Michael Bechloss with this one appearance on the Don Imus show goes to the head of the line for the dumbest historian ever. How so? Listen as he proclaims Barack Obama the smartest President ever in the entire history of the United States. Talk about Obama Derangement Syndrome:

Let’s recap if I may. Barack Obama has refused to reveal his SAT or ACT scores. If you scored in the upper 90th percentile and were running for President and people were questioning your youth and inexperience would a smart person prevent people from seeing those scores?

Barack Obama also refuses to open up his academic record as an undergraduate at Occidental and Columbia. If he graduated from Columbia with Cum Laude (or higher) one would expect a prospective candidate for President to publicize the fact? At least a smart candidate would.

He sure as hell let us know he got ELECTED to the Harvard Law Review. Of course that was not based on academic merit. So where is the evidence of the intelligence?

As his first decision as President-elect he selects Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff. Since Barack based his campaign on the notion that anyone who supported the October 2002 Resolution giving the President authority to go to war with Iraq was not qualified to serve in the White House, it is natural to wonder why he gives Rahm Emanuel, a staunch supporter of that resolution, a pass? If you have campaigned on bringing a new style of non-partisan politics to Washington and you select Emanuel, who is known as one of the most partisan, tough politicians on the Hill, is that “brilliance?”

Are you super intelligent for putting a former Bush intelligence officer, John Brennan, in charge of your intelligence community transition effort when he played a direct role in helping George Bush use the threat of terrorism as a political weapon?

Barack Obama is no dummy. But scary smart? I don’t think so. If this guy is the smartest person ever to walk into the Oval Office, then how do we explain that he entered into a boneheaded land deal with a guy who was under investigation for corruption (and subsequently convicted)? If he is so smart then why does he sit in the pews of Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years and never realize that there was anything wrong or hateful about Wright’s crazy sermons? I also wonder why a guy with an IQ that is supposedly off the charts worked closely with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers on two different boards and never for a second thought this might create a political problem down the road. Wouldn’t a really smart guy, who was mulling the possibility of running for President, hold at least one hearing on Nato or its role in Afghanistan as a way to burnish his foreign policy credentials?

We know this much. Obama is smart enough to recognize when a policy position, an association, or a vote is a liability. He has demonstrated a willingness to abandon previous promises and buddies–e.g., publicly financed campaigns, FISA, Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, etc.–without a second thought. But on that score he is just like a long string of other Presidents who have sat in the Oval Office. I look forward to the evidence that he is the “smartest EVAH!!”

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
  • jomama

    test post

  • spleenboy

    He was smart enough to advance himself over the course of his life using “white guilt” and affirmative action. Many people do that, he’s just taken it to the max.

    But seriously, is he supposed to be some Boy Genius?

    While we’re at it, why not discuss why he is also the World’s Strongest Man?

    Listen to him ummm… and ..errrr his way through press conferences and debates. Compare that to say, Hillary, who is truly is Real Smart (I’m not saying she’s genius level, but then again, i’m not saying she’s not, either).

    I’ll give him “politically smart”. I’ll also admit that it *smarts* every time i think about how he stole the nomination and the election.

  • Idiocracy08

    Can one person name ONE thing that Obama has done that makes him so smart? I’m not talking about running a campaign and winning the election.

    I will bet anyone money that the media and all the congress will do everything in their power to protect & cover up for Obama. I know that there is no way they will allow history to record our first AA president as being a bad one. He will end up being written as our greatest president ever – no matter what.

  • BillOhio

    SAT,ACT, undergraduate grades?

    Is this from the crowd that wanted to elect a guy who was 5th from the bottom of his class and had a running mate who had to attend 5-6 schools to get a degree in broadcasting?

    Do you all ever take a moment and read what you write, no really?

    Tell me you all really are not talking about the SAT/ACT scores of the president elect in the course of serious conversation, please!

    • BillOhio

      I should have added that you all are discussing SAT/ACT for a guy who graduated Magna Cum Laude, Harvard Law?

    • Idiocracy08

      Do you read what we write before posting and bitching about it?

      What we are saying is how does the guy know Obama is soooo brilliant and the smartest person ever elected president? We know nothing about him.

      It’s not about electing the smartest man in the world. If that were the case, we would have had presidents like Thomas Edison (I say Edison and not someone like Tesla because Edison was born in the US). Or Al Gore would have won hands down to Bush.

      And yes, some are talking about the SAT scores in a serious conversation. The fact that you just take it at face value that he’s beyond genius is ridiculous.

      I like that McCain has nothing to hide. He can say “yeah, I was a bad student….but I grew up!” and still be accepted. I think it’s nice he’s not trying to be something he’s not. He was young and partied.

      And by the way…it’s not like Obama wasn’t young and never partied & didn’t apply himself. He was out snorting coke in his youth!

      If this guy is soooo awestruck by Obama’s brilliance, then could you imagine if someone like Wes Clark would have been elected? Someone who actually is brilliant?

    • galandrien

      Palin transferred schools because of funding issues. She did not have wealthy friends or family to BUY her education.

      And if you are questioning John McCain’s capacity to lead ask the men he led in that POW camp, that credit their survivial on his repsence there. Look at his willingness to stay in the prison camp and suffer so he could not become a tool of prapaganda against his country.
      We were not looking to elect him on his grades but on his caliber as a man based on his deeds.
      We don’t have any deeds to look at to assess Obama’s caliber so what are we supposed to look at? All he has ever done is school.

      • BillOhio

        Take a look at this conversation and then look at your response. We go from SAT/ACT’s to McCain being a POW?

        You all don’t get it, you (not him) diminish his courageous service every time use that experience as a punch line.

        Back in my formative years 30 years ago, I met and came to know Jan Scruggs


        Though never having served in war, I started to understand the horrors. The service of these men should be the things of big, important recognition not the punch line to win a internet “who is smarter” argument.

  • jean breban

    This situation is unreal.

    Everything that OBO says is a lie.

    Everythinbg that is said about him is a mere speculation.

    And now that ghost will be POTUS ?

  • BJ

    as for the video.. isn’t that sad? just sad?

    my god 😯

  • warehouse553

    Be patient! All we need do is wait for the democrats to overreach. It will happen! Obama is not prepared! Remember, Obama won primarily because Bush did everything wrong! Had Bush been a competent President, ACORN would have made no diffrence.

    • galandrien

      Bingo. If Bush had not made the American people so bitter McCain would have wiped the floor with the Obamination. Consider all of the millions more Obama spent and still–they were neck and neck.

      After the last8 years the fact that Obama did not crush the republican ticket only shows what a bad candidate he really is.

  • Patience

    We don’t know what the grading curve was when Obama attended HLS. We don’t know if he had the types of professors who, for example, give all their students As. Prof. Lawrence Tribe gushed about him in a commercial. He’s very left-wing.

    Harvard Law School is dropping letter grades and switching to pass/fail. Was it ever pass/fail at other times?

    He didn’t graduate at the top of his class or else he’d be summa cum laude instead of magna cum laude. We don’t know how many other students were in his class. If there were a lot of summas, he could’ve actually been somewhere in the middle of the group.

    Being a minority would’ve been an asset yet he required the assistance of Khalid al Mansour to gain admission. This suggests he didn’t have outstanding grades at Columbia.

  • La Compania Volante

    The “smartest President in history?” Sorry, but this “high IQ/who is smarter” debate is nonsense. People who claim that their IQs qualify them for any job are, IMHO, rather pathetic.

    Case in point—I’m not qualified to be POTUS, period. And yet, based on a couple of tests I took in college more than thirty years ago, I’d have easily qualified for Mensa membership. Based on the THEA, the ASVAB, and the subsequent military exams he took four years ago, so would my son. That IQ rating didn’t qualify either of us for the job of in question. I’m not just talking about the legal minimum age to serve—at that age, no one has the necessary life experience, education, and emotional stability for that job. Even so, thirty years later, after I’ve learned a lot along the way and regardless of what another IQ test would reveal, I wouldn’t even vote for myself. I know my own limitations. Does PE Obama know his?

    Accept for the sake of the argument that PE Obama scored at the genius level on the standardized tests when he was eighteen or twenty and would do so now that he’s forty-seven. At his present age, via his life experience, he should also have developed a modicum of wisdom, a certain emotional stability, a sense of integrity, a bit of humility, and a minimum of compassion and empathy, shouldn’t he? And wouldn’t it be a positive to hire a “smart” person as POTUS?

    Therein lies the rub. Based on what I’ve read of his own writing and by observing his public behavior, I believe that his dissonant life experience isolated him from the realities of day-to-day life among average Americans. Being so isolated, he never developed those connections of place and person that define us as Americans. Nothing in what I’ve seen of him, nothing I’ve heard from him, nothing he has written about himself, and nothing else I’ve read about him indicates to me that PE Obama possesses the necessary qualities listed above, at least, not all of them in appreciable force. He’s highly unlikely to attain any of these qualities if he hasn’t done so by the age of forty-seven.

    Heightened intellect without the other qualities to direct it … hmm, that’s trouble waiting to happen—Nixon, anyone? I’d rather hire a person of average intellect who possessed the other requisites in solid force. Also, the job of POTUS requires, or should require, some real-world management experience as well as the qualities I listed above. IMHO, PE Obama’s executive-level resume is just too thin, no matter how high his IQ may be.

  • crazybama


    Although I really think you should have done it earlier, WE NEED to get the Michelle “Whitey” tape out. This is the right time to pounce. If done correctly, we can have impeachment proceedings going right after inauguration.

    Release THE TAPE!!!! WE KNOW IT EXISTS. And we’re not buying that “why’d he” angle.

    Please Larry. Talk to your people. The ones who told you about it. The TRUTH MUST GET OUT ABOUT OBAMA!

  • stodgie

    isn’t this guy kin to the kennedy’s? that might help explain his bias.

  • CB


    Although Obama was president of Harvard Law Review,
    the rules changed as a result of black discontent at Harvard. Obama fit the bill for the job, which was awarded on the basis of interviews–no longer being first in the class. Can you cite anything that he published at the Law Review? I have read that he published nothing, but also he wrote a short paper on abortion.

    He was an older student, which is an advantage (more mature) and had learned a lot about public speaking in his job as a community organizer. He was supposedly good at listening to everyone and gathering ideas, which is a good skill for a leader.

    I, for one, don’t see why he warranted admission under affirmative action, and I read both that he was and was not accepted as an affirmative action student. Having been raised by whites in Hawaii doesn’t qualify him for special racial treatment. Maybe he did register as a Kenyan student, but his father was at Harvard, and he could have been legacy.

    Obama is not stupid by any means, but even the New York Times noted how he was “bored with policy,” which is why he started his run for President after one
    year in the Senate.

    I haven’t personally felt he was of exceptional intelligence, not the way that Hillary and Bill are. He
    seems more on the level of a Nancy Pelosi, one of his patrons. I would have been bored out of my mind listening to Rev. Wright for an hour, much less once a week for 20 years or so.

    Even more troubling than whether his IQ is superior is
    that he hasn’t shown any leadership qualities, or qualities of character. What kind of man takes the work of fellow politicians as his own as thrown by Emil Jones, Jr. so he will “have a record” for his 7 part-time years in the Illinois statehouse? Is he going to give us all the “finger” if the country falls down around him (in economic collapse)?

    I’ve read a few interviews with Mechelle, and she seems to think that she is at the top of the heap looking down at all as she pontificates about something very obvious to most people. Christopher Hitchens made a nasty comment about how her thesis at Princeton wasn’t written in English.

  • anon

    Why should we assume anything important has been hidden? Obama has been far more open and honest about his life than a lot of public figures would ever dream of being. How many elected officials, for example, would publicly discuss their youthful indiscretions with illegal substances, and explain how they finally reached the conclusion that they were a dead end? We haven’t often seen that level of honesty.

    • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

      Where is the vault birth certificate? Where are his medical records? College transcripts?

      • anon

        Where are Palin’s transcripts? Or her birth certificate or hunting license? For all I know, she may have fed Greta Van Susteren illegal moose chili.

        • WildChild

          I’m a little unclear this one. Was BOBO running again Palin for the VP Slot?

        • Strawberrybitch

          First off she was running for VP not prez and secondly Mccain offered up his birth certificate, medical records, taxes and college transcripts from Annapolis.

      • galandrien

        So your answer to Obama not giving his stuff up is to change the subject and shoot at a women who is running for a lesser office and offered to make all of the above available if requested. Nice way to dodge the issue. Been taking lessons from Obama?

    • WildChild

      It’s the hiding in plain sight that concerns me. For example,BOBO told us he would stand with us in our fight to prevent telecom immunity from being passed. And then the lying sack of turds vote to pass it. LOL and then to add to the surreal nature of his duplicity , BOBO kept it on his web sit until election day that he opposed passing telecom immunity.

    • Strawberrybitch

      Oh brother. Bush said he learned from his coke use and drunk driving and Clinton never inhaled, McCain was a hottie party animal at Annapolis and Reagen…well Reagen was just plain creepy (grown men playing with chimps is freaky, ask Michael Jackson). I want his grades, his ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and his medical records, and while you’re at it how the hell was he able to travel to Pakistan as a US citizen back when he was in college?

      • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

        how the hell was he able to travel to Pakistan as a US citizen back when he was in college?

        Michelle flew him in on her broomstick? 😯

    • Elizabeth

      If Obama has made himself believe he was raised by a single mother on welfare as an appeal to black urban voters, stretching or concoting stories of past drug use could only flesh out the story as long as necessary.

      My maxim : refuse to believe ANYTHING this man says without corroboration to the fact.

    • noproblama

      I’ve heard his books described as “semi-autobiographical”. That sounds less like “open and honest” and more like BS.

  • Jon

    OK Folks let’s all take a breather and read this article about Obama’s performance in Law School, published in the Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine edited by none other than Bill Kristol, the man who brought us Sarah Palin.


    The important data: Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude, near the top of his class on top of being the editor of the law review.

    • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

      Smarts are more than credentials. And lawyers can be greedy egotistical assholes like Opampers.

      • Jon

        Again, that’s beside the point. You asked for credentials. You got them. Now you say they don’t matter. That’s cheating.

        • WildChild

          When did the weekly standard become a credential ? ?

          • Jon

            For god’s sake, the weekly standard isn’t a credential. Graduating Magna from Harvard Law, being editor of the Law Review and then a professor at University of Chicago Law School are credentials. The weekly standard merely reports on them, without bias (they’re a conservative publication).

            • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

              Face it, we will never trust that piece of crap because he turned our votes into dogshit by stealing the nomination from the rightful winner.

            • Strawberrybitch

              Those are not creditials. It’s a magazine that claims barky graduated Magna. Show the transcripts!!!!

            • WildChild

              hey, if BOBO really graduated magna, then he wouldn’t be scared shitless to relaese his grades. But then releasing his grades might also clear up whether BOBO was an affirmative action editor or not.

            • galandrien

              A magazine, conservative, liberal, extraterrestrail–irrelevant. They can SAY anything. Them claiming he graduated Magna does not make it true.

              We want it from Harvard Law school.

              frequently the media is given information so that it can be referred back to–its called PLANTING A CITATION. Its a skill many collegiates learn.
              It does not make the statement true. Also since his records are sealed how do we know the magazine could even get that information with any assurances?????

        • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

          I never asked for them. And we really don’t have enough information about his background to really evaluate the credentials. He’s hidden too much about his past so we don’t trust him. And I don’t care anyway.

          • Jon

            You said “credentials that can’t be examined are worthless.” I provided credentials for your examination and you changed your point. That’s cheating.

            • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

              You’ve hardly presented enough to fully examine anything.

          • Strawberrybitch

            Galt see my above comments. I’ve got my college transcripts…along with my ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!! I needed them to get into flight school, but apparently I can become president without them.

            • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

              Arnold can run for president now even. :mrgreen:

              • Strawberrybitch

                AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRGGGHHH! Now that’s some scary stuff there Galt. The Terminator as Prez…(oooyeeeech!)

                • noproblama

                  He’d win too.

                  You know how this country can’t resist a celebrity. Just look at the PE.

  • rjj

    Bechloss is admiring the emperor’s new clothes.

    LYRICS (too long to cut and paste)


  • Jon

    OK, let’s get a couple things straight here. First of all, admission into Harvard Law School is extremely competitive. Second, selection for the Law Review and extremely extremely competitive contest among an already elite group. Third, election into the editorship is an extremely extremely extremely competitive contest. Deciding who the most intelligent president ever is a very silly gambit. What criteria would you use? But there is no question that Obama is a very very smart man by anyone’s definition of intelligence.

    • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

      But there is no question that Obama is a very very smart man by anyone’s definition of intelligence.

      Judgment and wisdom are measures and he fails miserably.

      • Jon

        So you say. These are inherently subjective criteria. You say he has poor judgment and wisdom. Others would say he ran a nearly flawless campaign and won despite steep odds against him. And the both of you could argue back and forth with no end. But the facts of the matter are that he is a graduate of Columbia and Harvard Law and editor of the Law Review. All three show real merit. The last two tremendously so.

        • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

          Ayers, Wright, Rezko are proof of piss poor judgment.

        • Strawberrybitch

          Flawless? Riiiiight. Outspent McCain 8 to 1. Flawless? Greatlakes in Oregon, 57 states, Arabic in Afghanistan, 99 problems but a bitch ani’t one, what the hell is Hanford, let me eat my waffles, that’s above my paygrade, Rev. Wright, Fr. Fleger, Rezco….how much more ya need? Just choke on your tongue already.

        • goldengrahme

          Not necessarily…if you were pushed along and promoted by elite kingmakers, you might succeed despite a lazy, underachieving attitude with overtones of pathological narcissism and an accompanying sense of entitlement.

          Which somehow diminishes his claims to fame.
          I think Barack’s IQ is about fifth down the list of presidential qualifications. Harry
          Truman was no brainiac but he was capable of
          making decisions. Most importantly, he had the
          welfare of the country foremost on his agenda.

          Obama demonstrates no overarching sense of purpose on these important issues. High
          rhetoric does not a leader make.

          He was into radical ideologies during all
          his undergraduate days. Part of that mindset is experimenting in illegal substances, the
          natural route of young people who want to prove independence from the status quo. He was mentored by extreme leftist influences from birth and developed as a tool by his handlers.

          The missing, undisclosed documents are covering his tracks. Get it?

          Pure and simple…this ain’t rocket science.
          It’s political strategy.

        • galandrien

          What odds against him?
          He had millions pouring in from undisclosed sources, no checks on credit cards sending him cash
          Media who didn’t question him in the slightest and actually worked to discredit and humiliate anyone who dared to ask an honest question of him
          And hundreds of fantatical fans who went around harassing and intimidating his opposition.

          Odds against him my ass. The only thing not in his pocket was Fox news…and even O’reiley was soft on him.

          BTW he was elected to the Law Review–they were no longer selecting a person on merit and do you know who else graduated from Harvard? Barney Frank.
          Not a resounding endorsement there.
          Additionlly, sicne we CANNOT assertain that he actually was admitted to EITHER of his schools on ACEDMIC MERIT we just don’t know if he got in farily now do we? So that really cannot be used to show how “smart” he is.

      • TeakWoodKite

        Correct me if I am wrong on this point, but intelligence includes an innate critical thinking ability.

        ergo BO is not intelligent. This is also re-enforce when reviewing his many many tone deaf statements.

    • Strawberrybitch

      Ummmmm, in this case they handed it to him and he never wrote a friggin’ thing while he was there. No Quarter had some great links about how they changed the criteria back after the Obamanation was head of the Harvard Law review. And don’t forget Bush was also from Harvard.

      • Jon

        He was by all accounts a very well respected editor, and moreover a well respected Professor at the University of Chicago Law School. Along with Harvard, one of the best law schools in the country.

        • Strawberrybitch

          He taught night school and never wrote one article at Harvard Law. Link up or shut up.

          • Jon

            Here’s your link, a press release from the university of chicago:

            Obama was a professor in the law school, was offered a tenure track position several times, didn’t accept:


            That’s not night school, you bozo.

            • Strawberrybitch

              YOU FUCK WIT. Read your own damned article. He was a senior lecturer, NOT A PROFESSOR!!! Dickweed. Do you not understand the difference? Stand down before you make a bigger ass of yourself. Bwahahahahahahahah! I’m dying here.

              • danny

                The press release says is “Barack Obama served as a professor in the Law School.”

                • Strawberrybitch

                  HE WAS NOT TENURED! Do you have any idea what it takes to get tenured? Gawd.

                  • Strawberrybitch

                    It requires working full time not teaching three courses a year. Barky is afraid of fulltime work. Thus his need for multiple vacations a year.

                  • WildChild

                    it doesn’t matter. All they seem to have as credentials is press releases.

                  • danny

                    So, to sum up this little dialogue:

                    Teaching law is evidence that Obama is relatively smart.
                    -No, “he taught night school.”

                    The University issues a press release saying he served as a professor.
                    -He was only a senior lecturer.

                    But the University said he served as a professor.
                    -But he wasn’t tenured!

                    I know. I read all the way to the bottom, where it said: “Obama was invited to join the faculty in a full-time tenure-track position, but he declined.”

                    Saying he’s “the smartest president ever” is ridiculous. But you can admit he’s a smart guy and still not like him.

                    • WildChild

                      Why am I supposed to think that BOBO is smart, because he went to Harvard?

                      George Bush went to Harvard.

                    • Strawberrybitch

                      No darlin’ the point is Barky is always trying to make himself seem greater than he really is. Where I come from, we call that LYING!!!! Padding a resume is the polite PC term YOU would use.

            • frenchman47

              ‘Scuse me but Ayers and Dohrn are professors at Northwestern – am I supposed to be impressed?????

        • TeakWoodKite

          “by all accounts” is not a phrase that should ever appear in the same sentence, when discussing BO.

          Jon, for the last time. BO was never a Professor of ANYTHING. Clear enough?

          Stick to the facts.

        • galandrien

          he wrtoe one article, on abortion, nothing else. Other editors in the Reveiw’s past wrote prolifically.
          And he was NOT a professor. He gave lectures.
          Anyone who can read can give a lecture. It doesn’t even prove he wrote his own lectures.

      • Jon

        Also, they “hand” the editorship to every editor. It’s called being elected. Try some balance and sanity. You may not like the guy, but his academic and law credentials are extremely impressive.

        • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

          Credentials that can’t be examined are worthless.

          • Jon

            What is it you need to examine? How’s this from the Weekly Standard, a conservative magazine very critical of Obama?


            Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude, which means he got very high grades. Money quote:

            “The only reason I bring this barely relevant history up is to show what a stud of a law student Barack Obama was. He graduated Harvard magna cum laude. This was one honor you unquestionably had to earn. It’s a very impressive feat. Back in Obama’s days at Harvard, more than 50 percent of the class graduated cum laude, a fact that made graduating “with honors” a meaningless accomplishment. But graduating magna was a different kettle of fish. Barack Obama graduated right near the top of his law school class.”

            • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

              The point of this thread is how ludicrous it is to call him the “smartest” president ever. Yes, some of us still think he is not bright even with the credentials, based on his behavior such as making a land deal with someone under investigation, sitting in a racist church for 20 years and working with an unrepentant terrorist.

              • Jon

                Fine, but that’s a separate point and comes down to subjective criteria. You asked about credentials. I provided them. The least you could do is admit that you were wrong: the man did extremely well in law school; it’s a matter of public record. You don’t have to like him or even think that matters.

                • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

                  I am not impressed by credentials. I find them only a small measure of a person’s worth.

                • WildChild

                  When did the weekly standard become a credential?

                  • Strawberrybitch

                    When it suits the little turds, Wildchild.

                    • WildChild

                      LOL I wonder how the fringe right feels that the fringe left is using them as a source of record?

            • WildChild

              It would interesting to see what BOBO’s grades were. It might give us some insight on what the dividing line was between the meaningless title of cum lude, and magna cum laude. LOL but then given BOBO’s fear at releasing his grades, it might be safe to say that an institution willing to give away meaningless titles, might have more then one meaningless title up its sleeve.

              • Jon


                Where does it say that Obama is “afraid” to release his grades. Where? Show me the link. He graduated “magna,” near the top of his class. That means his grades were very good. So there you go. Read the article linked below from the Weekly Standard. It’s written by someone who doesn’t like him at all, yet it acknowledges that his performance in law school was spectacular.

                • WildChild

                  It says it in my post. If BOBO wasn’t afeared to release them, he would release them. It’s only natural to follow up with a claim like that with proof. But then, releasing his grades might shed a little light on something called magna, which (LOL) might not have been all that magna

                • galandrien

                  You know the guy who graduated from my University “magna” withdrew from 3 semesters because they were too stressful?
                  Here is something to consider:
                  and Independant reading course is weighted the same as quantum physics.

                  Until I see his records “magna” means nothing.

            • Strawberrybitch

              Prove it. I want his transcripts. Cheney was famous for planting rumours in one magazine or newspaper then referring back to them later in interviews as fact. REAL PROOF MONKEYBOY!!!! Produce the transcripts!!!

              • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

                Straw, I am afraid we will never know the truth about this dirtbag.

              • Jon

                MONKEYBOY??? Wow. Nice little blog here. Nice little debate here I’ve gotten into here. Enjoy your cross burning.

                • Strawberrybitch

                  You wuse. I bet your mommy didn’t let you play sports because you might get hurt. Right?

                • WildChild

                  but you not debating anything. Your quoting the weekly standard and calling it credentials.

                • anon

                  *LOL* It’s a reptilian slam. (Refer to the 1984 cult movie, Buckaroo Banzai.)

                  • WildChild

                    no matter where you go….there you are

                    • Strawberrybitch

                      Deuce you say?

        • galandrien

          I wouldn’t know…he won’t show them to us.

          We know he was a lawyer for ACORN…

          Oh and technically he is no longer a lwayer. He relinquished his lisence to practice law. Not let it lapse–but actually GAVE IT UP.
          Now why would you do that?
          Here’s one reason: It can’t be taken away embarassing you publicly if you just give it up. You cannot be taken to the bar for review f you surrender the lisence.

          Great credentials.

          And there is no proof he got into any of his schools on academic merit. We are also not permitted to know how he performed while there.

          Again great credentials.

          I see your point. Something that someone alleges he did or had is good enough to be able to deploy my family members and countryment to war, to tube our economy and decide my fate.

          Yeah…I’ll believe he has credentials and qualifications when I see them.
          Lets starts with his birth certificate.

    • NoBamaNoWay

      you don’t suppose affirmative action could have aided Hussein along the way, do you jon? that and maybe that he was a legacy cuz his daddy went to harvard? kind of dubya with Yale?
      btw, as someone with both engineering and liberal arts degrees, let me say that i don’t think there is *any* liberal arts degree which could earn a person the title of “brilliant,” and that includes a law degree. it’s all just memorization and bullshitting.

      • Elizabeth

        Obama is a strong supporter of affirmative action and racial quotas, having undoubtedly benefited from them his entire academic career.

        http://chronicle.com/free/v54/i12/12a02402. htm

        One of the early tests of Barack Obama’s political skills came when he was a law student at Harvard University in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

        Gaining the support of both progressive and conservative editors, Mr. Obama was selected as the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. He had decided to seek the post believing that he might help ease ideological tensions at the journal even as the campus was embroiled in divisive doctrinal and political debates over issues like faculty diversity.

        The uproar included the protests of Derrick A. Bell Jr., the first black professor to win tenure at the law school, who took an unpaid leave of absence and eventually resigned over the lack of a tenured black woman on its faculty.

  • I don’t know how smart O-shit can be if he has to go and already disrespect the Presidency of the United States.

    How pitiful. For a man who demand loyalty, he doesn’t have a loyal bone, or integrity to fill the office he just got selected for.

    It doesn’t take a genius to know a private meeting between the president and prez elect, is supposed to stay private. But even more, when that president is discussing a possible deal in secret, to have you team start talking about this private meating and it’s details is the smarmiest.

    ….we give you Barry Soetoro Obama, O shit himself.

    This is going to be a heck of a long 4 years.

    …or as my sister said, “Hang on baby, here we go again”.

  • beachnan

    Typical obamabot-immature and stupid.

  • jim


    Ha Ha Ha sore loser!!

  • beachnan

    It’s amazing how many people assume that what they hear from the media is absolute truth. I was talking with a friend yesterday. We were both Hillary supporters in the primaries. He called to ask me what I thought of the election. I told him that I thought the election was a sham, and I had little faith in Obama and the future. He had drunk the koolaid. He thought BO would be fine, because he was so smart. He said, you know he was #1 in his class at Harvard. Where do they get this bullshit. If it were true, he would have released his records from Harvard, and the othe two colleges. Someone states this bullshit in the media, and everyone accepts it as truth. God help us all.

  • Goblintrain

    Does any body even have records of a single interview with his classmates? Myself, i still have never even seen that much reassurance. I hope i’m wrong?

  • jim

    Yea right Larry / Loser !!! Oh how your tune has changed loser, pretending you are now a site to be respected. The lies you puked on this site for nearly a year should in fact end your right to exist in print. Also I stand by my statements regarding you and Hillary.

    • Jimbo, why don’t you take your “statements” and shove them up your arse. This way you’ll have something in common with your Precious. Enjoy!

  • Alice Paul WPB

    All I have to say is that after reading some of your posts I am embarrassed of myself.

    There are a lot of smart people here and I am glad to have spell check or I wouldn’t survive!!!!

    Although I must say I did have the smarts not to fall for BO’s sh-t which I can’t say for some of my very educated friends and relatives.

  • justsomeone

    What’s up? Have I been banned? None of my posts are getting through.

    • Jomama

      Same here.

  • 2001tg

    How can he be the smartest president, ever, when he has, yet to serve, as president.
    It must be the past accomplishments which can be used as a road map into his presidency. No, not much there!
    It is all the academic success he had in school, undergrad and post grad, receiving extraordinary citations, grades and test scores. No! can not be! No one has seen those.
    It is his unique and brilliant ability to write two books before becoming president. Yea, and the books were on; Politics, no, education, no, global economics, race relations, the world’s poor, health care, military, mid size companies, house and bath supplies, United Nations, sports, the internet. How to pick the right dog for your family? No, They were about Him.
    Then it must be, he ran his own campaign. I do not know about that, I mean $750M, more than Bush-Gore, Bush-Kerry and McCain spent combined. Where does the genius start and the money spend end. Plus the backing of MSM and the Democratic Party, it is not like he was a third party candidate.
    I got it, He is just the ONE. I doubly get it. He is the smartest president, because he can have some one say he is the smartest, without doing anything, and can be the smartest without even serving a day. My BAD, Great OBAMA, TRUTH SEEKER and ORACLE. DO nothing > JUST say PRESENT. Just vote Present. You are the smartest PRESENTdent! EVER! of course, what a gift, such a nice present for all the dummies who have to believe and voted for the Messiah that by doing nothing, is the smartest way to be the smartest.