There’s “history” between former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and Texas governor Rick Perry. In an e-mail to his large group of subscribers, Huckabee noted Perry’s “new-found hyper-conservatism.” Why the dig? Politico’s Mike Allen says that in 2004, Perry turned down Huckabee’s request to become Huck’s national campaign chairman. The embarrassed Huckabee was stunned that Perry then accepted the national chairmanship of Rudy Guiliani’s campaign. In yesterday’s e-mail, Huckabee demanded that Perry explain why he supported Guiliani’s “pro gay marriage” stance.

There’s nearly unanimous belief that Perry will announce that he’s a candidate for president. Will his past affiliation with Guiliani affect him? Will Mike Huckabee’s anger towards Perry hurt the Texas governor’s appeal to religious conservatives who love Huckabee?

On Morning Joe, Mort Zuckerman said that the powerful “in the world of finance and business” still want New Jersey governor Chris Christie to run because, Zuckerman said, they consider Christie a “real winner.”

Aren’t there any of the current GOP candidates who can be considered real winners?

I know that many of you have picked your winners. Can you make a case for their ability to win the general election?