Gotta give the girl her due–Ann Coulter knows how to gut a pig. I am referring to her savvy, potent evisceration of Newt Gingrich over the past couple of weeks. Coulter is normally not my cup of tea politically (too extreme for me), but she is witty and smart.

Her latest salvo against Newt is killer:

After becoming the first Republican speaker of the House in nearly half a century, for example, Newt promptly proposed orphanages and janitorial jobs for children on welfare.

It was true that welfare had destroyed generations of families shorn of the work ethic and led to soaring illegitimacy rates, child abuse and neglect. Maybe orphanages and child labor would have been better.

But we didn’t get any orphanages. We didn’t get jobs for children in families where no one works.

What we got was the cartoonish image of Republicans as hard-hearted brutes who hated poor kids.

Ronald Reagan was also accused of waging a war on the poor. But that was on account of his implementing historic tax cuts that produced not only record revenues for the government, but decades of prosperity for the entire nation.

With Newt, you get all the heat, blowback and acrimony, but you don’t get the policy changes.

To the contrary, his pointless bloviating about orphanages and child janitors harmed the chances for welfare reform, despite the fact that the American people, the Republican Congress and the Democratic president (publicly, at least), supported it.

Indeed, when it came time to make vital changes to welfare policy, such as work requirements and anti-illegitimacy provisions, Gingrich tried to scuttle them. He denounced such provisions — the very heart of welfare reform — as, yes, “social engineering of the right” (e.g., Republican Governors Conference, Williamsburg, Va., Nov. 22, 1994).

Go read the whole piece. She is spot on about the problems with Newt. He opposes any social engineering that he has not thought of first. That’s the essence of Newt. I’m less worried about Newt’s prospects of securing the nomination. He still lacks the fundamental discipline required to organize troops on the ground and run a first rate campaign. He prefers to wait to the last minute, pull the all nighter and bullshit his way through. That won’t work in Iowa.

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  • Anonymous

    Ann simply wants the candidate that can defeat Obama. In that she and I are in total agreement.

  • Anonymous

    has any one noticed.the “new” is fading from Newt.

  • ImaLindatoo

    Actually, Ann is not extreme, she’s just a loud mouth attacker.  Extreme denotes her political views and she is a RINO.  She has shown her self to be just a media *hore.  She does what ever makes her money, gets attention and sells her books.

    She was promoting Christie.  Now Romney.  I know, you like this because she’s going after Newt.  Can you imagine if the establishment went after Romney, pointing out all his problems?  LOL  Of course, Crhis Wallace shook him up a bit for bringing up only a coouple.  And that he is not being truthful when he claims he didn’t change positions on many things.  Remember MittensKittens claws when Bret Baier dare ask him.  WOA.  And then, like Barry, MittensKittens went after Baier to schold him for the ‘rough’ interview. LOL

    But, if we really want to head Coulter’s words.  We could go with her ssying if Christie doesn’t run, Romney will get the nomination “and lose”.


    • ImaLindatoo

      boy, sum1 doesn’t like me, or did some scrubbing, I’ve been deleted again.

    • Anonymous

      MittensKittens? How adolescent.

      So you don’t “like” him. Your right.

      I don’t “like” him much either. I just “like” him better than all the others because I feel he can win.

      Newt? Doubtful.

      • ImaLindatoo

        I will work harder to meet your maturity standards in the future.

    • ImaLindatoo

      OMG  LOL  Ann is killing me!  Who knew she was trying to be a comedian!   

      On OReilly last night, in playing her Team Romney Captain, she said “we want someone not who you know, speaks bombastically and carries a small stick. We want someone who speaks unthreateningly, gentlemanly”.  Oh yeah, Chris Christie definitely fit THAT bill. lol

    • ImaLindatoo

      More hypocrisy from Mittens.

      “I look at Fannie and Freddie and just think that obviously they’ve grown
      massively beyond the scope that had been envisioned for them originally,” he
      said two weeks ago at a forum in South Carolina. “The failures of Fannie Mae,
      Freddie Mac, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd are just so legion that we have to rethink
      about how we’re going to support a growing housing industry.”
      Yet Romney has profited from investments that were made in both government
      entities, according to his personal finance disclosure forms and documents
      compiled by American Bridge, one of several Democratic groups in Washington
      formed to back the election campaigns of Obama and other Democrats. …On his financial disclosure statement filed last month, Romney reported owning
      between $250,001 and $500,000 in a mutual fund that invests in debt notes of
      Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, among other government entities. Over the previous
      year, he had reported earning between $15,001 and $50,000 in interest from those

  • Anonymous

    I have been predisposed to loathe Ann Coulter because she was a conservative. My having being a Democrat for so many years made me automatically loathe Coulter just for who she was more than for anything she said.

    The things she said, that I knew about, were usually liberal talking points to discredit her and/or keep those of us on the left who were stupidly partisan from actually knowing more about her.

    She is, usually, too far right for me. But she is also, as you point out, smart and witty. The left like to paint conservative women as either stupid or lunatics. Ann won ” mean lunatic” title long ago.

    It’s such fun now that I investigate things for myself to find out that much of what I knew was bullshit.

    Good for Coulter. She was fighting for Christie right up to the minute that he endorsed Romney. Now I suspect that she simply wants the candidate that can defeat Obama. In that she and I are joined at the hip.

    • ImaLindatoo

      No, Ann’s mission is NOT to find just who can beat Obama.  After all, earlier this year she did say if Christie didn’t run, Romney would be the nominee and “he’ll LOSE”.

      • Anonymous

        Could be, having seen recent polls, she changed her mind. Imagine that. Or imagine a world where everything you ever say is set in contrete for all eternity.

        • ImaLindatoo

          LOL Yes, I know, like the many examples given HERE! 

          • Anonymous

            We’ve let the media convince us that flip-flopping aka changing your mind is always a bad thing. Yet it’s something we all do all the time.

            My choices for GOP candidate were Mitch Daniels – Chris Christie – Paul Ryan, although I prefer he remain my congressman, and Sarah Palin. (Although I didn’t believe she could win because of the barraged of bias from the left wing media/JournOlist types.)

            Now I sorta, kinda, support Romney because I quite honestly believe he has the best chance to garner Independent, moderate and disenchanted Dem votes.

            Still don’t “like” him but I “dislike” him the least of the remaining choices and believe him to have the best chance to defeat Obama which is my primary concern. JMO but that’s all I have.

            • ImaLindatoo

              It’s not just flip flopping.  IT’s refusal to be honest about your position and tell the interviewer they’re WRONG when asking about their changes.  

              But why is it ok for Mitt, but not others?  

              I find integrity and honesty important.  I agree that their isn’t a real conservative alternative to Obama in this race, but I don’t think giving a pandering, untruthful, whiny RINO as the alternative to Barry is a winning candidate.

              Just like Mittens trying to tell Newt he shouldn’t have talked about the history of Palestines, he would instead ask Israel what they would like him to say.  WHAT?  Oh yeah, strong leadership, NOT.

              But I find the same liberal arguments and policking Dems & Barry use, name calling, intimidating, demeaning, to try to win ones argument, that they even admit they are not really a strong suppporter of, being used by RINO’s and supporters of them, even less of a winning strategy.

              Remember, come the GE, given a choice of like minds, the people will always go to the dance with the devil they know.

              No clear opposition=incumbent stays.  

              • Anonymous

                I also find honesty and integrity important. Looking for it in a politician is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Those who support a candidate try to convince themselves that their chosen one has both. Most don’t. No one said anything was okay for Romney and not others. But if that’s the worst…

  • Tricia

    Yeah, when you sort though his verbiage that sounded profound on the surface and break it down, there isn’t always a lot there.

  • Jrterrier

    OUCH.  coulter hit it out of the ballpark.

  • Anonymous

    LJ, when a boxer has got a punch, credit is due lest you get hit with it.
    Tyson had this shift hips right while driving a twighlt zone uppercut.

    What’s Coulter got? A left hook?

    I read that speech on Newt’s judicial plans. . I’m with the fat lady and she is clearing her throat somethin’ fierce…
    Lord knows what the lyrics will be…when she lets it rip…

  • Anonymous

    How anyone can even listen to her more than superficially is beyond me. Ann has been out stomping for Romney quite a while now, calling him the most conservative candidate…whatever. 

  • Ttermo

    The problem Newt Gingrich has always had is that he has always been more focused on being the smartest person in the room than what came out of his mouth 5 minutes ago.

  • Anonymous

    “I’m less worried about Newt’s prospects of securing the nomination.”

    The fat lady ain’t sang yet….I worry a lot…

    • Anonymous

      Me too, Popsmoke.

      Larry, thanks for spotting Coulter’s piece … she IS smart and witty.  I’ve been catching her lately on that late-night Fox News show, Red Eye — a great venue for her witty ways.

      Leave it to Coulter to find another reference to Newt’s nasty remarks about Paul Ryan’s budget program — “Indeed, when it came time to make vital changes to welfare policy, such as work requirements and anti-illegitimacy provisions, Gingrich tried to scuttle them. He denounced such provisions — the very heart of welfare reform — as, yes, “social engineering of the right” (e.g., Republican Governors Conference, Williamsburg, Va., Nov. 22, 1994).”

      I’ve been gathering info on Newt’s INSANE and incorrect statements re food stamps.  His false allegations about food stamps are not just deplorable, they are cruel.

      ALSO:  Fox News ran an “exclusive” report today on Newt’s quite incredible — astonishing — plans for the U.S. judicial system.  I was floored by what he said.  Here’s a link to the video.

      Here’s a version of the link to Larry’s post, “Ann Coulter: Killing Newt”:
      Here’s a version of the link to the Fox News video:
      Here’s a version of the link to the Fox News print story — “EXCLUSIVE: Former Bush Attorneys General Call Gingrich Position on Courts ‘Dangerous'” — that goes with the video:

      “Some of [Newt Gingrich’s] ideas are “dangerous, ridiculous, totally irresponsible, outrageous, off-the-wall and would reduce the entire judicial system to a spectacle,” said former Attorney General Michael Mukasey.” — Read more.

      • Anonymous

        Bronwyn Harbor, that’s ironic coming from these two former AG’s. How much more of a spectacle can it become?

    • Ttermo

      For Gingrich the party was over a long time ago – it’s just taken this long for most people to catch up and be reminded.

      I’ve never seen such an avalanche of party leaders voice such opposition to a potential candidate than Gingrich. For Gingrich its about all those burnt bridges he left in his wake.

      • Morris1030

        Newt is not likable and cannot win. And everyone is on to his hypocrisy and instability. His attempts at being the intellectual of the GOP are laughable.

        • Scottymac54

          But don’t discount the “Cainiacs”.

          Many of them are comfortable with the belligerence level Newt delivers on a regular basis.

          They might THINK they are boxed in a corner and feel obliged to vote for him, even though they are not.

          There is an ideological disconnect between Cain and Gingrich that never really was explored when Cain was a candidate, and still isn’t, because former Cain voters are gravitating to Gingrich on an emotional basis.