“We’re the Queens of Denial!” That could be the new US slogan – we don’t want to hear any more about voter fraud. We don’t want to know that Obama supporters voted in droves – more than once. We don’t want to find out what the culprits are, much less prosecute them. We don’t want to acknowledge that results are still coming in, and as I write this, Indiana has flipped to McCain (H/T to Pumatiza), but the MSM doesn’t want to report things like that. Oh, no – we cannot do or say or investigate ANYTHING that might not reflect well on The One – you know, The One who stole/cheated his way to the nomination, then had his citizen army, ACORN, commit massive, documented fraud all across this great land. Like, say, over 200,000 documented, fraudulent registrations in Ohio. ACORN, currently being investigated in 16 states, and connected to the Obama campaign.

Or how about Georgia where the fraud looks to have involved over 100,000 people. Yes, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PEOPLE. Registered to vote in Georgia, as well as FL or OH.

But hey, let’s not talk about this stuff anymore, okay? That would be a real downer, a killjoy, a buzzkill, and just plain racist. So, let’s just not mention it, shall we? It is only our democracy at stake, but no worries – we have our first biracial president, so all is right with our world!

Oh, no, instead the MSM will spend countless hours talking about what kind of puppy the Obama girls are going to get, and about Obama meeting with the Actual President (which I say that way since so many of the Obamaborg seem to think he is instantly president – does NO ONE take Civics classes anymore?), and his getting his national security briefings. How could I forget? His choosing his cabinet. Oh, yes – that is a fun one – and this is a little shout out to all of my female university teaching family – how about that Lawrence Summers as possible Treasury Secretary? Remember him? The one who had to leave the presidency at Harvard because of his SEXIST TREATMENT OF WOMEN???? Just more of the same from Obama.

Oh, there are a few women’s names bandied around for his cabinet positions, but not as many as the men, that’s for sure. I guess Dr. Lynette Long was right on target when she reported this:

“I want gender parity. I want Obama to go on National television and announce the he will select a female running mate and that half of his cabinet will be women.” He was silent for a second and then sheepishly replied, “We can’t do that?” “Why not?” I asked. “We are over half the population?” “We can’t do that! What if there isn’t a competent woman?” I was stunned. “There are 300 million people in this country, and you can’t find a handful of competent women for the cabinet?” I chided. “You want affirmative action. I don’t believe in affirmative action.” “That’s my offer, take it or leave it.” He left it and guess what, he hasn’t called me any more.

Obama doesn’t believe in supporting women. I’ll use a recent NYT article as evidence. It cited that Obama has 300 foreign policy advisers. The times posted pictures of the top twenty-one of them. Two were women. That’s less than ten percent. So much for parity. So much for the politics of change.

Yeah, and I haven’t heard any woman’s name floated for any part of Obama’s cabinet, have you?

Here’s why I am so damn cranky today, besides all of the ranting above: the Democrats are acting EXACTLY like the Republicans did in 2000. EXACTLY. Ignoring all of the fraud, claiming the “losers” need to get over it, Obama is a Uniter and a Healer, and will make America proud again. Blech. What a crock. This man has not even served a full term in the Senate, and the vast majority of his time there has been spent CAMPAIGNING! Since when is that sufficient experience for the highest office in the land? Even assuming there was no caucus fraud, or Convention fraud, or RBC fraud, or voter fraud, even assuming ALL of that, Obama is WOEFULLY inexperienced, unqualified, and unprepared. Not to mention homophobic and misogynistic. Oh, and ARROGANT as all hell. What a guy.

I understand that many African Americans are ecstatic that “one of their own” is now the President-Elect. But as Patsy from the “Our View – withPatsy and Sugar” on NoQuarter Radio said last night, Obama did NOT grow up like the vast majority of African Americans in this country, he did not grow up in their community. I guess it really doesn’t matter that he is bi-racial, and raised by the white side of the family. Why let facts inform the fantasy? Shut up already! Ahem.

Finally, there is the whole “the voting was of RECORD proportions!” meme being spread far and wide by the Obama Propaganda News. How else to say this? Well, it’s a crock of hooey. The difference between this election and the last one? One percentage point more! Oh, dear goddess, He really IS the Messiah! WOWIE ZOWIE!!!!! Uh, yeah, no, not really. It is not a record turnout, as it turns out. Just one more notch in the “reality” surrounding the candidate, uh, President-Elect, who has rewritten his history whenever it suits. Unfortunately, it suits him a whole bunch.

See, just like Bush in 2000. Only this time the shoe is on the other foot. The Democrats could care less about the irony of it all, the fraud of it all, as long as they won. It really is upside down world now…And it makes me cranky as hell.

  • trixta

    I wonder how Rachel Maddow can rationalize Obama’s “win” and the defeat of Prop 8 in CA (i.e. “ban on gay marriage”)?

    I was saddened that it was defeated, but couldn’t help but think of the double irony here: 1) Obama’s gay supporters helped defeat their own cause and 2) the African American community advanced bigotry in their vote to ban gay marriage.

  • beachnan

    Thank you Rev Amy. I am very angry today too. Women do not support other women. Example: Oprah, Randi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller, Rachel Maddow, etc. These women, are heard on a daily basis, and not one of them lifted a finger to help Hillary. They all bought the hopey, changey thing, and went for American Idol, instead of the deserving candidate. I will never watch Oprah again, or pick her magazines. I will never listen to a Stephanie Miller or Randi Rhodes radio program. The View, can take their show and shove it. Oprah and The View, were supposed to be geared to women. What a huge letdown they were to women everywhere. Let’s make a difference in their lives with their ratings.

    • trixta

      Those shows are for “liberal” patriarchal women.

  • Barry is not the first bi-racial US president.

  • Tristan

    The problem is that Democrats want a winner so bad right now they are willing to throw anything and everything under the bus to get it, including principles like respect for women, fair democratic elections, campaign finance reform, gay rights, FISA, and I could go on and on.

    I know so many woman who have I have heard said “I wish Hilary was the nominee but I guess Obama will have to do”, basically settling for second best – when obviously women have the numbers to control the entire Democratic party and could have done so if they stood together.

  • leo

    It seems to me that women do not respect other women. In the workplace, in politics, there are women with attitudes where they have a “chip on their shoulder” for most of their lives, there’s no more women’s movement that was going on recently like in years past, so women seem to think (or it appears that way for many) that they’ve made it to the top. So there’s no need to compete or reach for the top. While there are many brilliant, experienced and skilled women for the jobs that are automatically given to a man, God forbid that a man should have to report to a woman. And there’s women like Sen. Hillary Clinton who did WIN THE PRIMARY AND SHOULD BE OUR PRESIDENT ELECT; who was toppled by her own party colleagues, and the Obama camp; Nancy Pelosi would not and could not have another powerful women running the country. Pelosi needs to be Queen Bee. And she’s running the show. It’s an awful shame that women do not stick together, never mind the Hillary Clinton hating groups of this country, men and women alike “hated Hillary” but I wonder if it is the WOMEN HATERS of the U.S. and not “haters of Hillary Clinton.” Both men and women hating women for whatever their lame reasons might be. This country needed a strong leader and a major mistake was made by the people of this country, the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, Howard Dean, the Rules and By-Laws Committee and the msm who sold a bill of goods to the American voter and anointed the Messiah.

  • New Party

    It’s making me a little sick to watch the news. I may have to go cold turkey and come back in four years because that painting The Scream is flashing before my eyes a wee bit more often than I like.

    UUUGGGGHHHHH. I want a recount that includes EVERY SINGLE VOTE.

  • onmomnatureside

    Is it just me or did anyone else notice how fast the results were announced. It almost seems scripted.

    An example. In PA the polls close at 8PM. At 7:50 pm, I looked at the ABC News website at their election results. At 10 minutes before the polls closed, ABC had a check mark winner for Obama. The numbers showed 0% returns were in. Yet, with 0 votes counted…Obama had been declared winner.
    How exactly do the actual votes get tallied in the individual states? Also, voting trouble centers ( where the dead seem to be very slow in voting) those were the last ones to report.
    I smell a coup…just not sure if it was a DEM coup or an evil set up for a fall by the Rebubs.

    • trixta

      Call out (or shame) women on their own ignorance, brainwashing, misogyny, and sexism. Coming from someone from the opposite sex should have some impact. We can start with examples from this election, economy, and from pop culture.

  • Hey, remember, Chris Matthews finally conceded, he believes his job is to help the presidency of Obama.

    Of course, the answer is NO, NO it is not. He is a member of our journalism and media, sad to say, and he is not supposed to be using his position to HELP the PRESIDENCY OF ANYONE. HE SURELY DIDN’T HAVE THAT POSITION IN MIND WHEN IT CAME TO CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT HILLARY. And of course, he shouldn’t have been there either. But we know he was only interested in helping Obama and that meant doing what he did, trashing Hillary any way he could, again, truth, reporting and facts be damned.

    They showed why they allowed Bush to take us to war and do the things they did. They want to use their position to help their chosen one. And admitting that should get him fired from our airwaves.

    And now I would like to start a campaign to get every talk show, to state a disclaimer.

    “This show represents only the commentators views and position, they are not representing anyone elses or the stations and cannot be misinterpreted as factual or truth.”

  • Mary Anne O’Neil

    The scariest thing about this election is the voting process. There are still many uncounted absentee ballots; no military votes in Virginia, etc. And nobody cares! We are no longer a Democracy because the vote has been perverted. This is what frightens me most.

  • WasLNbutNoBamaBotsKeepStealingMyName

    Yes, Rev. Amy…i feel really, really cranky today myself. When I try to talk to my friends and family about the massive voter fraud, they just roll their eyes and say. “Yes, it happens every year. We can’t do anything about it.”

    It makes me so sick to to stomack.

    • WasLNbutNoBamaBotsKeepStealingMyName

      sorry…sick to my stomach. I’m so upset I’m not being careful when I type.

      • he whose middle name must NOT be named

        the obots that i’ve tried to talk to are in a complete state of denial” “perhaps someday you will share our positive feelings!”

        so here is my question:
        1) do they (deep down) admit he’s just another dirty pol, but think the ends justify the means? or

        2) they think these are just crazy lies from clinton supporters & right wingers, and he’s actually a clean messiah — ready to save our country & planet?

  • tzada

    Not all of us are in denial..


    This is interesting. Souter tells Obama to produce the vault copy by December 1, 2008. I believe the messiah will defy the Justices.
    Who will force the issue? Who wants to open up that pandora’s box? Imagine if there is something on that birth certificate that disqualifies Obama from the office of the President. What are you going to do? Start a civil war? There will be blood in the streets you try to enforce the rule of law. This should have happened before the election. Obambi knows it too.


    Back in April of ‘08 highly partisan Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, a staunch and fervent supporter of Barack Obama, inexplicably introduced Senate Resolution 511 a resolution recognizing that John Sidney McCain, III, is a natural born citizen. She was joined by five other Democratic senators including Barack Obama in an effort to push this bill through the senate. The original text of this bill read:
    110th CONGRESS
    2d Session
    S. RES. 511
    Recognizing that John Sidney McCain, III, is a natural born citizen.
    April 10, 2008
    Mrs. MCCASKILL (for herself, Mr. LEAHY, Mr. OBAMA, Mr. COBURN, Mrs. CLINTON, and Mr. WEBB) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary
    Recognizing that John Sidney McCain, III, is a natural born citizen.
    Whereas the Constitution of the United States requires that, to be eligible for the Office of the President, a person must be a `natural born Citizen’ of the United States;
    Whereas the term `natural born Citizen’, as that term appears in Article II, Section 1, is not defined in the Constitution of the United States;
    Whereas there is no evidence of the intention of the Framers or any Congress to limit the constitutional rights of children born to Americans serving in the military nor to prevent those children from serving as their country’s President;
    Whereas such limitations would be inconsistent with the purpose and intent of the `natural born Citizen’ clause of the Constitution of the United States, as evidenced by the First Congress’s own statute defining the term `natural born Citizen’;
    Whereas the well-being of all citizens of the United States is preserved and enhanced by the men and women who are assigned to serve our country outside of our national borders;
    Whereas previous presidential candidates were born outside of the United States of America and were understood to be eligible to be President; and
    Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936: Now, therefore, be it
    Resolved,That John Sidney McCain, III, is a `natural born Citizen’ under Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States.
    At first blush one may think “big deal” but read it again and see what these five Democrats were really trying to accomplish.
    a)Whereas the term `natural born Citizen’, as that term appears in Article II, Section 1, is not defined in the Constitution of the United States
    b)Whereas previous presidential candidates were born outside of the United States of America and were understood to be eligible to be President;
    Now why would five Democratic senators including the one running for president bother drafting a resolution declaring their Republican opponent eligible for office while carefully crafting the bill to be accepting of someone born outside of the U.S. and perhaps NOT a natural born citizen to also be eligible to hold the office of president if elected? Hmmmmmm?
    It seems clear to me what they were attempting to accomplish especially with statement “b” and that was to declare Obama eligible for the office of president even if he wasn’t born here or qualified as a “natural born” citizen.
    There was no need to issue this resolution for McCain as he was already known to have been born at the Coco Solo Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal Zone, Panama which was under U.S. control at the time of his birth. His father was naval officer John S. McCain, Jr. McCain was cleared to run for president in 2000 based on this information so there was no reason for McCaskill and her pals to introduce the resolution except as cover for Obama in the event he was indeed elected as president.
    That said it just might be a tad difficult to squelch the skepticism running rampant in the blogoshpere


    Stop the Obama Constitutional Crisis
    Sign the Petition : 81,309 Letters and Emails Sent So Far

    When you were first elected and as tradition requires you have sworn the oath: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.


  • Artemis

    Obama is WOEFULLY inexperienced, unqualified, and unprepared. Not to mention homophobic and misogynistic. Oh, and ARROGANT as all hell. What a guy.

    Rev. Amy’s assessment echoes my own and that makes it very difficult for me to focus on what the media is instructing us to focus on: WHAT KIND OF PUPPY SHOULD THE OBAMA FAMILY GET?

    I’m cranky as hell, too, Rev. Amy.

  • Artemis

    “Meet the new boss…same as the old boss…”
    Couldn’t help but hum those lyrics while listening to Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, a “Personal Financial Expert” this morning on CNN as she explained that due to the economic situation, those folks making less than $250,000 SHOULD NOT expect a tax-cut. Oh…and about increasing the taxes on the top wage earners, well, she predicts that will have to be postponed. After all, we need to stimulate the economy now. Isn’t that what McCain wanted to do? Isn’t that what Obama claimed was the wrong choice…following the GWB model?

  • butter

    Voter fraud is a big deal. By this means democracy will be rendered meaningless and given that the government already could care less about the founding principles, this means one thing – total control by the government. If Obama doesn’t turn out to be the dictator, I can promise you there is one waiting in the wings.

  • karen

    I was really baffled by all the woman who blindly supported Obama thinking he was their champion. Any deep investigating into this man tells you that he is no friend to women. They will learn.

    I find it funny (in a creepy sort of way) that MSM keeps focusing on what dog the Obama girls will get and how they will decorate the White House at Christmas next year. Lots of really deep reporting and reflection going on…to be sure!

  • concerned grandma

    what can grow from acorns besides big oak trees??

    Obamas VOTES.

  • BJ

    Someone posted Here on Wiki some potential appointees that Obama is looking at, or already using.

  • FenelonSpoke

    Yep; It burned me up too that massive fraud went on and we have to hear about what kind of puppy Obms’s girl wil get. Sickening!!

  • Josephine the Plumber

    …a backwoods redneck state…

    We are a federal republic of 50 states. It’s not clear to me to which state you refer. 😕

  • angie46

    “meet my maverick,” said the vet,
    “she killed a bridge and sold a jet,
    “this hockey mom is real and plain,
    “she’s just your average six pack jane,

    “like rudy g. she ain’t new york,
    “like lieberman she won’t touch pork,
    “she’ll shake things up and make some noise
    “and stand up to all those good old boys,

    “she’s real down home, she’s just like you,”
    except for one thing, it’s just not true.

    • randall the computer guy

      if you’re really a female I pity you, I would be willing to bet you’re either in an abusive relationship or single with an enormous general hatred for men. If neither of these things is true, I’d love to meet you in person and easily convince you to be my sugar momma since you were probably easuly persuaded to vote for barry, but since you’re an obot you probably don’t have a job or work anyway so nevermind.

      You guys and gals really made a horrible choice, and for all the wrong reasons, and now we all have to suffer for your idiocy, thanks. a lot.

  • Do not forget that North Carolina is separated by 13,692 votes AND none of that counts any of the reported 2,627,056 absentee ballots cast! I THINK Republicans can find those 13,692 votes PLUS some in that stack of absentee ballots.


    48% are Republican and Independents.
    51% are Democrats.

    You don’t know how many Democrats on those absentees voted for McCain. You don’t know how many Repubs & Indies voted for Obama. They need to COUNT those votes!

  • angie46

    regarding mccain’s possible vp choices:

    lieberman or rudy g.,
    hutchison or colin p.,
    liddy dole or condi rice,
    the mormon guy whose hair is nice,

    thompson, gingrich,
    bloomberg, huck,
    sarah palin…
    what the f***?!

  • Northwest rain

    Here are some examples from that Obama uses in his speeches what can be called mind control techniques from the article linked above Obama’s use of hidden hypnosis techniques

    Note that if we go to the archives and review live blogging of Obama’s speeches — many people have made observations about his odd speaking style and other quirks that bother the viewer — these viewers are using active thinking/critical thinking — that is why WE at NQ do not fall for this sort of mind control.

    pg. 40 . . . Why would he speak so slowly? We know he speaks faster in interviews and debates — why speak so slowly in speeches? What about the acceleration of his rate of speech to the lead? Why such storytelling? Why the exorbitant use of visualization and imagination? . . . Which lead the audience down a path of imagining things until asking the imagining of something that can’t be consciously imagined? Why the five “because”s and why the unusual message structure from someone who speaks so well? Why the hyper- confidence for specific words like “decided”, “chose”, and “believe” with pauses after each one when they are not supposed to be the end of neither the sentence nor the idea? Why the hyper-arrogance for “greatest hopes and highest aspirations?” Why the repeated stating of the obvious and undeniable “I stand here tonight?” (used in all his speeches). Why no hand gesture for “democratic nominee” – why only for “President”? And finally, how come all of these “coincidences” can all be explained by a single reason – all under the principles of hypnosis? Which causes exactly the type of mesmerized effect everyone admits they have from him?

    There are VERY specific examples listed of Obama using known hypnotic mind control techniques.

    Now someone who has the videos of Obama’s speeches can pull out specific examples of the techniques that he is using to hypnotize his audience. He is doing this in plain sight — and he can be exposed because he has left a RECORD — video of his speeches.

    I’m on a rant tonight — but this is really important and this article sort of got lost in all the distraction of the campaigning. We were all on information overload.

    • Bellevue_NW_Voter The Renter

      To characterize this as hypnosis is a bit misleading. It’s unconcsious, multi-level, communication for sure. But I’d stop short of calling it hypnosis. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the bots don’t trance themselves with their chants of “O-ba-ma! Hope! Change! O-ba-ma! Yes We Can!”. I think that goes without saying. (Sigh.)

      But Obama’s speech tricks, be they rhetorical or non-verbal, are more along the lines of neuro-linguistic programming techniques for persuasion and (literally this is what it’s called, and it sure fits) belief change, than what is classically considered hypnosis. There’s little pointed out by the article you linked to above, that isn’t found in “power selling”, “persuasion for leaders” or some “evangelism how to” classes. I read the article, some weeks ago. It had some good points. Some points were, IMHO, pretty extreme reaches and make it a little easier than it should have been to attack the paper’s premise.

      The problem is, while he may be the first national officeholder-elect in the US to have used these tricks to the extent he did, people in business (and the ministry) use the same kinds of tricks every day to succeed in THEIR lines of work… and people seem content to let them do it. Kinda like there was no objection to this year’s misogyny. So it doesn’t surprise me that our fellow citizens aren’t too fazed when they hear that Obama employed those techniques.

      • Northwest rain

        I believe it is more along the line the people don’t believe that the psycho-babble tricks work on them. I’ve seen demonstrations where a skeptic says — nope that hypnosis doesn’t work on them — and then the almost immediately obey the directions of the hypnotist. That’s why he is using so many different methods — the religious ones respond one way and the hip youngsters will respond to another cue.

        However, Evangelical traveling tent preachers have used the same sort of tricks — people faint and the preacher “heals” the sick. MarJo Gortner goes around the country demonstrating to colleges classes exactly how to make people faint on cue.

        Obama uses every trick just like the con man that he is.

        He probably learned these psycho-babble tricks at Columbia — which is why his college records are sealed — he is hiding something — otherwise he would proudly produce his records.

        • Northwest rain

          What Obama is doing is a serious ethical violation and MUST be exposed.

          It should not be dismissed — people need to be educated. The use of subliminal messages should be illegal. At any rate he is using mind control techniques without the knowledge or permission of his audience.

          Your dismissive attitude about his misuse of clinical psy tools is very disturbing.

          At the very least his methods need to be exposed — it is up to the people to determine if they think it is just jolly ok for someone to be messing around in their minds.

          These techniques are very powerful — and Obama damned well knows what he’s doing. This is a ethical violation and it should be ILLEGAL.

          But then, he like bushie, can slaughter someone on stage and both get a pass for murder.

          • I thought subliminal message WAS illegal already, for all of the reasons you have mentioned…

            • Bellevue_NW_Voter The Renter

              Half the ads on TV would be pulled, and most ad firms bankrupted, if persuasion tricks were banned (subliminals are a different story; I think they are illegal on TV though not in print). I have both had these tactics aimed at me, *and* studied them for years professionally as part of becoming certified to be a corporate trainer. They’re academically recognized as techniques that get results, not as “evil”. Tools don’t have moral value. You can dislike that all you want, of course.

              “Honeeeeeey…. pleeeeeeeease?” around the house is “mind control” in the sense that it can get someone to do some chore that they might not actually prefer to do. “Honeeeeeeeyy” might be an anchor to something positive that occurs behind closed doors. And someone might know through conditioning that following through on the chore requested by the “pleeeeeeeeease?” will get them the opportunity to hear it again in a different context really soon. How WOULD you draw the line, if given the opportunity?

              “Let the buyer beware” and all.

              Of course, the trouble with that is when unaware buyers get together to buy something on behalf of the whole country, and the rest of us get stuck with what the unaware buyer bought based on the advertising.

  • angie46

    who knows just how you found her, john,
    it’s w. bush with lipstick on!

  • angie46

    Woman: He’s an Arab. He is NOT —

    (McCain shakes his head and takes mic away)

    McCain: No ma’am. He’s a decent family man that I just happen to have some disagreements with on fundamental issues.

  • hootnannie

    Well, since the U.S. has just become a banana republic, it’s apt that the MSM is behaving like the proverbial monkey with his hands over his ears. No one who matters wants to hear anything about people voting a dozen times or Black Panthers scaring white people away from the polls. THEY MIGHT HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! And, heavens, who wants to do anything to throw a monkey wrench into this historic presidency?! It’s as though Bobo has just been elected king of the prom, instead of leader of the free world! (OMG–how scary!) Who cares if he wasn’t born on U.S. territory or is subject to criminal prosecution at any moment? It’s historic!! And it will be even moreso if he’s the first person elected to the office who isn’t native born!!

    • alfrombritain

      Sorry, stumbled across this search when looking for the lyrics to a Led Zeppelin song.

      But I must say that on this side of the pond, we are most happy to see what we had once thought of as a backwoods redneck state redeem itself with the election of Barack Obama. Hopefully our own PM will get the hint that CHANGE IS NEEDED! Cheers, America!

      • Zeke

        I’m pretty sure we stopped giving a shit about what you limey fucks thought about 1776. Get in another war now, asshole and watch Barry The IndoKenyanerican sit on the sidelines and cheer.
        Bugger Off

        • You guys are losers

          Wow Zeke, you really are a spineless, chickensh/t, p*ssy.

        • david

          Sorry all you new PUMAs to this site; Zeke is an unfortunate crass/redneck anomaly in an otherwise progressive movement. Zeke, I am hoping that you will have some class and either tone down your language or leave the site… There’s also always the option of getting banned.

          • FreebirdFreebird

            Gee david – and “You Guys are Losers”/Angie46 calling Zeke names is what? Progressive? Enlightened?

            Why attack Zeke? Banning? What’s next – book burning?

            “You Guys are Losers” came here hoping to be attacked attempting to destroy the thread of the conversation.

            • You guys are losers

              A gumshoe!

  • bobfromohio

    Fellow PUMAs, I WOULD HAVE voted for John instead of writing in Hillary… but I could never support a candidate whose last name rhymes with “Hussein.”

    • You guys are losers

      What’s wrong with Hussein?

      • bobfromohio

        He’s a Muslim. I read about it.

        • You guys are losers

          Mccain is a muslim?

    • So instead you let a person whose ACTUAL MIDDLE NAME is Hussein into the White House? You dumbass.

    • OBushMa

      I guess the Obots can’t figure out what rhymes with Osama?

  • BerlinBerlin

    I don’t want to hear about the affirmative action for women.
    I don’t want to hear it about african americans.
    This is 2008, my goodness, or should I say my Goddess?

    Why don’t we progress in the fight for equal rights for women?
    This year 2008 was a massa!

    Anybody listening who has a brain and a …
    Mark this on Your calendar:

    Mark this name as well:
    Sarah Palin

    And connect the two: Sarah Palin for President 2012

    • You guys are losers

      She does know what to do when Putin rears his head.

      • angie46

        she’ll watch him from her statehouse tanning bed

        • You guys are losers

          Hah! Angie – welcome to the party! Be careful, someone named Zeke has an ass/poop fetish and likes to hurl insults…and many others here seem to be worshiping the creepy guy in all black pictured on the front page who looks like a cult leader.

          • angie46

            that bridge to nowhere, she loved it so
            and when it died, she kept the dough

            • Zeke

              Tell ya what,
              You two Obama Fuckwads lick each other all you want. Just turn out the lights when you’re done congratulating each other on murdering your own country.
              I’m going to go sit on the john and make some more of you…

              • You guys are losers

                Hey Zeke….please, please seek some help for your ass/poop fetish…its starting to have a negative impact on your relationships.

            • Angel


              that bridge to nowhere, she loved it so and when it died, she kept the dough


              Prove she kept the money. You can’t. Case closed.

              Newsflash for you – Obama and Biden both chose the earmark for that bridge OVER helping those affected by Katrina. That’s on record.

              Are you or someone you know baving trouble paying the mortgage? You can thank Obama for his esteemed title of being 2nd highest of all in “keeping the dough” from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who consider him “one of the family”, who was the attorney on record that sued banks not giving out enough sub-prime loans to those who don’t qualify.

    • Geo

      Tell Sarah that you back her for President


      She is Joan of Arc to me, let’s not burn her at the stake.

  • Northwest rain

    Rev — remember the piece you wrote on Cults — and the bit from the novel Kathy Reich (sp) book that quoted an expert on cults? Well this is a follow up of cult like mind control.

    What are people going to do when they learn that a person who has so few qualifications to be President just decided to use mind control techniques to make people vote for him???

    Far out? NO! This is real.

    An expert in the area of hypnosis and subliminal messages published an article called: Obama’s use of hidden hypnosis techniques.

    So damned right we have a right to be still complaining about the damned election and the damned outcome. (Excuse me for my damns).


    Really EVERYONE who cares about America should read that article.

    One of the references on Mind Control used in the article about Hypnotism is a book called “Rape of the Mind” published in 1956 — the Professor of this book was at Columbia University — same college that Obama attended before going to Harvard.

    The methods and techniques that Obama uses are mostly not new.

    When I was getting my degree in Psychology and then MA in Group Dynamics we studied many different techniques —


    So what we have is OBAMA who is Raping the mind of the voters.

    I don’t understand why mental health professionals are screaming bloody murder about what’s happening. I SAW three thugs at the caucus use techniques that should NEVER EVER be used on unsuspecting people. I was livid with rage to have seen Obama’s thugs use mind control techniques. He or his aides are teaching this at camp Obama.

    Wonder why Obama wants to make everyone work?? So that he can use mind control.

    He is the MOST dangerous person EVER to hold the office of President.

    Link to book: Rape of the Mind</b


    THE RAPE OF THE MIND: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing, by Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D., Instructor in Psychiatry, Columbia University Lecturer in Social Psychology, New School for Social Research, Former Chief, Psychological Department, Netherlands Forces, published in 1956, World Publishing Company. (Out of Print)

    • You guys are losers

      Wow….you are delusional.

      • KathyNeocon

        Wow….you are delusional.

        No, you are. We’re just showing you how it happened.

        • You guys are losers

          By offering a 1956 book by Meerloo? There is a reason books by Meerloo are out of print…

          • KathyNeocon
          • Zeke

            Hey douche,
            If this is so passe’ and out of date, why don’t you fuck off someplace where people give a shit about your opinions.
            Group hypnosis is has been a serious area of study since the idea first came to mind. These techniques have been applied in many Psy-ops plans over many years and with high rates of success. Why haven’t you heard of them?
            Hmmmm I wonder…

            • You guys are losers

              Why leave, you certainly seem to care about my opinions?

              • Tom K.

                Why don’t you hurry along back to the pod? Now go on…hurry along! The All Seeing Eye will be communing with his subjects soon. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

                • You guys are losers

                  And leave you guys alone, patting each other on the back as you reinforce your own ignorance? Nah…I am here to help…sent by ‘THAT ONE’.

                  • AVERY

                    ALL SEEING EYE = JOE THE PLUMBER

                    • You guys are losers

                      Nah – dont let him fool you. This is a guy who was more than happy to have OTHER PEOPLE AND HIS GOVT support him when he was down…only to turn around and try to evade taxes when he started earning money. Good news is that he doesnt want Social Security so you can have his part.

          • KathyNeocon

            The first link in Rain’s post idgit, not the Meerloo book.

          • LindaA1

            You guys are losers –

            You say “By offering a 1956 book by Meerloo? There is a reason books by Meerloo are out of print…”

            Ahem. How old is the Bible? The works of Socrates? Plato?

            Silly insult.

    • Zeke

      Take another look at the full video of Obama and Joe the Plumber. If he wasn’t trying the up close, physical contact/reaction technique I’ll eat a bug.
      Joe, like may others of us “non-bot’s” is very lucky. He “doesn’t get it.” I have heard those asshats say that damned line time and time again and now, for the first time, I get what they meant.
      When a high level Obot tells you that you don’t get it, they mean that they can’t successfully use the technique on you.

      • Northwest rain

        The technique doesn’t work on me:

        (1) I was raised in a religious cult and so I’ve seen that sort of mind control garbage as a child and rejected it.

        (2) I’ve been trained in many of the techniques and know that they are dangerous.

        Thanks for the heads up — I’ll review the Joe the Plumber-Obama confrontation. And yes I did see something odd (incongruous) in Obama’s body language. In fact back in 2004 his speech at the Dem convention was odd — because his body language did not match the words (or the rhythm of his words). For this reason he makes me physically ill — because he always seems to be using the “techniques”. He wants no one to see the real Obama — only the illusion he has creaated.

        • Zeke


        • Thank you, NW Rain – I appreciate your great comments, and SORRY abt the Obot Troll who clearly is hoping for more pre-paid Visa cards. Good luck with that.

          And yes, I remember that article well – I have been constantly reminded of how much Obama has a cult following. Shocking, really, but this explains a lot. Thanks!

      • You guys are losers

        Did you actually listen to the interaction between Obama and Joe? Obama actually heard his (arguably disingenous) question and responded. If Joe didnt like the response its one thing…but Obama spent the time to listen and respond – pretty amazing by modern, “sound-bite” poltical standards.

        • Zeke

          Listened to Joe, paused to consider which applicable technique to attempt, picked the wrong one, tried to lead Joe into a sequence of positive responses which he attempted to “lock in” with a shoulder squeeze and arm touches. He did the same fucking thing to Bill O’Rielly and O’Rielly folded like a cheap suit. Everyone was pissed that good ol’ Billy O didn’t ream Obama’s ass. Now, numbnuts you have had it explained to you.
          Go drink your milk and go to bed.

          • You guys are losers

            Again with a focus on the bottom. Zeke – seek help to deal with your ass fetish…then, open your mind just a little, listen to the interaction between Obama and Joe – and just enjoy the conversation. thats all it was…a conversation between a voter and a candidate. turns out joe will get a tax break under Obama….which apparently he needs since he owes Uncle Sam.

            • Zeke

              My God you are a fool….

              You’ll squeal real good on you way to the Bill Ayers Re-education and Rendering Plant. I figure by that time, even your pseudo-intellect will come to realize what has happened.
              You’ll bitch real loud then dipshit… for a little while.
              Ayers figures 25 million exterminated.
              I’ll give you my seat. I’ll be busy.

            • Bellevue_NW_Voter The Renter

              Joe’s already paid off the back taxes. He claims to not have known about the tax lien until the reporters unearthed it.

              Personal experience tells me that’s not impossible. Here’s one example. I moved, somehow some of my income which I claimed in state #2 was considered income in state #1 for which I then owed taxes in state #1… which I did not pay, because I thought I’d properly counted that amount as income in state #2, as I’d actually EARNED it in state #2. However, due to the timing of when I filed my business paperwork in state #2, it turns out that it still belonged to state #1. And for whatever reason, state #1’s attempts to notify me of this did not work, possibly because they didn’t try until after my mail forwarding expired.

              When did I find out about the lien?

              A few weeks after I was recorded as a Hillary delegate, about 8 years after I’d left state #1. State #1 called me to ask where the cash was, and I got a “HUH? WHAT?” experience.

              Coincidence? Perhaps.

  • johninca

    Did you ever vote Democrat? If so, you put in the Congressmen (persons, whatever) who funded ACORN’s vote thieving operation.

  • You guys are losers

    Trist –
    dont fret…when Obama starts working, he will be working for you. Certainly you can be excited by that.

    • Zeke

      The day that fucker starts working is the day a flying pig will shit in your Kool-aid.

      • You guys are losers

        Hey Zeke – the day you graduate 5th grade will be the day you start thinking for yourself.

        • Zeke

          You wanna start this fuckin’ ball just go for it.
          Pissant sonsofbitches like you are my meat.
          You smalltime piece of shit, the knowledge that dripped out of my ass yesterday would fill your mind so damn full that you would pop.
          Go ask mommy if you can stay up late and get your ass kicked…

          • You guys are losers

            Wow – you really like talking about your bottom and poopy…I guess that 5th grad diploma is a all order.

            Zeke – drink some chamomile tea and relax.

            Then consider – How do you want your president to represent you in the world?

            • Zeke

              First of all, that douchebag cowardly fuck that you adore isn’t worth the time to scrape off an old shoe so take that shit and eat it.
              I don’t want that pu**y representing anything except the conditions of federal prison from the inside.
              If you want a coward in the Whitehouse you got one.
              Medvedev didn’t even mention the pu**y in his State of Russia speech. The world is laughing its ass off at America and how fucking shallow minded this Celebrity without Credentials really is. Crazy Muslims are coming all over themselves in the realization that one of theirs will soon be stabbing our troops in the back and doing it with your ignorant, cowardly approval.
              European heads of state are making jokes about the fool already. He’s cute and has a tan!
              America has elected the pansiest, most weakassed,
              underhanded sonofabitch in History.
              Yeah, asswipe start composing your “Bush is worse!” argument, turn it sideways and shove it.
              The only way you fools will ever understand what you have done is when you look around at all the nice National Policemen escorting your brainwashed kid off to permanent Camp Obama where they will “Volunteer” to tell Barack all about mommy and daddy and that little box in the closet. Oh, and they’ll also be telling about Aunt Pat and her live-in girlfriend.
              You are undeniably the biggest fool to hit this site in ages.

              • You guys are losers

                Sound like someone needs a diaper change…..MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • You guys are losers

                Sounds like someone needs a diaper change…..MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • angie46

                once there was an angry puma,
                who just complained and ate some gouda,
                the election results were far too tragic,
                for the candidates known as “the mavericks.”

                this poor old puma whined and whined,
                until he happened to find the time
                to realize the cause of his angry stasis,
                this puma was not bitter, just a racist.

                • NOBAMA2

                  I wear a false racist label from a bot as a badge of honor.
                  Go to hell!

          • I love you Zeke. ROFLMAO

        • You guys are losers

          “tall” order

      • You mean A flying pig with lipstick. 🙂

      • OBushMa

        Make that a puppy, and the media will return that.

        • OBushMa

          I mean, report that.

  • You guys are losers

    Just to remind you – although I can see you are all excited – he is not president until Jan 20 2009

    • KathyNeocon

      Just to remind you – although I can see you are all excited – he is not president until Jan 20 2009

      Oh that’s right. He’s the PRESIDENT ELECT, as he so prominently displayed on his podium today. What a tool.

      • You guys are losers

        Hey Kathy…Neocon is dead.

        • KathyNeocon

          Hey Kathy…Neocon is dead.

          If Obama can bring people back from the dead to vote for him, I can resurrect NeoConservatism for myself.

          • Seattle Moss

            We have not been attacked since 911

            Obamabots fail to realize one fatal flaw in their thinking.

            One terrorist attack and you’re finished with the American people.

            Democrats appear to be weak on terrorism and represent defeat for America in many peoples eyes.
            Obamabots better pray that we never get attacked on their watch…

            The word Neo Con may be a very popular phrase again soon!!

            • You guys are losers

              Americans should pray we never get attaked again. It impacts everyone. One American attach didnt finish Bush….

              But Seattle, you need to travel…meet people and visit countries there people arent of European descent. As soon as America steps up and once again becomes a leader in the world without a christian crusader agenda…fewer people will want to kill us.

              We can begin by trying to avoid bombing civilians in foreign countries.

              Nevertheless, in the end there will always be fanatics…whether your president is Obama, Mccain, Palin, Clinton, Bush…..

              • Seattle Moss

                This is where you are very much mistaken.
                I agree that the world loves Obama but this doesn’t diminish in anyway the enemies that want us dead.
                Lowering our guard at this crucial moment is exactly what the enemy wants.
                We survived the last 7 years because Bush played hard ball with the terrorists and took the fight to them.
                All it takes is one attack to destroy capitalism
                We’re not talking about planes and box cutters next time.
                Oh and just to let you know..I lived in Europe 8 years and have traveled to more than 25 countries especially in the middle east.

          • You guys are losers

            “If Obama can bring people back from the dead to vote for him”


          • etc.

            Hehe. You tell ’em, Kath.

          • Me too! Although I am not entirely sure what a NeoCon is. Sorry, blonde moment I guess.

      • Bernardine Dohrn

        And did you see the seal Bill and I helped design?

  • There are just soooo many sad ironies with this election. One day they need to all be collected and put in a book.

    I see that the one has already begun his bid for 2012. And why shouldn’t he, since campaigning is the ONLY thing he’s ever learned how to do. Guess if he had almost a bill this go round, by 2012 he’ll have raised about 3 or 4 billion, then they can just dispense with the next election all together.

    Really though, Obama doesn’t seem to like working, unless you count schmoozing and being worshiped as “work”. But as SOME point isn’t the Pres. required to actually do something? I just can’t see him sitting through boring meeting after meeting (when there are no camera’s anyway) listening and trying to retain info from advisors then calculating how to use it. The tedious stuff.
    Sorry, I just can’t get my mind around an Obama that’s interested in working.

  • Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    Obama didn’t meet with the actual President.

    He met with Dubya Bush, the nominal President.

    Cheney is the actual President. :mrgreen:

    • Northwest rain

      Oh that’s right!! We don’t have to worry about bushie giving away state secrets. Oops Cheney already did that.

      Now we going to get another security risk as Prez. Yep them ivy league east coast schools really do turn out fine fine — examples of extreme stupidity.

      Two legacy admissions — sort of like Affirmative Action.

  • Natalie

    What good does it do to sit here and endlessly blog yet do nothing about it. Does anyone in America Care?
    If we really believe this election was stolen. If we really don’t want to see our country bankrupted by this man with the bailout bonanza. If we are really tired of watching every woman he sees as a threat destroyed by his Axelrod machine. Let’s actually do something about it!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t we protest this despicable disgusting mess.
    Just a thought

    • Geo

      I am a guy but I am thinking about forming an organization to help TRAIN women not to be sexists against there own gender.

      Women are the group least loyal to their own destiny. Get 10 woman together in a room and they will split in 5 groups each trying to claw the eyes out of all the others. I am not trying to offend. I hope they look at themselves in the mirror. Well I know they do that but I mean metaphorically.

      • Geo, yes women do that pettiness stuff. But attacking goes on in every group. You can’t tell me a group of guys won’t challenge each other on sexual prowess or how much money they make.
        Sometimes it’ll be a class thing, or cultural thing. But it’s always SOMETHING.

        It’s just in our nature to tear each other down. Sure we fight against it? Sure, but it’s everywhere, and we’re ALL guilty of it in some form.

        • ooops I meant “should we” not “sure we”

        • Geo

          If the phenomenon was equally prevalent in ALL groups I would have been smart enough not to waste time trying to change it.

          There are dominance heirarchies in male groups (alpha males etc) but they sort themselves out and eventually lines are drawn and unified coalitions form that happen to be very efficient, effective and unfragmented over pettiness.

          Women do not do this. They rip each other apart with gossip and jealously. I think you, being a woman, are defensive and are in denial that it happens to the extent that it does.

          There is also the strange wife-beater syndrome. That is the ultimate form of denial.

          • No, no denial going on here. I’ve seen it at it’s worst.

            I just don’t know I would say that for women it’s worse than any other group. I guess you can try to make a case for it, I just don’t know that I would agree with it.

            Now there IS a difference if you’re talking about the exploitation of women, then I would agree, yes, we do suffer the most there.

            • Geo

              Thanks you have just proved my point. I have decided NOT to help Women. It is a waste of Time. They don’t reason quantitatively; everything is just the same as every other thing. All problems have equal severity. All groups act like every other group.

              Women JUST DON’T GET IT.

              You can’t make someone know what they don’t know. THAT IS THE ESSENCE OF THE PROBLEM.

              • Miro

                Geo, typical misogynist. Your general caracterisation of woman the dumbest thing I have heard in a long time.

                • BlueTopaz

                  I think Geo has a point, and I’m a woman.

                • Geo

                  I give up. Good Luck with your movement to solve a problem, which in your mind does not exist.

                  When women stay divided that is MEN dominate them and abuse them. Treat them like objects.

                  Try to help them see the light and you are called a misogynist.

                  • ANGRYALLIE

                    SEXISM ALERT!!

                  • Mirlo

                    there are woman that will behave as you say, and there are billions others who won’t. There are men that behave in certain ways and billions, who will behave differently.

                    You want to help?
                    Stop making stupid generalisations about either gender; try to help yourself by being better informed, differentiate your experiences, look closer whom you judge and how etc etc.
                    Be a better man and you will see better woman!

    • Ummm, I guess you haven’t kept up with the PUMA’s then. They have been out protesting. Making their case to the public in every way.

      But we could always use MORE involvement.
      Right now they’re deciding what our next move should be. But if you want to help when we’re ready to move, head over to pumapac.org to sign up.

    • You guys are losers

      “If we really believe this election was stolen”

      How so?

    • jbjd

      Natalie, some of us come here for a mental health break between the countless hours we spend involved in projects intended to forestall the debacle that is everything President Obama.

    • Mar

      If we are truly interested in preventing this empty suit from taking the oath of office, then we must continue to fight.

      Since the election is over, the fight must take a different form. So it is up to the people who witnessed voter fraud to file suit with the authorities.

      Did the Clintons file a law suit against ACORN in October? If they did, does anyone have any news about it.

    • I’m with you. But I am also drained from trying. I MADE a film that is 30 minutes of proof of Caucus Fraud that stole the election from Hillary. NO ONE wanted to hear it. Not even Fox. SO many people DOCUMENTED what happened and NO ONE will DO anything about it. We have sent it EVERYWHERE. Peniel and Dr. Long have also been quite up front about the numbers of stolen delegates and fraud. Where is anyone who cares? It would take some honest people from the Dem side to protest as well – in the end it looks like all the Dems became lemmings led off the cliff for OVomit. If the Dems aren’t will to douche their own party of the corruption, what can we do? It has start at home. I will protest every vile move that OVomit makes. I am already DISGUSTED by this SLAVERY nonsense he has of requiring people to do community service. If my parents heard of that BS when I was in high school they would have laughed their azzes off and told him GFY. Big time. I will NEVER do what that Hitler wannabe tells me to do. He will NEVER be my owner on the OVomit Plantation, which is exactly what he wants. Not for me. I will go down fighting first. And/or leave the country. Anyone who listens to his crap and goes along with his commie BS deserves the crappy life they will get. We WILL find a way to expose him as the America hating TRAITOR that he is. And he will be gone. Once the crack wears off, even his own supporters won’t like the life they get and will turn on him.

  • Geo

    Move along, nothing to see here.

    Oh wait, an unnamed source said that Sarah answered the door buck naked. Attention journalists the world over, IT IS TIME TO DIG FOR MORE MADE UP STORIES ON PALIN.

    • FreebirdFreebird

      Todd’s a lucky guy!

      • irish1139

        Palin is a lucky gal. I think the first dude and Sarah complement each other without giving up their masculinity or feminity. They are one of those rare couples that meet and stick, just like Bill and Hillary. There is a bond that can’t be broken. It is rare but it happens.

  • Seattle Moss

    I was talking to the woman that runs my shipping department today..I guess you guys have guessed that I have a lot of women working with me.
    I told her that we are going to change how women are treated in this sexist environment that we have witnessed this year…Her reply

    “Nothing is ever going to change”

    Somebody please tell me that women are willing to stand up and fight against this behavior

    Fairness and respect…That’s what I want for Women
    I say No Quarter till Women are respected!!!

    • Geo

      It would help if women respected women. Make that happen please.

      • Seattle Moss

        How can I make women love women..I’m just a guy!

        • Hmmmm, and here I thought most guys would work their tails off to see women loving women. Ah well….

          • Strawberrybitch


        • Zeke

          I love women too! In the platonic and general sense, he wrote as his wife leaned over his shoulder….

          • socalannie

            Haha! Good one Zeke!!!

            • beebop

              I think the point of this is so long as women are okey dokey with taking a swift kick to the teeth, why would men (in theory) question that they expect anything different? If women are not willing to take responsibility for how they are treated, men have no motivation to treat them differently. They are not mind readers after all. And yes, I am a twice married now divorced female who speaks her mind.

              • imustprotest

                Yes, women were willing participants in this misogynisticfest of an election. The awakening for me was realizing it wasn’t just “those Republican women” who were anti-feminist…..it was my own Democratic Party!! In fact, it appears the Democrats are the worse offenders. When I think about all of the time, energy and money I’ve spent working for this bogus pseudo progressive party I get really angry.

        • Geo

          Tell Governor Sarah Palin that we love her.


          She is wonder woman in my eyes. What a force for good in the world.

          • I just wrote her. Thank you for the address!

          • Thank you. I wrote her. But now I am CRYING AGAIN DAMMIT. Ughhh….I don’t remember every crying for 5 straight days after ANYTHING in my life. Not divorce, death of a parent, nothing. I love this woman. WTF? She should have been my VP.

            • OIAF, I do understand, really. Part of it is that HILLARY should have been the PRESIDENT, and we all know it. We all know this was stolen from her, and US! The misogyny, though, directed at both Clinton and Palin, thus at us, is the deep, heart-wrenching, visceral response to all of this for me.

              I’m with you, though OIAF – you have friends here.

              • I am so glad to have friends here RRRAmy, thank you. Even reading what you wrote made me cry. WTF? Maybe I really am cracking up. This whole mess goes against EVERYTHING I believe in. EVERYTHING. And, yes, HRC would be the President if these freaks wouldn’t have done what they did. My mother is in love with HRC and she’s in so much pain it’s horrible. Ughhh…WTF?

                • SFIndiePUMA

                  You are DEFINITELY not alone in how you feel, OIAF. I’m in a daze. No one, not one single person I’ve spoken to, cares at all about the voter fraud, much less anything else that went on. I spoke at length to a client of mine about the fraud, about the big blank spaces in The Pretender’s past, about the whole birth certificate fiasco, about all of it, and he just shrugged his shoulders and said, “I guess we’ll see”. My sister said, “Maybe you’ll like him after a while”. WTF??? Yeah, maybe I’ll stick my head in the sand along with everyone else and forget about how The Pretender, with help from the DNC and the MSM, took what the Republicans started in 2000 and 2004, and has made complete the destruction of my faith in our political system. All the sexism I put up with as a young woman in the workplace, any belief that we’ve accomplished anything, destroyed.

                  We have put a man in the office of president based on the color of his skin and not on the content of his character. The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. would be so proud, don’t you think?

                  Oh crap, I’m crying again.

                  • I have tried and tried to talk to people about this. I’m starting to believe that hypnosis theory. My friend with brains have literally thrown truth, reason and logic out the window. I can’t believe I have to tell these nuts that it’s unacceptable to have a President who fights the courts to show his BC. WTF? And all of the other lies and fraud. It’s like Day of the Dead around here. Zombies. And all I do is cry. All the time.

                    • SFIndiePUMA

                      I just joined Lady Lynn’s new site, Together4Us, and am going to email her directly to see what I can do. I’m done feeling helpless. Since I can’t afford to retire and move out of the country, I’ll stay and fight. The zombies out there will learn to never underestimate the power of an angry woman, much less millions of us.

                      I am a PUMA, now and forever!

                    • 2C157

                      For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear. They will reject the truth and chase after myths.—2Timothy4:3,4

          • SFIndiePUMA

            I just wrote her as well. Thanks for the contact form.

          • McPalin

            I wrote to her and thanked her. I was going to do it and how conveninet it was that the URL was here. Thanks!

      • socalannie

        It would help if women respected women.

        Exactly. I’ve been stunned all year to see women I know, women in my own family even, women whose columns I’ve read for years or watched on tv, rip into other women in the most vicious manner possible. Two that come instantly to mind are Maureen Dowd & Gail Collins of nyt. I stopped reading nyt & lat this year, and stopped watching the news, except for an occasional fox show. The dic. def. of misogyny is “hatred of women by men”, but after this year, I think a lot of women are just as bad. I don’t understand it at all.

        • LIndaA1

          I think before anything will ever change for women in this country – hell, in the world – we need to spend some time studying the psychological phenomenon of women turning on other women to elevate men.

          It has been a part of history for as long as history has been recorded. What the heck is that all about? Some kind of massive alien brainwashing?

          We need a national intervention – and the feminist icons who savaged Sarah Palin need to be first in line.

          • Northwest rain

            At one time women were supposed to have been very powerful — according to the views of some Archaeologists. There was the worship of the Goddess — and the Wise women who were the healers.

            Then the Patriarchy came with their male god — and then it was the worship of the penis.

            Some say that the ancient writings that the current Bible originated from had a dual god/goddess — both were recognized as necessary for balance.

            The theory is that during the dark ages when millions of women were murdered — simply because they were females — this cause future generations of women to ingrain in their daughters not be show strength — but put on a passive game face for the boys. Palin is a very strong women — and she scares weaklings because “that’s not how it is supposed to be.”

            I firmly believe that this is learned behavior. When we look at the behavior of complex social species where the females are dominate and decide which males can stay or which are sent packing — we can see that there are clearly other gender roles. Baboons are one species, Hyenas another extreme example of female dominant social species.

            Also it really does make a different in who does the animal behavior research — guys see male behavior and have incorrectly assessed the males higher ranks than females. When there is balanced research — and men learn to see how their bias can influence their research — more female dominate social species are being discovered.

            Baboons, Elephants, many primate species, Wolves (alpha male & alpha females) — are a few examples of complex social species.

            • Geo

              You are absolutely correct.

            • etc.

              Don’t forget the Lioness. She hunts while the Lion stays home with the kiddies.

              The Lion is dependent on his mate for food.

              Talk about female independence…

              • Mar

                In the Celtic societies that once covered most of Europe, women had equal status with men that allowed them to own property and sexual freedom. And the roles of women were respected.
                Now teenage girls are cruel to each other in high school and much of it is based on the superficial.

                The issue now to is to motivate the people in each state to file suit to challenge the election results.

            • jbjd

              Both women and men in our society are equally subjected to the same brainwashing that men are superior and women are inferior. As a result, both genders adopt this stereotyping. That’s how alike we are.

              • beebop

                Slighly o/t, but I assumed that the Women’s movement would benefit the men not predisposed to go out and do battle in the market place and thus allow the best and brightest to compete and carry business, science, etc. forward while the most nurturing would run the support system, raise the family, etc. I think it is equally safe to say that not all men have been comfortable in the daily “do battle” mode.

      • Miro

        Weaker woman will always coattail “stronger” men, that has been true through all the feministic endeavours, it is so deeply engraved in them, that they find only strength in leaning unto the “strong”.

        I have thought that with several generations of feminism we had overcome much of that. I really believe that the woman you are talking about are just part of the obsessive Obama crowd, bashing anything that gets in the way. I hope I am not wrong.

        Also, a lot of this depends on the stance of men, it flatters some men to be leaned on by woman. So bring up your daughters to make them feel strong by themselves, independant, and Seattle Moss, encourage your female employees to be different than the weak, insecure woman. Empower them to their full abilities. Let’s embark on a new, strong feminism together.

        • LindaA1

          The bigger problem with “coattailing stronger men” is that women who do it also viciously attack women who do not adopt the coattail position.

          What’s stunning is that men do not respect coattail women. They abuse them even more, even though those women willingly bloody other women for “their men.”

          Witness: Women, particularly feminists, supporting Barack Obama after he blatantly treated Hillary and all women with such misogynistic abuse. Now comes the disrespect – Rahm Emanuel (They’ll just stick to their knitting.) and possibly Laurence Summers (Women’s brains are not equal to men’s in math and science.).

          I have continually asked the question on feminist blogs: How can you vote for Barack Obama – a misogynist – when you know he will abuse you again as soon as it is convenient for him to do?

          I NEVER got an answer.

    • socalannie

      I wish I had an employer like you, Mossy! You sound like an all around good guy. It does seem like the women’s movement took a giant step backwards this past year. Its depressing & exhausting…but the fight goes on.

      • Seattle Moss

        I believe in hiring and promoting based on the merits. That’s why I voted for the most qualified candidate in the race…Hillary Clinton.

        I also enjoy promoting when I see talent and the willingness to look outside the box.
        Women work extra hard and have a special quality called saying the truth.
        Even though I’m in charge women are not afraid to tell me the hard truth which affects change and keeps us number one.

        In fact Wowen are my secret weapon for success against the competition.
        This is why I also like McCain.. He loves strong women and was unafraid to have them in positions of power assisting him.

        • Mira

          I read that 84% of Hillary Clinton supporters voted for Obama and I suspect a great % of them were women.

          I think in supporting Obama these women showed him clearly that they were okay with what he and the DNC did to Hillay Clinton. I think Hillary Clinton campaigning for him affirmed that too.

          That’s a strong message and I think it will reinforce how Obama treats women in the future.

          • Geo

            100% TRUE. By the way, why is Hillary still married to Bill?

            Just askin’

            • arthur miller

              Because they’re a power duo in politics — one cannot exist without the other. (Yin and yang; different but still the same. And I mean that in a POSITIVE light.)

            • beebop

              Men see Bill and Monica as sex and women see it as betrayal. I am sure that Bill has come to see what he did in the same light as how Hill saw it and he has shown her his way of thinking. If you see them only through the prism of sexual betrayal, you miss how like minded and alike they are. I am certain her decision was very tough and no one should judge her for making it as she did. Doing it in the public eye could not have made it easy. Would donning the “spurned woman” rent garments have made her more attractive? Perhaps to the dogmatics like Dowd and the raw and damaged feminists, but not to the rank and file. Just my thoughts.

              • Mar

                I think Hillary saved Bill by staying with him. It certainly cannot have been an easy thing to do.

                Leo Rosten once wrote “It is the weak who are cruel and gentleness is to be expected only from the strong.”

                I think Hillary’s campaigning for Obama showed her strength and it also earned her some chips in that great poker game that is politics.

                One of the criticisms that has been leveled against the Clintons is that they are always all about themselves. This was about supporting the party.

                And my husband has already ordered the “HRC 2012” bumper stickers.

          • I am stunned that ANY Dem voted for Nobama after what he did to steal the election and how he screwed HRC. WTF? This “party” nonsense has to stop. It was just the coffin nail for America. I am so angry this morning that all I can think is Dem = Traitor. Don’t jump all over me Dems…my party didn’t hand us OVomit.

    • Bellevue_NW_Voter The Renter

      I’m willing to stand up and fight. The trouble is, the only kind of “fight” that people seem to be willing to even notice is rioting (or remarks about the potential for it), and most women (including myself) have far too much class than to do something like that.

      • To continue the fight, Lynn Forester de Rothschild has a new organization to do just that: http://www.together4us.com. Check it out!

        And OBIA, I told my mom this morning that I’m ordering your dvd for her. I had told her abt “We Will Not Be Silenced” before, but we talked abt it today, too, in light of Obama’s stealing this election, too (“Yeah, I voted more than once!” Grrr.).

        Again, for those who have not seen this documentary, WOW – I could not get over it for days, and was in tears a good bit of the time watching it. Especially as it made clear that the Dem. Party was no longer Democratic, or cared abt the will of the people…

        • Thank you RRRAmy…I will send you the DVD if you tell me where on the website’s email addie. Hugs.