What is harder to believe is that Mayor Bloomberg has decided that First Responders would not be invited to the memorial service.


If you can explain that to me, I’d appreciate it, because I sure as hell do not understand it. How can he NOT invite the very people who ran into this horrific situation with radios that didn’t work, doing whatever they could to save lives? There is no doubt that without them, more souls would have perished. But Bloomberg says there isn’t enough room for them.


There is no explanation, no rationale, no justification, no excuse good enough to explain how these brave people, firefighters, police officers, are to be left out of the tenth anniversary of this horrific attack on our country when they were the ones there, day in and day out.

This is for them, those courageous men and women who served this nation so well on that day, one seared into the national consciousness, one that changed our lives forever:

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For our nation, as we remember this day, truly a day seared into our national consciousness, we must never forget what happened this day in New York City, in a field in Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon. We can never forget that there are those who wish to do America harm.

For all those who were lost that day, workers at the Towers, in the Pentagon, and passengers on a flight, the first responders who ran into harm’s way when everyone else was trying desperately to run as far away as possible from the danger, we will not forget you. No matter the ridiculous decisions by those in power to leave out these brave souls, we will not forget you. Nor will we forget the pain and suffering of the families and friends who lost loves ones that day.

It is the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11. And we will never forget…