Whoopsie—The Democratic National Committee’s hood ornament got ..er..unscrewed and bounced into the street. Of course, it was loosened up a long while back when the DNC moved itself mostly to Chicago two months before the Democratic Convention. That right there tells you a lot about the DNC. (I think the “D” should be removed—it doesn’t belong there any more.)

Kirsten Powers concludes that DNC Chair, Howard Dean, was helpful to Obama for one reason—staying out of the way.

Dean had high level detractors. Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s new Chief of Staff, publicly feuded with Dean over how to spend funds for House races, asserting that Dean was wasting money by spreading it around to all 50 states.

James Carville described Dean’s leadership as “almost Rumsfeldian in its incompetence.”

Paul Begala charged that Dean was “apparently . . . just hiring a bunch of staff people to wander around Utah and Mississippi and pick their noses.” (More here.)

Then there was Dean’s decision to strip Florida and Michigan of their delegates for holding their primaries early, only to give both states a reprieve after it was too late for Hillary Clinton to have an honest shot at the nomination.

And Dean gets an “F” for remaining silent while sexism and misogyny ran rampant within the Democratic Party. (Sorry, Howie, the weak admission after it was all over didn’t cut it for anyone.).

But Obama and company should be very grateful to Howard Dean for pushing that 50 state strategy, one that probably helped account for Obama’s win in some previously red states. Whether Dean gets rewarded or stays flopping about in the street as the DNC limo speeds off remains yet to be seen.

  • GBS

    Good reminder of Dean’s battlecry.

  • Val Castellon

    Sorry “North American Economic Partnership”

  • Val Castellon

    Has any body heard of “North American Economic Partership”

  • Alice Paul WPB

    I apologize for my comment above re. Secretary of State being next in line if something happens to President and Vice-President. I was sure that was the order. I was corrected that Pelosi would be next (yuck).

    I still believe Hillary will most likely be offered the position. I truly believe with all my heart it’s not really an offer but a negotiation she made with BO’s camp in return for she and Bill campaigning for him. I know the Clinton’s and they don’t do anything without a political reward (I love them don’t get me wrong). And I’m glad she didn’t campaign for him for no reason since I believe she really didn’t want to back him.

    It gives me a little more peace also. I was truly scared of BO and his possible position to Israel. With Hillary overseeing it I know Israel will have an ally. Plus she can keep her eye on him!

  • Linda Mac

    Howard Dean has been such a disappointment. I had believed that he was an excellent gov. and would work to move this country to universal healthcare since he is a medical doctor. I think he simply didn’t understand national politics and he got caught up in the ambitions of those who believed that Obama is incompetent and that they could promote themselves in an Obama administration just as Rumsfield and Cheney did in the Bush administration. I think that none of them realize that what this country desperately needs is competency in a president and they have sold our country out to a puppet-president. I hope Hillary stays in the Senate but I believe that she is a true patriot and will do whatever she can do to save our country. We just need lots more people like Hillary and fewer like Obama hangers-on.

    As usual, this is an innovative way of looking at the Dean situation. Thank you for ANOTHER excellent and thought-provoking cartoon.

  • glennmcgahee

    This is a bunch of bull. Hear Richardson and Kerry also named for the same position. Why on earth would she take the position? She has goals of her own that can be accomplished only by remaining a Senator. Congress passes the laws. They are the check on the Executive Branch. The Congress will have to remain in a position to enact legislation for the economic welfare of our country. Thats her expertise. Why would she join his administration and be hamstrung by his decisions. This leak is only to weaken her.

  • rickya

    The only reason that the Secretary of State post is being bandied about is because the Obama camp knows that the rift hasn’t been healed. They know that they got lucky this time around when Obama is not running on anything. In 2012, when he has to run on how well he has governed the swing of Clinton democrats will determine the election. They know that the Clinton democrats will be more of a factor next time around.

    I still say that the best position for her would be in the Senate where she can just wait until the Obama administration implodes. She will be tainted by the failure that will be the Obama administration if she joins them.

    • Snickers

      I doubt that she is even being considered. And I would guess she would not accept. There’s no way she could succeed in any cabinet position where The One is president. I think that would be the end of her career, much like it was the end of Colin Powell’s career. I mean does anyone here actually think Powell’s integrity survived his stint as SOS under Dubya? Really?

      • Snickers

        Another quick comment. Obama’s presidency begins with his integrity and honesty already compromised as does the Democratic-controlled Congress, IMO this is a no-win situation. The election was a fraud. The majority of people know that the MSM is in the tank for Obama. Bots have high expectations of receiving large checks from The One which will never happen, and our nation is in grave danger and could well morph into something none of us will recognize or much want. Throwing out this little crumb of gossip about Hillary – personally I’m not interested. But I am interested in seeing The One’s birth certificate. Where is that pesky thing anyway?

  • Great idea. Why pretend any longer.

    D N C= Nationalized Committee

  • Patience

    Whoever gets tapped for SOS is going to have a very rough time with Russia on the move in both the eastern and western hemispheres, an increasingly menacing Iran, an unstable Iraq if troop withdrawl isn’t handled properly, problems in Pakistan and Afghanistan, etc. I worry that with such an inexperienced president who hasn’t been a friend to our military, malefactors will be emboldened.

    I don’t know, for some reason I smell a rat since it would make more sense to me for Hillary to have a different cabinet position than SOS.

    As far as Howard Dean goes — it seems like another lifetime when I had a favorable opinion of him.

  • LibOne

    If Hillary becomes Sec. of State any failure in dealing with Iran or Palestinian/Israeli issues could be lain at her feet and used to further damage the Clinton legacy.

  • Annie

    Secretary of State would at least be a peace offering for Hillary from Obama but I suspect it will be Powell – remember him – the one who told the lies about those weapons of mass destruction that Hussein (the other one) had… and didn’t.

  • Annie

    Alice Paul if you don’t know then this is what will happen if something happens to Obot and Bideaway…. the speaker gets the gig….i.e. Nancy Pee – It is in the rules. Not that rules matter to the DNC, of course.

  • Don X

    Another great cartoon and commentary, Pat.

    I think Dean’s incompetence along with Donna B’s Obama-bias stripped Hillary of the nomination. Good riddance!

    As for the rumor that Hillary may be offered the Secretary of State position, I, for one, hope it is true and that she accepts. I think she would be highly qualified for this very important post. She would probably improve our fragile international relations and reputation, and also this would keep her in the limelight for a possible future run for the presidency.

  • Pat Bakalian

    Thank you for talking about Dean’s silents while sexism and misogyny ran rampant within the Democratic Party and his pitiful attempt at FINALLY commenting on it.

    That needs to never be forgotten. He is so one sided and should never have been DNC chair.

  • JohnnyB

    Another great cartoon, Pat

    After Dean screamed into the mike to get his voice above the crowd’s voice, that we could not hear (it was a directional mike), he sent his Democracy For America crowd out to 12 races, Obama’s Senate race being one of them. Obama was Dean’s guy from the BEFORE the start. No wonder he and the RULES COMMITTEE voted to give Florida 1/2 a delegate vote, then take 4 of Hillary’s delegates from Michigan and give Obama delegates from Mich when he WAS NOT EVEN ON THE BALLOT. This would have given Hillary the lead if the delegates were counted when Fl and Mich actually voted.

    Hillary was my horse, but Obama won. So it is better that at least one of our horses from OUR STABLE won, now we have to make sure he performs, not an easy task.

    The Hillary for Sec of State is a trail balloon, made to make us Hillary supporters feel good.
    IT WON”T WORK, and she won’t take it if offered.
    We are in a MELTDOWN, and it will take years to get out of it. But let’s all work together to try to save our Union.

    Glad my candidate in 2004 (Dean) is leaving. He played dirty from the start.

  • Sycamore

    Hillary taking the SEcretary of State job shouldn’t make anyone lose respect for her. We should all get down on our knees and pray she does get the offer as she is the only one who could restore respect for the U.S. in the rest of the world! I, for one, would be thrilled. I rather she be President, but I will take this as well.

  • TeakWoodKite

    🙂 Pat!

    Mrs. Doubtfire: Can you help me with something, I found this outside.
    [holds up an Obama hood ornament]
    Stu: Yes, this is off my DNC.
    Mrs. Doubtfire: Off your DNC, dear, you own that big expensive car out there? Oh, dear. Well, they say a man who has to buy a big car like that is trying to compensate for smaller genitals.


    • Pat Racimora


  • felizarte

    Hillary can’t accept unless someone could cough up about 30 million for her to return the campaign contributions she received for the general election that she converted to her Senate reelection campaign. Besides, in the Senate she is independent; as secretary of state she will have to implement Obama’s foreign policy. My money is for her staying in the Senate.

    • getfitnow

      Bingo, felizarte! The president sets the agenda. Hillary will not have a free hand in this adminstration. I frankly cannot support anyone/organization that uses racebaiting, mysogyny, sexism as tools/weapons. I, too think Hillary can do more good as a policy wonk/visionary in the senate. She will be constrained as sec of state. I cannot begin to guess what will happen. I continue to feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

  • Clara Barton

    Dean is toast. Obama won’t let him take credit for anything, after all, The One did all this by himself because he’s incredible. No, he’ll install an Obamaton who will do everything asked if him.

  • Rich

    Good cartoon. Dean is very hard to draw.

    This is one of those times that I agree with Obama. Dean is terrible for the Democratic Party and should have been removed as an inappropriate ornament for the DNC a long time ago.

    Now we will have to see where the Obama Chicago RR machine takes us.


  • Texas Playwright

    AAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! Stay in the Senate, Hillary, and fight for New York and America.

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    • Dawnelle

      ok Patsy but is it 6-9 or 13-15 Apr? There are two different dates on 2 different pages?

  • Sarracuda

    if Hillary accepts the job well there goes the last little bit of respect I have for her. I voted for her, yet she bends over for Obama even though she knows he is a train wreck. WOW what happened to integrity, I guess party unity is more important then morals. I doubt he even offered the job, heck he didn’t even offer, or better yet, even consider having Hillary as his VP, so why would he offer her the Secretary of State job, plus I had read a week ago that he was gonna give the job to John “the tool” kerry, HAHA how hilarious would that be if John Kerry was Secretary of State, countdown to Armageddon starts in 5,4,3,2,1….

    • JG

      You’re not being logical.
      Your last sentence disproves the entirety of the initial ones.
      Kerry would be a travesty, and that’s why Hillary would be a huge improvement and possibly avoid a disaster.

      • It’s such a mixed bag of emotions. I personally don’t want Hillary to associate herself with the USS Titanic of OVomit. I like her too much. On a selfish level, I was leaving the country for GOOD until I heard this. IF Hillary is around, I MIGHT feel safe and sleep okay at night. Isn’t this all FUN? Good Lord. I can’t wait until it’s all OVER.

      • Right on!!!

  • Annie

    Please excuse my stupidity – but what exactly would a Secretary of State do under an Obama administration?

    • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

      Serve tea and crumpets to Emperor OBonaparte and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, of course! 😯

      • Annie

        lol Galt’s Pizza Parlor:
        Hope she wears the appropriate frilly apron and mob cap when serving … peppermint or green tea Sir?

  • witness08

    Did anyone see this? I hope it’s true.

    Sen. Clinton considered for top diplomat: report 8:02pm EST

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Sen. Hillary Clinton, who lost to Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential primary, is being considered to serve as secretary of state in the Obama administration, NBC News reported on Thursday.

    • shadow

      Yes, it was on the nightly news earlier.

  • normal_person

    Considering that James Carville is one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton lost it is kind of ironic that this web site (which was briefly an all-but-official Hillary campaign web site before it morphed into a general anti-Obama hate site) would regard as credible his statements.

    • Betty Lou

      In your opinion.

      You and I see the same information, and evaluate it differently.

      Think now that Obama has “won” the presidency, he’s home free?

      That would be kinda dumb, now, wouldn’t it?

      Especially in light of Cheney’s failures.

      • normal_person

        I certainly hope he isn’t home free. Politicians need to be held at bay continuously by the people they govern and he’s no different – if he’s home free, that’s good for nobody but him.

        • Betty Lou

          But when solipsistic trolls unable to properly evaluate their own lack of talent pretend no can see them as they troll the Internet, well, that’s already clue number one his administration won’t be successful.

          That last paragraph, btw, was an allegory for “PR, rapid response team.”

          Get it?

    • normal_person

      I personally hope she is not offered the role – there are human lives at stake, and she is just a politician – but given the way that Obama seems to be moving into Washington DC in the biggest way, becoming overnight that which he denounced during his campaign, his transition team filled with snakes and vipers from DC – I wouldn’t be surprised if she got the role.

      • Betty Lou

        But she’s smart, whereas the others aren’t.

        And I mean, as someone mentioned, here, Clinton still understands workable American policy, none of the others do.

        I would say, in part, it explains her campaign, and not going negative, or cheating.

        But Obama’s people don’t get it, cause they really can’t see the big picture, how unprepared they are for the challenges they will face, how they sabotage themselves.

        Rove used the same methods, how did Cheney fail, and why, using PR to hide unworkable , flawed policy? Does Cheney still look hot? !

        And this isn’t’ some esoteric knowledge only known to a few, they can’t tell you why their lack of knowledge about American political theory will lead to their failure as an administration, say, Obama’s methods as compared to Daley, pay to play, for starters.

        Simple essay question for most…

        Obama’s people pretend, just like the current Washington, as our economy goes down the drain, absolutely unable to offer any solutions, whatsoever.

        Do you really think everyone is like you?

  • JG

    Folks – Hillary up for Secretary of State job, FYI
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Sen. Hillary Clinton, who lost to Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential primary, is being considered to serve as secretary of state in the Obama administration, NBC News reported on Thursday.

    The report cited two unnamed advisers to President-elect Obama. The report said Clinton’s office would only say that any decisions on the appointment would be up to the president-elect

    • KintheNorthwest

      Now if Hillary accepts a post on Obama’s cabinet, then I truly will be disgusted with her.

      • normal_person

        She’ll take it if she can get it.

        • snosandy

          Hillary is the person I want representing ME to the WORLD.

      • JG

        C’mon yo, someone has to save Obama’s stupid ass from himself.
        Think about it, Hillary would make sure the actual, real world relations of America are not destroyed for all-time by Obama’s idiocy.

      • I agree. She can still have a career. If she ties herself to this frigging nutcase she’s done.

        • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

          She can also retire and I would not blame her one iota after how many in this country have mistreated her and her family.

        • J.J. (The PUMA)

          Hillary can become the next Teddy Kennedy of the Senate (I mean she can become the moral spokesperson for progressive ideals, not a lush). Why give all of that up for a position where you serve at the pleasure of someone who hates you. When you get discarded, you are done.

          • Ani

            Agreed. It would be a bad move on her part — first of all, I think this is a b.s. story anyway — he does not want to offer her anything — unless it is so he can, as you so correctly put it, have her at his beck and call, blame her for his failures, and fire her — then she’s out of the Senate and gone.

            Just say no deal.

      • OhioMary

        If he is offering it to her, I think it is to get her out of the Senate. He can always get rid of her if she is appointed SOS.

    • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

      Assuming that report is true, I recall reading a comment here something like: a great way to get Hillary out of the way is to offer her the job then 2 years later or sooner replace her.

      • SOMEONE JUST SAID THAT TO ME….What a way for OVomit to FINALLY do in the Clintons. Give Hillary the title and then fire her in shame. Ughhh…this sucks.

        • Adrienne in CA

          Even if he didn’t fire her, it would keep her under his thumb. Plus, because there’s already been women SOS’s, it brazenly denies her (and all women) a more historic appointment.

          Still, she’d be wonderful in the job. And it would drive the Clinton-haters nuts, which is always fun.

          If she wants it, I hope she gets it.


    • Hillary Clinton will not be offered this position IMO – both John Kerry and Bill Richardson are salivating for the job. I think it will be offered to Chuck Hagel. But what do I know? I didn’t think Obama had a chance to be elected POTUS – so how smart does that make me?

      • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

        I didn’t think Obama had a chance to be elected POTUS – so how smart does that make me?

        No one had a clue how bad the MSM bias would be, fundraising irregularities, etc. would be. No one had a clue America would have a farce election.

        • I’m with you. I still cry every single day. EVERY DAY that America is so frigging stupid that they elected this nut. I NEVER thought this would happen. NEVER.

          • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

            I think in hindsight we were ripe for the picking by a scumbag with no ethics. We were caught off guard.

            • Okay Galt, that made me cry too. Ughhh when does it STOP? I am SO freaked out.

              • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

                We have a taste of what most of the world has been living through in all its living ugly. I think we will be OK though. Opampers will not even have time to think about any of his lofty aims as he struggles just to keep us going. Rove was very close in his predictions of the election. I read today he says the GOP is in a good position for the 2010 midterm. That will restore some balance. Lets see what actually happens in the next few months. OK?

                • Galt..we are going to have Third World Status. WTF?

                  • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

                    No, but we are getting a taste of what those countries have endured with this farce election. Maybe we should have asked Jessie J. and Jimmy C. to monitor our election? :mrgreen:

                    • Costa Rica Galt….Costa Rica…I didn’t vote for this azzhole.

                    • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

                      I did not vote for that asshole Bush, but chose to stay and fight on. Remember what Mac said about fighting on no matter the odds?

                    • Galt…you guys have to stop. If you ran HILLARY, fine. I could even let go of all the VOTER FRAUD the Dems committed. But, GALT, really. OVomit is a disgrace. I don’t care IF he got the “selection” he will be done away with. Not good by your party. You could have had Hillary and I would have agreed with you.

                    • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

                      I fail to see how my statement about Bush is an endorsement of Obama. And I am indy, but have voted Dem up until this election where I voted GOP.

          • GWB happened . . . Obama is the next phase of the fascist take over that began in 2000.

        • noproblama

          I didn’t think Obama had a chance to be elected POTUS

          Don’t worry, neither did barky.

    • Alice Paul WPB

      I heard this several days ago. I’m not sure where.

      I know she didn’t put her support behind BO for nothing. I’m sure something was promised her.

      Good for her. I hope she gets it. At least I’ll feel like there was some small victory.

      Not that I’m hoping something happens but you know who is next in line if something happens to President and Vice-President. I’m talking maybe impeachment or something. Nothing detrimental!!!

  • Karma

    Sorry OT.

    Linda Tripp thinks Obama has a ‘purity of soul’…LOL


  • fif

    He will not be missed. Heck of a job Deanie.

  • lol…


    (Dean sucks!)

  • bemused

    So far the UnOne has never failed to disappoint in some ironic way. I’m thinking, Surgeon General, a thankless job where no one will pay much attention except to criticize.

  • Dawnelle