I have been ruminating on this issue for the last couple of days. I knew it was coming, but I wanted to see just how it played out.

The attacks on Sarah Palin are horrendously sexist and wholly unfair.

The media is making it seem as if the Republican party is eating her alive and is reporting horrendously ridiculous hearsay as fact. They have even abandoned any pretense at calling the ridiculous rumors “alleged” or “supposed.”

The assertion that Palin had no idea that Africa was a continent with several countries, but was a country with several states is hard to believe at best. This woman is a college graduate from a major university, not a college drop out. This woman is a governor of the largest and one of the most important states in the country. This woman debated international relations with one of the most knowledgeable foreign policy experts in the country, Joe Biden, and held her own.

And yet, the media just accepts the word of “unnamed” sources… omitting of the fact that last week a staffer was fired for rumor mongering and alleging that other staffers had made certain comments that were never made.

Sarah Palin came on the national scene with what is arguably the biggest eruption of support of all time. Even Barack Obama’s meteoric rise took the 4 years from the 2004 convention to now. Sarah’s was massive and it was instant. The Republican base rallied around her and loved her like she was the second coming of Ronald Reagan.

Then the media stepped in.

The first interviews Palin had with Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson were bad… really bad. But then the transcripts came out, and three things came to light.

1. Sarah Palin has not yet learned how to speak in a soundbite media world. Her explanations were longer, a bit more meandering, but solid and logical when taken as a whole.

2. The reporters played gotcha games, asking questions that were intended to trap her into statements without allowing for elaboration.

3. The interviews were HIGHLY edited. Palin’s answers were cut and pasted to other questions, qualifiers were deleted, elaborations were eliminated and anything that would make Palin look like a good competent Governor were eliminated… even down to Couric refusing to address her as “Governor Palin.”

The “News” is no longer an unbiased thing. Unbiased Journalism is dead, and has been for a long time. The News is a narrative, it is a story, and it is a story that is intended to garner ratings. Interviews are part of that story too.

I will let you in on a little secret. If you ever watch an “unbiased” interview with someone or read a “fair” article about someone and you come away with a really good or a really bad impression of someone… it is intentional and don’t you ever believe otherwise.

The left wanted Palin to look like a fool… she scared the bejusus out of them, and so the media began the story that Palin was an idiot through disparaging commentary, manipulated interviews, omission of her positives and derision through “parody.” They created a narrative and now it has gone out of control!

John McCain’s loss is now being blamed on Sarah Palin. Totally Ridiculous.

John McCain faced the most unlikely odds of winning the Presidency… well, possibly ever.

John McCain won the Republican nomination for 3 reasons. First, he is a good, honorable man with a long history of service and is universally admired by both sides of the aisle. Second, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney split the religious and most conservative parts of the Republican base. If not for Huckabee taking votes away from Romney, it is less likely that McCain would have become the nominee. The third reason is that most Republicans realized that McCain was the only one that could have won this election because he was the only one in the field of candidates that could garner votes from the middle… though that did not really translate into support from the conservative base.

The nomination of Sarah Palin was a masterstroke of political maneuvering. Palin instantly ignited the conservative base, divided the traditional democratic bloc of feminists and brought the McCain campaign back into the spotlight.

For the last two months of the primary, once it was obvious that John McCain became the nominee, the Republican side of the election went from being a sideshow to a footnote. McCain was barely garnering back page news and virtually no television coverage, even as he did things and reached out to people as no Republican had done in 40+ years.

In the second and a half it takes to say the name “Sarah Palin” that all changed, and she came out like a fireball… until the media got a hold of her.

Then her support, as planned, began to falter a bit. She went from being loved to well liked by the base, the middle drew back at the wholly unfair caricature that the media portrayed her as being, and the left went into panic mode.

The fact that she fought corruption on both sides of the aisle, that she holds one of the top 5 most powerful Governorships in the country, that she is the Commander In Chief of the only permanently active duty national guard in the country, and that she has the highest approval rating of any governor in the United States… by far, was totally omitted by the media.

The exit poll statistics actually show that, for the people that the VP decision made a difference, Sarah Palin actually garnered a 3-4% boost for McCain. A boost.

The reason that McCain lost was not because of Palin. He really lost because:

1. The absolute and blatant worship and fealty shown to Barack Obama on the part of the media. I wouldn’t even know where to start it was so obvious and shameful. From tingly legs, to greatest speeches of all time that need to be taught in schools, to out and out lies about Palin, to total deletions of positive attributes, to comments such as “the one,” to the total pass given to the Obama/Biden gaffe machine… the bias and lopsided coverage was horrendous. But he almost did.

2. The absolute Iron Albatross of George W. Bush and his administration. An incumbent President of his own party with the lowest approval rating in history is a nearly impossible thing to overcome… but he almost did.

3. Then the economic crash happened. This is what doomed his candidacy. The general public does not understand that the President actually has very little control over the things that happen in the country, but because he/she is the symbol of America and the biggest spokesperson, the President is always the one to blame. The fact that it is really Congress that deals with and manages the minutia of domestic legislation and regulation is totally lost on them. Even though they may consciously understand, unconsciously they need to blame 1 person and not the nebulous “Congress” and so it falls on the shoulders of the President. Besides, the public never expects anything out of Congress, but demands perfection out of the President… thus we get a Congress with a single digit approval rating and yet the onus of the last few years falls to Bush.

4. The conservative/religious right that makes up the base of the Republican party abandoned them. Many of the evangelicals that bothered to vote, in fact, voted for Barack Obama. The conservatives, on the other hand, never really liked McCain that much anyway and didn’t show up at the polls. The turnout in overall numbers were basically the same as 4 years ago, but the numbers of Democrats that showed up and were willing to wait in line to vote far out numbered the Republicans willing to do the same.

The story that the media is not covering is that Barack Obama did not win because he had a mandate from the people, it is because John McCain did not have a mandate from his own party. If you go back and look at the statistics and exit polls, especially in the battlegrounds, you see a distinct weakness in turnout from the base of the Republican party. If the base of the Republican party had turned out in states such as Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida in the same numbers they did in 2004, then John McCain would have been President. They did not… not even close.

5. McCain’s campaign staff gave up weeks ago. They decided after the economic crash and the last Presidential debate that there was no way that John McCain was going to win, and they just plain gave up. The effectiveness of McCain’s message dropped like a rock because they stopped crafting arguments. I am going to guess that the campaign staffers were having conflicts with Palin because she is such a fireball and was on the attack, but because there were no finely crafted arguments coming from the campaign, she had to wing it. It was incredibly sad that the most effective argument in the last few weeks of the general election came not from the McCain campaign, but from a plumber that just happened to run into Barack Obama in his driveway. With McCain’s staff in total disarray, they only have themselves to blame… but like Barny Frank and Fannie Mae, they can’t allow it to look like it was their fault.

So why is there a frenzy of attacks on Palin? Well, two reasons really…

1. The left wants her attacked and diminished as much as possible to prevent a possible future as a potent force in national politics. She has the potential to become the next Ron Reagan to the Republicans with the honor of a John McCain. Her future is filled with incredible potential and she could follow the same meteoric path that Barack Obama has, even possibly eclipsing him. That is not something that the left can allow, so they have to diminish her as much as possible and the attacks will only get more vicious in the short term because they no longer have to worry about the immediate rejection of those criticizing her and the immediate impact on votes. They are much more free to become unhinged in their attacks now that the election cycle is over.

2. Part of the Republican Party wants to blame everyone but themselves. They don’t want to admit that they were unable to activate the base or even that they lost the base. They want to blame an external force instead of their utter failure as a party to get things done, and while they cannot turn on John McCain, they unflappable Lion of the party, they can easily turn on Palin… the woman that already has the narrative thanks to the left and to the media.

In short… Sarah Palin is being attacked from the left to prevent her from being a super star and from the right so that they can blame someone other than themselves.


This is cross posted from my blog Texas Hill Country

  • babinuta48

    for mw very clear, tha”those so edycated and intelligent anchors” dont understan Sarah Palin answer. Just one example;I can see Russia from Alaska!!!! this meens, that Russia is so close tha You can feel how close is!!!! That was 100% menning of Her answer. Same thing with NAFTA or Africa subject. It is such crap from Gibson or Curic that just make me feel like kisk their behind from News Media!!!
    I am very sure, that they have much less knowlage of enything. It just prove how ignorant and stupid they are, pretending that they know averything!!!

  • Hot Librarian

    Tracey & Nayak – They MUST send you to Paragraph School.

    You have failed .

  • Sarracuda

    The media fears Sarah because they know that once Obama supporters see who this guy really is they are gonna abandon him. You all just watch, once Obama isn’t able to deliver on his promise to give people “Free gas, free mortgage, and free money” they are gonna say “Hey Obama, what gives, I voted for you, wheres my money” and they are gonna bail on him. The media knows this guy is a moron, just watch his press conference on Friday, that is Obama WITHOUT a teleprompter, dissing Nancy Reagan and dodging questions about his economic plan. Yep, that’s Obama. Sarah is what is GOOD about America. Listen to her statements that she gave to the newspaper in Alaska, she said “The GOP ticket failed because it was too much about status quo” SHE IS 1000 PERCENT RIGHT. This was about punishing the Republican party for the Bush Administration. The Republican party lost their way, they have to go back to their conservative roots, You all just watch, Sarah is gonna fix the Republican party, that is gonna be her mission, besides energy independence of course, she is gonna fix the Republican party and in 2012 she is gonna WIN. The media fears her because they know she is a force to be reckoned with, she is NO quitter, she is a FIGHTER. She is an inspiration to me and I have never been inspired by someone like I am with Sarah. She is the only TRUE bright star to come out of this insane election season.

  • avwrobel

    Lots of great comments here. I can’t believe my own metamorphosis in the past year. I went from a life-long yellow dog Democrat to an independent with a Republican leaning. I used to watch network news regularly, and read daily opinion columnists like Maureen Dowd, Eugene Robinson, Bob Herbert, David Broder, etc. Now I do neither. The cowardice of all of it is too transparent. Keep up the fight NoQuarter!!

  • noproblama

    My take on Palin: I loved her. She was Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. She was uncorrupted and unconnected. She was something I thought I’d never see that high on the presidential ticket, a self-made woman.

    But – she wasn’t qualified to be president any more than Obiwan Killmebeforehetakesofficeplease, and they successfully portrayed her as his main opponent.

    On the other hand, Obama is corrupt and connected and that’s why we’re stuck with him despite the immense baggage he brings.

    Unfortunately, no matter how qualified and popular she may become, she might continue to get this treatment.

    Just look at Hillary.

  • ArmyMomForObama

    wow… what are some of those “made up lies” being spread.

    1. I can see russia from my house so I have foreign policy experience. – all i can say about that is hahahahahahahaha.

    2. troopergate. – hmmmmmm she’s now been cleared of all wrong doing by a group of her peers… oh no, those were people she put into their jobs. that should be completely thrown out as biased.

    3. big shopping spree – well that’s just a fact. Did potential first dude really need $200K in clothese?

    4. misuse of her office by taking her kids on busines trips with her – once again… just a fact.

    What you guys call a “smear campaign” is just factual reporting of the ugly truth.

    • Patience

      What’s going on is not the truth or factual reporting but I agree it’s ugly.

  • MSMbites

    Sarah is awesome and MSM is spewing made up lies.
    Watch Barfy closely. MSM is trying to distract us.
    Anyone know about the story of Gwen Ifill being picked for Barfy’s cabinet?

  • AnninCA

    Sarah’s interview with the Anchorage press is on-line now, available on RCP.

    I was so impressed.

    I really like this gal.

  • nayak

    i have a daughter, i am married to woman for >21 years now, happily i may add. right from the beginning of this campaign i wanted my Dems back in the White House. i feared that this bruising campaign between two heavyweights would break the party and wanted one of the field, hRC, BHO or Bill Richardson, one of whose supporters in the early days was Sidharth Ramanujan, of macaca fame who did more than anyone else to defeat George Allen in ’06. This was a tough field to choose from, unlike 2004, when I knew Kerry was by far the best chance we had, or Gore in 2000 and Bill Clinton in ’92 and ’96. When I found that the race was dragging on, and saw no pattern to the victories of HRC and Obama, while the GOPers had zeroed in on their candidate – a much transformed Mcsame – I was worried. Thankfully things changed, HRC conceded, and BHO steamed on. From that point I left behind all my fears and likes, and decided this was our candidate. It turns out that Barack’s campaign was truly awesome, deploying technology and strategy in ways unimagined, in turn building on that fine internet infrastructure Bill and Al created during the ’90s. Would HRC have delivered the same sort of speech and done as well running against McSame? Maybe yes, and even then I would have backed HRC. My daughter went over for Obama and then my wife, while my son and I stayed with HRC till a few days before she conceded. We love Hillary, and despise the GOPer establishment that has smeared her all these years. We find it strange that bloggers here could think of voting for a party that has called Hillary and her family, the vilest names possible. OK forget Billary they are politicians. But Chelsea? 1st Rush limbaugh and then John Mcsame? And you guys rooted for mean and nasty guys like these?

    • You have showed that you and your family are sadly vulnerable to marketing and propaganda, that is all. You are not any smarter than us for switching to Obama, that’s for certain.

      • Tracy

        He’s not claiming to be smarter than you, he’s just saying why he voted the way he did. Don’t be so sensitive and think that everything is a “one up or attack against your position”.

        • Ivory Bill Woodpecker

          Ah, the nauseating therapeutic voice of Whole Foods Nation speaks.

    • noproblama

      Online much?

      I find it hard to believe in your respect for Hillary that you missed the most vile and cruel attacks on her and her family – from Obama supporters.

      Low information voters like you are the reason we’re stuck with a low information president elect.

      • FranSC

        noproblama, you nailed it! nayak, obviously you are playing with half a deck or a stacked deck – take your choice. Glad to know you were a Hillary supporter, if your post is for real. How you got the idea that we are repub if we support Sarah Palin is odd – does it not make sense to you that the people here are about advancing the cause of women and rejecting disrespectful sexism – not just for liberal dems, but conservative repubs as well like Palin. If you are a party loyalist, this is not for you. Whether a person is pro-choice or pro-life is irrelevant for our purpose as well.

        nayak, this group is a very unlikely coalition of disaffected democrats unable to fall in line for BO due to principled reasons; conservative repubs, libertarians, some independents who were mostly ardent supporters of Hillary.

        More than anything else, this impressive group never missed a trick and has stedfastly sought the truth, eager to protect democracy, recognized the caucus fraud beginning in Iowa, railed at the charges of racism against the Clintons and the rest of us; the race-baiting, the DNC and dem leadership that turned a deaf ear and blind eye to thousands of reports of fraud in the caucuses, working behind the scenes for two plus years to clinch the nomination for BO while claiming to be ‘neutral’.

        The cable outlets – MSNBC, CNN, later the 3 networks, NY Times, Newsweek, then NPR – NOT ONLY were ALL of these media outlets working for Obama, they were determined to defeat Hillary with the race-baiting, condescending cries of racism, unprecedented sexism, and total disrespect for women in general and Hillary in particular. If you do not ‘get’ or believe this part, you are missing the basic structure of NQ and the participants here. We are united in our view that the nomination was actually won by Hillary, but stolen by Obama with the enormous help of all of the above.

        If you disagree with this basic premise, you will encounter nothing but distain here with people who do not mind telling you – articulately.

  • Tracy

    This article is more biased, than the “biased liberal media”. So much scrutiny was placed on Obama and his associates..things like “do we really know who Barack Obama” After being elected to the Harvard Law Review, after he had served 8 years as a state senator in Illinos, 1st term as senator in the U.S. Congress, over 20 months on the campaign trail. The writer of this article listens to the same biased Fox News/Drudge Report talking points and is just sounding them off as if they are something new and original. The media has every right to figure out who the candidates are, they went after all of the candidates (though Joe Biden and John McCain had been around a while so the dirt is known about them). Palin was an unknown to the national scene, and so we had to learn who this woman is. It’s not biased, sexist, or inappropriate to ask her tough questions, she’s applying for the toughest job in the world. If she isn’t able to stand up to the test, if she doesn’t have the knowledge to understanding the important issues of our time, then she shouldn’t be running. Just because her personal social views coincide with someone’s, doesn’t mean she should be tackling foreign policy issues if she has no knowledge about them. She is a energy expert, who wants us to Drill baby drill…okay but we only have 3% of the oil in the world and use 25% of the worlds oil…natural gas isn’t the solution either, and it’s not a renewable energy which is ultimately where we need to head. People need to realize that it’s not 1980 and the Reagan era is long gone. It’s 2008, the world is a completely different place, globalization is increasing rapidly and our position in the world is changing in this new world climate. Obama utlimately won over more women voters, independent voters, “hillary democrats” because he addressed this important issues of our current situation. About improving our local domestic economy, about responsibly ending the war in Iraq and redirecting our energies to the Taliban and Osama Bin Ladin, about addressing our outdated, inefficient, and expensive health care system, and by setting forth an aggressive agenda to tackle the climate crisis, not just with oil and natural gas, but investing and creating new jobs with this new renewable energies that will create a new industry and if we can create these technologies and pattent them to distribute around the world we will create a new economy that our nation will benefit from. John McCain and Sarah Palin lost because they failed to address these imporant issues, and focused on dividing us. Calling small american towns pro American areas. I’m not from a small town and I love my country, I love being American, I have good values and commonsense and it is divisive comments like those that took my vote to Obama and Biden. We need to be unified under a plan that has actual, specific ideas to move forward and progress. Barack Obama succeeded in doing this and that is why he is President Elect, it has nothing to do with sexist media biases. Get real and smart, stop making excuses and false controversies.

    • Ivory Bill Woodpecker

      I prefer to be myself, Tracy. I don’t like being “unified” with anyone.

      Unity is for Busheviks, Oborg, and other collectivists.

    • jbjd

      Wait a minute…he served 8, count ’em, eight years in the IL state senate and yet, he has no, count ’em, zilch, nada, zero records from those years, no calendars, no phone records, no correspondence, computer or hard copy? Well, it is true that, in IL, the job of state senator is only part time. But 8 years…and nothing?

    • cookiegramma

      Clean up on aisle please
      Tracy just O.D’ed on koolaide. I hope shes a goner.

  • LandOLincoln

    Slightly OT, but only slightly:
    Native America Calling, produced here in Albuquerque, is doing an hour on Alaska and the effect the price of fuel and gasoline is having on the Native population–and what the federal and state governments, including of course Gov. Palin, is doing about it.

    It’s on now (11 a.m. MST) and I think you can stream it if your local NPR station doesn’t carry it:


    • LandOLincoln

      Sorry, make that “governments…ARE doing about it.”

  • JayD

    I am not surprised by any of these continuous Palin attacks that are not even reported as “alleged” or “supposed.” This type of stuff is happening all over the place. There are organizations that are supposedly respected that are reporting “alleged” news in an effort to incite an emotional riot in support of their cause. Ethics within the media is a thing of the past. I have gotten to the point where I do not trust any of them anymore; it is their own doing.

    What is the point of watching/reading the news? If I want to here perpetual opinions that are too often based in psychobabble, I will simply turn on the TV to a news station or pick up a main stream newspaper.

  • ford

    Greetings friends! I enjoyed the thread, as usual.

    I think the nasty smears are coming from the Romney crowd. They did little to support McCain(except for Romney himself). Mitt will have to get rid of Palin by 2012, and that IS a tall order.

    I have been making my way through depression over the loss. Now, I am enjoying watching what happens next, knowing that BO is not ready for prime time. It feels alittle like I am on vacation …I wonder how long this will last…..

  • Ivory Bill Woodpecker

    The two major parties, or at least their Establishments, are really two wings of one party, which Gore Vidal called the “Property Party”, whose members are either members of the Fat Cat Elite or are owned by the FCE. Likewise, the owners of the Corporate Media are members of the FCE.

    The FCE, or a preponderance of its members, realized that the crimes and follies of the Dubya/Cheney Assministration, and of the Gingrich-era GOP Congress before it, had ruined the GOP brand name for a while. Luckily for them, they could turn to their Democratic brand name, but there was one problem.

    Hillary was looking like a shoo-in for the Dem nomination. Not only did she have those scary girl cooties, but she had displayed a mind of her own–much like Bill, who the FCE had never liked well, either. Since the FCE didn’t want Hillary, they had to back Obama, because he was the only Democratic contender who could beat Hillary, because he was the only one who could take Hillary’s AA support away from her, for the obvious reason. Plus, he had the advantage [to them] of being a mediocre blank slate on which they could write what they wanted. [And to some of the people here–oh, come on. If Plastic Jesus were a true socialist, would Wall Street have backed him?]

    So the FCE ordered their Corporate Media spokescritters to push a particular narrative–and ordered the political officials to tolerate questionable voting, where the FCE had ordered those people to be strict about it when Dubya was running–and the rest is history now. What the fat cats want, they get. 🙁

    • You are absolutely right, Woodpecker.

  • pyromancer76

    Please forgive my misspelling misogyny.

  • nayak

    Wow!! the invective is more incoherent than a mccain–palin press briefing!

    Palin has no military duties. The Montgomery and John Warner amendments/acts keep the National Guard out of a governor’s control. While earlier the governor could command the Guard during emergencies and disasters, now even that is out of the question. The governor has no say on overseas deployments or their battle orders. The Alaskan National Guard is 5000 strong and >75% have been deployed overseas. Palin could have kept the Guards’ families in decent shape by extending them some health coverage, which now after deployment is reduced to the bare minimum.

    And SP’s foreign affairs chops? It is hard to decide what was more stupid the campaign staff or SP, when she took that prank call from that Quebec radio station. Let’s see what are all the things she is clueless about, she doesn’t know that
    -world leaders don’t simply call a political candidate and ask to speak to them, it gets patched through several layers unless it is on some hotline, that is counterverified by the US mission abroad
    -Johnny Holliday isn’t Sarkozy’s foreign policy advisor, he is the Francophone world’s most popular rock star, and visits Las Vegas in disguise because or else he would be mobbed like crazy, and can out-Elvis any Elvis impersonator
    -Foreign leaders don’t joke about hunting accidents
    -and for much of the time post-the DNC, foreign leaders had all but concluded that SP is one big joke!!!

    Next time we will discuss SP’s deep insights on energy policy and I don’t mean her lecture on the benefits of Cliff’s Energy bars!!

    PS. R u guys going to keep this blog on the web for some time? your pronouncements are hilarious.

    • FranSC

      To nayka: If you are a woman, I don’t know where you think criticizing a sitting governor who is a woman, like you, in this mocking tone is going to take you. Don’t you understand with this kind of devil-may-care critique on things that have yet to be given credibility that you are HELPING set back women 50 years – that includes YOU, your daughters and grandaughters! You are also giving men permission to continue their degrading, disrespectful, sexist talk about women since time began. After you get yourself elected mayor somewhere and a governor of a state, come talk to us then about Palin.

      If you are a man, obviously you don’t mind these things being said about your wife, daughters, sisters, etc. Strict policy differences is the only thing you are allowed unless you want to remain a 19th century chauvanist.

      • bystander

        Oh dear, you aren’t seriously suggesting women in public life can’t be criticized or mocked are you? Because Sarah can sure as hell dish it out – would be rather sexist of her to not expect some comeback wouldn’t it?

    • And yet you can’t seem to stay away from this website, Nayuck!

      You’re still so insecure about your guy that you are compelled to hang out with us PUMAs. Why? I think Deep down you’re flirting with the idea that you are really a PUMA at heart, but just can’t admit it to yourself yet.

      Don’t be afraid to finally acknowledge the terrible truth about your Emperor—he has no clothes!


    • cookiegramma

      clean up on aisle nayak please. This mess is toxic waste!

  • pyromancer76

    TexasHillCountry, excellent analysis and thoughtful prognosis. You have pretty much covered all the bases. Palin was an amazing addition to the election and to the public sphere. One addition about those Republicans who went after her: many are Republicans in power today (or, now, yesterday) who are very afraid of the new Power of Palin.

    The remainder is a kind of rant, somewhat OT. I believe NoQuarter bloggers must stop whining about “mysogony”, toughen up a litte, and call out the nastiness as what it is: LIES, or RIDICULOUS. Notice, Palin is not whining. McCain does not have to come out publicly and protect his female VP; he is doing that privately. And Palin can take care of herself — with our support.

    About that mysogony, girls, we know what makes those guys squirm. Their narcissism makes them very vulnerable to similar “body blows”. Try ragging on Chrissy Matthews about that tingle down his third leg, the one that is shriveling — along with his ratings. Come on, get a life. If “we” are going to be in the big time, we need to play for real and not cry and whine about “foul play-mysogony”, as if there is a good daddy referee somewhere to stop the cheap shots. Please, enough.

    And stop developing pink sites for Sarah support, special because she is a woman. Bunk! She is either worthwhile as an individual and an excellent, experienced politician in her own right, or she is not. Our strength as women comes not because we support women, but because we support all candidates who support us and our country.

    And we also are aware that Gov. Palin is charasmatic and sexually attractive. (So was Obama.) I believe you are diminishing her and your support of her by trying to put her in pink. IMHO

    • Docelder

      To be honest, “Palin hate” is ever bit as much about ideology and values as anything else. Palin has “values” and “believes” in America. The far left has no values and believes in government. Most regular people haven’t started to realize what they have bought into yet. But is has already started. The real “battle” will be in 2012.

    • Soldier of Christ

      You are talking crap- as usual!

    • Obama is sexually attractive? He reminded me of a eunich—a misogynist eunich.

  • Carmelo Junior

    Mark my words: Sarah Palin will be the GOP nominee in 2012 making history. She will run with a Hispanic male and will win the 2012 elections by bigger margin than Obama. Blacks will vote for Obama anyways, but Latinos and other minorities will break for Sarah in larger numbers.

  • Docelder

    Wait and see… if you liked “poverty pimps” then you are gonna love “crisis pimps”. That mini-series starts in January and is scheduled to run for the next four years. 😉

  • stefystef

    Why is anyone surprised by this? After all the blatant attacks against Hillary, this Palin crap should be expected.

    Everyone is afraid to be called a “racist”, but women-bashing (especially from other women) is still in vogue.

  • pm317

    More Palin but I really like her and want her to succeed..


    More video and what her real, not anonymous aides are saying at


  • glennmcgahee

    Don’t be so sure we have to wait until 2012 before we see Palin hit the national stage. Thats what this is all about. If Ted Stevens goes to jail and there is a special election for his seat, I wouldn’t be surprized at all to see a puch for her to run for the Senate. That will keep her in the spotlight as an honest American joins Congress. One that pushes back against the “old boy network”, the media and her own party’s old cronies. They are scared of her. But with her approval rating in Alaska, she’s a winner unless these anonymous sources can back up their claims, which they can’t. We at home saw her and many of us loved her. I hear people parrot the media talking points that she brought the ticket down but the numbers say otherwise and the citizens of Alaska are the voters that matter in this.

    • MSMbites

      Here’s what the good Governor said about that..(Ted Stevens seat)
      Fellow senators have indicated they could boot Stevens.
      “That’s their baby,” Palin said. “They’ll have to figure out what to do there.”
      Palin said she was not interested in running for the job if it comes open.
      “Not planning on that. Nope,” she said.

  • WasLNbutNoBamaBotsKeepStealingMyName

    Does anyone have a link to the un-edited transcript of the first Couric/Palin interview?

    • bystander

      The transcript is available – it was even worse than the segments shown. Claiming unhelpful editing won’t wash – if you can’t handle Katie Couric you can’t run a country.

  • felizarte

    The media is making it seem as if the Republican party is eating her alive and is reporting horrendously ridiculous hearsay as fact. They have even abandoned any pretense at calling the ridiculous rumors “alleged” or “supposed.”


    They did it so successfully with Hillary Clinton after leaving the whitehouse and in the primaries. Now they can turn their whole attention to Governor Palin because she is the biggest threat to the Washington DC elite and the other GOP wannabees.

    For all of us who want to counter this, we should try our best to populate the internet.

  • WasLNbutNoBamaBotsKeepStealingMyName

    Yes, it’s amazing that the media is still talking about Sarah Palin. She must still be seen as a serious threat, otherwise they wouldn’t waste their foul media breath on her.

    In the meantime, the Dems are discussing “confiscating” our private retirement accounts and turning them over to the guvmint so as to spread the wealth around…but no one seems to care about this.

  • Amazonia

    “perfume and panties store”

    LOL 🙂

    I’m a member of team Sarah as well.

  • Mary Anne O’Neil

    This is a good article. Any way of getting it into the press or on TV? I guess not.
    As a life-long but former liberal, I really liked Sarah Palin. she’s just the kind of non-lawyer, energetic young woman we need in politics. I’ll look forward to seeing her on Greta.
    Shame on you to the media!

  • Typewriterstreaming

    This was an excellent post. Thank you. Isn’t it incredible we are still talking about Palin bashing. I think like so many posters here that it’s not just the Left. Laura Ingram has said she has info it’s also coming from the Romney camp. As long as everyone in the Republican Party is busy dealing with this they will lose focus on what ever manuevering could be done right now.

    • Annie

      Comment by Typewriterstreaming | 2008-11-10 09:57:50
      (snip)it’s not just the Left. Laura Ingram has said she has info it’s also coming from the Romney camp. As long as everyone in the Republican Party is busy dealing with this they will lose focus on what ever manuevering could be done right now.

      Well the Romney camp are mainly made up of Mormons aren’t they? And am I wrong but aren’t there a lot of female mormons without much in the way of legal rights in their own communities – or is that all past negatives?

      • Patience

        Mormonism — it takes a village to make one wife.

  • nayak

    sexist, racist, Barky, END. My Friends, the next 8 years are going to be a very lonely time, and will turn into an even lonelier 16 years if you don’t deselect that Alaska Disasta’ She is a walking talking gaffe machine who turns everything she touches into dross! What a bunch of phoneys the campaign accumulated this time – Joe the fake Plumber and then this marvel of political goofiness. If the GOper base and SP continue to sing “La, La, La, don’t worry be happy,” 2012 will make 2008 look like a close election. Better point SP to en.wikipedia.org and appoint a tutor for her.

    • benny

      ***troll alert***

      • Astra14

        Nayak-troll didn’t take it’s meds.

    • stodgie

      nayak, look little fellah, when you shix all over yourself in public, clean it up. we know you obots were never taught manners. you think that you don’t even that you wear your pants over your shorts even. but couple that with the fact you are a frigging liar too dang lazy to check your talking points makes you a tool, a fool, and a bore.

    • Tuppence411

      16 years? Nayak- you think Biden will get 8 years?
      LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! OMG thanks for the belly laugh first thing in the morning. That proves you are delusional.

    • Typewriterstreaming

      ADMIN: Someone shite themselves in aisle:
      by nayak | 2008-11-10 09:31:24

      • Winston

        Gird Your Loins Nayak-troll Typewriterstreaming just gave you a wedgy.

    • STFU Loser TROLL. Barky McSwindle, YOUR BOSS, is going fall on his face in…5..4..3..2..1…DONE. And we want Palin. Sorry she threatens your little troll butt so much. Actually that’s a good thing. Shows you’re scared of her. We all know OVomit is terrified of her. Look what a nervous breakdown he had over her. LMFAO. GO ‘CUDA 2012.

    • C.S.

      Unbelievable! The way they are still trying to vilify Palin you would think she was Buffy the Vampire Slayer invading their lair!

  • Concerned Citizen X

    Well, it’s clear that the Dems put out a media “hit” on Palin during the campaign and now that McCain is out of the way that “hit” is going forward full steam since she is currently the obvious choice to go against Obama in 2012. If she is fully unleashed, no doubt she would have a good shot of mopping Obama up off the floor, so of course the Dems and the media are trying to take her out in advance. And they are trying the usual tactic: control the public narrative. So what we need is to have an alternative public narrative created. One that is not defense, but offense. She needs to start getting out there in public and make substantive policy commentary. The lies about her will not hold if there is enough of a public record of her being intelligent and knowledgable. In the meantime, the vehicles of the public narrative, the MSM, need to be destroyed. We need a grassroots effort to change the vehicle of public discourse.

    • wodiej

      Obviously Palin has alot going for her or Obama and his pea brain pod bots wouldn’t be so worried about her. They are terrified. haha, keep up the insults, it just shows your ignorance. scared?? you should be.

      • It was so odd to see Obama campaigning primarily against her the VP rather than the nominee McCain.

        • ArmyMomForObama

          well thats because a majority of the false accusations against Obama originated from HER!!!! McCain tried not to turn his campain ugly but forget to muzzle her.

          she started the mud slinging and then cried foul play when it came right back at her!

          Sarah put on your big girl panties and act like a grown up.

          • jbjd

            Was she hiding his birth certificate, too?

          • Goblintrain

            McCain tried not to turn his campain ugly but forget to muzzle her.

            Wow! TY for telling us all what you think about women!

            she started the mud slinging and then cried foul play when it came right back at her!

            So why is it that why she was still introducing herself to the croud there were journalists asking the question, how many more houses will this add to the McCain ticket, when she was inarguably the only non-wealthy candidate in the mix.



            Readers be the judges! 🙂

      • Ani

        It is also telling that since the election is over and Obama won, we still have so many trolls coming out of the woodwork — if it was such a landslide and he is so secure, why do they need to try to trash Palin? If she is such a “moron” –then “Why the fear?” as Donna Brazile used to say.

        I mean aside from coming over to gloat last week, you would think they would be done now — and instead focus forward on creating a national holiday for a man who has not yet accomplished anything for the American people. Or better yet, start signing up for the community service he would like them to do.

        • jbjd

          I believe he lost because he is not a natural born citizen. Prove me wrong.

    • She needs to write a book – like Obama did. Get her story out in her own words.

      I am going to be revamping my blog with the mission to elect a woman president, with the focus on Palin 2012…we need to start working now to stop the misinformation and smears.

      I’ve already been speaking up with friends on the left who think it’s OK to bash her intelligence. If we make it so that behavior is not politically correct, people will stop it.

      • Goblintrain

        I think you are at the Golden nugget here, the answer is simply speak the truth! Don’t be afraid of what some one else says!

      • Concerned Citizen X

        Some thoughts I have on Sarah:

        Lesson #1: Forget the misogyny complaints. Even if true, they only fuel the fire and cause people to say some kind of victim card is being played.

        Lesson #2: Put out very pro-active and intelligent policy statements.

        Lesson #3: Harshly and unapologetically criticize everything wrong with Obama. McCain screwed up by playing Mr. Nice Guy. You can be a good person at the same time you call a rascal on his BS. Don’t let his connections to radicals go away. Show at every turn when he makes mistakes how his ideas are connected to radicalism.

  • benny

    Brilliant article, texas. and why dont these so-called journalists name those ‘unnamed sources’? That is the only way they can substantiate their claims. To do so otherwise is equivalent to just making it up.

  • EJ

    Watch Palin’s interview with Greta tonight. Let’s get this train on the tracks and make her ratings go through the roof!

    • wodiej

      damn straight!!

  • wodiej

    Excellent post and may I add….they are damn sure going to want to keep asshole Obama in the WH for 8 years. They don’t want Palin kicking his ass in 2012. Palin has said she loved the national stage and will not rule out running in 2012. So from here on out, I will do everything and exert energy to assist her in any way I can. I am so sick of this shit I could scream.

    You’re damn straight Palin is a threat. She’s a good person, sharp without being arrogant, fiscal conservative, a christian without foisting her views on others, PEOPLE LOVE HER. Oh, and let’s not forget, SHE’S A WOMAN-oh my god, we can’t have a woman running anything. After all, the men have done such a stellar job-NOT- She fights corruption.

    I hope she comes back and kicks all their asses between their ears. I think everything she does from here on out will be to endeavor that. What a bunch of pathetic, scared dumb shits they are. This shows how utterly terrified they are of Palin. Rock on Girl, we got your back!!

  • Larse12

    Come join the Sarah team. WE are backing her 100%.


    • imustprotest

      I am also a Team Sarah member. This is a great site to organize for 2012.

      • beebop

        I think she should tell Oprah Winfrey that she will be happy to come onto her show after the 2012 election season is over. LOL

        • Winston


        • Typewriterstreaming

          That’s particulary great since Oprah said last week she is finished in 2011!

    • BerlinBerlin
    • Winston

      Would someone please tell them to reduce the amount of Pink on that website. There are more MEN who support Palin than women. I hope I am not sounding sexist. If I were sexist I would not want her to win. If they could just make that site more for both genders it would help.

      Every time I go to the website I feel like I just walked into a perfume and panties store.

      • Tuppence411

        LMBO Winston- Your’re cracking me up. Sound like my husband when years ago I re-decorated our bedroom in pink. He said he felt like he was inflitrating some forbidden secret female sanctuary. Like when I ask him to get something out of my handbag…… LMBO

      • oowawa

        Every time I go to the website I feel like I just walked into a perfume and panties store.

        Really? Think I’ll mosey on over right now and sniff around a little bit . . .

      • HC

        Haha, sorta true.

        I guess its a “women for palin” site to counter the lefty-feminists against palin movement.

        I am sure there will be more gender neutral pro-palin sites as 2012 approaches.

    • Jane Doe

      I’m now a member of “Team Sarah”. Thanks for posting that link. I’m inviting all of my friends and family to join the ranks. Let’s all work for Sarah Palin for President 2012

    • AnninCA

      I am sooooooooooo not even ready to talk about the next election.

      Let’s just all relax, give Obama a chance. Who knows?

      I think he’s a suit with a tan. I frankly would love to be wrong.

      Maybe he’s actually sharp, will set a path that makes sense, improve the economy, make me smile?

      I sure am not so partisan that I wouldn’t welcome that one.

      As far as jumping on his bandwagon?


      But I don’t mind standing still for awhile and seeing what happens.

      Nothing wrong with doing nothing.

  • Tuppence411

    I need to examine the post-election data more, but I am pretty darn sure Governor Palin brought the “Huckabee” fraction back into the fold for John McCain. And she most certainly got the populist opinion shapers for the Republicans fired up- Rush and Sean and Ann.

    It was the elite establishment Republicans that were just further repelled from McCain by her selection as VP- the Romney fraction. And that fraction has their own elite media- George Will, Peggy Noonan, Kathleen Parker.

    Just like in the DNC, the Republicans have their own in fighting going on….. It’s “God and Guns” vs. “Idealogy”. We’ll see who wins out in 2012.

    • Patience

      Ditto. Will/Parker/Noonan — what a tiresome trio.

      Huckabee’s already headed to IA and SC soon! Romney’s got his bots/smearers working overtime while he’s coyly pretending he’s not sure if he even wants to run in 2012!

      There’s lots of turf warfare going on since GOP leadership is up for grabs.

  • BerlinBerlin

    I think Sarah is the only authentic person in this game called democracy in the USA.
    I give McCain credit for picking her, he must truly be a maverick.
    The rest of the story is for me a bunch of corruption.
    Elections are only held to make people believe they live in a democracy.
    The media is the whore of big money, the parties are too.
    This is just so sickening.
    Has anybody caught what Nader said to smith from Fox?
    “I hope he is going to be Uncle Sam for all people and not Uncle Tom for big corporations”
    Of course smith jumped all over him because he said Uncle Tom.
    And maybe Nader used that Uncle Sam-Uncle Tom thing just to get some attention.
    I find it very true in the end.
    And the people at NQ know the answer already, he is bought by big corporations.
    To put out a black candidate was a smart move.
    Hillary had to be eliminated since it was clear, that they have to “elect” a democrat this time.
    To keep the people happy and make them believe they actually live in a democracy.
    Sarah was a shock, a real person who is attractive and the people love her instantly.
    I did.
    Obviously she could not be bought, so they bring her down with the whole corrupt media machine.
    If this sounds like a conspiracy theory to You, please tell me I am wrong. I wish I was.
    In that sense, if Obama is really this socialist dreamer and wants to push this agenda through, it would at least confirm that this country is not already a dictatorship of Big Money.
    United Banana Republics of America. UBRA

    • imustprotest

      Yes, Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air and she obviously scares the status quo. She is a player and no matter how they try to smear her for their own sick political gain, she will succeed.

      • beebop

        Bill Clinton — not an unsuccessful politician as I recall — recognized in Sarah Palin what we see. A good, honest soul with amazing instincts. The mistake they made in the McCain campaign? Not dividing and conquering and not letting Sarah be Sarah. Surely we all saw that she could handle herself better than ole’ bonehead our new VP … and where exactly is ole’ Joe other than window dressing for the messiah elect? hahahahaha Thank GOD 0mama didn’t pick HRC for that sickening role!

        • MSMbites

          But in the end he bashed her. (Is this what they mean by being two-faced?)

      • AnninCA
    • Arcadianwind

      Well stated!

    • Goblintrain


      i think that Governor Palin is important to American politics because of the facts that she is both exceptional but, most importantly, 100% common. She is a personification of the American dream in the sense that she represents a regular person having the chance to strive for a better life, & being able to succeed at it. Unfortunately, here in America we tend to value celebrity way to much, while humble things like being a decent human being go unrecognized & unappreciated. I think that much of what appeals to people about Sarah Palin is the recognition that Celebrity is no substitute for the common virtues that we way to often take for granted in our lives.

      • benny

        well said

      • C.S.

        Governor Palin is the kind of Public Servant that the Founding Fathers envisioned.

        If We the People unite and demand political accountability for this fixed election we may be able to take our country back and give it to the Governor Palins and Senator Clintons to protect.

    • Indyvoter

      Not only in your imagination.

      The big corporations, the big money picked the winner with their relentless rock-star empty promotion of Obama and silly nit-picking destruction of Hillary and Sarah and McCain.

      Hillary and Sarah are the antithesis of what they are about. Control and corruption.

      We already know that Obama and the big media are Corruption with a capital C.

      • beebop

        They were counting on and paying for NO INVESTIGATIONS. Fitzgerald will be ushered into some perstigious but non investigative role so that we never get to the bottom of ACORN, Fannie, Freddie and heaven only knows what ever else is out there. The rest of the bailouts are probably to buy silence as well. Follow the money is always damn good advice. But. If you don’t know what cess pool it leads to they think you are just plain stoooopid and likely to vote for them again.

        • stodgie

          if i were fitz, i’d file charges before the inaguration. let barky deal with criminal charges against his playmates. then i’d leak, leak, leak.

    • bayareavoter

      Exactly my sentiments. I’m pretty disgusted right now with politics. I used to think the Dems were made of different cloth than the Rs but Nader is right–they are controlled by big money.

  • nayak

    absolute fealty and obeisance? This is it. Palin couldn’t graduate from a community college, that’s how intellectually challenged she is. her interviews were absolute disasters because when she isn’t talking mooses and hockey, she knows nothing! her debate with Joe Biden was a disaster because she did not make even one substantial point, starting off by telling Gwen Ifill that she would answer questions as she sees fit or simply not answer them. At the end of the debate it was clear that McCain’s Hail Mary had now fallen well short of the line, and from there is was downhill all the way. The Couric interview was fabulous, showing her up to be a total doofus. Not being able to name a single newspaper she reads, and then claiming she reads all of them?! By the time Fashion’gate came on the scene, the meltdown had now become a farce. First was the revelation that this candidate had spent $150k on herself, and then came the revelation that it was even worse, the 1st dud had dipped into the campaign coffers and spent $50k outfitting himself! To which the veep candidate offered the phoney excuse that all those expensive threads would be donated to charity? but what about the $25k spent on makeup for the Alaskan? Denial isn’t a river in Egypt, it is a river on this blog!

    • imustprotest

      You are nothing but a sexist pig. I pity anyone who ever comes in contact with you and your disgusting viewpoint. I wonder about the educational system that spawned you and what sort of family life if any helped mold your obvious extreme misogynistic personality. Go find another site to spill your hate you pig.

      • BerlinBerlin

        Hey Imustprotest,
        don’t let those trolls steal Your time and energy,
        It is really not worth it,
        just ignore them.

        Ignore it, please!

      • bystander

        You would be more convincing if you offered a substantive rebuttal. If Palin wants a career in politics she cannot claim sexism every time she is criticized, and neither can you. Try harder.

        • imustprotest

          Wow!!! But it was okay for Obama to claim racism for everything…..I’m done with “substantive” rebuttals, you people are sickening plain and simple. You disgust me and I’m calling all of you what you are PIGS. Every time I see a PIG like you I’m going to call you what you deserve to be called, PIG.

          • bystander

            You need a few minutes on the naughty chair – not ready for adult conversation just yet.

        • RAG DOLL

          Bystander, I totally think your boy Obama is an ignoramus and a corrupt one at that.
          He could not stand in Sarah Palin’s shadow. She is very intelligent with a lot of experience, that guy is a marxist communist with almost no worth while experience and Oh yes Obie’s assistant Valerie says he is going to be able to “RULE” on day one. I did not know anyone ruled our country now did you, OBot?

          I am asking Larry Johnson to kick your sexist communist ass off this web site.

          • bystander

            Sexist communist? You’re cracking me up!

      • benny

        dont be offended. Nayak comes in everyday like clockwork, posts a stupid sexist comment, and then disappears. Must be his/her/its job or something. We cant help with his/her/its stupidity.

    • FenelonSpoke

      So, Nayak-

      Is it your assigned job from Obamanation to attack Palin so as to try to make Obama look good? It isn’t working. Obama is a narcissist, a well dressed Chicago thug, a cheater, a liar and a fraud. He’s a man who says that there are 57 states and thinks the native language in Afghanistan is Arabic. Go say your “Heil Obama!” elsewhere. Nobody but Obamabot trolls are buying it.

      • Winston

        Obama has narcissistic personality disorder NPD.

        He is a crypto-marxist, anti-semite, hates women and is an Obortionist.

        I am pro-choice but an Obortionist is a person who doesn’t even want to save those innocents born alive during a botched abortion. That is inhumane, cruel and unusual. I hope PUMAs agree with this or else I am toast.

        • beebop

          If the folks who voted for animal rights in CA don’t get their minds around this, I think the human race is in big trouble.

          • imustprotest

            Winston is absolutely right. NPD, Obama has it, no doubt about it. And anyone who knows an NPD can attest, you do NOT want to give them any real power.

        • Typewriterstreaming

          This PUMA agrees with you. His stance on the Born Alive Infant Act was a disgrace. I’m pro choice but not pro murder. I am also against partial birth abortions. Sickening. Absolutely sickening. The New Socialist Party takes things too far.

        • eriezindian

          Winston, I agree

        • pumaforever

          This PUMA agrees, too. Well said but scary as all get-out.

    • Tuppence411

      Nayak, you fool! Stop being a tool for Mitt Romney.
      Don’t you realize Mitt is using you and setting himself up right now to be the biggest threat to your Messiah.

      And message to El Presidente Barky- See what happens when you make mindless robots? They will follow any shiny object dangled in front of them! You will reap what you sow, and it will come back to bite you in the ass in 2012!

    • Leisa

      Typical troll… spread lies and act like a smear monger.

      This was one of the most ridiculous talking points. Your heroes Biden and Obama are supremely good at this very thing, it is what politicians do

      she would answer questions as she sees fit or simply not answer them.

      I wonder how smug you will be feeling in time…

      • StaunchWoman

        “she would answer questions as she sees fit or simply not answer them”
        except for the pronoun, that could be a perfect description of Obama. Except for the lies which begin with “As I’ve continually said” (this means he’s about to lie) or “If you had been paying attention to what I’ve said” (this means that he is about to call you a liar).

        • NoBamaNoWay

          shhhhh! you’re not supposed to say that. the new chimperor won’t let you on his plane now.

    • stodgie

      nayak, dang you look kinda of silly sitting there with your head up your ass.

    • okasha skatsi

      Looks like His Majesty is going to keep at least some of his basement propagandists on the payroll. Let’s have GAO look into that, shall we?

      Sarah Palin has a degree in journalism. She graduated from a four-year state college.

    • Joe The Citizen

      Wow. You are delusional.

      You are working for Hitler version 2.0

      History will record that our Fourth Estate has given us the Fourth Reich.

    • Karma

      Please explain why Biden had to lie repeatedly in the debate?

      If she is such a rube then why did the ‘expert’ Biden punt the whole damn debate?

    • Sam

      Wow – you are one spoonfed leftie! Still washing the media trash down with the KoolAid, obviously. Your blood sugar is going to go through the roof.

    • C.S.

      What’s that phrase all you Obama desciples kept saying,nayak? Oh, yeah.

      Prove it.

      Prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, with sources I approve of.

      And then we’ll talk about Palin versus Soertoro/Obama to see who wins The Biggest Fraud title. (I think the initials will start with B and end with an O.)

    • Nayak, why don’t you go celebrate with your fellow Ozombies by mutual fellatio. I hear this is your Chosen One’s favorite pass time.

      BTW, will J. Gannon & L. Sinclair be given Press Passes to the Obama White House?

    • nancy sabet

      shut the f..up, you dont belong here.

      GO SARA 2012

    • AnninCA

      Yeah, right…..

      Here’s Sarah when she’s not being set up by disrespectful main stream media moguls attempting to establish their OWN silly reputations.


    • Patience

      How impressionable you are! It’s apparent you believe every word the MSM dishes out. Maybe a Journalism 101 class could help you identify media bias. But here’s a clue:

      Q: Why was it left to the National Enquirer to finally report the John Edwards baby story? After all, the story not only dealt with adultery but also the allegation that Edwards used campaign funds to enrich his girlfriend and mother of the child.

      A: Media bias

    • noproblama

      But the fact that Obama took almost two years to get up to speed on the issues, and meanwhile was embarrassed in every debate, is evidently ok with you.

      Not only are you delusional, you have a short memory. Or you’re a complete a-hole.

      I’m betting the trifecta.

      • AnninCA


      • bystander

        He did so badly in those debates that he …. won the election. Strange eh?

  • grayslady

    In an article posted yesterday by Anglachel, she quotes John Brown on why he thinks Sarah Palin is the future of the Republican conservatives:

    Sarah Palin was never chosen for her strengths, but in fact for her weaknesses. For electoral purposes these were her strengths. She was chosen to be savaged because in order to savage her you would need to savage the realities, the life styles and thinking of the largest segment (though not a majority) of American electorate. Her ignorance of the world, her religious practices, her out of wedlock pregnant daughter represented far more true pictures of the realities of American life than the cosmopolitanism of Barack Obama.

    Brown thinks that Palin was an attempt to subtly introduce the culture wars back into the campaign. To the contrary, I think Palin was a symbol of the class wars that have plaguing our country for the last 8 years, at least. Sarah Palin represents most of those classic Democratic constituencies than Donna Brazile and the DNC kicked to the curb this year. True, she’s not from the South, or rural PA, but she was called a “hillbilly” just the same as the voters from Appalachia.

    The truth is that the New Democratic Party isn’t interested in voters who need government to work for them. Anyone who can’t write big checks to insure the incumbency of Democratic or Republican politicians is someone that has become invisible to the Beltway crowd.

    • StaunchWoman

      Well said, grayslady. Sarah was chosen not only to energize the GOP base, but also in an attempt to win the support of those kicked to the curb by the New Democratic party. Those of us who have historically been the Democratic base are no longer necessary, according to Brazile and the architects of the new party. We’re no longer necessary, at least, as long as one employs voter disenfrancisement, vote theft, pandering to corporate supremacists, and Chicago-style politics. All of these methods were employed by the Obama campaign, and excused by his supporters as the means justifying the end. No, it does not. In this case, the means has infected the end. And the end can come to no good.

      • bystander

        Problem is most of that group rejected her – she drove most Hillary supporter to Obama. The PUMAs are just too small a group to have an impact – a loud voice on the net maybe, but few in number. Just look how many of you there are on this site – marginalised and irrelevant.

  • mountainaires

    The Republicans who worked most closely with Palin — the ones who were with her from when she first walked into that swooning Ohio basketball arena in August until she walked off the stage after McCain’s concession speech in Phoenix Tuesday — are now having their say in that conversation.

    And they want it known that they’re sick of Sarah Palin being dragged through the mud.

    “It’s depressing,” said Steve Biegun, a veteran foreign policy hand who tutored and staffed Palin and traveled with her through the fall. “We worked our asses off. It was a tough campaign. Then we have this?”

    Biegun emphatically made the case for his much-maligned former boss.

    “I think she was fantastic. She just brought a special energy to our ticket. Look, I was there at those rallies.”

    Adds another former campaign aide: “You know what she did for us. She certainly solidified a hell of a lot of [previously unenthused Republicans].”

    Without question, Palin offered McCain a boost of energy that he’d lacked since winning his party’s nomination. She gave the party’s base something to be excited about, nearly overnight drawing wildly enthusiastic crowds, more grassroots volunteers and a spike in small-dollar fundraising.


    I have one thing to add:

    Shame on John McCain for not making it clear that he doesn’t want Gov. Palin trashed. His silence leaves the impression that he is allowing his surrogates to do the smearing for him.

    • EJ

      The further Palin distances herself from McCain, the better. She needs to create her own brand now…take the best McCain had to offer; his honorable service to our country, and his reform message, and build her own coalition for the future.

      The more she can do this, the better. SHE doesn’t want McCain out there defending ANYTHING…it’s just like him sitting next to her during an interview…it was just dopey…get him off the stage and do it quick!

      Let her fight the MSM, and let America choose sides, THAT’S the way you change the status quo!

      And on that note, make sure to watch Greta’s interview with her tonight. Greta did herself proud this past election. She was fair to Palin and gave her a platform from which to speak. I would love to see a poll of female reporters and see who did the best job…Greta would come out on top.

      So make a statement, give Greta your support and let’s make her ratings tonight go through the roof!

      • Jan

        I think I read somewhere that Greta’s husband was a big Hillary supporter. He obviously has excellent judgement.

        • nancy sabet

          Greta has been the best, she is a real feminist to my opinion. She never said bad thing about Hillary.

      • pumaforever

        You brought up a good point–maybe McCain is trying to do Palin a favor by staying out of this–letting her define her distance will only help her in the long run. I think she’s awesome and time will put all those ninnies who are trashing her in their places!

      • Annie

        EJ:So make a statement, give Greta your support and let’s make her ratings tonight go through the roof!

        Thank God for Greta – she stands up for women and truth in politics. Am definitely taping it – and actually I now tape all her shows.

        McCain will be on Jay Leno tomorrow – Tuesday – wonder if he will say anything. I hope he doesn’t talk up Mr. Obama as we don’t want to hear that, well I don’t.

        It is interesting there are so few women in the political arena who actually care about the sexism and lies being put out by the DNC thugs..also Hillary Clinton just sitting back saying nothing against it – and she knows what it feels like – very diappointing. Will never feel the same way again about the Clintons – though I suspect Bill has itchy skin because of their support for the ‘fake one’.

    • BernieO

      McCain has told his people to shut up. I have a feeling he is trying to get away from politics and that is why he is not saying more. We should all email him to ask that he speak out against this blatant sexism and cowardly CYA behavior.

      While we are at it, how about Obama speaking out? He knows Palin is no rube. If he really is Mr. Bipartisan Change Worker, this would be a good place to start, especially given his own acquiescence to sexism. Anyone else notice that he is not considering many women for his cabinet? I have heard the media talk about how he should appoint people of color, but nothing about women. I think he needs a few thousand emails from women.

      I would also like to see Hillary come to Palin’s defense. That would be powerful.

      I have a feeling that Palin’s push back may be working. Morning Joe was really good about it. I wish that show would replace ol’ Shriveled Balls. They could be a little more substantive, but they are a heck of a lot fairer than most media. (How strange is it that Pat Buchanan has turned out to be so objective!)

      Wow! Chuck Todd is on right now talking about the Palin defense. He says her problem is the time zone. HUH? Her problem is the media and the rampant sexism in our culture.

      Women need to hammer NBC/MSNBC for it’s relentless sexism towards both Hilllary and Palin. This happened after New Hampshire, but the pressure should be on until they change.

      Mr. Phil Griffin,
      Senior Vice President, News
      NBC Television Network
      30 Rockefeller Plz
      New York, NY 10112
      Steve Capus,
      President, NBC News

      Also we should start looking at sponsors. This is what pushed Imus out. Women need to wake up to the fact that we are the MAJORITY in this country and control and even higher percentage of purchases (including cars according to the auto industry). This gives us enormous clout if only we would use it.

      To email Obama, McCain and Hillary we could use their Senate office emails. We can sit by and complain about the treatment of Palin, but it is much more important if we speak out in large numbers.

      • ray

        Thank you for the address. You are right about letting the culprits know how unhappy we are with their dirty dealings. Until we speak up loud, clear, in mass, and continuously on their turf, nothing will ever change. Starting today with NBC, I will phone and send emails and letters on a daily basis to the media, politicians, and sponsers of these jerks. We must speak out in our own circle of friends, family, and acquaintances every time a sexist comment or joke is uttered. It’s sad to say, but this is especially true with the females in these groups. It may be too late for the older adults to see a change, but our young daughters, granddaughters, and neices need our help now if they are to have a better future.

        • benny

          yes. you’re absolutely right.

    • Winston

      Steve Biegun is a TOTAL BOZO.

      He is the veteran foreign policy expert who handed Governor Palin the phone saying that it was Sarkozy.

      A veteran foreign policy expert? And he doesn’t bother to authenticate the call from a foreign head of State? Un-freaking believable!

      • BernieO

        At least he is defending her. He said both the Africa and NAFTA statements were just slips of the tongue which came in the midst of extensive debate prep and briefings. He said she was well aware of Darfur and clearly knew that there are many African countries.

        Interesting about the Sarkozy call. I didn’t know he was the guy who vetted it.

  • felizarte

    It seems that the prevailing consensus is that Obama will be a failure and Palin is seen as the logical opponent. So that right now, those in the GOP who already see her as competition, and the MSM who have not recovered from the kool-aid, have a common interest in destroying Palin before 2012.

    • Tuppence411

      Bingo! We have a winner!
      Sarah is a threat to Barky. Sarah is a threat to Romney.

      • jackie

        Sarah Palin is a real American. The embodiment of the American dream without respect to gender or race. She appealed to so many in our nation in a clear and sane way. We see ourselves in her.

        This year we as a nation failed Martin Luther King Jr. by judging a man by the color of his skin and not the content of his character.

        Over the next 4 years his character will be shown and all black men withh thus suffer by association. Sad but true.

        Sarah will bring us home God willing. SHe will help us see the better parts of ourselves and what our nation can be.

        McCain’s leading compaign folks are defending Governor Palin but the media isn’t interested in seeing her in a good light. That my friends is where we come in. Tell the truth and it will cover the nation on 2 years.

        We want our country back–not GOP or DNC we want America Back.

        • JozefAL

          Over the next 4 years his character will be shown and all black men withh thus suffer by association. Sad but true.

          Oh, I’ll be willing to bet that once Obama’s true character is shown, every one of his Black supporters will be screaming how he’s not “really Black”. His white upbringing will become the focal point as his black supporters look for a “real brutha” to become the first REAL “Black president”.

    • Docelder

      Governor Palin represents everything that stands in the way of the far left agenda. She is pro family, pro life, pro religion, pro marriage, pro responsibility etc… name it, Governor Palin is a sort of “kryptonite” for the far left. Remember how Palin’s debut resonated with “real people” and how quickly her truth destroyed the false “star power” coming from Obama. The far left is afraid of Palin… and for good reason.

      • bystander

        Why would they be afraid of her – the electorate have soundly rejected what she stands for? Base loves her of course, but you can’t win an election with 32%.

        • Docelder

          Why would they be afraid of her

          But clearly they are… or has nobody noticed the election is over? Why the continued need to pick at her? Fear.

          • bystander

            Because it’s so easy – why did they laugh at Quayle?

        • StaunchWoman

          You continue to linger and attack here either from fear or from outright hostility. I choose to give you the benefit of the doubt, and call it fear.
          Bystander: your messiah has won, he will soon ascend to the throne. You should be spending your limited intellectual energy supporting him, not attacking us.

          • bystander

            Thank you so much for advice concerning how I should be spending my limited intellectual energy – would you like me to reciprocate?

        • xax

          The electorate has rejected her?

          Then you obviously have not been paying attention. Although MSNBC will do that to you.

          The woman is a populist and if Obama does not deliver on his promises then he’s done.

        • cookiegramma

          Sorry, once again you aare wrong. The electorate you refer to, 52% of it rejected the policies of George Bush. You should also know that 15 % of the Republican party failed to vote at all. Despite your desire to change and challenge the lack of faith (to put it nicely) in your candidate, it would seem that 20 % of the democratic party decided not to vote for your choice in this race. Had the Republicans come out to vote, had they not been convinced there was no chance, this race would have been much closer. Obama might have lost, despite all of the help he had from people voting more than once.

          • bystander

            You need to look more carefully at the exit polls – Palin lost in the middle 20% that will decide every election. They don’t buy the culture wars – and are trending ever more liberal. This is not a group that will ever be swung over to Palin in her current incarnation.

  • Goblintrain

    If the source can not even be verified how can reporting it even be counted as journalism?

    • bystander

      Because the journalists reporting it have spoken directly to the sources – they are just speaking of the record. It’s perfectly standard practice in journalism.

      • StaunchWoman

        Don’t you Obot trolls have your own blogs? Why do you have to come and piss all over ours?

        • BerlinBerlin

          MSNBC pig “whatshisname?” wrote a book called “life is a campaign”
          I guess this is true for all trolls as well as for their Guru.

        • bystander

          Let’s see – because it’s so easy and fun? It would be even more fun if you guys could come up with some answers that don’t involve accusations of being a troll and/or sexist. You’re so damned predictable.

          • Ivory Bill Woodpecker

            It’s because they can’t tolerate the thought of any opposition to Plastic Jesus. He’s not just their president-elect; he’s their messiah.

            • StaunchWoman

              Hmmm…..i don’t lurk and attack in blogs dedicated to the the deification of The Lightbringer. Why do his acolytes feel the need to infiltrate our ranks and attack us? Obama and Brazile both said, way back in February, that they don’t want or need the Hillary supporters in their new Democratic party. Leave us alone, then.

        • The Obot trolls are here because they know we PUMAs are right when it comes to Obama. They know he is a Con and Fraud, but just can’t admit it to themselves. They’re drawn to us because they know there’s something rotten in the state of the Dem Party, and we’re the only ones saying it.

          • nancy sabet

            they are trrefied, because they know , the emperor has no cloths.

            • bystander

              I am terrified of bloggers that can’t spell – I fear you nancy.

      • Jan

        I’ll put my money on Mitt Romney being one of these “reliable sources” – and possible a few disgruntled republicans whose toes she stepped on in AK, no doubt.

      • vjhinFla

        Yeah, standard procedure for THIS media. Not very ethical. If sources are not named or citied, a writer cannot very well tout their piece as FACT.

        My Dad was a reporter back in the 50’s 60’s and his position was that until a source/document can be identified to remove any dispute or doubt it should always be considered alleged or OP-Ed – big difference between that and something that happened for a FACT.

        • william boe

          vjhin: well said my friend. That was when journalism had standards, they felt an obligation to protect the community, and were committed to truth. Long before Jack Welch and the GE thugs bought in and decided it was just one more business that could be turned into a commodity. If you read his self serving account of how he bought nbc and cleaned house. It reinforces your point. (see Winning, p. 273)

      • Joe The Citizen

        So why did they receive checks from the Obama campaign? For their loyalty? Or did they provide lighting services just like ACORN?

      • william boe

        bystander: I find your commentary fascinating. Especially when you refer to “standard practice in journalism”.

        Question: whatever gave you the idea that what is going on today is journalism? It is pure proganda.

      • andrew191

        Hey bystander, if the sources were “speaking off the record”, then that’s where the comments should remain, OFF THE RECORD!
        Until the source, or sources, can be corroborated by people that are willing to go on record, no credibilty should be given to any of this nonsense.
        At this point, we should all subscribe to the distinct possibility that the source is as mentally disturbed as the nut who claimed she had a B scratched on her face.
        If the MSM really wanted to do a professional job, they could try to flush the source into the open by simply stating, as they should, that there is no tangible evidence attatched to the statements, so the source should be considered to be highly suspect and likely self serving. Force the source to back up the claims.
        I doubt they’ll ever come forward though, they wouldn’t want to face the defamation lawsuit the Palins would slam them with.

    • C.S.

      Anonymous sources are sometimes the only way to get information and are used all the time. Police even set up secret tip lines to get information. Journalistic sources are no different and journalists have even gone to prison to protect their sources.

      Do you recall the Woodward-Bernstein investigation? Watergate? Deep Throat? Woodward and Bernstein’s source was “Deep Throat”, second highest ranking official in the FBI W. Mark Felt who remained secret for 30 years. He was one brave man to put his life and his career in jeopardy for the good of our country.

      I wish there was one politician or political appointee or public servant with as much integrity and courage and dedication to the United States as Mark Felt had. I wouldn’t care if I ever knew who he was; nor would I care if it came from a foreign source because they know more political secrets than We citizens, with no standing, could ever discover on our own. I just wish the lies and secrets being kept about Barry Soertoro, aka Barack Obama, were exposed to the light for all to see because democracy can not flourish in the dark.

      • andrew191

        The point about Deep Throat is a good one regarding confidential sources. The evidence given by Deep Throat was corroborated with tangible evidence. DT basically told W&B where to look and who to talk to to build a credible case. That does not seem to be the case with the current Palin accusations. Actually, there are a number of people that have been willing to come forward and go on record to dispute the outrageous claims made by the cowardly anonymous source.
        The comparison of Deep Throat to the current anonymous source is not accurate.

        • JozefAL

          You’re absolutely correct, Andrew. C.S. has forgotten that those “anonymous tip lines” that the police set up only work if the police then actually go out and VERIFY the tips.
          As to the journalist matter, the only time that any journalist has gone to prison over a confidential source has been when the journalist had NO OTHER source to back up the confidential claims. Journalists are expected to verify all the claims made by the confidential source through OTHER outlets but we don’t have that type of journalist any longer. We have reporters with aspirations of being Woodward and Bernstein but aren’t willing to do all the hard work necessary. (Hell W&B didn’t even become household names until Redford and Hoffman played them on the big screen.) Most reporters/journalists toiled laboriously in relative anonymity for their whole careers because the credo was “report the news, not be the new”. The current crop, however, play the game as though they’re tenured college professors (even tenured professors are generally required to write some sort of dissertation that gets published by a journal representing their field of expertise or they risk losing tenure).

    • AnninCA

      The source isn’t the issue. Good journalism would verify the facts.

      In this latest story, that didn’t happen.

      THAT is the issue.

      The journalists are rushing gossip to print, and the mainstream media has constantly relied upon its own past reputation of having verified stories to sell what is nothing more than gossip.

      That’s the change we are seeing.

      They are all now ENTERNTAINMENT TONIGHT quality.

      It will take the public awhile to stop giving them credit for verifying stories.

      It will take a few years.

      But…the mainstream media stepped out onto that precarious slope in a big way this year.

      They are now sliding down, and there is no doubt as to where they will land.

      Loss of credibility.

  • Steve1

    What I find interesting, is MSM reporting all this inform regarding Palin on unknown sources. Yet, in Barry Soetoro’s case, in the matter of Larry Sinclair allegations they have a source, they have facts which they have ignored, ie, phone records, limo driver, and company name, drugs, a murder of a certain church gay choir director. Nothing, nada, not one effort to investigate??? The fake phony media strikes again. Such investigative reporters!

    • bystander

      Larry Sinclair has been completely discredited – there is not a single shred of evidence to support his claims. He is on a par with the whitey tape and Nigerian tape – nothing happened.

      • vjhinFla.

        You are wrong – he has not necessarily been discredited – just ignored.

        • bystander

          I can assure you he has. He’s a con man with a 20 year record, and all his claims have been shredded by the mitch and nan crowd.

          • Indyvoter

            You’re talking about Obama right?

            Mitch and Nan know nothing. They are out to destroy, not prove or disprove anything.

      • C.S.

        None of the things you mentioned, “The whitey tape” or “the Nigerian tape” has ever been investigated, ergo, you think “nothing happened.” You probably don’t know or don’t care that the man known as Barack Obama was supposed to provide documentation in a court of law but “nothing happened” because the judge ruled that the voting citizens had “no standing” to investigate whether the candidate they vote for is actually qualified to hold the office that candidate is seeking.

        But this was investigated and I do know this did happen: Barry Soertoro, aka Barack Obama was a member in good standing and did contribute thousands of dollars to maintain a bigoted racist church whose minister asked God to damn America without one “eloquent” condemnation or rebuttal from member Barack Obama! If we had all kept quiet about racism and bigotry like Barry did, we’d still have separate drinking fountains.

        • bystander

          The whitey and Nigerian tapes cannot be investigated – they don’t exist. Are you usually this naive? Don’t you understand you’ve been played? Just ask Larry to name one of his so called sources that actually “saw the tape” – he can’t, it’s all third hand rumour mongering. For goodness sake, if anything that explosive existed, you would know about it. As for Rev Wright – the electorate knows about it and decided they didn’t care. Churches across the country are full of bigoted preachers – the voters are sophisticated enough to factor that in.
          When McCain/Palin started hitting on Ayers and other connections, all it did was rile up the base and turn off independents.

      • nancy sabet

        Really, if he was discredited why over 45 news agencies showed uop on his press conference? The fact is hussien obama is a bi-sexual and he probably had a very disturbing childhood, and he is deeply troubled man, a nucissist.

        • bystander

          He was investigated by those news sources – and identified as a conman with not a single piece of evidence. He failed a lie detector test. He has said many provably false things about his supposed relationship with Obama, and yet refused to disclose any personal details of Obama that could prove his claim, such as whether Obama is circumsized or not Why? Because he doesn’t know. If you think he has any evidence – let’s hear it. Unsubstantiated claims of a frankly ridiculous nature are not evidence. Rather, it turns out the whole exercise was just another of his cons to raise money for his legal fund. He has gone through several sets of lawyers, who all finish up abandoning him when they realise what a fantasist he is.

  • LiLi

    This issue feels like a deliberate distraction to me. Something about this seems strange. McCain was down in the polls before Palin was added to the ticket. After Palin, he was up until the economy busted and since then he has been down. The Dems have done a great job at making people think the economic crisis is totally the GOP’s fault and Bush is severely unpopular. In considering all of these factors, it is really a surprise that it appears that McCain loss? Of course not! I can understand if McCain was up and then he loss but every sign prior to the election indicated that he was going to lose. So Again, this nonsense seems like a deliberate distraction that is being cooked up. I just have this feeling that there will be a SIGNIFICANT turn of events prior to January 20th!

    • C.S.

      I just have this feeling that there will be a SIGNIFICANT turn of events prior to January 20th!

      So do I. But then there are so many areas of obfuscation surrounding every aspect of the democratic campaign to get this mystery man enough votes to say he won that it’s hard to choose the cataclysmic event that would bring this house of cards down.

    • pumaforever

      What do you mean?

      • C.S.

        Responding to the above comment that indicated “I just have this feeling that there will be a SIGNIFICANT turn of events prior to January 20th!” and that there are a lot of events that could lead to this feeling and if anyone chose to investigate any of them they could all bring about a significant turn of events that could deny “president (s)elect” occupancy of our White House prior to his swearing in ceremony.

    • babinuta48

      You are absolutely right. One thing is sure , the whole fight for the White House is temporary postone by Republicans, after 8 years of terrible chidding on Middle Class especjally by Democrats and blaming Republicans. Yes Bush intentionaly make few rich, and now Democrats are screwing us up, starting from ;Pelosi,Reid,Dean,Brazile,and others. If Obama add Kerry to any position and listen to Carter advise, and fallow Pelosi the biggest thiesf in Congress, then we will be in trouble, but He has His guarding angels, and Democrats must be very carefull , because Obama looks more and more as independent mine and He will(I hope) turn back on those, and I hope He will have aroud His own people and will be gard very much buy His own people .I just hope, He will show all those peple like Pelosi,Dean,Reid,Brazile,Richardson,Kerry,Carter, that He is the BOSS now, and they better watch what they are doing!!!

      • NoBamaNoWay

        i think he probably will turn on them (the dem leadership), but he himself is clueless as to how to run anything, and has terrible judgement, so i shudder to think what he will come up with on his own.

  • Well, Palin is on BOTH our minds…and the skulduggery behind the scenes…Nicolle Wallace seems to be a “shape shifter”…

    Sarah Palin, Nicolle Wallace, CBS, Katie Couric…Too Close for Comfort? (And What of George and Jeb?)


    • nancy sabet

      I absolutely believe that the obama thugs are trashing sara so that she will never run om 2012. hussien obama have not gotten into WH yet , he is thinking to run on 2012. That is what he’s been doing in his life. All you need is to look at his site. he is rasing money already.

      • noproblama

        I believe they’re trashing Palin to keep the heat off wonder boy for a little longer.

      • Ellen D

        Don’t forget her Republican rivals. I’ve head Romney and Jeb Bush as potential candidates that would benefit.

    • Phillymiss

      The abuse heaped on this woman and her family is shameful and unprecedented.

      I mentioned I work in an office that is 110% pro-Barky. There are pictures of Dear Leader up all over the place. One woman who called Palin “stupid” and a “prostitute” during the campaign said that her doctor told her that she had a kidney infection and she said “where’s my kidney?” She didn’t know she had two kidneys! So who is the stupid one??

      On a serious note, I really feel isolated and like some sort of freak. Am I the only AA in country (not to mention in Philly) who dislikes Barky and didn’t vote for him? And his wife is scary. She always looks pissed off about something. And this thing is our first lady??

      • AnninCA

        Well, you’re probably not a personal freak, but you are in a statistical minority.

      • noproblama

        As P.T. Barnum once said, “You’ll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public”.

        I’m a liberal in California, and in my demographic, probably statistically as rare as you.

        People make the wrong decisions in life for a lot of reasons and they make them all the time and on a wide scale.

        Also there’s a lot of self-serving denial going on. But not all of us are fools or unable to look past our own superficial interests. Some of us follow our gut feelings and perhaps our intuition is just a little more keen.

        Still, yours is indeed the harder row to hoe and I have to applaud your courage.

      • Pennsylvania Red

        You’re not the only AA who doesn’t like 0’Bannion.
        Mayor Nutter WAS for Hillary til he fell in line with the DNC.


        I.O.U. an apology.