Some mighty interesting stories making the rounds today. As many of us expected, the Supercommittee has failed. But it’s official now. Great. Well done, folks. Way to put party before country. Or, more to the point, way to put a campaign slogan for Obama before the country – it’s all those evil Republicans’ fault.

The Daily Caller has two interesting headlines, both from Rep. Darrell Issa. First is this one, “More Than Chu Can Handle; A ‘Brilliant Individual’ In ‘Over His Head’..” That’s a mighty nice way of framing Chu’s complete failure to protect the American people while handing out a ton of our dough.

Second is this one, which I sure hope is true, one way or the other: “Issa: If Holder Is Not ‘Doomed,’ The Obama Administration Is.” From your lips, Rep. Issa, from your lips…

Faithful reader Helenk informed me earlier that something crazy is going on in Iran. I suppose one can always make that case, but even more now, with claims that Ahmadinejad was arrested, along with an advisor, though Reuters refutes that claim.

Meanwhile, Breeze provided an article that claims Ahmadinejad’s media advisor WAS imprisoned. Wanna know why? Oh, you’re gonna love this:

[snip]According to the report, Javanfekr, the former caretaker manager of the daily Iran, has been convicted on publishing an article in the August 13 special edition of the newspaper deemed to be in violation of Islamic principles.

Okey dokey. Now I kinda wonder just what it was he said, don’t you? Hmmm.

Well, it is Monday. This seems like just the right tune for the day:

It’s an Open Thread, and now it’s all yours.