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Spoke Mary Kissel, Joe Rago, of the WSJ, and Matt Vizer, Boston Globe, in re the Mitt Romney defense of Romneycare passed some five years ago in Massachusetts.

The speech in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was defensive, whiney, argumentative, legalistic, too clever, dry, angry, arrogant, wasted.

Romney repeated his self-justfications for passing Romneycare, despite the clear fact that Romneycare is unacceptable to the GOP. A stubborn streak like his father, Michigan Governor George Romney? No matter now.

The speech today looks like the end of the boom. Mary Kissel observes that Florida voters will not be wowed by Romney’s obfuscation about state-mandated healthcare. Spoke Matt Vizer that Romney was Dr. Frankenstein; and Romney claims that the Monster for his state of Mass is okay, just an experiment; but that loosing the Monster on the whole nation is wrong-headed. Gee.

Three gone in one week. Romney because he is arrogant and deaf. Newt Gingrich because he is arrogant and deaf. Rick Santorum because he is arrogant and deaf. The man who falls the farthest is Mitt Romney. Fork time in the toast?

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  • murray

    Trump has been SO QUIET.  It’s not like him.  I wonder what Obama threatened him with.

  • guest

    I’ve gotta say, I’m very impressed with Huntsman. Would be so nice to have a candidate who is knowledgeable and competent with a track record to boot, rather than someone you have to make excuses for or look the other way.  Our chance to have someone like this lead our country was stolen from us in 2008. I hope Americans don’t let that happen again. Huge bummer our caucus and primary system works against us.

  • PB from the island of long ,EST

     I liked what Guilani achieved in NYC – I was there before during and after. So He does a place to hang his hat. That said -He is not prepared to be President -Would like to see him go for Gov of a state and build some success in it before he goes to the top job.

     Same story w/ Christie in NJ. People r begging him to run & i can only scratch my head befuddled. He has really accomplished much yet – He makes a good speech from his bully pulpit but I need to see his bonafides aside from figuring out how to get elected.

     Herman Cain is intriguing , Jon Huntsman is a solid person, Bobby Jindal has a shine given the way he has managed through crisis’

  • oowawa

    Yes–an interesting and intelligent person.  The “other” and perhaps more acceptable Mormon . . .

  • oowawa

    Yes–an ijnteresting and intelligent person.  The “other” and perhaps more acceptable Mormon . . .

  • Guest

    Haha. He said that he studied what happened to Perot and saw it was impossible for him. Trump may have a fake hair piece but I don’t think he wants Obama re-elected.

  • Buzz Latte

    I really don’t care a great deal over who runs against Obama.  I will vote for anyone who IS NOT Obama.

    However, I do hope that Jon Huntsman is given a chance.

  • oowawa

    Perhaps this will leave a niche for Rudy Giuliani to step into the race.  He’s been talking like a candidate.  I couldn’t picture both Trump and Giuliani running–I don’t know why not.


  • oowawa

    So Donald Trump says he’s not going to run.  Phooey.  It would have made the race much more interesting.  I’m going to put my wig into mothballs in protest.

  • oowawa

    Cain might be right.  Good focus on specifics.

  • oowawa

    A “mythic Clark Kent” is what we’ve got now–a phony dashboard Messiah.  I’ll grit my teeth and take the Elmo Monster, if that’s what it takes. 

  • Ferd Not-My-Site-(click to edit) Berfle

    May I suggest you get a information on the fair tax, guest and then review Cain’s ideas in that light? The fair tax would eliminate the income tax, which would mean an end to the IRS, which I am all for. Cain is speaking to real change here and not smoke and mirrors. Frankly, I’m tired of political stooges and their corporate masters who just shuffle this abomination of a code around to serve their own needs, leaving the middle class stuck again.

  • Guest

    So I was listening to presidential candidate Herman Cain on corporate tax dodging and his response would be to lower the corporate tax rate to 25 percent from 35 percent. He would actually like to see no taxes on corporations but is positioning for a more realistic level. Cain said the US is the only country to not have lowered the corporate tax rate in the last 15 years.

    The thrust of his argument is that corporate tax avoidance imposes a higher tax burden on individual Americans because taxes are always passed along to consumers. Change the loopholes by eliminating the tax code and replace it with the Fair Tax and there would be no loopholes. But defending the current situation in terms of consumer protection only makes sense if it saves billions on lobbyists whose job it is to help rewrite the tax code and pave the way for corporate tax dodging. What am I missing ? What is being passed on in the form of higher prices if nothing is being paid ??

    By Cain’s logic, reduce this to 10% and it will attract more foreign businesses to locate in US and keep US business operations in America ?? How much is enough to more than offset 3rd world wages and provide a greater control of operations for higher quality ?

    How do you compete against globalism and free-trade policies that require Americans to compete for jobs with Chinese who work for only 40 cents, or even $2, an hour? The government has passed favors to entice GE (and other companies) to do business in the US in such a way so as to avoid federal income tax liability. The result is that GE might not pay corporate taxes, but over half their American jobs have still been outsourced. Tax rates have been higher, environmental regulations have not changed, law suits have not increased – 3rd world labor rates are what beckoned to industry.

    Some politicians need to sacrifice themselves by educating the public. Put this stuff out on the table. lol

  • Ferd Not-My-Site-(click to edit) Berfle

    There is only one person currently running who has the character, the will, and the correct set of policies. As an added bonus, he apparently has no baggage to speak of, can’t be called a racist, and speaks succinctly, using no rhetorical hogwash to numb the minds of the electorate. What you see is what you get.

    Herman Cain would throw the Obamabot into utter disarray as they scrambled to come up with a set of repetetive ad hominems they could throw his way that wouldn’t offend the independents, who are absolutely necessary for the re-coronation of That One. Good luck with that.

    GOPers: Please don’t saddle us with That One for another four years by insisting on a milquetoast like Romeny or Pawlenty or any of the other vanilla candidates, particularly Newtie. That being said, I could vote for Trump but prefer Cain and hope he gets a fair shake.

  • PB from the island of long ,EST

     – Anybody? I can not Subscribe to such an idea sadly. That thought process has led to the disaster we live w/ now. No – I have some qualifers – like views the constitution as the ultimate guidelines – leads from the forward position (not a consensus builder) – Articulates what is the real arguments r w/out creating spin.

     Of course – I am looking for a mythic Clark Kent in a world of Elmo Monsters

  • getfitnow

    As stated above, it’s anybody but Obama. Whoever it is, has got to be willing to “leave it all on the track.”

  • kinthenorthwest

    The GOP needs to get their fighting gloves on and Im not talking about the sissy white gloves they wore in 2008…
    This election is going to take just as much shit kicking as Obama and his media friends did in 2008…
    All the junk the media kept putting out there on Palin..That was not just the media, I would bet everything I own that the DNC was helping and spoon feeding it in big doses to the media…

    If the GOP plays pussy foot, especially when the Obama machine starts screaming “Racists” then that is when they should start kicking and digging, not backing away.
    The Race Card got a whole lot of issues covered up by the DNC and Obama machine…I hope they dont fall for it again.

    Looks like Newt is back tracking on Obamacare…Thats going to mean, he is going to lose on that…

    Gingrich Backs Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Requiring Health Insurance   http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/gingrich-health-care-insurance/2011/05/15/id/396426?s=al&promo_code=C446-1  

  • PB from the island of long ,EST

     While I love the potential of an independent candidate -I am not a Trump Fan – So much history to get into now – Funding the Democrats in NY NJ Con- Sad way to promote actual conservative values. I’ll watch his grifters shell game and hope he gives us a prop to help ferret the true/real thoughts of the other contestants in this race.

     Been Thinking I’d like to see Jindal get in -Think he offers a real solid background and after having managed the BP spill as well as it could be -I think it’s a strong bet.

     I don’t think it will take anyone all that special to win POTUS. But I don’t another train wreck in the position . . . We simply can not afford it

  • Peggy Sue

    I’ve said repeatedly that the greatest gift Obama has is the weak, ineffectual lineup of Republican challengers.

    But . . . the wild card is The Donald.  Yes, he is a huckster, a self-promoting carney that has made a gazillon dollars.  But again . . . he is the only ‘presumed’ candidate independent of outside [meaning the big honchoes, lobbyist, powers-that-be types] money that has had the audacity [or balls, if you will] to challenge Obama’s lack of credentials [despite the journolisters howl to the contrary], is willing to bust Reagan’s sainthood myth and will fight as dirty as Axelrod et al and any and all Republicans.

    In other words, he doesn’t give a shit.  I love it!

    Would he make a decent POTUS?  I’m not convinced because being a ‘you’re fired’ potentate is far different than being the President of the United States. 

    However, I raise my hand and cheer for the person willing to kick up dust and give both of these bought and sold parties a run for their money.  And who knows?  The Donald could change even Peggy Sue’s mind.

    We shall see.  

    Btw, I’m surprised that no one has mentioned [unless I missed it] that following Mike Huckabee’s announcement that he would not run in 2012, a followup, prerecorded message was delivered by The Donald himself. What did The Donald know that Huckabee’s advisors and supporters were unaware of?

    I suspect, we’re about to see Act 2. 

    Can’t wait! 🙂

  • PB from the island of long ,EST

     i held up hope for Romney until the speech. he has the factors i want in a quality runner -someone who has the business model under his belt a person who has actually held a leadership position at the upper echelon of management .

     Mortal character flaws though
    He painted himself to be a conservative in 08 despite a history that proved otherwise

    His inability today to look at the data of Romney plan and see the flaws and underlying fractures -Rationed care – Doctor shortages – rising costs.
    He still clings to it an acomplishment while it is in fact a weight around his neck.

    damn if i can find anyone else in this bunch i am interested in.

  • getfitnow

    The speech in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was defensive, whiney, argumentative, legalistic, too clever, dry, angry, arrogant, wasted.
    For a moment I thought he was referring to That One. Sure  could have been.

  • RJ

    Herman Cain 2012!!!

  • IADK3SLT guest only

    I have to say it.  Uh, duh!  yes, I agree, that speech was the end and I think Romney should not declare if he wants to hold on to any self respect, but then again, he shouldn’t be where he is now, so I’ll stop there.

    Romney only had name recognition and kept dropping any time someone with credibility got attention, (Palin, Trump)  . Every time Romney opens his mouth, he makes a gaffe and his numbers drop.  This was his 3rd since announncing his exploratory. ‘nuf said.

  • kinthenorthwest

    oowawa I will vote for Goofy before I vote Obama…So if you see my name on an Obama ballot you know that ACORN is playing games.

  • oowawa

    I’m not concerned, because I already know how I’m going to vote.  Getting the incumbent out is my primary interest.  I’m willing to vote for a lesser scumbag in order to accomplish that . . .

  • kinthenorthwest

    Im not really sure we have anyone that can take on the Obama Machine…
    Trump has the guts…But he is not keeping the fight…Many saw some major flaws in that BC Obama presented but Trump didnt seem to fight it. So seems Trump isnt staying in the fight as long as he should…

    Im still looking into Cain…Cause he really seems to have some good fight in him….Man I bet the “race card” will not go very far against him.

    Its going to be an interesting election year…Vote for the guy who likes to spend your money and lie about it or ????

  • oowawa

    I’m not sure being arrogant and deaf precludes someone from being POTUS.  Romney and Gingrich are both still in it, but they have a lot to overcome, and I really doubt either one will manage it.

    Rick Santorum is handicapped because when he talks, his mouth moves over to the left side of his face.  Think I’m kidding?  Watch him during the next debate….