Amazingly, Occupy Wall Street continues to be in the news, though not quite so positively now as more violence erupts in major cities. Not to mention the sexual assaults by OWS men against OWS women coming to light despite the attempts by OWS people to cover it up. Indeed, the polls are showing people are not looking so favorably upon the movement, slide shows are revealing the homes in which many of the protesters live (hint: it makes them look like major hypocrites), and small businesses have lost tremendous amounts of revenue as a result of the protesters, even having to lay people off as a result. Way to go, OWS people!

Good grief.

While the message of these protesters is still a bit muddled, they are clear on their contempt for corporations, bankers, and the 1% who make more than $700,000 a year – you know, like Obama, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Joe Biden, people like that. What? Not them? Huh. Did they get a waiver or something? Ahem.

Anyway, their message is all too clear: they hate those damn corporations, dontcha know. Below is a “Day in the Life of an OWS Participant” to drive home that point (h/t to Gina):

YouTube Preview Image

Uh, yeah. Let’s just go grab a table at Starbucks and reflect on that there thing (as Andy Taylor would say to Opie).

Speaking of another classic TV icon, I think Jim Rockford sums up beautifully many of our feelings about people demanding what is not theirs in the clip below (h/t Helenk):

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You tell ’em, Jim!

It’s Friday – time to take a deep breath, and relax a little. Here’s a little something from one of my favorite Broadway (and “Glee”) stars, Kristin Chenoweth (hey Cuzy’n Cindy, she’s an Okie, too!). Love her (and Dolly, too):

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Hope you enjoyed it, too. Have a good Friday, everyone!