That is a sign hanging up in our favorite beach restaurant. And it seems particular appropriate to a bit of an update to my previous post, “Chris Matthews’ Trip To Crazy Town.” To paraphrase my friend, CindyIndie, Matthews has purchased property, and taken up residence in Crazy Town.

You will not believe what he has said now. During a discussion about Rep. Anthony Weiner’s immoral, indecent, misogynistic, perverted behavior, Chris Matthews had this to say (h/t to Sowsear1 for the link):

[snip] They never get the Speakership back because the people in the rural areas of this country who are Christian conservative culturally – you can say backward if you want – but they don’t like this kind of stuff at all. They’re not part of that 56 percent in Brooklyn and Queens who say, “okay, we can live with this guy. [snip]

Oh, where to begin? The 56% of people in Brooklyn and Queens who are okay with Weiner’s behavior, which is disturbing in and of itself, or the claim that only conservative, culturally backward Christians would be upset by this kind of behavior?

Good grief. Well, let me start with the latter. It is not just rural, “culturally backward,” conservative Christians who are upset by this despicable behavior of an official elected to one of the highest offices in the land. And some of us are not looking at this in terms of how it will affect the Democrats’ chances in 2012, as Matthews was, but in terms of the most basic decency and decorum, sorely lacking in Weiner’s behavior. (Feel free to add your own reasons why this was an assholic thing to say.)

And speaking of Weiner, the plot continues to thicken. Weiner has admitted engaging in communications with a 17 year old girl. His spokesperson assures us that there was nothing untoward about the contact whatsoever. Since Weienr has been so honest and forthright throughout this process, we have every reason to believe him. Oh, wait, no, no, he wasn’t. He lied through his teeth up one side and down the other, calling to meet with media outlets to lie some more. As if I didn’t think he already needed to resign. Holy cow.

It is the weekend, so a little music is in order. The following Patsy Cline is a classic, and goes out to all of Weiner’s Twitter pals:

Oh, and this one is a bit crazy, and goes out to Weiner’s wife, Huma (h/t to ScrewtheDNC):

Your turn for “Crazy, Crazy, Everywhere!”