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Barack Obama Running From Barry Soetoro

* Bumped Up From 2011, More Relevant Than Ever *

[UPDATE--This was an issue last year and, because of a recent surge of comments on this particular post, I decided to bump it up and let you have a shot at it in 2012. Let's see how far back in Romney's past the Obama team wants to go. I think the issue of Obama's stepfather, Lolo, is relevant only to the extent that it is a part of his life he has worked hard to cover up.]

While Donald Trump pursues the dead end that Barack Obama was born in Kenya (HE WAS NOT), the actual elephant in the room that most of the media and pundits studiously ignore is the fact that Barack Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro and, for most of his life as a child and teenager, Barack was commonly known as Barry Soetoro. The adoption was processed in Indonesia after Barry and his mother moved to Indonesia. The adoption was carried out in Indonesia and not the United States.

Barry Obama’s mom married an Indonesian student named Lolo Soetoro in 1966. The new family moved to Indonesia in 1967 and the six year old Barry was enrolled in school. Barack Obama has not released his adoption records, but the adoption took place in the 1966-67. How do we know?

Look at the enrollment card:

Actually, this document also provides strong circumstantial evidence to buttress the claim that Barry Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii. How?

Obama was enrolled by his parents in a public school, Fransiskus Assisi School, a public school, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The school registration clearly states Obama’s name as “Barry Soetoro,” and lists his citizenship as Indonesian. Obama’s father is listed as Lolo Soetoro. PLEASE NOTE ITEM NUMBER TWO–Obama’s place of birth is Honolulu (Hawaii) and date of birth is 4-8-1961 (the Indonesians put the date, ie “4,” and then the month, ie “8.” He is identified as a Citizen of Indonesia.

So does this mean Barack Obama is ineligible to be President? No. He did not renounce his American citizenship. By virtue of being born in Hawaii to a U.S. citizen, his mother, he is a U.S. citizen.

Now, look at the Hawaiian law governing adoptions. Here are the relevant portions:

Access to Original Birth Certificate
Citation: Rev. Stat. §§ 578-14; 578-15; 338-20

If a new birth certificate is issued, the original birth certificate shall be sealed. The sealed document may be opened by the department only by an order of a court or when requested in accordance with § 578-15.

The birth parent may be provided a copy of the original birth certificate upon request.

Barry Obama’s birth father did not have to consent to the adoption because he had been out of the picture for more than two years. According to Hawaiian law (I have put the relevant paragraphs in bold):

When Parental Consent is not Needed
Citation: Rev. Stat. § 578-2
Consent is not required from the following:

A parent who has deserted a child for a period of 90 days without affording means of identification
A parent who has voluntarily surrendered the care and custody of the child to another for a period of 2 years
A parent, whose child is in the custody of another, who has failed for a period of at least 1year to communicate with the child or provide for the care and support of the child when able to do so

A natural father who was not married to the child’s mother at the time of the child’s conception or birth and has not established paternity
A parent whose parental rights have been judicially terminated
A parent judicially declared mentally ill, mentally retarded, or incapacitated from giving consent
Any legal guardian or custodian who is found by the court to be withholding consent unreasonably
A parent of a child who has been in the custody of a petitioner for at least 1 year and who entered the United States as a consequence of extraordinary circumstances in the child’s country of origin, by reason of which the existence, identity, or whereabouts of the child’s parents is not reasonably ascertainable or there is no reasonable means of obtaining suitable evidence of the child’s identity or availability for adoption
Any parent of the adoptee if the adoptee is an adult eligible for adoption under this section
A parent whose parental and custodial duties and rights have been divested by an award of permanent custody pursuant to § 587-73

Barry Obama was adopted in Indonesia, not the United States. The relevant Hawaiian statute states:

State Recognition of Intercountry Adoptions Finalized Abroad

To better understand this issue and to view it across States, download the PDF (414 KB) of this publication.
Effect and Recognition of a Foreign Adoption Decree
Citation: Rev. Stat. § 578-8(c)

In cases in which a child is adopted from a foreign country and is brought into the State, the court, in its discretion, may dispense with a hearing upon receipt of a sworn affidavit, ex parte, from the adoptive parents requesting that the hearing be dispensed with, and upon a finding that the issues it would have reviewed have received full consideration by the country from which the child was adopted and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

One other piece of circumstantial evidence that Barack Obama was, at one point in his life, legally known as Barry Soetoro comes from the 1980 divorce of Obama’s birth mother and his adopted father, Lolo Soetoro.

You do not stipulate in a divorce decree that a “child” older than 18 but “still dependent on the parties for education” is part of the settlement unless there is a legal tie to the step-father.

This is why the original birth certificate remains such a mystery. The Obama campaign team decided early on that the American people would not understand how a guy could at one time be a citizen of Indonesia and is still eligible to run for President in the United States. I think they underestimated the ability of Americans to understand this point, but such is the nature of politics.

I know this won’t settle anything, but we can at least admit that back in 1967, years before anyone thought Barry Soetoro would run for President, a school enrollment form in Indonesia makes the very simple claim that Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama was born in Honolulu in 1961. Barack’s mom and his step-dad had no reason to lie about that.

If there are any lawyers out there who care to shed more light on this, please weigh in.

Ok ladies and gents, fire away.

  • Kepha Hor

    My guess is that Barry Soetoro’s Indonesian citizenship had something to do with Indonesian laws regarding adoption and the nationality of an adopted minor child. In such cases, US nationality law tends to accept the claim to US citizenship of a US-born child in such a situation.

    Actually, the most disturbing thing about the Obama-Soetoro connection isn’t that the O was adopted by an Indonesian Muslim, but that the catalyst in Stanley Ann Dunham’s ultimate parting with Lolo Soetoro was that Lolo, after the Indonesian coup of 1965, made his peace with and became a supporter of the new, anti-Communist government of Gen. Soeharto. This didn’t sit well with the radical anti-colonialist American girl.

  • at your back door

    at the top of page it ask the question date & place of birth; the answer – Honolulu ……hard to imagine that not being correct.

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  • PaulBradley

    Question is, what difference does it really make whether Mr. Obama is a “naturally-born American” or not? Why does it bother you so much?
    Why not worry about the influence on our president/government/congress by the variety of religious entities? Why don’t we worry about our government and the congress being filled with dual citizens, mostly Israeli/American, including the multitude of Israeli/American “advisors” influencing not only decisions of our president but also every single congressman, etc. Also, why don’t we worry about the busloads of illiterate and mentally dysfunctional “voters” that are conveniently bussed, paid and told for whom to vote and how?

    There is supposed to be separation of government and
    religion. Yet, President Bush “talked to God” and gotten O.K. to invade Iraq. Go figure! During every Presidential debate I have seen on television, there was NEVER one that didn’t have a question: “Do you believe in God?” And, forget on being elected if your answer is “NO”.

    In my opinion, in order to address this problem, every
    single potential candidate should be an atheist, period. And the same should apply to all of the political-position seeking people in any government level.

    Considering the above, I don’t think it really matters if
    our President was “naturally born American” or not, for the purpose of making us believe that the presidents’ allegiance is to the American people. We have
    plenty of “naturally-born Americans” that are clearly anti-U.S. or anti-American if not simply terrorists that qualify to run for U.S. presidency.

    I also think that a person who is, let’s say, born in
    Germany to American parents and resettled back to the U.S. in its infancy, grew-up and spent his/her whole life in the U.S., why in the world shouldn’t he/she qualify to run for the presidency? On the other hand, person who was
    born in the U.S., had American-born parents, etc., yet, spent living most of his/her life in some other country, is eligible to become the President of the U.S.A. – - Don’t you think living in some other country for most of your life
    couldn’t change your mentality and allegiance – and vice versa?

    All these presidential eligibility rules are, today,
    absolutely baseless, I think.

    • DaveGinOly

      What difference does it make? It’s the law. Now, if you think people running for the highest office in the land should be excused from following the law, then you must believe that certain people are above the law. Also, the law is silent about of your concerns about Congress. If you think that’s wrong, fine. But there’s no excuse for a candidate for the presidency to stand in violation of the supreme law of the land. (Note I’m not saying the Obama is in violation of the law, or that he violated it. I’m simply answering your question.)

      • PaulBradley

        Of course it’s the law and, in that respect, you are right. However, I concentrated on the WHY is it the law to begin with – i.e. “for the purpose of making us believe that the presidents’ allegiance is to the American people.” And, this reason, as I outlined in my comment and under the circumstances our president actually functions – e.g. under influence of relegion, foreign lobists, dual citizens strategically placed in our various levels of legislative as well as executive branch, etc. – does not carry, in my opinion, much weight today, that’s all.

        • MeJane

          Yes, it is a law to help safeguard the allegiance, especailly militarily as the President is alo Commander in Chief. Dual citizens as Obama is can militarily be called on by both nations to serve their country. I do not think it is prudent to have a President who can be called on by another nation.

          • PaulBradley

            I agree 100% with you. Except, I believe that people with dual citizenship should NOT be allowed to serve in a position where they can influence U.S. foreign policies and/or any kind of forming of our laws, etc. Otherwise, the huge emphasis on our president’s constitutional requirement, in terms of being a U.S. citizen by birth, doesn’t satisfy all that much the reason – i.e. for the purpose of making us believe that our president’s allegiance is only to the American people.

            What I am trying to say is that in consideration of the amount of embeded dual citizens in a variety of positions to influence and/or dictate our president’s decisions, well, what difference does it make if our president is a natural citizen or U.S. citizen by birth, the U.S. constitution notwithstanding – as I addressed this subject in my previous comment and subsequent responses.

            About the “especially militarily” – just think about it – Our congress can make sure that a particular country can dominate militarily another country or region through congress’ voting on appropriations for “military assistance” through interest-free loans, later changed to basically ‘gifts’, allowing a particular country to buy and/or develop offensive/defensive weapons, etc., as is the case with Israel, amounting to our annual cost of approximately $13 billion annually. And, the president can’t do much about it since it’s “politically correct”. The only reason for it being so “politically correct” is due to many years or cultivation of today’s overwhelming support by various influential position-holding people and/or by different interest-holding organizations such as AIPAC. Due to the above, many people in our country are starting to call Israel 51st or 52nd state of our Union. Now, considering the above ‘sample’ with Israel – - show me one of our politicians being elected WITHOUT AIPAC’s support, expressed through direct financial and/or other means???? So, where it does put the importance for our president to be a U.S. citizen by birth or through Naturalization??? I simply fail to see that since I feel that this ‘allegiance’ factor has been circumvent in our country through many presidents in past decades, thanks to power of lobbyists and politically-motivated financial ‘donations’.
            Perfect example is our congress’ push for tougher sanctions against Iran while our president is trying to negotiate political balance and, ultimately, lasting peace in the ME.

            This is not meant to show my support for one or another side, or my political leaning. I am just saying . . . .

            • MeJane

              I understand where you are coming from. With our entire government circumventing this that and the other thing, why is this one thing so important? I agree in theory but Natural born citizen Article II qualifications is the supreme law of our land. Think about it, If this law gets watered down, usurped, circumvented then the entire Constitution weakens further. We will soon see a naturalized citizen being President, then an anchor baby President, then finally a non-citizen President. Would all of these be an awful thing? Well we have a dual citizen President in office and he is one of the most corrupt Presidents in our history, so I don’t think it would be good to have more non natural born citizens in office. Remember Rodger Calero, a non citizen was on the ballot in many States in 08. In 08 both major candidates were dual citizens. For the last 10 years Congress has been trying to amend Article II natural born citizen requirement unsucessfully. There is an agenda afoot and the Presidency needs protection. IMHO we need to amend Article II to strengthen it and be even stricter in the qualifications than it is to avoid this. As you say, with all the circumventing in our government it may not matter…..all might be lost already.

              • PaulBradley

                Yes, I remember a lot. Even 1970’s when our Congress tried to ‘install’ qualifications for Henry A. Kissinger (Nixon’s Secretary of State – in addition to his role as National Security Adviser) him to be able to become U.S. President, replacing President Nixon and in lieu of Vice President Gerald Ford.

                The ‘Kissinger situation’ is perfect example of your statement – “There is an agenda afoot and the Presidency needs protection”. However, it needs publicly identified – ‘protection FROM ???’. That’s the only time majority of U.S. voters will ‘wake-up’. However, in this regard, I am not really an optimist. My thinking is more in line with your comment “ . . . all might be lost already.”

        • granny_forUSA

          many countries refuse to waive immunity as a matter of course; individuals have no authority to waive their own immunity (except perhaps in cases of defection). Alternatively, the home country may prosecute the individual. If immunity is waived by a government so that a diplomat (or their family members) can be prosecuted, it must be because there is a case to answer and it is in the public interest to prosecute them.

      • Marion1

        All government officials have immunity from prosecution.Therefore, they are in fact above the law.

    • Alabama Mike

      No, there is NOT supposed to be “separation of government and religion.” The law says that the US government cannot establish a religion or coerce anyone into joining a religion. This word “separation” was conveniently found in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson, most of whose beliefs and writings are completely opposite of the those of the left. It’s interesting the left would seize upon that one phrase and yet trash him the rest of the time.

      • PaulBradley

        Yes, you are right. The U.S. Constitution does not specifically state “separation of religion and state”, however I think, inference is made from First Amendment in that it assures environment of ‘non-meddling’ and/or ‘neutrality’, if you will, between religion and state. At least, that’s how I understand it.

        • Alabama Mike

          That’s fine. But that doesn’t mean all government workers give up their freedom to practice their religion. It simply means they won’t try to coerce you into joining. Non-meddling works both ways.

        • AwakenedAngryAmerican

          Separation of church and state is to keep a religion from dictating law. That the pope cannot become a defacto forced ruler.

          • Andreas Meyer

            Actually it’s the other way round. It’s to keep the state out of meddling with people’s beliefs, religious affairs, etc.

            • AwakenedAngryAmerican

              Actually that, also.

  • NegroAmerican

    Ref: “…their (half-brother Mark Obama Ndesandjo and Barack Obama) first meeting, which took place in the 1980s in Kenya…” In early 1980s, Obama and his homo roommate from Pakistan made 3 trips to Pakistan together when American Citizens were banned from Pakistan. At that time Kenya was a colony of Great Brittan, which was not banned from Pakistan! So for Barack Obama to enter Pakistan, he went to his birth country to get a passport and Visa to enter Pakistan via the British!!! If I were an investigative reporter, I’d be digging in the British records and archives for a passport stating country of birth in the name of Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro!!! Da-daahhhh!! ;-)

  • Bill Jackson

    Obama’s , I mean, Barry’s own book he wrote , on the dust Jacket it states, …..” I was president of the Harvard law club and born in Kenya”… Just because his parents put Hawaii on the transcript, it was probably for convenience. I have heard Obama’s grandmother interviewed and she stated “O” was born in Kenya. First Clinton who said he smoked pot but didn’t inhale and turned the oval office into the playboy pleasure palace. Now Obama? you liberals are so easily fooled.

    • Marion1

      Any person who has at least one parent who is an American citizen is a “Natural Citizen” by Constitutional definition. It makes no difference if they were born on the moon…Fool.

      • Andreas Meyer

        The clause is about natural BORN citizen, not “natural Citizen.

      • AwakenedAngryAmerican

        Marion1. No. Your statement is 100% incorrect. That is what the foreign owners of America WANT you to believe.

      • Dorie N.

        The person has to be born in this country if they are aspiring to become President. I believe Obama was born in Kenya, and that he stole a dead man’s Social security number. And when all that he has done to destroy this country comes to light, it will be clearly too late to change the direction we have fallen.

      • Rob Premo

        No, they have to be born of TWO American parents….:Question: What are the Requirements to Become President?

        Answer: The US Constitution lists three requirements for any individual wishing to become president of the United States. A president must:

        be a natural born U.S. citizen. Someone may be born abroad, but only if both parents were citizens of the United States. The only exception to this was for those around at the time the Constitution was adopted. Their requirement was that they had to be a citizen when the Constitution was adopted.

        be at least 35 years of age. The youngest president elected was 43 years old. However, there was one president who was even younger. Do you know who he was?

        have lived in the United States for at least 14 years to be president. This does not have to be consecutive or even the 14 years leading up to becoming president.

  • jimmy

    Barry Soetero is the most successful fake, fraud, phony AND imposter in the annals of recorded history. The only reason he has been successful in pulling off the “Great Deception,”
    is because the left-wing liberal agenda-driven media provides
    phenomenal interference for the nappy-headed, teleprompter-reading slime ball !

  • enosfolly

    You make me laugh… now reach behind you and pull out an answer to how his bio for the Harvard Review stated he was the first foreign born student to become editor…how he received scholarships as a foreign student? Now I know if he lied for monetary purposes, on that aide application is a statement of fraudulent responses being a felony…so which is the lie? Don’t even mention the twenty year late retraction. He was the editor and anyone that knows him now, would know he is too arrogant and self righteous to not have read that bio before it was published. Actually any bio is submitted to the subject before publication. And while your hand is up there, grab out the reason for multiple Social Security cards. Can he expect to collect on all of them, or will he be content with the lifetime salary he will be stealing from the American people.

  • mia namey

    Obama was found guilty of 500+ pages of war crimes, April 2013. Obama was found guilty of using a false social security number for 1890 born Harry Bounel, WHILE IN OFFICE. Obama was found not eligible to be on 2008 ballot, when 2 officers convicted of forging 9 PAGES of signatures required, putting him way under the necessary signs. Get Real. Obama propaganda website.

  • mia namey

    Barry Obama after his election, states ON FILM, with own MOUTH, I am not a citizen; I was not born in United States; I was not born in Hawaii; I am not an American; I come from KENYA

    it’s on youtube. Hawaii issues backdated certs upon request and Mom didnt plan on that seducing the Indonesian Royalty that she was involved with. Get educated, too late for these lies, the man affirms it himself.

    This is well beyond the FINDING that the cert he presented is forged, on 72 separate counts.

    This only proves, Mom set her sites on hooking Indonesian Royalty, and changed her mind when she failed claiming he was born HI (retro certs available if someone swears to it without hospital proof). OBAMA admits self, time to stop this lying. Obama is a Rockefeller cousin thru his mother.

    • MeJane

      That film is not real, it is a fake joke film for parody where he is over-dubbed.

      • Marion1

        Thank you.

        • PaulBradley

          Marion1 is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT in her comments, especially about the fact that ALL government employees are above the law already – - including ‘Peace Officers’ enjoy IMMUNITY against claims that are brought under § 1983 even if they submit PERJURED statement/testimony during legal court proceedings in the U.S.

    • Marion1

      A clever person making people like you look like freaking idiots. The U.S. Constitution defines a “Natural Citizen” as a person with at least one parent who is a citizen. Obama’s mother is a citizen, therefore, regardless if he was born on the moon, he is a citizen.

      • Jazzee

        do you believe the same about Ted Cruz dear????

      • AwakenedAngryAmerican

        (BUZZ) Again. WRONG answer.

      • Rob Premo

        Question: What are the Requirements to Become President?

        Answer: The US Constitution lists three requirements for any individual wishing to become president of the United States. A president must:

        be a natural born U.S. citizen. Someone may be born abroad, but only if both parents were citizens of the United States. The only exception to this was for those around at the time the Constitution was adopted. Their requirement was that they had to be a citizen when the Constitution was adopted.

        be at least 35 years of age. The youngest president elected was 43 years old. However, there was one president who was even younger. Do you know who he was?

        have lived in the United States for at least 14 years to be president. This does not have to be consecutive or even the 14 years leading up to becoming president.

  • KennyLLC

    What I get out of this is that BHS was granted a new birth certificate by Hawaii that enabled his former long-form identity of “African” birth to be sealed indefinitely.
    State law trumped federal law to hide this fact, and his communist mother and grandparents from Washington state used the same old state allowances for Hawaiian “residents” to claim their foreign born children as Hawaiian-born U.S. citizens, granting them fake birth certificates.

  • Adrien Nash

    “By virtue of being born in Hawaii to a U.S. citizen, his mother, he is a U.S. citizen.”
    That is false. It is true today but it was not true when obama was born. It would have been true only if his mother had been single, divorced or widowed when he was born, otherwise citizenship flowed from the head of the family to the children, -and to the wife as well through-out most of U.S. history. Learn tons more at obama–nation. com

    • bmatkin

      She was also underage. (less than 21)

    • Marion1

      The definition is the same as it was when it was first written in the Constitution. His father was a diplomat in Bush I’s Administration and had dual citizenship. BOTH of his parents are citizens.

      • Rob Premo

        Negative, Barack Obama Sr was Kenyan and worked as Kenya’s senior governmental adviser.

  • Dexter Hexter

    How about a
    Background Check on Barock Hussein Obama, who has used multiple Social Security
    Numbers (including that of Harrison J. Bounel) and Numerous Names such as Barry
    Soetoro, Barry Sutoro, and Barry Soebarkah.
    OH! But his background is SEALED!

  • Bobbie

    Not addressing the issue whether or not POTUS is eligible, clearly because he is in his second term. But if he was legally adopted and that is recognized by the US, his original birth certificate would have been changed accordingly. So what did we see?

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  • Kyle Mark Waal

    This is all quite thoroughly debunked. Obama was never known as Barry Soetoro. I’m not a huge Obama fan myself, but Jesus, some of this stuff is pathetically under-researched.

    • Kidsworld Bali

      I’ve lived in JKT for 20 years and am fluent in Indonesian. All the locals know Obama as Barry Soetoro while he was here. ALL OF THEM. I have told this to several journalists here.

    • AwakenedAngryAmerican

      “Pathetically under-researched” is a very big understatement in describing your post from a year ago.

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  • chel

    What i want…well its simple really..
    Not to have our jobs shipped over seas (too many people want them)
    No more hungry or homeless Americans
    Government not to tax us to death
    Leave Social Security alone (my parents worked hard for that, its theirs)
    Everyone on welfare needs to be drug tested and if they test positive they are out, have a limited amount of time in the system (everyone I’m sure at some point has needed it, but its not a job)
    I want America that takes care of its people, we built it..Not all roads have been good, but why hasn’t it? Well because of our government and the corrupt businesses that give hand outs to the wonderful politicians. I mean really why should prisoners have a better way of living (medical, 3 meals a day, free schooling etc) when we have so many going hungry?
    So whether Obama was born a US citizen or not its time America starts standing up for whats right and not let our corrupt politicians continue the downward spiral that has been in place for too many decades..
    “Proud To Be a American” –Lee Greenwood

  • disqus_3npvxWhb7l

    So all we know is his parents lied and he lied so all he has done is lied and falseified records and he is still doing it

    • Linda Weese Eyler

      No body lied about anything other than he once upon a time had a step-dad who was willing to give a kid his name. He was born in the USA to an American mother making him a citizen and at no time while going to school abroad did he denounce his US citizenship which he would have had to do so like it or not he is legitimately occupying the highest seat in the land. And more than 1/2 the population of voting Americans put him there.

      • Rich2741

        In a very broad statement: “Barack Hussein Obama, II is one of the greatest lairs in known history.” I made it, and it is true.

        -IF- BHO was physically born in the legally accepted United States of the time of an American citizen mother and a foreign citizen father, that would make him a US citizen, but it would not make him a US natural born Citizen …worthy of the Presidency. For that to happen, along with all the aforementioned rules and regulations, he would need 2 (two) parents of US citizenry birth. This applies only to the office of the US Presidency.

        The fact of the matter is nobody known to the general public has proof of where he was actually born. There is even compelling evidence he was born at 516 13th Avenue, Seattle, WA. You can thank BHO for the great mystery/subterfuge.

        If he is elected to office, regardless of the percentage of well-meaning voters that cast ballots in his favor, or through ballot stuffing, if it was accomplished through human error or human deceit, then the office is illegally held. And just to be clear, Americans (individuals) do not elect the President, the states do through the electoral college (it’s a ‘winner-take-all’ proposition for each state).

        A child can not renounce his/her citizenship yet… a parent can do it for them.

        Facts have nothing to do with whether I like them or not. They overrule whatever wishes you or I have.

        • AwakenedAngryAmerican

          You my fine fellow are absolutely 100% correct. I wish there was a prize left to give you. But. Hell . They even are giving Detroit away to the Chinese. Now. This also means that Ted Cruz is ineligible. I know that is bad news. But he was born in Canada to an American mom and Cuban pops. Thus a citizen. Not a natural born citizen. On another point. Barry Soetoro is a British Subject. So can he be tried for treason if he was fraudulently portraying an American? I don’t think so. Nancy Polosi , Hilary Clinton, the Bush’s were all birthers. First.

          • AwakenedAngryAmerican

            Damn. I was going to give you an award for this post. But I already did 3 mos ago. lol

      • Cameron Maddox

        actually the law is.. and you can look it up, a parent that is US Citizen must spend two year after their majority to grant their child automatic citizenship if the other parent is not a US Citizen. on his birth documents it lists his mother.. Age 18, not 20 when he was born. there by invalidating his citizenship when less two years earlier Hawaii barely attained statehood. so she spent exactly 2years in the UNITED STATES till she gave birth the law states that clearly she was born in Kansas parents moved to Hawaii a annexed territory till 1959. but.. the real question is.. if he was granted Indonesian citizenship.. when did he renounce it

  • I J Abraham

    Great article. Good job.

  • PArevolutionary

    His ineligibility comes from the fact that only his mother was a US citizen….his birth father was Kenyan,stepfather Indonesian

    • Rich2741

      You are correct.

  • juangraham

    No one was ever concerned with the 43 WHITE Presidents that came before President Obama. Half of the people on here don’t even know what bills Presidents Bush, Sr. and Jr. passed. Some of you can’t even remember what Presidents Regan and Carter did while in the White House. But as soon as we get our first President who’s father was BLACK and who’s mother was WHITE…we panic! If President Obama was white non of this would even matter. I keep having to explain to my young daughters that yes in this country that we live in, Dr. Martin L. King was KILLED in a war called ‘Racism’. Rosa Parks suffered because of the color of her skin, in America. America is such a HYPOCRITE!!! We kill anyone who is not like the _ _ _! I don’t care if he is green and purple and went to school in Alaska with the tooth fairy. The man is very intelligent and is trying to get America out of a very BIG hole. For those who don’t like him, he will be out of office after 2016 and can NEVER run for President of the U.S. again. Now you can put that in your pipe and smoke it!!! SMH

    • Rich2741

      Such a shame the way your mind works. Mental illness is so sad.

      • AwakenedAngryAmerican

        Rich2741. It was all planned this way. Dumbing us all down. Then stealing all from us. Then off with our heads. If your one of the lucky ones.

    • jimmy

      Mental Midget !

      • AwakenedAngryAmerican

        Google KRS-1 nobama words. Lupe fiasco.

    • Desiree Leonard

      Martin Luther King would never support oboma!! No one cares what color his skin is!! Don’t forget agencies within the American gov were found guilty for the assination of mlk!!! Do some research!!!

    • Cameron Maddox

      the man certainly is intelligent to have pulled the wool over your eyes. i am unimpressed with him. he had to have known there would be resistance to his leftist reforms. and second he’s shown more help in recent years for Muslim countries than actually working on reforms here that matter. Obama care will tank because they attacked it wrong. Britain and Australia tax it from a sales tax generating billions a quarter spread out so its less painful and they get total coverage. how does a Leftist Social Democrat attack it.. oh we’ll just force the insurance agencies to make cheaper plans and penalize those who cant afford even that much.. sounds like a Commie to me

    • Jim Morris

      Lets not confuse intelligence with having street smarts. Also, I’m white and I am anything BUT a bigot, so please don’t lump everyone together. If Prez. Obama was white, none of this would matter, you’re right. If he was, he would have been impeached a long time ago. He has pushed a ton of unconstitutional bills into law, and if it doesn’t get done that way, he signs them into law with executive order. President Carters presidency was a train wreck. I lived in the 80′s and Pres. Reagan tried to remove big government out of our lives as much as possible. As you, I don’t care if he is black, green or purple either. But he certainly is marching to the beat of his own drummer, and if you call what he has been doing trying to get us out of this hole that Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2 has left us in, well, you must be seeing something most of the rest of us is very blind to. Oh yeah, I’m still trying to figure out what ” ___!”, meant.

    • AwakenedAngryAmerican

      Since you are the one bringing it up. Your pipe is full of BS and untruths. First off. Since Presidents Bush’s, Jr and Sr., as well as Clinton, Carter and Reagan were all Governors before they became President. They never pass bills. Maybe you should refrain from misleading your daughter with your version of truth. Let your daughter watch this
      Now don’t think I’m trying to hammer on you. Or belittle you on what you believe as the truth. You are a victim. As well as myself and most Americans. A victim of the greatest lie of all time. We are all slaves. Our country is a corporation owned by the evil bankers. Stolen by fraud. We are not in debt. Our country was sold out by men long gone. What are Congress’ 3 jobs? Laws, War, and Money. Let’s talk about money. Congress’ duty is to coin money. Which 100 years ago they gave the right to a group of foreign bankers. The same group that have financed both sides of every war as far back as any war known. As a matter of fact. Money was created to settle war debt. The ugly truth is this. They are evil and wicked families. Who create wars to further their stranglehold on mankind. Our military has fought THEIR wars. Not for democracy. Not for FREEDOM. they print our money. Loan it back to us. to finance THEIR wars. Then the bastards charge us interest on printing our money that we have to borrow. Let’s break it down. They start a war. Then we borrow cash to build up to fight their war. Many of our children die or are forever maimed. They come home. The bankers then bill us for the honor of us sending our children to die in their war to get stronger. As well as slaughter the children of their target. With interest that we can only pay back by borrowing it from them. Hell they don’t even print much of it. They create digits out of thin air that they transfer into your account. As a loan. now. You pay them back 3x as much over 30 years to cover the loan of money that never really existed. Yet the brilliant man they made president. Borrows $47,000 per American to give to the banks to cover their “losses” created by their planned real estate collapse. So to recap. Banks loan out non-existent, non-printed, cyber digits that are simply created and deposited into someone’s account. Cause a fake run on real estate artificially running real estate prices soaring. Then crash it. On purpose. To where millions owe more than the property could ever be worth again. They then forclose and take back all the property of all those caught up in there lies. Then Barry REWARDS them with a bail out. Doubling our nations debt. and giving them billions while the STILL foreclose amassing all that land. as well as 47k for each American. Yet the banks just keep it. Barry should have issued arrest warrants for all those ebankers and gave each citizen that 47k each. The economy as well as man kind would have boomed.

  • john charles

    Im English and have just read the article above along with quite a few comments,

    I believe that the people of the USA have a right to know the full background of the person put forward for them to elect no matter what the circumstances may be.
    To question the credentials presented is only right and proper and any one elected to the office of president should be open to any questions regardless of creed or colour.

    • Rich2741

      Calm and logical words.

    • Marion1

      The people of the USA do not elect the President and it doesn’t matter what you “believe.” We have a right to sqat when it comes to the POTUS.

  • debtom

    this doesn’t satisfy the need to be a natural born citizen.

    • Rich2741

      You are correct.

  • Paperwork

    I agree with Diana. I have seen the above information back in December of 2007. The question here is why would they lie about BHO’s place of birth. Very Simple – showing BHO as a citizen would make things easier and would make it easier for his mother to return from Indonesia also. Therefore BHO’s mother understood the value of a USA Citizenship. It may have been at the education from her mother. BHO’s grandmother, from many accounts, was a clerk in Probate Court. His grandmother may also have experienced the in-convince of not being able to work with out a birth certificate or witnessed that from another family member. Now for FAI Congress passed a law in 1902 for the requirement of birth certificates for censuses. But as time went on by 1940′s one could not go to school or get a job or keep a job unless they could prove that they were born here. From 1940 to 1964 when BHO was born the laws had not changed. So I am very sure that BHO grandmother made sure her daughter registered the birth of BHO in Hawaii. By doing so now gave the appearance of BHO being born in Hawaii. So if all parties stick to the same story who will know the truth. Now that BHO’s mother and maternal grandmother have passed on. Who will be the wiser? One exception, the paternal grandmother is alive and says that BHO was born in Kenya. Image that!

    • AwakenedAngryAmerican

      She was murdered right after. As was the Fuddy woman who was on the job 3 months just long enough to present the fraudulent long form birth certificate. And then go off and die. Allegedly British intelligence is aware of the fact the Barry’s DNA does not match his dead mother or her parents. Hell. He has 3 different birthdates. He even speaks of them.

  • Gayle Gregory

    The Christians are denoted by the birthline of the Mother. The birthline of Muslims is through the father!

    • Jackie Anderson Christensen

      No, christians are ‘denoted’ by the birthline of the father as well

  • Upstate new york

    Something to hide that $5 million wont faze! Lol romney & $10G…

  • Upstate new york

    Was his father already married before stanley in similar dual understanding

  • John Murphy

    I said this same thing 5 years ago. I think what happened is the grand mother . Just pushed him through the system on his past pre-adopted name/ self. Still on file with a B/C copy that was never questioned. i have a hard time believing the gov. over looked this by accident. I think they where afraid of offending the black population but had no idea he could actually win . So now .. the skeletons in the closet dance ,

  • Rocky Vnvmc

    As a Law School graduate Barry had to know that our Founding Fathers had intentionally precluded Duel Citizens from ever becoming President , due to a perceived lack of total allegiance to the US. The same applies to children of fathers who dare Foreign Nationals. In Barry’s case, he had a Double negative there, with not One, but Two Foreign Nationals, as fathers. dThe man is quite simply Not a requisite ‘Natural Born Citizen’ as defined by Enriched de Vattel, author of the book ‘The laws of Nations’, from which our forefathers took the term.

    • Rich2741

      You are correct RV.

  • Gail Wakefield

    did he legally change back to Barack Obama? I don’t think he knows the meaning of the word “legal”

    • Rich2741

      In fact he never wrote a single legal paper ever, even though he attended law school. Imagine that.

      • Marion1

        He wrote at least 50 bills that have now become law when he was a Senator. They actual say who wrote them.

        • AwakenedAngryAmerican

          He was also detained in Russia as a Senator after his plane landed.. He was on a official business with an Indiana Senator. Why would they detain a US Senator holding him on a remote part of an airport tarmac?
          Because the Russians suspected him to be a spy.
          Now why did they suspect a US Senator on official business to be a spy?
          Because they thought he was a spy for Great Britain.
          Because the Russians knew he was a Royal Subject and carried a n English Passport.

  • David Brandon Steward

    He used his adoptive father’s name as would any adopted child, but he never legally changed his name back to Obama, which means that he perjured himself when he took the oath to practice law. This also means that every legal document he has signed and every oath he has taken using the name Obama is null and void.

    • AwakenedAngryAmerican

      Guess what else? The President can only be impeached if he was a lawfully sitting President. So count “Treason” out as a charge. Fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud.

  • Kenjiro

    The Private Life of anyone is only hi/her business. However, the President is a person (men at this point) in touch with the very secrets of our Nation and a trust given by the people; I think President Obama should explain the events of his life. Remember 50% of the Country did not vote for him.

  • Steve McCormick

    Here is a scan of what is purported to be the “Certification of live birth for, lo and behold, not Barry Soetoro, but Barack Hussein Obama II:

    From what you describe above, this Certificate must be fake at worst, false and misleading at best. There is no way the certificate could be original and genuine if your account is accurate.

    • Rich2741

      Follow the certificate number, it leads to the death of a little girl who died when she was just a few days old. Oh, wait, you can’t, the law says no unless permission is given. Imagine that.

  • Kyle Clark

    I find it insteresting that the writer of this article brings up the whole “born in hawaii but moved to indonesia” issue, but never addresses the fact that Indonesia does not allow duel citizenship with America. It is a country that makes you give up your US citizenship to be an Indonesian citizen. Of course, there are several countries that do allow you…Scotland, England, New Zealand, etc. Food for thought.

  • Peg McLain

    Those of you that seem to want to call people that have commented as racist. Can you see through your screen to know what color the person’s skin is that posted? You could be talking to someone who is colored and see’s this country heading in the wrong direction with Obama in office and feels at this point Romney would be a better choice. So STOP with the racist.

  • 2BFair

    On Obama’s 2008 platform “transparency”..

    Sealed records?

    Fast and Furious? Benghazi? Adolescent years in Indonesia?

    On his faith, which no one really cares about, Muslim or Christian, Which is it?

    Birther, Which is it? again who really cares.

    Who are you, Obama?

    Transparency? really?

    On the economy,

    How many teachers could you hire for $528m? (Solyndra), etc.

    Cast our vote based on the candidate who we “trust”? I do not trust you, (or Romney for that matter). At least I know where where is coming from. And BTW, he has proven his leadership.

  • 2iceblest

    It still doesn’t get past the requirement for POTUS to be born to two American-born parents. Also, upon his adoption BO became an Indonesian citizen. Duality expires upon adulthood and he would have to take steps to claim US citizenship. Still not a natural-born, but a naturalized citizen. He could be Senator, but not POTUS.

    • Rich2741


  • Shirley Horst Walker

    I only care that he is such a lier. He can not tell the truth if you hit him over the head with it. The other awful thing he does is refuse to make a decision. He has to be forced. He only appears to make a decision when there is no other choice left. He has no backbone. Leader? You can;t push a rope.

    • Daezy

      Neither are most of the politicians we currently have in house. None of them, and I mean NONE OF THEM, have the best interest of the American people at heart. They’re all too concerned with raising they’re paychecks and taking paid vacations with room service delivering caviar using OUR TAX DOLLARS to fund them. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of this crap. Hell, we can all legally clean house and start all over again.

      • Marion1

        Nowhere did it ever say they had to and no they don’t. That’s the entire point of a “Republic.”..”To tax” and WE can’t legally do a damned thing about it. Public offices in this country are hereditary by purchase or grant. You can go to your county courthouse and check the mense conveyances of letters patent. By the way, nobody ever said what they taught you in school had to be true either.

  • Tbaggin Yourmoms

    You are a fucking dumbass.

    • 73stnglkabee

      Shirley youre 100%, Tbagginyourmom would get knocked out in a pillow fight with you, just ignore him, he cant help his ignorance. thnx

    • Marion1

      Thank you.

  • vaiol123

    While I am in no position to discredit your argument, there are several issues I have come across.

    1. Indonesia has maintained a very good relationship with the United States after Soekarno (the first president) was overthrown. Especially during the time period when the President lived there, America was viewed as one of the best countries in the world. I’d be cautious to assume that because Indonesia is a muslim country they do not like America, for one is not necessarily a result of the other.

    2. Just because someone leaves America does not mean they hate it. Living with man she loved was probably more relevant to her than dedicating her life to one piece of land.

    3. Blind patriotism is dangerous. Wanting to act within the best interest of a country is absolutely fine, being a die-hard patriot forces one to make unjust equivocation for past sins (A brief reading in the history of American interventionism from an international standpoint(s) could help clarify this) and gives the mentality the no wrong can be done.

    4. Harvard has a high sticker price, but the number of grants and financial aid programs available from the school makes the price go down astronomically. Wealthy alumni have no problem with donating back to their school, and that money often goes to financial aid.

    Surely I must be missing something in my response, and I look forward to your reply if you are willing to discuss this topic a bit more.

  • Nancy Wickens Irwin

    You idiot leftists have absolutley NO right to get testy on the whole issue of vetting. YOUR own vetting of our current POTUS in 2008 was nothing less than derelict. Your duty as a voting citizen was absolutely dropped. So don’t even go there you self-righteous hypocrite!!!

    • C Weeks

      whoa nancy…America is in enough trouble..please do not divide us anymore with talk of leftist, etc…we are ALL american citizens and the powers that be are trying to divide and conquer. Folks need to relearn how to “Debate” topics versus “attack” topics. I believe Nancy…we are trying to be responsible citizens by questioning our current administration. If WE THE PEOPLE do not POLICE the governments..then who will…

  • Brian Stanaway

    Did he use the Indonesian time as a way to get foreign aid to Columbia ?

  • Leigh Anne

    I think to be enrolled in an Indonesian school, one must be a citizen of Indonesia. In order to do that at that time, there could not be dual citizenship so he would have had to rennounce his American citizenship…..that should be looked into.

  • LoloSotero

    I just want to make it clear that my step son and wife hated me to-wards the end of our marriage, because I actually started liking America, Capitalism and the ways of the West. She saw it as giving prudence to Colonialism and because she was anti-American, Anti-Colonialism, there was a direct contradiction in our relationship. The problem was though, as an Indonesian I started making good money with these American Western firms that I worked for. And you know money talks and BS walks, it did then as much as it does now. Any way we sent Barry back to America with his commie grandparents so that he wouldn’t be influenced by my America loving ways., his mother was adamant that Barry be raised up in an environment that was not pro-American. She saw his father Barrack Sr. in him, and wanted Barry to continue barracks work. Unfortunately Barrack was an alcoholic and a womanizer and his life ended tragically with the loss of his legs in a car accident and alcholism. Well I could have wrote a book about all this, had I known Barry was going to occupy the White house someday. But then again was just happy to have a little money in my pocket and a white girl from America in my bed. Barry sure did enjoy his Choom gang in Hawaii though.

    • Marion1

      The President does not write or pass legislation, Congress does, the value of the dollar is controlled by the Federal Reserve and we do not elect the president in this country, the Electoral College does…idiot.

      • LoloSotero

        Your a day late and a dollar short in your reply there Mar, in the meantime #SMD. BTW this p(Resident) rules by executive order, congress is shall we say….impotent and it skirts them in anyway it can. Capish sellout?

      • LoloSotero

        Tell that to Eric Cantor you dopey blonde broad. Executive order’s are what then? Your a day late and a dollar short with your reply, see you in 2 more years.

  • Rip Fin

    So what? None of that even matters. He could provide you with all the documents your heart could possibly desire, and you’d still say “too many questions, too few answers” and demand he release even more documents.

  • Lenore

    Obama is a FRAUD! He wants America to be socialized, reduced in size ( meaning he wants to redistribute America thru out the world. Possibly selling off US intel, whatever to whomever & Countries such as China, Russia, Middle East, etc.). Secret Service is part of cover up! Obama camp boosted they took in $181,000 last month thru mostly credit cards from around world. Coincidence that he knows Robert Roche, who as companies in China & talked about funneling $$ thru his Co’s to Obama’s campaign fund?! Obama has pissed off many people, world leaders, US Citizens, our Troops, many African Americans, Hispanic community, etc. Of course Obama s rich! But did you know, since Obama has even in WH, they have taken ver 40 vacations on TAXPAYER $$!!!! That is over 10 vacations per year, NICE! And don’t forget the entourage that costs us as well wherever he goes!!!! Let e know if you can add to this! Hopefully Obama will be gone outf WH soon!!!!!!

  • Brian Black

    I agree that his citizenship is not an issue. But all of this does coincide with another article by Jack Swint about Obama/Soetoro attending/or not attending college in the United States as a foreign exchange student and recieving financial aid as such. Maybe that is why he wont and had released his transcripts. How much more is there out there that continues to be hidden? Why do we not hear more about how the Obamas lost their law licenses? Why do we not hear more about how Obama SR was disavowed by the African government for his views on socialism and the governments right to tax the people in order to make everyone equal? Why is there nothing on the fact that there is no proof that Obama Sr and Ann Dunham were ever married? Why do we not talk more about Obama’s time with Frank Marshall Davis, the devout communist and labor union activist? There is so much hidden about Obamas past. How did he get to be POTUS with out providing proof of his education and birth prior to becoming the most powerful man in the world. You and I would have to prove both of these things just to be a server at McDonalds, or a convenience store clerk.

  • John Potts

    Let us assume he is an American citizen. So what? He is not “naturallly born” of two US citizens. BTW, I am not “naturally born” as my Mother was a Bahamian. I don’t care if he born on the steps of the White House, he is not a naturally born citizen.