jarrett.jpgFrom the NYTimes‘s Caucus Blog, via Time‘s Mark Halperin: “Nearly two decades ago, Valerie Jarrett hired a young lawyer named Michelle Obama for a job at Chicago’s City Hall. Now President-elect Barack Obama has hired Ms. Jarrett for a senior role in the White House.

“Ms. Jarrett’s role will be threefold, as is her title: White House Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Relations and Public Liaison. mtp-jarrett.jpg

A longstanding member of Barack Obama’s tiny core of top advisers, she will continue providing him with counsel on a wide-ranging set of issues, she said Friday evening. Second, she will serve as the White House’s point person for business with state and local officials. Additionally, she will supervise the Office of Public Liaison, a relatively quiet office which she hopes to turn into a more active channel for government-citizen collaboration.” (Read all. Italics mine.)

* * * * *

When you’ve done as much opposition research on Obama as has this blog, it is amazing what can be found right HERE about a woman about whom most American are saying, “Who’s she?” — at the very same moment that all of you veteran NoQuarter readers are saying, “Oh yeah. Her. It figures.”

Here, in chronological order, are snippets from many of our stories that refer to Valerie Jarrett. Even with our handy administrative-section search engine, this took a while, but it’s worth it:

(1) From the great investigative story by City Nell, a true must-read, “How to Buy a Mansion You Can’t Afford,” February 4, 2008 (edited brilliantly by Truthteller) — which, besides pointing out Jarrett’s significant role in the trajectory of Michelle’s career path, also explains how Michelle Obama became aware of the availability of the historic mansion:

… In 1996, she left the Public Allies to help create a student volunteer program at The University of Chicago. By the time of this interview, she was the Executive Director of Community Affairs for The University of Chicago Hospitals. This is how Michelle portrays her change of career:

She was devastated when her father died from MS complications. “That’s when I started analyzing my life, sitting in a firm,” she recalls, adding that in that same year she also lost one of her best friends from college to cancer. She soon left the firm to pursue a much lower-paying path in the public sector.

The fact is Michelle was actively recruited for City Hall by a close friend, Valerie Jarrett, who was Mayor Daley’s Deputy Chief of Staff at that time. Valerie later became the Finance Chair of Obama’s 2004 US Senate campaign and then First Treasurer of Barack’s political action committee, Hopefund.

It helps to have friends at City Hall. Among other positions, Michelle was appointed twice to sit on the board of the Commission of Chicago Landmarks for two consecutive terms. Michelle maintained this board seat from 1998 to March 2005, although normally a member only serves one 4 year term. …

* * * * *

(2) From NoQuarter’s story (formerly known as nasuS), “Obama’s 2006 Earmarks & the Crown Family,” March 13, 2008 (aided, as always, by Truthteller‘s considerable knowledge of all things Chicago and by Andy, a reader who’s sent me great tips for a long time):

Lynn Sweet, a Chicago Sun-Times columnist, has more on Michelle Obama and Obama’s other earmarks:

Obama sought money for the University of Chicago Hospitals. Wife Michelle works for the University of Chicago Hospitals, appointed in spring 2005 as vice president for community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals. She is now on leave from the job to campaign for her husband. Top campaign adviser and friend Valerie Jarrett is the Chair of the University of Chicago Medical Center Board and also Chair of the Executive Committee of that board. She has also been named Vice-Chair of the University’s Board of Trustees. Obama taught at the U. of Chicago law school and the Obama’s two daughters attend school there. [bold mine]

Here’s an FYI digression: My March 13th story begins with the significance of the Crown family’s money to Obama’s rise — Larry Johnson has correctly tagged the billionaire Crown and Pritzker families as of the highest influence to both Barack Obama and his aide-de-camp Rahm Emanuel — and a cautionary tale for those KoolAid dipsomaniacs:

Do you remember the Crown family? Do you remember the Crown patriarch who sits on the board of Maytag? Do you recall that Barack Obama, as a U.S. Senate candidate, met with Maytag workers, asked for their donations and promised them he’d help save their jobs, and that he then went to the Crown family and took their large donations, but never said a word to Crown about saving the jobs of the Maytag workers? …

* * * * *

(3) From Larry Johnson’s story, “Let’s Help Barack Fight the ‘Smears’,” June 12, 2008, which answered his critics taunting him about the “whitey tape”:

Now, are you ready for the shocker? Look at the next paragraph of [Time magazine reporter Karen Tumulty’s] piece:

When the Obama campaign got wind of the rumor in April, Michelle’s close friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett asked Michelle if there could be anything to it; the candidate’s wife dismissed it out of hand.

I did not hear about the tape until MAY. REPEAT. I DID NOT HEAR ABOUT THE TAPE UNTIL MAY. Yet, the Obama campaign knew about the tape in April. Got it? And I am the one responsible for the so called rumor? …

* * * * *

(4) From Un coup de des’s story, “Boston Globe Exposé, Part I: Introducing Cecil Butler, Obama’s West Side Slumlord Patron,” June 27, 2008, a stunning and sickening story of how Obama abetted his greedy friends in making millions from taxpayers by privatizing public housing and letting it go to ruin or driving out the poor. You will see that Valerie Jarrett had a DIRECT ROLE and MADE MILLIONS from taxpayers’ monies while making the inhabitants of public housing criminally miserable. If you’ve never read this story, you simply must do so. If only the MSM had picked up this courageous investigative report by the Boston Globe and given it the “play” it deserved, Barack Obama would likely not be president-elect. That is how devastating this story is.

It is stomach-churning that Valerie Garrett had ANY role in this cruel, corrupt, and calamitously consumptive plundering of public monies.

First, a brief introduction from the No Quarter story is in order:

This is the first of a series of articles to be written on a lengthy exposé published in the Boston Globe entitled “Grim Proving Ground for Obama’s Housing Policy.” The 27 JUN 2008 investigative report is required reading for all No Quarter users. …

Now, here is first of the bizarre, baffling and bold sections that describe some of Valerie Jarrett’s plundering and political moves:

Campaign finance records show that six prominent developers – including Jarrett, Davis, and Rezko – collectively contributed more than $175,000 to Obama’s campaigns over the last decade and raised hundreds of thousands more from other donors. Rezko alone raised at least $200,000, by Obama’s own accounting.

One of those contributors, Cecil Butler, controlled Lawndale Restoration, the largest subsidized complex in Chicago, which was seized by the government in 2006 after city inspectors found more than 1,800 code violations.

Similar to Rezko, Cecil Butler is a developer who profited from the privatization of low income, public housing in Chicago during the 1990s.   Butler is also not coincidentally a major supporter of Barack Obama whose low income tenements were ultimately seized by the government for multiple building code violations.

The Boston Globe provides a description and a brief history of Butler’s Lawndale Restoration.


And yet more:

Who helped Cecil Butler secure government funds for Woodlawn Restoration?  Barack Obama, of course: the same Barack Obama who wrote letters on behalf of Rezko’s slum properties the same year residents of Rezko’s tenements were complaining of lack of heat and sanitation services.   For the Executive Vice President of Habitat Co., the company who helped Butler manage his deteriorating warren of slums, was Valerie Jarrett, another Obama contributor who develops low income housing and serves as a top advisor to the Obama for President campaign.  The Boston Globe explains how Obama exploited his position as state Senator to assist Jarrett and Cecil Butler.  I quote:

Obama translated that belief into legislative action as a state senator. In 2001, Obama and a Republican colleague, William Peterson, sponsored a successful bill that increased state subsidies for private developers. The law let developers designated by the state raise up to $26 million a year by selling tax credits to Illinois residents. For each $1 in credits purchased, the buyer was allowed to decrease his taxable income by 50 cents.

This No Quarter story ends thusly:

 A disturbing pattern emerges, and it can be summarized as follows:

  • Obama secured funds for developers who desired to earn profits off of low income housing during the privitization scheme of the Chicago Housing Authority that occurred during Barack Obama’s tenure as a state Senator.  Those developers include Tony Rezko, Valerie Jarrett and Cecil Butler.
  • These public-private partnerships failed, leaving many in squalor.
  • Barack Obama remained silent, but he accepted contributions from Rezko, Jarrett, Butler and others.
  • Rezko is not an isolated case.  Obama also colluded with the likes of Cecil Butler, whose negligence inspired African-American residents of the Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side to organize support for radical Republican Alan Keyes during Obama’s 2004 Senate bid.
  • Obama’s desire to privatize public housing has resulted in a series of failed projects that have left the indigent in squalor.
  • But Obama accepted the political contributions of these unscrupulous developers nonetheless.

Flineo created a video entitled “Obama’s Forgotten People,” and I publish it again, as there is a new group of low income housing residents on the West Side of Chicago Obama we can add to the group on the South Side Obama abandoned in order to climb the political and social ladder.


Nothing, in my opinion, is more deplorable than a career politician who exploited African-Americans in low income housing for political and personal gain.  And Obama did it again and again in inner city Chicago.  Now he has manipulated African-Americans across the country to view his candidacy as the empowerment of the very people Obama ignored in order to line the pockets of his slumlord friends and contributors.  Progressives and ostensible Democrats may forget, but those of us who are concerned with social justice will continue to serve as the true muckrakers this election cycle. 

 The edifices reproduced in this essay are buildings managed by Cecil Butler.  The restoration project that followed in the wake of Cecil Butler’s mismanagement of Lawndale Restoration is described in this document.

* * * * *

There are so many more stories to share with you, but I’m weary at the moment. You can find so many more by simply searching our site.

These stories about the public housing always tear me up. Let’s end with Flineo’s great video:

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  • WeMadeAmistake

    “I have done more to take on lobbyists than any other candidate in this race – and I’ve won. I don’t take a dime fo their money and when I am president, they won’t find a lobbyist in my White House”. –Hussein Obama [Obama now has 5 lobbyists in his cabinet]

  • LM


    On October 21, 2008 Barack Obama announced that he would be suspending his campaign after a rally in Indianapolis on Thursday morning, October 23, 2008 to fly to Hawaii to visit with his “gravely ill grandmother.” Barack Obama further stated that Madelyn L. Dunham had recently been hospitalized and was back at home after suffering a broken hip. Obama made it clear on October 22, 2008 that there “will be absolutely no video or photo ops during my upcoming visit with my ailing grandmother,” and “I do not expect my grandmother to make it to election day.”

    On Friday October 24, 2008 Michelle Obama during a campaign rally for her husband claimed that “I spoke with tutu last night and she is strong and in good health.”

    On Friday October 24, 2008 I placed two calls to the home of Madelyn Dunham, in one of those calls I spoke with Obama half-sister Maya Ng http://larrysinclair-0926.blogspot.com/2008/10/i-just-spoke-with-senator-obamas-sister.html where Maya claimed Mrs. Dunham could not talk.

    On November 3, 2008 both the news media and Barack Obama announced that Madelyn L. Dunham had passed away on that date. Mrs. Dunham was to have celebrated her 89th birthday on the Sunday following Barack Obama’s visit, yet no one, not even Barack Obama stopped to wish his “gravely ill” grandmother a Happy Birthday.

    After first announcing that Madelyn Dunham had passed away in her sleep on November 3, 2008 (conveniently the day before election day for the sympathy vote) it was reported by Hawaii officials and then by Obama half-sister Maya Ng that Mrs. Dunham had in fact passed away on November 2, 2008. Both reports it turns out are false and it has been reported that Maya Ng and Hawaii officials knowingly and intentionally falsified death records of Madelyn L. Dunham who had actually died prior to Barack Obama arriving on Thursday October 23, 2008 for his claimed visit.

    According to sources employed in the coroner’s office Madelyn Dunham died on October 21, 2008 and was cremated on Friday October 24, 2008. It is further claimed that the death records of Madelyn L Dunham were falsified at the direct and specific request of Barack Obama and Maya Ng.

    I have forwarded a letter to the Hawaii Attorney Generals office requesting and investigation and forwarded the information received regarding the falsifying of the death and cremation records of Madelyn L Dunham. If this information is factual Barack Obama has demonstrated his total disregard for any life, including the life of the woman who made it possible for him to be a spoiled, drug using, closet bi/gay fraud. Furthermore the fact that Michelle Obama knew and assisted in concealing this fraud along with the US Secret Service assigned to protect Barack Obama makes them conspirators to this crime.

    Today Barack Obama participated in the scattering of the ashes of Madelyn L Dunham who he used and exploited.

    I have one thing to say Barack, not everyone is willing to cover for your lies and crimes. Now lets see if the Hawaii Attorney General is willing to do their job or if that office is going to simply look the other way.


  • addamstaft

    November Surprise! Obama’s faulty Selective Service Registration see this


  • OhioMary

    Great article – I wonder if the AA community will get it that Obama has chosen the CEO of Habitat Co (Valerie Jarret) who managed Grove Park Plaza to be his Senior Advisor. It was uninhabitable by unfixed problems – and yet she profited from the funds given to her to take care of it. These were poor people in his own district. I wonder how she explained that “success” on her resume. I can only imagine the “good advice” she will give on helping America.

  • Kelly and Mikea

    For those who have not signed the RallyCongress Petition Regarding Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate,

    For those who have not signed the RallyCongress Petition Regarding Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate, I encourage you to do so. As of right now, 95,332 Petitions have been signed. I personally would like to see at 100,000 to be signed and delivered by December 1, 2008. Before the Electorial College meet.

    Below is a Copy Only of the Petition. To sign it and have a copy go to Your State Representatives please follow this link:


    Sign the Petition : 95,332 Letters and Emails Sent So Far
    Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution reads: “No Person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States at the time of the adoption of this constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.”

    There are numerous questions as to Obama’s citizen status raising suspicion and doubt about Obama constitutional qualification to be president. To settle these questions Mr. Obama must produce proof of citizenship!

    Documents that must be produced include;
    (a) a certified copy of “vault” (original long version) birth certificate;
    (b) certified copies of all reissued and sealed birth certificates in the names Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barack Dunham and Barry Dunham;
    (c) a certified copy Certification of Citizenship;
    (d) a certified copy Oath of Allegiance taken upon age of maturity;
    (e) certified copies of admission forms for Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard Law School; and
    (f) certified copies of any court orders or legal documents changing his name from Barry Soetoro.

    It is reasonable that these documents should be produced considering that his father is Kenyan, his adoptive father is Indonesian, and his grandmother claims to have been present at his birth in Kenya. If he is a natural born citizen then producing these documents should not be any problem.

    These allegations will not go away until Mr. Obama produces proof to federal authorities and the public. If he will not do so voluntarily he must be compelled by every means available. You, as an employee of The People, have sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution.

    We The People are demanding you to make every effort, both public and private, to resolve this fundamental Constitutional question before 20 January.

    Add Your Comments (optional):

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    People signing the “Stop the Obama Constitutional Crisis” petition!

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  • Madison

    Go to link


    On December 4, 2006, Governor Sarah Palin made history as the first woman to become her state’s chief executive. As the 11th governor of Alaska, she has successfully fought the special interests, the lobbyists, the Big Oil companies and the good ol’ boys network to reform a system that had bred corruption in her state.
    Since taking office, her top priorities have been energy development, ethics reform, education and workforce development, public health and safety, and transportation and infrastructure development. She has brought Republicans, Democrats and Independents together to work to change the status quo in Alaska.

    Under her leadership, the state invested $5 billion in savings, overhauled education funding, and implemented the Senior Benefits Program to provide support for low-income older Alaskans. She created Alaska’s Petroleum Systems Integrity Office to oversee and maintain oil and gas equipment, facilities and infrastructure, and the Climate Change Subcabinet to prepare a climate change strategy for Alaska.

    During her first legislative session, Governor Palin’s administration passed major pieces of legislation. She came to office promising landmark ethics reform to end the culture of self-dealing, and today, that ethics reform is the law.

    Governor Palin took on the oil companies and began a competitive process to construct a gas pipeline. Because of her leadership, work has begun on a $40 billion natural gas pipeline – the largest private-sector infrastructure project in North American history – to help lead our country to energy independence.

    When oil and gas prices went up dramatically and the state revenues rose, Governor Palin sent a large share of that revenue directly back to the people of Alaska. She also suspended the state’s fuel tax.

    In office, Governor Palin championed reform to end the abuses of earmark spending. She has used her veto pen to eliminate nearly a half a billion dollars in wasteful spending. She told the Congress “thanks, but no thanks,” for the “Bridge to Nowhere.” Upon taking office, Governor Palin took common-sense steps to trim the size and cost of her office. She sold the state’s luxury jet, eliminated the personal chef and got rid of the personal driver.

    As Governor, Palin is chair of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, a multi-state government agency that promotes the conservation and efficient recovery of domestic oil and natural gas resources while protecting health, safety and the environment. She also serves as chair of the National Governors Association (NGA) Natural Resources Committee, which is charged with pursuing legislation to ensure state needs are considered as federal policy is formulated in the areas of agriculture, energy, environmental protection and natural resource management.

    Prior to her election as governor, Palin served two terms on the Wasilla City Council and two terms as the Mayor of Wasilla. During her tenure, she reduced property tax levels while increasing services and made Wasilla a business friendly environment, drawing in new industry. She stopped wasteful spending and put the people first.



  • sowsear

    I think all of this was decided when Obama first talked to Bill/Hill after the fraudmaries.

  • felizarte

    Why Hillary cannot accept Sec. of State. The first question is why Sec. of State is being offered? I think the main and only reason is to get her out of the Senate where she might prove to be a bigger problem than Lieberman with pet projects the Obama cabal wants to ram through the legislature. Hillary will do everything she can to make sure that bad policies do not get done as smoothly as how they would want it to be, especially with health care and energy production.

    If she accepts a post in the Obama administration (any post is served at the “pleasure of the president) it will not take long before Obama has an excuse to let her go. Then she would have lost her senate seat for nothing.

    I believe that Hillary has already rejected the offer. That’s the reason they have leaked the notion that Bill Clinton’s dealings could sink Hillary’s chances at state. Now they are back to touting Richardson, then they will end up with Kerry.

  • David E
  • Just think…We won’t even BE here doing THIS when that Fairness Doctrine passes. That has me SO PISSED OFF. Good luck with that. I will fight that BS tooth and nail.

    • Galt’s Pizza Parlor & Department Store

      Talk of returning the FD is just that, talk. Its a shot across the bow to get Rush and Hannity to back off a bit, I gather. I can’t see how in practicality you could apply the FD to blogs, when the net is an international media. The blogs will just get hosted overseas. And I can’t see them trying to block the net from other countries. Not even the koolaid drinkers would go along with that.

  • there will be a civil war

    • Well, if there needs to be one, there needs to be one. I am not going to sit on my azz watching Fraudbama and the left wing nuts trash this country, our rights, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, etc. They underestimate the millions who voted McCain and won’t go down without a big fight. I’ve had it with the far left HATING America and trying to turn it into frigging CUBA.

      • Seattle Moss

        This is what I see happening…

        The democrats are lowering the shield of anti-terrorism to please the world while our enemies gather and wait for the right time to attack. As the democrats start prosecutions against those that kept us safe, another terrorist attack will take place of epic proportions.
        The 56 million along with 20% of the Obmaa supporters will turn against the democrats and excuse them of allowing an attack to occur.
        Everything will be opposite to what it is now. All those that hated Bush and wanted to retreat with defeat will be the traitors and some may even be tried as such.

  • Winston

    Hillary can not save us. We have to do it ourselves. We can start by recognizing that the media is slanted way to the left and threatens our democracy.

  • morty

    Thanks NQ and Lena Groveaka for putting together this great collection of stories to help jumpstart the memory on all those articles from the past that claerly show Obama, Jarrett, and their likes, are a far cry from respectability.

    • “Respectability” is definitely not a word to associate with Fraudbama and his nutty new cabinet. “Hope?” “Change?” NO. More of the same dirty, tired old politics and politicians. I think some of the libbys are a bit pissed about this already. We have a long, rough and bumpy ride ahead of us with these dirtbags.

      • Seattle Moss


        Poor Overbite..He hates the Clinton’s and women so much he is beside himself that Hillary may get a prominent role in the administration. Overtraitor also made the sarcastic comment that we will see Chelsea run for President in 2038.
        Overbite is the #1 enemy of the United States

    • sowsear

      I had an e-mail from Hillary at her senate address so I took the opportunity to ask her not to abandon our State. I told her that not only do we need her as a firewall in the Senate, but that Obama merely wishes to get her out of her seat there, get her under his thumb in the Cabinet, and blame/fire her if anything goes wrong (which it will.
      Knowing how the Spinbama Campaign operates, it really shouldn’t be an issue whether Bill has foreign entanglements or not. Obama seems to have a way about him!

  • TeakWoodKite

    And the cycle of perpetual poverty continues.

    A body of work at NQ, that will be come even more stark as the days wear on.

    Thanks Lena Grove.

    Public Housing is gonna get a subprime all of it’s own.

  • DeniseVB

    Another reason I don’t want Hillary to take the SOS…hell…I didn’t even want her campaigning for this Regime of Thugs.

    We need her voice in the Senate, not be blamed for any part of Team Obama’s miserable failures, then do a Teddy, and pounce in 2012 🙂

  • tek

    Valerie Jarrett is one scary looking broad.

    • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

      Don’t judge a book by their cover. She is probably more scary and hideous inside. 😯

  • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

    Why oh WHY won’t ANYONE in the democratic party stand up and fight against this corruption in their own party?

    They have been, HERE on this blog. Former Hillary supporters. mostly Dems and now former Dems are outraged their party/former party have fallen under the spell of Sith Lord Obonaparte and his corruption.

    • sandshark222

      Well I mean well known democrats… someone who holds a high ranked public office.

      However, yes, this is a safe haven for those who value country before party.

      • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

        OK to answer WHY no high ranking Dems have spoken out: The party “won” but WE know they lost their souls in the process as they all turn into “Gollum” now. “Victory” is a powerful drug indeed.

  • sandshark222

    Not to change topic, but has anyone been watching this senate race in Minnesota?

    They keep finding votes for Franken out of thin air, but NONE of the other races gained or lost votes, only Al Franken, who just so happens to need votes. Just so happens that the people in charge of the recounts are democrats.

    Why oh WHY won’t ANYONE in the democratic party stand up and fight against this corruption in their own party?

    Something smells very bad out of minnesota, I’m really afraid of whats happening to our country.

    • csuzeq

      I’m in MN and it pisses me off. It all sounds rather ACORNish to me. Franken and Ellison here were big time with ACORN and Odrama. I was getting mail from Ellison’s campaign to my address with other people’s names on it. People i don’t know. Ellison’s campaign didn’t give a crap when I told them. Niether did my SOS. he referred me to the country registrar who told me it would not be a problem. no one would be allowed to vote if their registration was wrong. They said it would get cleared up at the polls. Well, that’s all lovely, but they did not check ID here. You just tell your name and address so if they were bussed in from somewhere and just had to remember my address, they were golden! I cannot believe no one cares about fraud!

      I’m surprised it’s so close though if there was cheating.

  • Rosemary

    I think Hillary might consider a Supreme Court Judge position.
    Just my guess.

    Oblahblah… I just do not know what to think aobut him.
    I can not guess how this next 4 years will be. the MSM will guard and protect him and we will be charged with ruining the first black president’s career if anything gets exposed.
    Just my guess.
    they have been very effective so far.

    • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

      I think Hillary might consider a Supreme Court Judge position.

      She has 100% ruled that out if memory serves correct. Her background would not be the best fit although I am sure she could do the job.

      • Ani

        She does not want a SCOTUS post.

        Among other things, she would be hidden away this — we need her front and center.

  • rollingthunder

    Oh and what will happen in the first two years God forbid.
    All restrictions by individual states on abortion deleted; abolishment of the Second Amendment; abolishment of Talk radio and TV using equal time on the programs as the means to accomplish it; restrictions on e-mail messaging; classifying the middle class as being rich if income is not just $250,000, but $50,000. V.P. Candidate Joe Biden already announced a reduction from $250,000 as too high an exception and cut the figure to $150,000 and the latest is $100,000 announced by the powerful U.S. House Way and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Charlie Rangel on earned income. The result will be stagnation with no reinvestment by small business. The next step is heavy recession.

    Speaking of Rangel-do we now know WHY he FORCED Hillary to end her bid for POTUS? He was promised a spot in the new Obutthead cabinet. They are all slugs. Obutthead is Largely ARAB and half white..see it all in his features including his Arab ears. The electorate has been bamboozled. As for Valerie, women can be slugs too. Put them in the right environment and they play like men to scratch to the top. We need women in Government so they can bring their added innate skills to the table and not to be a clones of men.

  • rollingthunder

    Does it matter? I mean these invisible still voted for the dickhead Nobama.

  • mimi

    I’ve known who Valerie Jarrett is for months.

    My friends are amazed my all the knowledge I have. Of course, they don’t like it since they are drunk on 0bama kool-aid and plan to stay that way at least until he is inaugurated in Jan.

    The msm is pathetic. I no longer pay them any attention.

    I had a chance to sleep on it and I now I believe this Hillary for SoS leak is a huge mistake on his part if he doesn’t pick her. He will antagonize, yet again, all of Hillary’s supporters. It won’t matter how he and the msm try to spin it, Hillary’s supporters won’t buy it. It will only increase our dislike of him.

    If he is trying, as I suspect, to publicly humiliate Kerry and Richardson by making them grovel for the job or trying to get some concession from them, he is only conjuring up ill-will and making people pay attention to his tactics.

    As President-elect, he has a lot on his plate, too much to be trying these Chicago/Daley machine moves. It will make people not trust him, become suspicious and make sure they keep themselves in ‘CYA mode’

    If this is just a carrot being waved, people will begin to see him as for what he is: ‘a Chicago snake in the grass.’

    Hillary won’t lose no matter how this plays out. That’s why she was smirking yesterday. If he doesn’t pick her, she gets to stay in the Senate and be a potential threat in 2012, especially if things fall apart in his administration.

    Who knows what 0bama’s up to. We all know he’s over his head. And every time he makes a move like this, he’s only garnering more ill-will than he already has. Washington presidential politics is very different. The kool-aid ain’t gonna last.

    And I don’t care how saavy or diabolical Jarrett is, she is playing in a whole new arena.

    • DawnellesSICKofPOLITICIANS

      it figures Bambi and crew would be looking for the COMBO shot if they can find it in their nasty game of stick

      Richardson and Kerry in the corner pocket and Hillary banking off the side rail to kick the dirty 8 right in behind her on the side

      don’t do it HILL unless you are SURE he’ll be indicted before Jan 20th then go ahead and play the game

  • Winston

    We are not going to have a democracy until we solve the media bias problem. 80-90% of journalists are democrats and a large fraction of those are really leftists.

    There has to be some way to make them accountable for dispensing one-sided views. NBC is owned by GE. We need to boycott their advertisers.

    CNN is owned by Time warner. I am trying to cancle my timewarner internet service and go DSL. I am going to tell them it is because of “CNN making up the news”.

    We need to attack the MSM in every way possible. I got rid of all three of my television sets 5 years ago. Don’t miss them a bit. I have a huge DELL LCD that is better than he best High Def.

    If you subscribe to LAT or NYT cancel them. If they want to sell you a subscription just don’t say no, tell them why.

    • I agree Winston. Fraudbama wouldn’t BE in this election without the corrupt BS media. I gave up the LATimes subscription with a note about what jerks they are. I have DirectTV not sure who owns them. But I haven’t tuned in to Communist News Network or MSNOVOMIT in at least six months. We do all need to do something BIGGER to let the media know that we won’t tolerate this. And I can’t wait until that lunatic Pelosi gets her way with the Fairness Doctrine…Ughhh….

      • Winston

        When I get some spare time I am going to start a blog with phone numbers and email addresses of all these miscreants in government and the media. The whole site will be nothing but strategies to rid us from the media stranglehold.

        People are pissed off and don’t know what to do. The knowledge and belief that the Media decided this election is very very widespread. But bending over and taking it is not mentally healthy and is to say the least cowardly. There is a call for action.

        How is this for a t-shirt: “CNN Don’t Tred on Me”.

        I am sick of Pelosi’s overstretched face. She will take some serious heat over the fairness doctrine.

        • Winston I have a HUGE media contact list if you want it. I think it’s mainly the email addresses. I’m ready to go to war with the media. They are such a big part of Fraudbama’s ridiculous rise to nothingness that I hope they all rot in HELL.

          • Seattle Moss

            Good Morning B

            The media have shown they are traitors to this great country and wish no less than the destruction and takeover of America by foreign powers.

            • Hey Moss!

              Keith Olbermann and Christ Matthews should:

              1) Come out of the closet and admit, once and for all, what the tingles up their legs really are about.

              2) Be prosecuted for TREASON.

              I hate these people.

              • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

                “Always you blame the cheerleader and the fans not.”
                –Yoda :mrgreen:

                In other words, the idiots who watch them are to be blamed. As long as they have fans, the shows will be on the air spreading bile.

              • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

                “Always you blame the cheerleader and the fans not.”–Yoda :mrgreen: In other words, the idiots who watch them are to be blamed. As long as they have fans, the shows will be on the air spreading bile.

              • Galt’s Pizza Parlor

                “Always you blame the cheerleader and the fans not.”–Yoda. In other words, the idiots who watch them are to be blamed. As long as they have fans, the shows will be on the air spreading bile.

        • ILBlue


          Might I suggest to you and others that the members of HillaryClintonForum.net are now at their new site.

          HillarysVillage.net and members there have great contacts for alot of the Media contacts etc.

          We are working on Media sexism and bias.

          Feel free to join and contribute, together we can all accomplish more.

          There are Dems-Republicans – Independents working together on women’s issues, voting issues-media – etc.

      • Kato

        I’ve got DTV too and blocked CNN and MSNBC. Not sure if DTV keeps track of such for ratings and all, but they’re gone from my screen. Can’t see those stations in one room in my house.

      • Ani

        I agree, the media is picking our Presidents and they are killing us.

        But it’s not that the media are “Leftists” as much as corporate owned – I really believe that Obie is Bush 3 – real reform is something they don’t weant — that’s why they trashed Hillary and McCain.

        Left has nothing to do with it — they must thing Obie is going to privatize everything – put the money is prviate hands — ie, SSA.

        What say you?

        • Winston

          How is Obama Bush 3?

          Obama is a crypto-marxist; that is about as far left as you can get. He came out of the DNC Chicago Left Wing machine. All the news papers are dominated by liberals and leftists. Journalism schools are predominantly liberal and left-wing. None of the major news anchors are conservatives. No one disputes this.

          How can you not see this? This has been true before Obama got into politics. The trend has been worsening. Just because they are owned by GE and Time warner (corporations) does not make them right wing slanted.

          It seems you are in denial the the DNC produced Obama. So you have to make a twisted arguement that Obama = BUSH.

          If you are a liberal it is not a sin to recognize that the MEDIA is liberally slanted. This has been the case for decades. So it has nothing to due with Hillary vs Obama.

          The media has lost all objectivity. It is obvious to millions. The media is more closely aligned with Obama because they both see the world through the very liberal prism.

          • Left/right bullspit is just a “divide and conquer” tool of the corporatocracy, silly goose. The 2 party system is now a diversionary illusion. What else is all this “bipartisan bailout” happy crappy about? Who do you think owns the MEDIA? The DeaNC? Corporate America owns the government. That’s how Barack Obama can be BushIII.

        • DAB

          I agree that they are not really leftists. After all, they trashed Gore and Kerry and gave us Bush. They hyped the run-up to the war. They were for Clinton before they were against him etc.
          They just want to be the ones who get to pick the winner, Hell Be Damned!

          • Winston

            CNN purposefully called the FL election for GORE before the polls had closed in the western panhandle of Florida. The western panhandle is in a different time zone. CNN tried to suppress the vote in FL. 20,000 people on the way to the polls turned around and went home.

            What planet are you on?

            The media is leftist. THAT IS NOT A PARTY, that is a philosophy.

            Now you are trying to tell me the media was against Kerry and favored BUSH? This is absurd.

            If you can’t even agree that the media is biased to the left there is no hope for you.

  • Larse12

    I am laughing. I can’t be upset any longer and I have cried my last tear. The Obamamites deserve all these thugs in the White House! At the nursing home a 92 year old man told me that this will go down in the History books as the media destroying the nation. So blinded by this man they couldn’t be true journalists. That will be there punishment for years to come. I am going to now sit back and enjoy watching them destroy themselves. What fools they are.

    • KintheNorthwest

      But in the process who else will be destroyed, and will the honest people of this nation be able to save what is left when Obama gets done.

    • Do not forget that almost 49% of those who voted did not vote for Obama. Add those who did not bother to vote at all (40% of all) – you get almost 70% of all registered voters who did not give him their vote. We will all be punished.

  • KintheNorthwest

    Well I just hope that Obama is not as bad as we fear.
    If he happens to be as bad as we fear I hope someone is able to stop him.

    • imustprotest

      They have just given a raging Narcissist the ultimate power…..stopping him? I don’t think so.

      • DawnellesSICKofPOLITICIANS

        ughhhhh 😕

    • I think it’s way worse than even any of us imagined it could be. I really think he’s going to do our country in for good. Sorry, I do.

  • pm317

    Incompetent journalists! I wonder when their true colors will be revealed? As for Obama, his kool-aide supporters have to realize at some point if nothing else that he is just another corrupt politician surrounded by more corrupt handlers, and this Jarrett woman is one such. She knows where all the bodies are buried. For now, they have pulled wool over these people’s eyes.

  • I feel your pain csuzeq – But honestly I don’t know about Hillary taking that job. I would sleep better, but I hope she’s thinking twice about her own life and career. Who wants to play stepnfetchit for Fraudbama? And what if he fires her? I think she can do just fine on her own, and not have to be associated with a Presidency that will go down in history as way worse that W’s.

    • Hard Bop

      stepinfetchit?? You RACIST!

      • Hard Bop

        ^ I kid. I’m a kidder.

        • ROFLMAO…I can’t believe how much people blast each other here over common, every day words. Yesterday I called Fraudbama a “girly girl” in honor of Arnold’s comments about him and what a weakling he is. I thought people would “get it.” But a bunch of nuts starting shrieking that I am anti-woman, sexist, etc. Sigh. WTF?

          • DawnellesSICKofPOLITICIANS

            i thought that was hilarious when “the terminator” said it!

            can’t NOT love Ahhhhhhhhnold

            some teasing is teasing some is way worse

            that to me is just teasing but I grew up with a big brother that teased me endlessly and frogged me often!! (ouch) lol but he’d let me play with them if I could keep up (and I did mostly) 😉

            • I think this election has been so divisive that everyone is hypersensitive and purposely LOOKING to find the next “racist” or “sexist” comment. I mean, REALLY. That was ridiculous.

              • DawnellesSICKofPOLITICIANS

                ur right and I’m personally OFF the hyper train!

                • DAB


    • csuzeq

      I think Hillary’s career is pretty well finished since Odrama won. She can stay in the Senate, but they will kick her out the first chance they get or she can be SOS and that will be the end of her career. With that line of thinking I feel better with her as SOS. I want to feel someone is on America’s side and Israel’s side. I just don’t know if it’s a dirty trick, but I think Hillary is smarter than that. I can’t believe she drank the kool aid to stay a Senator! Something’s up with the Clinton’s. They did not just sign on to be America haters. I have been perplexed by their behavior as it was above and beyond what was necessary to kiss political ass, but I think they knew something we did not. I think those meetings before the convention had a lot of negotiations and she can blow Odrama out of the water at any given moment. he knows it. He also knew if there was a real roll call, he was done. Maybe she wanted SOS of jobs for Clinton staffers and she wants in to be a watchdog. I don’t know. Odrama will score points with me and I will support Hillary if she becomes SOS, and I will feel safer.

      • csuzeq

        When I think about how many Clinton staffers are going to be in place and Hillary in a top position and Bill possibly an ambassador or soemthing, I am wondering if this isn’t the Clinton administration part 2 and Odrama is the lackey for them to parade around as POTUS and to take the blame for the bad.

        I live by a saying:
        When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

        • DAB

          It is strange that after making such a big deal about how he wanted to turn the page regarding the 60’s politics of the past, Obama would stock his cabinet with so many former Clintonistas and old Washington hands.

          I fully expected all new faces but I guess he is realistic enough to know that he really doesn’t know much about anything, especially when it comes to the mess that he will inherit. Odd turn of events. My guess is that the far left is a bit stunned by this particular bait and switch.

          • jbjd

            This could be the quid pro quo required by the DNC for helping BO to steal the nomination and the election; and for hiding his ineligibility for POTUS.

      • My friends at the Convention in Denver said that for three straight days there was the most God awful fighting going on between the Obamas and Clintons and DNC about what would happen. The night before the BS “roll call,” when we found out the plan was that staged nonsense of her “stepping down,” we all cried like babies. I have never heard of more corruption in my life. This election has been a joke. I don’t think the Clintons have ever been happy about this situation and having to pimp for Fraudbama. The other big problem is that big MOOSE MeChelle who doesn’t want Hillary anywhere near the White House. I think they will end up with Richardson or Kerry. She has put up with more CRAP through this whole thing and managed to do it with dignity and her head held high. Just watching that is enough to love her. Sigh.

        • csuzeq

          But why did she meet with Odrama in Chicago if this isn’t really an offer? If she knew that, she could have said kiss my ass you fraud and go with one of your boy toys?

          I’m not sure what to think.

          • I don’t know what to think either. Last night I spoke to someone “in the know” as it were who said emphatically “NO WAY” is she taking that job. It was so definite that I didn’t know what to say. Of course he could be wrong. But this is someone pretty much in the middle of all of this. I asked if there would be backlash against HER if she turned it down…you know, all of that “Unifying the (disgusting) Democratic Party) bullshite. He said “no one would care.” So, like I said, I’m not sure it will happen.

        • tek

          There is an upside though. Now, blacks are no longer disadvantaged minority. Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, all those grants and scholarships to give blacks an edge because whites are so racist will all have go. There is no racism. White people voted Obama in.

          Even the black street gangs will have to stop saying it’s okay to victimize whitey because whites hold blacks back. Yup, it’s a new day in the neighborhood and the only racists are those blacks who wouldn’t vote for a white person!

      • Winston

        We need to prepare for an all out assault on the media. There is nothing we can do about Hillary. She has been swallowed by the Dark Side; Barfth Ovader.


        • csuzeq

          I’m game. How do we do it?

          • Winston

            1.) Stop watching TV.
            2.) Email journalists and give them a piece of your mind. Like Peggy Noonan. I sent her an email. Respond to columns and editorials.
            3.) Every chance you get strike up a conversation with someone about the media. I did this yesterday. Remind them to “PULL THE PLUG” on the media. You can quickly tell which side they are on. If they have a dull reptilian like countenance, they are Obots.
            4.) Get a list of the sponsors. It is not just good enough to boycott products. The agencies need to know WHY you are boycotting their product. Just the threat alone is enough to scare them.
            5.) The revolving door of people in Government becoming journalists and media pundits like George Stepinfetchitopolis and Peggy Noonan has to stop. To them the universe is inside the belt-way. They are all hacks with an agenda.
            6.) Defend you position always. With practice you will get better. Initially you will be clumsy and just get frustrated. With time you will hone your position and fortify it with confidence. Don’t back down, don’t get emotional. Don’t get wordy. Talk in sound bytes.
            7.) Don’t tip Obots. Tell them you gave all your money to Obama for Greek columns and stage lighting. You can even say you voted for Obama but now realize he is just like any other politician. How silly you now feel.

            There are a million things you can do. Most of them are not much different than psychological warfare. Lets psych these bastards out.

            • DAB

              Thoughtful list. Problem is I can’t get through to my dull reptilian like adult children because who ever listens to Mom anyways. I’ve learned to avoid any discussion with them on that subject and they know not to bring it up.

            • ILBlue


              I like your analyze especially the part about telling the Obots you voted for O and then became disenchanted and why.

              Great , great idea I may use that.

              As far as the MSM I tell everyone and since anyone who knows me is aware I am a news and political junky listen when I say don’t beleive a thing the media tells you.

              And stop following the media on TV. GO to the internet for news if you really want to know what is going on.

              I gave up CNN-MSNBC -Air America- Liberal radio all together in March. And haven’t had any withdrawal . It can be done and nothing will change if we allow them to lure us back.

              I see people here mentioning trying to listen again , don’t fall for it. Now when ratings are disgustingly low for all of them is the time to make them feel it the most.

              They count on the fact that we have short memories and will get over it.

              “DON”T GET OVER IT” Nothing will change otherwise.

        • Winston

          It seems that many are living a vicarious existence through Hillary. Who knows what her fate will be. She could be VP and we still would be screwed.

          The Media is the problem and will remain so long after Obama ruins the country in 4 or 8 years.

          The country is MORE important than any single man or woman. Its the Media that runs the country. They decide who wins and who loses. Lets focus any and all efforts on making them irrelevant.

          • DAB

            Good point. I like Hillary a lot but we have to be careful not to glorify her in any way similar to Bot behavior. After all, politicians are a certain breed but we are entitled to at least a modicum of honesty and integrity which the BO’s and media do not possess.

      • rollingthunder

        NOT! Hillary is s force to reckon with.

        WASHINGTON – Former President Bill Clinton’s globe-trotting business deals and fundraising for his foundation sometimes put his activities abroad at odds with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and could cause complications if President-elect Barack Obama picks her to be secretary of state. More excuses not to pick her. She had an interview on Thursday for the job.

        • tek

          I believe he will really hurt himself if he doesn’t appoint her.

          • DAB

            Although I have mixed emotions about her taking the position, I agree that if it isn’t offered to her, it will be seen as just another direct slap that will reignite any dormant party disunity.

          • Lee Ruth

            He may hurt himself if he doesn’t appoint her but she will hurt herself if she accepts.
            He can fire her at his pleasure and then she is out of politics for good.

        • Hard Bop

          He’ll probably pick her just to prevent Bill Clinton from earning a living with those high-dollar speeches overseas.

  • Texas Playwright

    This housing corruption was one of the first disgusting things Hillary hollered about in the primary debates and the media ignored it. No Quarter, you/we are the journalists now. Let’s get busy some more.

    • csuzeq

      Please stay on top of this guy! We have to have some journalists who do their job and tell real stories and can back up what they are saying! This is the only place I feel I can trust what I read!

      • Can you just imagine if Clinton or McCain had just ONE of these people in their lives? But someone like Rezko who helped Obama SO much, and is now a convicted felon, not to mention all the rest of the people in this sordid tale? The MSM would have gone BALLISTIC – and they would have gone after a relationship like Jarrett’s and MO, too, had that been Bill C. or Cindy M. I just DO NOT understand how this first term senator has been given pass after pass after pass – hell, he’s making Dubya look like he was VETTED, all things considered…

        • csuzeq

          Apparently, he gets a free pass becasue he is (part)black and we needed the token black. That is all he is to me, the Token Black POTUS.

          I am so ashamed that my country wanted a black POTUS that they would pick anyone they could find.

          I will not vote for the token female the media decides on one day either. To me it is not a victory for any party when it is just a symbol and not a hard earned title.

          AAs, you can have your token black and I hope he sticks it to ya good!

  • csuzeq

    I was just watching CNN and they mentioned Jarrett is most likely getting her reward. It just disgusts me. I had been floating her name to Obama supporters as to he might put her in his administration and that is why I couldn’t just go for the D because of the creepy cabinet. I’m just disgusted! This after I drank a sip of kool aid over Hillary as SOS yesterday and was so happy thinking that I could feel safer in America with her out there. But then today CNN mentioned it is Hillary vs. John Kerry or Bill Richardson and it struck me, oh, yeah. The more qualified woman will not be given the job over the less qualified man. again. deja vu. Yesterday I was actually happy, feeling hopeful about Odrama, able to watch CNN again, but no. Why would the more qualified people be hired? Especially a woman like Clinton? No take the corrupt freaks like Jarret and Kerry that fuck!

    • DawnellesSICKofPOLITICIANS

      it’s true you know

      kerry is the reason the right created freedom fries

      it only makes sense that bambi would pick him just to dig at the right

      the right LIKES Hillary lately so that is a big turn off to the vampires at bambi boot camp

      and the fact Ann Coulter said she’d vote for her only iced the cake for the far left


      (turn around in the Lincoln bedroom)

      • DAB

        You mention Coulter whom I have always despised but under the present circumstances, I see the value of having people like her and Limbaugh in the mix. Unfortunately they have reputations that will probably have others discounting anything they might say, but at least it’s something.

        Regarding Coulter’s endorsement of Hillary, I doubt that had any significant influence on the left’s opinion. I believe by that time, their minds had been made up and set in stone.

        • Dawnelle

          perhaps true

          for myself I can handle Ann ok it’s Malkin that I still can’t watch as I’ve witnessed too much left-hate from her in the past

          lush I NEVER listen to nor would I – x addicts have no appeal for me

          O’Lielly is just a pompous boob that sometimes gives a decent interview but is way too stuck on himself to be believed usually

          Hannity is a surprise for me. He’s been beyond decent towards Hillary and unlike some of the rest I have not ever witnessed Sean dissing anyone I care about (I’m sure it’s happened) but I am also sure I have INDEED WITNESSED those on the LEFT I once revered (schuster, olberman, maddow, etc) say terrible LIES about Palin and Mack like turn around made it ok.

          not in my world

          • WeMadeAmistake

            Read Malkin’s book, “Culture of Corruption” and you will end up thanking her. It exposes an unimaginable web of corruption with the Obama’s, their friends and their crony surrogates in Chicago and all over the country. Within the next 3 years, you are going to witness the greatest scandals in U.S. history with all roads leading to the Obama White House.

    • pm317

      It is all a ploy to suggest “see, Obama really wanted to give her that but Bill is the problem.”

    • tek

      The media is already ranting that Bill has foreign “deals” that will be a problem for Hillary as SOS. John Kerry and Bill Richardson are both so lackluster, it will be a joke if Obama chooses one of them. But, I suppose they have to be rewarded for their treacherous actions toward the Clintons.

  • Grrrr

    And, yet the same people who were used by Obama for votes and their dollars – voted him in. It is disgusting and disheartening. A Democrat is supposed to work to defend such people not chew them up and spit them out.


    Howard Stern busts on Harlem Blacks who are voting for Obama. It is sad and hilarious.

    ///Uses McCain’s positions as Obama’s – ALL agree if that is what Obama thinks – then they agree with him.
    ///Says Sarah Palin is his VP choice and will she do a good job…

    • zsa

      wake up darling, the dems never cared about the poor, they keep them poor so they get their votes

      • Grrr

        Sorry, HON – ain’t ur “darlin”.


    The Southside Cabal is forming.

    Hillary I fear for you if you join this “not-so-merry barry” band of thieves!

    • zsa

      jarrett is also from Iraq or Iran isnt she? These people are bad news, take over the usa, and they are getting away with it…are you ready? women will become like they are over in the middle east, thanks to all of you morons who voted for them!

      • She is an African American born in Iran where her father served in some WHO programs.

    • JS Ruby

      I too hope that Hillary turns down SOS. She doesn’t need to be apart of the coming disaster.