Gotta give the girl her due–Ann Coulter knows how to gut a pig. I am referring to her savvy, potent evisceration of Newt Gingrich over the past couple of weeks. Coulter is normally not my cup of tea politically (too extreme for me), but she is witty and smart.

Her latest salvo against Newt is killer:

After becoming the first Republican speaker of the House in nearly half a century, for example, Newt promptly proposed orphanages and janitorial jobs for children on welfare.

It was true that welfare had destroyed generations of families shorn of the work ethic and led to soaring illegitimacy rates, child abuse and neglect. Maybe orphanages and child labor would have been better.

But we didn’t get any orphanages. We didn’t get jobs for children in families where no one works.

What we got was the cartoonish image of Republicans as hard-hearted brutes who hated poor kids.

Ronald Reagan was also accused of waging a war on the poor. But that was on account of his implementing historic tax cuts that produced not only record revenues for the government, but decades of prosperity for the entire nation.

With Newt, you get all the heat, blowback and acrimony, but you don’t get the policy changes.

To the contrary, his pointless bloviating about orphanages and child janitors harmed the chances for welfare reform, despite the fact that the American people, the Republican Congress and the Democratic president (publicly, at least), supported it.

Indeed, when it came time to make vital changes to welfare policy, such as work requirements and anti-illegitimacy provisions, Gingrich tried to scuttle them. He denounced such provisions — the very heart of welfare reform — as, yes, “social engineering of the right” (e.g., Republican Governors Conference, Williamsburg, Va., Nov. 22, 1994).

Go read the whole piece. She is spot on about the problems with Newt. He opposes any social engineering that he has not thought of first. That’s the essence of Newt. I’m less worried about Newt’s prospects of securing the nomination. He still lacks the fundamental discipline required to organize troops on the ground and run a first rate campaign. He prefers to wait to the last minute, pull the all nighter and bullshit his way through. That won’t work in Iowa.

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