Update at 5:45 a.m. PT: Chris Christie has the highest approval of any governor in the 50 states, and he governs as a Republican in a bright blue (Democratic party) state. Just heard on TV that his approval rating with New Jersey voters is 54% to 36%.

So, how about this. A well-written, thematically sound speech by a leader who is walking the walk! And he doesn’t shy away from nailing Obama, but in a thoughtful way that is far more devastating than calling Obama names.

And that Nancy Reagan. So frail, so elderly. But she is sharp as a tack. And she is promoting the Republican who she believes has the best shot at defeating Barack Obama. In her mind, tonight, she was announcing to the world: “This is the man who can re-ignite the Reagan revolution. Get him to run while you can.” Nancy Reagan and her silent partner, still trying to make history.

Part 2 — “Christie Slams Obama” –>

By the way, MoxNews has quite a collection of very recent videos. I’ve bookmarked their YouTube site.