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Of Obama campaigning. Yes, he has already started for his re-election. Blech. Oh, he just happened to show up at the Lincoln Memorial after the 11th hour agreement on the budget vote, running around, glad handing, acting like he was the one who wrote the damn thing:

Never mind that he was kicking and screaming throughout the whole process, threatening to veto an extension bill that would fund the Pentagon, thus the military, should there be a government shutdown. And never mind that the REASON we were on the verge of a government shutdown was the Democrats refusal to pass a damn budget last year when they controlled all three houses. Gee – can’t imagine why they decided not to do that, and that decision was made pretty early in the year.

And now Obama is prancing around like he did this single-handedly? Please.

It is only going to get worse from here on out. This is only the beginning of his re-election bid, which he curiously decided to launch in the midst of a boatload of serious issues facing the nation and the world (Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iran, the budget, gas prices that have doubled – DOUBLED -under Obama, and on and on).

Just as a reminder, these are some of the “highlights” toward which I imagine we can look forward, and the mature responses of his followers:

Or this:

Or how about this memorable comment:

Here’s some campaign advice for Mr. Obama, free of charge: when you are in the middle of a campaign, and you choose to go out to be among the people, including eating in a diner, when someone dares ask you a question, answer it. That’s why you are there, right? If you want an uninterrupted waffle-eating breakfast (and was that waffle ever an indicator of things to come from Obama), stay in your hotel room. I’m just saying – you might not want to get all snappy with the people you want to vote for you when you deign to mingle among them.

That is just the beginning. That doesn’t even begin to touch the ways in which Obama takes credit for actions that were not his (the list is way too long, but think back to the last election when he claimed to be on committees he wasn’t on, or bills on which he didn’t work, etc., etc.). How much worse is it going to get now that he actually got into the White House? Geez, I shudder to think.

I wonder if, maybe the second time around, the media might actually do more of its job, and ask him some real questions, like about Rezko, for instance. Or his connections to Big Oil. Yeah, I didn’t think so…

I don’t know that I can take another 1 1/2 of Obama campaigning. The last time was one time too many, if you ask me. I think I’m going to have to spend more time watching videos like this instead of watching Obama lie like a rug, calling people racists if they disagree with him, or tilting his chin up at people in the most arrogant manner possible:

Uh, yeah. This is much better, don’t you think?

**Update** My aunt mentioned to me today that Obama had been complaining about his loss of privacy. Was he ever. I knew he had complained about this before, but wow, want a little whine with that cheese, Mr. Obama? Good grief. I guess he didn’t believe Bush when he said being president was “hard work.” Hmm – I wonder if people will give Obama as hard of a time for saying this:

“I just miss – I miss being anonymous,” he said. “I miss Saturday morning, rolling out of bed, not shaving, getting into my car with my girls, driving to the supermarket, squeezing the fruit, getting my car washed, taking walks. I can’t take a walk.”

His dream, he said, was to “go through Central Park and watch folks passing by … spend the day watching people – I miss that”.

Faced with simmering criticism for playing more golf than most previous occupants of the White House, he explained that the sport was simply the best way of getting away from it all.

“It’s the only excuse I have to get outside for four hours at a stretch,” he told Hearst magazines. [snip] (Click here to read the rest.)

Oh, freakin’ spare me. After he pulled every dirty trick in the book to get INTO the White House, from caucus fraud to vote-stealing, he’s complaining (again)? That just takes the cake…

I think this calls for another horse video, this time with a cat (this one reminds me of my Jordan playing with a teeny tiny little kitten, letting him play with his tail and everything – so cute):

  • FranSC

    0bama doesn’t need handlers or anyone to “order” him to take the credit and the bows for the work of other people.  He’s done that since his IL state senate days, according to some of his colleagues.

    The most surprising thing was him trying to take the credit for the repubs’ work.  According to a CNN poll done within days of the buget agreement, some whopping percent gave 0 the credit and the repubs 34%!  However that didn’t square with his difiant speech today pledging not to budge on his “investment” items (code for tax and spend, according to the repubs.) 

    I suspect the idea for the Lincoln Memorial visit was the need for an instant audience as they drove past it.  Flash Mob scene?  He is such a glory hound that it is getting harder and harder to watch.  I can hardly bare the thought of another campaign with him in it and all the lies and deception they have to employ. 

    How on earth can people be this gullible, this blind?  It goes beyond partisan politics.  It is like a demonic spirit that has his worshippers in a helpless trance.   

  • ImissReagan

    Charlie on the Maobama/miniMaoboehnor “cuts”.

    Charlie McGrath – We Need A Summer Of Rage – Vid

    We were scammed.


    Just heard parts of Obama’s budget speech this afternoon..he’s talking the talk (campaign mode again);  anyone believe he’ll walk the walk?

  • oowawa

    Trump running as an independent:

    I doubt he would ultimately go through with that course of action, but the threat of doing so will elevate his soap box and increase his power to inject his POV into the debate.  A three way ticket of, say, Romney-Trump-Obama would of course likely result in an Obama victory–but who knows for sure . . .



    this one is for you.




  • Kathleen Wynne

    JB in VA,

    I was being “facicious” about the college kids.  Obama got the bulk of his support from Soros and Soros’ financial pals.  obama is a tool for the corporate elite,which is why this boob has been protected by the MSM and the party leaders, who are also tools for the corporate elite. 

  • foxyladi14

    poser too 😛

  • JB in VA

    TeakWoodKite – he doesn’t have his billion yet. People keep talking like it’s a done deal, but to me the very fact that they’re taking this tack shows how weak he is. As the incumbent — especially one with the media at his beck and call like this one — no president should have to rely on blow-out fundraising just to have a chance at winning.

  • JB in VA

    Kathleen, I really like your comments, but I’m not so sure about the college kids. He’s slipped badly in the polls with them (from 66-68% in 2008 to low 50s), and even with blacks (down to 85%, from 91% in 2008). At least some people seem to be wising up. Not having a job, or any prospect of one, or even being able to afford the gas you need to find one, will do that. 

  • Noogan

    Ridiculous, ImissReagan. I am skeptical of your argument, since polling shows that the public approves of the deal. Your criticisms from the “right” seem disingenuous to me. Boehner didn’t cave; Obama caved. The narrative is on the side of the Republicans at present:


  • Noogan

    Leftist organizations pushing back against Obama’s shift to the “center!” ROFL. 

    They’re collecting petition signatures–they collected 40,000 in TWO HOURS–to pressure Obama not to do what they know he’s about to do. 

    Aww. Thrown under the bus, and they’re not happy.


  • JB in VA

    RRRA – I think it was the other way around. The DNC picked him to give a major speech at the 2004 convention and were acting like he was The One even then.

    Stupid me, he was so mediocre on stage I just assumed they’d let him fade away, but for the next 2+ years they praised him unceasingly in the press. Narcissist that he is, he believed their crap. So, long before he started his campaign, the DNC were in the tank for him, their motivations being “We’ll have the black vote forever” and “We’ll get every dime liberals can cough up — what (white guilt-laden) liberal is NOT going to pony up big time for a black candidate and every down ticket candidate running with him”.

    The DNC got what it wanted in 2008, but I’m not sure they had a clue that he would end up destroying the party, not to mention damn near destroying the country.    

  • Noogan


    I am so sick of hearing that white people are keeping the black people down. It is such a blatant lie, and it’s become the supremely transparent lie as well. Only a liberal ideologue could feel guilt about black people when the first affirmative action president sits in the oval office. It is so offensive; it’s so laughable; it’s so ludicrous. When black fathers are absent from their children and young black women know the welfare system better than our civic system? When 4 decades of government preferences for black people have yielded more poverty and crime, and a black culture on decline? Donna Brazile is so entrenched in the ideology of class warfare, entitlement and government handouts, she can’t see herself in the mirror. She looks pathetic. 

    Stop the insanity. 

  • Noogan

    Liberals have their panties in a twist over this Obama speech tonite…They fear they’re about to be tossed UNDER THE BUS.

    Obama’s Next Budget Deal Cave-In
    Eric Alterman
    Obama will seek to resuscitate the previously dead-and-buried Simpson-Bowles commission recommendations of last year, which contain all manner of conservative-flavored recommendations, including three times as much money saved from spending cuts as new revenues raised. This line of thinking was given further impetus by an appearance Tuesday morning at the Center for American Progress, by Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) who is a close ally of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s. Van Hollen lauded the report that had been previously scored by liberal Democrats as having inspired “a really important dialogue” and represented “an overall balanced approach” to deficit reduction. That such progressives feel compelled to embrace cuts that fall so heavily on the poor and the middle class as the best deal they can get is further evidence—as if any were needed—that whatever one may think of its policymaking, the Obama administration has proven an utter and complete failure in making the case for the kind of affirmative government that has characterized the liberal approach to governance since the New Deal.


  • JB in VA

    RRRA, just have to tell you how much I LOVE your horse and puppy/cat videos. They’re a wonderful reprieve from the political prospect ahead. Thank you!

  • felizarte

    I can’t stand him now.  His next campaign is already making me sick!

  • Kenoshamarge

    On Oprah? Good, cause I never watch her and never will. Will she finish the sentence she started in 2008? You know the sentence, where she tells people that Oblahblah is “the one.” She just never told them he was one sorry-assed pathetic, pandering pol with delusions of grandeur.

  • Kathleen Wynne

    Rev. Amy,

    I’m sure he’ll get this same huge sum of money from the “college kids”, like he did the first itme around!

    Clearly, obama was placed into the WH by the corporate elite who knew he would be their puppet.  Without qualifications or any record, there is no other reason that this incompetent boob had a chance to get into the WH.  He was groomed and mentored by those power elite who remain behind the scenes and pushing an agenda that will destroy America.

    sadly, the American people have been conditioned by the marketing and selling of products they don’t need for so long, that they have become “manchurian citizens” controlled and directed by the propaganda machine created by the same power players who created obama.

    That’s one of the main reasons the Tea Party is so important.  It’s one of the only ways left for citizens to counter the propaganda and hopefully, wake the country up from sleep walking into a virtual corporatocracy and total control by the few over the majority. 

    America must recognize that “dissent is not only patriotic”, it’s the only way to maintain and save a government of, for and by the people.

  • Mr. Natural


    That hog is a 3-D Klan recruiting poster.

    Fifteen minutes of her shit and you start to think that, just perhaps, our Muslim friends might have something there with that covering up women’s faces in public. 

  • Mr. Natural

    >>> holding a sign saying  …. cracker go f… self.

    Nope, that the First Wookie, MOOCHElle.