Dear Mr. President.

I hear the troops are coming back from Iraq at the end of this year, under the George Bush agreement with their government. I hope the situation does not change and I hope our current president does not have to break that promise to them, based on the facts in the field. We all so much want them back.

NOW. Mr. President. What will you do with them? Will you deploy them to another oil-rich country and take out another gang leader so that you look like a hawk? Will you let them just come home and wander the streets looking for a job?

Some folks would say that they are sorry if it looks like they are laying this responsibility upon you. I say. It is your job, as the Commander and Chief of the United States Army, to take care of your folks. So, what are you going to do?

Your Jobs Bill is dead on arrival and it does nothing in January, 2012, to employ the troops. You have thought out how and when to introduce legislation that will peak voter anger about the Republican blockade of your bill that would put people to work. But have you thought about these soldiers Bush is bringing home?

Maybe you should call him and ask him what he had in mind for them to do when they came home.

For now, I ask, what are your plans for these kids?