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The spectacle of Mayor Mike Bloomberg (video below) pitching repeatedly the ordinary Hurricane Irene as a cataclysm from Hades makes this correspondent crabby. What foolishness. Eighty mile per hour winds from North Carolina to New Jersey. Lots of wind-blown rain.

For this, NYC is shut down from noon Saturday; the airports are closed; the subway and buses are off-line; and the only cabs are cruising with “Off-Duty” so you get to pay a cash fare of the driver’s choosing if you are lucky to find one.

Spoke Michael Vlahos, Naval War College, of the loss of confidence in the nation that makes us hesitant, fidgety, brittle, risk averse, gloomy. We speculated that it was the financial rot (including a rumored fail of Bank of America); we guessed it was the ten-year long war against trite shadows called Al Q; we supposed it was cynical pols who claw for TV time by announcing disaster management 101.

The result is that the Redeemer Nation has become another Europe waiting to be rescued by no one? As if we are Europe with the twist that we know there is no American Exceptionalism coming to rescue us.

We have become fearful of fear itself. Spoke Thaddeus McCotter of the Arsenal of Democracy that was once Detroit, of American exceptionalism that is now regarded as a ploy; of the rot of the banks too big to fail. Hurricane Irene passes over a defeatist culture. Doubt is the currency; and it’s worth just a little less than the crushed dollar.

In the devastating New England Hurricane of 1938, (left), a Category 3 that struck Long Island on September 21 with little warning, New Yorkers quickly went to work to rebuild and recover, and that was in the grip of a global collapse.

Today, we blame-shift and wait for the disaster relief check in the so-called “State of Emergency” that is declared by a cowed, arrogant, cynical political class.