There are any number of intense stories out and about today, unusual for a weekend that so much is coming to light. Unfortunately, many of them are not good.

For instance, there’s the story about the 85 year old grandmother who claims she was strip searched by the TSA. Now, many of you know that I routinely get the TSA pat down since I had a knee replacement. It is no fun. I mentally check out every time they do it because it is SO invasive that to be fully present just leaves me in tears. Thank heavens our little airport is finally getting a scanner in Feb. I will take the radiation any day of the week.

Though, it doesn’t help if the scanners aren’t actually working, like when I returned from Grand Cayman last week. When you come back into the country, you have to go back through security. Charlotte DOES have scanners, but they weren’t on. Great. Another pat down.

So, you know I can totally relate to this poor woman who endured a strip search. She plans to sue, and I support her in that 100%.

Then there is this bit of religious wisdom from a Saudi Arabian legal scholar (h/t Hokma). Did you know that women having the right to drive will only lead to pornography and prostitution, not to mention premarital sex? Apparently, according to Kamal Subhi. Evidently, Mr. Subhi has never heard that prostitution is the oldest profession, and I am pretty darn sure there weren’t cars around way back when. Ahem.

And of course, as many know, Herman Cain has suspended his campaign. The MSM got just what they wanted. Reminds me of how they went after Sarah Palin, too, except nothing they said about her was true, though that didn’t stop them. Every lawsuit was dismissed, the emails exonerated, but the damage was done. I am sure the JournoListers were dancing with glee.

Oh, and I cannot leave out this little story. I am sure you will all feel very sorry for these folks. Yes, some of the poor OWSers arrested in LAmight need therapy as a result. For real. I am not making this crap up:

Most of the roughly 300 Occupy L.A. protesters were released from jail by Friday evening, with some immediately speaking out on the police raid that cleared their camp.

One speaker suggested that some of those arrested might need therapy. Several said they felt traumatized after witnessing police use nonlethal force and being forced to wait for hours in zip-tie handcuffs. Some displayed cuts on their wrists from the handcuffs. Others complained that they were forced to urinate in bags on the bus as they were transported to jails. [snip] (Click here to read the rest of these whiny, entitled, lament about how mean the police are to people who break the law.)

Seriously? What the hell did they expect, rides in limos to the Ritz? Good grief.

Blech. This is but the tip of the iceberg for the weekend. But it’s Sunday, and time to take a bit of a break, don’t you think?

It’s a Celtic Woman kind of day for me, so first for your musical pleasure, this beautiful piece, “O, America”:

YouTube Preview Image

And now for this beautiful, and fun, piece from Celtic Woman:

YouTube Preview Image

In the midst of all of the political and economic craziness, I hope this brings a bit of a respite for you.

  • USB 3G

    Oh thanks, i appriciate that!

  • Anonymous

    Time to take another look at Huntsman, if you’re really a CONSERVATIVE.


    backtrack just got back from Hawaii and put in a few days, between golfing to tell congress to get to work. That took a lot out of him and he needs another vacation, so back to Hawaii.
    Damn shame it could not make the trips when his grandmother was sick and dying

  • Anonymous

    I adore Celtic Woman. Thanks for the glorious music!

    • Anonymous

      My pleasure! They are even better in person – just amazing…

  • Juliezzz

    Here’s an article that explains what I’ve been saying for the last couple of months about how Ron Paul voters are non-transferable to a random GOP candidate especially if they are Newt or Romney, or Perry.  And also why the Republican’s only real chance is to Nominate Paul

    Read the comments underneath to get a feel for what I’m talking about.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.   This whole thing about electibilty is actually the complete opposite to what the media says.  Ron Paul is the Only one who is electable running for the GOP. 

    Lastly, you can say that the “machine” or the establishment republicans won’t let him win, BUT  that’s what everyone thought about Ronald Regan too.  He wasn’t liked.  He was called crazy and an actor and too extreme.  It was even said that if he won the primaries, they would still never give him the nomination.  But they gave it to him in the end.

    Regardless of how it plays out, Paul is the best bet we’ve got.  The others wont garner enough support.  The Republican Party is fractured and the Paul people are done compromising.  Paul supporters are literally fed up .  And it’s universal.  We are so sick of being screwed over by this monolithic party (Neocons/democrats) that mascarades as two.  You nominate a Neocon and the Paul supporters write him in because they see no fundamental difference between Romney, Newt, and Obama.  All three believe in More wars, cap and trade, love the patriot act, global government, bailouts, government run healthcare, and are owned by the big banks.  They have more a lot in common with each other and they differ very little.
    There is no point in voting for more of the same.

    Anyway,  you own your vote and you do what you see fit.  But I just want people to understand that this year is different.  And you have to know what people are willing to vote for.  There are many evangelicals that for right or for wrong will NEVER vote for Romney or Huntsman because of the Mormon thing.  There are those that will never vote for Newt because of all the corruption that surrounds him.  There is the complete lack of excitement about Newt or Romney.  There is the factor of how polarizing Newt is which if he was Nominated, it would actually motivate more democrats to show up on election day.  Paul would actually get a whole lot of disenfranchised dems to cross over and vote for him.  No other Republican will get those votes.  And there are of course the (libertarian/constitutionalists/audit the Fed/sick of the Fraud) Ron Paul people who will not vote for another neocon no matter what.

    I want obama out like anyone else and this is why I keep telling you all this.   I know that getting Paul the nomination is going to be an uphill battle.   But, Once he has the nomination he will win easily.


    Fox5Atlanta, citing sources: Herman Cain will endorse Newt Gingrich on Monday

  • ExiledByTSA

    Amy I’m going have to disagree with you about the scanners. I feel very very strongly about this. As others have pointed out already, the backscatter scanners are not adequately tested and the EU have already independently determined that they are not safe. Moreover, they are a severe and illegal IMO violation of our constitutional rights against unreasonable search and seizure. They are repugnant in taking away our human dignity by technically strip searching us. I am absoltely against them and will do all that I can as a measly little citizen to oppose their use.

    I am equally opposed to the kind of groping that you are continuously being subject. That is also a violation of our Constitutional right.

    Enough is enough is enough. Enough of all the TSA nonsenses already.

    It is time that our government begin to handle their security responsibilities INTELLIGENTLY. Some people are against profiling, that’s fine. But there are many many MANY ways to handle security with intelligence and common sense. All government officials on all stripes except for Ron Paul, Sharon Cissna and many admirable state legislators of both parties are attune to this and have been trying to help. But all their efforts so far have fallen on deaf ears.

    And I want to point out that, the Obama Administration has replaced the stupid Bush Era Color Code alert system with the live witch Janet Napolitano, who on weekly basis randomly blurbs out fear warnings of no help or meaning to any average citizen except to keep them in constant fear, keep the masses in line while she and her minions continue to oppress and trample on the masses.

    • Scottymac54

      “…the live witch Janet Napolitano, who on weekly basis randomly blurbs out fear warnings of no help or meaning to any average citizen except to keep them in constant fear, keep the masses in line while she and her minions continue to oppress and trample on the masses…”

      I love you.

      I don’t know you, and I have no way to have known you.

      I love you anyway.

      Thank you for that sentence, where understanding lives.     

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your perspective, and I appreciate your comments abt the types of scanners. I agree that not enough testing has been done.

      And I also agree with your assessment of Janet, though I think you are doing a disservice to witches. :-)

      • Anonymous

        right on Amy…lol

  • candymarl

    I’m not wearing any underwear.  Oh, and that guy I paid for years was just a friend. Send donations and vote for me because I need more vacations.

    Presidential Candidate


    Custis is out of town.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This clip of Ron Paul only confirms that his views on certain issues are just not shared with a large majority of Americans. He seems to have gotten so caught up in his need to be right that his interpretation of the Constitution is actually wrong.
    Ron Paul actually calls the attacks of September 11th violent crimes that are covered by state criminal codes and are not the purview of the Federal Government according to the Constitution.
    The attacks of September 11th were committed by foreigners who were sworn enemies of our country – not enemies of the State of New York or Washington D.C. In addition, the airplanes they hijacked in Boston and New Jersey were used to kill people in New York and ones in Virginia were used to kill people in D.C. Those are crimes across state lines which make it a federal issue. And finally, airline hijacking is a federal crime. So in just addressing this as a crime, Paul is wrong by saying it was not the business of the Federal Government.
    As far as his comments on war on terrorism, I agree with him that this idea of a war against terrorists has and still is wrong. If this was a war on all terrorists then I would have to call in the militia every time certain cousins came to visit because the literally terrorize us. This is a war against jihadist Muslims of different groups who use terrorism as a weapon and their ultimate goal is to replace western culture with their idea of Islam.
    Ron Paul is a brilliant man and I agree with him on all issues when it comes to financial. But his views on foreign affairs misinterpret the Constitution as well as the spirit behind it.

    • Juliezzz

      Hokma says “If this was a war on all terrorists then I would have to call in the
      militia every time certain cousins came to visit because they literally
      terrorize us. ”  OMG!!!  LOL that is too funny! :oD

      I’ll have to respond to the other stuff when I get the chance.

      • Anonymous

        You haven’t met my cousins :)

  • typical gram cracker

    As Ray Stevens says, “The skies just aint friendly anymore.”

    • Anonymous

      Good one, Typical! (And nice to *see* you!)

  • Anonymous

    I was shocked to hear about Hillary Clinton’s remarks and just how much she would shill for Obama:
    “Israeli ministers reacted angrily on Sunday after local media quoted U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as saying she feared for the future of Israel’s democracy and the rights of women in the Jewish state. Clinton’s remarks, reportedly made Saturday behind closed doors at the Saban Forum in Washington, made headlines in most Israeli newspapers, which reported them without explaining how they obtained the comments.”

    For those who want to know what a feckless Jewish capitulator is, witness Ambassador Howard Gutman (whose name should be changed to Gutless) who is shilling for his buddy Obama with this statement:
    “The U.S. ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, recently told a conference hosted by the European Jewish Union that Israel is to blame for growing anti-Semitism harbored by people of Muslim faith.”

    Put these together with Panetta doing Obama’s bidding yesterday with his ignorant blaming Israel for their own isolation in the region (in reference to Turkey and Egypt), and what you have is a concerted attempt by Obama to blame Israel for Obama’s incoherent and at times incomprehensible Middle East actions and failures.

    As far as Hillary’s (Obama’s) remarks, who was the first woman ever elected to head a country (President or Prime Minister)? Golda Meir in Israel. Hillary was referring to a very small segment of ultra orthodox jews who – even with their customs regarding women – still treat women much better than Muslims do. Women are treated with far more equality in Israel than they are in the United States.

    • Anonymous

      Hokma, I just can’t believe it, either. When Clinton was a Senator, Israel had no better friend. But now she, and others in Obama’s Admin., have done plenty to isolate Israel, and treat it like it is some juvenile delinquent while heaping praise on a group like the Muslim Brotherhood. Apparently, they have all forgotten that the MB assassinated Anwar Sadat, have waged jihad against the US, and treat women HORRIBLY.

      I just don’t understand the person Hillary has become. I thought she would temper Obama. Instead, she lent her credibility to his horrible positions. Shocking.

      • Scottymac54

        Wait a second.  Tzipi Livni backed up Hillary’s concerns.

        Is it now that one can only support Israel by supporting Netanyahu and his administration’s actions?

        Could it not be that it is ISRAEL’s government that is changing, moving ever rightward?

        • Anonymous

          When it comes to this issue you should add to your comments that you are an Israel hater and then go back to your basement. You don’t know a friggin thing about Israel, about Jews, about Israeli life, about their politics, and frankly not much about anything. Your comment is ignorant to be very kind.

          • Scottymac54

            You are COMPLETELY wrong.

            About everything.  As usual.

            You cannot claim to be anything close to objective about this issue.

            I am not on this planet to see the world through your eyes.

            I have my own.  And they are wide open.


            • Anonymous

              “You cannot claim to be anything close to objective about this issue”
              – – – – – – – –
              Based on your comments you definitely are not. Go back into your basement bigot.

              • Scottymac54

                I am not cattle, Hokma.

                Most here are not, either.

                Comment like a civilized human being, or cease and desist.

                • Scales drop from your eyes

                  “Comment like a civilized human being, or cease and desist.”This coming from a pimple who told someone to get fucked with a wooden dildo.

                  • Scottymac54

                    Hi, Abigail!  How depressing to hear from you.

      • Anonymous

        So they want Israel to negotiate with a terrorist group.
        Sorry Hillary, that`s Barry`s MO.

      • FrenchNail

        Back in the Clinton years my rep friends use to tell me they were as corrupted as they came. I did not get it. Now I do. They are not corrupted on money (at least while in office) but they are corrupted on power. Give them power or powerful friends and they’ll sell their mothers. Obama bought and paid for Hillary by giving her SOS and that was her price to sell all the people who had voted for her.

        • Docelder

          People need to quit thinking that the Clinton’s are shilling for Obama and wake up… Obama is the fall guy for people like the Clinton’s… doing the things the Clinton’s and like minded people want done… things they don’t have the courage to do themselves… enter the egotistical man child who is just stupid enough to believe that HE is the one. Right… he is The One TOOL… master tool… that is all he is. Without someone with skilled hands using him he is nothing.

          • Wbboe

            Right puppet, wrong puppeteer.  The stringpuller here is Soros not WJC.  Hardy said it best: as flies to wanton boys are we to gods.  They kill us for their sport.

          • Wbboe

            Right puppet, wrong puppeteer.  The stringpuller here is Soros not WJC.  Hardy said it best: as flies to wanton boys are we to gods.  They kill us for their sport.

        • Wbboe

          It has to be something like that.  Power.  Why did she campaign for that fucking Obama as hard as she did? Power.  Why did she not take a rest as every other candidate has after suspending the campaign? Power.  Why did she rush to join an administration that stood for the very things she opposed as a candidate? Power. After she broke her arm why did she not take time to recuperate? Power.  And every time those questions were raised by what she did, many of us–me included told ourselves that she is so patriotic, so dedicated, so determined to save this country from Obama that she devotes herself to that ideal day and night. But then you reach a point where you step back and add it all up–the statements condemning the United States, the molycodling of dictators, the dissing of Israel and you ask yourself is there something I am missing?  Are her statements being taken out of context? All of them? Is it simply the depravity of big media writ large which is a known fact?  Or is there another explanation–one we do not want to face.   Could the explanation be as simple as the endless quest for power–which can take any human being down some dark alleys. And if that is what it is what are we to do about it as former supporters?  To paraphrase Von Rumstead in the movie The Desert Fox after you make one excuse after another for the behavior of your leader and he keeps doing the same things that do not seem right, there comes a point where you are inclined to step back and review the entire matter with a certain degree of detachment.  The alternative is to become a cargo cult–or worse yet a sub human bot.

          • Wbboe

            We also told ourselves that she would challenge him at the convention in 2008, that she would resign as SOS and run against him in 2012 etc. None of this happened.  It would risk losing power. Occam’s Razor: is a principle that
            generally recommends from among competing hypotheses selecting the one
            that makes the fewest new assumptions.

        • Anonymous

          Agree. I will never forget POTUS Clinton intimating those that didn’t support the DEMS heath care reform were racist. That is not a charge that I dismiss — from anyone. Something’s been revealed.   

          • Anonymous

            Good point. You would think Bill would know better after having had that epithet  hurled at him by the very man he has helped prop up.

            Bottom line, I look at both Bill and Hill differently now…

      • wanderer

        Sorry to say this about Secretary Clinton, especially after the way she collaborated with Secretary Gates to push President Dunsel to take the shot at Osama, but … you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.

      • Scales drop from your eyes

        “I just don’t understand the person Hillary has become.”
        Your problem Amy, is that you never knew who and what Hillary has ALWAYS been, you bought her “act” from the outset, while some of us have known from the start that she is not the polished and practiced darling that her handlers have crafted. She hasn’t suddenly “changed” to the dark side…..good grief. She is NOT the admirable person that her PR people would have you believe that she is. She is as deceitful, conniving, selfish, power hungry, elitist, and loathsome as she has been since she first became a nationally known figure, she’s just perfected the art of maintaining an admirable facade by cynically championing unassailable issues like “womens rights”, but she only adopted such causes as a political ploy, not because she has a deep seated belief in them. Her current behavior isn’t a deviation from her core values, it confirms them, and you should go back a long way in time to reassess your opinion about her, I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure out that you’ve let your partisan reflexes, and optimistic hopes, completely blind you regarding Hillary, she has always been a sneaky little weasel. 

        • Anonymous

          Gee, Scales, tell me how you really feel! Ahem. You are certainly welcome to your opinion, and I can tell you I am a yellow dog Democrat no more – firmly Independent now.

      • Stodghie

        hilllary needs to find her courage and resign.

    • Anonymous

      I would love to see more “public  servants” with this attitude: On a tv drama a mayor was threatening to fire the police commissioner for not   supporting him on something. As the commissioner approached the door to leave he said, Sir, I SERVE at your pleasure. I WORK for the people.”

      • Anonymous

        YES!!! Amen to that. THOSE are the kinds of public servants we need. Thanks for this, O!

  • Propertius


    As I’ve said in the past, I have two metal hips and fly 50,000+ miles per year, so I understand where you’re coming from. Whether I prefer the scanner or the grope kind of depends on what sort of scanner is in use. I’ll step into a milliwave scanner any day of the week.

    I will not, however, step into a backscatter X-ray. Exposure to ionizing radiation is cumulative – your cancer risk goes up a notch every time you’re exposed, regardless of dosage. I can’t do anything about the increased cosmic ray dose from flying itself, but I’m not going to incur any additional non-medically necessary exposure if I can help it. Neither TSA nor Rapiscan has ever allowed independent third-party testing of backscatter machines to check the actual dosage they administer, and no output monitoring of these machines is done to confirm that their output doesn’t vary due to software, mechanical, electronic, or human error.

    I’ll take the TSA grope over that anytime.

  • elizabethrc

    Those arrested OWSers need therapy BEFORE their arrest!  As a group, they don’t impress me as being mental sound.

    • Anonymous

      ROTFLMAO – good one, Elizabeth!

    • Scottymac54

      But anyone can throw insults around.  How do they strengthen this nation, exactly?

      It’s important to remember that it’s not exactly folks like me or the OWS protestors, for that matter, that Janet Napolitano has in mind, when they finally lower the boom.

      • Wbboe

        Janet Neopolitano lower the boom?  You mean the broom?  The whole problem is dumb Janet will not lower the boom (or broom) on the appropriate object illegal immigration, for political reasons. And whenever we narrowly miss a disaster no thanks to her incompetence she is inclined to say foolish things like the system worked. Or the border is safer than it has ever been.  Sometimes I think she is Biden in drag without a tumbler full of Jameisons.

  • JudyinMO

    Just a short message for anyone who says they cannot vote for Gingrich or Romney or whoever the republican candidate is.  Keep in mind that any of these people are impeachable if they mess up—–Barry isn’t.  Also Barry has been on his best behavior, so can anyone imagine how he will behave during that second term when he isn’t concerned with re-election?

    • Anonymous

      Judy, there was a really good piece on Romney in Parade Magazine in today’s paper. It really personalized him in a way I hadn’t seen before. I was impressed with his commitment to his family, his devotion for his wife (I didn’t know she had MS, in remission, thankfully), and his faith. He tithes ten percent of his income PRETAX every year. That is far, far more than Biden and  Obama give to charity – there is barely a comparison. I also didn’t know that he had been in a serious car accident when he was in France (on a mission), resulting in the death of his passenger. That had a huge impact on him, as you might imagine.

      Anyway, it was a whole new perspective on him I hadn’t seen before.

      • JudyinMO

        RRRA I don’t get Parade Magazine and I’m sure there are lots of things about Romney that I don’t know.  What I do know is that he is an encredibly wealthy politician from a family of politicians and is after the power of the office.  I AM NOT saying he will be better than Obama, all I’m saying is that any of the Republican candidates can be impeached if they tried half the things Obama has.  There is no way ever that the congress would impeach Obama no matter what he does.  So other than a superior attitude what does anyone accomplish by saying “I won’t vote for either”.   If anyone stays home and doesn’t vote, writes in a candidate, or does anything at all except vote for whoever the republican is then be prepared to suffer 4 more years with the Obamas.  I am going to be the first to say “I told you so”

        • Anonymous

          You can read the article online at Parade.

          His father was a carpenter who worked his way up to be CEO of American Motors before he ran for office, and one of the things Romney makes clear is his father’s insistence that the boys do manual labor, like shoveling the driveway, mowing the lawn, stuff like that. And yes, he is incredibly wealthy, but what I learned form the article is that he has also experienced what it is like to not have money.

          I’m just saying that it gave me a new impression of him.

    • Propertius

      I’m not voting for any of the bastards this time around. Of either legacy party,

    • Scottymac54

      I’m not sure it’s fair to expect anyone to have their minds made up about these candidates at this juncture.

      There is still time, much can happen, it’s such a busy time of the year, where we are all frenetically busy with holiday preparations and celebrations with our families, etc.

      As far as your second-term predictions, I agree with you.

      But I see all of them as puppets, not just Barky.  And there’s no reason to believe that any of the Republican candidates will necessarily be any better than Obama.

      “Different” is not necessarily “better”.

  • Scottymac54

    Re:  OWS……Amy, some of the cops ARE brutal.   Some.

    The evictions can get messy (from what I’ve heard, the vast majority just get up and leave, as instructed).

    What surprises me is that there were any problems in L.A., because L.A. has always been touted as a model encampment, with better-than-usual relationships between the cops and occupiers.

    The LAPD has (to my understanding) been bending over backwards to behave in the right way, because they’ve been trying to rehabilitate their reputation from the “bad old days”.

    I’m skeptical about the therapy thing.  To me, it sounds a lot like the basis for some sort of legal action being thrown up as a lure by the paddy wagon chasers that always congregate around protests, watching, waiting.

    The comments on the LA Times article were EXCELLENT, because the commenters on both sides of the issue stuck to the most important and legitimate concerns that will affect everyone, as OWS grows and moves to more microtargeted forms of protest this spring.

    • Anonymous

      Latest OWS mortality statistics: 8 dead, two of which were murders.


  • Scottymac54

    “For instance, there’s the story about the 85 year old grandmother who claims she was strip searched by the TSA…”

    The story was actually a lot worse than it was first portrayed on our local news media the other day.

    The quality of the TSA workers at JFK and at Newark are some of the worst in the nation (I have a family member who is not a lowlife who works there, but the stories are unbelievable).

    To say that most of them go about their duties with an attitude of comtempt toward the public is an understatement.

    While this poor thing was being manhandled, her walker banged against a part of her leg that was tender, and she began to bleed.

    The article mentions she is taking blood thinners.

    To have an open wound in such an environment (which is not the cleanest) is a serious health threat for anyone of that age.  To be on blood thinners just exacerbates this danger.

    This is why, for God’s sake, let’s have an end to argument and just handle it as the El Al people do, and train real security professionals to TALK to anyone they deem suspicious.

    They take their jobs seriously because a) they are paid and treated like professionals and b) because they have a sense of responsibility about the passengers’ safety, since they’re the ones who decide who gets a higher level of scrutiny.

    They (the forces who govern “TSA”, “HLS”, and all of these other useless abbreviations are convinced that the ONLY way to “safeguard” us are these dangerous, “naked body scanners”, or, as one talk show host dubbed it, “put their hands down my pants”.

    I say there is no terrorist threat that warrants all of these abuses. 

    • Anonymous

      I agree completely. It has always been my experience that the others joining me in the line for the pat-down have one medical issue or another. When I traveled to Grand Cayman recently, the other person in line with me was a teenage boy who had a cochlear implant.

      As a card carrying member of the ACLU, I do not know why they have not made this a central case. I know they were working on it, and I have filed complaints with them, but so far, nothing much has changed. It is truly un-Constitutional.

      • Scottymac54

        I see it as political….in this case, they’d have probably picked it up as a test case if it was a Republican administration.

        Sometimes the ACLU’s choices are hard to understand.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, they are. As I understand it, their mission is to defend the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, and I think these pat-downs certainly qualify with being way up there on the list.

          • Scottymac54

            My guess is, if it were about “profiling”, they’d take it up in a hurry.

            IMHO, “profiling” should have a negative connotation, ONLY if it is abused, and it’s such a shame, because we have so many good LEOs, criminal justice majors, even law students who would be perfect for this work…it would give them insight as well.

            We could do this so well, and so easily, if only we could change the mindset folks have of “bag inspectors”….instead of chasing away the elderly, and tourists, our security personnel could become goodwill ambassadors just by their professionalism and accessability.

            Instead, we HURT people, by causing anyone with a physical disability or nervousness, leaving them with a sense of violation.

            I think the powers that be have had more than enough time to rectify this situation.

    • Dave L.

      As a retired federal employee that had to fly cross country to DC regularly, I can honestly say thet TSA stands for Totally Stupid Assholes !!  I flew armed, I still had to deal with these morons even though I was able to bypass their security, they still tried to get involved in some way or another.  These morons couldn’t walk dogs for a living !! 

      • Scottymac54

        I don’t want my remarks to be misinterpreted.

        But it’s totally inappropriate for the same folks that work at McDonalds (NOT saying there’s anything wrong with any kind of work) to hold this sort of position, where you have to have a professional demeanor, a customer-service orientation, and motivation to be thorough without dehumanizing travelers (which is what they do).

        I still think this very expensive, hazardous equipment, that is apparently so fragile, they are always breaking down, and these perfunctory patdowns that are insufficient for the task at hand, just cannot replace an intelligent, sharp-eyed observer, who is well-trained and can assess risks, while still possessing common sense and the pride we used to associate with aeronautics.

        We could shine in this area.

        And the airports would not require much modification, if we are willing to spend money on security as a priority.

      • Anonymous

        LOL, Dave, thanks for the interjection of humor regarding these people. It is kinda scary that many of them do not seem at all bright, yet are entrusted with our very security. It is frightening when you see some of these folks. Sounds like you have had some mighty interesting experiences! Feel free to share them any time.I, for one, would love to hear them!

        • FrenchNail

          Yeh,me too.

          I for one, avoid flying as much as possible. Those agents are stupid and rude, and a stupid person in a position of power is a very scary thing.