitution. The City of Brotherly Love has won the World Series, folks! Yay!

    PS and btw; Erica Jong, you never impressed me. i am really afraid to fly with you in sight, darling. Very imporant person, you think. Hah! You and Gloria and Baba Wawa ~ we’re laughing at yas. You guys make Bella A. look mighty good. goddess rest her soul.

    Fuck off, bogus fems.

    Who was J? Now, that was some goof information. Thanks! It Works! Strawberry Papers and all. The Harad Experience… Bad Bye. Love your Penthouses. ooooooh!$

    • Seattle McMoss

      I think Joy what’s her face over there at the View was the worst.

      How dare Joe the Plumber have a dream of success in her communist little world

  • Peggy Sue

    John McCain, the ultimate Closer. You don’t spend years surviving a POW camp by losing confidence in who and what you truly are. You survive by developing faith and refusing to give in.

    We’re watching something phenomenal. Can artificially induced perceptions trump the real deal. We’re going to find out shortly.

    I know what side I’m on.

    McCain/Palin ’08

    PS: Zogby will report a 1 pt lead for McCain tomorrow morning. Start of a late trend that even the pollsters can not deny????

    • PS: Zogby will report a 1 pt lead for McCain tomorrow morning. Start of a late trend that even the pollsters can not deny????

      Correct. The numbers are so bad now for Der Precious they can’t hide this any longer. 😯

      • La Compania Volante

        Just don’t let the good news keep you–any of you–from voting. My wife, my son, and I voted early here in Texas, even though we know this state will go for McCain/Palin regardless. I’m going to go back to my hometown on voting day to escort some of my older relatives to the polls, this because some people tried to intimidate them during the primaries.

        The popular vote counts just as much as the electoral vote in that it establishes the moral imperitive, the mandate that backs a candidate’s fitness for office. Get out and VOTE, whether your state is blue or red, and go in groups if you think you might experience intimidation–that’s the way to deal with and annul the effect of vote fraud.

    • KathyNeocon

      Right on Peggy Sue!!! John McCain knows how to fight for this country and has already put his life on the line and suffered unspeakable pain for this great Nation! He can take that little wimp Communist Obama any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  • Seattle McMoss

    Words to fear…

    We may pay Helen Jones Kelley a visit


    • Mr. Natural

      Yeah, well, if it was the Mike Wallace of yesteryear’s 60 minutes, then we’d have something.

  • New poll at Gretawire…Who thinks that Palin will get Hillary voters?

    88% – YES
    12% – NO

    • Palin cemented the PUMA vote for Mac the day he announced her. Female and male PUMAs. Both sexes backed Hillary and loved his choice. Sometimes people forget there are male PUMAs. 😯

      • trixta

        PUMAs consist of a abroad coalition across genders, class, race, sexuality, and age. The blatant misogyny, sexism, class bigotry, and undemocratic primary, however, were the rallying cry for us all.

        No Way, No How, Nobama!

  • Andrew

    Somebody on GretaWire just stated that Repubs are outvoting Dems in early voting by 7 percent. Can someone please verify this?

    • Andrew

      It was reported on KCAL 9 news about 45 minutes ago by one of there Political reporters according to “SAY YOU-SAY ME” on GretaWire. Can anyone in California confirm this?

      • Andrew

        Eww. I went to CBS LALABOT Land but couldn’t find the story. The GretaWire blogger said that is mainly commentary from a political pundit. Looks like they didn’t make a story of it. Surprise. They did make stories of phony pre-exit poll polling data where they poll people and then the one’s that say they already voted are asked who they voted for. Silly. The sample size is microscopic.

      • Seattle McMoss

        Hey Andrew,
        My wife keeps coming in telling me that John Lieberwitz(Stewart) is slamming Obama real hard. They are calling him a commie and crack dealing community organizer.

        I have no further information as I boycott these scum.

        Wait a minute..My wife is calling me again
        She is telling me that Bill Crystal is on saying that McCain is going to win

        • John Smith

          what are you watching?

          • Seattle McMoss

            My wife is watching the daily show and they ridiculed Obama’s info commercial pretty hard. They also made fun of his community organizing.
            My wife was convinced that Stewart had changed to McCain but after interviewing Crystal who said that McCain was going to win, Stewart quickly revealed that he is a New York liberal Obamabot who gets all his information from the NewYork Slimes.

            That’s why I don’t watch this garbage!!

            • John Smith

              I stoped watching that as well. It use to be funny. But when they were only making fun of McCain and Hillary then I stopped watching it. I think they must have lost a lots of viewers.

        • McHope
  • barry bums a ciggie

    Can we say HYPOCRITE?

    Anderson Cooper’s Joe the Plumber Moment

    Friday, October 31, 2008 4:06 PM

    By: Ronald Kessler Article Font Size

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper criticized Joe the Plumber, for owing back taxes, but Cooper himself was once slapped with a tax lien for ten times the amount Joe owed.

    On Oct. 16, Anderson Cooper said, “We heard a lot about Joe the Plumber today on the trail and, moments ago, at the Al Smith Dinner. We have also learned quite a bit on our own. It turns out, Joe is not actually a licensed plumber.”

    Cooper went on: “He admits he is not making anywhere close to a quarter-million dollars. So, in fact, he would be getting money back under the Obama tax plan. He also owes back taxes, according to local court documents.”

    Clearly, Cooper said, the media “has been looking all over this guy. His name is actually not Joe. At least, that’s not his first name. His name is Sam, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher.”

    According to a judgments docket in Kings County, Brooklyn, on Feb. 25, 1994, Cooper was the subject of a New York State tax warrant for $11,926.82. The warrant was satisfied on Aug. 5, 1994. Joe the Plumber’s tax lien from Ohio was for $1,182.98. The amount has since been paid.


    • SLW

      Cooper has had his own agenda for a very long time… thanks to his mom, Gloria Vanderbilt.. connecting the dots are like playing dominoes.

      • Mr. Natural

        With money like the Vanderbilt have made (and lost), living in the White House itself would be slumming.

  • William l Donlon

    Zogby has McCain up 48 to Obama’s 47.

    Rumblings are that “Camp Obama” has a bad case of the “Bradly Shakes”.

    There is talk of “big racial incident”

    It has been used in the past when the Campaign has stalled.

    Sen James Clyborn played the race card against Bill Clinton in South Carolina when Bill stated an historic fact. Jackson DID win So. Carolina.

    Playing the race card against a non event still took away Hillary’s big gun.

    Hillary had a string of wins in April and Camp Obama wanted to slow her down and “Dirty the Bitch up”.

    Hillary mentioned Bobby Kennedy and they threw the race card.

    Barack himself threw down the race card against McCain this summer when McCain started cutting into Barack’s lead.

    When challenged to name one instance of a racist word or deed by McCain, it backfired and Barack has used suragates to play the card ever since..

    John Lewis cried “racist” for Camp Obama against a “shout”, that only one person heard at a Palin rally.

    “Camp Obama” was getting spooked because the McCain/Palin rallies were allowing actual voters to voice their anger and opposition of “The One”.

    Colin Powell was used to play the race card when Joe The Plumber started to take hold.

    Now McCain has closed with just hours to go, so it is better than even odds that an “incident” will be blown out of all proportion and several Camp Obama suragates will play the race card.

    It will most likely happen Saturday.

    The media will join the chorus to lead the mob in their racist chants.

    My prediction:
    This time it will backfire and cost Camp Obama Pennsylvania and possibly the election..

    Key Stone Staters are already upset over Barack’s charges of Bitterness, gun hugging and bible thumping.

    John Murtha tore the scab off that wound whith his remarks.

    Camp Obama just may be out of race cards to throw.

    We are finally down to crunch time, Big Pot, winner take all.

    • John Smith

      Murtha is begging for a million. He is already out. He can’t live down what he said about his own voters. People in that area must already be upset with the DNC over picking Obama over Hillary. There is no chance for him to come back. If he was so confident that he could win he would not ask for the million. That is sure a lots of money for a congressional district this late in the game.

      They have been calling the entire country racist so nobody cares what they are saying now.

    • Seattle McMoss

      The Halloween Surprise…

      Zogby,Drudge and Hannity…..

      3 minutes before 7pm friday night

      I love Blackberry’s….

  • Andy

    This ius typical behavior of a police state. If they pull these now imagine what it’d be if BO were to get the presidency…. He’d have control from teh top over every single agency, over everyone. No wonder he voted for FISA. I tell you; people would have to start watching what they say. It would cease to the the America we know, the America we love.

    • Andy

      corrections: “This is…” and “cease to be the…”

    • trixta

      “Here’s the bottom line: if this sort of activity is occurring NOW, when Obama is just the (illegitimate) Democratic nominee, what…will he do if he is PRESIDENT? We all thought…that President Bush was the most vindictive, petty, thin-skinned politician to come down the pike. But Obama and his minions, with their attacks, from verbal, physical, destructive, and dangerous – even to the point of trying to run the McCain campaign bus OFF THE ROAD – has taken this to a whole other level, and it is disturbing on a massive scale.”

    • heather

      It’s in everything that this campaign has done and promises to do — from the little things, like trying to comment on a youtube video on the Obama channel (go ahead, try to make a comment other than “Oh yes, you are great and powerful” – see how far that gets you) to using the race card any time anyone brings up negative associations, to promising to stifle free speech with the “Fairness Doctrine” after he’s elected. I love how all of his restrictive policies have nice names, don’t you?

  • Peggy Sue

    If McCain pulls this out on Tuesday [and there’s good, positive indications that he may pull out a Truman miracle] then he can thank Joe the Plumber, who inadvertently turned this election on its head. Not only with a simple question and stupid answer from Barack Obama but the unwarrented savaging of a private citizen.

    Joe the Plumber didn’t asked to be dragged through the mud. He didn’t seek the Democratic candidate for President out. Barack Obama walked through Joe’s neighborhood [expecting the adulation he’s grown so accustomed to].

    One question. One answer. But the Obamatrons could not let it go. Oh no. How dare this man ask a simple question and show the chinks in the Obama armor.

    This simple exchange could cost the Dems the election. And I don’t feel a single moment of sympathy for any of them. They raked Hillary Clinton across the coals. They accused Bill Clinton of being a racist. And they have ripped at Sarah Palin as if she were trash.

    We could argue that: hey, it’s politics.

    But Joe the Plumber is one of us, despite our class or economic situation. He’s a single American citizen who had the temerity to ask Barack Obama a question. And Obama, in a rare moment of honesty, revealed himself as someone off track and outside the average American’s point of view.

    That is Joe the Plumber’s crime, his great, unforgiveable sin.

    He revealed the underlying, so carefully hidden agenda, of Barack Obama. Did the campaign try to explain away the answer? Oh no, they tried to kill the questioner.

    And the result? They made good old Joe an American hero. Am I laughing? To quote Sarah Palin: you betcha!

    • Ani

      One question. One answer. But the Obamatrons could not let it go. Oh no. How dare this man ask a simple question and show the chinks in the Obama armor.

      This simple exchange could cost the Dems the election. And I don’t feel a single moment of sympathy for any of them. They raked Hillary Clinton across the coals. They accused Bill Clinton of being a racist. And they have ripped at Sarah Palin as if she were trash.

      Peggy Sue,

      Thank you for your spot on comments. After being a lifelong Democrat, I could not imagine ever being as disappointed and disgusted with the current party leadership as I am now. And the fact that they have all lined up to support this fraud instead of getting up in June to stop this railroad job and instead declare “the emperor has no clothes” is something I will neither forgive nor forget.

      Nothing is by accident.

      Nothing seemed to pierce the veil of b.s. the media was dishing on behalf of the Obama campaign. And then, Obama sauntered into Joe the Plumber’s yard and turned this election on its ear.

      His one innocent question showed the true character of Obama and his more vile supporters in a way nothing else could and may just wind up saving the American people a very costly and painful error.

  • nate

    ive worked in state government and it’s absolutely amazing how much information is available to even the lowest intern.

    in joe’s case, the only way the back taxes would have been public information is if the state had filed an actual tax lien – then it would be available via the county court system. regarding the plumber’s license, i’m sure that that information has to be posted publicly at his place of business. the speeding tickets and arrests would be readily available with any commercial investigation service (intellius, etc), as would his previous addresses.

    i think it’s fukked up that his life was turned upside down (although it looks like he’s been capitalizing on his new fame), but he really opened himself up to criticism/ridicule by stretching the truth about his career.

  • Objective Analysis

    Like we are shocked by BHO communist, socialist and Nat Turner style tactics.

  • Andrew

    So this on GretaWire and laughed:

    Comment by Hobnob
    October 31st, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    Friends don’t let friends vote for Obama/Biden. Vote responsibly, vote McCain/Palin

    Damn straight!!!

  • HARP

    If everyone could convince one more person to vote McCain, it would be a landslide.

  • Andrew

    …vomiting when I see Obama. Looks like he heard about the poll tonight because he was a little nasty to the press. McCain has Arnold at his event and Obama has his lying ass self. It time to terminate Obama’s evil campaign.

  • Please Watch

    Lets keep fighting for McCain/Palin.

  • As for Zogby – Wooot Wooot! All of the PUMAS have a few more days to swing the left over Hillary voters who haven’t quite “seen the light” and decided not to reward the criminals at the DNC and OHitler with their vote after the voter fraud and THEFT of their VOTES. Go get em PUMAS. We know you’re part of why this thing is going to be brought home for the McCain/Palin ticket.

    • I still cannot believe people who plan on voting for Obama because they “absolutely cannot vote for McCain/Palin.” I haven’t gotten an answer as to why that is, given all that Obama and the DNC have done this election (caucus fraud, RBC, misogyny, homophobia, etc., etc.). A big part of the problem is that the MSM threw out all of those Palin rumors, and then didn’t try too hard to correct them…

      Honestly, while I do not agree with McCain on some of his policies, and have never voted Rep. in my entire life, he is at least an honorable man, who genuinely seems to love this country. So, I just don’t get this response from smart people who would not hire Obama for a job at their university or business based on his lack of record. I mean, really – can you IMAGINE a university hiring someone who could not, would not, produce ONE paper written? No way in hell. Yet they are abt to vote for him for POTUS?? Holy crapoli!!

      Great comments, folks – and yes, horrible message Obama is sending to regular Americans with dreams. Yes, the rest of us would be fired tout suite if we dug into someone’s records like that…

      • Andy

        That’s a good observation/analogy RRR Amy: if Obama were coming up for tenure he would be voted NO; I guarantee it to you.

        • I can’t imagine he ever would get hired in the first place! I mean, really – what academician does NOT have to present copies of addresses or lectures or presentations or a BOOK to even get an interview? Yet Obama won’t provide ANY paperwork, has a thin resume, and they would “employ” him for the most important job in the world? Yeah, I don’t think so. That is what I just don’t get – someone they would laugh out of committee if he applied to their institution, they will give their vote simply because he has a (D) after his name? The lack of logic during this process by people who should KNOW better has been staggering…Even more than that is the win at all and any cost mentality – it doesn’t matter that he cheated and treated women like CRAP along the way – “we gotta beat the Republicans!!” Well, not if it means violating one’s ethics and morality, it doesn’t. Sheesh…Sorry for the pontificating. It’s late, and I should probably not say anymore! 🙂

          And thanks, Andy!

          • socalannie

            Rev Amy, you’re on top of your game tonite! Great articles, great comments! You are much appreciated!

            • Thank you so much, SocalAnnie! What a lovely thing to say! 😀

              And I appreciate all of the great readers at NQ, too. Y’all are the best!

      • ted

        look, the truth of the matter is that the vast majority of americans don’t have the luxury of being able to vote for people b/c of perceived slights during the primaries. yes, mccain is a hero and loves his country, but there is no doubt that he will follow lock, stock and barrel the same economic policies (except on earmarks), that we’ve followed the last 8 years. now, if you can sit there and say that you agree with how Bush has run the country on economics and foreign policy, then by all means vote for McCain. but there are many people in this country who are in a much worse position than they were in 2000, and a lot of them will vote Obama. i’m sure ill get flamed, but it’s the truth.

        • Northwest rain

          TROLL alert.

          “perceived” slights???????

          No voters absolutely know when the candidates hates them and feels he is superior to them.

          O-zero is a frat boy — and he has absolutely no comprehension of who working Americans really are.

          O-zero is a bully — he deliberately gamed the caucuses — sent in thugs and bullies to ram rod their messiah over the top.

          The majority of Americans know O-zero doesn’t have our interests at heart — and most Americans don’t have the information we bloggers at NQ and allied blogs have on O-zero.

          O-zero says that the people who are making $250,000 $200,000 $150,000 $100,000 $95,000 are just selfish because they don’t want higher taxes. (Reported at TexasDarlin’s blog.

          O-zero wants to latch onto wage earners — because they are the golden goose — and it is their wages which can be appropriated more easily.

          You trolls are incredibly dense and sexist pigs as well.

        • Ani

          “Perceived slights” indeed. Please. Do not attempt to dismiss reality in favor of more koolaid.

        • trixta

          Sorry, but we cannot afford the “luxury” of misogyny or sexism as a political tactic in any Party!

      • Ani

        Amy, Holy Crapoli is right!

        Actually, I’ve not heard it put better…

        How anyone can think to vote for someone for
        the. toughest. job. in. the. world.
        on the basis of speeches from a teleprompter is absolutely beyond me.

        He is all smoke and mirrors. Nto a good fit for the presidency.

  • Artemis

    THANKS FOR THIS GREAT NEWS! It’s made my night.
    McCain-Palin 08 — YES!

  • Papoose

    Hey, Rev, BOO!

    All hallowed Saints Eve…

    We’ve all been registered in some way, I feel sure.

    Having a moniker never kept me from saying who I am or where I live.

    I am sure we’ve been added to the little red book by now.

    No Doubt, at all.

    Happy Friday! Happy Hallow e’en!

    ~ Never forget 11/4/79…history repeats itself, obvioulsy.

    ~ smooches and hugs.

  • avwrobel

    Yup. McCain up by 1!!!!! Some great posts over at Hillbuzz pointed out something that I think is being completely missed by the media. Clinton supporters (PUMA’s), especially in the states that had caucuses during the Democratic primaries, are still very much livid regarding Obambi’s fraudulent tactics in those caucuses and elsewhere, and are definitely NOT coming home to the Democratic Party. We ARE GOING TO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE IN THIS ELECTION!! Obambi and his rotten crew are headed back to the Rezko mansion in Hyde Park to lick their wounds after Tuesday. McCain-Palin ’08!!

    • remember

      Oh yeah…some of us have been quietly waiting to VOTE for McCain…hi, hi, hi…

  • remember

    ZOGBY SATURDAY: McCain outpolled Obama 48% to 47% in Friday, one day, polling. He is beginning to cut into Obama’s lead among independents, is now leading among blue collar voters, has strengthened his lead among investors and among men, and is walloping Obama among NASCAR voters. Joe the Plumber may get his license after all…

    • MC1

      God is listening to our prayers!

      Send money! Call your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors – convince them to vote for McCain/Palin, to send money, to campaign but most importantly to get out the VOTE!

    • John Smith

      I really don’t know what to make off of this polls. They are all over the place. Everything I have been reading about what the people are saying about what is going on on the ground however is reinforced by the fact where the candidates are campaigning.

      • Andrew

        I agree. The polls are so wacko. Still it infuses a bit of hope into this election.

  • Artemis

    I have a feeling that a background check of Helen Jones-Kelley would reveal a lot more damaging details than did the one done on Joe the Plumber. A state employee gave the maximum amount allowed to Obama’s campaign? Really? This whole story wreaks. But I’m not really surprised. After ACORN and all the other examples of voter fraud and phony caucuses, etc. this story is just another example of Obama-zealots abusing power and breaking the law — all for the glory of THAT ONE.

  • Queenie

    typo..provide..all the other people’s records..

  • Queenie

    I want to see the records of all the other people they have investigated that have been in the newspapers in the past 5 years..they should have to cough up those files..pronto!..bet they haven’t kept any of those files..or they destroyed them like obama destroyed all his Ill records..But this gal should have to rpivde all the other people’s records she has investigated for the same stuff..and she should have to produce those records immediately..or be fired.

  • cathnealon

    I work in a hospital. If a candidate comes in for a procedure I of course have access to all of his or her medical records. If I violate that candidate’s confidentiality not only will I get fired the hospital can be sued, fined and charged. There’s a little pesky thing called the LAW that I must adhere to and this hill jones-kelly or whatever her name is should be fired and the state should be fined.

  • trails

    As bad as this invasion of privacy was, and it was awful in my book, the mocking of Joe the Plumber the next day by Obama and Biden was worse. Obama, the man who is trying to sell the nation hope, does not believe any of us should have dreams for a better tomorrow.


    • Seattle McMoss


      The mocking of Joe the Plumber was the singular event that has destroyed Maobama.

      • Andrew

        When Obama has a coronary from the loss (and smoking) will the bots preserve his body like they did Chairman Mao’s. Just imagine a lifeless Obama staring at you, oh, that’s right, he already looks lifeless.

      • McHope

        Seattle McMoss,
        You are so right. That is the single most damaging act by Obama. McCain should show that clip of Obama mocking Joe the Plumber non stop.

      • Ani

        Absolutely. I always thought the Democratic Party stood up for working people in this country. I thought we were the ones who stood up for the ‘little guy’ or gal trying to make headway in this country.

        The way Obama and Biden mocked Joe (and, by extension, everyone out there like him) was a deep insult and showed Obama to be elitist and clueless: a dispassionate snob who obviously doesn’t think Joe is as good as he is because he didn’t go to Harvard.

        Let him go back to Whole Foods and shop for arugula and stop plaguing the rest of America with his arrogant statements and behavior.

        I have been known to shop at Whole Foods myself on occasion. But I am not arrogant enough to assume I know what’s best for people who have an entirely different background or lifestyle than mine. He sits back studying everyone like a bug under a glass and makes pronouncements about who they are (bitter voters, anyone?) without knowing squat all about them, or caring.

        The latest insult he delivered to Americans is that if we don’t want to pay more taxes, we are selfish!!!

        Is he nuts? We are in a deep recession — how can he blame people for being afraid? His policies are idiotic and disingenuous at best – moreover, they will not work.

        Does it make us selfish to want true leadership. We want someone who actually cares about Americans, not someone who uses them to put the crown on his own head without regard for their dignity or well being beyond paying them lip service so far as it advantages him.

        • Seattle McMoss

          “I have been known to shop at Whole Foods myself on occasion. But I am not arrogant enough to assume I know what’s best for people who have an entirely different background or lifestyle than mine.”

          This is the big difference between Obama and his thugs and the rest of us. Not only do they disagree with us but they look down on us as uneducated and even evil in our support of McCain.

          I’m losing some so called friends over my support of McCain after being a Hillary delegate. They just don’t get the fact that I’ve always been country first.
          No way can I support an anti-American elitist racist that has thugs and goons as friends.

          • Ani

            Seattle McMoss,

            Absolutely. There is someone (thankfully not someone close to us) that we have had to chuck as well after we got called names for not bowing at the feet of the false messiah.

            The pretence and superiority was ridiculous.

            You know, no matter how horrid this year has been in some ways, I will always be grateful that I found my voice and put effort and muscle behind doing what I believe to be right.

            It is a big revelation to realize that principles are more important than people pleasing.

            • Seattle McMoss

              Ever since I have thrown off the yoke of party I have become much more prosperous. I think for myself and have a clear and crisp conscience.
              I have joined groups that represent the protection of business and workers. After this election I will work tirelessly to protect Liberty and freedom for this country.
              I’m so glad I found my voice and will affect positive change to the chagrin of all the pessimistic America hating drones.

              • Ani

                Bless you for all your hard work!

                It really is amazing how free and objective I feel after stopping the DNCkoolaid sipping. I find I am much more open to a sensible message and don’t accept or reject it out of hand based on the party affiliation from which it originates.

            • heather

              My own Dad hung up on me about a month ago when I said that I thought Obama would not be good for our country and that he is not who he says he is. He ended up chalking it up to the fact that I am anti-abortion (which I am), and said that I am a one issue voter, because he couldn’t see how I didn’t see the wonder and light of the One. Had he allowed me a word in edgewise, I could have given him about a hundred things that I don’t like about Obama, and his very far left stance on abortion is but one of them. He didn’t call back to apologize, and has continued to make fun of me to others. Soooo, this has gotten a little personal for me.

    • AnninCA

      I agree. The mocking was so offensive. Unbelievable.

  • Please Watch

    Hey everyone, did you check out the drudge headline right now.

    McCain move into the lead in one day polling. WOW!

    • Hillblazer

      Has that actually been confirmed?

      • remember

        Yeah…go to drudgereport.com

    • morty

      Drudge Zogby VERY optimistic!

      Does anyone know about this? At Hillbuzz –
      illegal campaign appeals Michelle Obama made today that we’re in the middle of — basically, the Obama campaign violated state law by offering a backstage seat with Obama on election night for $25 donations. Remember, Obama has been charging press thousands and thousands of dollars for backstage access — so that $25 you contribute is an entry into a lottery that could win you a prize worth thousands. State law around the country bars a political campaign from holding a lottery like this. http://hillbuzz.wordpress.com/2008/10/31/so-much-to-tell-you/

      • Andy

        Someone posted this in a previous post and Truthteller explained there that this is erroneous (something about state lw vs federal law)
        You can look for that thread in the previous post here at NQ.

        • tampagurl

          Remember Hillary offered almost the same thing. Make a donation to pay off her debt for a chance to have dinner with her.

  • bart

    When a cult of personality is developed, all the acolytes feel they must help protect the One. Not a recipe for civic responsibility.

    • katmandu

      Civic responsibility? The state agency director’s story is starting to unravel. http://www.columbusdispatch.com/live/content/local_news/stories/2008/10/31/joe.html?sid=101 The senior staffer who did the search has completely contradicted her boss, saying “people in the news” do NOT have their records searched.

      I wonder if this reaches to Strickland.

    • trixta

      Worth repeating, because I, too, have been thinking the same. Wake up, America!

      “Here’s the bottom line: if this sort of activity is occurring NOW, when Obama is just the (illegitimate) Democratic nominee, what in the sam hill will he do if he is PRESIDENT? We all thought – okay, almost all of us (shoot, someone supported the guy) – that President Bush was the most vindictive, petty, thin-skinned politician to come down the pike. But Obama and his minions, with their attacks, from verbal, physical, destructive, and dangerous – even to the point of trying to run the McCain campaign bus OFF THE ROAD, has taken this to a whole other level, and it is disturbing on a massive scale.”