* As Stephen Colbert might say.

Mr. Transparency has added yet another position to the White House. That would be the Director of Progressive Media & Online Response. The point of this position? Well, it would seem to smack down any negative story that might arise about Obama. We can’t have THAT, after all.

I am not kidding. This new position will be directed primarily at the online community:

[snip] The post is a new one for this White House. Rapid response has been the purview of the Democratic National Committee (and will continue to be). Lee’s hire, however, suggests that a portion of it will now be handled from within the administration. It also signals that the White House will be adopting a more aggressive engagement in the online world in the months ahead.

Lee has played that role in the past, including writing a semi-infamous White House blog post that said Fox News’ Glenn Beck was lying about the administration on his show. His new gig comes with its own Twitter account, precisely for the purposes of disseminating push back.

An equally telling requirement of Lee’s new job, however, is that of crafting strategy for outreach to the progressive community. Lee has been tasked with that responsibility in his previous incarnations, both as a member of the DNC online team during the ’08 election and as a senior new media adviser with then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).[snip] (Click here to read the rest.)

Oh, yes – we cannot have anything negative to say about The One, can we? I mean, really – no one can acknowledge when the Emperor Has No Clothes.

Along those lines, you likely know that Obama is off on another European Vacation, including going to Moneygall, Ireland to meet a very distant relative. (I am pretty sure my Irish connections are far closer than the 8th cousin Obama will be glad-handing, but hey – I would have to pay for my own damn trip to Ireland., so…) While there, he and Michelle went to a pub and tossed back a pint of Guiness:
(May 22, 2011 – Photo by Pool/Getty Images Europe)

Huh – rather a somber look for someone hanging out in a pub, but whatever. Ahem. He did lighten up, but I thought that photo was intriguing…

But get this – the White House INSISTED upon taking its own water to – wait for it – Buckingham Palace. In London. That one. Where the Queen of England lives. Not just that The Emperor would not drink the water there, he wouldn’t even drink THEIR bottled water. Again, I am not making this up – how could I? I never would even DREAM of something like that.

It is LONDON, not East Jesus, Timbuckto, for heaven’s sake. What is WRONG with this man? His people were worried it might upset his tummy, is the explanation for this (new) slight. He can toss back a Guiness, but not accept a bottle of water from the TRUE Royals. Now that takes some chutzpah, doesn’t it?

Well, who knows how much longer bloggers like me will be able to write these kinds of things before the Office Of “Truthiness*” rains down hard making sure everyone still believes the Emperor has clothes? I guess I better get them in while I can, huh?

One last thing – just what kind of bottled water IS it that His Highness requires? I’m just wondering. Is it laced with gold, frankincense, and myrrh? What do you think?

  • kinthenorthwest

    The president ignores their fires, the president ignores the border mess, the president berates their reporters, the president slights Perry….what next???

  • Guest

    Dept of Justice and TSA threaten the state of Texas:


    • FLDemFem

      Since when does the TSA have the power to close down airports? I thought it was the FAA that does that sort of thing. And since when do thuggish unions have the power to threaten entire states and their legislatures? This has to stop, NOW!! The only way to stop it is to impeach Obama as soon as possible. He will be so busy dealing with the impeachment that he won’t have the time or inclination to do anything else. And neither will his minions.

    • Lana2

      Noogan, this is mind-boggling. I am beyond furious that this is happening, and the MSM won’t report it.

  • MisterNatural

    One supposes that Stymie just can’t stand the heat.

    My experience has been thus, when someone says bad stuff about me:

    Ignore it and say nothing.

    If it’s moderately Bad Stuff, say, “Isn’t that nice?”

    If it’s VERY Bad (But not actionable) stuff), say, “Everyone has a story.”

    If it’s fairly disgusting, but the Source is someone you can’t sue or Call Out (mother-in-law, ex-wife), you say: 
    “That’s the GREAT THING about America! The First Amendment guarantees everyone the right to his speak mind, no matter how ill-informed or poorly-bred he or she may be.”

    Any worse than this, you essential have two choices: go to where MotorMouth resides/hides/disseminates his spew, Call Him Out publicly, and poke that c********r in the bazoo until he falls down, passes out, or kisses your ass.

    Or, just hire some a**hole to sue his/her ass back to the Pre-Cambrian Period.


  • PssttCmere

    We all know telling the truth about anything goes against obamadinejad’s grain….I am appalled he thinks we are so fuckin’ stupid…

    “Say What You Will…It Feels So Good”


    • MisterNatural

      >>> I am appalled he thinks we are so fuckin’ stupid…

      I am SO dumb-ass looking that you’d think I was Earl Hickey’s other brother…the unmentioned Stupid Brother. After decades of working hard to overcome it, I have elected to just Go With It.

      You be astounded at how much information people leak from their mouths in the presence of those they feel to be their intellectual inferiors.

      And, having Strangers think you’re a dipshit REALLY works out well at the poker table.

  • Lana2

    Flashback to January 2009, Anita Dunn:

    ““Increasingly, by the general election, very rarely did
    we communicate through the press anything that we didn’t absolutely
    control.” …

    “The reality is that whether it was a David Plouffe video or an Obama
    speech, a huge part of our press strategy was focused on making the
    media cover what Obama was actually saying as opposed to why the
    campaign was saying it,” she said.”Guess they need more control

    • revamyinsc

      That is very telling, Lana. Wow. Thanks for that…

  • How about they replace this idiot bureaucracy with one that might actually do some good for the country–like a Directory of Southern Border Security and Transgression Elimination?

  • Lana

    What a slap in the face to the Queen et al! I guess they have never protected such an important person as Himself. Snipers on the roof, drinking their own water, bringing along their own bullet-proof glass. What arrogance! BTW–and this is true–Obots on other blogs commenting on the limo that got stuck are saying it was Obama’s fault, the speed bump was too high.

    • Lana

      whoops…meant to say wasn’t Obama’s fault.
      (Do I get my own What I Meant to Say czar?)

    • Cindy

      Lana—I thought maybe his training wheels had fallen off.

    • revamyinsc

      Indeed it was, Lana. Can you believe the glass they brought along to put up? I mean, really – they are treating the Royal Family like they are a bunch of ignorant peons. Yikes.

      Yeah, and how abt those Million Dollar Limos, huh? I guess that’s why Obama is claiming credit for rescuing GM. Ahem.

      And Lana, it just goes to prove that some people will NEVER be able to turn a critical eye toward Obama no matter what he does or says. They will blindly follow him regardless. Scary.

  • MisterNatural

    RE: Director of Progressive Media & Online Response

    Seems that three or four Jolt cola-swilling, basement-dwelling, Cheeto-munching hackers could do more over a three day weekend to wrap up this little crap-stand and make it a signal bagatelle for the Enemies of the Constitution that a whole 767 load of Congress critters…
    Just sayin’… 

  • yttik

    “…what kind of bottled water IS it that His Highness requires?”

    One laced with a laxative?? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to drink when you’re FOS?

    • FembotsForObama

      Yes, it would be fitting for President Walking Eagle.

  • Now for a serious question: What is the longest period of time that the Chicago Bumpkins have stayed put in the White House? I’m guessing about 3 weeks, tops.

    • FLDemFem

      My guess is about 9-10 days..they don’t seem to like it much there. And I am still waiting for Obama to put in a 40 hour week in the Oval Office.

      • My guess is about 9-10 days.
        I think  you’re correct. They do have to get away from all the drudgery living in the White house entails so we really can’t begrudge him a 10 hour work week and her a new outfit for each leg of the AF-1 flight plan. Maybe he’ll get in 18 or 36 holes while he’s in England and she’ll shop until they drop. It’s not like they’re spending our money, doncha know?

        • oowawa

          Hope he stops by what’s left of Joplin, MO on the way home (if he can find an airfield)–you know, just to say “Hi y’all” to folks and let them all know he’s been thinking about them while he was sipping $1000 a bottle wine and hobnobbing with The Queen . . . In fact, I’ll bet he even thought of making a toast for the survivors….

          • Cindy

            oowawa—LOL! I can only imagine his toast to the dear citizens of Joplin–
            He’d bungle it and say:
             “You’re toast!…..er, I mean, a toast to you….”

  • yttik

    A new Director of Progressive Media and Online Response?? This is fabulous news, Rev Amy! It means we’re finally going to get some decent trolls!! Oh, I do hope that quality control is the first thing on their agenda. I mean really, the sheer incompetence of the losers they’ve had working for them lately has been down right depressing! Half the time I can hardly lift my finger to my keyboard to even justify a response. Flag, Swat, Yawn, has become the No Quarter mantra. Do you suppose the new ones will be able of actually type in complete sentences and spell real words??

    • revamyinsc

      ROTFLMAO – brilliant, yttik!

  • One last thing – just what kind of bottled water IS it that His Highness requires? I’m just wondering.
    It’s Chicago water that’s been atomically organized into hydrogen and oxygen clans. Just don’t strike a match.

  • Cindy

    Rev. Amy—-You ask what kind of water does His Royal Hiney insist on taking with him and drinking??
      HOLY Water, of course.. Blest by both Jeremiah Wright, and Father Phlegm of Chicago, I’m sure.
     God help us, and I mean REALLY, dear God….. I’m begging!

    Thank you so much for the post—enlightening,  and hilarious!!

  • oowawa

    Obviously, the Truthiness Bureau should be run out of the Department of Homeland Security.  They’ve got one tentacle into naked body pictures and gropedowns, another tentacle into closing down web sites–I’m sure Janet Napolitano has an extra tentacle available for this project….

    • oowawa

      It could be called something snappy like Das Wahrheitsministerium der Volksaufklärung und Propaganda.

      • Cindy

        oowawa—-Goebbels lives!!  🙂

    • revamyinsc

      Good point abt HS and Janet, oowawa – and I love the potential name. Sounds abt right to me!

  • oowawa

    Well, let’s see: who’s going to pay for the Truthiness Czar and his Obot Troll Army?  We are?

    • Who knows, oowawa, maybe they’ll put thousands to work monitoring the internets, and the Google using such bureaucracies as:

      – the Internet Porn Police,
      – the Dot-Com Constabulary,
      – the Dot-Biz Busters,
      – the Dot-Gov G-men,
      – the Central Internet Agency,
      – the Federal Boss of the Internet,
      – the Information Superhighway Sheriff, and
      – the National Surfers Agency

      And there’s a lot more to create and robots to hire.

      • oowawa

        Well Ferd, I have heard rumors that there are people in this country who flagrantly download MP3 files over the internet and then play them illegally on portable music devices, thereby cheating the copyright holders such as Lady Gaga out of their rightful revenues.  This is not a victimless crime!  This definitely threatens our precious Homeland Security, and I hope that Janet Napolitano is able to put a stop to this pernicious activity pronto.

        • …thereby cheating the copyright holders such as Lady Gaga out of their rightful revenues.
          Heaven forbid we should allow that crap to be distributed extra-legally and deny milady the necessary funds for her next career in rehab.

  • By the way:

    Thank you Reverend Amy for putting this front and center. This is a critical issue which must be addressed. I can only imagine what would happen here if some officious richard cranium in that directory took a dislike to this website. I am absolutely livid about this. We aren’t children and they aren’t our parents. I feel like cursing a blue streak.

    • revamyinsc

      Thanks, Ferd, and thank you for your excellent letter, especially allowing others to use it as a template for their own.

      It really is astonishing, isn’t it? Can you imagine the hue and cry had Bush, or Clinton, ever dared to monitor online sites, especially to see if they were negative toward the president? Where is the outrage from the Left over this censorship – at TAXPAYER EXPENSE, I might add??

      Good grief…

      • KenoshaMarge

        Good question. But then “selective” outrage is what they do best. Hypocrisy too! 😉

  • $11298322

    This is a PR strategy already being used by certain major corporations to sniff out online stories that could be negative and immediately address them effectively. There are software programs that can continuously find corporate mentions, sort them as negative or positive, and provide a way of immediately responding to them.

    It is an admission that Obama’s enormous negatives.

    It certainly shows that Obama is focused primarily on politics and not policy – on campaigning and not leading.

    • This is a PR strategy already being used by certain major corporations
      to sniff out online stories that could be negative and immediately
      address them effectively.
      That’s fine for companies but not for the government. I am really incensed at the waste, fraud, and abuse such a directory will, by proxy, entail.

      • Hokma07

        If, as reported, that it was to help Obama get re-elected then it is illegal. But since when did details like that matter to Obama?

        • revamyinsc

          That’s what I thought, too, Hokma. But you are right – since when has Obama cared abt pesky details like that?

          • FembotsForObama

            Or the Obots who support every (mis)deed he does.

  • kinthenorthwest

    Did you hear what Obama gave the Queen?  Boy I bet she is green and so will England be.
    He gave her an ipod loaded with his speeches…What an ego.

    • He gave her an ipod loaded with his speeches…What an ego.
      I thought he gave that crap to her last time when the local yokel MO got chummy with HRH. Did he do that again?

  • This is what I sent my Congressman:


    It came to my attention today that this Administration is now going into
    the business of Internet Monitoring for “progressive” content. I assume
    this to mean that the internet will be monitored for non-progressive
    content, whatever that gobbledygook means.

    Frankly, I am appalled at the waste, fraud, and abuse such a directory
    would be. With all the problems facing this country, we don’t have the
    luxury of money or time to waste on such a frivolous enterprise, one
    that may also be un-Constitutional. The government has no business
    regulating the free exchange of ideas, no matter what sort of
    rationalizations can be put forth as justification. If one doesn’t like a
    particular web presence, then they should not go there. It is quite
    simple, really. Will you please look into this abuse of authority and

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide those of us who want
    an unfettered internet.

    • Cindy

      Ferd—great letter!

      • Thanks, Cindy. Anyone here can use it as a starting point (or not) should they want to write their Congress critter.

        • Lana

          Thanks, Ferd. I was just going to ask if we could use it!

    • kinthenorthwest

      great letter I am glad you said we can use it for I am going to use it…to send out my two cents.

      • Thanks so much. We need to send something such as this to every member of Congress. This is a waste of valuable resources, kitnw.

    • KenoshaMarge

      Great letter Ferd. so I stole it and sent it to both my congressman, that would be Paul Ryan and to my Senator, Ron Johnson.

      I didn’t bother with Herb Kohl. He’s a potted plant and pretty much always has been. As a business man an philanthropist he seems to be great. As a senator? Not so much. And now that he’s retiring, fageddaboutit!

      • FembotsForObama

        Ya know KM, you might want to send it to some of the anticipated frontrunners for Kohls’s seat.  Perhaps Tommy Thompson & Mark Neumann.  Someone has to make this an issue of attention brought to the American people.  This WH has just entered the uber-creepy realm.

        • KenoshaMarge

          Good idea Fembot, I’ll do just that! Thanks for the idea.

  • kinthenorthwest

    RRRA you are hot today another great article….
    I can’t help but wonder if there is not something a bit fishy and maybe illegal or very border-line illegal about this office.
    Guys who are on the media who throw their hat in the ring have to quit.
    Yet Obama is able to not only use the highest office in the land to garner good publicity, but  probaby hinder any type of negative publicity.  WHY?
    Then to top it off who is going to foot the bill for this new office? I will bet my bottom dollare that it won’t be the DNC or Obama.  Since when is the general public supposed to foot the type of bills this office will encounter in order that a presidental candidate can have a free publicity.
    None of this seems to be really kosher…

  • No matter what that stupid bastard in the White House does or who he hires to hunt down all the bloggers who speak truth to power, it won’t do any good.  There will always be a resistance movement, so to speak, that will find a way to get their message out on the net somehow, some way.  The more they try to squelch the truth, the more the truth will come out.

  • I just wrote my Congressman about this and will soon write both Senators. We have so many problems facing us that to waste precious money and time on a tempest in a teapot, no, thimble is nothing short of malfeasance and represents the worst sort of waste, fraud, and abuse. It is time to blow the whistle on these wannabe despots.

  • Justine00

    So, maybe that’s why Obummer’s so “into” beer summits — the alcohol kills whatever bugs might be in the water…..

  • “Well, who knows how much longer bloggers like me will be able to write these kinds of things before the Office Of “Truthiness*” rains down hard making sure everyone still believes the Emperor has clothes? I guess I better get them in while I can, huh?”
    This new position at the WH is alarming especial in light of FACEBOOK clamping down on “groups of like mind” communicating with its members.  I hope people can see the danger signs before it is too late.

    • kinthenorthwest

      I keep saying that I wonder when some of us will see men in black suits outside our door and it won’t be JWs or the Mormon missionaries. 
      What Obama is causing to happen to this country is really starting to scare me..
      Remember those who do not know and remember history are condemned to repeating it……(sorry my paraphase).
      There are some really awful historical events that started off very similar to what is going on in our country right now.

      • revamyinsc

        Amen to that, Kin. Spot on. (And thanks for the compliment above!)

        Felizarte, great comment!

        Cindy, you CRACK me up!!  ROTFLMAO…

      • KenoshaMarge

        As always, Thomas Jefferson had something to say about this kind of thing:

        Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

  • FLDemFem

    Why does he need people to track down negative stories and squash them? If he can’t stand the heat, he should get the hell out of the kitchen. Interfering with our right of freedom of speech is not a legal campaign activity. And if this clown is going to be working on the election, shouldn’t he be paid and officed by the DNC not the US taxpayer??

    • FLDemFem

      I am sticking this in here. The government, aka the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is going to require every car in the US have a black box on board, starting next month.
      This is what the article says about them..

      “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will declare that
      all automobiles are required to contain the event data recorder –
      similar to those found in aircraft – in order to monitor driving habits
      and  provide a snapshot of the final moment of impact if the car
      The snapshot will be able to be viewed by law
      enforcement, insurance companies and automakers and the owner of the
      vehicle will not be able to turn it on or off.”

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1390435/Black-boxes-vehicles-compulsory-month.html#ixzz1NNqikmxs

      Why has our media not mentioned this?? If they have, I missed it. Anyone else heard about it? This is so totally invasive I cannot believe it is legal. Monitor driving habits? If they don’t like the way I drive they are going to do what about it?? Take my car? Talk about invasion of privacy!! Will they be able to track the vehicles too?

      • FembotsForObama

        This idea has been bandied about for awhile so I’m not surprised.  Mainly because they are discussing the mandatory inclusion of GPS devices.  However, it leads me to wonder … will they soon outlaw older cars that don’t have blackboxes in them?  

      • kinthenorthwest

        Its no _______________ business where I go or what I do…
        IF I am under survelience for something or associating with the wrong type of people maybe.  But hey if Obama can associate with known bad guys wjy can’t I. 
        Sorry but the kids are looking up to Obama and that is how they feel. 

        In the Hannity’s interview with the PM, he did say that his wife and him had a lot more liberties over here than in Israel.  I am beginning to wonder how much longer that will be.